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Handbook 2019 2020

Handbook 2019 2020

Union Grove
Union High


Student Handbook 2019-2020


General Number: 262-878-2434

Attendance Office Number: 262-878-2436

Fax Number: 262-878-4056

School Day: 7:30-2:45

Twitter: @ughsBroncos


The Union Grove Union High School staff, in cooperation with parents and

community, will equip students with the skills

necessary for a productive life in an ever changing world.


Alan Mollerskov District Administrator 1208 [email protected]

Karen Mutter District Secretary 1207 [email protected]

Gail Bentley Bookkeeper 1210 [email protected]

Meko Stanosevic Tech Support 1294 [email protected]

Joel Adamczyk Principal 1204 [email protected]

Patti Halbach Principal Secretary 1201 [email protected]

Chris Jones Assoc. Principal 1221 [email protected]

Karre Feuker Assoc. Principal 1203 [email protected]

Rose Olszewski Assoc. Principal’s Secretary 1205 [email protected]

Dave Pettit Athletic Director 1286 [email protected]

Ginger Gehrand Athletic Secretary/Health 1267 [email protected]

Pete Wood Building & Grounds 1209 [email protected]

Katie Johnsen Counselor 1213 [email protected]

Ashley Hegemann Counselor 1214 [email protected]

Michelle McCarthy Counselor 1216 [email protected]

Kortnie Ruth Counselor 1217 [email protected]

Sue Seils Registrar/Guidance 1212 [email protected]

Kelsey Servais Nurse 1267 [email protected]

Vicki Schaewe School Psychologist 1206 [email protected]

Dousman Transport Bus Company 262-878-1101

Union Grove Union High School's calling system will contact every students’

household in the event of a school closing.

You can also listen to:

WRJN (1400am)

Or television stations: WTMJ (ch.4), WISN (ch.12), FOX (ch.6).




Dear Students and Parents:

The administration, faculty and staff welcome each of you to Union Grove Union
High School.
These four short years will pass very quickly and will have a lasting effect over
your lifetime. It is for that reason that we ask you to make good decisions that best
prepare you for your next step after high school.

Our job is to assist you the best we can in preparing you for a university, a
technical college, the military or the work force. We believe this faculty is second
to none in wanting to help you achieve your goals; a reality that can only occur if
you are here and prepared every day. Take responsibility for your success.

This handbook has been developed to provide you with the guidelines and
expectations necessary to operate an orderly school. You are encouraged to make
yourself knowledgeable of the contents of this handbook.

Many opportunities are available to you at Union Grove Union High School. If
you take advantage of them, become involved and put forth your best effort, you
will find your four years of high school to be some of the most rewarding of your

We will arrive at school each day prepared and ready to put forth our best efforts.
All we ask is that you do the same.

Best wishes for the upcoming year.

Your Partners in Education,

Al Mollerskov Joel Adamczyk Chris Jones Karre Feuker
Principal Associate Principal Associate Principal


Table of Contents Page Tobacco, E-Cigarettes Page
After School Detentions 22 Valuables 15
Alcohol/Drug Assistance 31 Withdrawal/ Transfer 29
Alcohol and other drugs 16-18 Work Permits 29
Alternative Programming 41 29
Attendance 9-12 35
Busing 33-35
Cafeteria 32
Change of address 28
Cheating 27
Classroom Conduct 25-27
Closed Campus 11
Club Advisors/Coaches 7-8
Computer Usage 32
Counseling 31
Course Changes 27
Dance Policies 39
Expulsion 25
Fighting, Vandalism, Weapons 15-16
Fire/Weather Drills 28
Fundraising 37
Grading System 40-41
Hallways/Lockers 13
Harassment/Bullying 23
Homebound, Homework 35
Insubordination/Probation 24
Library Policies 42-43
Lost and Found 35
National Honor Society 38-39
Nondiscrimination Policy 43
Nurse 30-31
Parking Lot 36
Personal Communication
Devices 19-22
Plagiarism 27-28
School Calendar 2
School Security 29
Student Removal from class 26-27
Suspension 23
Theft/Trespassing 18-19



1. 7:30-8:53 (83) LUNCH TIMES

2. 9:03-9:38 (35) Bronco A. 11:15-11:45

3. 9:45-11:09 B. 11:45-12:15

4. 11:15-1:15 (120-30/90) C. 12:15-12:45

5. 1:22-2:45 (83) D. 12:45-1:15


1. 7:30-9:05 (95) LUNCH TIMES

3. 9:15-10:50 (95) A. 11:00-11:30

4. 11:00-1:00 (120-30/90) B. 11:30-12:00

5. 1:10-2:45 (95) C. 12:00-12:30

D. 12:30-1:00


1. 9:30-10:30 (60) LUNCH TIMES

NO BRONCO A. 11:40-12:10

3. 10:35-11:35 (60) B. 12:10-12:40

4. 11:40-1:40 (90-30/90)C. 12:40-1:10

5. 1:45-2:45 (60) D. 1:10-1:40


1. 10:30-11:20 (50) LUNCH TIME/3RD PERIOD

NO BRONCO A. 11:25-11:55

3. 11:25-12:55 (90-30/60) B. 11:55-12:25

4. 1:00-1:50 (50) C. 12:25-12:55

5. 1:55-2:45 (50)

1. 7:30-8:30 (55)
3. 8:35-9:30
4. 9:35-10:30
5. 10:35-11:30



1. Be punctual: Absences and tardiness are disruptive to learning, especially

2. Stay up on your homework: Nothing good comes from turning in an
incomplete, late or unsatisfactory work.

3. Communicate your issues and concerns with your teachers, counselors
and administrators.

4. Get academic help early: Avoid waiting until the last week to pass a class.
5. Get involved: We have many positive, fun and exciting activities being

offered at Union Grove Union High School.
6. Make good choices and do what you know to be right: The popular thing

is not always the right thing.
7. Be informed: There are no excuses for not knowing.
8. Have a pass: Always ask for a pass before you enter the hallway during

class time.
9. Have fun and enjoy the many opportunities that Union Grove

Union High School offers: expect excellence from the people around you
because we expect excellence from you.
10. Choose your friends wisely.


Involvement in activities is an integral part of the educational program, as it
complements and enhances the intellectual, emotional, and social development of
each participant.

Union Grove Union High School is committed to offering a great variety of extra-
curricular opportunities and achieving excellence by developing students’
dedication, character, potential, and preparation for life in a competitive society.


An individual’s total education extends beyond the classroom. The purpose of an
effective co-curricular program must be to provide each student with opportunities
for emotional, cultural, mental, physical, and social growth. This growth can be
accomplished through activities that support and advance the curriculum, promote
common interests, develop a sense of ownership in the school, and reflect and
enhance the goals of the District. Union Grove Union High School offers a rich
array of activities that include student leadership, community service, interest level
clubs and academic competitions and experiences. Students are encouraged to



Academic Bowl: Aleid van der Zel [email protected]
Academic Decathlon: Tom Green [email protected]
Art Club: Sandi Zangerle [email protected]
Battle of the Books: Gayle Kerznar [email protected]
Bowling: Sam Slaasted 262-977-5646
Bronco Media: Bill Wald [email protected]
Culinary Club: Arielle Krzciuk [email protected]
DECA: Eric Swanson [email protected]
Drama: Rob Kroes [email protected]
Equestrian: Karen Fortier [email protected]
Forensics: Jen Jackowski [email protected]
Gaming Club: Kameron Fischer [email protected]
German Club: Jessica Dahlberg [email protected]
Health and Wellness Program
[email protected]
Craig McClelland [email protected]
Anne Sireno [email protected]
Codey Clapper
HOSA (Health Occupation Student [email protected]
Association): Aleid van der Zel [email protected]
Intramural’s: Bryan Groshek [email protected]
[email protected]
Greg Lewis [email protected]
Jr. Class Advisor: Tammy Vasquez [email protected]
[email protected]
Anne Sireno [email protected]
Key Club: Polly Weidoff [email protected]
Model U.N.: Mike Sandberg [email protected]
NHS: Andy Del Ponte [email protected]
Pro-Start: Kristen Sobczyk [email protected]
Robotics: Tom Green 262-497-7598
Science Club: Kim Sandberg 262-930-8332
Senior Class: Polly Wiedoff TBA
Ski Club: Holly Phillips [email protected]
[email protected]
Kari Farrington [email protected]
Spanish Club: Olivia Johnson
Student Council: Kim Sandberg
Trap Club: Wally Luedtke


2016-2017 HEAD COACHES

Athletic Director: David Pettit
Baseball: Nathan Myer
Boys Basketball: David Pettit
Girls Basketball: Rob Domagalski
Cheerleading: Katie Ruka
Cross Country: Mike Mikula
Dance: Amanda Veeser
Football: Craig McClelland
Boys/Girls Golf: Eric Swanson
Boys/Girls Soccer: Sean Jung
Softball: Tom O’Dell
Boys/Girls Tennis: Mike Brannen
Boys/Girls Track: Mike Mikula
Girls Volleyball: Anne Sireno
Boys Volleyball: Jamie Anderson
Wrestling: Andy Weis

Co-op Boys/Girls Swim: Burlington High School

Co-op Gymnastics: Burlington High School

Co-op Ice Hockey: Greenfield High School

Co-op Sports contact: David Pettit




Next to our staff, time is our most valuable resource. That is why daily attendance
is critical. The Union Grove Union High School Board of Education and Racine
County, in recognition of the statutory requirements for school attendance (WI
stat. 118.5 & 118.16), in the public interest of an educated society, and the ultimate
success of the individual student within the school and work setting, believe that
school attendance takes precedence over non-school activities.

Unless a student is excused or graduated from high school, parents/guardians are
required by law to ensure regular attendance at school for their young adult until
age 18.

It is the responsibility of both parent and student to follow proper attendance
procedures. The school accepts responsibility for keeping up to date records
regarding student attendance.

School attendance is monitored every period of the day inclusive of homeroom.
The school follows strict procedures relative to the laws of the state of Wisconsin
in enforcing attendance.

The following are considered legitimate reasons for absence by the Board of
· Illness - mental or physical. Medical verification may be required.
· Family emergency or crisis.
· Attendance at a funeral of an immediate relative.
· Appointments with medical specialists. Please schedule appointments around

the school day when possible.
· Attendance at family celebrations or religious events.
· Attendance at special events of educational value as approved by the

This statement does not excuse absences for professional baseball games,
concerts, “skip days”, picnics, etc.
School related activities as approved by the Administration.


Family trips can be taken during the normal school term. The intent of this
statement is to provide opportunity for students to accompany their
parents/guardians on a vacation that cannot be scheduled when school is not in
session. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to schedule time off outside the school
calendar. All such absences must be arranged with the Administration prior to the
trip. Student absences in excess of 10 days per year will not be considered
excused unless a medical excuse from a doctor, or a court document is on file with
the school office.

Absence due to illness
On the day of the absence, the parent/guardian is obligated to do the following:
Call the high school between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. stating the reason for the


For an absence due to a long term illness of 5 days or more, the student must have
a medical excuse.
Per WI stat 118.15(3) (c), a child may not be excused for more than 10 days in a
school year. Absences beyond 10 days are considered unexcused.

Pre-arranged absence - Two or more days
Prior to the absence, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to do the following:

A parent/guardian note describing the nature of the absence, one week in advance
of the absence, should be submitted to the attendance office. Upon receipt of this
note, the student will be issued a Vacation slip which must be completed by all of
that student’s teachers, counselors and returned to the attendance office before the

Appointments-Medical or Dental

On the day prior to the absence, or the morning of, it is the responsibility of the

parent/guardian to do the following:

Call the Attendance Office stating the time and reason of the absence.

A Permit to Leave the Building will be issued.

Submit to the Attendance Office proof of a medical/dental visit upon return to

school. 10


Closed Campus
No student is permitted to leave school grounds without prior approval by the
attendance office. A signed Permit to Leave Building pass must be shown to
School Personnel. Students found to be leaving campus to go to lunch will be
disciplined accordingly. Parental notification after the student has left will not
excuse the absence.
Union Grove High School grounds extends to include the Legion parking lot.
Students will not be allowed in the student parking lot any time during school
hours unless they have approval from school personnel. Violation of this rule will
result in the following disciplinary action:

* Administrative warning and or a detention may be issued.
The school retains the right to hold vehicle inspections and search their contents at
any time the vehicle is on school grounds.

Unexcused Absence from Class & All Day Truancy
Students who miss one or more class periods without approval from the attendance
office, will be considered unexcused. Students who violate this policy will be
given a “0” grade for that day’s assignment and class participation. Students can
make up any major test or project within the time limits set by each teacher.
Disciplinary action for unexcused absences is as follows but not limited to:

A. Students found to be outside of their assigned classroom including
Bronco, without a staff issued pass:
1st Offense: parental notification, detention assigned
2nd Offense: parental notification, 1 day ISS
3rd Offense: parental notification, 1 day ISS
4th Offense: parental notification, 3 days of ISS
5th Offense: parental notification, 5 days of ISS, referral to Racine
County Authorities for truancy.

B. Students found to be tardy to school and/or their assigned class including
5 Tardies: parental notification, detention assigned
10 Tardies: parental notification, 2 detentions assigned
15 Tardies: parental notification, 1 day ISS
20 Tardies: parental notification, 2 day ISS, referral to Racine County for

C. Students found to be truant from school (absent from one or more class
periods without an excuse):

1st Offense: parental notification, detention assigned
2nd Offense: parental notification, 2 detentions assigned
3rd Offense: parental notification, 1 day ISS
4th Offense: parental notification, 2 day ISS, referral to Racine County for truancy.
D. Students found to be in an area other than the cafeteria during their assigned
lunch period:
1st Offense: parental notification: lunch detention assigned; assigned seat in

2nd Offense: parental notification; 1day ISS
3rd Offense: parental notification; 1 day ISS
4th Offense: parental notification; 3 day ISS
5th Offense: parental notification; 5 day ISS, referral to Racine County for
E. Students who are truant from school or are serving a suspension:
Will not be permitted to participate in extracurricular activities or attend
School sponsored events that are scheduled on the day of the

Additional actions may be taken at the discretion of the High School
Administration and the Board of Education; these may include, but are not limited

Revocation of parking permit
Loss of Youth Options/ College Credit privileges
Denial of access to school sponsored events, including Homecoming,
Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Senior Banquet, extracurricular activities,
field trips.
Loss of privileges to serve as a P.A.L. for UGHS Teachers.
Open Enrollment privileges can be revoked if attendance concerns
Tardy students must report to the Office before reporting to class.
The following are acceptable excuses for tardiness to school:
Illness, medical or dental appointment with Physician's verification, or family
emergency or crisis.
The following are not considered acceptable excuses for tardiness to school:
Oversleeping, car problems and motor vehicle violations.
The administration reserves the right to refuse to accept any excuse for
tardiness to school.


18 Year Old Attendance Status
Students who are 18 or will become 18 will be accountable to the same
rules/policies regarding attendance as students who are not 18.
18 year old students may not sign themselves out or excuse themselves.
If a student is ill during the day, he/she should report to the nurse’s or school
office. Any request to leave school because of illness must be cleared with a
parent/guardian or person designated as an emergency contact. Students who
leave school ill without clearance will be listed as having an “unexcused” absence
and detentions may be issued.
Make-Up Work
When a student has been absent from class, he/she should contact each teacher
about make-up work you may also check your skyward account for any teacher
assignments. It is entirely up to the student to arrange for missed assignments. All
incompletes must be made up within two weeks of the reporting period.
Exceptions are based on extenuating circumstances and may
be granted if requested. Requests for homework to be delivered to the office may
be made to the attendance secretary on the second day of absence. Instructors
have 24 hours to turn in assignments to the office.
Student Conduct:
No student’s behavior should interfere with another’s right to be safe, with any
teacher’s right to teach, or with any student’s right to learn. Each teacher is able
to establish the rules and procedures for his or her classroom. You are expected to
observe those rules and to respond promptly to the direction of your teacher. Treat
all students, staff and school property with respect. Students who violate these
rules will be disciplined accordingly.
The seven minute passing periods between classes provide the student with ample
time to walk from one part of the building to another. In order to maintain a safe
environment and avoid confusion, students are asked to walk to their classes, not
run, and to avoid congregating in the middle of the halls with friends.
Lockers are made available to all students. The locker is the property of the school
and should be treated as such. Students assume all responsibility for the contents
of their lockers. Therefore, the school is not liable for any losses the students may
incur. The school retains the right to hold locker inspection and search their
contents at any time.
Students should never leave their lockers unlocked, or give the combination to
another student. Students choose such actions at their own risk.


Locker Room Privacy
Locker rooms are provided for the use of physical education students, athletes and
other activity groups and individuals authorized by the building principal or by
District policy.

* No one will be permitted to enter into the locker room or remain in the
locker room to interview or seek information from an individual in the locker room
at any time. Such interviews may take place outside of the locker room
consistent with applicable District policies and/or school rules.

* No cameras, video recorders or other devices that can be used to record
or transfer images may be used in the locker room at any time.

* No person may use a cell phone to capture, record or transfer a representation
of a nude or partially nude person in the locker room or to take any other
photo or video image of a person in the locker room.

* Students are responsible for securing all personal items. School is not
responsible for loss or damage of such items.

Students violating this policy shall be subjected to school disciplinary action and
possible legal referral, if applicable. Other persons violating the policy may be
subject to penalties outlined in state law. The building principal or his/her
designee shall be responsible for enforcing this policy.
Personal Appearance
Students and parents have a responsibility to exercise good judgment in dress, in
order to maintain an atmosphere of positive educational experience. We expect
students to come to school dressed appropriately and ready to learn. Over
exposure of midriff, over exposure of cleavage, and sagging pants below the
waistline will not be tolerated. Students who do not comply with the dress code
will be sent to the office to make arrangements for appropriate clothing. Your
cooperation in maintaining an appropriate standard which reflects an educational
setting is greatly appreciated.
The high school reserves the right to request that students replace any
questionable clothing that falls under the following areas:
**No clothing should depict -
- expressions that are obscene, profane, and pornographic, that represent illegal
behavior, that demean race, religion, sex, ethnicity, or that advocate pain, death,
suicide, gangs or drug use, alcohol use or weapons.
Non-compliance with this policy will result in the following disciplinary

* First, the student will be asked to remove or reverse the item. If this is
not possible, parents will be asked to supply proper items of clothing.

* Refusal to comply will be considered insubordination and may result in
suspension and confiscation of the item in question.

Confederate Flags: Confederate flags are banned on school grounds. Students
are expected to refrain from wearing clothing and hats with the Confederate flag
on them.
Displays of Affection and Acts of Inappropriate Sexual Connotation
Displays of affection which go beyond standards (determined by staff) of good
taste for behavior in public places.

1st Offense: parental notification; detention assigned
2nd Offense: parental notification; 1 day ISS
3rd Offense: parental notification; 1 day OSS

Tobacco, Electronic Cigarettes, Vaping Devices, Alcohol, Drugs, Drug

Students found to be in possession:
1st Offense: parental notification, 1 day OSS, referral to Racine County
2nd Offense: parental notification 3 day OSS, referral to Racine County
3rd Offense: parental notification, 5 day OSS, referral to Racine County

Referral to administration for Pre-expulsion meeting
4th Offense: parental notification, 15 day OSS, referral to Racine County,

Referral to Union Grove High School Board of Education.
Distribution of drugs at school or on school grounds:

Parental notification, 5 day OSS that will be extended to 15 days OSS, and a
Referral to Racine County. Referral to Union Grove High School Board of
Education for expulsion.
Students appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances
at school or at a school sponsored event:
1st Offense: Parental notification, 3 days OSS, referral to Racine County

2nd Offense: Parental notification, 5 days OSS, referral to Racine County

authorities. Referral to Union Grove High School School Board
Administration for pre-expulsion meeting.
3rd Offense: Parental notification, 15 day OSS, referral to Racine County
Authorities, referral to Union Grove High School Board of
Education for expulsion.
Acts of physical violence endangering the health and welfare of any student on
school property, such as fighting, is strictly forbidden.
Consequences for such acts are;
* Suspension up to five days and/or notification of the Racine County
authorities as well as parent notification and parent conference before
returning to school.


* Continued acts of violence will result in further suspension, referral to
authorities and a pre-expulsion conference.
Persons responsible for damage to school district property, inclusive of lockers,
walls, books, entry/exit doors shall make proper restitution as determined by the
principal or superintendent. Where the minor does not make restitution, the parent
or legal guardian shall be held liable. It is the responsibility of students to help in
keeping the grounds, halls, and all parts of the school looking clean and neat.
Students are requested to refrain from littering or defacing school property.
Weapons/Destructive Devices
Possession of guns, knives, clubs, brass knuckles, or any devices that could inflict
bodily harm is prohibited. This is inclusive of firecrackers, explosives, or smoke
producing devices. Any such weapon possession may result in parent
contact/conference, suspension, police referral, and possible expulsion. Use of
such articles for classroom presentation must be approved by the Principal.
Student Rights Regarding Expression
Education promotes the rights of individuals to question the status quo and
express themselves in a way that allows for the rights of others. The display of
posters, distribution of printed materials, use of petitions, and demonstrations
will be regulated by the principal. The use of bulletin boards, display cases, and
school property is also regulated by the Administration. Students who wish to
exercise such rights must first meet with the Administration to determine proper
parameters for any such expressions.
Alcohol Testing
The Administration is authorized to require a student to provide one or more
samples of his/her breath for the purpose of determining the presence of alcohol in
the student’s breath. The school’s breath screening device is approved by the
Department of Transportation. The presence or use of alcohol will result in
suspension from school and parental notification.
We are concerned about your physical and emotional well-being. We encourage
you to accept responsibility for the decisions you make in regard to alcohol and
other drug use. It is against school policy and state law to possess, distribute or
consume alcohol, or other drugs, prescription medication or other medication, on
or off school property. Students suspected of AOD use while on school property
or at school events may be subject to use of a Breathalyzer. Any violations of
these rules can result in suspension, expulsion and referral to the appropriate law
enforcement authorities. In addition, such violations can result in loss of athletic
or extracurricular activity privileges.


No student shall use, possess, distribute, sell or be under the influence of alcohol,
controlled or uncontrolled substances. Under Section 125.09(2) (c), Wisconsin
Statutes, no person may possess or consume alcoholic beverages on school
premises, in a motor vehicle, or while participating in a school sponsored activity.
This prohibition does not apply to the authorized use of prescription drugs by a
student who has written permission of his or her parent/guardian and physician on
file with the school nurse.
No person may use, possess, with the sole intent to use, deliver, possess with intent
to deliver or manufacture drug paraphernalia to plant, propagate, cultivate, grow,
harvest, manufacture, compound, convert, produce, process, prepare, test analyze,
pack, repack, store, contain, conceal, inject, ingest, inhale, or otherwise introduce
into the human body a controlled substance prohibited by state law. For the
purpose of this policy, “drug paraphernalia” means all equipment, products, and
materials of any kind that are used or solely intended for the use in planting,
processing, preparing, testing, analyzing, packaging, repackaging, storing,
containing, or concealing.

A student who:
* sells or distributes controlled or non-controlled substances, look-alikes
such as caffeine pills, alcohol and near beer.
* puts pressure on other students to use controlled or non-controlled
* threatens other students with bodily harm because of drug involvement.
* actually uses controlled or non-controlled substances on school grounds.
* is in possession of controlled or non-controlled substances.
* possesses or manufactures drug paraphernalia.
* have his/her locker searched.
* empty his/her pocket or purse, backpack in the presence of an
administrator and one other staff person.
* have parents notified of the incident.
* be reported to the Sheriff’s Department.
* be suspended from school until a formal expulsion hearing before the
Board of Education.
* have a parent conference to discuss the incident.
* have the incident fully investigated and a report submitted to the

The Principal, Assistant Principal, Superintendent, law enforcement officers, or
school agents are authorized by the School Board to require a student to provide
one or more samples of his/her breath for the purposes of determining the presence
of alcohol in the student’s breath whenever the authorized employee, agent, or
officer has reasonable suspicion, such as: smell of alcohol, slurred or slowed
speech, glassy eyes, dilated pupils, inability to focus, sleepy look, and bobbing
head, that the student is under the influence of alcohol while he/she is: on school
premises, in a school owned or leased motor vehicle, in a privately owned vehicle
on school grounds, in a school bus, or while participating in a school-sponsored
activity. The test may be administered in a private location under the supervision
of 2 or more adults, which may include a Racine County Deputy.
Test results will be preserved as confidential pupil records in the respective student
file. The results of the breath screening device or a pupil refusal to submit to
breath testing shall be made available for use in any hearing or proceeding
regarding the suspension, pre-expulsion, or expulsion of a student due to alcohol
use. Legal Reference: Sections 118.45 and 120.13(1) (a), Wisconsin Act 367.

Students who are found to have the presence of alcohol in their breath or who
refuse to submit to breath testing while at a school sponsored event:

* will be refused admission to and/or removed from the event.
* will be detained and have their parents/guardians notified by telephone.
* will have their parents/guardians pick up their child from school, or the site

of the activity, before being released.
* will have the incident referred to law enforcement officials.
* will be suspended from school.
* may undergo a pre-expulsion hearing with the superintendent.
* may be recommended to the School Board for an expulsion hearing
The playing of cards, rolling dice, flipping coins, or any other form of gambling
for money will not be permitted. Violators will be disciplined at the discretion of
the administration.
Any student who commits a theft or breaks and enters the school shall result in
restitution, suspension and a referral to the authorities. Theft includes stealing
school property from faculty, school employees or other students. Breaking and
entering includes the school building, lockers, and locker rooms. Students who
attempt to extort money or valuables from students will be referred to the


Displays of Affection and Acts of Inappropriate Sexual Connotation
1st Offense: parental notification, detention assigned
2nd Offense: parental notification, 1 day ISS
3rd Offense: parental notification, 1 day OSS
4th Offense: parental notification, 3 day OSS
5th Offense: parental notification, 5 day OSS, referral to Board of Education

For expulsion.
Students under suspension and those no longer enrolled at UGHS that are present
in school building or on school grounds may be subject to citations for trespassing.
Parental Notification
It is the philosophy of Union Grove Union High School that parents, teachers, and
students are partners in establishing an environment for student success. Violations
of regulations and procedures for safe and mature conduct within the classroom or
school will be written up, placed in the student’s file and notification given to the
Parents are requested to be available for conferences should the need arise.
Passes - Hall/Restroom/Phone
Students may be issued passes to leave the classroom for official office business.
Passes to use the phone during class time will not be allowed. Students may be
issued passes to the restroom or locker on a limited basis. However, the faculty
and administration may deny those requests at any time.
Students will need to sign out to leave the classroom and sign back in upon return
with a time of leaving and returning and where they are going.


Students may use wireless communication devices (PCDs) before and after school,
during their lunch break, in between classes as long as they do not create a
distraction or disruption that otherwise interferes with the educational
environment, during after school activities (e.g. extracurricular activities) and/or at
school-related functions. Use of PCDs, except approved laptops and PDAs, at any
other time is prohibited and they must be powered completely off and stored out of
For purposes of this policy, “personal communication device” includes computers,
tablets (e.g. IPads and similar devices), electronic readers (“e-readers”; e.g.,
Kindles and similar devices), cell phones (e.g., mobile/cellular telephones,
smartphones (e.g., BlackBerry, iPhone, Android devices, Windows Mobile
devices, etc.). Students may not use PCDs on school property or at a school-
sponsored activity to access and/or view internet web sites that are


otherwise blocked to students at school. Students may not use PCDs on school
property or at a school-sponsored activity to access and/or view Internet websites
that are otherwise blocked to students at school. “Students may use PCDs while
riding to and from school on a school bus or other vehicle provided by the Board
or on a school bus or Board-provided vehicle during school-sponsored activities, at
the discretion of the bus driver, classroom teacher and/or sponsor/advisor/coach.
Distracting behavior that creates an unsafe environment will not be tolerated.”

Also, during after school activities when directed by the administrator or sponsor,
PCDs shall be powered completely off (not just placed into vibrate or silent mode)
and stored out of sight.
Under certain circumstances, a student may keep his/her PCD “On” with prior
approval from the building principal. Students are prohibited from using PCDs to
capture, record or transmit the words (i.e. audio) and/or images (i.e.
pictures/video) of any student, staff member or other person in the school or while
attending a school related activity, without expressed prior notice and explicit
consent for the capture, recording or transmission of such words or images. Using
a PCD to take or transmit audio and/or pictures/video of an individual without
his/her consent is considered an invasion of privacy and is not permitted, unless
authorized by the building principal. Students who violate this provision and/or
use a PCD to violate the privacy rights of another person may have their PCD
confiscated and held until the end of the school year.
“Sexting” is prohibited at any time on school property or at school functions, while
under the supervision of school authorities. Sexting is the electronic transmission
of sexual messages or pictures, usually through cell phone text messaging. This
also explicitly includes displaying images received to a third party. Such conduct
not only is potentially dangerous for the involved students, but can lead to
unwanted exposure of the messages and images to others, and could result in
criminal violations related to the transmission or possession of child pornography.
Such conduct will be subject to discipline and the possible confiscation of the
PCD, including but not limited to those with cameras. PCDs may not be
possessed, activated, or utilized at any time in any school situation where a
reasonable expectation of personal privacy exists. These locations and
circumstances include but are not limited to locker rooms, shower facilities,
restrooms, classrooms, and any other areas where students or others may change
clothes or be in any stage or degree of disrobing or changing clothes. The building


principal has authority to make determinations as to other specific locations and
situations where possession of a PCD is absolutely prohibited.
Students shall have no expectation of confidentiality with respect to their use of
PCDs on school premises/property. Students may not use PCD in any way that
might reasonably create in the mind of another person an impression of being
threatened, humiliated, harassed, embarrassed or intimidated. See Policy 5517.01-
Bullying and Other Forms of Aggressive Behavior. In particular, students are
prohibited from using PCDs to (1) transmit material that is threatening, obscene,
disruptive, or sexually explicit or that can be construed as harassment or
disparagement of others based upon their race, color, national origin, sex, sexual
orientation, disability, age, religion, ancestry, or political beliefs; and (2) engage in
“sexting”-i.e. sending, receiving, sharing, viewing, or possessing pictures, text
messages, e-mails or other materials of a sexual nature in electronic or any other
form. Violation of these prohibitions shall result in disciplinary action.
Furthermore, such actions will be reported to local law enforcement and child
services as required by law. Students are also prohibited from using PCD to
capture and/or transmit test information or any other information in a manner
constituting fraud, theft, cheating, or academic dishonesty. Likewise, students are
prohibited from using PCDs to receive such information.
Possession of a PCD by a student at school during school hours and/or during
extra-curricular activities is a privilege that may be forfeited by any student who
fails to abide by the terms of this policy, or otherwise abuses this privilege.
Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of
the PCD. The building principal will also refer the matter to law enforcement or
child services if the violation involves an illegal activity (e.g. child pornography,
sexting). Discipline will be imposed on an escalating scale ranging from a
warning to an expulsion based on the number of previous violations and/or the
nature of or circumstances surrounding a particular violation. If the PCD is
confiscated, it will be released/returned to the student’s parent/guardian after the
student complies with any other disciplinary consequences that are imposed,
unless the violation involves potentially illegal activity in which case the PCD may
be turned-over to law enforcement. A confiscated device will be marked in a
removable manner with the student’s name and held in a secure location in the
building’s central office until it is retrieved by the parent/guardian or turned-over
to law enforcement. School officials will not search or otherwise tamper with
PCD’s in District custody unless they reasonably suspect that the search is
required to discover evidence of a violation of the law or other school rules.


Any search will be conducted in accordance with Policy 5771 – Search and
Seizure. If multiple offenses occur, a student may lose his/her privilege to bring a
PCD to school for a designated length of time or on a permanent basis.
A person who discovers a student in possession of or using a PCD in violation of
this policy is required to report the violation the building principal.
Students are personally and solely responsible for the care and security of their
PCDs. The Board assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, or damage to, or
misuse or unauthorized use of PCDs brought onto its property.
Parents/Guardians are advised that the best way to get in touch with their child
during the school day is by calling the office. Students may use school phones to
contact parents/guardians during the school day.
Video Cameras
The use or visible possession of video cameras in the school is prohibited.
Violation of this policy may result in confiscation.
After School Detentions
Detentions will be served on each Tuesday, and Thursday that school is in session
from 2:45 until 3:30. Detentions will be scheduled after conferring with the
student. Detentions must be served on the date for which they are scheduled.
Detentions will not be rescheduled unless there is notification by a parent’s
phone call, made on or before the morning of the scheduled detention.
In the event a detention is missed:

* 1st offense, the detention will be re-scheduled
* 2nd offense and each offense thereafter, an In-school suspension may be

Rules for students in after school detentions:
* Students must report on time. No one will be admitted after 3:00 pm.
* Study materials should be brought to detention.
* No passes will be given.
* No talking is allowed.
* Any student who is disruptive in detention will be dismissed and will serve

the detention at another time.
* If a student has any missed detentions, he/she will not be eligible for

Extra-curricular events until the detention is made up.
* No cell phones or IPod or electronic devices.


Teacher assigned detentions: Students who fail to show up for a teacher
assigned detention will have a disciplinary referral sent to the office and the
Assistant Principal or designee will meet with the student and assign a school
In/Out of school suspensions will apply for any breach of appropriate conduct and
can be assigned to students by the administration for the following offenses, but
not limited to:

* Progressive discipline in the classroom
* Failure to serve assigned detentions
* Fighting
* Progressive discipline of tobacco use
* Possession of alcohol or other drugs
* Theft
* Tampering with any alarm system
* Insubordination toward staff member
* Profanity or threats toward a staff member
* Possession of weapons
* Other acts deemed unacceptable by an administrator.
School suspensions range from one day to five days. All major test, quizzes, or
projects may be made up within a reasonable time as designated by the classroom
teacher. A parent/student/ administrator conference may be required for re-
admittance to school. If you are suspended in school (ISS) or out of school (OSS)
you may not be on the campus or attend any school functions for any reason unless
you have made prior arrangements with a principal or designee. All suspensions
are considered excused absences.
The Union Grove Union High School Board has a bullying and harassment policy
in effect. All students will be provided a copy during the first week of school and
will sign an agreement stating they have read the policy and will abide by the
stipulations as set forth by the board. Union Grove Union High School will
strongly enforce all policies. A copy of the policy can be viewed at It is the policy of Union Grove Union High School that
harassment related to race, sex, national origin, religion/creed, ancestry, sexual
orientation, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, physical , mental, emotional
and learning disabilities, will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We firmly
believe that all persons are to be treated with respect and dignity. Harassment that
makes the recipient feel afraid, embarrassed, helpless, angry or unsafe or upsets
the recipient to the point that he/she cannot learn, cannot teach, or cannot be
effective at school will not be tolerated and will be addressed by administration.


Harassment incidents will be addressed in one of the following ways (but is not
limited to): parental notification, in school suspension, out of school suspension,
loss of athletic/activity privileges, and/or referral to the Racine County authorities
for possible disorderly conduct or harassment charges. Harassment is prohibited
between staff members, between staff members and students, between students,
and from members of the public directed at students or staff on school property or
at school sponsored events. Some examples of harassment may include, but are
not limited to: making fun of someone, telling distasteful jokes, inappropriate
gestures, physical intimidation, hitting or touching, “shanking” or snapping
clothes, pranks, hazing, vandalism, destruction of property, making threats, body
marking, spreading hurtful rumors, writing offensive graffiti, displaying offensive
graphic materials.
The fact that someone does not intend to harass an individual is not considered a
defense to a complaint of harassment. In most cases, it is the effect and
characteristics of the behavior that determine if the behavior constitutes
All people have rights under state and federal laws to be protected from such
harassment and are encouraged to report incidents that may violate this policy.
Reports should be made to an Associate Principal or designee. Complaint forms
are available in the Student Services Department, High School Office, and District
All complaints will be objectively and discreetly investigated. Proper action to
correct the situation will follow if the investigation concludes that harassment has
occurred. False charges are a serious offense and will be treated as such.
1st Offense: Parental notification; 1 day ISS
2nd Offense: Parental notification; 1 day OSS

3rd Offense: Parental notification, 3 day OSS, referral to board for pre-
4th Offense: Parental notification, 5 day OSS, referral to Racine County,
and referral to board for expulsion hearing.
Insubordination is regarded as any refusal to comply with staff, teacher and/or
administrative directive. The administration reserves the right to suspend
individuals up to five days for each offense depending on the nature of the
insubordinate act. The administration also reserves the right to refer cases of
insubordination that have resulted in repetitive suspension for possible expulsion.
The Board of Education, upon recommendation of the Administration, may place a


student on probation for serious misconduct or academic failure. Probation
provides a time for a student to improve his/her academics and/or conduct. During
this time, the student may be suspended from extracurricular activities.

After a student is suspended, the case may be referred to the Board of Education
for an expulsion hearing. Parents and all others concerned will be
informed of the proper due process procedure according to Wisconsin law. Any
one of the following is considered sufficient for an expulsion from Union Grove
Union High School.
· Failure to comply with the rules and regulations outlined in the student

handbook or administrative bulletins.
· Insubordination or failure to comply with the instructions given by a

member of the staff.
· Verbal abuse of a staff member or student.
· The willful destruction of school property.
· Failure to achieve academically when such failure is caused by attitude or

improper behavior on a consistent basis.
Conduct at school/event that adversely affects the status of the school.
Use of Dogs
Law enforcement officers may participate in a search of school property using
police dogs at the request of the Administration. 948.50 Wis Stats. US
Constitution 4th Amendment. These searches may include but is not limited to:
example parking lot, lockers and hallways.
There are two major components of the Discipline Plan: the individual discipline
plan of each teacher and the school-wide plan that covers the areas outside the
classroom. The District is committed to maintaining a positive academic
atmosphere. Teachers are expected to create a positive learning climate and to
maintain proper order in their classrooms. Students are expected to behave and to
participate in learning activities in the classroom in such a manner that allows
teachers to effectively carry out their lesson plans. Students are expected to abide
by all rules of behavior established by the Board of Education, administration and
their classroom teachers.
Student behaviors that are dangerous, disruptive, unruly, and that interfere with the
teacher’s ability to teach effectively will not be tolerated. Any student who
engages in such behavior may be subject to removal from class and placement as
outlined in this document. In addition, the student may be subject to disciplinary
action in accordance with established Board policies and school rules. This code


of classroom conduct applies to all students in grades 9-12. The District will not
discriminate in standards, rules of behavior or disciplinary measures, including
suspensions and expulsions, on the basis of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, and
creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical,
intellectual, emotional or learning disability. (See Student Handbook and/or Board
Policies for full non-discrimination policy.)
Student Removal From Class
A teacher may remove a student from class for the following reasons:
1. Behavior that interferes with the ability of the teacher to teach effectively. This
type of behavior includes, but is not limited to:

a. Obstruction of classroom activities or other intentional action taken to
attempt to prevent the teacher from exercising his/her assigned duties.
b. Repeated classroom interruption or disruptions
c. Improper language, disrespect or insubordination.
2. Unruly and/or dangerous behavior.
a. Harassment (including mental, physical and sexual harassment).
b. Instigating, inciting or encouraging a fight or disruption.
c. Threats to any person.
d. Physical, verbal, written abuse, or confrontation with a student or a
staff person.
e. Fighting or striking a student or staff member.
f. Theft or damage to school property.
g. Unsafe actions or behavior in any class or lab.
h. Possession or use of a weapon or any other item that might cause
bodily harm to persons in the classroom.
I. Possession of an illegal drug or drug related device.
j. Being under the influence of alcohol or other.
k. Controlled substances or controlled substance analogs.
l. Dress code violations which include dressing or grooming in a manner
that presents a danger to health or safety, causes interference with work,
creates classroom disorder, or is considered to be inappropriate based on
staff judgement.
m. Smoking or chewing tobacco, or possession of smoking or tobacco
n. Any action that puts a student at risk of injury to themselves or others
will result in immediate removal from class
o. Any threat or action that presents a danger to the health, safety, and
welfare of students will result at the least in removal from the classroom,
suspension/expulsion, and referral to the Racine County authorities.


When a student is removed from class, the teacher shall send the student to the
Associate Principal and inform him/her of the reason for the student’s removal
from class. This must be preceded by a direct phone call to the Associate Principal
or attendance secretary describing briefly the nature of the reason for removal. An
on line referral shall be provided to the Associate Principal within 24 hours from
the time of the incident. (The written explanation will be provided within the
format prescribed by the administration.)
The Associate Principal shall inform the student of the reason(s) for the removal
from class and shall allow the student the opportunity to present his/her version of
the situation. The Associate Principal shall then determine the appropriate
educational placement for the student who has been removed from a class by a
Any instance of cheating in the classroom will have the following consequence:

The student’s grade on the assignment may be adjusted and the student may
be referred to the Associate Principal for discipline action. Repeated grade
adjustments and consequences may be given for repeat offenders. The
punishments will be cumulative by student - if a student has been caught
cheating once in class A and later in class B, the student will be disciplined for
a second cheating incident. Parents will be notified by the teacher each time
there is an instance of cheating discipline.

Course Changes
Course Changes must be based on a valid educational reason: failure, lacking the
prerequisite for a class, IEP Modifications, Summer School credit earned, adding
Work-study, Administrative/Teacher directed change, and computer error. Course
changes will not be made for the following reasons: having a friend in another
class, desiring a different lunch, like/dislike of a teacher, not knowing anyone in a
class, or changing one’s mind. Course change requests will only be considered
prior to the start of each term or with administrative approval.

Plagiarism Policy
With the increased use of the Internet for research on reports and major papers,
students should be aware of the consequences of using someone else’s work, not
citing it, and claiming it as their own. Each student will sign the Plagiarism Policy
(attached to the Computer Usage Policy) at the beginning of the school year.


Levels of Plagiarism

Level 1: Occurrence would involve the student’s use of phrases or a few lines or a
paragraph without proper citation. Most of the student’s work is still
his/her own.

Level 2: Plagiarism is more serious. It involves the student’s use of multiple
paragraphs of someone else’s work and/or the use of someone else’s ideas
without proper citation and/or repeated paraphrasing without proper
citation. While some of the work is the student’s own, it is clear that
significant portions of the student’s work are not his/her own.

Level 3: Most, if not all, of the work has been copied from another source.
Level 4: Plagiarism occurs when the student has plagiarized, in any way for

the second time.
Range of consequences for plagiarism will be determined by Administration and
the teacher.
Student Records
A cumulative folder for each student is maintained by the Guidance Office. Such
records are a history of the student’s educational progress and contain test results,
grades, and other information deemed to be important for school purposes. A
student/parent/guardian has the right to inspect records which meet the categorical
definition of “Educational records”. Requests for such a review must be made
through the Principal or designee. Transcript requests will now be through the
electronic service Docufied. The link is available at
Change of Address/Name
All student changes of name, address or phone number should be filed as soon as
possible with the Guidance Office.
Fire and Severe Weather Drills
Fire drills are held at regular intervals throughout the school year to learn and
practice the techniques of coping with an emergency. Every drill should be
approached with the attitude that there is an actual fire. Every person in the
building must leave at the sound of the alarm. Directions posted in each room
should be followed carefully. Once outside, please stay with your class.
Tornado alert or severe weather drills may be conducted periodically to acquaint
the student with indoor survival procedures. During these drills, proceed to the
area designated by the teacher and be ready to follow any verbal directions. If
evacuation is necessary, it should be carried out in the same manner as fire drills.


In order to withdraw from school, any student who is 18 years old must meet with
a Principal or designee. Students who are under 18 years of age must comply with
Wisconsin Law relative to compulsory education. Students who wish to withdraw
or are going to transfer to another school should follow the procedures as listed:
Secure a note from parent or guardian and present it to the Guidance Office at
least two days before withdrawing.
Obtain a withdrawal form from the Guidance Office. Have the form signed by a
The withdrawal form must be signed by all of the student’s teachers.
Students are responsible for all financial obligations. Partial rebates may be
Records will be forwarded to the new school upon written request from that school
and written release from the adult student or student’s parents.

Union Grove Union High School maintains a closed campus policy. Visitors will
enter/exit through the front doors located on the west side of the building along
HWY 45 RAPTOR security system.

Students are discouraged from bringing large amounts of cash or valuables to
school. While the school does attempt to provide for a secure environment, it is
not responsible for the theft of student property. All student lockers have working
locks. Students should not tamper with the locking mechanisms. Any problems
with lockers should be reported to the main office. See a PE teacher for a lock, if
it is a locker room issue.

School Security
Students found to be propping or opening an exterior door for the purpose of
allowing another person(s) into the building will be subjected to:

1st Offense: parental notification; detention assigned
2nd Offense: parental notification, 1 day ISS
3rd Offense: parental notification; 1 day OSS
4th Offense: parental notification, 3 day OSS
5th Offense: parental notification, 5 day OSS, referral to RCSD for



Nurse’s Office
The school nurse is available for assisting you with health concerns. The nurse or
her staff will be in school for immediate nursing care during the school day on a
part time basis. Designated staff will handle emergencies when the nursing staff is
not in the building. Students should not be sent to school when they are ill and
will be sent home if they are suspected of having a communicable disease.
Medication Policy
Medication forms are available from the nurse or in the office. Students must have
a medication form on file in the office and comply with the following rules to use
medication in school.
·A Physician’s Order form must be completed for any medications taken for more
than twelve days in a month. All medication must be registered with the health
·Students must keep prescription and over-the-counter medication in the nurse’s
office. A Student Medication Authorization form must be completed and the
medication must be registered with the office.

*Parents or guardians may choose to have school staff administer medication. In
this case, a Medication Administration Consent form must be completed.

- Child’s full name in Original container,
- Name of drug and dosage,
- Time to be given

If medication is a prescription drug, all of the above, plus:
- Pharmacy name and phone number
- Prescription number
- Physician’s name


Emergency Form
All students are required to have a signed emergency health form each year. This
information is extremely important and must be updated regularly in the event of
an emergency
Significant Health Conditions
The school/ health office needs to be aware of any significant health conditions of
students in attendance. Please notify the health office at 878-2434.
Report all accidents to the teacher in the area, the school nurse, or the building
administrator. The school may determine that an emergency exists and ask for
assistance. A parent/guardian or designated emergency person will be contacted
Counseling services are available to all students. Many problems concerning both
school and one’s personal life may be helped by consulting a school counselor.
Support services are available in many different forms for those students who
express a need. Academic support is provided through conferences involving a
student, parents, teachers, and counselors. Individual counseling is also available.
Vocational, work, and college information is made available through the Student
Students interested in the United States Armed Services, as well as occupational
programs, should consult their counselor.
Alcohol and Drug Assistance
Addiction and abuse of alcohol/drugs will prevent the attainment of goals and
personal success. It is the philosophy of Union Grove Union High School to
attempt to help any person who seeks it in this area. Students who have problems
in this area are encouraged to seek the assistance of a school counselor, trained
staff member or Student Assistance Coordinator. All inquiries are kept
Student Assistance
The student assistance program is facilitated by student services. It is a
comprehensive program that deals with factors that may inhibit or prevent student
success within the school setting and beyond. Students who are in need of help
because of drug/alcohol related problems, depression, pregnancy, low self-esteem,
suicidal tendencies, court problems, or in need of someone to listen should contact
the Student Assistance Coordinator or a school counselor. All inquiries are kept


School Identification Card
Photo I.D.s are required of every student at Union Grove Union High School.
There is no fee for first I.D. Replacements are $2.00. The I.D. allows for
admittance to all home athletic events except for WIAA playoff games.

The school does not have an open lunch policy, so students may not leave the
building during this time. The hot lunch program at Union Grove Union High
School is based on nutrition and ease of consumption during a set time period.
Students are requested to proceed to the cafeteria upon dismissal from class, to
walk and line up in an orderly fashion.
All students, whether they eat or not, are to report to the cafeteria during lunch
period, students are not allowed to eat lunch in the hallways. Students may not
leave the cafeteria without the permission of the lunchroom supervisor. If a
student wants to work in the library during lunch, he/she must report there
immediately and stay for the entire period.
Disturbances, the throwing of food, and disruptive noise will not be tolerated.
Lunch trays are to be removed from the tables when finished.
Respect for the cafeteria in terms of cleanliness, good manners in eating, and
mutual respect for everyone including the cooks is expected. Students may bring
bag lunches. Students in violation of cafeteria rules may be required to eat in a
place other than the cafeteria.
Cafeteria Rules

·No cutting in line
·Keep your food on your tray
·Take only the food you intend to eat
·Clean up your area and return all trays, utensils, plates, etc.
·Remain at the seating area (not hallway) until the dismissal

bell rings.

The Union Grove Union High School Board of Education has a computer usage
policy in effect. All students will be provided a copy during the first week of
school and will sign an agreement stating they have read the policy and will abide
by the stipulations as set forth by the board. Union Grove Union High School will
strongly enforce all policies. A copy of the policy can be viewed at


Course Retakes
When a student repeats a course he/she will receive elective credit for each term
passed the first time, but all original grades will remain on the transcript and be
included in the calculation of the GPA. Grade of “F” will continue to remain on
the transcript, even after the course has later been completed with a passing grade.

Office phones are to be used only in the case of illness or emergency. Messages
will be delivered through the school office in cases of real emergency. Students
who work should inform their employers that telephone messages will not be
delivered by the office.

Busing is provided for students at Union Grove Union High School according to
the laws of the State of Wisconsin and Board Policy. Bus riding is a privilege, not
a right. Students are expected to follow rules set forth by the Board of Education
and the State Department of Transportation.

Dousman Transport Company

Bus Company Contact: Ms. Paula Behling 878-1101
The following rules shall be observed by all riding the school buses:
General Rules
· The driver is in full charge. Obey all directions promptly.
· Bus drivers reserve the right to assign seats.
· Classroom conduct must be observed on the bus at all times.
· Once you are on the bus, you must remain there until you have reached

school or home. The only exception to this rule is when a student has to
transfer to another bus.
· Any damage done while rules are not observed will be paid by the
Prior to loading (on the road and at school)
· Be on time at your stop - buses cannot wait.
· Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.
· Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter.
Be careful in approaching bus stops.


While on the bus
· Keep hands and head inside at all times.
· Remember that loud talking or unnecessary confusion diverts the driver’s

attention and may result in a serious accident.
Bus riders should never tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.
Damages must be paid for by the offender.
· Leave no books, lunches or other objects on the bus. Keep all objects out
of the aisles, especially band instruments.
No one is to open the rear emergency door of the bus
· Help look after the safety of other riders.
· Windows are to be opened only with the permission of the driver and may
not be lowered to more than the third notch. Do not throw anything out
of the bus windows.
· Bus riders are expected to be courteous to fellow pupils and to the bus
driver. Vulgar or profane language will not be tolerated.
· Absolute quiet when approaching a railroad crossing.
· No eating, vaping or smoking on the bus.
· No rollerblades, skateboards, scooters on bus.
· Bus riders are not permitted to leave their seats while the bus in in
· In case of emergency, students are to remain in the bus or evacuate the
bus as directed by the driver. Do not leave by the rear door except in case
of emergency.
· Report any injuries to the driver.
After leaving the bus
When it is necessary to cross the road, do so with caution. Cross at least
ten feet in front of the bus after getting a signal from the driver after
looking to be sure that no traffic is approaching from either direction.
General policy regarding bus conduct
Students must get on and off the bus at their regular pick-up points, except where
there is written permission from the parents requesting such change.
Non bus riders desiring to ride the bus to a regular bus student’s house may do so
only if there is room on the bus and they have a note from the school principal
requesting this. Violators of these rules will be reported with a written referral to
the principal or associate principal.


Violation of bus rules will be penalized in the following manner:
1st offense: conference with Associate Principal
2nd offense: conference with Associate Principal, Parental notification may result

In 3 day revocation of bus privileges.
3rd Offense: conference with Associate Principal, Parental notification may result

In 3 day revocation of bus privileges.
4th Offense: conference with Associate Principal, Parental notification of extended
or permanent revocation of bus riding privileges to be determined.

Homebound Instruction
Should a student become incapable of remaining in school because of verified
medical problems for more than five consecutive days, the school will provide
homebound instruction until such time that the student can be determined healthy
enough to come back to school. Homebound instruction must be arranged through
the Principal. A conference will be set up between the student’s teachers, a
guidance counselor, and parent/guardian.
Study Help/Homework
Union Grove Union High School, through its counseling office and efforts of
individual instructors, can provide additional help for those students who are in
need of academic tutoring. Students or parents/guardians interested in such help
should contact the office. Homework may be assigned by individual instructors for
the development and enrichment of skills. Students who require help may seek the
help of the instructor or arrange for tutoring service.
Lost & Found
Articles found in the building should be taken to the cafeteria. Students should
check to see if lost articles have been turned in before reporting them stolen or
missing. Unclaimed articles will be disposed of at the end of the second and fourth
terms. Electronic items should be turned in to the office.
Work Permits:
Effective June 2017, 16 & 17 year old minors do not need a work permit.
Current law regarding the number of hours a minor may work are available from
the principal. Under Wisconsin Law, work permits may be revoked by the
principal if the student displays problems in school attendance. Work permits may
be obtained from the school if the following are provided:
·A letter from the employer indicating hours to be worked, the salary paid, as well
as the employer’s address/phone number, and the work involved.
·A letter from student’s parent/guardian stating that the student has permission to
work, listing their home address.


·A birth /baptismal certificate, driver’s license or state ID card
·A $10.00 fee.
·A social security card
·Student must sign the permit in the presence of the person issuing the permit
Student Parking
Union Grove Union High School provides bus transportation to all students
requiring such service. Therefore, it is important that students driving be limited.
The use of automobiles to drive to school is regarded as a privilege and will be
regulated by the policies of Union Grove Union High School and the Racine
County Sheriff’s Office.
Students who drive to school must know and follow these policies:
Under no circumstances may a parking tag be sold or transferred to
another student.
Students must register their vehicles in the office and purchase a parking tag
which should be displayed on the rear view mirror.
Students will not be assigned parking spaces but should park on a first choice daily
basis only in the spaces that have been provided.
Speeding or careless driving in the parking lot will result in a ticket and
suspension of parking privileges.
All rules regarding smoking, vaping, the use of alcohol and drugs, as well as
student behavior are applicable. No loitering!
Failure to follow attendance rules regarding tardiness and unexcused class
absences can result in suspension of parking privileges.
Parking in a NO PARKING ZONE may result in the car being ticketed/towed at
the owner’s expense.
During the school day, students will need permission from the office to go to their
vehicles in the parking lot.
The school reserves the right to search any vehicle parked on school property.
Vehicles found to be parked in the school parking lot without a parking permit
properly displayed:
1st and 2nd offense: student conference with Associate Principal, School Resource
officer and parental notification.
3rd offense: vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense, parental notification.
Union Grove Union High School believes that sportsmanship is an essential
ingredient to a successful high school activities program. The elements of
fairness, courteous behavior, and gracious acceptance of both individual and
contest results must be incorporated into every extracurricular activity.


The following fundamentals of sportsmanship are supported by the Union Grove
Union High School District and the Southern Lakeshore Conference: respect is to
be shown at all times. The opponent should be treated as a guest and accorded the
tolerance, honesty, and generosity which all human beings deserve. Officials or
judges are to be respected at all times. The rules of the activity are to be known,
understood, and appreciated. A familiarity with the current rules and the
recognition of their necessity for a fair contest are essential.

Self-control must always be maintained. A proper perspective must be maintained
if the potential educational values of competition are to be realized. Skill in
performance regardless of affiliation is to be recognized and appreciated. Union
Grove Union High School and the Southern Lakes Conference strongly supports
the concepts of good sportsmanship. The details of application are outlined in all
sports programs as well as with the teams themselves.

Many activities use fundraising as a mechanism for raising money for various
programs. All fundraising is to be cleared annually through the Activities Director
prior to the actual time of implementation. The advisor is responsible for
maintaining the fundraising activity. Monies taken in by fundraisers are
accountable to the District Office.

Pep Rallies
Periodically, the school will have pep rallies as both a recognition for participants
in athletic and non-athletic activities and a means by which to increase student
spirit. Students are requested to show respect for others when at pep rallies, to
enter and leave stands in an orderly fashion, and to promote school spirit in a
positive and meaningful way.

Student assemblies are designed to be entertaining and educational. Students
should enter and leave assemblies in an orderly fashion. Attention, respect, and
courtesy should be given speakers and performers at all assemblies or programs.
Students who yell, disrupt, or who are discourteous during an assembly program
will be asked to leave and will be disciplined accordingly.


Field Trips
Field trips are designed to provide students with further exploration of a specific
area of study. As such, they are an extension of the curriculum and, therefore, are
a part of the school day. All rules and policies of Union Grove Union High
School, including those related to smoking, vaping, and grooming, are applicable
when on field trips.

Student Council
The Student Council of Union Grove Union High School gives students an
opportunity to participate in the planning and governing of school activities.
Student representation in Student Council is set up exclusively through the by-
laws of the council itself. As members of the council, students are encouraged to
provide creative leadership to the student body. This is accomplished through
representation of student needs to the Administration, working with all student
groups, and articulating the council goals.

National Honor Society (NHS):
The purpose of this chapter shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to
stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to
encourage the development of character in the students of Union Grove Union
High School.
Membership in this chapter shall be known as active, honorary, and graduate.
Active members become graduate members at graduation. Graduate and honorary
members have no vote in chapter affairs.
Membership in this chapter is an honor bestowed upon deserving students by the
faculty, and shall be based on the criteria of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and

Candidates eligible for selection to this chapter must be members of the
sophomore or junior class at the time applications are being accepted.
Applications are accepted during the Spring Semester.

To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must
have been in attendance for a period of one semester at Union Grove Union High

Candidates eligible for election to the chapter shall have a minimum cumulative
weighted grade point average of 3.500. This scholastic level of achievement shall
remain fixed, and shall be the required minimum scholastic level of achievement
for admission to candidacy.


Upon meeting the grade level, attendance, and GPA standard requirements,
candidates shall then be considered based on their service, leadership, and
See Chapter Bylaws for more information.

Dance Policies and Procedures

Time Release - The doors will be locked one hour after the start of the dance. No
one will be admitted after that time. Students will not be released from the dance
until one-half hour before the dance ends. For a 7-10 p.m. dance, students may
leave at 9:30. For a 7p.m.-11 p.m. dance, students may leave at 10:30. A student
may leave early with their parent. Cafeteria will be open on the half hours for five
minutes. Students can store their belongings in there at their own risk.

Guest Passes - When a student signs up their guest from another school they will
be given a guest “pass” from the office. The completed pass must be returned to
the office by the due date.

Dress Code - Boys should wear collared shirts and dress pants. Girls cannot wear
dresses that expose cleavage, extend above mid- thigh, have slits extending above
mid- thigh. Students not appropriately dressed will not be allowed in to the dance.

Student Check-In - Students with bags, purses, and/or coats will be asked to stop
at the check-in table and will be subject to search. It is strongly recommended that
all bags and purses be left in vehicles. If a teacher or staff member believes a
student has been drinking or is under the influence, the student will be subject to
search and given a breathalyzer, the Racine County Sheriffs will be called, and (at
the Sheriff’s discretion) any student found drinking at a dance will be ticketed.
Parents must pick students up and students may be given a three day out-of-school
suspension. Future extra-curricular activities may be impacted.

Dancing - When dancing back to front, all dancers must remain upright. Examples
are: no hands on knees and no hands on the dance floor with your buttocks
touching your dance partner. There will be no touching of the breasts, buttocks or
genitals. There will be no straddling of each other’s legs. A student dancing
inappropriately will be asked to leave and a parent will be called.



Grading System
Student grade reports are posted to family access on Skyward after each term of
the grading period.

Teachers evaluate students and render grades within the framework set forth
according to each teacher’s goals and objectives. The term’s final grades are the
ones which are recorded on the student’s permanent high school record.

Union Grove Union High School has a weighted system utilized for computing
grade point averages, honor rolls, and honor graduates based on only AP classes
only. The following courses will be weighted according to the system outlined.

Grade Points Weighted Points

A+ 4.0 5.0
A 4.0 5.0
A- 3.7 4.6
B+ 3.3 4.1
B 3.0 3.8
B- 2.7 3.4
C+ 2.3 2.9
C 2.0 2.5
C- 1.7 2.1
D+ 1.3 1.6
D 1.0 1.3
D- 0.7 0.7
F 0.0 0.0
E Reasonable effort, but student has not met
Course credit given, but 0 grade points earned:
S= Satisfactory
I = Incomplete. Work must be completed within two weeks

for credit to be given.

Common Grading Scale:

Teachers will use a common grading scale (with the exception of a few classes).

A+ 100-98 B 82-80 D 66-63

A 97-93 C+ 79-77 D- 62-60

A- 92-90 C 76-73 F 59-0

B+ 89-87 C- 72-70

B 86-83 D+ 69-67

Failing Grades
A growing concern is that incoming freshmen do not seem to understand the
impact of a failing grade. In high school, failing grades will lead to being ineligible
for graduation.

Honor Roll
Two levels of honor roll are recognized. High Honor Roll includes students who
have a term grade point average of 3.50 or better. The other, called Honor Roll,
includes those students having a term grade point average of 3.0 to 3.499. Honor
roll status and privileges are in effect for the term following the quarter in which
the honor is earned.
Names of current honor students will be sent to local newspapers for publication
and will be posted at various places within the school. Students who have earned
High Honor Roll status for three terms within a school year, but not necessarily
consecutively, will be presented with an emblem suitable for wearing on a school
letter jacket. Subsequent High Honor Roll status will be recognized each time
with an award of a bronze, silver or gold medal.
Graduate Honor Cords
3.495 to 3.799: White Cord
3.8 and above: Gold Cord

On-Line AP Courses
On-line AP Courses beyond the coursework offered at Union Grove Union High
School are available to students that have obtained junior or senior status.
Alternative Programming
Union Grove Union High School strives to provide all students with a
comprehensive program through regular course offerings during the regular four
block schedule. There may be occasions, however, when it becomes necessary to
provide students with alternative programming. Students and parents must consult
a counselor before pursuing any alternative program. Some alternative selections
may need the formal approval of the Principal and/or Board of Education.


College Credit Programs
The following two programs were formerly known as Youth Options.
Any classes taken through these programs must be either 100% different than
courses offered at UGHS or the student must have exhausted all courses offered at
UGHS before taking like classes at the post –secondary level. Please see your
counselor for more information regarding possible classes.
Start College Now
Technical college program courses only
Take up to 18 credits of college classes while still in high school
UGHS will pay for tuition and books as long as student passes the class (es)
March 1st is the deadline for Fall enrollment
October 1st is the deadline for Spring enrollment
Classes also count as elective credit at UGHS
See your counselor for an application
Please note: courses will not be added to a student’s schedule until after they have
selected a full course load of UGHS classes.
Early College Credit Program
Program offered by the UW System
Students will be able to take college level courses while still enrolled in high
March 1st is the deadline for Fall enrollment
October 1st is the deadline for Spring enrollment
See your counselor for an application
Please note: courses will not be added to a student’s schedule until after they have
selected a full course load of UGHS classes.

The Media Center is organized for students to research, develop leisure reading,
and use for the development of classroom skills. Students who have questions
regarding selection of books, researching projects, or leisure reading should
consult the librarian. Library rules and regulations are posted by the librarian.
Students who violate such regulations may lose library privileges. The library is
open to students and staff daily from 7:10 a.m. – 3:10 p.m. Students may use the
library during Broncos Period, classes and lunch. Those students in study hall
need to obtain a pass from the library at the beginning of the school day. Students
leaving an academic class need to have their teacher call the library to make sure
there is room for the students before sending them. If this is not done, students
will be sent back to class. During lunch, students must be in the library within 5
minutes of the start of their lunch period and remain in the library the entire time.


Entire classes will also sign up to use the library. Each student using the library
will have a teacher provided assignment that uses the library’s resources. The
computers and printers are for educational use only. For details, please refer to the
Computer Usage Agreement. The following conduct is not allowed: loud talking
or laughing that is disruptive, gum chewing, eating, drinking, leaving the library
without permission, and mishandling of furniture or materials. Students may not
use headphones in the library unless it is for educational use, as determined by the
library staff. Loaning periods for library materials are posted in the library. There
is no grace period for returning materials late. Students will be charged fines if
library materials are turned in late, damaged or lost. Notices of fines will be
handed out in first hour classes the second Monday of each month. Anyone who
has not paid their fines by the last day of the month will not be allowed to check
out additional books.

The Union Grove Union High School District is committed to equal educational
opportunity for all students in the district.
It is the policy of the Union Grove Union High School District, pursuant to
s.118.13, Wis. Statutes, that no person, on the basis of sex, race, national origin,
ancestry, religion, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or
physical, mental, emotional or learning disability, may be denied admission to any
school in this district or be denied participation in, be
denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any curricular,
extra-curricular, pupil services, recreational or other program.

This policy also prohibits discrimination under related federal statutes, including
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race, national origin), Title IX of the
Education Amendments of 1972 (sex), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
of 1973 (handicap).
It shall be the responsibility of the District Administrator to examine existing
policies and develop new policies where needed to ensure that the Union Grove
Union High School District does not discriminate pursuant to federal and state law.
The District Administrator shall ensure that an employee is designated annually to
receive complaints filed under s. 118.13 Wis Statutes, PI9, Wis. Admin. Code,
Title IX of the Education Amendments, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
of 1973. That employee shall assure adoption of a complaint procure to resolve
complaints alleging violation of these laws.
All complaints must be filed with:
Equity Coordinator - Associate. Principal and Designee
District Civil Rights Coordinator - Associate Principal and Designee


The Legislature created section 118.125 (2)(j) which provides that “directory data”
may be disclosed to any person, if the school has given public notice of the
categories of information which is designated as directory data with respect to
each pupil and has allowed a reasonable time thereafter for the parent, legal
guardian, or guardian ad litem of any pupil to inform the school that all or any part
of the directory data may not be released without prior consent from the parent,
legal guardian or guardian ad litem. “Directory date” is defined in the new section
118.125 (1) (d) to mean those pupil records which include the pupil’s name,
participation in official recognized activities and sports, weight and height of
members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, photographs, degrees and awards
Information such as the student name, participation in officially recognized
activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of
attendance, photographs and awards received, shall be considered public
information and may be released to appropriate persons and media. Students’
addresses will be released to the school photographer for mailing regarding school
photos. Other institutions that may be included, but are not limited to, alumni
reunion committees, area newspapers and other publications. School districts
receiving federal education funds are required to provide, on request made by
military recruiters or an institution of higher education, access to secondary school
students' names, addresses and telephone listings unless access to such information
has been restricted by the secondary school student or the student's parents.

It is understood that the rules and policies contained in this handbook are not all
inclusive. The Administration may take such action not forbidden by law as is
necessary to maintain a safe, healthy, and orderly environment. School policies
and rules apply to all students regardless of age.


Individual Student Accounts (ISA)
The following guidelines apply to individual student activity accounts used for
student trips. Accounts include, but are not limited to: band, chorus, dance,
foreign language, and the senior class trip.

A. Advisors of clubs with ISAs must submit a ledger of ISAs to the
District financial officer at the end of every term.
B. The ISA money must be used for the specific trip or specific club
C. If a club trip is cancelled, the ISA money may be transferred to a
different trip (with a different club).
D. If the student goes on the trip and there are funds which were paid
towards a trip, some of those funds paid in by the student, or family, may
be reimbursed if there is an excess in the account. Any funds that were
received through fundraising activities must stay in the club account and
may not be reimbursed to the students.
E. If the student chooses not to go on the trip, the ISA money will be
available to be used to defray the cost for the remaining students
going on the trip or specific club activities.
F. ISA money may not be transferred to another student or refunded to
the student.



Before/After Music Internet/Web *Acceptable Text/Chat Acceptable Talking *Acceptable Acceptable
School (in Browsing Pictures or Y Gaming Y Streaming Social
Recording Video/Audio Media
Lunchroom headphones Y Y Y


Library WP WP WP N N N WP N

Classrooms WP WP WP WP WP WP WP N

Bathrooms N N N N NN N N
Lockers Y Y
Passing Time

Y=Yes N=No WP=No, Unless with Teacher Permission
*See Student Handbook

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