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2020 Catalog

2020 Catalog


(Addendum B)

Terms are NET 30 DAYS.
Terms of payment on accepted open accounts is Net 30 days from the date of invoice. In the event that it becomes necessary
for Soaring Helmet Corporation to file suit to enforce payment of past due amounts, such suit shall be brought in the
appropriate court for the area where the transaction occurred. Soaring Helmet Corporation shall be entitled to collection fees,
actual attorneys' fees, court costs and interest as provided by applicable state laws. All purchases are deemed and payment is
due at the principal place of business of Soaring Helmet Corporation.

Finance Charge 1.5% per Month.
A charge equal to 1.5% per month shall be charged on any unpaid balance a ter 30 days from the date of invoice. Any
invoice with an unpaid balance more than 60 days after the date of invoice will result in the loss of open account terms.

Accurate Information
Financial statements, credit information, and other information supplied by the Debtor or by others on behalf of the Debtor are
part of this agreement. Any false or misleading information constitutes a fraudulent misrepresentation.

Acceptance and Terms
The acceptance of any individual order and the terms of payment on all sales and orders are subject to approval by the credit
department of Soaring Helmet Corporation.

Security Agreement
The Buyer grants to and Soaring Helmet Corporation retains a security interest, pursuant to applicable Uniform Commercial
Code, in the materials, and in all additions and accessions hereto. The title to all said materials shall not pass to the Buyer until
all sums invoiced are fully paid. Buyer assumes all risk of loss or damage to said materials. All parties agree that this document
constitutes a security agreement. This security agreement covers all materials which Buyer now and hereafter may acquire
from Soaring Helmet Corporation.

Conditions Cover ALL orders
All sales are made pursuant to these conditions and all orders are received with the understanding that they are placed under
these conditions.

Other Conditions
VEGA Name and Logo
Soaring Helmet Corporation requires express written permission prior to using the VEGA name, trademark, images, model
names or numbers in any media including but not limited to, newspaper, magazine, internet, TV, and radio. Soaring Helmet
Corporation reserves the right to revoke the purchasing privileges of any Buyer failing to observe this requirement.

Retail Price
Buyer agrees to sell VEGA products at not less than the Suggested Retail Price.

Important Dealer Information
Additional policies are detailed in the Important Dealer Information that accompanies this Dealer account application. All sales
are made pursuant to these policies and all orders are received with the understanding that they are placed under these
conditions. Updates to Important Dealer Information may be made and will be provided to all dealers as part of the
confidential Dealer Price List.


for office use only

(Soaring Helmet Corporation)

2201 Westbelt Dr Columbus, OH 43228 TEL: (800)728-4898 FAX: (800)728-4998 [email protected]

New Application Update to Existing Acct # International

Legal Name
DBA (Office): PHONE:
Email (parts): FAX:
Contact: Ship to: Title:
if different

Check one: Corporation / LLC Partnership/ proprietorship Date Business Established:

Federal EIN Purchase for Resale Resale Certificate #

Payment Options: Credit Card C.O.D. Open (Net 30)

complete below please complete section II please complete section II

Card # _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

exp date ____ ____ / ____ ____ ____ ____ Validation code:

month year

Cardholder's Name

Billing Address

cardholder's signature authorizing Vega to charge this card. date

I/We agree to the provisions set forth in the attached Important Dealer Information page.
I/ We certify that the above information and all accompanying information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Owner/ Corporate Officer only Print Name Title Date

COMPLETED APPS CAN BE FAXED TO 1-800-728-4998 OR EMAILED TO [email protected]

Section II - Financial disclosure for COD and Net 30 applications.

Owner(s)/ O cers: officer owner partner

Name SSN circle one
Home address
home phone
Home address officer owner partner

Bank Information: SSN circle one

home phone

Name of Bank Branch Bank Officer/ Contact Person

Phone: Fax: Account No.

Trade References:
If listing Tucker-Rocky, Parts Unlimited, Western Power Sports or Marshall distributing, please send copies of your most recent statements.

Name Phone # Fax # Account #

Name Phone # Fax # Account #

Name Phone # Fax # Account #

I/We authorize all the above listed financial institutions and/or references to release information to Soaring Helmet Corporation regarding my/our
credit or financial status. I/we further authorize Soaring Helmet Corporation to use any available means to investigate the personal credit of the
owners / officers. I/We agree to the Credit terms and conditions as set forth in addendum B, attached.

Signature of Owner/ Corp Officer Print Name Title Date

Personal Guaranty

(Required for all delayed billing privileges and companies without su cient credit history.)
In consideration of credit granted by Soaring Helmet Corporation (Creditor) to the above Debtor, the undersigned hereby unconditionally guarantees to
the Creditor full payment when due of any indebtedness of Debtor for (i) goods sold or consigned to, or work-in-process identified for Debtor by Creditor, or
(ii) services performed for Debtor by Creditor, together with lawful interest from due date and all expenses of collection, including court costs and reasonable
attorneys' fees. This guaranty shall be enforceable against the undersigned without first resorting to any remedies against Debtor. This guaranty shall remain
in full force and effect until the undersigned gives written notice of termination. Such termination will be ineffective as to any obligation (billed or unbilled)
existing at the time such notice is received by Creditor. The undersigned hereby assents to all terms and conditions made or to be made with Creditor by Debtor.
References to undersigned include each and all of the undersigned and they shall be jointly and severally liable. This guaranty shall be for the benefit of the
Creditor, its successors and assigns and shall be binding upon the undersigned and their assigns, heirs, executors, and other legal representatives.

Signature of Owner/ Corp Officer Print Name Title Date

Signature of Owner/ Corp Officer Print Name Title Date

Signature of Owner/ Corp Officer Print Name Title Date

Vega Caldera / Caldera II Part # Altura, Summit II, Mach 1, Mach 1 & 2 jr, Monterey, Datana,

Clear 95-45001 Clear Laguna, Summit XPV
Smoke 95-45002
Mirror on Clear 95-45003 Smoke 95-5001
Internal Sunshield Smoke 95-45004
Dual Lens Snow Shield 95-45005 Light Smoke 95-5002
Electric Snow Shield 95-45006
Pivot Kit 95-45007 Amber 95-5003
Internal Sunshield Amber 95-45008
Vega Ultra / Ultra II / Ultra Max Clear Anti-Fog 95-5004
Part #
Clear 95-6008
Smoke 95-6101
Mirror on Clear 95-6102 Dual Lens Snow 95-5504
Dual Lens Snow Shield 95-6103
Electric Snow Shield 95-6104 Shield Pivot Kit SERIES B SHIELDS 95-6088
Pivot Kit 95-6105
Vega VTS1 95-6100 Summit 3.0 & 3.1, X888, Insight, Attitude, V-Tune, Summit 3.0
Part #
Clear Clear V-Com
Smoke 95-8801
Mirror on Clear 95-8802 Smoke 95-4001
Internal Sunshield Smoke 95-8803
Pivot Kit 95-8804 Light Smoke 95-4002
Vega Warrior 95-60008
Part # Amber 95-4003
Clear Drop-Down Shield
Smoke Drop-Down Shield 95-7801 Dual Lens Snow 95-4004
Amber Drop-Down Shield 95-7802
Vega Magna 95-7803 Clear Anti-Fog 95-4009
Part #
Clear Anti-Fog Shield Pivot Kit 95-4024
Smoke Anti-Fog 95-9001
Mirro Anti-Fog 95-9002 95-4089
Smoke Drop-Down Shield 95-9003 SUMMIT 3.0 INTERNAL SUNSHIELDS
Pivot Kit 95-9004 Dark Smoke
Vega RS1 95-9005 95-4802-01
Part # Light Smoke
Clear 95-4803-01
Smoke 95-60001 Amber
Mirror on Clear 95-60002 95-4804-01
Internal Sunshield Smoke 95-60003 SUMMIT 3.1, F117, VERTICE, INSIGHT SUNSHIELDS
Internal Sunshield Amber 95-60006 Dark Smoke
Pivot Kit 95-60007 95-6802-01
Vega AT2 95-60008 Light Smoke
Clear Part # Amber
Smoke 95-6804-01
Mirror on Clear 95-50001 SERIES C SHIELDS
Shield Pivot BUTTON ONLY 95-50002
Vega VR1 95-50003 Clear F117, Vertice, AT2B
Clear Smoke 95-4101
Smoke Part #
Mirror on Clear Mirror on Smoke 95-4102
Internal Sunshield Smoke 95-42001
Internal Sunshield Amer 95-42002 Dual Lens Snow Shield 95-4103
Pivot Kit 95-42003
95-42004 Pivot Kit 95-4304
95-42006 95-4100

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