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Information for prospective parents and students

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Published by Alder Community High School, 2017-09-27 06:56:09

Alder Community High School Prosepectus 2017-18

Information for prospective parents and students

Living and
Learning Together

Alder Community High School



“The behaviour of students is good. They are keen to learn,
follow the instructions of their teachers and enjoy sharing
their ideas to support their learning.”


Welcome to Alder Community High School

Dear Parents and Carers
Alder Community High School is a thriving, vibrant school
with a proud record of academic success. We have high
standards and high expectations of all of our students.
We are a community and we want all students to thrive in
a happy, safe, supportive, yet challenging learning
environment. Central to our positive ethos are core values
of tolerance, respect for others and a clear understanding
of rights and responsibilities in equal measure, along with hard work and high expectations.
Students are at the centre of everything we do and increasing their life chances is our
primary goal. We want our students to leave Alder as well rounded human beings, ready
for college or work and able to take their place in society to contribute, to enjoy life and be
able to improve their own lives and the lives of others. The vast majority of our students
leave Alder to go onto full time education and/or training, including A levels and
apprenticeships. Many of our students go on to university.
Thank you for considering Alder Community High School. I look forward to meeting you
and hopefully working with you over the coming years.

Richard O’Regan


“The curriculum prepares students well for their future education and training as
there is a good range of subjects, an emphasis on the development of literacy
skills and high achievement in Mathematics.”


Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

At Alder the teaching is innovative and engaging. All KS3 Curriculum Subjects

subjects are delivered by subject specialist teaching + Art and Design + Computing + Design Technology

staff. + Drama + English + French or Spanish

We offer a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum + Geography + History + Mathematics
to all students. At Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), the + Music + Physical Education + Religious Education
curriculum fulfils the requirements of the National + Science

Curriculum. We also provide a comprehensive programme of Personal, Social and

At KS3 the students are placed in teaching sets Health Education which includes age appropriate sex and relationships

according to their prior attainment. These sets are education, drug awareness and E safety. Our PSHE curriculum aims to

reviewed regularly throughout the year based on promote responsible behaviour and sound moral values, self-esteem,

student performance and progress. self-restraint and respect for others, and the value of family life.

KS4 Curriculum
Before the start of KS4 (Years 10-11), students are guided formally towards a
personalised curriculum, through the options process, which meets their
individual needs and aspirations. In addition to the KS3 subjects students are
currently also able to choose the following GCSE option subjects:
+ Sociology
+ Psychology
+ Photography
+ Dance (BTEC)
+ Business Studies
+ Computer Science
+ Information Technology
+ Resistant Materials
+ Hospitality and Catering
+ Textiles
+ Sport
+ Biology, Chemistry and Physics


High Standards and Expectations
Behaviour and Discipline

At Alder Community High School we expect and encourage the highest standard
of behaviour from students at all times. All students are expected to follow the
school code of conduct so that effective teaching and learning can take place.
Further information is available in our Behaviour Policy.

Rewarding Progress, Effort and Achievement

Progress, achievement and effort are rewarded with Alder points which are
exchanged for badges which students wear on their blazer. Each half term,
curriculum leaders nominate 2 students from every year group to receive a
subject badge. Also, throughout the year limited edition badges will become
available. Limited edition badges include resilience, team work, social conscience
and the British values.

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality are vital if students are to get the most out of
school. We ask all parents to support school by encouraging good habits of
attendance and punctuality. Students who achieve 100% attendance in an
academic year will receive a blazer badge.

“The rewards and sanctions system has had a marked School Uniform
effect on ensuring good behaviour.”
At Alder Community High School we have a traditional uniform that includes a
(Ofsted) clip on tie and a blazer. All our students feel a real sense of pride in belonging to
our school and see the wearing of the uniform as a positive statement of their
commitment to it. For this reason, and to promote equality, the school insists
that full and correct uniform is worn. We are obviously grateful for the co-
operation and support of parents in ensuring that all of our students are correctly
dressed. Further information is available in the Uniform and Equipment Policy.


Living and Learning Together

The Alder Code of Conduct “Leaders and managers have a relentless focus on
improving teaching. The majority of teaching is
 We will all respect each other and show this in the way we act and good or outstanding.”
 We will all work hard to make lessons successful.

 We will try to do our best and encourage others to do the same.

 We will be here on time every day and in every lesson

 We will all move safely and sensibly around school.

 We will all be well prepared for school and lessons, including what
we wear and how we act.

 We will all acknowledge our mistakes and accept the
opportunities to make amends.

 We will do our best to demonstrate and prove that Alder
Community High School is a good school.

“Around the school, students treat each other with great
respect and move sensibly and safely at all times. They know
what is expected of them and behave accordingly. This leads
to a harmonious community.”



Care, Guidance and Support

Pastoral Support
At Alder the well-being of our students is at the heart of everything we do. Students
will only fulfil their potential if they feel safe and, above all, are happy. We have a
highly experienced, qualified and dedicated team of individuals who provide a range
of pastoral support and guidance to our students and their families if necessary.
Each class has a form tutor who meets with them most days and gets to know each
student well. The Form Tutor is in a key position to monitor your child’s progress and
should be your first point of contact if you have any worries or concerns.
Each year group has a Progress Leader who has an overall responsibility for all of the
students in their year group. In addition we have:
 a Learning Mentor;
 a Student Welfare and Family Liaison Officer;
 a Senior Leader for Safeguarding;
 a visiting School Nurse and Health Mentor;
 A visiting Counsellor.
Each year a small number of Year 11 students are appointed as Peer Mentors. Their
role is to support and guide younger students, particularly the vulnerable or those
lacking in confidence.

Home School Partnership
Students usually only fulfil their potential when there is a good relationship between
school and home and where parents and staff work together. To this end we keep
parents/carers fully informed about their child’s progress and provide opportunities
to meet staff.
Parents are always welcome to come into school although we would ask that an
appointment is made if they wish to see a particular teacher. A member of the Senior
Leadership Team is available each evening after school if parents wish to discuss
anything. Parents can influence school policies directly through the Parents’ Forum.


Bullying is a topic of concern to parents and students in all schools. As a
responsible school we operate an anti-bullying policy that aims to protect
and educate. Students are encouraged to report, in confidence, any
instances of bullying towards themselves or others. Where bullying does
occur it is dealt with sensitively but firmly.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
Alder is an inclusive school and is firmly committed to providing an
appropriate and accessible curriculum for all of its students. The focus of
our support for students is on delivering quality first provision in the
classroom through effective differentiation and the support of the Learning
Support team, if appropriate. Additional help is available in a variety of ways
from in-class support to small group work or, in some cases, an
individualised programme.
Specialist provision is provided for students with specific learning
difficulties, students with an Autistic Spectrum Condition and students with
a disability. The progress of all of these students is monitored and reviewed
in line with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Our highly
qualified and dedicated SENDCo will be happy to further discuss our SEND
support and provision.

Moving to high school may be a worrying time for students and parents so it
is important that we do all we can to make this important transition as
smooth as possible. Our Transition and Year 7 Progress Leader works
closely with the primary schools throughout the year and spends half a day
per week working in 3 of our partner primaries.
We hold an annual induction evening, where form tutors will be introduced.
Students will then spend time with their Form Tutor and their new tutor
group on our induction days in the summer term, where we will provide an
opportunity for them to get to know each other and familiarise themselves
with school in a variety of lessons and activities.


The Learning Environment

At Alder we are fortunate to have a modern building with excellent facilities and resources. In addition to the general teaching classrooms we have:
Six science laboratories;
Four technology workshops;
A music suite including 3 practice rooms and a recording studio;
Two art rooms;
Five ICT rooms;
A library;
A drama workshop and dance studio;
A sports hall and fitness suite;
A brand new floodlit artificial sports pitch;
Grass sports pitches and netball courts and
A large school hall with permanent staging for assemblies, drama productions and concerts.
In addition to the five designated ICT rooms the whole school has a wireless network so that we can use our class
sets of laptop computers in every room. Similarly all teaching rooms have an interactive whiteboard.


Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

At Alder we provide students with exciting and inspiring opportunities to enrich
their learning through our extra-curricular activities and clubs, educational visits,
residential trips and dedicated enrichment days. These opportunities allow students
to discover and develop new interests and enhance their skills and talents.

The school has a comprehensive programme of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural
education, which is embedded in curriculum subjects and supported in the delivery
of assemblies. Throughout the year the school focuses on different initiatives such
Anti-bullying week and LGBTQ+ Pride week.

The school is regularly involved in fundraising for a variety of local and national

Just some of the exciting opportunities that students at Alder can choose to take part in: “Students have a strong
 Sports clubs competing in locals and regional competitions; appreciation of art, music, diversity,
 Music lessons and vocal coaching; other cultures and faiths. They are
 Art, drama and photography clubs; keen to engage in working for
 Residential trips within the UK and overseas such as Manor Adventure and Disneyland Paris; charities. All of this contributes well
 School Council; to the spiritual, moral, social and
 Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award; cultural education of students.”
 Camps International Volunteering Expedition.
Leading By Example

Each year a student leadership team is appointed from Year 11. Their role is to inspire and to
motivate their peers and support the younger year groups by modelling behaviour and conduct.
The student leadership team is made up of a Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy
Head Boy. They are supported by a team of Senior Prefects, Prefects and Peer Mentors. In
addition, Year 11 Literacy Leaders help to support the development of literacy with our younger


  The School Day 

Students enter and leave school via the side entrance doors, not the main front door.   


Monday – Thursday 


7.45am:  Breakfast Club 

8.20am:  Registration and tutorial or assembly 

8.45am:  Period 1 

9.45am:  Period 2 

10.45am:  Break 

11.00am:  Period 3 

12.00pm:  Period 4 

1.00pm:  Lunch 

1.40pm:  Period 5 

2.45pm:  End of the school day 



Information for parents, carers and students  
7.45am:  Breakfast Club 

8.20am:  Period 1 

9.15am:  Period 2 

2017‐18  10.10am:  Period 3 

11.05am:  Break 

11.20am:  Period 4 

  12.15pm  Period 5 

1.10pm:  Lunch 

The following pages contain practical and useful information for parents/carers and students about  1.50pm:  Period 6 
Alder Community High School.  Please refer to our website 
for more detailed information.  2.45pm:  End of the school day 

Arrangements for Breakfast, Break and Lunch Time 


Contents    A healthy selection of hot and cold food is available for purchase from the school canteen at breakfast, break 

time and lunch time.  The food provision is operated by Mellor’s Catering.  Students may bring a packed lunch 

  if they prefer.  Students are not allowed off the school site at break or lunchtime.  All food and drinks must be 

The School Day            2  consumed in the designated areas and not on the corridors, outside or in the classrooms.  

Arrangements for Breakfast, Break and Lunch Time    2‐3   

Getting to and from school          3  Sugary drinks such as Lucozade and unhealthy snacks/sweets should not be brought into school. 

Charges for trips, visits and school related activities   4   

Attendance and Punctuality          5  Information about free school meals is available from the Tameside Local Education Authority on 0161 342 

Safeguarding and Child Protection        6  3708 

Communication with Parents         7   

Governing Body            9  Getting to and from school 
Key Staff in School             

Religious Education            For students who walk to school, there is a back gate which is open from 7.40am until 8.25am in the morning 

and from 2.45pm until 3pm after school.  Also the gate is open from 3.45pm until 4pm for students attending 

Sex and Relationships Education        after school clubs. 


Curriculum and Timetable          There are 2 school buses which serve Alder Community High School.  To use the school bus, students need to 

2017 GCSE Results            have a yellow bus pass (apply online at and an IGO card (apply online 

Admissions and Transfers or pick up a leaflet from any bus station).  Further details of school bus routes and 

Transition              timetables are available from the school office.   


   1     2 

Students may come to school by bike and there are facilities for their storage during the day. Any students  Measures have been put in place to safeguard our students, staff, the buildings and playgrounds and we insist 
riding their bike to and from school should do so in a safe and respectful manner and should be encouraged to  on all members of staff being security conscious. 
wear a helmet.  Any students who do not ride with due care and attention will not be allowed to bring their   
bike onto school premises.    Communication with Parents 
For those students coming to school by car there is a turn around and drop off point on the site.  Also, there is  As a school, we use a variety of methods to communicate with parents: 
a drop off point at the back of school, just off Grange Road South. 
  • To inform you of non‐attendance, to deliver a short but important message or to deliver a short good 
Charges for trips, visits and school related activities  news message about your child we will send you a text message; 
Whenever possible we bring the curriculum to life through visits and field trips and by asking guests and  • With longer, more detailed information about your child we may write to you, telephone you or invite 
groups into school.  While we try to provide many of these activities free of charge there may be occasions  you in to meet us face to face; 
where parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to help cover the costs.  If there are financial 
difficulties the school may be able to provide assistance, especially when an activity is linked to the  • With general and important information we need to give all parents throughout the year we will send 
curriculum.  Obviously we would like to ensure that no student is ever disadvantaged because of financial  a head’s letter; 
circumstances.  Full details of our Charging and Remissions Policy can be found on the school website. 
  • Our school website; 
Attendance and Punctuality  • Facebook and Twitter ‐ ‘like’ and ‘follow’ our pages using the link on the school website.  We use the 
At Alder we place great importance on good attendance and punctuality. In 2016/17 average attendance was  pages to share good news stories and important information about the school.   
  It is important that we always have the most up to date contact details for all parents/carers.  
Regular and punctual school attendance is vital for young people to maximise opportunities and to fulfil their   
potential.  Governing Body 
Clearly attendance at school is crucial and, as you would expect, performance data shows that there is an  The purpose of governance is to provide confident, strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, 
absolute link between attendance patterns and achievement; quite simply, those students who have the  oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance.  
highest attendance rates do best.  It is worth remembering that if, for whatever reason, a student misses 10 
days of school in a term, they will miss 52 teaching periods and, despite everyone’s best intentions and  The governing body has three core functions:  
efforts, this time can never be made up. 
  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; 
If students arrive late they will automatically receive a 15 minute detention at the end of the same school day; 
parents/carers will be notified of this by text message.  Any lateness to lessons will automatically be added to  2. Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and 
the time.  Students who are too late for registration must sign in at reception at the main entrance of school. 
  the performance management of staff; and 
Safeguarding and Child Protection 
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. 
Alder Community High School is committed to the safeguarding and protection of children and young people.  
All staff complete regular safeguarding training, have a commitment to and an understanding of keeping   
children safe in education (DfE 2016) and follow the guidance for safer working practice for those working 
with children and young people in educations settings (DfE 2015).  The school has robust procedures for  The governing body at Alder Community High School is made up of a group of dedicated and highly supportive 
dealing with safeguarding and child protection concerns as detailed in the Safeguarding and Child Protection 
policy, which is available on the school website.  individuals that work together for the good of the school and for the benefit of the students. They have a 
We continually work with our school community to equip our students with the skills and knowledge that will  wide spectrum of skills and experience. In addition to regular Governing Body meetings, the governors also 
help to keep them safe and able to seek appropriate support if required.  Throughout the year, within lessons, 
via assemblies, group sessions and enrichment, we will cover a range of topics including: sexting, online  attend 2 specific governor days within school and meet regularly with staff within school. All Governors are 
safety, emotional health and well‐being, mental health, relationships, Prevent (radicalisation and terrorism), 
child sexual exploitation and domestic violence to name just a few.  members of the National Association of Governors (NGA) and take part in regular training throughout the 
The Designated Safeguarding Lead at Alder is Miss Rachel Lee, who can be approached, in confidence, to  year. 
address any safeguarding issues raised by staff, students or parents. 

In addition to the full governing body meetings Alder Community High School also has several sub‐committees 

and panels.  Through the committee and panel structure the governors ensure that there is a systematic and 

robust review of the effective delivery of all statutory requirements so that the school complies with its 

statutory responsibilities. 

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Governor or if you wish to contact a member of the Governing 
Body for any reason, please contact the clerk using the main school contact details.

   3     4 

Key staff in school 


Senior Leadership Team 

Mr R O’Regan    Head Teacher  You will be rewarded Alder points for progress, achievement and effort.  Points are exchanged for school 
badges that can be worn on your blazer. 
Ms S Ward    Deputy Head Teacher 

Mr R Ames   Assistant Head Teacher (Data, Achievement and Pupil Premium) 

Mrs A Edwards    Assistant Head Teacher (Teaching & Learning and Staff Development)  Bronze badge = 50 points  Silver badge = 100 points   Gold badge = 200 points 

Mr S Muddiman  Assistant Head Teacher (Examinations, Intervention and CL for Mathematics)   

Mrs E White    Assistant Head Teacher (Behaviour and Inclusion)   Platinum badge = 300 points   Limited edition Black = 800 points 

Miss J Eames    School Business Manager   

Miss R Lee    Senior Leader for Safeguarding  Subject Badges 


Subject Curriculum Leaders  Each half term, curriculum leaders nominate 2 students from every year group to receive a subject badge. 

English      Miss H Ellis       CEA      Mrs A Haigh 

Maths      Mr S Muddiman     Humanities    Mrs K Smale 

Science     Mr M Dobbyn      Physical Education  Miss J Hill 

Computing and ICT   Mr K Doran      Technology    Miss E Cooper  

MFL      Mrs G Bates      PSHE and Citizenship   Mr T Eaton     

SENDCo    Mrs J Bibby 


Pastoral Support 


Progress and Pastoral Managers 

Year 6 Transition and Year 7    Mr A Heaton   

Year 8        Mrs K Hamilton 

Year 9        Mrs J Robertson  Limited Edition Badges  

Year 10        Mr A Sutcliffe 

Year 11        Mrs H Littlemore  Also throughout the year limited edition badges will become available.  Limited edition badges include: 
• Determination: Being prepared to see a task through to the best of your ability. 
Student Welfare and Family Liaison  Mrs G Gallagher  • Creativity: Continually looking for innovation and original ideas.
• Passion: Putting your heart and soul into something you believe in. 
Learning Mentor      Mrs S Vella  • Teamwork: The ability to work with and lead others.
• Social Conscience: Thinking of others and always doing your best for our community. 
Attendance Officer      Mrs D Hulmes  • Problem Solving: Identifying problems in advance and finding the solutions to them 


In addition, each student will have a form tutor. 


Religious Education 


Religious Education at Alder Community High School is taught according to the Tameside Agreed Syllabus. 

Religious Education is not designed to indoctrinate students to a particular religion or belief.  It involves 

learning about different faiths, beliefs and practices and how this might influence a chosen lifestyle.  It allows 

students to learn how to think and talk about their own beliefs and values and to analyse and evaluate the 

responses of other people to important moral issues with a religious dimension.  Parents have the right to 

withdraw their child from Religious Education.   Resilience 


Sex and Relationships Education 


The Sex and Relationships Education curriculum at Alder Community High School is designed to ensure 

students are taught the knowledge and life skills they will need to stay safe and develop healthy and 

supportive relationships, particularly dealing with the challenges of growing up in an online world.  The school 

Sex and Relationships Education policy can be found on the school website.  Parents have the right to 

withdraw their child from some elements of Sex and Relationships Education.   Passion for Learning 





   5  6 

Curriculum and Timetable  Examination Results 2017 


The curriculum is based on a two week timetable (week 1 is green week and week 2 is yellow week) with 52  In 2017 there were 150 students on roll in the year 11 cohort.  This year’s results are different to previous 

one hour teaching periods per fortnight.    years with the introduction of the 9‐1 grades for English and Maths with the all the other subjects retaining 

  the A*‐ G grades.  This makes it difficult to compare results with previous years. 

In Years 7, 8 and 9 (KS3) students are taught in mixed ability groups for PE.  For the remaining subjects the  However, the tables below will show how Alder compares to the local and national picture for the different 

cohort is divided into teaching sets based on ability.    measures over the years. 


The table below shows an example of how many one hour lessons are allocated to each subject over a two  Attainment and progress in 2017 

week cycle in KS3, this will vary slightly year on year and depending on the set your child is in.   

  Basics 4 ‐ the percentage of students who achieved a grade 4 or above in both English and Maths. 

  Year 7  Year 8  Year 9   

English  8  7  7  Basics 5 ‐ the percentage of students who achieved a grade 5 or above in both English and Maths. 

Mathematics  8  6  7   

Science  5  6  6    Basics 4  Basics 5 

French  ‐  5  3  School  Tameside  National  School  Tameside  National 

Technology  3  3  3  2017  75%  62%  Not available  48%  39%  Not available 

History  3  3  3   

Geography  3  3  3   

Religious Education  2  2  2    Attainment 8  Progress 8 

Art  2  2  2  School  Tameside  National  School  Tameside  National 

Music  2  2  2  2017  48.3  45.1  Not available  +0.20  ‐0.12  0.00 

Drama  2  2  2   

National figures for 2017 are not available at the time of Open Evening.  National figure for Progress 8 is zero. 

Computing  3  4  4   

Physical Education  5  5  4  Attainment and progress 2016 

PHSE  2  2  2   

Spanish  4  ‐  5  Basics – the percentage of students who achieved a grade A*‐ C in both English and Maths. 

  Basics Attainment 8 Progress 8 

At the end of Year 9, students make their option choices ready for starting GCSE courses in Year 10 (KS4).  Sch. T/side Nat. Sch. T/side Nat. Sch. T/side  Nat. 

  2016  76% 64% 59% 52.4 49.2 48.5 +0.18 ‐0.13  0.00 


Attainment in previous years 


In previous years attainment was measured differently.  Below is a table comparing Alder with the national 


% achieving 5+ A*‐C 

% Basics   % achieving 5+ A*‐C  % achieving 5+ A*‐G  (inc English and 


School National School National School National School National 

2015  76  58  70  65  99  93  66  56 

2014  75  58  74  64  94  92  72  55 




   7     8 

Contact details: 
Alder Community High School is a local authority maintained school and therefore follows the local authority   
policy for admissions for 11‐16 students. For admission in September 2018 applications must be made online  Alder Community High School 
before 31st October 2017.   Mottram Old Road, Gee Cross, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 5NJ 
For further information on secondary admissions in Tameside, please visit the TMBC website  Tel: 0161 368 5132, where you will find links to the online application form and other  E: 
useful information, including the appeals process.   W: 
Parents/carers should also refer to the Moving On 2018 booklet, which is also available on the TMBC website:  Connect with us: This document details the   
criteria for over‐subscription and how it is applied. In September 2018 the school can admit 180 students into 
year 7.    @AlderCommunityHigh        @AlderCHS   
If the school receives more than 180 first choices, the criteria for over‐subscription will be applied to 
determine who gets a place at the school. Children with an EHCP, where the school is named in the 
statement, will be allocated places before the over‐subscription criteria are applied. The criteria for over‐
subscription for community secondary schools are:  

1. Children in Public Care (Looked After Children). 
2. Children with exceptional medical or social needs.  
3. Children who have a brother or sister attending the school at the time of admission.  
4. Children attending a named partner primary school at the time of application. 
5. Distance in a straight line from the home address to the school gate. 
If you are not allocated a place at your first choice school, you have the right to appeal this decision with the 
local authority. 
School Transfers and In‐Year Admission  
All transfers are dealt with by TMBC admissions, details of the process can be found on their website 

Once we know which students are due to attend there is a series of events and meetings to ease the transfer 
from primary school.   

These include: 

• Key staff from school will visit primary schools to discuss transfer information with appropriate 

• Information will be sent in the post to parents/carers. 
• Parents and carers are invited to attend an induction information evening on Tuesday 3rd July 2018. 
• Children will attend 2 induction days on Thursday 5th July and Friday 6th July 2018. On these 2 days the 

students will have the chance to meet their form group and form tutor and sample some of the 
lessons they can expect when they start in September. 


   9     10 



Alder Community High School 
Mo ram Old Road, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 5NJ 

T: 0161 368 5132 


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