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WI County News June 2019

WI County News June 2019

June 2019 35p

2019 £15.00

Summer County for WI members

Wednesday 24th July 2019 £16.50

Held at venues near non-members
you throughout the county!
7.00pm start
£8.00 per team member Evening
(includes a light supper)
Beambridge Inn Wellington
The Hatch Inn Taunton, TA3 7JZ

Hatch Beauchamp (1 or 2 steps) 3rd October 2019
Kingston St Mary Village Hall Taunton
Enjoy supper followed by the Call My Bluff Antiques Quiz.
Hoburne Blue Anchor Our 3 guest auctioneers will each describe the same antique item,
St Catherine’s Parish Hall
can you choose which one is the correct description and price?
Frome (2 steps) Closing Date: 19th September 2019
The Bird in Hand
Henstridge (few steps in the bar) June 2019 1
The Shrubbery Ilminster (3 small steps)
West Bagborough Village Hall

West Bagborough
Quicksilver Mail Yeovil
Greyhound Inn Stogursey
West Buckland Hall West Buckland

37 Club Puriton

Quiz open to members only!

Booking forms with your Secretary.

Please return to
Wilton Lodge by 4th July

Trustee Topics

Hello to you all!

FEDERATION OFFICE It was lovely to meet some of you at the Spaxton Roadshow and
many thanks to everyone who braved the elements and came along
Wilton Lodge, 11 Trull Road to the day. If you have never been to a roadshow – you must! It’s
Taunton TA1 4PT a great opportunity for you to meet the Board of Trustees, hear
inspirational speakers as well as making new friends.
Tel: 01823 284261
As well as being the Press and Public Relations officer, this year I have also taken
Email: [email protected] on the role of Events chair.
The main aim of the federation events is to bring WI members from across the
OFFICE OPEN HOURS county together, to make new friendships and have fun whilst doing so. This
Monday - Thursday year, we already have lots of events in place. Thank you to everyone who has
9.30am - 3.30pm supported our events so far. There is still time to get your tickets for the ABBA
Closed Friday tribute night at Haselbury Mill on 13th June. Other future events include, a day
Federation Secretary trip to Abergavenny Market and Royal Mint, a trip to Highclere, a Call my Bluff
Casey Worrall antiques night and a fashion show!

Clerical Administrators Going forward, I am keen to make sure we have events across all areas of the
Judith Laughton county. It is important that we have an exciting and varied programme and, with
Anne Chadwick your help, we can continue to achieve this.

COUNTY NEWS We are planning a camping weekend in 2020 in Somerset for SCFWI members and
other WI members from other federations. A weekend full of WI members learning
Editor skills, mindfulness, inspirational talks and eating cake – what more could you ask
Laura Balkwill for? If you would like to join the camping sub-committee and help organise the
weekend or would like to know more about joining the events committee, please
Email get in touch.
[email protected]
Best wishes,
Tel: 07860 531998
Jen Whitworth, Press and Public Relations Officer [email protected]
Editorial for
FORD Photographic
should be received by the 1st of Calendar Competition
the month preceding each issue, COUNTY
by Email if possible to the Editor CHAIR The subject for the WI 2021 Somerset
County Calendar Photographic
or typewritten copy and printed Somerset Competition is
photographs to the Office at the County
Federation of ‘Stunning Somerset’.
address at top of the page Women’s
Institutes Any format accepted but digital preferred
THERE IS NO ISSUE IN AUGUST which may be supplied by Email or
THANK YOU Memory Stick, but MUST BE HIGH
Advertising for
COUNTY NEWS Judith Laughton and Anne Chadwick, RESOLUTION! So get busy with your
Combe Florey WI cameras during the rest of the year and
should be received by the 1st of Margaret Lomax,
the month preceding each issue, send us some beautiful photographs.
by Email if possible to the Editor Taunton Deane Divas WI
Teresa Hemms, Woolavington WI Please ensure that pictures are landscape
Lineage: Cost per word to fit the format of the calendar.
18p for WI members For helping to pack the May
30p for non-members issue of County News. Send to Wilton Lodge
by the end of January 2020
(or advertisements placed on behalf
TOURNAMENT 2019 - 2020
Display: Rates and sizes upon
application to the Editor Information on the Federation Skittles Competition 2019/2020
will be included in your County News shortly.
SCFWI does not accept responsibility
for goods or services advertised in Team applications must be in by Friday 9th August.
Applications received after this date will not be
included in the 2019/2020 tournament. Care should
2 June 2019 be taken by all team members when participating that
the correct clothing and footwear is worn and that the

correct equipment is used at the venue.

Apply to Wilton Lodge by 9th August

Food & Garden LADY BARBER’S
Chair: Annie Makepeace CHEESE VISIT
2019 CUP
aannootthheerr ssuuppeerr eevveenntt!! COMPETITION Ditcheat, BA4 6PR

JJFFWWllooTTwwBBooeeuuLLrrOOrrFFooOOiiffeeMMllddSS AMAZING Thursday July 4th, 10.30am
JNJNHHWWuuiillrrllccBBssooeelloorrmmyyoomm,,mmCCoossoonn,,xxCC,,’’ssTTuuAALLtt aaFF44nnll11ooeeDDww,,UUeerr Join the Public Affairs team
A description of a discovery or
WWeeddnneessddaayy 77tthh AAuugguusstt,, 1100..3300aamm invention in the field of science for a ‘behind the scenes’ visit to one of
– real or imagined. In no more Somerset’s best known cheesemakers
CCoosstt ££77lliiEEggnneerrnnaaoottjjrrhhwwoonneeyynncc..aaaaaaOObbffggooppééuuppuuaaiioottddnnrreeddtttthhdduuaaeennllttssiiooffoottuullyyoottrrttoowwoooobbeeppffuurruuttssyyhhrrccffeeaallhhoonnffaawwllddssooeeeewwhhrrrrsseeooeerrffaawwrrnnffeeiiddttsseehhhhllppddeemmll,,yyaaeeaannaannnnttrrttssddeess.. than 500 words, WI members are
invited to write a piece of science, Cost £5 (£5.50 non-members)
ppaaMMrrkkaaiikknneegg££yyaaoo77nnuu..ddrr77lloo00oowwoonn..nnTTwwooooaannuuyyrrmmttoossmmtttteeaahheemmrreemmttssssbbiittbb11eeee00ee..rrAA..ssrr33ssmm00ppaallmmee .. fact or fiction, describing a historic
breakthrough or a future invention A risk assessment has been undertaken for
WWvveeeennuuaaeerreettoohhbbooeeppiiaannddggvvttiissooeeggddoo.. CCffoohhrreeccllkkuunnooccuuhhtt JJaauuffttlleeyyrrCCwwNNaa..rrddss,, as yet unknown. this visit and the organisers consider that
AAppppllyy WWiillttoonn LLooddggee bbyy MMoonn 2222nndd JJuullyy an ability to walk 200 metres and climb
Entrants must submit 4 copies of their steps, is required to be able to take part
IIss tthhiiss iinn yyoouurr ddiiaarryy?? entry, typed if possible, on A4 paper to in the visit. All protective clothing will be
The Federation Secretary at Wilton Lodge. provided. Own transport to the site.
PFRLOOSSCCaaDWFFnnWWddUIIECRE Your entry must have an official entry form Telephone Clarissa Salmon on 01749
attached to the top copy with your name, 899 077 if additional details of the visit
SSHHOOWW your WI and Federation clearly written in are needed. Details will be provided with
the top left hand corner. Do NOT put your Joining Instructions enclosed with tickets.
SSaattuurrddaayy,, 66tthh JJuullyy name on the remaining copies. Entry forms
will be available at the roadshows or from Booking form with your WI Secretary
CCCChhhheeeeddddddooddnnoonnFFiittFFzziippttaazziippnnaaee,,iinnTTeeaauuVVnniittlloollnnaaggTTeeAA22HH88aaJJllYYll Wilton Lodge or can be downloaded from Apply to Wilton Lodge by 8th May
the My WI website.
MMUUSSTT BBEE RREETTUURRNNEEDD TTOO Entries will initially be judged at Federation
WWIILLTTOONN LLOODDGGEE BBYY 1144tthh JJUUNNEE level and up to three can go forward to the Chair: Lesley O’Neill
national competition. The winner will be
££DD55tthh0011ooiippssffhhooppaaaarreehhvvrrggeeuuccrrggaallooeeaauuggssssoossppuuttaaccccooccnnlleeeeaaddssnnssssmmsstt!!eeeeaarrss,,kkff33eerrccoollmmaassssyyeeoossuuffoorr rrWW££11II,,.. presented with the Lady Denman Cup at GOLF CROQUET
feBBestfstrreeeennrriiaaeeeeiijjnnoonnaattyygghhnnddeeooddssyyuuooeeaahhuurrnnttoorrttdd22mmrrffee..ii00aaeelleeiimm00ssmmcciippaaiiooaallmmnnyyuuddddsseeaattnnooccddaakkeess.. next year’s NFWI AGM. PAIRS TOURNAMENT
WWee llooookk ffoorrwwaarrdd ttoo sseeeeiinngg yyoouu tthheerree!!
Entries must be received at Wilton Wednesday 3rd July
LLttooooooiinnHHkk aaJJoouuuuuullssyytteeffCCrroooo&&rruunnWWnneettiiwwrryytthhssNN,, eeBBoowwrrffuussttvvooii!!ssnniitt,, Lodge no later than 5th July 2019
Please meet at Taunton Vale Sports
200+ CLUB WINNERS Centre, for a 10.00am start.
Tea and coffee will be available, please
April bring your own lunch. Wear suitable
Roadshow 3 (Draycott) clothes for a day of sport outdoors.
Single applicants will be accepted.
106 Margaret Harris £25
Nether Stowey WI Cost
77 Barbara Bryan £15
Dunster WI Apply to
Wilton Lodge
May by 28 June

175 Fiona Windle £15
Minehead WI

Carol Service Readers Auditions

Would you like the opportunity
to be a reader at this years Carol Festival?

We will be holding auditions at St Cuthbert’s Church in Wells on Tuesday 2nd July
from 2.00 – 4.00pm. Tea and coffee will be available to purchase. If you are interested
in taking part, please apply to Wilton Lodge, enclosing a stamped, addressed envelope
so that we can send you full instructions, together with a copy of the audition readings.

Apply Wilton Lodge no later than Friday 14th June

June 2019 3

We need pictures to fill our gallery - please send digital pictures to the Editor at [email protected]

Coxley and District WI ladies enjoying an informal lunch.

Brent Knoll WI member, Elsie Reynish,
celebrated her 100th birthday at their April
meeting. Congratulations Elsie!

Shapwick Starlets WI’s February meeting Margaret Lomax of North Curry WI and
hosted Rae, chocolate blogger - foodnerd4life! Debbie Whitmarsh, guest speaker, with their
We got to taste lots of amazing chocolate and Easter Wreaths.
learned lots!
Jenny Todman was presented a bouquet of
flowers at our March meeting. This was to
celebrate her being a member of Ashcott &
Pedwell W.I for 50 years. What a wonderful
achievement! .

Members of North Curry WI entertaining Taunton Vale Group members at their Craft and Val Kilroy (joint president of Coxley and
Competition afternoon. District WI) “Oyez Oyez “ with Mr Len Swales,
Wells Town Cryer. All the Coxley ladies were
5 June 2019 given the opportunity to have a go! or prints to Wilton Lodge, address on page 2. We will print as many as we can each month!

Walton WI members after their friendly skittles session in the Royal Oak, Walton.

Yeovil Bucklers Mead WI, had lots of positive
comments about their recent promotional
display in the window of the town’s library,
explaining the national and local importance
of the WI and what makes us tick.

A photo of the Roadshow hosted by Spaxton WI on 12th March.
A very well attended and enjoyable event.

Lesley O’Neil and the President of Cheddar
at the 70th birthday of Cheddar WI

Knoll Group enjoyed a day of 3 different crafts
at N. Petherton’s Baymead Hall, cardcraft,
beaded jewellery and sewing.

These were made by members of the Milborne WI members on the holiday to Derbyshire.
Port WI craft group. 25p is raised for ‘AgeUK’
for every one that is sold with a bottle of
‘Innocent’ drink.

June 2019 5

Events & Fundraising Community Projects

Chair: Jen Whitworth Ambassador: Hazel Hillman

SOMERSET CAMP Thank you for the following:

September 2020 ONCOLOGY
Chewton Mendip
We would love to host a camping weekend in Somerset for SCFWI Litton and Hinton Bluett
members and other WI members from other federations. Hatch Beauchamp
Iris Coe, Milbourne Port
A weekend full of beautiful WI members learning skills, mindfulness, inspirational
talks and eating cake – what more could you ask for? Wedmore
Bridgwater Firecrackers
Before we start to plan this, we would like an indication on how many would be Delivered to the RUH, Bath
interested in attending such a weekend. Would any members like to be on the
subcommittee and help organise and plan the first ever Somerset camp?! Croscombe & Sampford Arundel

If you would be interested in either attending a camping weekend TWIDDLE MUFFS (Sensory Bands)
or would like to be part of the subcommittee, please contact: Leigh on Mendip
Jen Whitworth: [email protected] or
Teresa Hemms [email protected] by 31st July 2019. June Spacey, Milbourne Port
Eva Stanley Woolavington
Carol Northover

Deliveries to Care Homes and
Special Schools for both the above

Chewton Mendip

Chris Preston, Minehead
Eva Stanley, Woolavington

Bridgwater Firecrackers

Forthcoming Events for your Diary

Dowlish Wake Playing Field CLOSED May
Fun Golf Croquet Tue 4 June

Spring Ramble Wed 8 May Binegar Village Hall BS3 4TR 24 Apr CLOSED

Organza Corsage Workshop Fri 7 June Woolavington Village Hall, TA7 8DY CLOSED March

SENSATION Abba Tribute Thu 13 June Haselbury Mill, Haselbury Plucknett 31 May February
Golf Croquet Pairs Wed 3 July
Tournament Thur 4 July Taunton Vale Sports Centre 28 June June
Barber’s Cheese Visit
Ditcheat, BA5 6PR CLOSED March

Flower & Produce Show Sat 6 July Cheddon Fitzpaine Village Hall, TA2 8JY TBA March
Trip to Wales with Royal Tue 16 July
Mint experience Abergavenny 2 Jul April

2019 Summer Country Quiz Wed 24 July Various locations - see front page 4 July May

Trip to Highclere Wed 31 July Highclere Castle, Highclere Park 16 Jul April

JW Blooms Flower Field Wed 7 August JW Blooms, Cut Flower Nursery, 16 Jul April
Call My Bluff style Thur 3 October Cox’s Lane, Hillcommon, TA4 1DU 19 Sep June
antiques evening Trull Memorial Hall Taunton TA3 7JZ


6 June 2019

Public Affairs & Science ACWW Update

Chair: Nicky Amos Representative: Eileen Hurd
Associated Countrywomen of the
SHOEBOXES Could you please mark any boxes BOY or World (ACWW).
GIRL on the outside of the lid and wrap the It was lovely to see so many of you at
Last year after collecting boxes in Christmas paper and seal with an the Roadshows. I am writing this on
WI shoeboxes for the elastic band in order that we can open the 29th April ‘Women Walk the World
YMCA for five years, my boxes to check the contents without spoiling Day’ – have you planned a walk?
team needed a break. the wrapping. (It is necessary to check in
I need not have worried, the lovely case something has leaked in transit.) The Thanks to out-going World President
ladies from Lydeard St Lawrence boxes will then be tied with ribbon prior to
WI, rang to offer to take over the distribution just before Christmas. The newly elected ACWW Board
organisation. Ladies you are stars!
Also, we would prefer not to have very large If you have members who don’t walk far –
shoeboxes, (boot boxes), as they are very meet at the pub or perhaps have a coffee
heavy when filled and tend to fall apart! morning. Fascinating to think of so many
of the ACWW members from 80 countries
We have been requested not to include the worldwide planning their walks just like us!!
following items by the YMCA: News from the recent 90th anniversary
Conference held in Melbourne, Australia:
• Any time that has a “use by date” The new World President is Magdie de
before the end of January 2020 Kock from S Africa, the new European
Area President is Afrodita Roman from
The new team have been in touch with the • Any sharp object such as scissors, Romania. The Deputy World President is
YMCA and have asked me to pass on the penknives or razors Alison Burnett from Scotland. Good news
following: - the next European Conference should be
• Any item that has been used taking place in October 2020 in Scotland.
The shoeboxes we collect will be given to the Sadly, no one from Somerset attended the
boys and girls from the YMCA. The boxes • Any money or gift vouchers Australian World Conference but perhaps
are always received with great excitement some of us will be able to travel to Scotland
and delight as for many, the shoebox will be Should you have any items left over after – write it in your diaries – it would be great
the only gift they will receive at Christmas. filling your boxes we would be delighted if any Somerset members are interested
to receive them as they will be collected
The recipients, all aged between 16-25 together to fill any additional boxes. Women Walk the World
years, are always delighted to receive items
such as: This is our first year and we would like
to thank you in advance for your support
• Shower gel, deodorant, shampoo with this collection. We look forward
(brand names are always appreciated), to seeing you and your shoeboxes at the
SCFWI Annual Meeting in Taunton on 23
• Socks November.

• Any type of chocolate/sweets With best wishes and thanks.

• Food items, such as tea, coffee, etc The ladies of Lydeard St Lawrence WI.

Sport & Healthy Living Events & Fundraising

Chair: Lesley O’Neill Chair: Jen Whitworth


Tuesday 4th June ABBA TRIBUTE BAND

Cost £25.00

£8.00 for WI members



Please meet at Dowlish Wake Thursday 13th June, Two groups totalling 36 ladies walked
playing field, for a 10.00am start. around the village of Lympsham which
7.00pm for 7.30pm was followed by a delicious lunch at the
Tea and coffee will be available, please Pavilion. We raised £115.00 for ACWW
bring your own lunch. Wear suitable Haselbury Mill, Haselbury Plucknett, - the Sustainable water, sanitation and
clothes for a day of sport outdoors. Nr Crewkerne TA18 7NY energy fund.

No previous experience is necessary. Includes 2-course supper! June 2019 7

Apply to Wilton Lodge by 31st May Menu choices available upon booking

Apply to Wilton Lodge by 31st May

Hatch Beauchamp | Taunton | TA3 6SG

15 August 2018

Compassionate nursing care in charming
surroundings – at a realistic cost

Beauchamp House is a Care South Country House home, offering the highest quality nursing

care for all levels of need, from short term respite to high dependency and palliative care.
Beauchamp House is an elegant Georgian manor which has been tastefully refurbished by
Care South in recent years, to provide quality care in a home-from-home atmosphere.

To request a brochure, arrange a visit or find out more, contact Registered Charity No. 1014697 or call Beauchamp House on ☎ 01823 481500


CouTHnEtry Join us in Wells for our 5th
Annual Garden Festival when
GARDEN the 14 acres of gardens will be
at their absolute peak; with
F1E4tShT-I1V6tAhL parterres filled with the scent
June 2019 of myriad roses and dramatic

10am-5pm borders aflame with
summer colour, all set amongst

the medieval ramparts of the
ancient Palace and

its famous well pools.
Speakers include Chris
Beardshaw, Anne Swithinbank
and Tamsin Westhorpe.

In aid of The Bishop's Palace

Tickets: Adult £9 Child £4 Groups £7
Under 5's Free

8 June 2019

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