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Humboldt Crabs Program 2017

Humboldt Crabs Program 2017

2017 OFFICIAL PROGRAM America’s oldest continuously operated summer collegiate baseball team


The Face of the Crabs

Ugo Giuntini


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Humboldt Crabs 2017 3

Message from the Crabs
Board President, Bill Ruff

Allow me to introduce myself. I baseball fan anywhere. My friends from Santa Cruz (where I
am Bill Ruff, the newest (7th) moved from) would ask what is Arcata like. Well, It’s a college
President of the Humboldt town most of the year, except for two months in the summer
Crabs Baseball Board when it transforms into the biggest baseball town you will
of Directors and your humble servant. ever see. The fans are knowledgeable, fun loving supporters of
I have been a board member for 5 Crabs Baseball and love to give the visiting teams a true Crabby
years, the last 3 as Vice President and welcome. Second, the Crab Grass Band! Who does not love
head of personnel/staffing. I look this band? Simply put, they part of who the Crabs are. They are
forward to my new role this season and bandits in the own rights (Crazy Train) and playing those crazy
hope that I can measure up to the great love songs (Elvira) and don’t miss the seventh inning stretch.
job Vikki did over the last 3 years. My favorite reason (I’m little biased), is the greatest ball park
staff this side of the Mississippi River. All of our staff works very
Some friends have asked why I decided to volunteer on Crabs hard to make the fan’s experience second to none. The Crabs
board and now as president. I love baseball (Giants fan) more are very proud to hire young adults from local high school and
importantly I found how much Crab’s baseball reinforces hsu. From the front gate, ticket sales, special events, security,
that feeling. My favorite day over the last 20 years: Sunday’s 50/50, concessions, adult beverages the staff are here for you,
afternoon, June through August watching the Crabs baseball the fans.
with friends and a cold beer. It is also an honor to be part of a
great organization, working with some very dedicated people, So, as the 73rd season begins, I look forward to great baseball,
the board member and community supporters. warm evenings, cold beer on sunny Sundays and you the fans.
When you see me, say hello.
Our 73rd season is looking to be a great season, but with Go Crabs!
changes. Tyson Fisher, Crabs manager for the last couple of
years, retired so he could spend more time with his growing Bill Ruff, President
family. Our new manager is Robin Guiver. Most of our fans
are familiar with Robin. As Crab alumni, Robin pitched for Humboldt Crabs Baseball Board of Directors
the Crabs in 1998- 99 for manager Shorty Ames. He also was
a coach, assistant manager for Matt Nutter. Over the past few !
years, he worked on recruiting players for the Crabs. Working
with Robin his year is returning pitching coach Eric Giacone. 2017 © Humboldt Crabs Annual Program: Cover photo of Jason
New this year as assistant coaches: Brad Morgan (Crabs 2007, Newman and Michael Perri by Erik Fraser; Program printed by
2008 and 2010 and assistant Manager 2011-2012). Currently Times Printing in Eureka; program designed by Joel Milke/Carson
Brad is the manager of CR Baseball team) and Ryan Dettman Park Design, program produced by Tracy Mack, assistance by
(Manager of Fall River College Baseball team. Ellen Barthman, Carl Pellatz, and the rest of Humboldt Crabs
Board of Directors and volunteers.
The Crabs had what looks like a strong recruiting season. One
of the fan favorite returning for his second season is pitcher Humboldt Crabs 2017
Ronny “Junior” Davis representing Hoopa Valley. Welcome
back Junior! Also coming home is; Cycle Watkins (Eureka) and
Wyatt Tucker (McKinleyville).

We are always looking to improving the experience for our
fans. So we added another fireworks night (July 14th and
August 5th). July 15th is Alumni and Parent Day, always a great
time to watch what alumni still (or think) has what it takes
during batting practice. My favorite event has always been
hanging with my daughter at the yard on Father’s Day.

The 2017 game schedule is filled with the usual suspects
with a couple of surprises; The Novato Knicks couldn’t make
the trip to Arcata on June 7th, so we invited the B52s to take
their place. Also, June 30th through July 2nd, the Crabs will
play Sacramento M’s a new invite, instead of Top Speed who
couldn’t make the trip.

Finally, this is for the future fans. Haven’t been to a Crab’s
game? Let me share my top three reasons what you’re missing
(besides great baseball). First, the FANS!. These are the greatest


Together we can
hit it out of the


Tri Counties Bank proudly supports
the Humboldt Crabs baseball team.

When communities work together, they thrive together.
At Tri Counties Bank, we are honored to support our
local teams and all the players that make them great.
We applaud your hard work, and we’ll be cheering loudly
for the Crabs this season.

Member FDIC 1-800-922-8742 |

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6 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Opening Day is always a Holiday

by Janine Volkmar Slice of Humboldt Pie, baked daily in Arcata.

Ask anyone: what holidays are your favorites? There will be not one, but two fireworks nights this season, July
14 and August 5. What a perfect spot to watch the night sky lit
Most folks will answer Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and, wait up with colorful explosions.
for it, Opening Day for the Humboldt Crabs.
There are lots of activities for kids. Every Sunday little Crabbies
Opening day brings all the excitement of watching the new get to run the bases after the game and trade high-fives with
players, greeting old friends, singing along with the world the players who line up on the third baseline. Crusty the
renowned Crabgrass Band, enjoying a cold beer and a hot dog, Crab will be roaming the park to greet little fans and pose for
and loving some sunshine after a long, wet winter. pictures. And boys and girls, ages six through sixteen, can
sign up for Crabs Camps in four different locations. Camp
Humboldt Crabs baseball
just means summer for loyal attendees learn skills, meet
fans and newbies alike. players, and score a t-shirt
and tickets to the games
So many people have for themselves and their
been working to make this families. Camps run June 19
opening day happen. through July 27 at various
locations. Sign up early via
Mike O’Dowd and Fred the Crabs website for a spot!
Lomeli have dug every
possible dandelion out of the Dig through that costume
field by hand. The grass is at box to get ready for Pirate
its velvety best after a winter Night, Hawaiian Day,
of rain, rain, rain. Eighties Night, Cowboy
Night, Tie-Dye Day and
HSU graduates and former more. Many fans outdo
track stars Aron Gonzales themselves with their
scheduled your special event creative and colorful outfits.
or party for the right field
BBQ spot and Giovanna None of these activities
Ortega will help you plan a could happen without the
birthday party in the left field team itself and its coaches
space. and manager. New manager Robin Guiver is no stranger to
the Crabs. “It’s my twentieth year with the Crabs,” he said.
Julie Stagnoli, head Beer Goddess, and her all-volunteer crew He pitched for the Crabs in the late 90s and has done the
of James Nowell, Holly Berry, Andrea Armas, Krista Freeman, important job of recruiting players since 2003, as well as
and Ellen Barthman, has some good news for thirsty fans: coaching. Now he and his family will be spending the season
beer prices are the same as last year. That’s right, no price in Arcata. Guiver and his wife have two boys, aged 3 years
increase on the cold sudsy stuff! “We’ll have some specialty and seven months. Watch for these future players around the
beers throughout the season,” Julie said. Even if you don’t buy ballpark. Guiver said he is grateful for “the support we get
a beer, she reminds you to stop by and say hi. “We like to see from the community.” Guiver will be joined by former Crab
everyone,” she added. players and now coaches Eric Giacone, Brad Morgan, and Ryan
Chet Sterling, that awesome linebacker from HSU, will be
the lead security man and he and his group of friendly giants The Crabs roster will include players from many colleges and
will keep the ballpark safe for all. Obnoxious inebriates and universities. Board member Larry Zerlang reminds supporters
little kids who run like Wild Things will be dealt with courtesy that these players will appreciate jobs in the community,
and firmness. Yes, these fellows have to check your purses whether it’s a regular part-time or full-time job in your business
and backpacks as you come in but it’s all for good reasons. or just a one day yard cleanup with a good lunch thrown in
Outside alcohol is not allowed. As for knives and pepper spray, with the paycheck. “High-paying, easy jobs are the best,” he
cigarettes, pot and vape pipes leave them at home or in the car. said with his tongue in his cheek, but players are strong and
This ballpark is a safe and smoke-free space for everyone. willing workers in just about any opportunity. !

In the concession stand DJ Martel will be working lead again. Janine Volkmar is in her third year of covering the behind-the-
The 2013 HSU graduate and her group of enthusiastic young scenes stories about the Crabs for the Mad River Union.
women keep the hot dogs and hamburgers flipping. Six out of
eight workers are returning this year, according to Charlene She is always interested in story ideas.
Pellatz, Concessions and Ballpark Manager. “They were just
marvelous last year,” she said. Charlene promised weekend 7
specials and, of course, the return of the popular pies from

Humboldt Crabs 2017

Harper Humboldt Crabs Baseball 2017 Season
donates $50 JUNE SCHEDULE
for every
Home Run 1 Fanfest 2 Rockville 3 Rockville
to Little Kids run the bases every Sunday after the game 5 PM Rock Hounds Rock Hounds
League Check the website for promotions and special events 7 PM 7 PM
9 California 10 California
4 Rockville 5 6 7 B52s 7 PM 8 Expos 7 PM Expos 7 PM
Rock Hounds
12:30 PM 13 San Luis 14 San Luis 15 San Luis 16 Seattle 17 Seattle
11 California 12 Obispo Blues Obispo Blues Obispo Blues
Expos 12:30 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM Studs Studs
20 California 21 California 22
Storm 7 PM Storm 7 PM 7 PM 2:30 PM
27 Healdsburg 28 Healdsburg 29
18 Seattle 19 Prune Packers Prune Packers 23 @ Redding 24 @ Redding
7 PM 7 PM
Studs 12:30 PM Colt 45s 7:15 PM Colt 45s 7:15 PM

25 @ Redding 26 30 Sacramento 1 Sacramento

Colt 45s 4 PM M’s Baseball M’s Baseball

7 PM 7 PM



25 @ Redding 26 27 Healdsburg 28 Healdsburg 29 30 Sacramento 1 Sacramento M’s

Colt 45s 4 PM Prune Packers 7 PM Prune Packers 7 PM M’s Baseball 7 PM Baseball 7 PM

2 Sacramento M’s 3 4 Solano 5 Solano 6 7 San Diego 8 San Diego

Baseball 12:30 PM Mudcats 2:30 PM Mudcats 7 PM Waves 7 PM Waves 7 PM

9 San Diego 10 11 Seals 12 Seals 13 14 Walnut Creek 15 Walnut Creek

Waves 12:30 PM Baseball 7 PM Baseball 7 PM Crawdads 7 PM Crawdads 7 PM

16 Walnut Creek 17 18 San Leandro 19 San Leandro 20 21 Redding Colt 22 Redding Colt

Crawdads 12:30 PM Ports 7 PM Ports 7 PM 45s 7 PM 45s 7 PM

23 Redding Colt 24 25 Fresno A’s 26 Fresno A’s 27 28 29FPiancainficciaUlnCioanpitalists FPiancainficciaUlnCioanpitalists
7 PM 7 PM
45s 12:30 PM Puf Caps 7 PM Puf Caps 7 PM

30 31PFiancainficciaUlnCioanpitalists 1 Seals 2 Seals 3 4 Auburn 5 Auburn

Puf Caps 12:30 PM Baseball 7 PM Baseball 7 PM Wildcats 7 PM Wildcats 7 PM

6 Auburn 7 Kid8s run the base9s every Sunday10after the gam1e1 12

Wildcats 12:30 PM

= Appearance by the World Famous Crab Grass Band | @ = Away Game

Check the website for promotions and special events

You may have noticed a beautiful new Be a Part of the your event or perhaps your Little League
Ford F150 truck parked out front. Action at the Ballpark team wants to come to the park?

Harper Motors, off Hwy 101 in Eureka, Right Field Right field BBQ area reservations fill up
has been donating $50 for every home BBQ Area fast! So, start thinking about reserving
run hit by a Crab player at the Arcata & Left Field a date for next year, this year. The Crabs
ballpark for the last couple of summers. BDay Parties start taking reservations as soon as the
Harper Motors, once the summer has schedule comes out. The schedule is
concluded, turns around and writes a Fans can sign up to sing the usually finished by mid January. Shoot
check to the District 26 Del Norte and national anthem, throw out us an email at [email protected]
Humboldt County Little League. the first pitch, be a bat boy for more information. !
or bat girl, or participate in the
District 26 Little League consists of on the field games in between Hire a Player
teams in Arcata, Blue Lake-Fieldbrook, innings. Group wanting to spend
Del Norte (Crescent City), Eel River, Eu- a day at the ballpark can purchase If you would like to hire a Hum-
reka, Klamath-Trinity (Hoopa), McKin- the exclusive right field BBQ area for boldt Crab part-time during
leyville, Redwood Empire (Eureka), and a group outing or party, or reserve the the summer months,
Southern Humboldt (Garberville). left field area to throw a birthday please contact Crabs
party. If you have a big group board member Larry
This kind of generosity helps teams trav- wanting to go to the game, you can Zerlang at 707-496-4802.
el when they go to any sort of playoffs or purchase group discount tickets for Players are great for gen-
championships out of the area. Hotels, eral yard work or general
car rentals and gas can be very expensive work around the house.
and their generosity makes it possible for Got something to haul or
the kids to have a memory for a lifetime. move?
Thank you Harper Motors! Hire a Crab! !

8 Humboldt Crabs 2017



Catch the

- Noah's
Family &

Humboldt Crabs 2017 9

2017 Coaching Staff

Robin Guiver play at Chico he guided the prep elite team to its first
State Universi- appearance at the American Legion state
Crabs Manager ty as a pitcher. tournament since 1984, which he calls
Giacone played his most important accomplishment as a
Robin Guiver pitched for the Hum- for the Crabs baseball coach.
in 2004 and
boldt Crabs in 1998 and 1999. Guiver 2005, posting Ryan Dettman
was used in relief and went 2-0 with a 6-3 record
a .98 era in 1998. In 1999, Guiver went during the two Asst. Coach/Hitting
3-0 and posted a 1.21 era. Guiver was summers on
hired as an assistant coach in 2000. the mound. Ryan Dettman graduated from Del
Guiver has coached alongside many Giacone’s
Crabs alumni and notables such Reggie brother Nick “the stick,” is also a former Campo High School in the Sacramento
Christiansen, Eric Brown, Matt Pidgeon, Crab. In 2009 Eric was named head base- area in 2008 and played for the American
Mike Jordt, Nick Giacone, Brad Morgan, ball coach at Eureka High School, guiding River College Beavers in 2010 and 2011,
Jeff Giacomini and Matt Nutter. Even the Loggers to a 17-11 record in the 2014 graduating with an AA degree. He moved
after leaving the team in 2013 for family Season. When he’s not on the baseball onto Oregon State University, playing for
reasons, Guiver has remained with the diamond, he’s probably out at the Samoa the Beavers in 2012 and 2013 and earning
organization throughout the years as a Drag Strip racing his 1966 Ford Ranchero. a Bachelor’s degree in sociology. While at
player recruiter. Guiver started recruit- American River, Ryan earned All-Nor Cal
ing for the Crabs back in 2003 and he’s Brad Morgan honors as an outfielder and was selected
been reaching out to colleges ever since. to the Big 8 All-Conference team.
Guiver is currently coaching at San Asst. Coach/Hitting
Lorenzo Valley High School in Santa Dettman began his coaching career as
Cruz where he lives with his wife and Brad Morgan has a long history with the a volunteer
two children. assistant at
Crabs: he was a catcher for the team in Corvallis High
Eric Giacone 2007, 2009 and 2010 before working as an School in Cor-
assistant coach during the 2011 and 2012 vallis, Oregon.
Asst. Coach/Pitching seasons under manager Matt Nutter. He then spent
the summer of
Eric Giacone is entering his 3rd season Morgan has deep roots in Humboldt 2013 coaching
County. He the Corvallis
as Pitching Coach for the Crabs. In 2016, graduated from Richey’s Mar-
the pitching staff’s era was 2.88 with 403 Eureka High ket American
strike outs and in 2015 with 35 wins and School in 2005 Legion team,
15 losses. Giacone played collegiately and played for where he helped
at College of the Redwoods as a pitcher the College of guide the team to a state tournament ap-
and outfielder, before transferring to the Redwoods pearance. For the past three years, he has
10 Corsairs in spent time coaching in the Chico area,
2006 and 2007 where he helped out with the Chico Aces
before mov- travel ball team at all age levels.
ing on to the
University of Dettman enters his first season with the
New Mexico Highlands. He returned Golden Eagles at Feather River College.
to CR in April 2015 as head coach after His primary responsibilities are coach-
former coach Bob Brown became Associ- ing the outfielders and hitters. He also
ate Dean of Health, Physical Education will be involved with recruiting and the
and Athletics at the school. In addition to scouting of opponents throughout the
his coaching duties, Morgan also teaches season. Feather River has won 9 of the
each semester, including lecture classes last 10 Golden Valley Conference cham-
in the kinesiology department. pionships and advanced to the Final
Four in 2013. !
Morgan also spent three summers as
manager of the Humboldt Eagles; in 2015, Humboldt Crabs 2017

Leads to

ARCATA — A dramatic 11th-inning walkoff homer on opening Fresno State’s Jeremiah Burks is congratulated by his new
night propelled the Humboldt Crabs to a three-game sweep teammates at home plate during the Crabs opening night 5-4
of the Rockville RockHounds to start off the 2017 summer victory over the Rock Hounds on Friday night.
baseball season.
first weekend. In fact, just about everyone got in on the action.
Fresno State’s Jeremiah Burks endeared himself to fans and
teammates quickly when he sent a 3-1 pitch over the fence, “It went as well as well as we could have hoped,” said first-
rewarding the faithful who had stuck around till the end with a year manager Robin Guiver, who took over after Tyson Fisher
hard-fought 5-4 victory. stepped aside after last season. “Everybody pitched except for
Junior (Davis) who’s pitching Wednesday (against the B52s), all
It was the kind of early season win that can really help a team our batters got a lot of at-bats, and we got three wins.
find its identity.
First baseman Ryan Myers from Montana State hit two home
“Going into extra innings and getting that runs on the weekend, the second of which was a towering shot
win, we just met the day before and it on Sunday afternoon.

already feels like we’ve been with each other Gonzaga’s Patrick Chung also got in on the long ball action,
for a while.” homering to spark a nine-run eighth inning on Sunday.

— Jeremiah Brooks, Fresno State “We played well up and down the lineup,” said Guiver. “There
were times when the bottom of the lineup was getting it done,
“Going into extra innings and getting that win, we just met the times when the top got it started. Ryan Myers showed some
day before and it already feels like we’ve been with each other good power, we did some real good things.”
for a while,” said Burks.
So was it weird for Guiver being the manager, after spending so
The Crabs carried the energy through the weekend, putting many years assisting?
up double digits in runs the next two games, winning 10-3 on
Saturday evening, and 18-8 on Sunday. “ I don’t feel that much different at all,” Guiver said. “When I
coached with Nutter before he allowed me to do a lot, so it feels
“We’re looking pretty good to start,” Burks said, “so we just have pretty natural.”
to stay with that – and we still have more good players coming.”
Guiver did concede that it was a little weird not being in that
Burks had a bit of an idea what he was getting into, as he’s third-base coach’s box, and did have remind himself once
teammates at Fresno State with several recent former Crabs, that he’s not the pitching coach either, but baseball’s all about
including 2017 first team all-Mountain West Conference adjustments, and it’s no different for coaches.
selection Jesse Medrano.
If you can’t make it to the game, you can watch and listen to it
“It’s a great experience out here, lost of fans,” Burks said. “They on the Humboldt Crabs You Tube channel, or on 1480 AM KGOE
def told me that it’s a great experience and I can already tell or check out the Crabs new iScore live stats. The Crab will post
just from this first weekend.” the iScore link on the Crabs Facebook page before every game.
Find scores and stats on the Crabs website under TEAM and
Burks was certainly not the sole reason the Crabs had a perfect then the Scores & Stats tab. !

Humboldt Crabs 2017 11


Alex Aguiar 84 plate appearances in his senior campaign.
University of California, Davis Personal: Majoring in justice studies. Hopes to work in law
enforcement. Parents are Chad and Julie Blakeman. Has a
Class: Junior younger brother, Ryan, and younger sister, Jessica. Enjoys disc
Height/Weight: 6-0/190 golf in his free time.
Hometown: Atherton, Ca.
High School: Menlo-Atherton H.S. Jeremiah Burks
Position: OF Fresno State University
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Instagram Name: alexeaguiar Class: Sophomore
Height/Weight: 6-2/200
Menlo-Atherton High School ’13: Spent his final three prep Hometown: Vacaville, Ca.
seasons playing for the Bears, earning first-team All-Peninsula High School: William C. Wood H.S.
Athletic League honors as a junior and second-team laurels as Position: IF
a senior... Hit .383 with 27 runs scored and 27 RBIs as a junior Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
and followed that up with a .351 average with a .479 on-base Instagram Name: _jburks
percentage and nine doubles as a senior.
2016 (Freshman): Burks appeared in 33 games as a freshman
Personal: Born in Palo Alto. Parents are Daniel and Terry making 20 starts. Started 12 games at shortstop, four at
Aguiar. Younger sister, Shannon, and a younger brother, Ben. second base and four in left field. Hit .188 from the plate
His father is a graduate of UC Davis (Class of 1982). finishing the season with 12 hits, including three doubles
and a home run... totaled seven runs and eight RBIs... had
Matt Becker one stolen base at #3 Texas A&M (Mar. 11), had a season-
College of the Redwoods high two hits in the first game of a doubleheader sweep over
Youngstown State (Feb. 27) ... hit a three-run home run in a
Class: Junior 9-5 win over Cal Poly (May 10).
Height/Weight: 6-4/ 215 William C. Wood High School in Vacaville, Calif... was a three-
Hometown: Petaluma, Ca. year letter winner on the diamond playing shortstop for the
High School: Casa Grande H.S. Wildcats... hit .303 from the dish with 23 hits, six doubles, 16
Position: P runs scored and six RBI’s in 24 games as a sophomore... also
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R hit .283 as a junior and .228 as a senior... was a member of the
Oakland Athletics Area Code Team in 2014.
Kyle Blakeman Personal: Born in Fairfield, son of Bert and Sharon Burks. Has
San Jose State University two brothers, Ethan and Matt. Kinesiology major at Fresno
State. Wants to become a personal trainer. Chose Fresno
Class: Junior State for its historically-strong baseball program and to earn
Height/Weight: 6-3/215 a degree. Bother, Matt played baseball at Eastern New Mexico
Hometown: Benicia, Ca. University for two years. Enjoys fishing, playing basketball, and
High School: Benicia, H.S. spending time with friends and family in his free time.
Position: OF
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R Kyle Callahan
Twitter Name: @KyleEBlakeman Lewis-Clark State College
Instagram Name: kblakeman213
Class: Junior
Sacramento City College: Played two seasons at Sacramento Height/Weight: 5-9/ 220
City College in Sacramento, Calif. … As a freshman in 2015, Hometown: Hesperia, Ca.
hit .293 with 29 hits, 17 runs scored and 15 RBIs in 99 plate High School: Oaks Hill H.S.
appearances… In 2016, hit .298 with 42 hits, 18 runs scored, Position: IF
13 doubles, 2 triples, 2 home runs and 27 RBIs in 141 plate Batting side/Throwing hand: L/R
appearances earning second team Big 8 Conference honors. Twitter Name: K_Callahan25
Benicia High in Benicia, Calif. …A two-time letter winner in Instagram Name: k_callahan25
football and baseball… As a junior in 2012, hit .407 with 22 hits,
11 doubles and 1 home run in 69 plate appearances… Posted a
.375 BA with 18 runs scored, 27 hits, 25 RBIs and 15 doubles in

12 Humboldt Crabs 2017


Patrick Chung Anthony Enwiya
Gonzaga University Saint Mary’s College

Class: Sophomore Class: Junior
Height/Weight: 5-7/165 Height/Weight: 6-4/ 210
Hometown: Everett, Washington Hometown: Modesto, Ca.
High School: Cascade H.S. High School: Beyer H.S.
Position: IF Position: C
Batting side/Throwing hand: L/R Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Twitter Name: @pchung95 Twitter Name: @aenwiya24
Instagram Name: pchung95 Instagram Name: aenwiya1724

2016: Hit. 303 with 30 hits, 15 runs, and 14 RBIs as a redshirt Anthony Enwiya, an unheralded prospect coming out of Beyer
freshman, played in 37 games, starting 21, earned start and High in 2015, signed his national letter of intent to play next
collected two hits and a walk in first collegiate game Feb. 19 season at Division I Saint Mary’s College in Moraga. “Going on
at Grand Canyon, five straight multi-hit games Feb. 21-28, my tour, my visit, I fell in love instantly,” said Enwiya, a 6-foot-4,
including season high three Feb. 26, also drove in two runs 210-pounder who looks like he could play tight end or power
and scored two runs Feb. 26 versus Texas Southern, started at forward for the Pirates football and basketball teams. “Just the
second base April 1-3 at Pacific, tallying three hits, two runs, environment and the way coaching staff brought me in and me
and a walk, saw two hits, two runs, and a walk April 16 at San feel already a part of the family; a way to be in California, close
Francisco, game-winning two-RBI single May 15 at Loyola to home and still playing baseball … I fell in love instantly.”
Marymount. Though Enwiya didn’t have an NCAA offer coming out of high
Cascade High School: Four year letter winner for Cascade school, Dom Duran, his coach at Beyer, and Zeb Brayton, the
High School…Team Captain as a senior in 2014, hitting .435 MJC coach, knew the catcher was a Division I talent.
with 20 RBIs…hit .415 with 22 runs scored and zero errors
committed as a sophomore, earning Team Gold Glove…named Chase Fernlund
First Team All-League in 2014, First Team All-Area in 2012 and Feather River College
2014…also played four tennis for four years, topping out at
No. 1 singles, reached state singles tournament three times, Class: Freshmen
taking fourth place in 2014, MVP and Team Captain of Bruin Height/Weight: 5-11/ 155
Tennis team for three years…held 4.0 GPA and graduated on Hometown: Klamath Falls, Or
Principal’s List…received 2013 scholar-athlete award, member High School: Henley H.S.
of National Honor Society. Position: IF
Personal: Parents are Ellen and Joe Chun, has one sibling Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
named Chris, undeclared business and sport management Twitter Name: @Fernlund03
major…chose Gonzaga for the great academics and great Instagram Name: fernlund03
baseball program.

Ronny Davis RJ Hassey
University of Antelope Valley California State University, Chico

Class: Senior Class: Junior
Height/Weight: 6-3/205 Height/Weight: 6-0/ 202
Hometown: Hoopa, California Hometown: San Luis Obispo
Previous School: Shasta College Previous School: Cuesta City College
Position: RHP Position: C
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Instagram Name: jdavis2051 Twitter Name: @rjhassey22
Instagram Name: rj_hassey22
San Luis Obispo High School: Transfer from Cuesta College in
San Luis Obispo. Pre-Chico Days, played two seasons with the

Humboldt Crabs 2017 13


Cougars. Hit .290 with 21 RBI in 2015. A 2014 graduate of San recruit from Sierra College, committed to play college baseball
Luis Obispo High School, earned three varsity letters and at University of Connecticut. Kersten was a 2nd Team All-Big 8
helped lead Tigers to the 2012 Pac 7 Athletic League Selection a year ago, after he posted a 5-2 record with a 2.98
championship. Received team’s Coaches Award as a senior.
Also lettered in basketball. Jack Krauel
Personal: Born March 24, 1995 in Torrance. Son of Roberto and Gonzaga University
Kim. Has one older sister, Kenzie. Non-sports heroes are his
mom and dad. Enjoys playing ping pong and shooting Class: Sophomore
shotguns. Wants to someday travel the world. Says the best Height/Weight: 5-11/ 170
things about Chico are the community and the baseball team. Hometown: Portland, Or.
Best advice ever received: “Live through Christ” Majoring in High School: Central Catholic H.S.
business accounting. Plans to get his degree and possibly Position: IF
becoming a CPA or incorporating the degree with baseball. Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Twitter Name: @JackKrauel
Matthew Hernandez Instagram Name: jackkrauel_4
S.F. State 2016: Played in 11 games as a freshman, tallying one hit — a
double — and four RBIs...also drew one walk and made four
Class: Junior putouts and four assists...made collegiate debut Feb. 26 against
Height: 6-1 Texas Southern, hitting a bases-clearing double for three
Weight: 180 RBIs...drew an RBI walk March 6 at No. 7 TCU...took over at
Position: Right Handed Pitcher second base April 3 at Pacific, making an assist and a putout...
B/T: R/R also saw action April 10 against Portland, throwing two batters
Hometown: Fort Bragg, Calif. out and putting two batters out...also saw playing time April 17
High School: Fort Bragg HS at San Francisco, April 28 at BYU, and May 9 at Oregon.
Personal: Full name John Krauel, but goes by Jack…parents are
Major: Marketing Kelly Fox and Toby Krauel…has two siblings: a sister named
Katy and brother named Gus…father and sister each played
2017: Named NCWBA Division II West Region Pitcher of the tennis at the University of Portland and uncle Fred Riler played
Week on May 3… Named CCAA Pitcher of the Week for April baseball at Gonzaga…majoring in journalism and wants to be
24-30. a sports writer after graduation…had a scholarship offer to play
2015: Appeared in 15 games and started in one...posted a tennis at Portland State…chose Gonzaga for the academic and
4.50 ERA in 30 innings of work...Struck out 17 batters includ- athletic opportunity and because of family ties to the school;
ing a season high 3 in his only start on April 28 at Sonoma he’s the 12th person in his family to attend Gonzaga.
Alejandro Lara
Personal: Graduated from Fort Bragg HS in 2013...Two-time University of California, Davis
First Team All-League...Scholar Athlete recipient...NCLI
North Honorable Mention...Second Team All-League... Class: Freshman
Scholar-Athlete....Team Captain...Also played basketball at Height/Weight: 6-3/ 200
Fort Bragg. Hometown: Fairfield, Ca.
High School: Vaden H.S.
Jeffrey Kersten Position: IF
Sierra College Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Twitter Name: No Account
Class: Sophomore Instagram Name: flyingjandini
Height/Weight: 6-4/ 195 Vanden High School ‘16 three-time Solano County Athletic
Hometown: Pinole, Ca. Conference MVP and first-team all-league selection from his
High School: Pinole Valley H.S. sophomore-senior seasons… Hit .425 with 27 runs scored, 28
Position: RHP RBI, and 10 stolen bases, while posting a .529 on-base
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R percentage as a senior… Also collected all-state honors as a
Twitter Name: @jkersten510 junior, batting .568 with a .600 on-base percentage, driving in
Instagram Name: jkersten15 39 runs and scoring 33 runs… Earned Daily Republic Male
Jeffrey Kersten Announced Commitment to Play Baseball at Athlete of the Year as a junior… Hit .434 as a sophomore after
University of Connecticut in the spring of 2018. Pinole, CA. A
Humboldt Crabs 2017


batting .350 as a freshman, driving in a combined 46 runs and 24… Pitched five shutout innings, scattering only three hits
scoring 35 more… Posted a .500 on-base percentage as a against San Mateo on March 31… Threw a season-high six
sophomore and a .418 mark as a freshman… innings on three occasions.
Personal: Parents are Jose and Yolanda… Has two siblings: Willamette University: Played his freshman season with the
Lorenzo, his brother who also attends UC Davis, and Andres… Bearcats in 2015, helping his team to a 21-18 record in 2015…
Lists being selected for the Area Code Games as his proudest Finished the year with a 4-4 record in 12 appearances, a 4.38
personal accomplishment… Favorite movie is “Forrest ERA, and 40 strikeouts in 63.2 innings of work… Also posted a
Gump”… If he could play any other sport at UC Davis, it would save and one complete game, making 10 starts… Struck out a
be water polo… Lists his hobbies as playing ping pong, hiking, season-high seven against Lewis 7 Clark on March 21,
and reading… Wishes he could have seen the Gettysburg scattering just three hits over seven innings… Threw a season-
Address… Bucket list includes taking his family to Europe, high 8.0 innings against Linfield on March 28.
visiting every National Park, and climbing Mt. Everest. Personal: Parents are John and Monica… Has a younger sister
that attends Kentucky… Not many people know he has a
Devin Lehman three-legged cat named “Chicken”… Lists his proudest
College: Sacramento State University personal accomplishment as making it to the CIF section
championships… Career sports highlight is pitching a no-hitter
Class: Redshirt Sophomore when he was 13 years old… If he could play any other sport at
Height/Weight: 5-8/ 170 UC Davis, it would be football… Bucket list includes seeing the
Hometown: Granite Bay, California. northern lights, traveling to every state, and getting married…
High School: Granite Bay H.S. Wishes he could have seen the inauguration of George
Position: IF/OF Washington.
Batting side/Throwing hand: L/R
Twitter Name: @DevLehman John “Jack” McCarthy
Instagram Name: devlehman Oregon State University
Freshman (2015): Academic All-WAC...Played in 44 games with
31 starts...Started 26 games as designated hitter (team was 18-8 Class: Freshman
in those games)...Hit .282 with 1 home run and 20 RBIs... Height/Weight: 6-0/ 185
Ranked third on the team in batting average...Hit in each of the Hometown: San Juan Capistrano, Ca.
first seven spots in the lineup...Team was 11-0 when he hit High School: San Juan Hills H.S.
third...Led the team hitting 15-of-44 (.341) with runners in Position: OF
scoring position and hit a team-high .347 with two outs. Had a Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
seven-game hitting streak in the final month of the regular Twitter Name: @apple_jaq
season...Hit .308 with a homer and 13 RBIs in WAC play...Was Instagram Name: jackwithaq
4-for-7 in stolen base attempts.
Personal: Parents are Tim and Lisa Lehman...Majoring in Ryan Myers
business. Montana State University

Connor Loar Class: Junior
University of California, Davis Height/Weight: 6-3/ 220
Hometown: Walnut Creek, Ca.
Class: Junior High School: Las Lomas High School.
Height/Weight: 6-2/ 200 Position: IF
Hometown: Danville, Ca. Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Previous School: Chabot College Twitter Name: @BasedMyers
Position: RHP Instagram Name: ryanomyers
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Twitter Name:
Instagram Name: _connor4real_
Chabot College: Transferred for his sophomore season in
2016... Finished with a 3.52 ERA and 52 strikeouts in 61.1 innings
of work, while posting a 6-1 record in 17 appearances… Struck
out a season-high eight batters against San Francisco on March

Humboldt Crabs 2017 15


Kyler Murphy Instagram Name: matt_richie8
Prior To UH: Played two seasons at Cosumnes River College in
College: Seattle University Sacramento, California…named to the 2016 All-Big 8
Class: Sophomore Conference second team as a sophomore, registering a 2-5
Height/Weight: 6-0/ 160 record and 4.91 ERA in 14 starts (15 appearances), with 48
Hometown: Peoria, Ariz strikeouts in 69.2 innings…went 5-3 in 20 appearances (11
High School: Liberty H.S. starts) as a freshman, striking out 44 in 68.2 innings…played at
Position: C/OF Cosumnes with current UH teammate Alex Fitchett.
Batting side/Throwing hand: L/R Prep: A 2014 graduate of Tokay High School (Calif.), playing two
Twitter Name: @MurphyKyler seasons of varsity baseball…aided the Tigers to consecutive
Instagram Name: kylermurphy Tri-City Athletic League (TCAL) Championships (2013-14)…
2016: 38 gp/16 gs, .189 (10-of-53), 7 R, 7 RBI, 10 BB … May 14: logged a 9-2 record in 11 appearances as a senior, with an ERA
went 1-for-2 with two walks and two runs scored against of 2.36, and 44 strikeouts in 65.1 innings…named to the
Northern Colorado … May 03: went 1-for-1 with one run scored Stockton Record All-Area Team as a senior in 2014…competed
against Oregon State … February 19: went 2-for-4 with one RBI in the 2014 U17 USA Baseball National Team Identification
against Saint Mary’s College Series Prospect Games in Sacramento…went 2-0 through nine
games as a junior, recording 16 strikeouts in 26 innings…was
High School: At Liberty High School, Murphy helped the Lions the ace on the Tokay freshman-sophomore team in 2012,
reach the state tournament all four years, advancing to the registering a 1.53 ERA and 8-2 record.
state title game in 2015. In 2015, he was First Team All-District Personal: Born in Stockton, Calif…has two older siblings; a
and All-State after batting .460, plus he was named the team’s brother and sister…majoring in Communicology…parents are
defensive player of the year. He served as the school’s student Scott and Carmella Richardson on Lodi, Calif.
body treasurer and vice-president, and he was also a member
of the golf team. JJ Santa Cruz
Personal: Murphy is the son of Kevin and Lisa Murphy, and he Fresno State University
has an older brother named Kevin Jr., and older sister named
Tia who was a student-athlete at the University of Texas, and a Class: Junior
younger brother named Chandler. He is majoring in nursing Height/Weight: 6-7/ 220
Hometown: Fresno, Ca.
Andrew Najeeb-Brush Previous School: Fresno City College
San Francisco State University Position: LHP
Batting side/Throwing hand:
Class: Junior Twitter Name:
Height/Weight: 6-2/ 200 Instagram Name: thejjsantacruz
Hometown: Sunnyvale, Ca. Fresno City College: Attended Fresno City College for a pair of
Previous School: Mission College years (2015-16)... earned Second-Team All-Conference honors
Position: RHP after making 15 Santa Cruzappearances, including 11 starts, on
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R the mound in 2016... posted a 6-3 record with a 2.97 ERA
Twitter Name: tossing 60.2 innings with 64 strikeouts.
Instagram Name: andrew_najeeb High School: Graduated from Liberty High School in Madera
2017: Named CCAA Pitcher of the Week for March 27 to April in 2013 where he was a two-year letterwinner in baseball and
2… Allowed just three hits in a complete-game shutout vs. Cal football... named an All-North Sequoia League first baseman
State San Bernardino. Najeeb had 3 wins, 5 losses with a 3.18 as a junior in 2012... hit .395 from the plate as a junior with 30
ERA this season for the Gators. hits, 12 RBIs and 12 runs scored.
Personal: Son of Carrie and Jim Santa Cruz... has one sister,
Matt Richardson Cassidy... enjoys hanging out with friends... choose Fresno
University of Hawaii State because he felt like it was the best place to win a
championship... major at Fresno State is communications.
Class: Junior
Height/Weight: 6-2/ 170 Humboldt Crabs 2017
Hometown: Lodi, Ca
Previous School: Consumnes River College
Position: RHP
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Twitter Name:



Wyatt Tucker 2016: Made 20 appearances out of the bullpen… Tied for
College of San Mateo second on the team with three wins… Posted a 3-3 record with
a 6.48 ERA… Picked up his first career win against Cal Poly
Class: Freshman (4/2), pitching 1.1 inning of scoreless ball… Pitched a season-
Height/Weight: 6-1/ 195 high 6.2 innings and five strikeouts to pick up his second win
Hometown: McKinleyville, Ca. against Grand Canyon (5/4)… Pitched three scoreless innings
High School: Arcata H.S. against Saint Mary’s (5/10) to pick up his third win.
Position: RHP/IF Personal: A justice studies major… Aspires to work as a
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R detective or work for the FBI after graduation… Parents are
Twitter Name: @WyattTucker11 Greg and Krissy Wallace…Has two older brothers, Anthony and
Instagram Name: wyatttucker11 Marc…Enjoys spending time with friends, boating, surfing and
playing football and basketball outside of baseball…Native of
Jae Wagner Fremont, Calif.
University of California, Chico
Cyle Watkins
Class: Junior Abilene Christian University
Height/Weight: 5-10/ 220
Hometown: Santa Rosa, Ca. Class: Freshman
High School: Analy H.S. Height/Weight: 6-2/ 190
Position: RHP Hometown: Eureka, Ca.
Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R High School: Eureka H.S.
Twitter Name: @12swagner Position: RHP
Instagram Name: 25swagner Batting side/Throwing hand: R/R
Transfer from Solano College…Pre-Chico Days: Pitched two Twitter Name: @cyle7watkins
seasons for the Falcons...Posted 1-0 record in 2016, not allowing Instagram Name: cyleswatkins
an earned run in 16 relief appearances to earn All-Bay High school: Played sparingly over the last two years of his
Conference Honorable Mention…Member of Solano’s 2015 Bay career after undergoing Tommy John surgery near the end of
Valley Conference championship team…A 2014 graduate of his sophomore season. … At the time of his injury he had
Analy High School in Sebastopol…Won nine games during his thrown 41 2/3 innings and had a 2.02 ERA.
three varsity seasons and helped Tigers capture back-to-back Personal: Son of Craig and Rachel Watkins. … Born 21 October
Sonoma County League title 1997. … 2016 graduate of Eureka High School.
Personal: Born June 21, 1995 in the United Kingdom…Son of
David and Kim…Has three siblings: DJ, Neo and Daniel… Tim Wieser
Sports hero is Jose Fernandez…Biggest sports thrill is winning UC Davis
the 2015 Bay Valley Conference crown is his first season of
junior college ball…Biggest non-sports thrill is traveling Class: Freshman
around Europe…Enjoys hiking and traveling…Says the best Height/Weight: 6-3/ 205
thing about Chico is the community…Hopes to someday visit Hometown: Roseville, Ca.
Italy…Best advice ever received: “Never give up”…Always wears High School: Oakmont H.S.
the same chain when he plays. Majoring in communications… Position: RHP
Plans to eventually take over the family business. OAKMONT HS ‘16
First-team All-Capital Valley Conference and honorable
Zach Wallace mention All-Metro choice in 2015, hitting .305 with 22 RBI,
San Jose State University while posting a 1.62 ERA in 12 appearances on the mound,
finishing with three complete games… As a senior, was a first-
Class: Sophomore team all-conference and second-team All-Metro selection as
Height/Weight: 5-10/ 175 a senior, hitting .376 with two home runs and 18 RBI, finishing
Hometown: Fremont, Ca. with a 1.66 ERA in 12 appearances on the mound, collecting
High School: Washington H.S. three complete games and two shutouts… Struck out a prep-
Position: LHP best 56 batters as a junior, and added 48 more as a senior…
Batting side/Throwing hand: L/L Threw a no-hitter with seven strikeouts against Ponderosa HS
Twitter Name: @zwall07 as a senior.
Instagram Name: zwall777

Humboldt Crabs 2017 17

2016 Crabs end summer as champions

The 2016 Humboldt Crabs, winners of the Humboldt Invitational Tournament. Photo by Matt Filar Mad River Union

by Erik Fraser/For Mad River Union Sunday began with the Auburn Wildcats Crabs infielder Brian Pozos had his own
eliminating the Solano Mudcats. The Fan Club in the left field picnic area.
ARCATA — For the second straight Crabs then took the field against the
season and sixth time in seven years, Alameda Merchants, whom they had “It was a lot of fun with this group,” said
the Humboldt Crabs finished off their beaten 15-0 earlier in the week. Fisher. “It’s just a lot of fun when you
season by claiming a tournament have the versatility, players who can do
championship in front of their home The second match-up was closer, but so much, and they really want to do so
crowd, this time winning the second the Crab cruised to an 11-6 win. After much too.”
annual Humboldt Invitational spotting the Merchants two runs in the
Tournament by hammering the Auburn top of the second, the Crabs quickly One of the most memorable moments of
Wildcats 18-5 in the championship game answered with four runs in the bottom the tournament was the Crabs’ opening
on Sunday night. of the frame, thanks largely to a bases- game against Solano. In left field was a
loaded triple by David Hamilton. group of people who called themselves
The win capped a perfect 5-0 run the Brian Pozos Fan Club.
through the tournament for the Crabs Things were still close in heading into
and put their final 2016 record at 35- the bottom of the seventh, but the Crabs They cheered hard any time he came
15, which is especially impressive put up a five-spot in the inning to put the to bat or made a play in the field, and
considering they stood at just 7-8 after 15 game away, setting up a championship had their own cheer: “P! O! Z-O-S! Brian
games. Our advanced math skills tell us game showdown with the Wildcats for Pozos is the best!” And wouldn’t you
that means the team went 28-7 over its the second consecutive year. know it, Pozos wound up knocking in
final 35 games.
And just as in 2015, the Crabs left no
“We definitely got of to a little bit of a doubt. Despite once again spotting their
slow start in June,” said manager Tyson opponents two early runs, Humboldt
Fisher after concluding his third season poured it on throughout the game. They
at the helm. “But I think we played scored six runs in the third and seven in
some good teams, so it was a good eye- the sixth.
opener in terms of the caliber of baseball
that we expect to see night in, night Brian Pozos had a huge day, going 5-for-
out – the caliber of baseball that not 5 with three doubles. Ryan Reynolds
only the coaches but also the fans and capped off a record season of home runs
community expect us to play.” for the Crabs with a grand slam in that
seven-run sixth, the team’s 38th and final
And that caliber of baseball was on round-tripper of what turned out to be
display on the final day of the season. quite a memorable season.
After three days of round-robin play,

18 Humboldt Crabs 2017

the game-winning run in the 11th inning, average and team highs in hits (70) and The Morsching/Heinig Memorial
then came over to celebrate and pose for rbis (39) while starting almost every Coaches Award, given to one or more
photos with his newfound friends. game something else Fisher said made players who exhibit the dedication,
the decision easy. perseverance and teamwork associated
Awards time with the award’s namesakes, was shared
“There was never a fear of if he was ready by first baseman Jayson Newman and
After the conclusion of the tournament, to go or not that day,” Fisher said. “I pitcher Reed Pfannenstein, each of
Fisher announced the winners of the always hate it when coaches ask, ‘Hey, whom brought it every day in their own
team’s annual post-season awards. are you ready to go?’ You’re a player, unique ways.
Taking the top honor of Most Valuable you’re supposed to be ready to go. He
Player was James Outman, who earned truly goes about each day like that.” “Newman and Reed, they both work
the title by being the most consistent hard, they go about it differently,” said
offensive producer from day one through The Pitcher of the Year award went to Fisher. “Newman’s more of a visible
the end of the season. Aaron Herr, the intense, hard-throwing worker. I think Reed’s kind of a behind-
righty who took the mound every the-scenes guy … he’s in there just
“[Outman] kept himself in the lineup Saturday. He led the team with 7 wins trying to provide comic relief for his
each and every day, he never gave away and posted a 1.45 era. teammates, and I really enjoyed having
at-bats,” said Fisher. “He consistently both of them out here.” !
was up there grinding, making pitchers “Herr threw some really good games for
work.” us, in some big spots,” Fisher said of his
Outman led the team with a .372 batting

Arcata Ball Park overhaul in the works

By Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union Not all of these amenities may be in place by the time the
Crabs’ 76th season rolls around, but it’s likely that the Arcata
ARCATA — It’s the year 2020, and you and your family are Ball Park will be a much-improved baseball mini-stadium by
headed to a Humboldt Crabs game. You pull up to the ball then. That’s because the city is embarking on a major overhaul
park, lift your kids out of their bicycle trailers and turn your
bikes over to the valet. of the place, one which
You stroll through the began in earnest last
leafy plaza outside week.
the Arcata Ball Park
entrance and head in. The city has hired MIG
planning consultants
You don’t walk down to scope out possible
a concrete ramp to the improvements to
new bleachers – they’re the park and create
on the upraised viewing initial plans. At last
area. Underneath them Wednesday’s Parks &
are various concessions, Rec Committee meeting,
including a childcare landscape architect
room. Dropping off Matthew Gaber took
your toddler, you head suggestions about
for the beer garden and improvements and new
have Carl pour you a features for the ball park.
few tall, frosty ones. Committeemembers had a lot of ideas.

You’re early, so you take a stroll through the refurbished Judo Gaber aims to make the most of the old ball park, maximizing
Hut, which serves as a Humboldt Crabs Historical Museum, its potential as a destination, an integral part of downtown and,
and, during the season, a dining facility operated by a different not inconsiderably, its neglected economic potential.
local restaurant every week.
Present at the meeting were Carl Pellatz and Larry Zerlang of
The Crabs win (again), and as you head out to F Street, you the Humboldt Crabs, who pledged the organization’s support.
notice that the field is being prepared for tomorrow’s ball They noted that the team only uses the ball park 60 days out of
park functions. There’ll be a Humboldt State ceremony on the the year, and that there’s untapped potential for other uses and
infield, which is fully wired with electricity and sound system users during the off season. “What’s good for the field is good
hookups. That night, there will be a concert. for the Crabs,” Zerlang said.

Humboldt Crabs 2017 Ball Park Overhaul Continued ...


Former and current Humboldt Crabs have dream season

The most dominant season in the history of
California Collegiate Athletic Association
this season at Chico State
I’ll tell you what: he hit so many balls
hard all year at guys. His batting average
is not really as good as he swung it all
year. Baseball people looking down take
care of that down the road, so he got it

By Luke Reed « [email protected] ter batted .571 (12-for-21), slugged 1.476, The Tournament’s Most Valuable Player
Sports Information Director and even laid down a pair of sacrifice last season, Kelley won the award again–
bunts as the Wildcats won four of five this time sharing the honor with UC San
CHICO — Former Crab Dillon Kelley games, becoming just the second Chico Diego’s Jack Larson–after tying Chico
provided the most memorable mo- State baseball team and first since 2000 State’s single-game home run record
ments. Andy Burschinger (also a Crab) to claim the white banner that goes to and breaking multiple Chico State
slapped his hand on the way by from the ccaa’s regular-season champion, postseason home run records with three
the first-base coaches’ box. The two new and blue banner that goes to the ccaa more on Sunday. He also broke Chico
incoming Crabs RJ Hassey was a post- Tournament Champ. State’s single-season postseason home
season sensation and Jae Wagner was runs record (4) and career postseason
nearly unhittable. Former Crab Brian Kelley’s ccaa Tournament home run home runs record (6). Kelley hit two last
Pozos helped the Wildcats post the high- and rbi totals are records, along with his season at Banner Island–home of the
est fielding percentage in the nation. three-homer game in the finale. His six Oakland A’s Class-A Stockton Ports–and
RBI in the finale tied the ccaaTourna- has now hit eight in all there.
The Wildcats crushed ccaa competition ment mark.
in 2017, clinching the conference title Hassey spent much of the season back-
with seven games to play and finishing “I haven’t seen anything like that,” Chico ing up redshirt freshman phenom Tyler
34-4 for the conference’s highest ever State Head Coach Dave Taylor said. “But Stofiel, but took advantage of every
winning percentage. opportunity he got, and especially in the
postseason. Hassey was the hero of the
Kelley put three cherries on top of one of come-from-behind victory over Cal Poly
the Wildcats’ best seasons ever by hitting Pomona that vaulted the Wildcats into
three home runs in their 12–5 victory the ccaa Tournament title game. A late-
over UC San Diego in the winner-take- inning replacement with the Wildcats
all ccaa Tournament title game Ban- trailing by three, Hassey capped a game-
ner Island Ballpark in Stockton. In the tying rally in the eighth with a two-run
process, Kelley solidified his spot as the double, and then laid down the game-
most dominant player in the history of winning bunt single on a safety squeeze
the tournament.
in the 10th as the Wildcats
The “Banner Island Bomber” hit six walked off on the Broncos.
home runs and drove in 15 over the
Wildcats five ccaa Tournament games. “RJ was slated to be the
The senior first baseman/designated hit- guy before the season and
it just didn’t work out that
way,” Taylor said. “But you
would never have known
that by his attitude. He
brings high energy and
positivity every single day.
He’s an important piece to
this puzzle and it’s good to
see him feel that.”

20 Humboldt Crabs 2017

He stayed hot Saturday, getting the start Ball Park Overhaul (Cont.) Ideas for both physical improvements
and going 4-for-4 in the winner-take-all and expanded uses – some rather
finale, including a two-run, two-out sin- “Our big concern is to make sure we can fanciful – flew freely. Among them:
gle in the second that gave the Wildcats take care of the fans.”
a 3–0 lead after Kelley hit his first home Pellatz didn’t bristle at any of the • a bike valet
run leading off the inning. Hassey was many improvements suggested for the • better concession areas
6-for-6 in the tournament and made the park – quite the opposite. “The Crabs • a beer garden (and festival)
All-Tournament team. don’t object to any other uses,” he said. • child care
“Anything the city can come up with is • a restaurant in the Judo Hut, or a
“He’s like the poster child for prepara- fine.” Crabs museum and office
tion and being ready to go when your Landscape Architect Matthew • better utilization of the grassy areas
name is called,” Taylor said. “I’m very Gaber discusses the Arcata Ball Park off left and right fields
proud of him for hanging in there and improvement project with Crabs • added entrances
taking advantage of the opportunity.” representatives Carl Pellatz and Larry • movies and plays in the park
Zerlang. KLH | Union • folding bleachers on F Street
Hassey also started the Wildcats’ two He and Zerlang said the Crabs have to expand capacity
ncaa Tournament games and finished added a ticket surcharge to help fund
the postseason 8-for-12 with six rbi. For improvements, and will support the Zerlang suggested “luxury boxes”
the season, he hit .372. process financially. “We’re going to be for Crabs fans, and said that “a
here for the money part, too,” Pellatz Jumbotron would be nice,” earning
Kelley batted .340 with 23 extra-base hits assured the group. some laughs. But, said Pellatz, “Our
and drove in 45 for the Wildcats, earning number one priority is fixing the
First Team All-West Region honors from Landscape Architect Matthew Gaber bleachers, and fixing them yesterday.”
the National Collegiate Baseball Writers discusses the Arcata Ball Park The new bleachers are designed to
Association and 2nd Team All-West Re- improvement project with Crabs prevent fans from dropping their litter
gion honors from the American Baseball representatives Carl Pellatz and Larry underneath.
Coaches Association and Conference Zerlang
Commissioners Association. Committeemembers and Crabbies alike The city agrees, since better bleachers
weren’t shy about listing the venerable could improve attendance, which in
One season after not surrendering a sin- park’s shortcomings. The bleachers turn creates the additional revenue
gle earned run as a sophomore at Solano suck, for one, probably because they’re needed for subsequent upgrades.
Community College, Wagner allowed a “temporary” installation from 35 years That’s why a phased implementation
just one in his first season as a Wildcat, ago. The dugouts are crude, and ball process is planned.
compiled a 0.44 era. He gave up just 13 players from home and visiting teams
hits in 20.1 innings of work spanning 19 have but one bathroom to use. The bleachers and entrance get
appearances. Committeemembers said the entrance redone first, because they’ll have to
is depressing and “feels like a cage.” be done together. Next, the side-field
Pozos fielded .941 as a utility infielder, Accessibility is poor, and there’s nowhere play, special event areas and dugouts,
committing just one error all season. to park your bike. The Judo Hut needs and finally, the snack bars and
And he also made a lifelong memory an overhaul and some kind of creative finishing up the entrance.
with a triple at Minute Maid Park, reprogramming.
home of the Houston Astros, where the But before that, Gaber and MIG have
Wildcats played three games early in the a lot more work to do. There will
season. ! be a study of the ball park’s current
infrastructure and discussions
Humboldt Crabs 2017 with stakeholders, developing
programming ideas and eventually,
a return to the Parks and Rec
Committee with some conceptual
plans. Once those are critiqued,
Gaber will develop rough designs and
bring them back yet again for more
scoping. This process will continue
into next year.

“It’s a very complex puzzle to weave
all together,” Gaber said, plainly
relishing the challenge. !


Crabs Players: Where Are They Now?

In A Pinch: Former Crab Bradley Zimmer has His on on-base (OBP) and slugging percentages (SLG) were at
‘night and day’ debut with Cleveland Indians .429 and .529, respectively. His on-base plus slugging (OPS) sat
at .958
by Ray Aspuria
That’s very reminiscent of the sweet-swinging southpaw’s
Whiffing on your first three major league at- summer in 2012 in Arcata. During his two-month tenure as a
bats isn’t a debut any young prospect wants. Crab, Zimmer jacked seven homers, seven doubles, a trio of
But Bradley Zimmer isn’t one to be deterred. triples and drove in 32 runs in 42 games. His stat line read: .255
average, .490 slugging percentage and .855 OPS.
Despite striking out (swinging on all three)
in the batter’s box during his first game as It may be a short stint thus far, but Zimmer has made an
a Cleveland Indian on May 16 against the impression in the Indians’ clubhouse.
Tampa Bay Rays, the former Humboldt Crab had a resounding
bounceback. The 24-year-old San Diego-native smacked an “We call him ‘The Machine,’” said pitcher Josh Tomlin. “He’s
RBI double and a solo home run the following day. built like a machine. he’s huge. He’s athletic, he flies. He plays
good defense and swings the bat well. He comes right up here
“It was night and day,” Zimmer, who played for the Crabs and fits right into the lineup.”
in 2012, said after the loss. “After I hit the double in the first
(at-bat), I was kind of able to take a step back and relax. Just And who gets the home-run ball?
getting that first one out of the way is huge. I had some good
at-bats the rest of the day and I had a couple good swings, so it “I feel like I have to give the homer to my mom,” Zimmer said.
was good day.”
Former Humboldt Crab and Giants
“That was good for him,” added Indians manager Terry 1B Brett Pill Returns Stateside,
Francona. “It’s nice to see. It is a loss, but it is still nice to see Joins Tigers
that because you want to take anything positive you can, and
I’m sure that he feels a heck of a lot better today than he did by Daniel Sperry
The San Francisco Giants have had
Zimmer went 2-for-4 with a double and a pair of ribbies on a few “where the heck are the now?”
May 17. The 6-foot-5, 220-pound University of San Francisco players come through over the last
product was taken with the 21st pick in the first round of the decade. The biggest two are Brian
2014 draft by Cleveland. Heralded as a size-speed-power Wilson and Gary Brown. But one has
combo, Zimmer was called up from Triple-A on May 16. made a return to the big-leagues.

He didn’t wait long to showcase his athleticism. Zimmer Former San Francisco Giants first
showed off his jets and smarts on the base paths as he picked baseman and Crab (2003) Brett Pill has come back to the
up his first steal in the Bigs on May 20 against the Houston states after spending a few years in Japan. Pill will be in spring
Astros. The following day, he went 2-for-3 with an RBI in training with the Detroit Tigers, and another former Giants,
Cleveland’s win against Houston. Juan Perez.

Through May 23, Zimmer slashed .294 in 17 at-bats. Continued Pill played in 111 games with the Giants from 2011 to 2013.
success both at the plate and in the outfield will cement he The former first base prospect was a notable power hitter,
belongs in the Bigs. He’s smacked a double, a dinger, three blasting 9 bombs in limited appearances over the three
ribbies while drawing four walks and striking out nine times. seasons with the Giants. His big league career slashline reads
After 2013, Pill decided to head to the KBO, and suited up for
the Kia Tigers from 2014-2016. Pill’s numbers in Korea are
actually pretty decent. The KBO is noted for being a hitters
league, but you can’t do much to diminish a .316/.366/.521/.887
line with 61 HRs and 253 RBI over three years.

Granted, it still is Korea. The level of competition between
there and MLB is pretty big. Even compared to Japan, the KBO
is definitely a hitter friendly league and full of hitter friendly
parks. But still, it’s nice to see Pills name back within the MLB


Humboldt Crabs 2017

Humboldt Crabs 2017 23

Where Are They Now?

Pill was drafted originally by the New York Yankees in Stanford baseball.
2005, but decided not to sign. He was then drafted by “Augie and I go back 30 years,” Marquess told the San
the Giants in the seventh round in 2006. His first game Francisco Chronicle back in 2002.
for the Giants was in 2011 against the San Diego Padres, “Mark and I went
and hit a home-run for his first career hit, in his first back to where
career AB. he was 18 years
The Giants do play the Tigers in July, and if he were to old and the first
stick around the Tigers organization long enough, it would be baseman and quarterback
really cool if he got a chance to suit up against a few of his old at Stanford and I was
teammates. The same goes for Perez. coming out of professional
Perez spent a decent amount of time with the Giants, and baseball, and we played on
his most notable plays off the top of my head have to be him the same semi-professional
hitting that big triple against the Royals in Game 5, along with baseball team,” Garrido
the spiderman crawl/basket-catch home-run robbing play in told the paper. “Watching
St. Louis in 2015. him grow up in the
Stanford uniform and then becoming the coach and watching
Former Crabs Augie Garrido and Mark Marquess him progress to the highest level of coaching ... I’m very proud
to know him.”
Augie & Mark Since that fateful Humboldt County summer, the constant
between the two was baseball. From teammates to masterful
Legendary baseball coaches long tacticians as head coaches, Marquess (a Crab from 1966-67)
relationship dates back to 1966 with and Garrido (a Humboldt player from 1959-61 and again in
Humboldt Crabs 1966) are intertwined in collegiate baseball lore. The quotes
above were in advance of their memorable 2002 clash in the
By Ray Aspuria College World Series. The Longhorns edged the Cardinal twice
“The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been (8-7 and 6-5) en route to claiming the cws crown that year.
baseball.” Fast forward to 2017 and only Marquess remains in the game.
It’s the iconic quote in a memorable line Terence Mann Like Garrido (who retired last season) Marquess is set to hang
delivers to Ray Kinsella in the pivotal scene of Field of Dreams. up the coaching cleats. Stanford is slated to honor its longtime
For Mark Marquess and Augie Garrido, however, it’s more than coach by retiring his No. 9 jersey next month. Coincidentally,
just a fictional quote. For the two legendary baseball coaches, No. 9 Stanford may host an ncaa Regional on the first weekend
it’s pretty much life. of June.
Marquess and Garrido have come a very long way since the Both men will leave larger-than-life shoes at their respective
summer of 1966 when the pair donned Humboldt Crabs programs. Garrido is the all-time leader in wins with a record
jerseys. Garrido helmed five College World Series winning of 1,950-951-9. He was named Big 12 Coach of the Year six
teams while Marquess captained two. Garrido’s legacy spread times from 2002-11. Marquess currently sports a 1,579-849-7
from California (Cal State Fullerton) to Texas (University of record. He was named ncaa Coach of the Year three times
Texas). Marquess, on the other hand, became the Cardinal for from 1985-88.
Humboldt Crabs 2017

Medrano earns Mountain West Player Alex Crosby is playing in Indiana
of the Week honors
Alex Crosby has been playing for the Gary Southshore
Fresno State Senior, Jesse Medrano
RailCats in the American Association Independent League in
COLORADO SPRINGS — Fresno Gary, Indiana near Chicago since 2015. He has played first base
State senior third baseman and and has played in the outfield. Crosby is currently batting .333
former Humboldt Crab Jesse and batted .293 with 3 homers in 2016.
Medrano was named the Mountain
West Player of the Week on May 15, Grant Kukuk returns to Twin Falls but
as announced by the conference
office. this time joining the coaching ranks for
the Golden Eagles.
It is Medrano’s first career Mountain
West Player of the Week honor after The Reno, Nevada native played
the Concord, native had a standout two years at CSI before completing
week from the plate helping the his education and playing career at
‘Dogs to a perfect 4-0 record. Sacramento State University.

Hitting a team-leading .562 from the plate, Medrano went At CSI, Kukuk earned Region 18 second-
9-for-16 picking up hits in all four games and slugged his sixth team honors, finishing his sophomore
home run of the season. Finishing the week with three multi- season with a 2.90 era.
hit games, he started the week with a pair of singles and scored
a run on Tuesday in a 9-2 win over Sacramento State. While at Sac State, Kukuk earned Academic All-WAC honors
for his work in the classroom.
With Mountain West-leading New Mexico coming to town
over the weekend, Medrano stayed hot against Lobo pitching “We are excited to have Grant come back as part of the
finishing with a single, RBI and scored a run in Friday’s 9-3 win. coaching staff,” said CSI Head Coach Boomer Walker. “He is a
hard worker and will be a great addition.”
He added a pair of singles and scored a run on Saturday in the
‘Dogs 16-2 dominant win over the Lobos and continued his Bobby Schuman had
strong week on Sunday with a stellar Senior Day performance.
a great summer playing
Matching his career-high with four hits, including a home run for the Edmonton
as he was one of three Bulldog seniors to go long, Medrano Steamers in 2016 after
added three RBIs and scored three runs in the ‘Dogs 15-9 win playing for the Crabs in
that completed the series sweep over New Mexico. 2015 where he battled
through injuries. He played in 43 games,
On the season, Medrano is now hitting .343 from the plate as batting .261 logging in 15 at bats. Schuman had a .395 slugging
he leads the team with 52 runs scored and has added 71 hits, percentage and a .346 on base percentage. Bobby played his
17 doubles, three triples and six home runs to go along with 38 junior year back at Northridge with Crabs teammate Andrew
RBIs. Weston but not seeing much playing time after rehabbing his
shoulder. Schuman finished his senior year of baseball at San
Medrano is the first Bulldog to be named Mountain West Diego Christian Junior College.
Player of the Week this season.
Humboldt Crabs 2017

Where Are They Now?

Trent Goodrich, Sacramento State senior Former Crab and Healdsburg Prune Packer, Justin Mullins
had an outstanding 2017 season for UC Davis, earning his first
shortstop and former Humboldt Crab (2013, career conference award after shutout performance against UC
2014) has been named Western Athletic Riverside
Conference Hitter of the Week for the
final week of the regular season, the conference announced UC Davis Senior, Justin Mullins
Monday. He earned Sacramento State’s first Hitter of the Week
honor this season. DAVIS — In helping his team to its fourth Big West
Conference series victory of the season, UC Davis senior
In leading the Hornets to a three-game sweep of UT Rio right-hander and former Crab Justin Mullins was named the
Grande Valley, Goodrich hit 9-of-14 (.643) with a walk, reaching league’s pitcher of the week on Monday afternoon after a
base in 10 of 15 plate appearances. He had multiple hit lines in stellar shutout performance against UC Riverside.
each of the three games and tallied 6 rbis and 4 runs scored as
the Hornets clinched the No. 3 seed for the wac Tournament. The honor is the first of Mullins’ career as he joins fellow
pitchers Orlando Razo (Feb. 27 and April 17) and Robert
Goodrich had his first career 4-hit game on Friday, going 4-for- Garcia (May 8) as those Aggie hurlers honored by the league
5 with 4 rbis and 3 runs in leading the team to a season-high this season. It marks only the second time
13 runs in a 13-6 win. He had three hits on Saturday and two in in the program’s Division I history that three
the series opener on Thursday, driving in at least one run in all different UC Davis pitchers have had weekly
three games. honors from the conference office bestowed
upon them in the same year, joining Eddie
Since moving up to the No. 2 spot in the Hornet batting order, Gamboa (April 21), Brad McAtee (April
Goodrich is hitting .462 with a .543 on-base percentage, 7 rbi, 28), and Andy Suiter (May 5), in the 2008
9 runs, and 5 doubles over the last 10 games. He finished the campaign.
regular season hitting .309 with 15 rbis and 14 runs in WAC
games. A native of Napa, Calif., Mullins combined on a four-hit
shutout of the Highlanders in a 2-0 win in game two to clinch
Since moving up to the No. 2 spot in the Hornet batting order, the series, tossing 8.1 scoreless innings while allowing just
Goodrich is hitting .462 with a .543 on-base percentage, 7 rbis, four hits and striking out a season-high six in the win. The six
9 runs, and 5 doubles over the last 10 games. He finished the strikeouts were the most since he compiled the same number
regular season hitting .309 with 15 rbis and 14 runs in wac in a win at Sacramento State on May 10, 2016.
Saturday’s performance was the longest outing of Mullins’
Drew Weston career, holding Riverside to a .148 average in the game and
retiring 11 consecutive Highlander hitters at one point. He
CSUN baseball received many stranded seven runners on the day — three of those in scoring
strong starts from former Crab position, including a runner at third in the third inning of a
and junior Andrew Weston scoreless contest — en route to his second win in as many
as the Matadors finished 26- starts, lowering his season ERA by more than a run during
29 overall this year. Weston that stretch.
played in 13 games, pitched
88 innings. Weston was the
second wining pitcher on the team, finishing the year with
5 wins and 4 losses and an era of 4.16. Also notable, Weston
plunked 11 batters.

“What makes Drew [Weston] good is what makes him tough
because he really has some vinegar in there, and he wants to
compete,” said head coach Greg Moore. “He’s an emotional
competitor and he just keeps coming at you. I think he has it in
hiss mind what he wanted to get
done for the team..”

Nick Spini is now the assistant

JV baseball coach at Angelo
Rodriguez High School in

26 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Steve Detwiler 3-for-4 at Santa Clara April 24th.
Who else would name their first-born son after a
baseball bat company? Fresno State in 2008 was the No. 4 seed, the first ever to make
the College World Series, let alone win the whole thing.
Former Humboldt Crab and 2008 ncaa d1 National Champion Detwiler’s team overcame six elimination games, but they also
Steve Detwiler welcomed Easton into the collective baseball stunned four national seeds (No. 3 Arizona State in the Super
family this year. Regionals, No. 6 Rice, and No. 2 North Carolina to reach the
CWS finals) on their way to the title. Fresno State that year
Detwiler played for the Crabs in 2007 and 2009. During his started 8-12, and became the No. 1 team in the nation.
time in Arcata, he batted .277 with 3 home runs and 40 RBIs,
and he brought a passion for the game every time he took the One of the best stories on the team was Detwiler. He was in
field. the middle of a huge slump coming into the championship
series—4-for-39 in the NCAA tournament—but in the end, he
Detwiler was drafted by the Houston Astros in the 40th round became the hero. In the championship series, Detwiler carried
of the 2006 mlb June Amateur Draft from San Rafael HS. He his team.
went on to play for Fresno State from 2007-2010. The Bulldogs
were national champions when they won the College World He set CWS records for home runs (four), RBI (11), and hits.
Series in 2008. He also made a few great plays out in right field, including
catching the final out of the game. He belted two home runs
After graduating, Detwiler played for the Independent San and drove in all six runs for the Bulldogs in the championship
Rafael Pacifics in 2012. He is now the head Varsity Coach at San game. He also played with a torn tendon in his thumb. It was
Rafael High School, GM of CA Lightning Travel Baseball and a reported the tendon was completely gone according to the
hitting coach for Linedrive. doctors. Imagine the pain. Detwiler summed it up the best
when he said, “It’s mind over matter. It’s just a little pain. The
Detwiler coached his high school squad to a No. 15 ranking pain is temporary. Pride is forever.”
in his first season as the head man. San Rafael H.S. was
eliminated this spring by No. 2 Analy (23-4) after losing 7-2 in
the first round of the NCS D-III playoffs in Sebastopol but San
Rafael reached the MCAL playoffs for the first time since 2005.

At Fresno State in 2009 Detwiler played in 53 games and
started 43 as right fielder or designated hitter ... hit .222 with a
double, a triple and five home runs ... recorded 25 RBIs ... 2009
Preseason All-WAC outfielder ... went 3-for-4 against Loyola
Marymount on March 22 ... (2008) The right fielder started in
71 games and appeared in 77 of the 78 games ... hit .269 with
12 doubles and 12 home runs ... two of the 12 home runs came
in the CWS Championship game against Georgia ... 8-for-8 on
bases stolen during his career with Fresno State ... went 4-for-4
against in the championship game against Georgia with two
home runs and a double ... made the game-winning catch
against Georgia in the CWS finals ... member of the College
World Series All-Tournament team. (2007) Hit .318 in 32 games
as a freshman ... Had 10 runs and 14 hits in 44 at bats ... went

Humboldt Crabs 2017 27

University of San Francisco team
loaded with former Crabs

Interviewed by Lonny Meyer What to expect from the experience That crowd was great. The atmosphere.
about the area and baseball atmosphere? The ballpark is in a great location.
Allen Smoot (Infield) (Humboldt isolation/differences) What would you tell new USF Don play-
ers that are thinking about going to play
Fondest memories of playing for the Lot of home games, which is great. Ar- for the Crabs?
Crabs? cata is a fun little area. Nice small town. Definitely do it. One of the best experi-
Playing with a great group of guys. We The Crab Grass Band is the best band. ences I’ve had in baseball. Nothing like
won like 41 games playing for Coach it.
Fisher and all the other coaches. Thoughts on possibly being a hitting What to expect from the experience about
How did your Crabs season go? coach one day for the Crabs? the area and baseball atmosphere?
41 wins and 9 losses. It was a good sum- You are going to get a real baseball expe-
mer! Definitely. rience up there. Hard work and a lot of
What would you tell new USF Don play- enjoyment.
ers that are thinking about going to play Baseball highlights since playing for Baseball highlights since playing for
for the Crabs? Crabs? Crabs?
One of the best setups. Right next to the Been playing well and growing a lot.
gym. Great environment. Great experi- Won a championship last summer in
ence. Maryland. Scott Parker (Left Handed Pitcher)

Manny Ramirez Jr. (First Base) Fondest memories of playing for the
Fondest memories of playing for the Just the atmosphere. The fans were al-
Crabs? ways in it. The band was super cool. Just
fun to play there at home really often.
Future Plans? Going to stay in baseball?
I don’t know, we’ll see. Maybe. Hope-
What would you tell new USF Don play-
ers that are thinking about going to play
for the Crabs?

28 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Absolutely. If you can get into that, go for How do you feel going into the draft and What would you tell new USF Don play-
it. Such a blast. Probably the most fun the possibilities? ers that are thinking about going to play
I’ve had playing baseball. Stay with it, it’s for the Crabs?
a long summer with a lot of hard work. Good. I’ve talked to a few organizations
What to expect from the experience about so I feel like I got a good shot at getting a It was definitely one of the best experi-
the area and baseball atmosphere? call, but if not I have a business finance ences of my life. One of the best sum-
The area and baseball atmosphere are degree and can fall back on that. mers, for sure. From what I’ve expe-
great. We did bonfires on the beach, we rienced from other summer baseball
went on hikes; just a fun place to hang What would you tell new USF Don play- programs, there is nothing like the Crabs
out on off days. Always something new to ers that are thinking about going to play experience. Just the location and to have
see on the Plaza. for the Crabs? everyone in the community treat you
Do you stay in contact with any former like you are one of them. It’s just one of
Crabs? Go do it! It’s a hell of an experience! It’s the best setups for summer ball.
We play a couple of them every here and a lot of fun! Great crowd. Great coaches.
there, and we have a Crabs group chat Definitely worth your time and a fun What to expect from the experience about
going. experience. the area and baseball atmosphere?

Matt Sinatro (Outfield) What to expect from the experience about It was a lot less stressful than other sum-
the area and baseball atmosphere? mer ball programs I’ve experienced. You
Fondest memories of playing for the are definitely gonna get your work in.
Crabs? You’re going to get a great baseball You are playing a lot of home games and
Just playing in front of that crowd. The experience, obviously – I mean the fans. have access to HealthSPORT for working
Oyster game. Now that was one hell of a There are some real hidden gems there. out down the road. You cook your own
game! The fans they just go crazy. They Not a lot of people know too much about food in the apartment they hook you up
turn out every game. So really just play- Humboldt because it’s really Northern with, so you get to eat healthy. It’s just
ing in front of those fans every game. Northern California. Once, you’re there such a great setup, it’s just perfect.
How did your Crabs season go? it’s all baseball. Everyone loves the
It was really good. We started off not as Crabs. You’re known everywhere. It’s Baseball highlights since playing for
good as the Crabs should be, but then we cool, you get a little celebrity experience Crabs?
went on a crazy streak, where I want to kinda deal. Awesome baseball atmo-
say we won like 15-20 games in a row and sphere, loud fans and a lot of wins. This is really my first collegiate season
it ended up being a really good season ever. I’ve been kind of bouncing around.
for us. This was two summers ago. What about that Crab Grass Band? I was playing at Pepperdine first. Feel
Future Plans? Going to stay in baseball? great just playing every day.
I am looking at pro ball actually. I am Oh my God! The band is phenomenal!
a senior this year so I got a shot at the You don’t get that many places either. Do you stay in contact with any former
draft. So we’ll see what happens there. Crabs?
Baseball highlights since playing for
Humboldt Crabs 2017 Crabs? Oh yeah! We play a bunch of them.
Fresno State, Sac State, etc. So I get to see
I had a really good season last year. I some of the guys and we’re always super
stole 26 bases and hit .300 something.
Do you stay in contact with any former
Crabs? 29

I do, yeah. I talk with Alex Crosby a little
bit. I see all their Instagram updates and
Snapchat and all the social media stuff
as well.

Michael Perri (Infield)

Fondest memories of playing for the

Honestly, just every home game. All the
fans would come out and have our back
and always giving the other team a hard

Which year are you?

I’m a senior and I’ll be graduating May
19th. We’ll see where life takes me from

USF: Crabs

excited to be able to talk about our time I was there in the summer of 2015. What to expect from the experience about
with the Crabs. the area and baseball atmosphere?
How did the 2015 season go for the Crabs?
Mack Meyer (Right Handed Pitcher) The area is wonderful. There were a few
It was good. We started off slow. I guys that were from the local junior col-
Fondest memories from playing for the remember that Tyson Fisher, the man- lege. I remember Zach Stone, who plays
Crabs? ager, was a little like, “Hey guys we’re at Davis now. I think he went to Arcata
I think the atmosphere and the coach- supposed to be really good,” and then I High and he would just show us around
ing staff. The coaching staff as well as the remember we finished strong. I think we on our days off. I think we went to the
athletic trainers work really well together. won 21 of the last 26 games in a row. So, lake a few times and the beach.
I mean you get up there and you come that was really good. I was just out of the
from your Division I school and they are bullpen, which is what I usually do, and Baseball highlights since playing for
really acclimating to you, they find you that went well. Crabs?
a training program. As far as recovering,
especially being a pitcher, Nate Kees and Fans must have been pretty excited about Completing my transformation as a stan-
Lisa Rodrigues were there when I was that 21-game winning streak? dard over the top pitcher to a sidearm
there and they were really wonderful pitcher.
with just being able to get you ready for Well it’s funny, because I remember the
your start or coming out of the bullpen. fans you start seeing less and less in the Do you stay in contact with any former
The manager, Tyson Fisher, and Eric Gia- beginning (when losing) and then they Crabs?
cone, who was the pitching coach, were start coming back as we started winning.
great and they really worked together You start having people ask you if you Yeah yeah, Zach Stone I definitely stay in
well. play for the Crabs later in the year when contact with and obviously my team-
Which year were you a Crab? you start winning. mates here. I was there with two other
guys, Manny and Matt.
Future Plans? Going to stay in baseball?
Anything else you want to add in about
Oh yeah. This is my senior year, so I’ll see the Crabs?
where it takes me after that. Take base-
ball for what it is and run from that. USF The Crabs is just a wonderful experience.
has been great, but definitely remember It’s definitely the best place to go for
the Crab days. summer ball on the West Coast and defi-
nitely recommend it to any player. !
What would you tell new USF Don play-
ers that are thinking about going to play
for the Crabs?

Wonderful experience. Great time for de-
velopment. Great atmosphere. Coaching
staff is grade A, as professional as they
get. The season is great in the sense they
give you time to develop in the weight
room and outside the weight room. The
schedule is great, mostly home games.

30 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Promotions & Special 31
Event Dates:

Ballpark themed days & nights

June 2: Opening Night
June 3: HumBrews Gift Certificates
June 4: Cancer Awareness Day—Wear Pink.

Sponsored by St. Joseph Hospital & Redwood Memorial

June 10: Rising Stars Foundation
June 11: Little League Day ... one of many
June 17: 2:30pm game: Advanced Security Giveaway Day!

Note: Limited parking (Oyster Festival) Shuttles at HSU lot.

June 18: Pierson Building Center Father’s Day (limited seat-

ing) One lucky Dad will win a paint bucket of free stuff!

June 21: Harper Ford Hat Giveaway Night
July 1: Humboldt Heroes Night Honor Guard, Special Guests
July 4: Wear Red, White and Blue Limited seating, bring chairs
July 5: Veteran’s Appreciation & Camo Night
July 8: 1980s Night
July 9: Hawaiin Day
July 14: Fireworks Night (Limited Seating)
July 15-16: Crabs Alumni and Player’s Parents Weekend
July 16: Superhero Day

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast

July 21: Cowboy Night
July 22: Humboldt Roller Derby Mustache Night
July 23: Redwood Edventures Quest for the kids
July 28: Mardi Gras Night
July 29: Pirate Night
July 30: Tie Dye Day
Aug. 4: Humboldt County Fair Win Fair tickets and more!
Aug. 5: Fireworks Night! Limited seating, bring chairs
Aug. 6: Fan Appreciation Day Discounts at the souvenir stand

Partner with the Crabs!

If your business is interested in partnering or co-branding
items with the Crabs on any special game listed above or if you
wanted to create your own special day, let us know. Get your
businesses logo on a giveaway item like a rally towels, pen-
nants, beer cups, T-shirts, blankets, or hats or create your own
marketing item. Or how about sponsoring foul balls so we can
give them to the kids when they catch them inside the park? It's
up to you. Shoot us an email at [email protected] to
find out more or visit the Humboldt Crabs website. !

Humboldt Crabs 2017

3rd grade report
on the Humboldt
Crabs Ballpark

By Tyler Hinrichs
Third Grader

Humboldt Crabs ballpark is located at 9th and F streets Tyler Hinrichs chose to do his 3rd Grade report for Cutten
Elementary on the Humboldt Crabs and the ballpark. Crabs
in Arcata, California. The Humboldt Crabs is a summer volunteer Larry Zerlang answered all Tyler’s questions and put him
college baseball team. It gives the community something fun in touch with some former Crabs after his Mom had emailed the
to do in the summer. You can meet the Crabs players at the Crabs asking if Tyler could talk to someone in the organization.
ballpark. I like the ballpark because you get to see all of the
action of the baseball game close up. me the players were visitors and they enjoyed it because it had
hidden gems and it was adventurous.
They have baseball games
from June to August. The “The Humboldt Crabs are the oldest continuously-operated
ballpark offers entertainment summer collegiate, wood bat, baseball team in the country.”
and fun for families. Also, ( The team has been playing for 73 years
the Crabs team provides
youth camps for beginners
and serious players. I talked
to Michael Perri (pictured),
a former Crabs baseball
player from USF, and he told

32 Humboldt Crabs 2017

in a row and they were founded in 1945. Sources: Larry Zerlang, Crabs volunteer
The most famous player is Allen Smoot Michael Perri, Former Crabs player and
(pictured) from USF. Smoot had a 31 game USF player
hitting streak and batted 450 and had 85 Tyson Fisher, Former Crabs manager
hits in one season.

Tyson Fisher, the former Crabs manager,
said that the Crabs players would eat
anything, especially peanut butter and jelly

One of the most recent players on the
Crabs team is Bradley Zimmer who plays
for the Cleveland Indians. He’s really close to making it in the
major leagues.

If the Humboldt Crabs were not a part of the community kids
would not have any youth camps with baseball players and
they will not get any better at baseball. The players would feel
sad if there was no team because the community treats them
like family and they knew anyone would help them. Everyone
would miss watching the Crabs play baseball.

I chose the Humboldt Crabs ballpark for my report because I
like sports and I like watching their games. I would be sad if the
Crabs ballpark was gone because we would not have enough
entertainment in Humboldt.

Humboldt Crabs 2017 33

How to Keep Score

34 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Humboldt Crabs 2017 35


Federal & Multi-State Tax Preparation
Financial Statements
Payroll Services
Business Consulting

QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Go Crabs Go!

134 D Street, Suite 201 • Eureka, CA 95501

(707) 443-3168

36 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Ceramic Tile

The Tile Man

Free Estimates • Design
Consultation • Remodel
New Construction • Repair

The Stone Showroom
2nd & X • Eureka

Call (707) 443-8842

Humboldt Crabs 2017 37

1020 G Street, Arcata | 707.822.1587 | M–F 9–5

Closed for lunch 12–1
38 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Humboldt Crabs 2017 39

Everything you need for
LARGE and small animals!

Fencing Contractor Supplies • Erosion Control Material

Locally owned family business serving the North coast since 1995

40 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Crabs Opponents

California Expos

The California Expos The Cali Expos can be found on Twitter
were founded by GM
Jamie Cederquist, who has been a scout with The 2014 Seals went to Wichita for the prestigious NBC
the Miami Marlins since 2006. The California Tournament
Expos, California Storm, California Pilots and Aside from being successful on the field, our key organizational
South County Vipers were created in order to goals consist of working with local city leaders and business
provide a venue for a collegiate baseball summer owners to create local job opportunities. In addition, the Seals
experience in the Central Valley. Some of the Baseball Club wants to be valued members of the community
local college coaches inquired about us putting through our organizational commitment to community
together a summer collegiate baseball program outreach and both advanced and beginner camps for the local
and now we're up to 4 teams and running strong. youth here in Alameda. It is through these efforts that the Seals
Many of our coaches are associated with MLB Baseball Club looks to build a long lasting partnership with the
teams and some have coached and played city of Alameda.
collegiately and professionally. Many of our Mission Statement
coaches have coached and instructed over 100 The Seals are a collegiate level summer baseball club
current and former professional baseball players. Some dedicated to serving the youth in Northern California and
of our most recent big league call-ups are Cody Martin - providing positive role models for them. The club’s primary
Seattle Mariners, Sean Halton - Milwaukee Brewers, and
Marcus Walden - Toronto Blue Jays. continued

The Cali Baseball teams will be comprised of players with 41
local ties to the Central Valley area. The California Expos,
California Storm and California Pilots will keep a low amount
of players to maximize playing time for all players. These
teams give the players the flexibility to attend summer school
and/or work, while playing baseball during the summer.

The Cali Baseball teams will compete in the Central Valley
Collegiate League. The league was constructed in 2013 and is a
5-team wood bat league composed of well-established teams
from Central California. The Expos, Storm, Pilots and Vipers
are scheduled to compete in 25-30 games during June and July.
Our program only plays reputable teams who hold the same
qualities as our team does. The Expos, Storm, Pilots and Vipers
will compete against some highly regarded summer collegiate

The Seals

The Seals are the Collegiate Level baseball team
that is composed of players from NCAA Division
I, II, NAIA schools and Junior College. The Seals
were established in 1985 and have a rich history in the Bay Area,
having spent 10 years based in San Francisco, 10 years in San
Rafael, 5 years in Sonoma, 4 years in Oakland and 1 year based
in Alameda. The Seals’ organizational purpose is to provide
collegiate level players with the best opportunity to play in
a professional environment but also to provide community
with quality, family-oriented baseball fun. The Seals are an
organization that is looking to optimize the level
of baseball for all ages.

Humboldt Crabs 2017

focus is to build character and discipline through the sport of years he ran the
baseball. It is our belief that baseball builds strong leadership Redding Colt 45s
qualities needed to succeed in life by instilling honest work summer collegiate
ethics, maintaining good physical health, and engaging team.
with community of all ages and walks of life. Service to
the community is a cornerstone of who the Seals are as an He served
organization. Community service is not only a requirement of as Simpson
all our athletes involved with the program but also something University’s
the Seals instill as a foundational approach to life. We believe assistant baseball
every child should have every opportunity to learn and play coach from 2006-
the game of baseball at the highest levels and thus provide a 2008 and later the
mechanism to deliver quality instruction, competition and head coach in 2014.
Cadaret has also worked as a Comcast baseball analyst for
Redding Colt 45s the Oakland A’s pre- and post-game TV broadcasts, and is
spending this summer in Michigan as pitching coach for the
Manager Greg Cadaret is back at the 45s Traverse City Beach Bums of the independent Frontier League.
skipper. Cadaret, a left-handed pitcher,
played professional baseball for 18 years, 11 Backing up Cadaret is Pitching Coach - Berek Fasking and First
of those in the major leagues. He pitched for Base Coach - Justin Sybesma.
the Oakland A’s during the 1988 World Series and later played
for the New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds and Anaheim The Colt 45s have been on the Crabs schedule since this non-
Angels. profit summer collegiate team was established in 2005.

A Redding-area resident since 1994, Cadaret has coached at The 45s chose to remain independent form being affiliated
all levels of baseball, including teams in the American Legion with any organized league like the Crabs.
and Golden Baseball League, as well as at Foothill High School,
where the team won three section championships. For six The 45s are a great Crabs rival and we will play a three game
series both home and away in 2017, the Crabs will go to
Redding on June 23 to June 25.

Open Daily from On the Arcata
8am to 3pm Plaza

breakfast & brunch cafe
846 G street, arcata
(707) 826-7578

42 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Healdsburg Solano Mudcats
Prune Packers
After a very long season of playing for
Healdsburg Prune Packers Baseball Club the Las Vegas Heat, filled with extensive
was resurre cted in 2014 in order to carry traveling, three Solano County natives
forward the long history and tradition decided to start their own team. The
of the Healdsburg Prune Packers baseball team, originally Solano Mudcats were established in 1990
formed in 1921. by Shawn Scibek, George Sebena, and Jed
Czajkowski. Some team names were discussed, Czajkowski
GM and Field Manager Joey Gomes led the 2016 Packers to offered up the Mudcats name and all 3 agreed that it should be
a 38-16 record during the team’s first year in the California the Solano Mudcats rather than the Vacaville Mudcats.
Collegiate League. The California Collegiate League (CCL),
founded in 1993, is a collegiate summer baseball league The Mudcats soon joined the Fontenetti’s League based in
headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. It is associated San Jose, a year round league where the Cats played over a
with the National Baseball Congress. The CCL hosts a 39-game hundred games a year. They then decided to join the Cal-
championship summer season including a north-vs-south All Neva Wood Bat league. Finally, the Mudcats found a home
Star Game. Players use wooden bats and professional-level with the Sacramento Rural League in 1993. The Sacramento
balls to further their development as potential professional Rural league, which has been around since 1946, provided the
ballplayers stability the Mudcats needed. Once an established top semi-
pro club, the Mudcats have now transitioned into a Collegiate
In 1921 the famous Prune Packers were organized. They were Baseball organization. The Mudcats offer clinics and camps to
headed by Pop Arlett, a former Coast League pitcher, and local youth and continue to offer player instruction up through
managed by Bob Weston. Some of the players on this original the Solano Mudcats Collegiate team. Sebena and Czajkowski
team included Rollin McCord, Don Petray, Frank Corrick, have since moved on but frequently check in on the Cats.
Frank Meisner, Shorty Cortade, George Drew, Biff Schaler, Shawn Scibek remains the heartbeat of the Mudcats both as a
Roney McDonald, Chick Autrey, Ralph Strand, Jimmy Shinn, coach as well as serving on the board. The Mudcats are a 501(c)
and Frenchy De Selle. 3 non-profit organization.

The Prune Packers (named after Healdburg’s agricultural base Pacific Union Financial
crop in those days) were a formidable team. They defeated the Capitalists (Puf Caps)
county teams and went on to play Bay Area semi-pro teams.
The success of the team drew large crowds - 800 plus people The Pacific Union Financial Capitalists are a
- to their games in Healdsburg. For a few years, at the end nation-wide, elite 18U traveling baseball team.
of each season, the Prune Packers would play the semi-pro The team is comprised of top recruits, all
Santa Rosa Rosebuds, drawing crowds of 1000 or more. The entering D-1 schools in the Fall, each of which
original Prune Packers, which were called one of the best semi- has earned a baseball scholarship.
pro teams in the State, played until the late 1920’s and then
disbanded until the 1950’s. The goal of the coaching staff is to provide
players the best opportunity to be successful
The Prune Packers today are a wood-bat, collegiate summer when entering college.
baseball team, whose roster consists of college players of
the highest skill level, from predominantly Division I college To accomplish this goal, the CAPS play 40 plus games in 50
programs, honing their skills over the summer for the next days, compete against some top collegiate teams in addition
level of baseball. Prune Packers consistently are drafted into to 18U peers, and play in three of the most competitive
Major League Baseball. tournaments on the West Coast.

The Prune Packers played then and now at Healdsburg’s The San Luis Obispo Blues
historic Recreation Park at 515 Piper Street, which has been
renovated for comfort and style while retaining the feel of an The SLO Blues are a wooden bat, Summer
old-time baseball stadium. Healdsburg is approximately 65 Collegiate Baseball Organization that
miles north of San Francisco, in the heart of the wine country. competes yearly from the end of May
The stadium is just up the street from the town’s square nestled through August. Home games are held
in between neighborhood trees and houses. at Sinsheimer Stadium, located at 900
Southwood Drive in San Luis Obispo, CA.
Their mission is to provide student athletes with a positive The team competes in the California Collegiate League (CCL)
learning experience that develops their social, academic and and is consistently ranked among the top 25 teams nationally
athletic skills while providing fans with the finest amateur from a field of over 260 teams.
baseball and a rollicking good time!

Humboldt Crabs 2017 43

The SLO Blues History focuses on a learn-by-doing approach. The Blues take great
pride in their interns’ involvement in nearly every aspect of
The Blues began in 1946 when founding Manager Sandy operations, and will have more than 30 individuals interning
Leguina gathered a group of WWII veterans coming home to with their organization for the 2017 season.
San Luis Obispo who wanted to play baseball. He added a few
younger players and began the season playing against semi- Walnut Creek
pro and town teams from throughout California. Originally Crawdads
dubbed the “Merchants”, the team name was changed just
weeks into the first season. George Baker, local sports editor The Walnut Creek Crawdads are a summer collegiate
of the Telegram-Tribune, renamed the team the “Blues” after baseball team founded in 2010 who compete in the California
their blue lettering and blue stockings. He stated that any team Collegiate League (CCL). The team is focused on providing an
worth anything needed a more colorful name, and declared opportunity for the team to play against high-level competition
that any objections should be directed to his desk, “else in the and to improve their skills as they continue their quest to
future we will” use the new name. become professional baseball players.The team consists of
current student-athletes competing at the division 1, 2, and
The Blues Mission junior colleges from around the country.

The SLO Blues Organization has three (3) main objectives. The More Than A Game, the parent organization of the Crawdads,
first is to provide first-rate and affordable family entertainment is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
to California’s Central Coast residents. They believe it is their
responsibility as a local business to give back to this great Rockville Rock Hounds
community. To this end, they have established Outreach
Programs like the Charity Partners Program, the Educational The Rockville Rock Hounds are a collegiate summer baseball
Partner Program, and the Blues Buddies Program. Their program and member of the California Collegiate League
second objective is to mentor and advance the professional comprised of Division 1, 2, naia, and exiting junior college
and physical skills of collegiate ballplayers at the highest level players. Based out of Northern California, they are located just
of competition. Local and national Division I baseball players 45 miles east of San Francisco and 45 miles west of the state
continue their development with Blues while temporarily away capital, Sacramento. The program is one of the only in the area
from their parent college or university. Their third objective
is to continue and expand their internship program which continued





(707) 822-2822

44 Humboldt Crabs 2017


Mobile Home, R.V. Spaces
& Mobile Rentals

Go Crabs Go!

Vicky Gage, Manager
4855 Boyd Rd • Arcata, CA • 95521

Fax: 707. 822.2858 • Email: [email protected]
707.822.1547 •

Humboldt Crabs 2017 45

Crabs Opponents

that has its own college facility as its home field, as well as its roster in 2017, with host families and a professional staff of
own clubhouse. coaches from college programs and/or professional baseball
experience. The success, draw and coaching of the team has
Fresno A’s: allowed the A’s to bring in excellent players and young men
from the upper Midwest and around the country, in addition
With a diverse roster of players from around the country who to its Central Valley players. The 2017 team is proud to have 9
have come to Fresno for the 2017 summer season, the Fresno roster players from schools in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate
A’s summer college team has emerged as a destination national Conference (nsic), as well as two players from Cornerstone
roster summer college organization out of the Central San University in Michigan and a player from Southwestern
Joaquin Valley. The team emerged out of the Fresno A’s travel Christian University in Oklahoma, in addition to a healthy
baseball organization which began 8 years ago in Fresno and representation of the Central Valley from Fresno City College,
now has teams from 10 year olds through college. In 2015, many Reedley College and from San Francisco State University. The
of the members of the first class of Fresno A’s were graduating 2017 A’s players come from all around the US and from Canada.
high school and had obtained placement on college baseball
rosters, so in the summer of 2015 the Fresno A’s emerged to The A’s choose to be an independent team so they can compete
play a summer college schedule in the Valley. In 2016, the up and down California and Nevada. The team has a 40 game
second summer college season for the Fresno A’s, the summer schedule in 2017, from San Diego to Humboldt to Reno to Las
college team expanded its roster and ventured to Nevada and Vegas to San Francisco and into the Central Valley. The Fresno
San Francisco for a full schedule of games. A’s want to thank The Fresno Grizzlies, the aaa affiliate of the
Houston Astros, for their support of our summer college team
The Fresno A’s summer college team took off from there. By and their fundraising partnership with the Fresno A’s. The
2017 the Fresno A’s had great contacts on the Midwest, where coaches and managers hope to return to Humboldt for years to
many of our once younger players had earned college baseball come. !
scholarships. The Fresno A’s expanded to a full national

46 Humboldt Crabs 2017

Humboldt Crabs 2017 47

Ugo Giuntini Of course, Ugo didn’t speak a word of Junior High. I was in one of his classes
English when he arrived and started at Eureka Junior High and after all these
The face of school at a late age. However, he was an years I still consider him one of my very
the Crabs intelligent young man and graduated favorite teachers. Outside of providing a
from Arcata High School in 1930. He was great education one of the most inter-
By Jack Nash — Crabs Fan one of only seven seniors on the Honor esting parts of his classroom was that
Roll and also was active in many clubs he had about 20 used tickets from the
If you were a fan of the Humboldt and sports, especially football, basketball East-West Shrine Football game (played
Crabs in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and and baseball. He went on to college and at Kezar in San Francisco) underneath
into the 1980s you would be aware of graduated with a degree in education the glass cover of his desk. I’m a collector
the “face” of the Crabs. Yes, the first per- and physical education from Humboldt and I loved it! He retired from teaching
son you usually saw when you entered State Teachers College in 1934 (along in 1973 after 39 years in the field.
the ballpark (both Arcata and Eureka) with my mother’s cousin, Amelia Vance).
was the ticket manager, Ugo Giuntini. He was the first Italian immigrant to Back to baseball: He continued his base-
Ugo spent almost 40 years working for graduate from Humboldt. ball career and spent many years playing
the Humboldt Crabs and most of those alongside Lou Bonomini including the
years were in the box office. When Ugo was 18, he got a letter from Samoa-Arcata entry in the Humboldt
Before he became involved with the Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini sug- County League. This league was really
Crabs, Ugo was a very good player in gesting it was time for him to serve in strong and also featured teams from
his own right. He was a well-known ball the Italian army. He told them to talk to Scotia, Eureka, Blue Lake and Fortuna
player for various Humboldt County his Uncle Sam! He was proud to get his and employed players who were such
teams from 1929 until the early 1940’s. He citizenship papers on his 21st birthday. good ball players that some of them were
played second base and shortstop along recruited to play in the Pacific Coast
with several positions in the outfield. His first job was educational adviser League. Sometimes former PCL players,
He played with the 1929 Korbel Volun- and athletic coach at the Hawkins Bar or even former major league players,
teer Fire Department Team that also Civilian Conservation Corps camp in would dot the rosters of the Humboldt
included long time Crab associate Fred 1935. After that, he began working as the County League. By 1944 Ugo, and Lou
Papini and also Ugo’s brother, Dario. He teaching principal at Dyerville School Bonomini as well, were active as “play-
is also pictured on the 1935 Arcata Blues in 1936–37. After six months in Dyerville, ing managers” but Ugo had recently
championship team alongside future he seized an opportunity to come back married Norma Mengali from Rio Dell
Humboldt Crabs players: Charley Tim- into town and began teaching Algebra and decided to hang up his cleats. Ugo
mons, Fred Papini and a very young Lou to 8th graders at the old Eureka Junior and Norma had two children: daughter
Bonomini. High School before moving on to Zane
Ugo was born in Lucca, Italy in 1911 and,
when he was 10 years old, moved with 1929 Korbel Volunteer Fire Department Team
his parents to Korbel. His father had Standing: Mel Sundquist, Wes St. Louis, Dino Mori, Ernie Robinson (Manager),
come earlier and, when he saved enough Slim McCoy, Ugo Giuntini, Harry Montgomery. Front: Chuck Montgomery, Shir-
money, sent for the rest of the family. ley Porter, Dale Merriam, Dario Giuntini, Fred Papini.
Humboldt Crabs 2017

1935 Arcata Blues

Standing: Mingo Bianchi, Nick Kostachinko, John Moore, Wilfred McCoy, Ugo Giuntini, Grenfil Hartman, Bill Touhy. Front: Frank Crnich,
Charley Timmons, Mel Sundquist, Wes St. Louis, Lou Bonomini, Fred Papini.

Lynn and son Dennis. Dennis Giuntini Porto, decided to retire so Ugo took over City. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s
became a well-known three-sport ath- and held that position for more than 30 the program blossomed from about 20
lete for Eureka High. When Ugo’s wife years. He would sell the tickets and the teams to almost 80 teams in the men’s
Norma passed after 37 years of marriage, well-known Bill Bayich would take the program alone. I was the manager of Art
Ugo married a former classmate, Rose tickets. Ugo was diligent in his job and Johnson’s SOX and worked closely with
Canclini Lavagnini. took his responsibility seriously. You had Ugo to put on tournaments such as the
to be very cagey to be able to sneak into Eureka Invitational and the City of Eu-
Ugo’s career with the Humboldt Crabs the games. If he saw you in the park he reka Slow-Pitch Championships. For 24
started in 1945 as the official scorer and, would know if you had come through years he also organized and supervised
after Saturday night games in Arcata, he the proper turnstiles. Ugo even traveled SF Giant youth baseball trips to Candle-
had to hustle back to Eureka with the re- with the team to those rare away games stick Park. In 1973 Ugo Giuntini was
sults for the Humboldt Times. The high- including a few trips to Alaska to face given a citation presented by the Cali-
way was only two lanes then and busy the Fairbanks Alaska Goldpanners and fornia Parks and Recreations Society for
after the game so it was difficult to get to others. his lengthy service to the community. In
the paper before it went to press. Some- 1985 Ugo and the Humboldt Crabs were
times the Sports Department would hold In addition to his teaching job and his featured in the debut copy of “Trillium”
up the paper to get the results! In those work with the Crabs, Ugo accepted a job which was an Art & Literary Magazine
days, the Crabs would play in Arcata on in 1946 with the City of Eureka Parks and created at the College of the Redwoods.
Saturday night and at Albee Stadium Recreation Department where he could A picture in that issue shows Ugo at his
in Eureka on Sunday. When the news- work part time and still teach school. familiar post, the box office at the Crabs
paper sports department took over the He was Playground Director & Sports games. A scene many remember! !
responsibility of scoring Crabs games, Supervisor. He developed recreation for
Ugo became a “stand by” and also wrote the youth of Eureka. My association with Author’s note: I was able to do research in
a weekly column under the byline, “By Ugo Giuntini continued through the my own files but was helped by both Ma-
Hoam Playte.” 1970’s and later. As the sports specialist ria Bonomini Briggs and Ugo’s daughter
with the City of Eureka he basically ran Lynn Raymond who lives in McKin-
In 1951 the regular ticket seller, Nel Dal the slow-pitch softball program for the leyville. —JN

Humboldt Crabs 2017 49

50 Humboldt Crabs 2017

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