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Published by Steve Chinn, 2019-02-21 04:37:09

SIS Global - Recharge Brochure

Recharge Brochure

reChArge MAnAger

improving intercompany re-charging

We make it happen

Real Estate



Transport Connecting people, technology
& Logistics and innovation across the world

Food &

& Distribution

iMprOving interCOMpAny re-ChArging FOr
dynAMiCS 365 FinAnCe And OperAtiOnS USerS

We make it happen

intercompany recharges
aren't limited to just large

Since many companies, large and small, are often
divided into multiple legally independent entities
with complex delivery and service relationships,
intercompany re-Charging is vital, yet still
presents an ongoing challenge for some;

l Time consuming and not automated
l Tracking & reporting of intercompany recharges
l Treatment of intercompany recharges whilst complying with

legislations across multiple countries including TAXES and VAT
l Intercompany services must be trackable and invoiced

according to the actual costs incurred;
l Legal conditions (e.g. regarding profit shifting) must be met;

- Recharging to entities outside of your organisation
- Full traceability and breakdown of recharges applied
- International contexts, exchange rate issues come into play
- Period end reporting issues with unprocessed recharge journals


introducing reChArge MAnAger

designed specifically for dynamics 365
Finance and Operations.

reChArge MAnAger is a cloud-based solution, leveraging the Microsoft Azure
cloud, giving peace of mind and a secure experience across the workplace.

RECHARGE Manager provides the ability to automatically The costs can be distributed through a chain of companies
share costs across multiple companies with predefined with limited user input, raising the relevant intercompany
values and an upfront configuration for an unlimited dues and payables automatically.
number of scenarios. 

Improving Intercompany Allocation of transactions on posting to an
Re-charging for dynamics 365 account and splitting the value in a predefined
Finance and Operations Users split across financial dimensions. This cannot
process across companies.
Standard Dynamics 365 for Finance
and Operations allows for only two Utilizing the cost allocation process where
different types of allocations to be allocations can be performed over certain
accounts and can be process across
processed in the system: companies.


enhAnCing yOUr dynAMiCS 365
CApABiLitieS With reChArge MAnAger

We make it happen

Standard Cost Allocation Correction processes
are just as simple
Where the standard cost allocation processes are rigid, the
RECHARGE MANAGER process allows the user to select at Simply create the correcting entry in the originating company
the transaction level, the allocation required for a particular and run it through the recharge process. The result being
transaction. This means that today you can recharge a cost costs allocated as credits.
one way, and the very next transaction can be recharged
completely differently. This is not possible with standard Further to this, should you need to mark-up / inflate the cost,
allocation processes as these rely on broader filters for you can add a mark-up percentage to the costs being
selecting the transactions to allocate versus transaction allocated. This is useful in situations where you need to reflect
tagged allocations. additional costs in certain companies they are allocated to.

Automated Sequential processing 

In situations where cost allocations run through multiple
companies and a cost allocation must be done sequentially,
standard processes are cumbersome and are required to be
processed one after another. The RECHARGE MANAGER
process handles the sequential processing automatically
and will process each step in the route of the cost allocation
taking away the risk of missing the allocation of a cost if
processed out of order. 


“reChArge MAnAger provides the level of “
detail auditors and accountants love, as well
as the tracebility of the cost from end to end

Overcoming your intercompany recharge challenges

RECHARGE MANAGER provides the business with a limited Dues and payables are raised and posted automatically
interaction by users, coupled with a high level of detail to ensure that the position of each company is reflected
automatically posted between legal entities when it comes correctly with regards to the recharge of costs. 
to sharing costs or distributing costs to related entities, in
or outside of the organization. 

Maintains accurate Limited user
accounting for cost input required

and revenue

Improves £ CORE Automated monthly
cost recovery BENEFITS recharges

Automated VAT / TAX Optimal utilisation
code assignment of available internal


SiMpLiFing yOUr interCOMpAny
re-ChArging prOCeSS

We make it happen

explore even more benefits RECHARGE MANAGER allows business with complex
structures to automate their dues and payables and
With limited user input required, RECHARGE MANAGER is ultimately speed up their business processes.
the perfect solution for any company sharing costs within a
complex set of companies including, internal, external or third
parties, across different affiliates for multiple associates, in a
defined international or national group.

Point of capture allocation (different allocations
for the same types of expenses on a case by case basis)

Date effective setups Line by line unique allocations

Fully compliant with Dynamic configuration
multi-currency options to suit most
Global overview across
companies of recharges Upfront configurations
in progress / processed negate the need for the
end user to push costs
Automatic VAT/Tax code manually
assignment across the
recharge process Unlimited Allocation groups
with defined splits
Mark-ups of the shared costs
possible between companies Automatic generation of dues and
payables between recharge companies

Batch driven to eliminate load
on system during peak times


“not only does reChArge MAnAger follow best practice, “
it simplifies intercompany re-charging, eliminates human
data errors and enables the end-user to maintain control

Scalable Cloud

Grows with your business and increased Maximum flexibility through
re-charging complexities access from anywhere, any device,

Friendly & intuitive at any time

Easy functionality with modern £
user interface
Cost effective

Capex-friendly pay as you go pricing plan,
minimum implementation time and no
expensive customisation required


All data is encrypted and stored on the
secure Microsoft Azure cloud.


Key FeAtUreS We make it happen
At A gLAnCe
Account groupings for
£ common recharges

recharge determination l group main accounts into recharge
at cost origin categories in order to facilitate common posting profiles

l Uniquely recharge source transactions to different
target entities, based on an allocation code assigned

to the transaction at capture

Company groupings Allocation codes and
for common recharges routing for each code

l group legal entities into common groups in l Create unique allocation codes with several
order to facilitate common posting profiles different filters allowing for very specific identification

of the route and properties of the allocation

Allocation of groups for defaulting and restriction of allocations
combinations of codes
l default and / or restrict allocation
l Create groups of allocation codes along with codes / groups for use in legal entities
percentage splits between the different allocation

codes with each group

dynamic posting profiles

l posting profiles that can be extremely detailed in their configuration
allowing for a high number of different permutations for postings to
follow. this also includes the ability to post in different target accounts

to the originating entity, across region, and chart of accounts


““reChArge MAnAger grows
with your business and increased
re-charging complexities

Multiple company routings recharge on recharge

route an expense from a source entity to a l Automatically allocate an additional allocation group
target entity, or from a source to any number of to a recharge target entry. this will then be picked up and
intermediate entries and ultimately a target entry recharged out again, under a different allocation group,

l route costs to a project within the target legal entity during the next recharge run

l route a cost to a customer in the target entity

Mark-up capable at any tax defaulting
level of the route
l Along with standard tax default settings, this function can be
l Add a mark-up percentage to any level of the recharge route. used to apply specific tax and item tax groups for the customer
this increases the cost that is being charged on andallows for and vendor transactions and is in place to allow for the addition
of the correct tax settings at the entities in the recharge process.
an over recovery of the original expense, or to compensate
for losses encountered due to taxes applied at the target entity l Similarly, the withholding tax groups can also be applied

Unattended monthly processing Full traceability end to end

l Batch or user run proposals - the process of creating the l Full traceability end to end - A variety of inquiry
recharge batch as a periodic month end process can be trigger options are made available by standard, including
some basic audit level reports, detailed analysis reports,
by a user or as a scheduled batch process
power Bi dashboard, and inquiry-based tracing
l Batch or user run posting - the process of review directly in the system
and posting of the proposals can be user posted or added
to a batch processor
l Creation and posting functions are separately securable

l Workflow is also available to control and approve
the recharge proposals created and posted

COnneCting peOpLe, teChnOLOgy And
innOvAtiOn ACrOSS the WOrLd

We make it happen

SIS Global brings over two decades of ERP, CRM and Business SIS Global are empowered to collaborate across the world,
Intelligence experience, technology innovation and industry providing solutions and services to all our customers,
expertise. We work collaboratively with global organisations wherever they might be situated in the world, it makes no
and have created, designed and developed a global portfolio difference to us. We are a true cloud first organisation
of cutting-edge industry solutions. delivering a real-time, cloud first experience, empowering
our customers as well to collaborate across geographies,
We unleash the potential within organisations, by breaking have the insight to make critical decisions, take advantage of
down data silos to better connect their customers, products, new trends, disrupt and adapt, and reimagine what’s
people and operations. SIS Global work with customers to possible.
grow, evolve, and transform their business to better meet the
changing market, the needs of their customers and to work We are more than a systems integrator offering end-to-end
smarter, more efficiently and in a dynamic way that todays’ business technology solutions. We consider ourselves the
market demands. Together with modern approaches, partner of choice when it comes to providing market leading
business apps and cutting-edge technologies, Artificial solutions, that help our customers do what they do best.
Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet-of-Things Our culture is based upon an innovative spirit and a
(IOT), and the modern workplace, SIS Global are making the collaborative approach to finding solutions that work and
future of true digital transformation a reality. help achieve faster, long term rewards and a return on
the IT investments being made.

please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

We are everywhere our customers want us to be, a true digital
organisation driving business transformation.

[email protected] UK: (+44) 115 857 3762 [email protected] On-Line Chat Facility
US: (+1) 786 598 2955
SA: (+27) 113 678 200

A global organisation with offices and employees around the world
SOUth AFriCA l MAUritiUS l USA l United KingdOM l AUStrALiA


““SiS global ‘make it happen’ and our approach,
solutions and partnership will help your
business move forward faster.


Connecting people, technology
and innovation across the world

SiS global is a systems integrator, offering end-to-end business solutions
and providing market leading technologies that help you do what you do
better. With a successful history spanning 2 decades, SiS global has
become a business champion in the mid-size, enterprise markets and
public sector, specialising in Microsoft Business Solutions.

We make it happen

[email protected] UK: (+44) 115 857 3762 [email protected] On-Line Chat Facility
US: (+1) 786 598 2955
SA: (+27) 113 678 200

A global organisation with offices and employees around the world
SOUth AFriCA l MAUritiUS l USA l United KingdOM l AUStrALiA

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