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Join us on walks in June and experience Maribor.

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Published by Rajzefiber, 2018-06-01 12:52:18

Discover Maribor!

Join us on walks in June and experience Maribor.


Curious about the hidden
corners of our City?


You will be surprised if you go on the Beer tasting walk with us, which
will delight both beer lovers and lovers of history. We are absolutely
sure that the rich history of Maribor brewing will make you wanna try
this pleasant drink.

1 to 3 persons = 70€ Duration: 2 hours
every additional = 25€ not suitable for children


Multi-sensual urban adventure with covered eyes stimulates all other
senses. Feel the urban architecture under your fingertips, discover the
unnoticed city sounds and pamper the taste buds with unseen delica-

1 to 5 persons = 50€ Duration: 2 hours
every additional = 10€ not suitable for children


Graffiti, “street art” or art from the periphery realizes its expressive pos-
sibilities on the street. Most often, it finds its painting canvas in the
degraded corners of the city, which have become part of the urban
texture of the city. They are embedded in the mentality and the internal
map of the city’s inhabitants.

per person = 10€ Duration: 2.5 hours
Wear comfortable shoes


Join us on a Maribor wine tour and get to know wine culture and The Oldest
vine of the World. An experienced sommelier will help you understand the
world of colors, scents and tastes of local wines. You will visit the most
famous vinotheques.

1 to 5 persons = 95€ Duration: 2 hours
every additional = 18€ not suitable for children


Maribor has a very rich and varied history and if you are a history lover,

our historical walks are perfect for you. Take a walk through the most

important points of German presence in Maribor and learn all about the

important persons in Maribor’s history.

Why Maister was a ‘maister’?
Nikola Tesla and electrification of Maribor
Marburg an der Drau after 1918

1 to 5 persons = 50€ Duration: 60-90min
every additional = 7€


There are many tales hidden in Maribor. Fairy tales awaken old folk
stories and people’s lives from once upon a time. They present the
cultural heritage of our city, to children and those who are lighthearted.
Discover the old secrets which are almost forgotten.

1 to 5 children = 70€ Duration: 2 hours
every additional = 10€


Turbulent history left behind various stories. Although we do not see
them, they can be tracked by traces and narratives. From violence to
rebellion. On site lectures we will take you through historic events of

1 to 5 persons = 50€ Duration: 2 hours
every additional = 7€



Take a walk through growth and abundance of nature and discover the
first learning demonstration center for sustainable agronomic practices
in Slovenia. Explore and learn how to perform through fair trade... Be
eco, be healthy, be fair.

1 to 3 persons = 50€ Duration: 2 hours
every additional = 8€


Experience the authentic Maribor, taste Styria and get to know the local
culture through food!
T​ aste the dishes and Styrian drinks that are carefully prepared for you
by the recipes of our grandmothers grandfathers. Discover the rich
culinary culture of Maribor.

1 to 3 persons = 140€ Duration: 2 hours
every additional = 45€ not suitable for vegeterians


Take a walk through the colorful streets of our city, find a special corner,
print it on a shopping bag and take it home with you. The selected de-
sign is unique and unrepeatable. You can print your favorite motive or
unique patterns that overlap the city floor and are rarely noticed.

per person = 15€ Duration: 30min - 60min
discount for groups avalible in fair weather


What can a raw and grey surface tell us? A story of another time long for-
goten or a story of reaccuring estetics of contemporary architecture? As
a city of industry and progress, Maribor’s past presents us with a view of
brutalist and late modernistic architecture which was a brainchild of local
architectural and construction knowledge that help build the socialist World.

1 to 5 persons = 50€ Duration: 2 hours
every additional = 7€ not suitable for children


Would you like to experience our wonderful town through adventure?
Treasure Hunt: NanoDiscovery will take you on a wild trip around Mari-
bor. Can you find all the clues? Can you solve all the riddles? Can you
find the final destination?

20€ per group Duration: 1 hour
4 groups maximum groups can compete


Meet the city from another point of view. Climb the winding stairs on
top of the tower and buildings, stretch your legs well and experience
the city through the pigeons (symbol in the crest of Maribor) eye. If you
bring binoculars, you will see even furthe

7€ per person Duration: 2.5 hours


Curious about the hidden corners of Maribor? Interested in the residents and their stories?
Do you feel like exploring forgotten streets, new flavors and other ways of life?
Then look behind the facades with us! We are in love with the stories and hospitality that
are shared by the people of this city, which is full of controversy and myths.

Join us and experience Maribor. Discover its history, pamper your taste buds with tra-
ditional flavors, learn about the rich cultural heritage of the city or its young, playful and
creative urban side. We will take you on a journey through the side streets of Maribor, dive
into the underground or ascend to the rooftops and introduce it to you, as we see it.

Reservations can be made via e-mail [email protected], by phone +38683867776 or personally in
Rajzefiber (Gosposka 11, Maribor).
*In case of a telephone or personal reservation in Rajzefiber, take into consideration the working hours;
Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 18:00, Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00, Sunday 14:00-18:00

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