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Classic TheTToaucchori

Beauty John Hardy

EpPicroposals Transformed

Bau&mMe ercier AUTUMN/HOLIDAY 2018 • ISSUE 5

™ are Trade Marks of The De Beers Group of Companies. For Light
Lovers Only

Black Label Collection

Five shapes, each cut with supreme
symmetry to unleash the dazzling light
of a Forevermark diamond.

Beautiful. Rare. Responsibly Sourced.

© Forevermark 2018. Forevermark ®, ®, and


It is with great pleasure we introduce to you our 2018 Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry Magazine. As you read through this edition and
browse through the various jewelry and timepieces, we hope our effort to stay fresh, current, and to have something for everyone,
shines through. This year, we proudly became New Haven county’s Forevermark “Black Label” retailer and added a variety of
fashion collections to complement the other brands and styles we are pleased to offer. In the articles to follow, you will discover
more about these designers, as well as gain insight into jewelry trends as a whole.

We hope the pages ahead inspire you to commemorate your love this year and to afford us the opportunity to help you do so. We
are honored to play a role in some of your most special moments, which is something we truly cherish and value. The sentiment
of jewelry, and all the memories it evokes, are what makes what we do here at Rumanoff’s so fulfilling.

We thank all of our loyal customers and friends for letting us into their lives and continuing to recommend us to others throughout
the years. To those who have yet to visit our home that we call Rumanoff’s, we welcome you to our family and to see what makes
shopping with us an easy, unique, and comfortable experience.

Please enjoy the latest issue of Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry Magazine, with our compliments. May this coming year be one of good
health, much love, joyous occasions, and happiness. We hope to see you soon.

With gratitude and warmest regards,

Douglas Rumanoff and the entire Rumanoff’s family

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Paradise Hills

Being a family business is important to us, and so are the relationships we develop.

  This is why we chose to support our friends, the Ruggiero family, at Paradise Hills.  Established in 1997, Paradise Hills is a family owned and
operated winery nestled among 65 acres of rolling hills along the Washington Trail in Wallingford, CT.  They are open year-round,
so please visit the Ruggiero family for a fun, relaxing time, or for a memorable wine tasting experience. 
They look forward to welcoming you, and we are sure you will enjoy it.  We sure did!

Introducing our Rumanoff’s tees as a “thank you” to all of the special Rumanoff’s couples who have welcomed us into their lives.
We love seeing these shirts being sported around, and we are appreciative of the very talented Skylar Meurice,
our customer and friend, who brought our ideas to life!




30 42



Photography by David Apuzzo Photography • Hamden | (203) 859-5825 |
Hair by Image Hair Studio • North Haven | (203) 691-5149

Makeup by Andrea Blair of Two Spa Girls • North Haven | (203) 239-4475 |
Dress on cover by Flirt Boutique • Hamden | (203) 287-0092 |

Douglas Rumanoff • Project Coordinator /Associate Creative Director/Editor Steven Rumanoff • Associate Coordinator Leslie DeStefano • Associate Editor

Todd Tufts • Editor in Chief/Publisher/Creative Director Carol Besler • Editorial Director Lori Roberts • Associate Editor

Vence Vida • Production Manager/Designer Kyle Boyer • Art Director Stephen Lewis • Assistant Copy Editor Antfarm Photography • Select Jewelry Photography

Prices are subject to change. Please contact the store for current pricing and availability.

Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry Magazine is published by Tufts Communications, 600 Corporation Drive, Suite 106 • Pendleton, IN 46064
T: 765-819-2500 • E: [email protected] • © 2018, Tufts Communications. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA.

]8 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 9

designer spotlight by CAROL BESLER

They’re beautiful, they’re rare, and they walk
the Red Carpet, but Forevermark diamonds are
much more than that. At Forevermark, diamonds
are not just an expression of love, but of integrity.
The De Beers Group and Forevermark adhere to

a responsible sourcing strategy that is made up of
three pillars: integrity, protecting nature’s treasures,

and support for the advancement of women.

Allison Williams, of the Golden
Globes nominated film Get Out,
topped her strapless gown with a
one-of-a-kind five-strand diamond
choker, hand crafted with more than
40 carats of Forevermark diamonds.


INTEGRITY Forevermark diamonds (known as Authorized Forevermark Diamantaires)
to the Authorized Forevermark Manufacturers who feature Forevermark
The unique inscription on each Forevermark diamond is an assurance diamonds in Forevermark jewelry and the Authorized Forevermark
that it has met extremely high standards of beauty and rarity, and that it Jewelers who present Forevermark jewelry to you. Forevermark also
has been responsibly sourced. From the moment a Forevermark inscribed ensures that all employees and communities from diamond producing
diamond is unearthed, it is tracked and monitored at each stage of its areas benefit from legal, safe, and responsible business practices.
journey to ensure it is conflict-free, untreated, and completely natural. This
applies across the entire supply chain, from the experts who cut and polish

]10 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E


Protecting the natural world involves supporting numerous initiatives run by the De Beers Group. For every acre of land used
for mining by the De Beers Group, six acres are dedicated to the conservation of nature. The De Beers Group has set aside over
405,250 acres of land around its mines for this purpose. This includes a 41,998-acre game park in Botswana, which is home to
more than 1,700 animals and a field unit for cheetah conservation. This land is also home to several indigenous and endangered
species, including the white rhino, which is in particular danger of extinction.

The De Beers Group also
strives to improve its use
of resources. In 2016, the
Group saved 0.3 billion liters
of water, equivalent to 120
Olympic-sized swimming
pools. It is also steadily
making its electricity use
more efficient, saving 0.8
million gigajoules of energy
since 2014, equivalent
to the individual energy
consumption of 7,200 people.

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 11

designer spotlight SUPPORTING WOMEN
De Beers Group recently announced a three-year partnership
In Botswana, Namibia, and with UN Women, committing to achieving parity in the
South Africa, the programs appointment of women into senior leadership roles, investing
will focus on accelerating the in women micro-entrepreneurs, and Science, Technology,
growth of women-owned micro- Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students in diamond-
enterprises to enhance the capacity producing countries. It also ensures its consumer brands are
of women entrepreneurs to grow a positive force for eliminating gender stereotypes through
their businesses, increase their their marketing campaigns. Forevermark, as part of the De
income, and create sustainable Beers Group, supports women throughout their careers as
jobs for themselves and their miners, geologists, engineers, trainers, expert craftspeople,
communities. Gaborone, the managers, and support staff. Working alongside UN Women,
capital of Botswana, is also growing governments, and communities in its diamond-producing
as a hub of local diamond-cutting countries of Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa,
and -polishing talent. Here, skilled De Beers will invest US$3-million to advance the prospects of
women have been trained to women and girls by addressing key priority areas.
become expert diamond cutters
and polishers. Through their ability “There are so many similarities between diamonds and
to produce stunning, uniquely nature: as each diamond has its unique characteristics,
beautiful diamonds, they can now most animals are unique. Each zebra has its own pattern
also provide for their families.
of stripes and the same for the spots of a leopard.”

~Piet Oosthuizen, Senior Manager Ecology and De Beers Properties

Diamond hoop earrings from
the Forevermark Tribute
collection in 18k. $3,750

]12 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

$3,495 Diamond rings from the Forevermark stackable diamond bangles.
$2,895 Forevermark Black Label
collection in 18k. HEALTH CARE
Ring stack from The De Beers Group helps to provide healthcare and education for its
the Forevermark $3,195 employees working in diamond-producing communities. The hospitals at
Tribute collection. Orapa and Jwangeng mines in Botswana are run in partnership with Botswana’s
Ministry of Health and double as district hospitals, providing healthcare and
education to local communities. It is imperative to the De Beers Group to
protect its employees and other local inhabitants of diamond-producing
areas from HIV, AIDS, and associated illnesses, such as tuberculosis, the
consequences of which can fall heavily on women. Employees and their
family members are protected through a free and highly effective program of
prevention, treatment, and support. These testing, treatment, and outreach
services provided through hospitals in diamond communities have helped
reduce the fatality of HIV-positive employees in Debswana from 31 percent
in 1996 to less than 1 percent in 2016.

Forevermark diamonds are by now legendary in the jewelry
world. They represent the top one percent of diamonds in the world
in terms of beauty, quality, and rarity. Each diamond is individually
selected according to rigid criteria to ensure that only the most
beautiful diamonds can receive the Forevermark inscription, and
only certain trusted retailers may sell them. All are cut to exacting
proportions, with superior symmetry to release the maximum
amount of light return.

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 13


designer spotlight by CAROL BESLER


John Hardy’s fall collection Bamboo silver
is all about the drama of necklace with black
transformation. The new sapphire. $895

designs capture the symbolic Bamboo silver ring
nature of the brand’s classic with black sapphire.
collections and evolve them $450
into more modern, sculptural,

and fluid pieces.


The John Hardy Jewelry Company was established in 1975, and the spirit of
the collection has remained at its core, even while styles have evolved over
the years to embrace current jewelry trends, new materials, and infusions of
color. This year, iconic designs contain new gemstone hues, including vibrant
turquoise and luscious freshwater pearls. Trend updates include line earrings
that are long and longer, as well as bolo necklaces and bracelets.
The secret to wearing John Hardy jewelry is in combining pieces together,
embracing the intricate layers of textures and styles in unique ways that
express your personal style. The classic John Hardy link, for example, is
expressed in new designs in the Classic Chain collection that are bigger and
more dramatic. Signature styles are also revived in a saturated, lively palette
with organic cuts and shapes, drawing inspiration from nature’s raw power.
The result is an inspiring evocation of strength and beauty.

Bangle from the
Classic Chain
collection in 18k
hammered gold and
silver. $1,795

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 15

designer spotlight

If there is any one element that defines John Hardy jewelry, it is the chain Sterling silver bracelet
link. The company’s signature hand woven chains are made in John Hardy’s from the Classic Chain
design studio and workshop in Bali by local artisans. The specific link design collection. $495
is inspired by that country’s symbolic Subak system of water irrigation. It
is a cooperative system of terraced rice fields connected by
canals, tunnels, and weirs filled with water that is
channeled down from the volcanic lakes and
mountains of Bali. The philosophy attached
to the Subak, which has shaped the Balinese
landscape over the past thousand years, is
that we are all connected — what someone
does upstream affects the person working
downstream. Symbolically, the chain signifies
this sense of community — people woven
together and bonded as a group. The artisans who
create the chains work in collaboration together in an open
studio, using a hand-crafted process that requires tremendous strength and
skill; only a few artisans are able to do it. The Balinese believe that artisans have
been blessed with a special skill from the gods, and they, therefore, pass the skill
from generation to generation. Because the links are made by hand, each one is
different, symbolizing how each person is different, yet we are all connected.
This year, the chain appears in a variety of ways, including larger links in non-
flexible bangle styles, with open rather than tightly woven links.

Symbolically, the chain signifies
this sense of community —
people woven together and
bonded as a group.

Classic Chain silver Classic Chain silver
station bracelet with crossover ring with
London blue and Swiss London blue and Swiss
blue topaz. $895 blue topaz. $1,295

]16 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

Chandelier earring Diamond necklace
from the Legends from the Dot collection
Naga collection in 18k in 18k hammered
and silver. $995 gold. $1,495

Classic Chain pull-
through bracelet in
18k hammered gold
and silver. $450

John Hardy designs have always been heavily influenced by the culture and mythology
of Bali, including reference to the Naga, a mythical creature of the volcano, with a
serpent’s body and a dragon-like head. It is depicted in the collection’s rings and bracelets
with ornate scales embellished with diamonds and precious stones. This year, it is paired
with the larger signature link, and for eyes, blue sapphires are used, which are seen as
more feminine than the previous ruby eyes.

Because the links are made by hand, each one
is different, symbolizing how each person is
different, yet we are all connected

John Hardy, an artist and environmentalist, visited Bali Legends Naga 18k
for the first time in the 1970s and was instantly captivated gold and silver
and inspired by the natural beauty of Indonesia. He also fell bracelet with black
in love with the jewelry tradition in this exotic land when rhodium, set with
he encountered local artisans producing handcrafted pieces sapphire eyes. $995
using jewelry-making techniques honed by their ancestors.
Hardy began to study ancient jewelry craftsmanship and [R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 17
began working with local artisans. By infusing their ancient
techniques with modern ingenuity, he created his eponymous
jewelry brand in 1975.

designer spotlight by CAROL BESLER

Sylvie Levine, the designer and entrepreneur behind the Vintage-inspired Oval-
Sylvie Collection, continually reinvents diamond jewelry. Cut Flower engagement
Known for her intricate, feminine engagement rings and stackable ring, with a one-carat oval
bands, she has a way of making classic jewelry fresh and unique center diamond surrounded
from season to season. Within a foundation of classic designs and by a floral halo.
perennial favorites, her pieces are designed to be stylish, but with Engagement ring with tapered diamond
traditional, highly crafted details. From filigree finishes to fancy foundation, with a two-carat round center
shapes, each ring is its own statement piece. diamond and on each side, diamonds
cascading down the foundation.



From the Stackables
collection by Sylvie,
in 14k gold and

Pear Cut Spiral engagement
ring with 2.5-carat pear-shaped
center diamond surrounded by
pear-shaped halo of diamonds
with milgrain border.

]18 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

One of the highlights of this year’s collection is the Swirl Split
Shank engagement ring, with a one-carat center stone surrounded
by a shimmering halo of diamonds that cascades down into the
split bands. The look is fluid and sensuous, as if a ribbon were
encircling the finger.

From the Stackables
collection by Sylvie,
in 14k gold and

Swirl engagement ring,
with a one-carat center
diamond and a halo of
diamonds that cascades
onto the split bands.

Antique-inspired Fancy diamond shapes are a big hit with today’s brides who are looking for
Three-Stone something unique, and Sylvie interprets the trend with the Pear Cut Spiral, which
engagement ring, has a center pear-shaped diamond surrounded by a sweeping pear-shaped halo. The
with a one-carat 2.5-carat center diamond is surrounded by a halo of diamonds that is framed by
oval center diamond milgrain borders, adding an extra touch of elegance. The spiral shank is adorned with
surrounded by an prong-set diamonds.
intricate halo of diamonds Of all the fancy cuts, ovals are the most popular, a trend partly influenced by
and two side stones. celebrities, including Serena Williams, who wears an oval engagement ring. Oval
The foundation is hand cut diamonds are not only a unique alternative to round, but visually they give the
engraved. impression of being larger than square or round cut diamonds of the same size. Sylvie’s
Egyptian-inspired Oval-Cut Flower engagement ring is a stunning example of this phenomenon, with
solitaire engagement a one-carat oval shaped center stone surrounded by a floral-style halo that gives it a
ring, with a 1.25- chic feminine look.
carat center diamond Vintage styling is Sylvie’s specialty. Many of her rings are expertly hand-finished
surrounded by with vintage-inspired details, such as milgrain work in a filigree pattern or delicate
Egyptian-era petals scroll work. The look is feminine and romantic and never goes out of style.
of diamonds and Sylvie also creates everyday diamond jewelry, and among her collections, stackable
milgrain accents. diamond bands are the most popular. Some can be worn with an engagement ring —
she has a collection of stackable engagement ring band sets — or they can be worn
Halo engagement separately on the right hand or with other fashion rings. Her newest collection is in
ring with a one-carat yellow gold, which is popular in all jewelry this year. Like her engagement rings, Sylvie’s
round center diamond stackable bands are expertly finished, with milgrain and engraved settings and shanks.
surrounded by a halo
and ribbons of diamonds
cascading down the foundation.

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 19

I LOVE MY SYLVIE! Vintage-inspired halo
engagement ring, with a one-
Bridal is Sylvie’s core specialty, and this carat round center diamond
year she pays tribute to her bridal customers surrounded by a halo of milgrain
in a special Bridal Ambassador section in filigree and diamonds, set on a
her website called Sylvie Brides. In it, her band of delicate scroll work.
customers talk about what they love about
their engagement rings. “I love the halo Vintage-
because it adds a nice background to the inspired Oval
main diamond, but what I love most is the engagement
rose gold,” says Arin B. Another fan, Chelsea ring, with a
L., gushes “I absolutely love the vintage look two-carat oval
and how embellished it is with beautiful diamond in the center
diamonds! I also love how unique it is.” surrounded by a halo of
shimmering diamonds.

]20 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

by a woman, for a woman

say “Yes!” by MEGAN BENNETT



B oy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy asks girl’s dad for her hand in Paris he took video of himself lip-syncing the words to the
marriage, boy gets down on one knee, girl says yes. It’s a pattern as old as Proclaimers song “500 Miles.” Then, when the time was
time, and, for the most part, the basics of the ritual haven’t changed too much right, he spliced the clips together and unveiled the video
over the eons. The actual act of the proposal, however, certainly has. The ultra- and the ring to his unsuspecting girlfriend.
traditional proposal is as classic as a Tiffany-style solitaire, so popping the question This countdown type of proposal can be recreated on a
over dinner with a ring in a champagne flute will never go out of style. But today, shorter time scale, too. A groom-to-be decided to make his
future grooms are pulling out all the stops when popping the big question. video with one segment added every day for an entire year.
Flash mobs, flytographers, even planned proposals with the help of airline staff on Each day he taped himself singing a snippet of a song and held
Hong Kong Airlines — it seems that the sky is the limit when it comes to creating the up a sign with the day’s date. He picked a magical location
most romantic, jaw-dropping wedding proposal. While trends now call for keeping the and time to show the video to her. They were surrounded by
special moment intimate, it took an army of friends to create a truly elaborate proposal friends and family at dusk on a beach in Aruba.
for one Korean man to his bride. In fact, he needed hundreds of people, a skyscraper,
and thousands of Post-it® notes. The groom arranged for a window seat for the couple at
a restaurant across the street from the large building, then excused himself. He called his
girlfriend and asked her to look at the building across the street. When she did, the lights
turned on, one floor at a time, while artfully arranged Post-it notes in a pre-arranged
pattern on the windows spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” The groom returned to the
table with flowers and a ring to learn her answer.
For one global groom, it took four years and trips to 26 countries to create a proposal
to his bride. On the evening of their first date he grabbed his travel journal and jotted
down the date and the words, “I’m going to marry this girl, eventually.” When his work
took him to exotic locations like Vietnam, Thailand, Africa, Turkey, London, and

]22 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

Naturally, every groom looks for a unique setting EVERY GROOM LOOKS
or situation so that his proposal can be memorable. FOR A UNIQUE SETTING
But there’s one that stands alone and can never be OR SITUATION SO THAT
duplicated. When a Chinese springboard diver won HIS PROPOSAL CAN BE
a medal in the 2016 Olympics and took her place on
the platform, her boyfriend also awarded her with a MEMORABLE.
ring. They celebrated their engagement in front of
the whole world.
On the other hand, a perfect proposal requires only
an audience of one. One boy. One girl. One stunning
ring. Add a bit of imagination, and magic happens.

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 23

Gretchen & Eric Brittany & Nick Paulina & Tom Haj & Derrick

Ashley & Daniel Rachel & Joe Leslie & Paul
Carly & Doug

Joanna & Brandon

Shannon & Dan

Haley & John Carrie & James Amanda & Rob
Liz & Ryan


Deana & Adam Jessica & Andrew

Melissa & Vin Deana &

Pilar & Adam Nicole & Pej
Jennie & Jesse Kelly & Dennis
Angela & Sam Yana & John

Rachel & Ricardo

Michael & Richard

Jamie & Brian

Justina & David Angela & Kevin Dana & Steve

The “Look” is all You.

That’s the look.
The Tacori look.


at $1490

The Coastal Crescent COLLECTION

wedding guide by CAROL BESLER

diamond featured by
CREATEDJUST FOR YOU tapered baguettes
and accent
There are so many beautiful diamond and engagement ring styles, how do you diamonds by Tacori.
choose which one is best for you? What are the options? There are three main
categories to consider when buying or designing your own ring: the metal, the
setting, and the diamond shape or cut. Taking a closer look at the options available
will help you determine what kind of ring is best for you and whether to choose from
one of our amazing designer’s signature rings or design something from scratch.

DIAMOND SHAPES AND CUTS Pear shaped Round brilliant
diamond in a halo diamond in a
The 57-facet round-brilliant cut is the most setting by Fana. prong setting
popular diamond cut for solitaire diamonds because by the Sylvie
it produces the most pure white light return. It is cut Collection.
with specific mathematically calculated angles that
optimize the shine and sparkle of the diamond. But of length to short fingers, as do tapered side stones such as baguettes (a rectangular
it’s far from the only choice! There are many different cut without beveled corners, although the rectangle itself may be tapered).
cuts and shapes to choose from, all of which have The princess cut is another favorite choice for center stones. The top of the
their own unique charms. princess cut is square or rectangular, and the profile or side-view shape is similar
Fancy shapes such as pear, marquise (a long to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. The cut includes a series
rectangle with pointed tips), emerald (a rectangular of unique chevron-shaped facets in the pavilion, which combine to give a distinct
step cut with tapered corners), and ovals are popular cross-shaped reflection when the stone is viewed directly through the table.
alternatives to the round-brilliant. Oval-shaped The cushion cut — so named for its softly rounded corners that resemble a
center stones and solitaires have become particularly pillow — is another favorite that feels rather vintage. The cut dates back 200 years
popular this year, a trend partly influenced by and was once considered the cut of royalty. Today’s versions use modern cutting
celebrities, including Serena Williams, Ashley technology to imbue the cushion with renewed sparkle.
Greene, and Kirsten Dunst, all of whom wear oval
diamond rings. Oval diamonds are not only a unique
alternative to round, but they have the appearance of
being larger than round or square cut diamonds of the
same size. And the elongated style makes the fingers
look longer. In fact, all long-shaped stones, like oval,
pear, emerald, or marquise diamonds, add the illusion

]26 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

There are also a specialty cuts that only certain manufacturers stepped facets and a high crown that produces a very high brilliance.
make. One is the Asscher cut, originally created in the early 1900s Although the Asscher cut is known as a square shape, it is actually
by the Asscher Brothers of Holland’s Asscher Diamond Company somewhat octagonal, since all four corners are cropped. However,
(now the Royal Asscher Diamond Company). For decades, Asscher these cropped corners are not noticeable once the diamond is
cuts were primarily found in vintage jewelry stores, but the shape mounted into a four-prong setting. Another special cut is the
surged in popularity again during the early 2000s. Asscher cuts look Radiant, which is a square cut with a complete brilliant-cut facet
similar to emerald cuts, with the most obvious difference being that pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion, creating a vibrant
they are square, as opposed to rectangular. This cut features large and lively square (or rectangular) diamond with a total of 70 facets.

Round brilliant three-
stone ring by Verragio.

SETTINGS Emerald cut diamond in
a RoyalT ring by Tacori.
Prong setting is the most common setting in jewelry and is often used in solitaire Marquise shaped
diamond rings because it uses the least amount of metal to hold the stone, thus diamond in an east-
showing off the diamond to its best advantage. Generally, it is simply a number of west setting by Tacori.
gold posts (usually four or six), called prongs, that are fixed at the base and arranged
in a shape and size to hold the stone. After the stone is inserted between the prongs,
a tool is used to bend the prongs gently over the crown of the stone.
The halo setting, a center stone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller stones, is the
biggest thing to hit engagement ring design since the prong setting. The halo adds
visual interest to a single stone, while making it look much bigger. Designers have
recently morphed the halo into square and hexagonal frames, featuring colored
stones and diamonds, as well as baguettes.
In a bezel setting, another popular choice, the metal is rounded or bent into the
shape and size of the stone. The diamond is then inserted into the bezel, and the
metal is rubbed over the stone, holding it in place. This method works well for
either cabochon or faceted stones.
Rings are sometimes surrounded by smaller diamonds on the shank that are pavé
set — closely set together with minimum visibility of the tiny metal beads or prongs
that hold them in place. The effect is of a surface “paved” with diamonds.
Some women prefer a so-called east-west setting, when an elongated stone such
as an oval, radiant cut, or marquise is set sideways across the finger, as opposed to
the traditional north-south direction up and down the finger. This modern setting
has reignited the popularity of cuts like pears and marquises.

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 27

wedding guide

Round brilliant diamonds Celebration diamond
surrounded by round and bands by Tacori.
baguette diamonds in Petite
Crescent settings by Tacori.

METALS Platinum is also a popular choice for wedding bands. It is one
of the most durable and expensive of the precious metals, with a
Gold is the traditional material for wedding bands. This symbolic beautiful greyish-white luster. Platinum is heavier and stronger than
metal is available primarily in yellow, white, and rose, although other gold, due to the denseness of the metal. It is also hypoallergenic —
colors such as blackened and brown gold can be found. Gold can some people develop allergies from the alloys used in other metal
be finished in a variety of ways — from polished to matte. Since bands. Palladium, part of the platinum group of metals, shares
it is a softer metal, it can be scratched or dented, but it can be re- many of platinum’s attributes, such as its white color, strength,
polished to its shimmering glory, and its softness allows for elaborate and durability. Since it is not quite as rare as platinum, and also not
engraving or filigree patterns on the shank. Scrollwork, floral motifs, as dense, this metal is lighter and more affordable, and therefore
or an elegantly intertwined band can lend a subtle touch of elegance a great choice for a wedding band. Like platinum, palladium is
or harken back to bygone eras. Rose gold is gaining popularity, hypoallergenic.
particularly in bridal, where it is seen as softer than yellow gold with
romantic or vintage undertones.

Dantela collection rings
with specialty cut side
diamonds by Tacori.

]28 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E


ON 20
Jewelry trends for 2019 are cause for rejoicing, with cheery colors, motifs,
Philip Gavriel silver and silhouettes. Inspirations hail from up above (the stars and the moon!),
and 18k ring in fashion runway couture, the red carpet, and even from critters in your own
pink amethyst backyard. Jewelry designers continually seek out fresh visions in order to
and rhodolite delight devotees of their work, and although we call these collections of
with diamond fresh looks trends, their significance as fine jewels won’t diminish anytime
accents. $490 soon! Read on to see what new style will become a future favorite or family
heirloom, but be forewarned — there might be more than one.

Doves amethyst over John Hardy Classic Colore onyx
mother of pearl and Chain crossover and diamond
diamond ring in 18k. ring in silver.
$2,990 ring in 18k
hammered gold $495
and silver. $795

BIG RINGS Tacori bold crescent ceiling neo-turquoise
ring in silver with 18k seal. $650

Every jewelry collection should have at least one big cocktail ring. It makes a

statement like nothing else, and it’s something you can enjoy looking at all day, since

you can see it without having to look in the mirror! This year, ring designs focus on

a spectacular center stone as the star of the show. It is usually the kind of gem that is

plentiful and found in fairly big sizes, like quartz, tourmaline, citrine, or this year’s

Colore quartz over blue mother most popular center stone, morganite. Diamond accents add a touch of glamour.
of pearl ring in silver. $200

]30 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

LINK LOVE John Hardy Classic
People hit the links, link arms, and Link-In for career Chain necklace in
opportunities, but jewelry-loving linkers rely on the lean silhouettes
as beacons of unique style. Think two-tone varieties of different sizes silver. $595
with tiny geometric numbers mixed in, alternating round and oval
shapes, and oversize woven links intertwined with smaller sterling
braids. Link outlines vary more nowadays, taking the form of pretty
shapes like marquise, Moorish-inspired patterns, and other types of exotic

Elle two-tone link
earrings in silver. $95

Andrea Candela double row
link bracelet in silver. $500

Shy Creation GO LONG
geometric Long earrings remain go-to
diamond drop accessories in the jewelry boxes of
earrings in 14k. fashionistas and celebrities alike!
$1,395 Dramatic stiletto-like earrings are
the perfect accessory for strapless
gowns and asymmetrical necklines
and can even be an unexpected and
sassy touch for buttoned-up blouses.
This trend transcends cultures and
generations of women, given that
rose quartz and silver styles can
dangle from the lobes of daughters
at prom while moms don their own
diamond-and-platinum pairs when
on chaperone duty. Long necks,
long-stem roses, long wine-fueled
dinners with loved ones, and long
sexy earrings all bear the signature
makings of a perfect romance.

Lassaire “In Motion”
simulated diamond drop
earrings in silver. $260

Shy Creation pavé
diamond drop earrings
in 14k. $770

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 31

TOUCH THE STARS Shy Creation triple star diamond
The atmosphere above works hard for our necklace in 14k. $370
benefit, which may be why jewelry designers are
currently serving up a serious homage to the galaxy. Shy Creation
Full gold moons, brilliant diamond stars, and radiant crescent
citrine sun styles illustrate the myriad ways to honor the moon
heavens above! Celestial themes are easy to execute across diamond
all jewelry materials (think lunar-like moonstone slivers and pendant in
tiny bead-set diamonds that look like stars) and have wide 14k. $350
appeal — who can argue their significance and elegant style? And Shy Creation diamond star
because the moving sun affects our moods, an ample variety of stud earrings in 14k. $220
star-themed jewels can help you set a fresh tone daily depending on
your feelings.

Hearts On
Fire “Liliana”
solitaire diamond
necklace in 18k.
Starting at $895

Tacori rose
amethyst and
diamond ring in
silver and 18k.

Doves amethyst over mother of
pearl and diamond earrings in
18k. $2,650

Pink has never been so powerful! Pantone’s Color of 2018 — Ultra Violet — continues to fuel fashion and jewelry’s ongoing love affair with
lavender and rosy hues. In gemstones, these hues mean amethyst and iolite, as well as pink sapphires, diamonds, and rubellite tourmaline. Rose
gold has been hugely popular in fashion (think metallics). Little-known fact: Though associated with feminism, pink actually has roots amongst
the working class, so guys, too, can wear it confidently should the mood to think pink strike.

]32 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

Shy Creation
diamond necklace

in 14k. $495

Elle cubic Hearts On
zirconia Fire “Triplicity”
adjustable diamond lariat
layer necklace necklace in
in silver. $180 18k. $2,990

Shy Tacori
Creation diamond lariat
fringe necklace in
necklace silver with 18k
in 14k.
$550 seal. $690

Shy Creation
crossover ring in
14k. $1,560

John Hardy Classic
Chain diamond ring in
18k hammered gold
and silver. $2,900

John Hardy Classic
Chain blue sapphire
ring in silver. $950

For those with Iris Apfel-like taste, piles of accessories never get old! Drama has a new name and it’s called the Y necklace. This early ’90s fave
When summer heat kicks in, however, it makes sense to slim them down came back in style a few years ago and proves it’s not stepping aside anytime
to stay cool. This means dainty pendants should nestle with thin chains soon. Designers love the silhouette for its inherently sexy vibe — a regular
or multi-tiers of featherlight gold or silver motifs that won’t weigh you necklace that goes rogue (and long) where a tidy little pendant should lie.
down. Slender bands and stacking rings allow wearers to easily build Y styles successfully punctuate necklines of all types (though a V packs the
up (or strip down) to individual levels of comfort, and a mushrooming most memorable display), while focal point finishes are stylish as slim pavé-
number of metal textures (including hammered and high polish) will dusted metal accents or chunky gem caps. Why not step up your style game
help keep your layering game as hot as blacktop in July. with a piece that packs some flair? Y necklaces answer that coquettish call.

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 33

John Hardy Classic Chain cuffs in
silver, shown in diamond and black

$2,795 John Hardy
Classic Chain
$995 hinged cuff in
silver. $895
Shy Creation diamond bangle
in 14k. $1,980 Tacori wide cuff
in silver with 18k
ON THE CUFF seal. $990
Plainly visible for you and others to see, the wrist Odelia twist diamond
remains one of our favorite places to perch pretty jewels! bangle in 18k. $3,690
Oversize cuffs and bangles emanate a powerful look Odelia diamond bangles
that all can enjoy, while slim stackable bangles channel in 18k. $3,450
a sexier vibe that vixens will appreciate. Plus, precious
materials like big slabs of freeform turquoise set in silver
or petite diamond accents on gold illustrate your tastes
in expanses that suit individual personalities accordingly.
While many prefer not to wear their heart on their
sleeve, beautiful varieties of bracelets are an ideal form
of stylish self-expression.

]34 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

simple solutions by SUSIE YAKOWICZ


Try these ten ideas and see how simple it is — and how
good it feels — to do change the world.

Does it feel like world is slowly (or sometimes quickly) getting more GIVE A GIFT
and more divided? I swear, so often lately it’s as if someone has put anger You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a worthy gift.
on autopilot with the gas pedal down. Standing up for your beliefs is an Sometimes the best gifts are those that cost little but have significant
important thing; it drives change for the better. But maybe we’ve lost a bit meaning, like a thoughtful card or a small token of love. A donation to
of balance. A lot of people seem to be embracing righteous indignation, an important cause is another meaningful way to show kindness.
but maybe we need at least as many people willing to balance that force
with gentle kindness. Maybe we can change the world without destroying DO A FAVOR
ourselves in the process. “Do me a favor” may sound commonplace, but it’s a simple act of
Why not make a point to do something unexpected and kind every kindness that never loses value. Help a neighbor fix his car, babysit a
day? It’s sometimes shocking how big of an impact such a small act can friend’s child for a few hours, or run an errand for someone in need.
have on someone. And you may be surprised at how good it makes you The best part? Doing favors gets others inspired to do them too, and the
feel too. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture. The simple acts are kindness spreads.
often make the biggest difference.
PAY A COMPLIMENT Introducing people who don’t know each other but could profit from
One of the nicest things you can do for people is offer accolades. a new friendship or business partnership is an easy thing to do that pays
Whether you applaud how well they handled a difficult situation or off for everyone. They’ll benefit from their relationship, and you’ll gain
admire their new hairstyle, paying a compliment can make someone’s pleasure from helping bring them together.
day. And nothing could be easier than giving a short expression of praise.
OFFER ASSISTANCE The ability to feel what another person is feeling is a gift. If you’ve
Just look around and you’re sure to see someone who could use some got it, use it. Showing empathy to someone who has experienced a loss,
help. There are many ways to assist others, from holding open a door to gone through a difficult change, or endured physical pain can be highly
carrying heavy packages or groceries. Find an opportunity to extend a comforting to the sufferer — and rewarding for you.
helping hand and make life a little easier for someone.
SHARE A MEAL Know someone who could use something of yours? Don’t be afraid to
Good food can make anyone happy, especially when it comes from the part with it temporarily. Loaning a possession — from something as small
heart. Invite someone over who doesn’t get home-cooked meals or make as a tool or book to a weekend at your vacation home — can be easier
a meal for someone in need. It’s a simple effort that won’t go unnoticed, than you think, especially when you see the impact you’ve made.
and you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of preparing and sharing the food.
MAKE CONTACT While the spotlight may be gratifying, sometimes it’s more important
Reaching out to someone you know may sound unnecessary, especially to let another person take center stage. During your everyday routine, let
if you don’t have a reason, but this simple gesture can be a blessing. someone else talk, be first in line, or get the credit for a job well done.
Personal contact, whether in the flesh or by phone, boosts mood, instills You’ve got nothing to lose, except your chance to do something nice.
confidence in others, and contributes to overall well-being.

]36 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

subtle style by CAROL BESLER

T $1,300 $4,500
here are so many beautiful trends in fine jewelry this
year, from long drop earrings to rainbow-colored Hearts On Fire
gemstone bracelets, that it’s never been more possible to Jade Trau inside-outside
make a bold statement. But sometimes a bold statement Alchemy collection diamond oval
is not what is called for. Sometimes just the basics will Forevermark diamond hoop earrings
necklaces in 18k. in 18k. $3,250
Shy Creation
do — the foundational classics that demonstrate you diamond hoop with
drop earrings in
have good taste and plenty of style, no matter where 14k. $720

you are or what the occasion. The great thing about

the classics is that they can be updated periodically,

becoming classics-with-a-twist — a strand of pearls with

a few gemstones added or a stud earring with a small

drop or jacket — and they still never go out of style.

CLASSICHere are few of this year’s must-have modern classics. $1,300



$1,790 $990

Tacori diamond
earrings in 18k.

Shy Creation inside- Tacori
outside diamond diamond
hoop earrings in earrings in
14k. $645 silver. $890
Shy Creation Eden
EARRINGS collection diamond
Earrings at their most basic are diamond or pearl studs, and what earrings in 14k. $820
could be more elegant? Some designers add small drops or jackets, but
the classic stud is the essential ingredient. This year, classic doorknockers Hearts On Fire diamond stud
are back in style in a range of sizes, and, of course, hoops are a favorite earrings in 18k from the
standby. This year, they are set with gems that hang on loops or chains Lorelei collection. $3,500
from the hoop. Hoops are also being set with diamonds on the inner side
as well as the outer, so the sparkle of gems shows from every angle.

]38 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E



Hearts On Fire
diamond necklaces

in 18k from the
Liliana collection.

Hearts On Fire teardrop $390 $580
diamond necklace in 18k Shy Creation diamonds-by-the-yard Shy Creation diamond
from the Aerial Regal Scroll
necklace in 14k. $695 necklaces in 14k.
collection. $1,900


The diamond solitaire necklace (DSN, for short) somehow offers a big look, despite its diminutive size. It’s the perfect finishing touch
for virtually any outfit, from the beach to the ballroom. For a bigger bang, the classic riviera necklace, with its long string of not-so-solitaire
diamonds, is as elegant as it gets. For a less glittering look, stations of diamonds, or diamonds-by-the-yard as they are sometimes called, are a
nice alternative to the riviera.

Fana blue sapphire Fana blue sapphire
and diamond ring in and ruby rings with
14k. $2,495 diamonds in 14k.


John Hardy Classic Chain Shy Creation Eden Tacori diamond ring $2,125
saddle ring in 18k hammered collection diamond in 18k. $2,390
gold and silver. $595 ring in 14k. $870

RINGS Shy Creation
Wedding and engagement rings are the epitome of tradition, diamond ring in
but women have never been comfortable neglecting the right 14k. $990
hand, and that is why the jewelry industry celebrates the Right
Hand Ring. It could be an embellished wide band, a diamond
pavé style (in contrast to the solitaire on the left hand), or a one-
of-a-kind ruby, sapphire, or emerald masterpiece — the three
gemstones that will never, ever go out of style.

Tacori diamond ring
in silver. $1,290

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 39



The Tacori Promise


Facet Barcelona Fana blue sapphire and diamond
non-flip, flex diamond bangle in 14k. $4,795

tennis bracelet. Hearts On Fire 11 carat Aerial
diamond bracelet in 18k. $55,000

Odelia stackable diamond BRACELETS
bangle in 14k. $1,550 Ever since Chrissy Evert dubbed her riviera-style diamond
line bracelet the tennis bracelet, it has been a classic in the
Hearts On Fire Lorelei Floral lexicon of American jewelry. Today, it can be set with
diamond bangle in 18k. $5,500 alternate gems, including sapphires or emeralds or even a
rainbow of colored gems. Stacking also works: the only thing
]40 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E better than one bracelet or bangle is a whole armful!


designer spotlight by CYNTHIA UNNINAYAR

TATHE C Every facet of Tacori’s beautiful jewelry reflects the passion
TOUCH of the Tacori family for creating heirlooms to be treasured
for generations. Individually shaped by dozens of hands and
countless hours, each piece utilizes high-tech methodology
combined with the delicate human touch of fine workmanship.
This attention to detail, personal craftsmanship, and original
beauty transforms each Tacori design into a unique work of

O R Iart—itisknownastheTacoriTouch.
Tacori’s legacy began in 1969, when Haig Tacorian
left Europe to begin a new life in California. Along with
his wife Gilda, they created a fine jewelry company that
merged European chic with California’s relaxed style.
Tacori is known for its exquisite engagement rings with a
signature crescent silhouette design, and also for its pieces
with unusual gemstone cuts.

The family-run company has recently introduced
its next iconic bridal collection — Crescent
Chandelier. The iconic crescent silhouette
has added beauty to the inner face of
Tacori rings for more than a decade,
but now, for the first time, the
brand is debuting this look on the
top view of the ring, embracing
the center diamond. The new
Crescent Chandelier design offers
an intricate diamond string accent
and windows of light that almost
double the look of the crown. 

Rings in white, yellow, and rose gold in the
Crescent Chandelier collection.


]42 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

Tacori completes the look across several jewelry
collections with its Completing the Look pieces in a
variety of gemstones.

Among Tacori’s other new lines of fine bridal jewelry is the Coastal Crescent. With
a new “crescent fabric” on the inner face of the ring, this solitaire collection has a brand
new crescent with diamond detailing underneath. This is also the only Tacori collection
available in 14k gold, making it available in a very accessible price point.
For the first time ever, Tacori’s Diamond Earrings are available as convertible
studs and jackets. The diamond stud earrings shine solo, or they can be
combined with the next-level layer of diamonds. 
In Tacori’s fashion lines, colorful gemstones are now firmly held within
a Crescent Embrace. In this new collection, Tacori’s sculpted crescent
has been reimagined as a crescent-accented bezel frame, securely
embracing a spectrum of the brand’s best selling colored
gemstones: amethyst, rose amethyst, sky blue topaz, London blue

$250 topaz, chalcedony, black onyx, and prasiolite.



$250 $250


Earrings from the Crescent Embrace $350 $390
collection in silver, shown with sky Evoking the Art Deco era,
blue topaz. $220 these rings, in chalcedony,
amethyst, and onyx, among
other gemstones, are
available in the Gemma
Bloom collection.

Convertible earrings in the Tacori
Diamond Earrings collection.

Earrings from the Crescent Rings in the new Coastal
Embrace collection in silver, Crescent collection in 14k white,
shown with amethyst. $220 yellow and rose gold.

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 43

In the Horizon Shine collection, gemstones are The Shine Together bracelet, with
horizontally set in silver, with faceted shapes and stones. partial proceeds going to support
Adding to the favorite fancy cut gems are two new the Shine Together organization.
cabochon stones, seen for the first time in a Tacori
collection — Labradorite and sea green chalcedony.
A distinctive beading detail embellishes
the border of gemstones in the Gemma
Bloom collection. Inspired by the Art
Deco style of the 1920s, this vintage style
modernizes with a nouveau milgrain-style
setting. Tacori now extends the power
of popular gemstones by completing the
look across several jewelry collections. This
ensures that the most popular gemstones are
now available in the brand’s best-selling styles
as well as its new petite styles. 




$340 In keeping with the family’s values
of quality, commitment, and integrity,
$340 Tacori believes in making a difference
by giving back to the community.
$390 A variety of colored gems are One of the ways Tacori does this is
placed horizontally in the Horizon by partnering with Shine Together, an
$390 Shine collection. organization dedicated to celebrating
and amplifying the awesome impact
]44 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E women have every day, while
simultaneously creating measurable
opportunities for them around the
world. To this end, Tacori has created
its Shine Together bracelet to celebrate
the message that “we all shine brighter,
together.” The brand is donating 30
percent of the net proceeds from
this bracelet to the Shine Together

The Horizon Shine COLLECTION

designer spotlight by CYNTHIA UNNINAYAR



When most other teenage girls were spending their time
choosing a dress for the prom, Leora Aminoff was spending

time in her father’s jewelry manufacturing office learning about
gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry making.

“Since my early childhood, I have been fascinated with jewelry.

During summer vacations as a teenager, instead of going to camp
with my friends, I would be with my dad, learning everything I could
about the jewelry business,” Leora says. She often traveled with her
father, Uri Aminoff, on buying trips or to meetings with suppliers or

manufacturers. “I began sketching pieces of jewelry,” she says.

In 2008, her passion turned into a profession. She and her father co- Sapphire and diamond Emerald and
founded Madison L in New York City. “The name derives from New earrings in white gold diamond pendant
York’s Madison Avenue and my initial L,” she explains. “Just walking from the Arianna in white gold
down Madison Avenue, you can feel the power there. There are so many collection. $3,650 from the Arianna
powerful women — self-deciders — who wear beautiful jewelry. Madison collection. $1,590
Avenue evokes power, luxury, and jewelry.” Ruby and diamond ring in
It was this world that Leora wanted to address. “We created Madison L white gold from the Arianna
because we wanted to fill the void in the industry for the self-purchasing collection. $4,290
woman. We wanted to create something accessible and affordable for her,
something that she feels comfortable in, something she can gift herself
because she loves it.”
And fill this void Madison L has, with wearable collections that began
with the Arianna line. “This was our first launch, and it featured gold jewels
with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires,” she says. The collection is named
after Leora’s niece, “who always has a sparkle in her beautiful green eyes,”
muses the designer. She adds that her niece, following in the family’s
footsteps, also attends trade fairs and is showing an early interest in jewelry,
like her aunt. The collection remains one of the brand’s most popular lines
and is available in bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

]46 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

Clearly, Madison L is a family affair. Her father is still Above: Yellow gold
very active in the business, and her younger brother Eli- and diamond pendant
Ron takes care of the national sales and marketing aspects from the Milano
of the brand, while “bringing humor, a smile, and hugs collection. $3,190
to all of us on a daily basis,” says Leora. “We have such a Left: Yellow gold and
great support team,” adds Eli-Ron, “that it is a pleasure diamond earrings from
to come to work every day.” the Milano collection.
As for her inspiration, Leora says that it depends on the $2,850
collection. One of her more recent — and her favorite,
she confides — is Milano. It was inspired by the canals Peridot and
and gondolas of Venice, the architecture of Rome, and diamond ring
the art of Florence. Crafted in gold with diamonds, the in yellow gold.
lines of Milano pieces are clean, classic, yet contemporary $1,575
and evoke the gold heritage of Italy.
For the Stiletto collection, Leora was inspired by her Mother-of-pearl and
extensive collection of high-heeled shoes. “This was diamond earrings in pink
one way to get the point across, so to speak,” she says.
The collection comes in gold and diamonds and colorful gold from the Stiletto
gemstones, with sleek vertical lines that evoke the high collection. $1,395
heels the designer so loves. Pink gold and
Aside from having trendsetting designs and a finger on diamond ring
the pulse of the latest fashion, Madison L also insists on from the Milano
ethical sourcing and responsible production from their collection. $1,150
manufacturers and gem suppliers. “They are part of our
extended family, and we hold them to the same high
standards as ourselves,” insists Leora.

Garnet and diamond ring in Onyx and diamond
white gold. $1,420 earrings in yellow
gold from the Stiletto
collection. $1,050

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 47

designer spotlight by CYNTHIA UNNINAYAR

Yellow gold
necklace with
clear quartz
over amazonite.

“I THINK OF MYSELF Yellow gold diamond ring
AS A DREAMER, with black onyx. $2,990



ORDER.” — DORON PALOMA Yellow gold diamond ring with clear
quartz over amazonite. $1,950


Doron Paloma, president and chief designer of Doves by Doron Paloma, was  “I think of myself as a dreamer, designer, and
always a jewelry enthusiast. Although he grew up in a family of precious gemstone architect, in that order,” he muses. “Color is my
manufacturers, Doron decided to pursue his other passion, architecture. After earning favorite language. When I start a collection, I
his degree in architecture and winning several awards in the field, the young man always think of what that color means and design
spent a summer sketching jewelry pieces for his family’s business. His incredible gift with that emotion in mind.”
for drawing, along with his architect’s eye, proved to be a winning combination for  Beginning with a sketch board, as in
creating beautiful jewelry — his talent was hidden no more. architecture, Doron takes his cues from travel,
The result was the creation of his brand, Doves by Doron Paloma, where he is architecture, art, and nature to create beautiful
president and chief designer. The brand became quickly known for its trendsetting and colorful collections that evoke this emotion.
designs that have garnered celebrity attention and worldwide press. He has made He combines 18k gold, diamonds, and colorful
exclusive designs for former First Lady Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and gemstones to create unique pieces with dramatic
Catherine Zeta-Jones, among others. attention to detail.

]48 R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E

White gold diamond Yellow gold
necklace with white topaz diamond necklace
over mother of pearl and with blue topaz
lapis. $2,190 over hematite.

Yellow gold diamond
necklace with white
mother of pearl. $2,290

Yellow gold diamond ring with white Yellow gold diamond
mother of pearl. $1,595 earrings with blue
topaz over hematite.

White gold diamond ring with
white topaz over mother of
pearl and lapis. $2,100

Doron’s recent collections involve his special Dovelet Luna, named for and inspired by the color changes of the moon during
technique, which creates a unique gem effect. “A transparent, an eclipse, combines black mother-of-pearl and clear quartz. The beauty
natural gemstone is layered onto a natural gemstone base to create a of a Dovelet is especially highlighted in this collection. Depending on
distinctive ethereal glow,” explains Doron. “Our master artisans refer the angle of light hitting the surface of the piece, Luna exhibits hues of
to this process as painting with gems. Each natural gemstone layer green, orange, red, and black along with shades in between.
is a dazzling new palette of beauty.” This exceptional craftsmanship In a new twist on traditional engagement rings, Doves features
comes with a lifetime guarantee. the Little Bird Bridal collection, which includes a range of alternative
Doves has created a number of unique collections using bridal rings with semi-precious colored gemstones and unique halos
the Dovelet technique. Amazon Breeze is inspired by the lush and settings. From asymmetrical and vintage settings to pastel-colored
jungle landscape of the Amazon River basin, and the gemstone stones, such as peach morganite and blue topaz, every Little Bird ring
Amazonite is a rare and unique gemstone historically found in the redefines the typical wedding band.
Amazon River. In this collection, checker-cut clear quartz is placed From Madrid to Mexico, St. Barths to San Francisco, Doves is one of
over a natural Amazonite base set in 18k yellow gold and diamonds. the biggest names in luxury jewelry.

[R U M A N O F F ’ S F I N E J E W E L R Y M A G A Z I N E 49


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