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Published by City of Baltimore Department of Human Resources, 2017-09-26 15:31:24

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You Do

Maya Angelou



Work in the City you love...



A Message from

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh

Dear Baltimore,

Today, I have the privilege of welcoming you to the inaugural WorkBaltimore: Empowerment to Employment
Convention here at the beautiful Baltimore Convention Center! The realization of this project furthers my vision
of putting Baltimore back to work.

Baltimore, I want you to know that opportunities await you. I have asked my Cabinet to have a representative
from each of their hiring agencies to be in attendance today to work alongside many of Baltimore’s top employers.
I want to ensure that job opportunities are made available to the people of Baltimore, so that anyone who truly
wants to work, will have work.

We began our efforts on August 25, and over the past 30 days we have offered more than 200 workshops and
sessions to provide you with the tools and tips you need to be successful and marketable to employers. Today, I
invite you to participate in additional workshops that are designed to help you become one of our region’s most
sought-after candidates. I am confident you will put these resources to great use.

We know that a city at work is a safer, healthier and happier city. We are aggressively pursuing job creation and
the types of economic development that will bring prosperity to the entire City of Baltimore, not just to a few scat-
tered enclaves. WorkBaltimore is one of many collaborations among government, citizens and businesses intend-
ed to realize that goal. Thank you for your participation, and for being a part of the solution.

I would especially like to thank Director Mary Talley of the Department of Human Resources for her vision and for-
titude; the dedicated team of committee members and volunteers who orchestrated the month-long events; the
local employers participating in WorkBaltimore; and our amazing sponsors. Without the combined efforts of these
stakeholders, WorkBaltimore would not be possible.


Dear Baltimore,

WELCOME. WorkBaltimore: Empowerment to Employment Convention has
been a labor of love and is the culmination of a bold vision, months of planning,
creativity and partnering. The Honorable Mayor Catherine E. Pugh and the City
of Baltimore’s Department of Human Resources, in partnership with sister agen-
cies across the City are truly excited to bring you this inaugural event which was
created to help job seekers and employers explore opportunities with, increase
awareness about, and open access and exposure to, each other. Thank you for being here today; we are looking
forward to meeting you.

I want to personally thank all of the event’s sponsors, employers, exhibitors, volunteers and City employees who
helped bring WorkBaltimore to life. I especially want to thank the Steering Committee who helped drive the Work-
Baltimore initiative, Baltimore neighborhood organizations, churches, and local media outlets who helped spread
word of this event across the City, the local business and services who volunteered time and talents to facilitate
workshops or provide grooming and/or wardrobe services, and the area residents who came out to participate in
the 30 days of pre-convention seminars and workshops to hone job-readiness skills for that extra, competitive
edge toward success! As you walk around today, please take time to stop at these exhibitor stations and take
advantage of resources offered.

A lot of hard work has gone into bringing you an impactful job readiness and employment convention like no oth-
er. From resume crafting and interviewing, to problem solving, customer service, transportation, and wardrobe,
no detail has been overlooked. We hope you enjoy the Wear it Well Fashion Event that will showcase appropri-
ate (and not so appropriate) work attire; the outstanding Key Note Speakers; seminars and interactive work-
shops; and notable surprises. Most of all, it is my sincerest hope that our local employers and jobseekers, will
make a connection here today that will jumpstart mutual success and pave the road to meaningful and lasting em-
ployment relationships.

Wishing all participants a professionally fulfilling and rewarding day. Be sure to visit the DHR booth to tell us your
thoughts and receive a commemorative token.

Warm regards,

Mary H. Talley

Director & Chief Human Capital Officer



Welcome 5

About WorkBaltimore 8
WorkBaltimore Committees 11

Schedule at a Glance 12

Keynote Speaker 17
Convention Workshop & Seminar Descriptions 18

Convention Presenters 24
Employers and Exhibitors 32

Participating City of Baltimore Agencies 35

PreConvention Job Readiness Activities 38
Workbaltimore Sponsors & Supporters 47


Digital Convention program booklet available online:


WorkBaltimore: Empowerment to Employment Convention is a City-wide
employment and job readiness convention designed to connect current
Baltimore City residents with employment opportunities in Baltimore City.
The City of Baltimore’s Department of Human Resources is the architect of
WorkBaltimore, an initiative designed to help unemployed and under-
employed Baltimore City residents secure and retain viable employment.

This Convention aims to facilitate the connection between active, passive,
and exploratory job seekers and Baltimore City employers; provide job
seekers with job readiness workshops, seminars and webinars to assist
them in effective preparation for seeking, securing, and retaining employ-
ment. Finally, WorkBaltimore provides participating employers with a via-
ble pool of qualified applications who are poised to meet their current and
future business demands.

About DHR Department of Human Resources

201 East Baltimore Street, Suite 300 Baltimore, Maryland 21202

The Department of Human Resources (DHR) is the central authority on human
capital matters for the City of Baltimore. DHR’s mission is to ensure the City
attracts, hires, trains, promotes, and provides Equal Employment Opportunities
for the best qualified employees and individuals; develop and execute strategies
that align with and support Baltimore City government’s goals and objectives;
provide exceptional Human Resources service delivery; and assist in promoting
a high performance workforce culture anchored by transparency, integrity, ac-
countability, collaborative partnerships, diversity, fairness, trust, and mutual re-

DHR is tasked with driving human capital programs that include establishing,
developing, and implementing employment rules; establishing, providing, and
ensuring learning and development opportunities; maintaining a classification
and compensation system; creating, developing and/or administering examina-
tions for classified positions; referring eligible candidates to hiring Agencies; de-
veloping and managing a competitive, comprehensive benefits program (that
includes Wellness and an internal Employee Assistance program); and provid-
ing guidance on the full spectrum of generalist human resources affairs to the
Mayor’s Office, senior leaders, elected officials, and Agencies across the City.
The Department of Human Resources possesses Charter responsibility for sup-
porting the Civil Service Commission by recommending rules, policies, and pro-
cedures for the operation of the Civil Service Commission and the DHR.





Committee Members

Marketing & Communications

WorkBaltimore Steering Committee Ava-Lisa Macon (Chair) Department of Human Resources
Jacia Smith (Co-Chair) Department of Human Resources
 Mary H. Talley, Director & Chief Human Capital Officer, Sheri Artz Department of Human Resources
City of Baltimore Department of Human Resources (DHR) Tracy Baskerville Baltimore Office of Promotions & the Arts
Chair, Steering Committee Myra Blanchard Mayor's Office of Minority and Women-
Owned Business Dev (MWBD)
 LaTonya T. Bryant, Deputy Director Administration, DHR Shonte Eldridge Mayor's Office
 Jacia T. Smith, Deputy Director Operations, DHR Tiffany Foster Department of Human Resources
 Tonya Brinkley, Chief, HR Information Systems, DHR Tiffany James Parking Authority of Baltimore City
 Margo Bruner, Chief, Employee Assistance Program, DHR Tonia Lee Mayor’s Office of Cable & Communications
Department of Human Resources
Sharon Pulliam
 Nicole Carter, Chief, Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, DHR Jerusalem Tekie Department of Human Resources
 Sandra Curtis, Chief, Learning & Development, DHR Lisa Watkins Department of Human Resources
Mayor’s Office of Civil Rights & Wage
John Wesley
 Rajesh Gulhar, Chief, Benefits, DHR Enforcement
 Ava-Lisa F. Macon, Chief, Shared Services, DHR Tammy Walters Department of Transportation

 Larry Harper-Short, Chief, Classification & Compensation, DHR Partner Management

Nicole Carter (Chair) Department of Human Resources
Margo Bruner (Co-Chair) Department of Human Resources
Denetra Atkins Department of Planning
Barbara Berry Department of Finance
Tom Broadwater Department of Human Resources
Ancillary Services Kevin Clearly Mayor’s Office of Economic Development
Julie Colucci Department of Human Resources
Jacia Smith (Chair) Department of Human Resources Keenan Geter Mayor's Office of Human Services
Sandra Curtis (Co-Chair) Department of Human Resources Trinice Goode Department of Human Resources
Michael Alexander Department of Human Resources Angela Jackson Department of Human Resources
Onica Barnes Department of Human Resources Malcom Scott Department of Human Resources
Amy Butwin Department of Human Resources Valerie Weldon Department of Human Resources
Karima Carrington Department of Human Resources Annette Williams Department of Human Resources
Theresa Cummings Department of Human Resources Renee Floyd Department of Human Resources
Rose Heard Department of Human Resources
Blaine Mumaw Department of Human Resources Technology

Finance Tonya Brinkley (Chair) Department of Human Resources
Joseph Carella Mayor's Office of Information Technology
Rajesh Gulhar( Chair) Department of Human Resources Mariah Fata Department of Human Resources
La'Tonya Bryant (Co-Chair) Department of Human Resources Kevin Huggins Department of Human Resources
Margo Bruner Department of Human Resources Victor Ishola Mayor's Office of Information Technology
Robyn Donaldson Department of Human Resources Bernie Knauer Mayor's Office of Information Technology
Terri Hill Department of Human Resources Ann Luard Mayor's Office of Information Technology
Kamau Makini Department of Human Resources Martin Okumu Mayor's Office of Information Technology
Joseph Obasi Department of Human Resources Olufunso Onamade Department of Human Resources
Jovia Rwomushana Department of Human Resources Robert Paige Department of Human Resources
Kirit Shah Department of Human Resources Nikiria Stinson Department of Human Resources
Katrina Tindal Department of Human Resources Steven Thomas Department of Human Resources

Fundraising Workshops & Seminars

Margo Bruner (Chair) Department of Human Resources Sandra Curtis (Chair) Department of Human Resources
Rajesh Gulhar (Co-Chair) Department of Human Resources Ava-Lisa Macon (Co-Chair) Department of Human Resources
Margaret Briggs Department of Human Resources JoAnn Carson Department of Recreation & Parks
Thomas Broadwater Department of Human Resources Horace Davis Department of Human Resources
LaStephanie Clark Department of Human Resources Debbie DiMattia Department of Human Resources
Ché Evans Department of Human Resources McKenzie Garvin Mayor’s Office of Economic Development
Karen Janssen Family League of Baltimore Christopher Kirkland Department of Human Resources
Latosha McCollum Department of Human Resources Kayla McConnell Visit Baltimore
Renay Williams Department of Human Resources Connie Pierce Parking Authority of Baltimore City
Brandi Richmond Department of Human Resources
Logistics Barbara Rodgers Department of Public Works
Raeann Sanchez Department of Human Resources
La'Tonya Bryant (Chair) Department of Human Resources Sharlene Trusty Department of Public Works
Tonya Brinkley (Co-Chair) Department of Human Resources Alisa Underwood Department of Human Resources
Njukang Asong Department of Human Resources Stefan Walker Department of General Services
Eric Booker Housing & Community Development Doreen Wiggins-Kent Department of Human Resources
Claytonia Everette Baltimore Fire Department
Bryan Johnson Baltimore Fire Department
Linda Latimer Department of Human Resources
Jamarr Rayne Department of Human Resources Felicia Lemon WorkBaltimore Project Coordinator
Jesse Ruffes Department of Human Resources
Jeremy Russell Department of Human Resources
Renee West Baltimore Development Corporation
Dana Wicks Department of Human Resources
Patricia Williams Department of Human Resources


WORKBALTIMORE Convention 2017

Schedule at a Glance


Sharp Street Lobby — Level 200
7:00 A.M.—7:30 A.M. (EARLY BIRD)
7:30 A.M.—5:00 P.M. (GENERAL)

Ballrooms 3 & 4 — Level 400
8:00 A.M.—9:00 A.M. BREAKOUT SESSION I Continued

How to Make the Most of the WorkBaltimore Convention Room 329
The Balancing Act:
OPENING CEREMONIES/GENERAL SESSION I Managing Work & Personal Responsibilities

Room 337
Ballrooms 3 & 4 — Level 400
Oh No You Didn’t (Professional Conduct)
8:30 A.M.—9:30 A.M.
Welcome — Mary H. Talley, Department of Hu- Room 338
Applying for City of Baltimore Careers

Resources, Director & Chief Human Capital Of- 10:45 A.M.—11:45 A.M.
Room 324
Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive) — Master Resume Critique

Sergeant Cedric King Room 325
Steps Toward a Job: Job Readiness, Support, and Training
through Nonprofit Workforce Development Organizations
EXHIBIT HALL OPEN Rooms 327 & 336

Hall D — Level 100 Criminal Record Expungement &
Workforce Transition Post-Incarceration
9:30 A.M.—6:00 P.M.
Room 328
COMPUTER LAB OPEN Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive)

Sharp Street Lobby — Level 200 Room 329
The Balancing Act: Managing Work &
9:30 A.M.—6:00 P.M. Personal Responsibilities
Room 337
Oh No You Didn’t (Professional Conduct)
9:30 A.M.—10:30 A.M. Room 338
Applying for City of Baltimore Careers
Room 324
Resume Critique

Room 325
How to Navigate USAJOBS to Obtain a
Career in Federal Government

Room 327
Criminal Record Expungement &
Workforce Transition Post-Incarceration

Rooms 328 & 336
Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive)


Schedule at a Glance


12:00 P.M.—1:00 P.M.

Room 324
Resume Critique

Room 325
Customer Service and Recovery

Criminal Record Expungement &
Workforce Transition Post-Incarceration Ballrooms 3 & 4 — Level 400
1:30 P.M.—3:00 P.M.
Room 328 Welcome — Mary H. Talley, Department of Human
Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive)
Resources, Director & Chief Human Capital Officer
Rooms 329 & 336 Keynote Address — Mayor Catherine E. Pugh
The Balancing Act: Managing Work & “Wear It Well” Fashion Event — Travis Winkey
Personal Responsibilities
Motivational Minute — Master Sergeant Cedric King
Room 337
Oh No You Didn’t (Professional Conduct)

Room 338
Applying for City of Baltimore Careers BREAKOUT SESSION V
2:00 P.M.—4:00 P.M.

Room 329
30 Steps for Success: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Room 338
How to Ace a Job Interview!
Quick Tips for an Excellent Interview

2:30 P.M.—3:30 P.M.

Room 324
1:15 P.M.—2:15 P.M.
Room 325
Customer Service and Recovery
Room 324
Resume Critique Rooms 327
Criminal Record Expungement &
Rooms 325 & 336 Workforce Transition Post-Incarceration
Customer Service and Recovery
Room 328
Room 327 Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive)
Criminal Record Expungement &
Workforce Transition Post-Incarceration Room 336 & 337
Oh No You Didn’t (Professional Conduct)
Room 328
Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive)

Room 337
Oh No You Didn’t (Professional Conduct)




Schedule at a Glance

(continued from page 13)
5:00 P.M.—6:00 P.M.
3:45 P.M.—4:45 P.M. Room 324
Resume Critique

Room 324
Resume Critique Room 325
Customer Service and Recovery

Room 325
Customer Service and Recovery Room 327
Criminal Record Expungement &
Workforce Transition Post-Incarceration
Room 327
Criminal Record Expungement &
Workforce Transition Post-Incarceration Room 328
Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive)

Room 328
Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive) Room 329
The Balancing Act: Managing Work &
Personal Responsibilities
Rooms 336
Applying for City of Baltimore Careers
Rooms 336
Applying for City of Baltimore Careers
Room 337
Oh No You Didn’t (Professional Conduct)
Room 337
Oh No You Didn’t (Professional Conduct)




General Session I: Keynote Speaker

Master Sergeant Cedric King

Master Sergeant Cedric King entered the United States Army in
1995. During a career that took him from an infantry private to a
position of leadership in the elite Rangers, King graduated from
a number of distinguished Army schools. These included The
United States Army Jumpmaster Course, United States Army
Pathfinder course, Air Assault course, The United States Army
Ranger Course, and others. He is the recipient of the Bronze
Star, the Purple Heart, the Meritorious Service Medal, and is a
four-time Best Ranger Competition participant.
On July 25, 2012, during his second tour in Afghanistan, King
was severely injured by an improvised explosive device. The
blast caused major internal injuries, permanent loss to part of
his right arm and hand, and the amputation of both legs. He ap-
plied the same determined, can-do mindset to his recovery that
he had relied on to succeed as an elite Army Ranger. With the
love and support of his wife Khieda and daughters Amari and
Khayma, he began rebuilding his life.

Just 21 months after losing both legs, King completed the Bos-
ton Marathon, running on prosthetic blades. He has gone on to
compete in a number of physically daunting events, including a
70.3 mile half Ironman Triathlon, the 2014 New York City Mara-
thon, and the 48.6 mile Disney Marathon series. There, he suc-
cessfully completed four runs in four days; a 5K, 10K, half mar-
athon, and full marathon.

King shares his inspirational story of endurance with audiences
across the country, including schools, churches, the National
Football League, and Fortune 500 companies. Just as he let and
motivated men in combat, he now leads and motivates others to
see the possibilities in their own lives.

Master Sergeant Cedric King’s

WorkBaltimore involvement proudly sponsored by


WORKBALTIMORE Convention 2017

General Sessions, Workshops & Seminars

General Sessions
“Wear It Well” Fashion Event

OPENING CEREMONIES Do you know what it means to dress for success? Have

Welcome you ever felt unsure about how to dress appropriately for
an interview? Do you know how to, or need additional
Speaker: Mary H. Talley, Department of Human Resources, Director
& Chief Human Capital Officer tips, on how to dress appropriately for work?

Keynote Address Our appearance is a major component when building our

Come join us in for an inspirational message on how to brand image. Our brand image helps us land that new
overcome challenges you may face both in your profes- job, secure a new client, and make valuable networking
sional and personal life. contacts. Attend our "What to Wear" Fashion Event so
that you can recognize—and refine—your brand image
Speaker: Master Sergeant Cedric King
for the betterment of your career.

GENERAL SESSION II Host: Travis Winkey, Travis Winkey Model Studio, Founder
Speaker: Mary H. Talley, Department of Human Resources, Director Motivational Minute
& Chief Human Capital Officer Are you in need of inspirational words to help you perse-
Keynote Address vere through life’s unexpected challenges? If so, this
short motivational session will give a different perspective
Come join us in this unique opportunity to hear from this
year’s keynote speaker, Baltimore City’s own Mayor so you can come back stronger after any set-back.
Catherine E. Pugh! Presenter: Master Sergeant Cedric King
Speaker: Catherine E. Pugh, Baltimore City, Mayor

Workshops & Seminars

30 Steps for Startups Applying for City of Baltimore Careers

Are you tired of working for someone else? Do you have Do you want to work for the City of Baltimore? Would you
a great business idea? Are you ready to be your own like to know how to find and apply for city positions? If
boss? If you answered yes, to these questions, this ses- you answered yes, to either of these questions, this ses-
sion is for you. sion is for you.

Entrepreneurship is hard and can be risky, especially in
the first year. 30 Steps for Startups has helped hundreds From trade to executive positions, the City of Baltimore
of aspiring business owners gain the knowledge needed offers employment opportunities for individuals across
to properly plan, formalize and grow their businesses. the full spectrum of careers and levels. This session will
This session will share a step-by-step system that allows train you on how to search, identify, and complete the
you to confidently take action and follow the path to suc- online application process.
cess as a business owner.


Workshops & Seminars

Criminal Record Expungement & Workforce Whether you've got several weeks to prepare or an in-
Transition Post-Incarceration terview today, this session, led by acclaimed author Stu-
art Taylor, will provide the information and resources you
Is your past fighting with your future? Have you paid need to make a great impression. Based on his current
your debt to society but cannot find a job? Are you look- best-selling book: How to Ace a Job Interview, Stuart will
ing for a fresh start but don’t know where to begin? If incorporate over twenty years of insight, perspective,
you answered yes, to either of these questions, this ses- and coaching experience into this dynamic and engag-
sion is for you.
ing workshop.
You do not have to be a prisoner of your past. Finding
employment after incarceration can be frustrating and
demoralizing, but there is help and hope. This session How to Make the Most of the WorkBaltimore
will provide vital information, options, and resources to Convention
assist you with transitioning to a new beginning. Are you ready to experience everything the WorkBalti-
more convention has to offer? Do you need guidance on

Customer Service and Recovery how to best spend your time today? If you want to re-
ceive tips on how to best utilize your time while at the
Is the customer always right? Do you know how to re- WorkBaltimore Convention, this session is for you.
spond and not react? Can you deliver an exceptional
customer experience? Do you know how to change an Job conventions can sometimes be overwhelming for
unpleasant customer experience into a positive one? If participants. Come join us as we provide tips you need
you need to develop or enhance your customer service so that you can enjoy everything this convention has to
skills, this session is for you. offer!

Customer Service is one of the few universal, basic skills
that every member of any team can master and that can How to Navigate USAJOBS to Obtain a Career
dramatically improve interactions and relationships with in Federal Government
internal and external customers. This session will pro-
vide participants with practical guidance and coaching Want to work for the federal government? Not sure how
that will assist in delivering outstanding customer ser- to search for federal hiring opportunities? If you an-
vice, manage customer expectations, and salvage and swered yes, to either of these questions, this session is
repair an unpleasant or disappointing customer service for you.
experience. Applying for federal jobs on can be a
daunting task. This session will teach you how to utilize

the website, review and understand job postings, and
Get M.A.D. (Motivation, Ambition, Drive) navigate the federal application process.

Has life dealt you a rough hand? Are you facing person-
al and professional obstacles? Do you want to change
your circumstances? If you answered yes, then you Oh No You Didn’t (Professional Conduct)
have to get M.A.D.! Did that really just happen? Have you become frustrated
by co-workers workplace conduct? Have you ever lost
Life happens! The will to recover quickly and come back
stronger after any set-back are the keys to survival and your cool at work? If you need guidance on how to pro-
success. This motivational session is designed to influ- fessionally and appropriately engage in the workplace,
ence your thinking and approach to recovering from life’s this session is for you.
unexpected challenges. Professionalism is not only about wearing a suit or carry-
ing a briefcase. Professionalism includes how you act

and conduct yourself in the workplace regardless of the
How to Ace a Job Interview! Quick Tips for an circumstances. Professionals are reliable, dependable,
Excellent Interview and have strong integrity. They practice effective rules of
engagement, and follow an unwavering professional
Do you become extremely nervous at the thought of in-
terviewing? Do you struggle with answering interview code of conduct. This session will provide participants
questions? If you need to develop or enhance your inter- with information to enhance their professional behavior,
viewing skills, this session is for you. demeanor, and decorum in the workplace.


Workshops & Seminars

Resume Critique Looking for a job can be difficult for many reasons. This
session will guide you through the resources available to
Is this your first time creating a resume? Do you already
have a resume and want advice on how to make it stand prepare you, no matter your current situation or work ex-
perience. Attend, meet local nonprofit job readiness
out to employers? If you need one of our residential ex-
perts to assist you with your resume, this session is for leaders, and ask the questions you need answered to
you. help you find the job you need.

Regardless of a person’s expertise level when it comes
to developing a resume, it is always helpful to have an The Balancing Act: Managing Work & Personal
expert read it over. This session will allow participants to
receive free resume advice and assistance in order to Responsibilities
make the best impression with the employers at Work- How can you better manage your personal life when you
Baltimore. work in a demanding and competitive environment? How
can you better manage childcare, eldercare, and other
Steps Toward a Job: Job Readiness, Support, life responsibilities? If you struggle with these and other
and Training through Nonprofit Workforce daily life issues, this session is for you.

Development Organizations Balancing life’s demanding responsibilities can be ex-

Do you want a job, but don’t know how to get one? Are hausting. Surrounded by a culture of instantaneous com-
you tired of searching for a job and being unsuccess- munications, wanting to have it all, the drive to success,
ful? If you answered yes, to either of these questions, and the desire to have an active lifestyle makes it nearly
this session is for you. impossible to maintain a productive life. This session will
provide participants with tools and resources to achieve

a healthy work life balance.



“Wear it Well” Fashion Event

How to Dress for Success in the Workplace

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 ● General Session 2

Location: Ballrooms 3 & 4—Level 400

Do you know what it means to dress for success? Have you ever felt un-
sure about how to dress appropriately for an interview? Do you know
how to, or need additional tips, on how to dress appropriately for work?

Our appearance is a major component when building our brand image.
Our brand image helps us land that new job, secure a new client, and
make valuable networking contacts. Attend our "What to Wear" Fashion
Event so that you can recognize—and refine—your brand image for the
betterment of your career.

Moderator, Travis Winkey

Travis Winkey Model Studio

Travis Winkey, Founder and President of Travis Winkey Model Studio, is an icon in
the black fashion industry. With a full-service fashion production
company. Mr. Winkey’s more than 30 years in the fashion/
entertainment productions began in 1973. He has directed
some of the most prestigious fashion events, including the Con-
gressional Black Caucus Fashion Show, Donald Trump’s Miss
USA Pageant Luncheon/Fashion Show, and Miss Model Inter-
national Competition. Mr. Winkey’ has also taken his fashion
events to Africa, Paris, Rome, and South America. His work has
been honored, followed, and supported by greats like Oprah
Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Lynn
Whitfield. He currently serves as the Executive Director of a newly-formed, nonprofit
organization he started in Baltimore City called The M.O.D.E.L. Youth Empowerment
Project, which is geared toward empowering young people.



WORKBALTIMORE Convention 2017


Nicole Bossard, PhD
TGC Consulting

Dr. Nicole Bossard has over 25 years of experience in the social sector. Dr. Bossard has previously worked with
the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, the Workplace’s HealthRx Career Academy, and Tanana
Chiefs Conference Client Development Division, providing employee engagement training, meeting facilitation,
and leadership coaching to senior management, program staff, service recipients/customers, and collaborative

Equipped with a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change, Dr. Bossard helps agency leaders and teams clearly identify what they want
to accomplish, navigate the inevitable challenges and conflicts, and engage the whole system in developing practical strategies.
Her clients report increased enthusiasm for their work, a renewed trust between staff, and greater confidence about next steps.

Vanessa Bright
BeeHavin’ LLC

Vanessa Bright is an experienced educator with a diverse array of skills honed over time spent in the financial
services, insurance, non-profit and government industries. She is dedicated to educating adults and youth on
the basic principles of financial literacy and providing them with the skills to become financially free and fiscally
responsible adults.

As a Family and Consumer Sciences Educator for University of Maryland Extension, she focuses on improving
the quality of life of families and individuals through non-formal, participatory, and educational programs. Ms. Bright recently
launched BeeHavin’ LLC, an online retailer and wholesaler of natural lip and skin care products, with a social mission to provide
second chance employment to returning citizens, while replenishing the honeybee population with apiaries.

Eric Clay

Bon Secours
Eric Clay, joined Bon Secours in April 2015 as their Director of Career Development – Community Works,
bringing more than 16 years of management and programmatic experience working with low-income, at-risk
adults and youth from Baltimore’s most highly distressed neighborhoods. He is responsible for strategic plan-
ning, implementation, and performance evaluation for the Career Development Program which primarily
serves West Baltimore residents. This includes individual assessment, job readiness and life skills trainings,
job placement and retention efforts, and follow-up support, as well as connection to GED/ABE courses, occupational training
and/or certifications. Mr. Clay and his team collaborate with area businesses, academic institutions, community leaders, and
other workforce development providers to generate positive outcomes for clients.

Shannon M. Dawkins, MBA
City of Baltimore’s Mayor’s Office of Information Technology

Shannon M. Dawkins has served as the HR Business Partner for the City of Baltimore’s Mayor’s Office of Infor-
mation Technology since 2014. In this capacity, Shannon directs the administration of the Agency’s Human
Resources program for both the Technology side and the Call Center. Ms. Dawkins joined the City from Mor-
gan State University, Maryland’s designated public urban University – and largest HBCU – where she helped to
create MorganCARES, the University’s comprehensive Service Excellence Initiative. Ms. Dawkins’ diverse Hu-
man Resources background spans 20-years and includes working in healthcare, staffing, banking, and consult-
ing. Her experience includes developing and managing a comprehensive on-site Education Program; diversify-
ing employee talent; conducting needs analyses; facilitation, and developing performance management stand-
ards. Ms. Dawkins holds a B.S. in Health Administration from Pennsylvania State University, a Master of Business Administra-
tion from Morgan State University, and a post-graduate Certificate in Bsiness Leadership from Johns Hopkins University.


Bagher Fardanesh, PhD
University of Maryland, R.H. Smith School of Business

Dr. Bagher Fardanesh is currently teaching international marketing courses at the University of Maryland, R. H.
Smith School of Business. He has given numerous seminars and conducted management consulting in the
United States, Canada, the Middle East, and Western Europe. In his professional practice, he has served or-
ganizations, such as the International Operations of General Motors, the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore,
Maryland, Lockheed Martin, and the World Trade Center Institute. Dr. Fardanesh has also served as a Commis-
sioner for the Maryland Governor's Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs. Dr. Fardanesh is both mul-
ti-cultural and multi-lingual. He is the author of Global Communications and Misunderstandings (2009) and
Cross-Cultural Communication with Success: An Interpersonal and Organizational Perspective in a Changing World (2013).

Mr. Fardanesh earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and a
Ph.D. in Higher Education, with concentrations in Marketing and Management, from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Kanika Feaster

Kanika Feaster, Director of Workforce Development and Community Liaison at Humanim, has been an advo-
cate within the Baltimore community for over 15 years, addressing issues related to disadvantaged job seekers
and their access to quality career training and employment opportunities. Throughout her career in business
development and program management, Ms. Feaster holds a specialized expertise in workforce development
programming practices, career readiness training methods, and community/mass recruitment outreach strate-
gies. In her role at Humanim, Ms. Feaster oversees all career training programs and initiatives that examine the
role race, equity, and inclusion plays on workforce services and employer hiring practices. Prior roles include Employment
Manager at Caesars Entertainment Horseshoe Casino, where she managed a comprehensive community outreach and recruit-
ment strategy to ensure 50% of Baltimore City residents. Ms. Feaster earned her B.S. in Kinesiology from Temple University.


Donald C. Fry
Greater Baltimore Committee

Donald C. Fry has been the President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC), the central Maryland
region’s most prominent organization of business and civic leaders, since November 2002. The GBC serves as a
knowledgeable and highly credible business voice in the Baltimore region, Annapolis, and the District of Columbia,
on policy issues and competitive challenges facing Maryland. Its mission is to apply private-sector leadership
to strengthen the business climate and quality of life in the region and state.

Mr. Fry earned a B.S. in Political Science from Frostburg State University, formerly Frostburg State College, and is a 1979
graduate of the University Of Baltimore School Of Law.

Brandon Garrel
Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Brandon Garrel is a results-driven, out-of-the-box thinking professional, with over nine years of experience in a
variety of workforce development categories, such as business development, full life-cycle recruitment in multiple
industries, and candidate development and placement. During his time with the Baltimore County Government’s
Department of Workforce Development, Mr. Garrel lead the project of creating the Career Closet, which provides
professional attire for job-seekers. He is passionate about working with underserved populations and ensuring
that they receive equal opportunity employment. In recent years, Mr. Garrel has proven strength in the areas of instructional de-
sign and in-classroom training that focuses heavily on career readiness preparation for youth, dislocated, and adult workers. In
addition, he has a proven ability to reconnect individuals with extreme barriers to employment, which include both ex-offender
and homeless populations. Mr. Garrel proactively stays ahead of industry trends and being on the cutting-edge of delivering
workforce development services.

Gerald Grimes
Mayor’s Office of Employment Development

Gerald Grimes is Project Manager at the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development’s (MOED) Northwest
Career Center. The Northwest Career Center features the Reentry Center, where staff and partners assist
citizens with criminal background issues in employment preparation, job search and placement assistance, skills
training opportunities, barrier removal, educational support, and access to computers and computer training.
Mr. Grimes has enjoyed a 35 year career in workforce development, with 28 of those years with MOED, serving
in various capacities, including Program Manager of the Workforce Reception Center, Administrator for MOED’s youth entrepre-
neurship training programs, the Youth Entrepreneur Academy (YEA), and Launching Entrepreneurs into Action Program

Mr. Grimes received his B.A. from Beloit College in Wisconsin and attended Loyola College in Maryland’s Executive MBA
program. He is also a graduate of the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School.

Andrea Hanna
LifeBridge Health Systems

Andrea Hanna is a Career and Life Skills Coach for LifeBridge Health Systems. She is passionate about helping
incumbent workers, job seekers, and youth become their “best selves” in life and career. Ms. Hanna has eight
years of experience in Workforce Development and over 15 years in Human Services. Moving from Newport
News, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland 10 years ago, it was quickly evident that she discovered a new niche in
her desire to empower others to design meaningful lives and careers. Prior to joining LifeBridge Health Systems,
Ms. Hanna worked as a Foster Care Social Worker, Family Advocate, and Parent Involvement Specialist for Head Start, as well
as an entrepreneur. She began her adult work life in family-owned and operated businesses in the hospitality/entertainment
industry and real estate/property management.

Ms. Hanna received her B.A. in Psychology from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a certified Workplace Excellence
Facilitator and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).


Andrea Harrison, OWDS
Maryland New Directions

Andrea brings over 20 years of leadership and management consulting experience in public and private sector,
state agencies and non-profit organizations. Her expertise is in the field of re-entry transition, integration and
program implementation. Andrea's broad background and high energy allow her to tackle the many challenges
facing men and women seeking to rebuild their lives and establish careers. Andrea holds a 2013 certification
from the National Institution of Corrections as an Offender Workforce Development Specialist. As MND's Pro-
gram Coordinator, she is looking forward to creating new opportunities for MND to continue to lead the way in delivering relevant
employment and training to clients.

Shelby Hill
Marriott Foundation – Bridges from School to Work

Shelby Hill, currently the Director of Bridges from Schools to Work, has been employed with Marriott for 25
years and has held multiple leadership and management positions throughout her career. Ms. Hill joined the
Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities in 2007 to manage the local Bridges from School to Work
program, which serves the public school systems of the District of Columbia, as well as Montgomery County
and Baltimore City in Maryland. Ms. Hill is responsible for the overall management of the local Bridges from
School to Work program and its staff, providing leadership to the team to achieve client, employment placement, and retention

Ms. Hill has a B.S. from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore and a Master’s Degree in Distance Education from the
University of Maryland, University College, along with graduate level certificates for Teaching at a Distance and Distance
Education Leadership.
Adam Hirsch
Hirsch Electric

Adam Hirsch started out in the electric contracting industry after graduating from college. Using his strong people skills and
dynamic personality, he worked in sales for one of the largest electrical distributors in Maryland. He then decided to join the
Hirsch Electric team a few years later. Wanting to learn everything about his family’s business, he worked in the field as an
apprentice and went through the Harford County Apprenticeship Program. Mr. Hirsch found his niche when he took what he
learned in college, working in sales, hands on training, and the skills learned in the apprenticeship program to become the Direc-
tor of Human Resources at Hirsch Electric. He became an Owner at Hirsch Electric in 2014.

Mr. Hirsch received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Millersville University in 2011.

Will Holmes
Will Holmes Consulting

Will Holmes is an award winning, trusted business adviser with clients and partners including the U.S. Depart-
ment of Defense, the Small Business Administration, SoundExchange, University of Baltimore, the Harbor Bank
of Maryland, the Greater Baltimore Leadership Association, and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum.
Mr. Holmes has over 20 years of experience helping organizations increase revenue and efficiency by
streamlining existing processes, implementing new technology, and providing marketing strategy and custom-
ized training to executives and staff. In 2006, Mr. Holmes founded WHC, a business management and technology consult-
ing firm, serving government agencies, non-profit organizations, and hundreds of growing companies across the United States.
As part of his service to the community, Mr. Holmes also founded Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs and the GiveBalti-
more initiative, developed the 30 Steps for Startups curriculum, and host the annual MoneyBaltimore Small and Minority Busi-
ness Conference.

David Marshall Jr.
Marshall Jr., Inc.

David Marshall, Jr., currently serves as President of his family-owned business, Marshall Junior, Inc. Previ-
ously Marshall’s Trash Removal, established in 1951 by Mr. Willie D. Marshall Sr., the company started with
one open body truck and 4 workers. In 1987, Mr. Marshall, Sr. retired, passing on the family business to his
son Mr. Marshall, Jr., who ran it for 37 years, until his retirement in 2017. The business as since passed onto
Mr. David Marshall. Mr. Marshall greatly anticipates the growth of his inherited family business and helping to
further its established role beyond the Dundalk/Turners Station community and into the greater Baltimore Metropolitan area at

Mr. Marshall brings a very unique skill set to Marshall Jr. Inc., as he is an established opera singer and music educator.
David Marshall holds degrees in Vocal Performance from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and Shenandoah


Cathy Morgan
Npower Baltimore

Cathy Morgan, Regional Director at NPower, launched her career helping others over two decades ago as the
Executive Director of the Sickle Cell Foundation. She quickly spearheaded a workforce program for her
clients and quadrupled the organization’s budget within two years. In 2004, she relocated from Florida to
Maryland’s historic Bowie State University, where she served as Director of the Annual Fund and the Director
of Development. Ms. Morgan joined NPower in April 2016 and is responsible for managing the region’s
program operations and growth and funding sustainability, building its corporate & community partners, and leading its
Regional Advisory Board, among other duties. NPower is a nonprofit training underserved young adults and veterans for free
in the IT field and placing them in Fortune 500 corporations. She serves as a member of the senior leadership team.

Ms. Morgan received her B.S. from Florida State University.

Clifton Morgan
Year Up Baltimore

Clifton Morgan, Site Director at Year Up Baltimore, works with a great team to serve Opportunity Youth in
Greater Baltimore, by providing young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them
to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education. Mr. Morgan understands the
demand for a trained and experienced workforce, as well as the large number of youth who are disconnected
from opportunities to the education who are in need of coaching to excel in their careers. Year Up’s six month
Learning & Development phase and six month corporate internship help to level the playing field and give
young adults access beyond many of the barriers to entry that may exist for them.
Mr. Morgan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Hampton University.
Sharan Nixon
Fashion Umbrella Foundation

Sharan Nixon is the Founder of the Fashion Umbrella Foundation, and the Executive Producer for, Baltimore
Fashion Week, the organization’s longest running fundraiser. The Fashion Umbrella Foundation’s mission is
to champion underserved youth by providing social, education, artistic, and mentoring opportunities for a
directed future. Ms. Nixon is also the key contact for its program’s Back-to-School: REFRESH; Educational
Honors; Job Readiness; and the Fashion Umbrella Foundation Scholarship Award. Additionally, her Founda-
tion holds a Gala and Impact Awards Reception, where individuals are acknowledged and recognized for humanitarian ac-
tions towards an individual or community as a whole.

Cassandra Nwosu
Lifebridge Health Systems

Cassandra Nwosu is a pioneer, visionary, and life coach with over 15 years of experience developing and
managing community based organizations and social programs. She uses her platform as a Workforce
Development Specialist at Lifebridge Health Systems, to coach frontline employees. Before joining Lifebridge
Health Systems, Ms. Nwosu acted as an Administrator for Baltimore Housing where she managed a welfare-
to-work program funded through the Department of Human Resources and HUD. She also worked for several non-profits in
the Baltimore community, where she provided leadership, training, and program management.

Ms. Nwosu received her Bachelor’s Degree from Sojourner-Douglas College, where she majored in Community Development.
She currently attends Walden University, where she is earning her Master’s Degree in Instructional Design. She is the author
of two books, Living the I Am and Hiccups: The 21 Day Mind Reset.

Denise Rodriguez
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Denise Rodriguez is the Division Director of Central Pharmacy Inpatient Pharmacy services at the Johns
Hopkins Hospital, where she manages approximately 60 technical and professional staff. She has been a
Pharmacist for 19 years, with an emphasis on management for over 15 years. Ms. Rodriguez has exten-
sive Human Resources experience that includes mentoring, interviewing, hiring, and training of employ-
ees from various educational backgrounds. Ms. Rodriguez enjoys volunteering and mentoring Baltimore
City youth by participating in programs, such as her participation in the Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs program since 2009.

She received her B.S. in Pharmacy from Texas Southern University and her Master of Business Administration, with a fo-
cus in Healthcare Administration, from the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.


Kim L. Scarborough
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Kim Scarborough has been an employee of the Federal Government for over 7 years, and is currently a
Chemist at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the CFSAN Office of Cosmetics and Colors. In her
current role, she provides technical guidance and responses to reporters, public relations officers, congres-
sional offices, and other external entities inquiring about the regulation, formulation, and oversight of cosmet-
Previously, Ms. Scarborough was a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist in the FDA Office of Human Resources (OHR). In that
role, she sought to educate, enlighten, and empower both employees as well as external U.S. citizens on the Federal hiring
process. Ms. Scarborough has 15 years of combined experience from the corporate/private sector as a successful cosmetic
chemist and as an accomplished marketing executive.

Ms. Scarborough received a B.S. in Chemistry from Morgan State University and her Master of Business Administration from

Martin Schwartz
Vehicles for Change

Martin Schwartz, President of Vehicles for Change (VFC), started his company in April 1999 with a $30,000
grant. The program awarded its first car in Carroll County, Maryland, awarding five cars per month. Mr.
Schwartz has directed an expansion that includes Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York,
Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. VFC has changed the lives of more than 13,000 individuals through the
awarding of more than 5,300 cars. Today, 35 to 50 cars are awarded on a monthly basis. VFC was selected
as a “best practice” organization in a national study completed by the National Economic Development and Law Center. Mr.
Schwartz has served as a program planner for the annual Low Income Car Ownership Practice and Policy Convening
and served on a national committee created to broaden the opportunity of car ownership programs for worthy families.

Peggy Smallwood
Midtown Community Benefits District

Peggy Smallwood is the Deputy Director of Midtown Community Benefits District. She has over 20 years of managerial and
human resources experience. Ms. Smallwood began her tenure at Midtown as the office manager in 2005 and has since
excelled within the organization. In recognition of her effective work performance and significant contributions toward the
attainment of the organization’s goals, Ms. Smallwood received several promotions that propelled her from Office Manager to
the highly regarded Deputy Director of the organization. In her current position, she is accountable for all aspects of project
management and office administration for the company.

Ms. Smallwood received her B.A. in Human Resources and an M.A. from Strayer University. She is also an active member in
various civic and community organizations.

Kurt Sommer
Baltimore Integration Partnership

Kurt Sommer is the Director of the Baltimore Integration Partnership (BIP), which is a collaborative partnership
of anchor institutions, funders, nonprofits, and public organizations focused on establishing economic inclusion
as the business culture of norm in the Baltimore region. The BIP is supported by national and local partners
and is a part of the Living Cities Integration Initiative. Prior to joining the Association of Baltimore Area Grant
makers, Mr. Sommer has held positions in public policy and research with the Maryland Department of
Housing and Community Development, Baltimore Housing, and the Brookings Institution.

Mr. Sommers holds a B.A. in Political Science from Washington College and a Master of Community Planning degree from the
University of Maryland.

Jennifer Stano
Towson University

Jennifer Stano is the Employment, Classification, and Compensation Manager in the Office of Human
Resources at Towson University. Her current focus is on enhancing the employment experience, utilizing
technology and automation to improve customer service, and expanding outreach to the Towson communities
to form new partnerships and attract a diverse set of qualified applicants.
Ms. Stano received her B.S. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, with minors in Sociology and Economics from
James Madison University, and her Master of Business Administration, with an Organizational Development concentration,
from Suffolk University. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Management through University of Maryland University
College. In addition, Ms. Stano earned her Professionals in Human Resources (PHR) certification through HRCI and her Certi-
fied Professional (SHRM-CP) designation from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Phaedra Stewart
LifeBridge Health Systems

Phaedra Stewart has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and has served in various roles within
multiple industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, higher education, and data processing. She currently
serves as Vice President of Human Resources for LifeBridge Health Systems, and is responsible for
overseeing general HR functions at Sinai Hospital, as well as Employee and Labor Relations, Workforce
Development, and Occupational Health for all entities of LifeBridge Health Systems.

Ms. Stewart received her B.A. in Economics from Syracuse University and a Master of Business Administration degree from
the University of Baltimore.

Melanie Styles
Abell Foundation

Melanie Styles, a Program Officer for Workforce Development at Abell Foundation, works with community-
based organizations and public agencies to develop and strengthen skills training available in Baltimore and
assist low-wage job seekers in finding and maintaining employment. She reviews workforce development
grant requests, manages a portfolio of grants, and initiates projects to inform workforce development policy
and practice in Baltimore. Prior to joining the Abell Foundation in 2000, Ms. Styles worked for 11 years
designing and evaluating programs for youth and families at Public/Private Ventures in Philadelphia and Enterprise Community

Ms. Styles has a B.A. in English and Sociology and a M.A. in Sociology from the University of Virginia.

Stuart C. Taylor
Top Performers Recruitment, LLC

Stuart C. Taylor, President of Top Performers Recruitment, LLC, has a proven track record of success in the
recruitment, training, and sales arenas. He earned "Preferred Recruiter" status with multiple nationwide firms
as a result of his exceptional caliber of candidates. His training seminars have been rated "second to none"
and has extensive experience as a top performing sales representative and manager, where he was a three
times President's Club Award winner. Mr. Taylor is also the author of How to Ace Job Interview! Quick Tips For
An Excellent Interview.

Rob Wallace
Power52 Energy Solutions

Rob Wallace an electrical & energy engineer, project manager, and business consultant, has more than 11
years of experience in program management, renewable energy systems design and development, systems
implementation, training, and technology management. Rob has developed and built more than 100 MW of
solar and wind projects in the U.S. and Africa. Mr. Wallace has also worked in the power market, focusing on
frequency response, energy arbitrage and battery storage. Mr. Wallace also has experience managing engi-
neering, design, and development of all renewable energy projects for a host of private and public clients.
Some noteworthy clients include University of Maryland Medical Systems, Johns Hopkins University, City of Baltimore, Carroll
County Government, CHIMES International, and the Federal Government.

Mr. Wallace earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic and State University and pursued his Master’s
Degree in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab. He is an SMA Solar Academy gradu-
ate, a certified Wind System Design Specialist, and a certified EVSE installer for GE. He is currently pursuing his CEM and
LEED certifications to further broaden his Energy knowledge base.


Melanie J. Wells, MPH
American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics

Melanie J. Wells is a nonprofit executive, community advocate, and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience
in the public health and nonprofit sectors. During her career, she has served medically vulnerable communities
in North Carolina, Florida, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. Her areas of expertise include: nonprofit
governance, strategic planning, as well as program design, implementation, and evaluation. Currently, as the
Director of Administration for the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, Ms. Wells oversees operations and
talent development. She has a passion to help others fulfill their potential by sharing what she has learned on her professional
and personal journey. As a mentor, community advocate, and keynote speaker, Ms. Wells encourages women and youth to
pursue careers in healthcare.

Rev. Dr. Leah E. White
Greater Faith Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. Leah E. White, a native Baltimorean, is the product of Baltimore City Public Schools. Dr. White is a
former educator, having served in many Local Education Agencies. She has also moderated, lectured, and
preached throughout the nation and abroad. Since 1994, she has served as the pastor of Greater Faith Baptist
Church, formerly known as Remnant Baptist Church, located in the Remington Community.

Additionally, she is the founder and overseer of Sisters in Ministry, a mentoring group. She is the daughter of the late Rev. Dr.
Mary Antoinette Phillips and Brother James L. Mosley.

Dr. White is a graduate of Morgan State University, Johns Hopkins University, Saint Mary’s Seminary, and United Theological
Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Michelle Wirzberger, Esq.
Midtown Community Benefits District

Michelle Wirzberger, Executive Director of the Midtown Community Benefits District, Ms. Wirzberger manages
an annual budget of $1.2 million dollars and is accountable to the property owners and residents within the
Midtown communities (which includes Mount Vernon, Bolton Hill, Charles North, and Madison Park) for keep-
ing the District clean, green, and safe. She employs a staff of 40 people, including 17 off-duty Baltimore City
police officers and oversees a 7-day a week operation.

Previously serving as the Director of Legislative Affairs for Baltimore City Council President, Bernard C. “Jack” Young, Ms.
Wirzberger has also worked as a Staff Attorney for the Community Law Center (CLC), a nonprofit law firm. During her tenure
with the CLC, she represented communities in hundreds of cases before the Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Balti-
more City.

Ms. Wirzberger received her A.A. from Bucks County Community College, B.A. from Temple University, and J.D. from
University of Baltimore, School of Law.

Lisa Wood
Baltimore City Police Department

Lisa Wood joined the Baltimore City Police Department in 2017 as Director of Human Resources. In this role,
she is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of personnel administration to include civilian
recruitment, hiring, and background investigations; labor and employee relations; performance management;
leave administration; and compensation and benefits. Ms. Wood brings over 15 years of Human Resources
experience. She has served as the Human Resources Director for the Maryland Division of Correction,
supporting 7,400 employees through management of its Human Resources programs. She also served as the
Human Resources Manager for the Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities. In her most recent role, she
was the Director of Employee Relations and EEO Officer for
the Catholic University of America, providing guidance and
support to management and ensuring consistent and fair
practices for the university community.

Ms. Wood holds a B.S. and Master of Business Administra-
tion from James Madison University. She is also certified as a
Senior Professional in Human Resources.


Visit Employers & Exhibitors on the 100 Level in Exhibit Hall D

WORKBALTIMORE Convention 2017

Employers & Exhibitors

Employer/Exhibitor Business Description
Committed to building a healthier world by innovating to make health care simpler, easier, and
Aetna more convenient, Aetna offers health care, dental, group life, and other employee benefits, pri-
marily through Medicare and employer-paid insurance and benefit programs.
The world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider. Amazon’s vision is
to be earth's most customer-centric company.
One of the 60 largest law firms in the U.S., Baker Donelson gives clients access to a team of
Baker Donelson more than 750 attorneys and public policy advisors representing more than 30 practice areas,
all seamlessly connected across 23 offices.
Headquartered in Baltimore, Baltimore Gas & Electric provides service to more than 1.2 million
electric customers and more than 650,000 natural gas customers in central Maryland.

CareFirst Largest healthcare insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving 3.2 million members.

The nation’s largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain, Chik-Fil-A is supported by a strong
Chick Fil-A
brand and award-winning restaurant designs. .
A leading national provider of communication, entertainment and cable products and services,
Comcast Comcast brings together the best in media and technology to entertain audiences around the
Based in Baltimore, Corrigan Sports Enterprises (CSE) was established in 1991 with the goal
Corrigan Sports of creating, managing and implementing sports and event marketing opportunities for the cor-
porate community.

The largest pharmacy health care provider in the U.S., CVS takes an active, supportive, role in
shaping the future of health care.

A service organization of college educated women committed to the constructive development
Delta Sigma Theta
of members and to public service with a primary focus on the Black community
Connecting Maryland’s largest business center, cultural district, and fastest-growing neighbor-
Downtown Partnership hoods, Downtown Partnership members receive special access to Downtown news, infor-
mation, networking events, and marketing promotions.
D-S Pipe & Steel Supply supplies over 120 different industrial product lines consisting of steel,
DS Pipe & Steel
pipe, weld fittings, groove fittings, and a full line of structural steel products.
Committed to continued growth and success, Edgewood Management is the premiere afforda-
Edgewood Management ble property management company on the East Coast, and is driven by a genuine desire to
help people improve lives.

As a proven and powerful nonprofit, Enterprise Homes, Inc. improves communities and lives by
Enterprise Homes
making well-designed homes, affordable.
Protects public safety by ensuring federal offenders serve sentences in safe, humane, cost-
Federal Bureau of Prisons efficient and appropriately secure facilities. FBP provides reentry programming to ensure suc-
cessful community reentry.
FutureCare Health operates 14 Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing centers across the Balti-
Future Care more/Washington area, providing the clinical expertise, resources and support needed to tran-
sition patients back to independence.
Using family recipes and formulas carefully guarded through the years, H&S Bakery continues
H & S Bakery/Harbor East
to manufacture and distribute exceptional hearth-baked products daily.

An employee-owned construction management/general contracting firm, Harkins provides profes-
Harkins Builders sional preconstruction and construction management services for client projects throughout the
Haynes Property, Inc. acquires and manages affordable and safe apartment housing for resi-
Haynes Property Inc.
dents of urban and rural communities, in Baltimore City and throughout the USA.
Major Baltimore City entertainment establishment focused on building loyalty and value through a
Horseshoe (Caesars) Ca- unique blend of great service, unbeatable gaming, hospitality, excellent products, operational ex-
cellence and technology leadership.
A professional real estate services firm, JLL’s knowledge runs deep, with experts in every proper-
JLL Company
ty type and every facet of transaction management and advisory services.
One of the leading health care systems in the United States. JHM is supported by its mission to
John Hopkins University improve the community and world health by setting the standard of excellence in medical educa-
and Medicine
tion, research and clinical care.
Kaiser Permanente improves total health of members and communities served through expanded
Kaiser Permanente
community access and by improving environments and shaping health knowledge.
A 100-percent employee-owned engineering, consulting and construction firm serving clients
KCI Technologies
throughout the United States and beyond

L&J Waste Recycling reduces the environmental impact of construction projects by recycling con-
L & J Waste Recycling
struction waste.
Founded in 2004, Latin Opinion is a bilingual, Spanish-language, biweekly newspaper published
Latin Opinion
Baltimore Maryland.
Founded in 1927, The League annually serves more than 2,000 individuals with disabilities,
League for People w/ providing opportunities to gain independence through a comprehensive continuum of vocational,
rehabilitative, educational, medical, wellness and social services.
Sinai (LifeBridge) Hospital of Baltimore provides a broad array of high quality, cost-effective
LifeBridge Health/ Sinai
health and health-related services to the people of greater Baltimore.
A casino and entertainment complex in Hanover, Maryland, Live! Casino & Hotel provides a
Live! Casino & Hotel
clean, safe, friendly and fun environment to guests in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Jesuit Catholic university committed to educational and spiritual traditions and development of the
Loyola University
whole person
A regional financial services company with more than $120 billion in assets. M&T provides bank-
M & T Bank ing, insurance, investments, mortgage and commercial financial services through more than 800
branches, 1600 ATMs, and a variety of online and mobile services.
Based in downtown Baltimore, since 1991 Mahogany has provided premier construction services
Mahogany Construction in the mid-Atlantic region. The company specializes in General Contracting, Architectural Millwork
and Commissioning Services.

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s business units include the State Highway Admin-
Maryland DOT istration, Maryland Transit Administration, Motor Vehicle Administration, Maryland Port Admin-
istration, Maryland Aviation Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority, and more.
Maryland Health Care Access works to make Maryland healthier by connecting residents to insur-
Maryland Health Care ance and care, educating the community about healthier living, and advocating a more equitable
health care system.
Headquartered in Columbia, MedStar is a non-profit, community-based health system serving the
MedStar Health
Baltimore/Washington region.

Mercy Medical Center is a university-affiliated medical facility named one of the top 100 hospitals
Mercy Hospital
in the U.S. by Thomson-Reuters with a national reputation for women’s health.
Established in 1980, Metra is recognized as a leader in the utility and heavy construction industry
Metra Industries
across the Mid-Atlantic States. 35

Employers/Exhibitors Business Description

The Baltimore Orioles are a Major League Baseball franchise steeped in tradi-
Orioles tion and have been an integral part of Baltimore, the State of Maryland and the
entire Mid-Atlantic region since 1954.

P. Flanigan & Sons constructs and maintains infrastructure including roadways,
P. Flanigan & Sons, Inc.
airports, and railroads. .

A privately owned chain of convenience stores headquartered in Baltimore, Mar-
Royal Farms yland. The company operates stores through-
out Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
Second Chance provides people, materials and the environment with a second
chance. The company deconstructs buildings and homes, salvaging usable ma-
Second Chance terials and making those materials available to the public for reuse. With the rev-
enue generated, job training and workforce development are provided in the
Baltimore region.

Independent group of employee-owned HR and Employee Benefit consulting
Segal Group

The leading local news provider in the country, as well as a producer of sports
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. content, Sinclair owns and operates programs or provides sales services to tele-
vision stations.

Suited to Succeed works to remove obstacles to employment by providing free
Suited to Succeed
professional attire paired with workforce and life skills seminars.

Sunrise Safety Services is the largest minority owned sign fabrication shop man-
Sunrise Safety Services
ufacturer in the State of Maryland.

An asset management firm focused on delivering reliable global investment
T. Rowe Price
management excellence.

Provides safe and sustainable mobility solutions. The On-Demand division of
TransDev On Demand, Inc. Transdev manages those businesses that respond directly to consumer re-
quests for transportation.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, often referred to as UMBC, is an
American public research university, located in Baltimore County, MD

The University of Maryland, Baltimore, (also known as UMAB) was founded in
1807. It comprises some of the oldest professional schools of dentistry, law,
medicine, pharmacy, social work and nursing in the United States. Located on
60 acres in downtown Baltimore, it is part of the University System of Maryland.
Whiting-Turner is one of the fastest growing construction firms in the nation ,
their growth is completely organic and derived from the pride employees take in
applying ethics and talent to the opportunities presented, and their unwavering
dedication to the primary missions-delighting the customers.

Year Up’s one-year, intensive training program provides low-income young
adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skills development. This
Year Up
strong structure guides students through the steps necessary for achieving suc-
cess in the classroom and the workplace.


WorkBaltimore Convention 2017

City of Baltimore Agency Partner Employers

Employers/Exhibitors Business Description
BCFD protects lives, property and the environment through emergency medical
Baltimore City Fire Dept. (BCFD) services, fire suppression, rescue, emergency communications, fire prevention,
community outreach, education, and related services.
Baltimore City Health Dept. (BCHD) BCHD improves the health and well-being of Baltimore residents; and strives to
make Baltimore a city where all residents realize their full health potential.
BPD is the 8th largest municipal police force in the United States, staffed by nearly
Baltimore Police Dept. (BPD) 3,100 civilian and sworn personnel. The Department's jurisdiction covers Mary-
land's largest city, with a population of 614,000.
The Baltimore Convention Center is the premier location for conventions,
Convention Center
tradeshows and expositions in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
Finance is responsible for safeguarding the fiscal integrity of the City through the
Department of Finance
development and implementation of sound financial policies and practices.
Department of General Services DGS delivers sustainable cost effective facility and fleet management services sup-
porting Baltimore City Agencies in the advancement of City and individual agency
(DGS) goals.
Department of Housing and Com- DHCD promotes and preserves homeownership for Marylanders. The agency pur-
sues innovative community development initiatives that meet the challenges of a
munity Development (DHCD) growing Maryland.

Department of Human Resources DHR is the central authority on human capital matters for the City of Balti-
more. The Department’s mission is to ensure the City attracts, hires, trains, and
(DHR) promotes, competitively while ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity.
Planning is entrusted with guiding the physical development of the City. The Agen-
Department of Planning cy mission is to build Baltimore as the economic and cultural driver for the region
as a diverse, sustainable and thriving network of neighborhoods.
DPW provides safe drinking water and keeps neighborhoods and waterways clean.
Dept. of Public Works (DPW)
The Department is responsible for waste management and disposal.
DOT provides the City of Baltimore with a comprehensive and modern transporta-
Dept. of Transportation (DOT) tion system that integrates all modes of travel providing mobility and accessibility in
a convenient, safe, and cost-effective manner.
One of the oldest free public library systems in the United States. The Pratt Library
Enoch Pratt Free Library provides equal access to information, services, and opportunities that empower,
enrich, and enhance the quality of life for all.
Housing Authority of Baltimore HABC endeavors to ensure citizens of Baltimore City have access to adequate and

City (HABC) affordable housing opportunities in safe, livable, and decent neighborhoods.
Mayor’s Office of Cable and Com- CharmTV is available on Channel 25 and 1085 on Baltimore City Comcast.
CharmTV provides compelling programming that highlights the heart and soul of
munication (Charm TV) Baltimore and is focused on everything from government to neighborhoods.

Mayor’s Office of Employment De- MOED coordinates and directs workforce development initiatives that enhance and
velopment (MOED) promote the local economy.
Mayor’s Office of Human Services MOHS was created in 2010 to develop and implement an integrated system of sup-
port for vulnerable populations through Community Action Partnership (CAP), Head
(MOHS) Start, and Homeless Services.
Mayor’s Office of Information MOIT is responsible for the City’s technologic infrastructure. The Agency leverag-
es information technology to enhance productivity, broaden capabilities, and im-
Technology (MOIT) prove operational efficiencies and service delivery across the Enterprise.
Rec & Parks provides and promotes affordable, recreational and leisure programs;
Recreation & Parks preserves parks and natural resources; and promotes fun active lifestyles for citi-
zens of all ages and abilities.



WorkBaltimore PreConvention 2017

August 25—September 25

Applying for City of Baltimore Careers Presenters: Adenike Akintilo, Year Up Baltimore; Anita Ham-
mond, LifeBridge Health Inc.; Brandon Garrel, Johns Hopkins
From trade to executive- positions, the City of Baltimore offers University & Medicine; Chris Reasback, P. Flanigan & Sons;
employment opportunities for individuals across the full spec- Clair Watson-Minson, Associated Black Charities; Dana
trum of careers and levels. This session will train you how to Moulden, Second Chance, Inc.; David Marshall, Marshall Jr.,
search, identify and complete the online application process. Inc.; Debra Keller-Greene, Keller Professional Services, Inc.;
Denise Rodriguez, Johns Hopkins University & Medicine; Elder
Presenters: Annette Williams, DHR; Brandi Richmond, DHR; Doug Wilson, Kingdon Life Church; Glenda Henkel, Towson Uni-
Doreen Wiggins-Kent, DHR; Olufunso Onamade, DHR; and versity; Janet Glover-Kerkvliet, Baltimore Job Hunters Support
Pat Williams, DHR. Group; Jennifer Stano, Towson University; Jeremy Russell,
DHR; Kym-Kisha Nixon, The Fertile Soil Project; Lisa Wood,
Baltimore City Police Department; Lorie Logan-Bennett, Towson
Effective Communication Skills University; Melinda Haggerty, Sabra, Wang & Associates, Inc.;
Melanie J. Wells, MPH, Elevation Ministries, Inc.; Michelle Wir-
Technical skills are important and so are effective communica- zberger, Midtown Community Benefits District; Peggy Small-
tion skills. Delivering your message in a clear, appropriate and wood, Midtown Community Benefits District; Shannon Dawkins,
professional manner are essential to being successful in your Mayor’s Office of Information Technology; and Sharan Nixon,
job. This session will cover the forms of verbal and non-verbal Fashion Umbrella Foundation.
communication and how to use them, and how to correctly
frame your messaging to influence desired outcomes. Jobs That Don’t Require a High School Diploma or Col-
lege Degree
Presenters: Dr, Leah E. White, Greater Faith Baptist Church;
Melanie J. Wells, MPH, Elevation Ministries, Inc.; Adenike A desirable and rewarding career can be achieved without
Akintilo, Year up Baltimore; David Marshall, Marshall Jr., Inc.; having a high school diploma or college degree. Employers
Kym-Kisha Nixon, The Fertile Soil Project; Lisa Wood, Baltimore often look for individuals with good communication skills, who
City Police Department; Shantay Guy, Community Mediation are reliable and willing to work hard. Many employers have
Program, Inc., and Sheri Artz, DHR.
opportunities that can be learned through on-the-job or skills
training. This session will explore the qualities and potential
How to Write a Compelling Resume
Your resume has one purpose, and that is to start the conver- talents sought by employers and identify options for pre-job
sation between you and a potential employer! A powerful re- education and skills development training.
sume should highlight your knowledge, skills and abilities, and
capture your professional experiences and educational Presenters: Clifton Morgan, Year Up Baltimore; David Mar-
achievements. This session is designed to assist job seekers shall, Marshall Jr., Inc.; Jeremy Russell, DHR; Marquise O’Neal,
nPower; Michael Alexander, DHR; Robbin Pettiford, Johns Hop-
from a variety of career levels and backgrounds with writing a kins University & Medicine, and Wayne Nelson, nPower.
compelling resume to help them secure a job.

Presenters: Che Evans, DHR; Chris Reasbeck, P. Flanigan &
Sons; Clair Watson-Minson, Associated Black Charities; Dana Performance Testing, Security Clearances, Bonding &
Moulden, Second Chance, Inc.; Glenda Henkel, Towson Univer- Credit
sity; Janet Glover-Kerkvliet, Baltimore Job Hunters support This session will provide job-seekers with basic information
Group; Jennifer Stano, Towson University; Jesse Ruffes, DHR; about pre-employment testing, inform participants about how
Lisa Davis, Living Classrooms; Lorie Logan-Bennett, Towson to gain a Security Clearance and what types of jobs may re-
University; Malinda Haggerty, Sabra, Wang & Associates, Inc.; quire a clearance, provide details about how to become fully
Melanie J. Wells, MPH, Elevation Ministries, Inc.; Sandra Curtis, bonded and when it matters, and how your personal credit
DHR; Sheri Artz, DHR; Thomas Hardnett, Initiatives, Inc., and may impact future employment.
Tyrone Vines, Kador-Savage Enterprises.
Interviewing Essentials & Mock Interviews Presenters: Deborah Johnson, Avalon Consulting Services,
Interviewing Essentials and Mock Interviews are designed to
help jobseekers understand the full cycle interview process.
The session will cover tips on how to handle stress, how to
prepare for an interview and different types of interviewing
styles and techniques. Participants will learn about the im-
portance of preparing for an interview, the need to research
an organization, anticipate interview questions, provide appro-
priate responses, ask job-related questions and follow up after
the interview. Participants will also have a chance to practice
interviewing skills through role playing sessions.


Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking Transportation Options—How Do I Get to Work?

Employers want employees who can think and act reasonably, There are many public transportation, ride share and inexpensive
realistically and decisively. This session will focus on the pro- cab-type services that can meet your work travel needs. To find
cesses for preventing and solving problems in a variety of ways. out how to get there, this session to explore the transportation
options available in Baltimore.

Presenters: Chris Kirkland, DHR; Clifton Morgan, Year Up Presenters: Martin Schwartz, Vehicles for Change.
Baltimore; Dr. Leah E. White, Greater Faith Baptist Church; Wear It Well! What to Wear and What Not to Wear
Jennifer Stano, Towson University; Jocelyn Whitfield, Center A professional appearance is important if you want to get a job
for Creative Life and Learing, Inc.; Sharan Nixon, Fashion and keep a job. This session will provide guidance on work ap-
Umbrella Foundation; Thomas Hardnett, Initiatives, Inc.; and propriate grooming, style, and attire.
Tuesday Williams, 2SDAY International.
Presenters: David Marshall, Marshall Jr., Inc.; Kim L. Scar-
Recovering from Involuntary Employment Separation & Ad- borough, MBA, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Shannon
dressing Employment Gaps Dawkins, Mayor’s Office of Information Technology; and
Sharan Nixon, Fashion Umbrella Foundation.
Being out of work isn’t easy! This session will cover tips and Your Rights as an Applicant and Employee
strategies for getting back in the workforce following a career
separation. Topics will include how to assess your career options All applicants and employees have basic rights that include the
moving forward, how to develop a strategy for applying for new right to privacy, fair compensation, and freedom from discrimina-
opportunities and how to respond to questions during an inter- tion. Job applicants, current employees, and former employees
view regarding gaps in your employment. have rights. Employee rights in Maryland are protected by feder-
al, state and local laws. This session will provide you with infor-
mation regarding your rights before, during and after employ-
Presenters: Faridoon Khosravi, Promethean Consulting, ment.
Presenters: Joseph Phelps, Johns Hopkins University & Medi-
cine; Kendra Banks, RIB Media; Lisa Wood, Baltimore City
#WorkBaltimore2017 Police Department; and Tom G. Wells, U.S. Department of
Labor/Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.






WorkBaltimore Convention 2017
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