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NZLC magazine Issue 6

The Spring edition is out now. Check it out!

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Published by NZ Lifestyle Camping, 2019-09-26 18:24:02

NZ Lifestyle Camping magazine Spring 2019

NZLC magazine Issue 6

The Spring edition is out now. Check it out!

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Magazine - Issue 6

Spring 2019

The official magazine of the All Points Camping Club of NZ (Inc)

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Introduction NZ Lifestyle Camping Magazine
Issue 6 – September 2019
Issue 6, Spring Edition, of the NZ Lifestyle Camping Magazine.
Published by:
This magazine has been put together by volunteers who are passionate All Points Camping Club of NZ
about getting out and about camping across New Zealand. We hope Inc
you enjoy reading this and invite you to share it with any other persons and NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd
or organisations interested in camping in NZ.
E: [email protected]
NZ Lifestyle Camping magazine is the official magazine of the All Points
Camping Club of NZ but is available to ‘all’ camping related clubs and In our desire to represent
supporters in NZ to promote your organisation and get your news out. different points of view the
editors will publish articles and
Please share this magazine with friends and other campers. letters which may not represent
the opinion of the editor nor the
Editor policy of APCNZ.

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Holiday Park Recommendations Wanted

If you have stayed at a particularly good holiday park,
country pub or other great venue or attraction
we would like to hear about it.

Our club is now seeking recommendations from members of their recommended holiday parks. It may be
one that you have used that has great facilities and helpful, friendly staff. We are particularly interested in
camps that have family friendly pricing.
Over the past three years APCNZ has had a good joint relationship with Kiwi Holiday Parks, and our
members get a discount when using their camps. While we are keen to continue our relationship with the
Kiwi Holiday Parks, we believe in promoting other NZ camps that are recommended by our members, for
the benefit of our members and other campers.
Following suggestions from our members, we are now building a New Zealand wide All Points Camping
Club ‘Recommended Camp Register’ containing some of the countries smaller, privately run and remote
holiday parks. We want to know from members what campgrounds you would “tell a friend” about or use
again. These camps may or may not offer discount to All Points Camping Club members.
The club already currently has a small number of holiday parks that support the club and offer discounts to
our members. Holiday parks recommended by our members will be looked at and approached by Club
Management to see if we can arrange a mutually beneficial partnership, where the club promotes the
holiday park through our national membership, magazine and social media, while in return our club
members may receive a discount when staying. To achieve this we need your help, so send us your top

Wayne Ravelich

Vice President,
All Points Camping Club of NZ.

The 5th AGM of APCNZ is to be held at Sanson Community Hall (Manawatu)
on Saturday 2nd May, 2020.

This will be a free weekend rally for those attending.



Two weeks in Queensland was going to be a warm and welcome relief
after the previous two in a rather cool New Zealand South Island.
Flights and Britz Motorhome booked and paid for, we used Flight
Centre, so easy and sorted (almost). On the morning of departure
while looking at the itinerary I noticed that the LAST collection time
for the motorhome was 2 hours before we arrived in Brisbane. On the
Britz website it suggests that international tourists spend the first
night in a motel and collect the camper the next day, a great idea.

A quick call to Flight Centre had us staying at Novatel with camper
collection in the morning. Great efficient & friendly service at Britz,
paperwork done, shown around the camper and let the holiday begin.
Keyed Gympie in the GPS hit the M1 and North. I had a hankering for
McDonalds Hotcakes and a flat white for breakfast, so we stopped at
one of the many service points along the highways, fuel and food
available at every stop. The 6 berth Mercedes motorhome for just Jo &
I was a little overkill but as we are used to an 8mtr bus we loved the
extra space this provided. The Mercedes is large, very economical, a
pleasure to drive and well equipped. We took the “extra inclusive pack”
that includes deck chairs, outdoor table, linen etc so jump in and go,
also covers the normally $6000 accident insurance cover. Well worth
looking into.

We had come to Brisbane to have a break and catchup with family, I
won’t bore you with that side of the trip. In this part of Queensland, the
roads are good and a little faster than home. 60km to 80km around
town, highways are either 100km or 110km with NO reduced speed
limit when towing so make sure your caravan is in good condition as
you travel at 110km posted speed. We could not believe how many
caravans were on the road, and this time of year is quiet. The GPS unit
comes loaded with the Oz version of Camper-mate that is as good as we
are used to, which in a strange land is very helpful.

We spent the first night in the camper at a “rest area” on the outskirts
of Gympie. These rest areas are free to stay at with toilets, water and
dump stations provided, maximum stay only 20hours. You can stay in
anything from your car to, well anything and not a CSC sticker this side
of the ditch. Being next to the main highway they can be a little noisy
with people coming and going all night but do provide a place to stop,
cook a feed (if you have a cooker) and get some rest at no cost.

We had a chat to the couple parked next to us; I made the silly mistake
of commenting just how many caravans were on the road. I was politely
informed that I had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently, it is the wrong time of year for the REAL
caravan traffic. Like the migratory birds the “Grey Nomads” also head North for the winter, departing the
colder southern states for Northern Queensland and the Territories only to return south in the summer. At
these times the Bruce Highway is solid nose to tail caravans. Regardless of this fact, what we saw particularly
coming from NZ was still rather impressive. The vast range of caravans is understandable when you consider


that Australia has approximately 200 different caravan
manufacturers, Jayco that we at home are familiar with does have the
largest market share of around 50%. The other main thing that stood
out for me is the number of 4x4 wagons with either an off-road
camper trailer behind or a rooftop tent fitted above, nearly every
second wagon was so equipped.

The next morning dawned a cool 5deg but quickly rose to 24deg. We
picked Barry, my stepdad up from his home in town and proceeded
60km South to the markets at Eumundi. If you ever get the chance you
should go as this is the biggest open-air market in OZ with around 600
stallholders, held every Wednesday & Sunday. The baked spuds are to
die for! Then another night at a free rest area before we collect Barry
in the morning for a days fishing on the coast. Typical, Fishing rods at
the ready and it is raining. Off to Rainbow Beach by Fraser Island, the
largest sand island in the world. Met a truck driver taking a load of
SAND to the island by barge in trucks home-built just for the job.
Worth the drive and the main roads over here are great. Another night
at a fee spot then down the coast to Noosa.

We stayed at the Noosa holiday park to recharge us and power, do
laundry and have a shower in the biggest camp shower I have ever
seen. As a Top Park we (club members) get a discount through our Kiwi
Holiday Park Card. Friendly hosts and large clean well-maintained
facilities. Down to Brisbane, inland to Toowoomba to see my half-
brother, his wife & 3 kids. Did I mention the roads are Great? Sunday
dawned fine so the Brisbane Sunday Market was on the agenda.
Camper Mate directed us to a free camp site just South of Brisbane in
Beenleigh. Camp here in anything except a tent for a maximum of three nights.
Toilets and BBQ provided in walking distance to the Beenleigh Shopping Mall.
We arrived around 3pm to plenty of choice for space. It did fill up very quickly
with the now expected vast selection of campers. 28 vehicles here last night
and a third of the campers would have walked across the park to the local
shopping mall for supplies.

The local council provides amenities for campers & the campers come and
spend money in town, a win-win situation. I watched our neighbours put a
rooftop tent up in under 2 minutes from start to finish, I want one for our 4x4.
As we came down the coast on the M1/ A1 I couldn’t help noticing that every
small village beside the highway had at least two caravan suppliers or manufacturers. They are everywhere.
Even the standard type of caravan here is set high, i.e. large ground clearance with a large proportion being
extremely high. Then there is the off-road camper trailer that almost requires a ladder to access. Small and
compact that opens into a vast camping space. Different caravans for different needs depending on
destination. We have only seen two house buses here, a 10m bus and a 7m Coaster.

They like their caravans over here. Queensland, the sunshine state and the home of the Australian RV. With
180,000 registered RVs in the state taking 2.7 million domestic trips and 132,000 international visitors last
year. The largest portion of local RV travellers are the Grey Nomad segment with the 20 to 29 year age group
being the fastest growing, up 14% on the previous year. Industry leaders predict these figures to grow.
(information supplied from Caravanning Queensland General Manager Jason Plant).


Rotorua’s complete RV & Caravan Service Centre

Come in and see us or give us a call
31 Sunset Road, Rotorua (Off Old Taupo Road)
Phone Sean and Jeremy on 07 3496180 or 022 4032557

Our skilled technicians have so much to offer including

TV, Satellite dish & Solar Panel installations
Custom Rebuilds

Assessments and repairs for Insurance Companies
Installations, Modifications and upgrades

Self Containment installation and certification
LED Lighting, Awnings and Bike racks
Roof Vent Repair & replacements
Diesel Heater Installations

Electrical Services, cooker & fridge repairs


It just goes to show that if you provide areas and amenities close to
services, the traveling community will come and will support your
town. There is Motorhome Friendly Signage here as we have at home.
The difference being that here the towns are friendly to motorhomes
by providing infrastructure and services to campers in town, not stuck
on the outskirts as we see so often at home.

Heading down the Pacific Highway to the Gold Coast today for a look
around and will spent two nights at one of the many campgrounds on
the waterfront. Planning on visiting one or two of the larger RV supply
stores to see what is available and get some ideas for our bus. With Phil and Bryan from Tackle Tactics in
Foxton working on the bus while we are away holidaying, we will require some trinkets to make it a bit

We travelled South through Surfers Paradise and across the border into New South Wales. The shopping
here is great with 3 hour free parking at the HUGE malls. It can take the 3 hours just to walk around them.
The car parking is not really suited to larger vehicles, so check it out it before entering the carparks.

We found the Tweed Heads Motor Camp on camper mate. Right on the waters edge with a boat ramp in
the campground and you can fish there in the little bay. Five minutes down the road is Tent World. Check
them out online These guys have everything for camping even things we haven’t
even thought of and the staff know what they are talking about. They did say they would ship to NZ, that
could be dangerous.

Back up to Brisbane to the Jayco Caravan Yard & accessories store. Purchased a few pieces for the bus, may
have contributed to my luggage being overweight on the way home. Dropped the Britz motorhome back &
spent the last night in the Novatel Hotel by the Airport for an early flight Home.

In Summary, we had a marvellous time and got to meet some wonderful people who travel around Australia
in their RVs. The Campgrounds are large, well maintained with helpful friendly staff. The freedom camping
rules in Australia are very different to back here in NZ. The councils provide and maintain facilities and
freedom camping sites. The campers come, use and respect the freedom sites and leave them clean and
tidy while spending money in town. We will do this trip again to visit more places and would recommend
this type of OZ holiday to anyone, solo travellers, couples and families with kids. A great way to travel and
see the country. When booking your camper get the full extra pack, this includes camp furniture, linen etc
and covers your car accident insurance. Check flight arrival and departure times as you don’t want to arrive
in OZ after the rental company has closed or fly home before they open. Get a LYNX card for the toll roads
from the rental company. Watch you mobile roaming internet usage as it can get very expensive. Most of
all, Have a safe fun trip.

Jo and Wayne Ravelich

Contact us to list your events that welcome all campers.

We will promote these through this newsletter, social media and our websites.
Email [email protected]

North Island or South Island? If you are planning on hosting an inclusive camping event or have
8 an idea for one please let us know. We are keen to support events that get more NZ families

out camping.


19 October.

the city’s first-ever tiny house
conference in October, following a sellout conference in Auckland earlier this year.

Organiser and tiny home owner Sharla May says: “The tiny house scene in New Zealand is gaining
momentum as people choose living tiny over living in houses most people can no longer afford.
“Tiny living is definitely appealing to a wide audience. It’s becoming popular with young people trying to
start out in their first home; people in their 40s fed up with the demands of the rat race; and anyone who
simply wants to live lighter on the planet.
“So we’re really excited to take the conference to Christchurch where you see some of the least affordable
housing in the South Island and the biggest reasons to seek alternatives to the current model of saddling
yourself with decades of debt.” The national conference is the only event of its kind in New Zealand, says
“This is the fourth time we’ve held the conference, with each year getting bigger and better. Previously
held in Auckland, Carterton, and Kapiti, we brought together an eclectic range of speakers. We’ll do the
same again in Christchurch. Some speakers have hands-on building experience. Others are designers and
builders who specialise in tiny house builds while others specialise in homes built that exist off-grid. The
one-day conference also gives attendees time to talk directly to speakers and see a range of tiny houses
and other exhibits on display.
Sharla, who tours New Zealand in her second tiny build, says she’s designed the conference to be
inspirational and educational. “I want people to come away with ideas and inspiration about how they
might bring an idea to life, but to also learn how to do it. Our conference covers everything from budget
saving ideas to working out the best solar heating system for your tiny bathroom.”
“It is exciting to see Kiwis take up tiny house living - we’re part of a global trend that’s thumbing its nose at
today’s housing model. We all know there has to be another more affordable, inspiring way. For some of
us, tiny living is the best viable alternative.”
WHERE: La Vida Centre, 34A Hansons Ln, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch
WHEN: Saturday 19 October 2019 COST: Early-bird rate, $99.00 per person; General ticket rate, $119.00pp
MORE INFORMATION: or contact [email protected]


APCNZ President’s Corner:

Sending out a big hello to all our APCNZ club
members and fellow campers. We can’t wait till

Our club vice president and I recently had the
opportunity to meet with Steve Hanrahan,
convener of Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s
Responsible Camping Forum. This is an
independent forum focused on the tourism
industry. With an estimated 60% of tourism
spending coming from the domestic market we
emphasised the importance of working with and
supporting the NZ travelling public.

Through our partnership with NZ Lifestyle
Camping Ltd (a TIA financial member) we now
have input on the forum. The representation of
NZ campers in this forum has to be good.

In this issue of the NZ Lifestyle camping magazine
we have several highly informative articles that
have been contributed by our members. I hope
you enjoy reading them.

There is a lot of work happening behind the
scenes and several important issues we are
continuing to work through. These issues affect all
campers, and I would ask you to please give us
feedback on how we are doing.

Gary Stoneley

Save 15% off peak.

Produceyour APCNZ membership card
on boarding.

The promo code is available on the
APCNZ ‘member only’ pages or from

the APCNZ office.

Always check the Bluebridge website
for fantastic offseason specials.


All Points Camping Club - News and Updates

2019/2020 Elected Committee

President: Gary Stoneley

Vice President: Wayne Ravelich

Secretary: Beverley Stoneley

Treasurer: Alan Knight

Committee: Lyn Bennett, Ross Bennett, Vicky Holden, Murray Third, Jo Ravelich,

Wayne Searle, Lindy Searle. Peter Spicer.

Co-opted Members: Murray Brown, Alex Hastie (DOC Liaison Advisor)

Membership fees: APCNZ membership fees as from 1 July are set at $30.00 for renewals and $35.00 for
new memberships.

Campers Network – Stop and Stay: APCNZ has launched its own online database of recommended and
discount camps, business and private stops. This can be accessed at

This is a huge job, and it is our intention to build a national network (for all campers) of 200 discount and
recommended stops. Some of these include great value day stops with safe parking. We are particularly
keen to promote NZ cottage industry and hospitality businesses in NZ’s rural areas. Please help us to grow
this resource by making your recommendations at

Get 10% off your annual premiums with STAR CAMPER CARE as an APCNZ member.


Kiwi Holiday Parks discount card: The club no longer supplies these discount cards free to all APCNZ
members due to the increase in cost. The 24month, Kiwi Holiday Parks discount card can however be
purchased from the club for $20.00 (including postage) a saving of $15.00. Purchase these via the NZ
Lifestyle Camping online store at or
We value our ongoing relationship with the Kiwi Holiday Parks group and many fantastic camp operators
we have worked with over the past 3 years. We recognise the considerable benefits / level of service the
group provides to campers in NZ and we will continue to promote this card and the Kiwi Holiday Parks.
Department of Conservation – Campsite Discount Pass:

– It’s exclusive but not for most NZ campers
After 2 years of lobbying DOC on this issue we have now taken the matter to the office of the ombudsman.
So what’s the big deal?
Lou Sanson, the Director General of Conservation as trustee for NZ’s conservation land has the power to
provide discount campsite passes to organisations. Currently the taxpayer owned passes are only
available to hirers of Tourism Rental Vehicles and members of the NZ Motor Caravan Association.
We have requested access to these or comparable passes on multiple occasions and requested
information on the process and how these exclusive discounts can be substantiated. Our responses from
DOC have failed to provide factual substantiation and we are no further down the track. In addition to DOC
supplying these exclusive passes and promoting the tourism operators and NZMCA on its website
‘commercially sensitive’ management fees are taken by the organisations distributing the exclusive deals.
Effectively the Department of Conservation is supplying taxpayer funded exclusive passes to a small
segment of our population and paying that segment for the benefit. We believe all NZ’ers should be
treated equally and fairly with access to Department of Conservation land and that this is a breach of trust
by both the Minister and Director of Conservation. We acknowledge that DOC has contributed substantial
taxpayer funds to conservation efforts as well as the promotion of tourism initiatives. At the same time
DOC is not respecting the equal rights of all NZ people for fair access to Department of Conservation land.
We are currently reviewing the actions we now need to take to get this issue addressed.


Membership support, events and regional get togethers
It has been great to see members getting together socially over the winter with weekend events or meets
in north Canterbury, Waikato, Manawatu and Whanganui. The club is work hard to build membership
support and interaction with a lot more work still to do. Financial members can access a membership list
via the member only webpages This does not list all members,
only those who have indicated that they wish to be contacted by other members for events etc. Please
make use the list to help build up local contacts. The list is also a great resource for when you are in an
area and needing support or information.
Electrical warrants and gas certification.
We often asked by our members where they can get electrical and gas certification for campervans and
caravans. We are working on developing a national listing for this which will be similar to the listing of self
containment testing officers which can be found at . We will keep you advised as this
Membership Discounts
Two new businesses have been added to our membership discounts. Your APCNZ membership card
provides discounts at 8 major retailers plus at all the suppliers listed on pages 22 and 23 . We our now
proud to add AT LARGE ENERGY and DJ Outdoor Ltd .
Both these companies bring a high level of innovation to our NZ camping market. Gipsy Caravans in Levin,
Caravan Connection in Palmerston (South island) and Lifestyle Motorhomes in Ashburton also offer
fantastic support to our club members and other travellers.


Waikato Balloon Festival

By Lyn Bennett

Ross and I hosted a camp for Balloons
over Waikato. We gained the use of a
paddock at my cousins place not far from
the site of the Night Glow which was
within walking distance.

We set up camp on the Tuesday. For
those that wish to come early and spend
the week in Hamilton. Ross and I hadn’t
quite sorted ourselves out when we got a
phone call from Vicki and Rex trying to
find us as we hadn’t got around to putting
the All points Flag out.

On the Wednesday the ladies of the camp decided that we should
go and have a coffee and cake at the Hamilton Gardens leaving the
men to their own devices. Back at camp in the evening we had
lovely happy hours full of laughter and chats. It was lovely to
meeting many new faces.

On the Friday night Russell Cooper organised a BBQ and he opened
up his shed that had a massive slotcar racing track set up. Everyone
was able to have a go. We all enjoy a spot of car racing. The Kids
enjoyed this so much that the kids didn’t want to stop but after Russell shut it down with a promise of
another go the next day the kids were happy and were up early ready to go back there the next morning.

On the Saturday afternoon we wandered down to the night glow for a hot dog and chips and to find a
space to sit and watch the spectacular display of the balloons lighting and glowing to the music. For those
that needed a ride down we were able to gain access to park at the venue.

Ross and I also would like to thank Russell Cooper for allowing us to
host this event at
his place and
putting a beautiful
BBQ tea. We
enjoyed hosting
this event and
meeting many
campers and are
hoping to get the
same venue for
next year.


A network of
the best –

Night and Day stopovers
recommended by
APCNZ members.


Save 15% during off peak periods. Show your APCNZ membership card on boarding.

The promo code is available on the APCNZ ‘member only’ pages or from the APCNZ office.
Always check the Bluebridge website for fantastic offseason specials.

Membership to the All Points Camping Club,
and the benefits and saving it provides,

is open to all persons with an interest in camping.
Join now or gift a membership to someone else at


Happy or Sad Face will depend entirely on us –

With our faster and everchanging world, the questions arise, will we bury the earth under a pile of plastic?
Don’t even get me started on Archimedes displacement of volume when related to melting polar ice and
sea levels. The real question is, will our Grandkids be able to enjoy the camping experience that we have
had and to a lesser extent still do now?

Being born in the late 50s, I started camping in a pup-tent in the back yard, progressing to a slightly better
tent along with a couple of mates, the Scout bush craft book, an old kerosene cooker and bits to make the
rabbit snares from the aforementioned book. Life skills, pitch tent, make snare, catch, cook & eat dinner.
These days have gone, particularly for town kids, but the skills and friendships made while camping will
never be lost. Everybody that has & can use camping equipment from the basic tent, gas cooker and sleeping

bag through to the fanciest motorhome has what is needed to
survive in a natural disaster that unfortunately are becoming
more common.

The face of camping is changing and has changed over the last
30years. From families camping in tents and caravans in the
forest parks, by the beach or summer breaks spent at their
regular then “affordable” motor camp. The cost of inexpensive
basic camping equipment has come down, about the only
thing that has. If you want good quality equipment or moving
up to a caravan or camper, you will pay. Add the words
motorhome or marine to an item and watch the 0000s add to
the price. You now have the equipment and skills to go
camping, but were can you go? The free places to camp are
getting as rear as the Moa
and the average family can
no longer afford to spend
summer at a motor-camp.

The introduction of the Self
Containment Certificate has opened some areas to free or cheap camping
if you meet the standard for a cert. But the young family or mates doing
the road trip with a tent, by the very definition of the standard can’t be
Certified Self Contained therefore limiting affordable places to camp.
Although tents have got cheaper there are far less places you and your
family can pitch it to enjoy the marshmallows and special family memories.

I am blessed with 3 wonderful grandsons, Reuben Ravelich 4.5yr old,
Zachry Walton 2yr old and Theodore Walton 2 months. Reuben has been
camping with us and loved it, the younger two still have that experience to
come. I wonder how these three will navigate the camping world in 20
years. Will the brothers arrive in an electric camper from Juicy while cousin
Reuben turns up in the latest electric Tesla with a self-inflating cabin? Will


camping have turned into an amusement park ride
where you spend big money to stay in a tent for a
night in a holographic forest by a fake steam listening
to artificial nature sound? Not my idea of how
camping should evolve. Does it matter how they will
be camping in 20 years, as long as they still CAN be

The future of camping for our children and grand
children depends on US. We must ensure that in the
future there are areas available for our descendants

to be able to enjoy the outdoors as we ourselves
currently do. To achieve this, we need to lead by

Be a responsible camper, leave no trace, when you
leave a site leave it better than when you arrived. Be
a respectful camper, respect the camp site, respect
those camped around you and respect the locals,
you are in their back yard and if we upset the locals,
we will lose yet another area. The more we can do to
ease the tension around affordable and free
camping the greater the likely hood that our
Mokopuna will still be camping in 20 years. We also
need to stand up and be counted when Local bodies
plan to change bylaws relating to camping in your
area. As rate payers and voters what we think and
want from our elected officials does matter.

If along with the All Points Camping Club, fellow
members and other related groups, we work
together to ensure a camping future in New Zealand
it will happen. I don’t want to be the last generation
that went camping. Let the future history books
show that WE made a difference, we retained and
progressed camping accessibility for future
generations to enjoy the unspoilt outdoors. Be
responsible, re respectful and be a Happy camper.

Wayne Ravelich

APCNZ Vice President.


Supporting All Points Camping members with advice & preferential pricing on our product range.
This includes but isn’t limited to; Alternators, Starters, Fuel pumps, iDRIVE throttle enhancers, Automotive
Sensors (Oxygen, Crank, Cam etc), Hard parts, Distributors, coils, Off-road recovery Gear (HULK brand),
Diagnostic assistance (Vehicle scanning)
Recommended by our members for increased power under load is
iDRIVE, a throttle enhancement device that connects in
minutes yet gives endless enjoyment.
Your late model car, Ute or camper uses a fly-by –wire accelerator
pedal system that is designed to take into consideration all manner
of inputs before the computer responds by opening the throttle.
This causes unexpected delays, and is annoying, if not at times, dangerous. With iDRIVE you can take back
the control.

Give yourself the adjustability to choose the driving characteristics of your RV, Car or truck now!
Cure the associated delay with an iDRIVE unit. You’ll be glad you did. The iDRIVE remains completely
adjustable, and rather than negating the need for a tune, the iDRIVE actually enhances it. We’re so
confident that you’ll love the response the iDRIVE gives to your vehicle, we offer a 30-day money back


APCNZ Upcoming Inclusive Camping Events

APCNZ provides liability insurance and support
to help members host events NZ wide.

Would you like to help host events in your region?

25th – 28th October - APCNZ Labour Weekend Camp, Waikino

Victoria Battery and Tramway Museum

This labour weekend why not join with All Points Camping Club members at the Victoria Battery and
Tramway Museum, beside the beautiful
Ohinemura River, Waikino, Karangahake Gorge,
Waikato. Bring your tent. $10.00 per unit per

We have a considerable amount of space for
this weekend camp and it’s a fantastic place for
walking and cycling. Entry to the museum is an
additional charge,

Contact Lynn and Ross Bennet on 0273750448 or check out our facebook page to register for this event.

8- 9-10th - November Steampunk the

Tents welcome. Check web page for details and
registration, get in quick as limited to 50 camping
units at the site. We currently have 40
registrations. We camp at Thames South School
$5.00 members per night, kids free.

We require registrations for this event.

Register online at

29-30th November 1st - December APCNZ
Christmas Camp.

Halcombe, Manawatu.

Join us at the start of Summer for our family
friendly Christmas camp. YES! Tents are
welcome. We have a fantastic venue with
playground so bring the kids. The school pool
should be open. Only $5.00 per adult per night,
children no charge. We will be having activities
for the children and adults.

10 – 12 January 2020 - Kidnappers
Country Music Festival

Hawkes Bay Racing Centre

Join us for this great weekend of
entertainment. Family friendly and

Have a tent? Bring it along

We hope to see you there.

February – March 2020 -
Wellington Region Camp

Details to be finalised – We are planning
on holding a Wellington Region camp,
which will be focused on encouraging
families to get out and experience
camping. If you would like to help
organise this we would love to hear from

5 -7 April 2020 - Kimbolton Sculpture Festival Camp

Mark the weekend of the 6th April 2019 in your calendar. The 2018 and 2019 sculpture festivals were so
successful we will be back, camping, at the festival in April 2019. Join us on the Friday. Enjoy a fun and
music filled day with the festival on Saturday. There will be stalls of all kinds and children's activities. For
more information about the festival please check out the festival website at

APCNZ Supporting Business Partners
and Member Discounts.

All Points Camping Member Discount Card

Supplied to all APCNZ financial members discounts offers are provided by
8 leading NZ Retail chains in addition to all those businesses listed below.
Show your card at the checkout when purchasing.

We are excited to welcome Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries as supporting

partner. With a growing reputation for service and a commitment to

improving and meeting travellers needs while supporting many not for

profit organisations it’s got to be good. Year round savings apply.

Save 15%Check out the new APCNZ member login off peak


If you have a pop top, caravan, motorhome, motorcycle, classic or prestige
car contact John at STAR Camper Care Insurance or talk to one of the

Tell them you are an All Points Camper member and receive STAR treatment.
Two of the great things about the Star group is the free roadside assistance and
their very flexible coverage for accessories and contents. Ph 0800 965 965
APCNZ financial members receive 10% discount on all Star Insurance products. You must advise the
consultant that you are an APCNZ member and provide your membership number.

Darrell is the man to talk to at OZTent NZ. The OZTent range is so easy to put
up or attach to a vehicle. Also agents for Weber Barbecues and part of
Heatrite (Plumbing, Gas, Heating) in Palmerston North it’s a great company
to have supporting us. Check out the videos online.

Phillip at Tackle Tactics could be considered a fishing expert. “NZ's leading
supplier of quality Surfcasting & Fishing gear.” Check out their website and
mail order store or pop into their store in
Foxton. Anything you need for Fishing - Phillip Kettle is the man to ask.

Join APCNZ now or renew your membership (for only $30.00 till 30 June)

and enjoy the added benefits of a Kiwi Holiday Parks discount card.

Save 15% at all 39 Kiwi Holiday Parks plus travel and tourist attractions throughout

NZ. From 30 July purchase the Kiwi Holiday Parks Card from APCNZ for only $20.00
(member rate) a saving of $15.00.

Contact Vantage RV for savings on Roof Top campers, the latest satellite
dishes, TVs, Fridges, accessories plus much more).
Silverdale, Auckland

Lifestyle Gear provide innovative and trendy outdoor and camping products
with a focus on being environmentally friendly. Their hardwearing floor mats
made from recycled rubber being one of the most popular products. Check
out their website at . Using code APC10 will give all
APC members 10% off all products that are not on already on sale.

Check out the range of product at Petroject for Diesel and
petrol vehicles. EFI performance products a specialty. Improve
acceleration towing performance.

APCNZ members have access to totally mobile wifi / broadband at NZ’s
lowest prices with Discover Net Mobile Broadband . Get 5% off monthly plan
charges and products with your APCNZ membership. Go to to choose your plan and obtain your discount or
use your APNCZ discount code on the DiscoverNET homepage.


All Points Camping Club Members receive 10 of NZ Rail Great
Journeys of NZ. This includes the Interislander Cook Strait Ferry.

Go to the member only pages to find out more.

RV Dreams (Lower Hutt) - Storewide savings with your APCNZ
membership card. is the place where you can list your camper or car
for rent to make an extra income - or rent one from your neighbour.
Working towards a more sustainable way for car rental and car ownership,
MyCarYourRental has special offers for members of All Points Camping club
members who wish to get their vehicle self-contained or need to rent a car or camper.
Use discount code “AP2018” to get $35 off your next sustainable rental car!

Ecogreen – Ecogreen is a NZ based company that has developed a range of Biological cleaning
and environmental solutions. Safe for caravan waste and septic tanks.
Check out their products online and contact the company direct to purchase at discounted

Can you help us to grow
our campers support
network by
recommending a
supporting business?

Contact [email protected]

Check out the
142nd Bulls
Rose and Flower Show.
Situated on the junction of State
Highway 1 and 3
Bulls is the gateway to the
Rangitikei and Manawatu .

Both districts are very welcoming
to our travelling community with

lots of places to stop and stay.


Introducing our newest Club Supporting Partner

As a retired Electrician I get a little excited with the technical advancements in Solar, batteries & LEDs.
Some say it’s a fetish. This new range of portable solar panels & solar Generators has got me extremely
excited. With folding solar panels & solar generators that are light weight, compact & silent, that can be
carried in a backpack or saddlebags while traveling. These units supply power when camping or when
domestic power is off, either due to a power cut or natural disaster. These guys also do Audio but that’s
another story.
Enough from me, let’s hear from C. P. Moore founder & director of AT LARGE ENERGY .
“AT LARGE ENERGY was created to help people keep their lives going when they are away from power,
to provide an alternative to grid power, and have a reliable back up energy source when the power does go
down. Started by two Kiwis who love camping, tramping and alternative energy solutions. AT LARGE
ENERGY source and robustly test (in New Zealand conditions) the highest quality solar generators, and
portable solar panels on the market.
Solar Generators are similar to petrol/diesel generators; however, they use solar panels instead of
flammable liquid to generate power, and the latest in lithium battery technology to store the suns power.
The AT LARGE ENERGY portable solar panel range are light-weight, flexible solar panels that you can
charge a phone / sat nav directly or charge up with a solar generator. “

Check out the AT LARGE ENERGY website to power your next camping holiday, whether it’s to keep the
camping fridge powered, keep your laptop running so you can stay camping a bit longer. Power your
phones, 12v pumps, lights and other camping devices, or set up to charge your sat phone when on a

With solar energy solutions starting at just $89 and weighing in at just 300 grams AT LARGE ENERGY have
got you covered this camping/tramping season.

Membership to the All Points Camping Club,
and the benefits and saving it provides,

is open to all persons with an interest in camping.

Join now or gift a membership to someone else at


Disasters do happen

Stay safe and be prepared and aware when travelling around Aotearoa.

NZ is a beautiful country and a popular destination for overseas tourists. As New Zealanders travelling
around our country, we are aware of the volatile nature of our islands and our breath-taking landscapes.
Earthquakes, storms, floods, scrub fires, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are all possibilities we could
encounter on our travels.
Recently we made contact with the Ministry of Civil Defence, seeking to develop emergency information
resources for our many thousands of NZ and international travellers. I found out that under the current
structure all Civil Defence programs are managed at a regional level, and that there is no structure
presently in place to set up this kind of resource. That does not help our travelling public and is something
we will work on.
A quick look at the website gives a myriad of options and information but no
guidelines for the huge number of travellers we have.
gives some guidelines for being stuck at home for 3 days including instructions on how to construct a temporary
toilet. Some of this may be relevant to NZ travellers.
Most NZ campers will be able to manage well in an emergency but if you have already been on the road for 2 or
three days your supplies may be running low. Infrastructure and may be down. There will be a higher risk of sickness
and injury. I believe that all NZ travellers, as well as NZ householders, should be aware of what to do when
emergency situations arise. Our travelling public (in particular, international tourists), in coastal areas are at higher
risk if a tsunami should happen. We will continue to look at developing safety support and education packages for
our travellers. If you are interested in helping with this project please contact me.

Gary Stoneley - [email protected]



This is the first of our new DIY tech tips regular neighbouring camper would rather help you than
column. This column will contain simple, have you hit their camper.
inexpensive DIY tips for campers that anyone can
do. Readers contributions for future issues are TIP 3; Find your TOW-BALL.

Reversing Cameras are great but sometimes it can be

hard to see your tow-ball when hooking up. An easy

TIP 1; This first tip is possibly the most important solution that anyone can do is paint the tow bar Hi-Viz

piece of advice I can pass on. If you are not sure or a bright colour, so it stands out. All you require is

how to do something, ASK. Ask somebody that some Spray Paint (primmer & topcoat) fine sandpaper,

knows. You can check with Professor Google or masking tape and newspaper. Clean the tow bar and

YouTube to start with or see an expert in the field. mask the surrounding area and tow-ball. If you paint

If you ask on a Facebook page, you will get 60 the tow-ball it

different answers all will get

from “experts” or “a scratched

mate did it this way”. It and look terrible

can be very expensive to very quickly. Use

have a mistake masking

tape and paper to

repaired by a mask all around

professional. the tow-bar, you do not want Hi-Viz paint on your car.

Remember “Fiddle Tax” Paint 1 or 2 coats of primmer the 2 topcoats giving a

if you fiddle you will get light sand between coats. Check the can for recoat

taxed. times and do the job on a warm day for the paint to

cure and harden. It will be easier to see & your shins

will thank you.

TIP2; Really a Driving Tip & not a DIY TIP.

As a commercial driver for the last 20 years I have TIP 4; ON THE LEVEL

seen so many people backing trailers & caravans Add a T spirit level to your caravan

get all crossed-up. There is an easy way to back a draw bar to ease getting the caravan

caravan/Trailer. Put your level when you park up. All you require

Hand on the BOTTOM of the is a level (around $10) a drill & either a couple of screws

steering wheel, when or rivets. Firstly, get your caravan level then find a spot

reversing to make the caravan on the draw bar to place the T

go LEFT move your Hand LEFT. To move your level then screw or rivet in

caravan RIGHT, move your Hand RIGHT. Small place. Job done, now just use

movements at the steering wheel make Large the level to see how you are

movements at the back placed.

of the Caravan, so treat

Woman, be gentile and take your time. Small and

slow movements. If backing into a tight spot

always good to get someone to guide you in. A


Would you like a better way to empty your toilet cassette?

DUMPMATE makes the worst

job so much easier and cleaner.

With no more spillage or
splashback, you don’t even see
the flow of waste.

Simply place the DUMPMATE in the sewer pipe and rest the nozzle of your Thetford cassette in the scoop.
This helps take the weight, while you lift the cassette and push the button to empty it. The DUMPMATE
directs the flow and there is no mess at all. Then simply rinse the DUMPMATE, shake it dry, and pop it back
in the bag
Check out our website to see a demonstration video at
Designed and made in New Zealand, from smooth and shiny ABS plastic, the Dump Mate is 450mm tall, with a
diameter of 90mm at the top, graduating to 70mm at the bottom. You can choose your colour, black or teal, and the
bag is supplied.
The price of DUMPMATE is $65, plus shipping of $10 in the South Island, and $15 in the North Island. We can send
up to four DUMPMATEs (to the same address) for the same shipping cost as one, so get together with your friends,
and place an order.
Like and follow our Facebook page, to keep up with us as we travel. If you can buy direct from us, you can save on
the postage. We are based in Blenheim and travel the South Island regularly. We hope to get to the North Island in
the New Year.

Contact John at DUMPMATE by emailing [email protected]
or phone 021 979323

A Dump Mate would make the perfect gift for that man or woman in your life who has everything!

Help us grow NZ’s own Inclusive Camping Club

and provide stronger voice for NZ Campers.

The All Points Camping Club joining fee is $35.00 (effective from 1 July) with
a $30.00 annual renewal.
Join Now before 01 July for only $30.00 and get a free 24 month Kiwi Holiday
Parks discount card with more than 100 discounts and offers.
Go to
If you are planning on getting certified self containment check done APCNZ has partnered with NZ Lifestyle Camping
to save 50% on the processing fee (members own vehicles).

Advertisers and Supporting Businesses.

You may be interested in supporting APCNZ to help our organisation cover our increasing costs as we
continue to grow nationally. Here are some ways you can help.

• Make a donation - Donate $50 to $500. We will acknowledge your donation on our website and on
the inside front and back covers of our club magazines for the next 12 months.

• Become a corporate member of APCNZ for $100.00. This provides you with access to our
membership benefits and discounts (up to 3 individuals) and attendance with up to 3 votes at our

• Advertise in our quarterly club magazines and help us to improve the quality and distribution while
generating customers.
o Advertisements cost $150.00 full page A4, $80.00 half page, $70.00 third, $60.00 quarter
and $50.00 for an eighth of an A4 page per issue.

• Sponsor a club camp or promotional stall
• Provide membership savings / discount. This may include retail or online sales or camp fees.

Contact us at [email protected] or phone 027 2469778 to discuss how we can work together.

Issue and cut off dates for future issues

Issue Last date for Planned issue date
contibutions of publication
Summer 2019 20 November 2019
Autumn 2020 15 February 2019 01 December 2019
01 March 2020


NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd - Self Containment Issuing Authority

NZ Lifestyle Camping’s nationwide network of qualified self-containment testing
officers continues to grow. These include professional businesses and
individuals who believe in fair application of the self containment standard NZS
5465:2001. All testing officers are required to correctly and fairly apply the
standard. NZLC is committed to supporting testing officers and campers,
ensuring that the self containment standard is administered fairly in accordance
with the standard.

- Any person or business may approach our testing officers for a self containment check, advise or
installation. You do not need to be a member of any organisation.

- NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd believes in and encourages sustainable and responsible camping.
- We believe that every person camping in NZ has a responsibility for our environment and that

certified self containment of campervans and motor caravans is a step towards achieving
sustainable camping.
- We believe that all NZ campers with vehicles that meet the self-containment requirements should
be able to get their vehicle certified. Campers, our friendly and conscientious testing officers will
help you to get your vehicle certified for self-containment.

Have a converted van / campervan? If your vehicle meets the requirements we will certify it.

Pop Top Camper, Slide on or rooftop camper? Each vehicle conversion is considered separately.

There is no vehicle exclusion list under the standard for certified self contained vehicles.
But the vehicle interior must be ‘designed’ and fit for habitation, and you must have sufficient room to adequately
use the toilet inside the vehicle when required or we will not approve it. Many large people movers and small vans
are designed for two people to be able to sleep in them. To be able to be certified for self containment the vehicle
must have cooking facilities and meet the fresh water, waste water and toileting requirements of the NZ standard.

You don’t want to join an organisation just to get self-containment?
You do not have to join an organisation to get self-containment but joining does have benefits.

How much does it cost?
From 1 July 2019 NZ Lifestyle Camping charges $40.00 processing / issue fee. Or join APCNZ with a combined fee for
self-containment and membership benefits of $55.00. The testing officer may / will charge you for their service and
any materials they need to make your vehicle comply.

Where can I get this done and how long will it take?
Check the following list of qualified testing officers or go to the All Points Camping NZ Lifestyle Camping websites.
The self containment check may take around 30 minutes or more depending on what is required. Once the
completed checklist is received by NZLC it usually takes 4 to 5 working days for the final processing and delivery. This
can take longer subject to information requirements, holidays and delivery delays.

Please make contact during normal business hours. Never leave it to the last minute.

If you are interested in becoming a self containment testing officer with NZLC please register on the NZLC
website or contact via [email protected] .

For further information go to or .


North Island Self Containment Testing Officers – Taupo north

Kerikeri Northland RV – Mark Thorburn Ph 021 307666

[email protected]

Whangarei Wendy and Brent White - 0211729919 [email protected]

Hibiscus Coast / Orewa Nolene and Norm Ritchie – 0210546739 [email protected]

Auckland/Silverdale Ravneel Singh – 02041044392 [email protected]

Auckland/Silverdale Vantage RV – 09 4278247 [email protected]

Auckland / Torbay Thomas OGorman – 0211430835 [email protected]

Auckland / Albany River Jones Gardner - 02102241635

Auckland/East Tamaki Shannon Woller - 0211353262 [email protected]

Auckland/Piha Richard Buckton – 021530025 [email protected]

Auckland/Taupaki Roger Morley – 0274719659 [email protected]

Auckland/Mt Albert John Hervas – 0211898979 [email protected]

Auckland/New Lynn Elements Motors – 0800 00985 [email protected]

Auckland/Albany Sun Marketing - 09 2151917, 021 940801

Village [email protected]

Auckland Sanjay Prasad - 0212930320

Auckland Stanmore Bay Mike Bish - 0273843848

Auckland Mike Bahmani – 0212806006 [email protected]

Waikato / Otorohanga Pratts [email protected] 0800 772 887

Waikato /Te Awamutu Rob Hatchell 0272384264

Waikato/Hamilton Ovaland Motorhomes Limited 07 8471976

[email protected]

Waikato/Hamilton Ross Bennett - 0276807449 [email protected]

Waikato/Cambridge Dunn Right Plumbing – 0274422160 [email protected]

Waikato / Tokoroa Sanjay Prasad – 0212930320 [email protected]

Coromandel - Tairua Lynley and John Belle – 021 1260760 – [email protected],

0274527193 [email protected]

Mt Maunganui RV Service Centre - 0800 288860 [email protected]

Mt Maunganui RV Shop – 07 5755612 – [email protected]

Tauranga Alliance RV 07 5710271 [email protected]

Tauranga Tony Hewitson 0211040459 [email protected]

Tauranga / Omokoroa Trevor Clarke 0220851495 [email protected]

Whakatane Gateway Caravans – 07 3071000 & 0272300955

[email protected]

Rotorua Motorhome and Caravan Services 07 3496180 022 4032557

[email protected] [email protected]

Rotorua Charles Edwards – 07 2101460 & 027 7269324 [email protected]

Rotorua / Okere Glen Ruebe – 0211398860 [email protected]

Rotorua Thinus Venter - Hobo Trailers and Engineering 0212302239

[email protected]

Reporoa / Taupo Mike McGregor – 0272100889 [email protected]


North Island Self Containment Testing Officers - Taupo south

Hawkes Bay/Napier Ian McNair – Vista Vans Limited – 021533670 [email protected]

Hawkes Bay/Napier First Auto Works 027 8351889 [email protected]

6D Taradale Road, Marewa

Hawkes Bay / Hastings Dr Plumber – 0210765491 [email protected]

Hawkes Bay/Napier Cape Plumbing and Drainage – 0212404050 [email protected]

Dannevirke Bryan Boyle – 027 454 9023 [email protected]

Wairarapa/Featherston Team JDR Limited (Doug Juggins) 027 4294433 [email protected]

New Plymouth John Woodhead – 027 4756108 [email protected]

Wanganui Simon Scott – Combined Plumbers Limited 027 4811353

[email protected]

Rangitikei / Bulls Rangitikei Boating and Automotive Services 063221560

[email protected]

Rangitikei / Manawatu Mark and Heidi Macauley – 027 8489125 [email protected]

Manawatu / Feilding Motorhome Caravan Classic Resto Tim – 021 306053, Paul 021 1072475

[email protected]

Feilding / Palmerston NZ Lifestyle Camping – 0272469778 [email protected]
Testing officer support and resources – national support.

Foxton Tackle Tactics Philip Kettle - 027 4149930

[email protected]

Levin Alan Knight – 0273195976 [email protected],co,nz

Levin / Kapiti Wayne Ravelich – 027 4757420 [email protected]

Levin Bruce Cook – 021 839299 [email protected]

Kapiti Coast Barry Thomson – 021 2639808 [email protected]

Porirua Rod Thompson – 027 2346642 – [email protected]

Porirua Dynamic Plumbing and Heating – 0273183661

[email protected]

Wainuiomata Tom Wilson – 020 40380039 [email protected]

Lower Hutt RV Dreams – 04 5695598 [email protected]

Upper Hutt CB Caravan Imports Ltd 2/24 Goodshed Road ph. 027 6429379

Self Containment Processing Fee

Effective from 1 July 2019 the NZ Lifestyle Camping self containment processing fees are as follows:

➢ Standard individual vehicle processing fee $40.00
➢ Fleet vehicle operators discount on application.
➢ APCNZ members private vehicles $20.00. (Subsidised - per promotional partnership agreement)

NZ Lifestyle Camping is committed to supporting our national network of testing officers and authorities
to ensure fair and accurate application of NZS 5465:2001


SOUTH ISLAND Self Containment Testing Officers

Tasman Golden Bay Barry Graham, Golden Bay Plumbing 0274657882 or 03 3917888

[email protected]

Tasman Motueka Murray and Dianne, Motueka Vehicle Testing Station 035288828

[email protected]

Tasman David Miller 035472777 0274321548 [email protected]

Marlborough/Blenheim Ray Walker 027 2890520 [email protected]

Marlborough/Blenheim Nigel Beardsworth 02102614341 [email protected]

West Coast / Andrew McRoberts 0211272041 [email protected]


North Canterbury ChCh George Hopman, Hopcampers 02102614341 [email protected]

Christchurch/ Woolston Sam Williamson, Sparks Auto electrical 021450115 [email protected]

Christchurch/Papanui John Routledge - 0274361713 [email protected]

Christchurch/Hornby Peter Mitchell 0276757101 236D Main South Road

[email protected]

Christchurch /Hornby The Design Coach & Body Company Ltd - 03 442 442

[email protected]

Christchurch/Harewood UK Caravans Ltd 162 Orchard Road. 0800303330

[email protected]

Christchurch/Rolleston Volkmar Wollenweber 0212780035 [email protected]

Canterbury / Methven John Heasley - Construction and Plumbing Services - 0274579878

e: [email protected]

Ashburton Lifestyle Motorhomes Ltd - 0800 287 284 03 3086627

[email protected]

Dunedin/Kensington Marine & Motorhome Ltd 22 Bridgman Street 027 5264455

[email protected]

Dunedin / Kensington Dunedin Motorhomes Ltd Strathallan Street - 03 4561442

[email protected]

Otago/Hampden Gordon Murdoch 034260390 [email protected]

Otago/Wanaka Craig Guy [email protected]

Otago/ Queenstown Rory Cassidy Fennell 0275299929 [email protected]

Otago/ Queenstown Franco Nobell 0223988608 [email protected]

Otago/ Queenstown Well Connected Plumbing Ltd 0272083641 [email protected]

Southland / Invercargill Tony Scannell 027 6013078 [email protected]

Southland / Invercargill Derek Thompson 0226989986 [email protected]

Southland / Invercargill Caravanland 25 Earn Street 0800 444 455

Southland / Invercargill David Hills 027 900 4812 [email protected]


Have you checked out the new
NZ Lifestyle Camping Website?
We are bringing better support for NZ campers.
Check it out at now.

For quality and affordable roof top tents visit
Bringing you quality and tested products at an affordable price.
APCNZ member discount applies



Sculpture Festival
4 April 2019

Hey Campers.
Join with us for this fantastic

event in April 2019.
We will be taking registrations

for campers from October

Check out the event
listings at and



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