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Anna’s Ideas:


● EARPHONE HOLDER ; Made out of mint containers
● NOTEBOOK DESIGNS ; Use tape or paint to decorate
● SCHEDULE BOARD ; Use sticky notes and mini notebooks to design a cool

board for your everyday schedule
● BOOKMARK IDEAS ; Add tassels and tape to make fun book marks
● PAPERCLIP IDEAS ; add tassel and tape to create fun, designed paper clips
● FRUIT CRAFT HOLDER ; design pencil holders in the shape of fruit
● SCHOOL LOCKER DECOR ; make magnets and schedules that are

● PENCIL HOLDER IDEAS ; Fruit designs, chevron, or whatever you'd think

would look good

Jane: winter crafts- winter pictures painted with Qtips
:​winter pictures painted with Qtips

Acorn food
Melted crayon poster

Snowman cupcake
Pineapple sharpener


Rena: ​Pencil/Computer crafts (cuz I’m the editor haha...not)
DIY Cute alternatives for flash drives (USB’s)

Is your flashdrive becoming a dull-drive? Add some flash with these easy and simple
DIY flash drive glams!

➔ Eraser
◆ Take an old (working) flash drive and crack the cover open. There should be a
little chip that’s connected to the USB.
◆ Then, take an eraser and cut it into two uneven parts - one should be about ⅔ of
the erase and the other should be about ⅓ the eraser, but cut it to size
◆ Line up the USB side with the cut side (center it) and then cut it to fit the USB
◆ Cut a slit with a sharp knife (be careful kids!) through the bigger side to fit the
chip in

➔ Rubber Bands
◆ Take some air-dry clay and mold it around the chip of the USB - try make it so
that the clay doesn’t touch the USB
◆ Wrap some hair-ties around the clay after it’s dry
◆ Nice and Simple!

As an editor myself, pencils can be your best friend. However, they always seem to
disappear to anywhere—on the ground, in a desk, or even under the bed! To help stop losing
your pencils, try these fun and easy pencil holders!

➔ Cereal Box Pencil Holder
◆ Take a cereal box and cut off the top. If you want some extra glam, you can make
a diagonal edge
◆ Then, cover up the outside with duct tape or something else- cardstock, paint, etc.
◆ If you want, you can add a base for sturdy-ness.
◆ This box can hold pens and erasers too!

➔ Soup can holder
◆ Take an empty soup can and wash it.
◆ Cover the outside (opt. And inside) with duct tape, paint, etc.
◆ For extra bling, add on glitter with glue(use a paintbrush to brush on glue, then
sprinkle on glitter and shake off excess)!


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Jane: DIY CLAY ​How To: Snowman clay ​Main Article: T​ op ten DIY’s D​ IY TRENDS
DIY Trends!

Everyone loves Do It Yourselves! They’re artsy, crafty, cool and most of all… FUN!
Now I don’t go on my computer every day, so I don’t know the top DIYs, which is a problem for
me. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy this list. These top 3 DIYs will blow your mind.

3: Goo: Are you a fan of silly, awesome goo! I always have been and when I got
reminded of this, I knew it had to be in the top ten. This is a squishy, fun putty that is fun and
great for kids!


2: Play doh: Play doh is just like goo, except some things. It’s less sticky, but just as cool!
This art is not time consuming, so it’s perfect for any occasion (birthdays, sleepovers, etc.).


1: Crazy Crayon Art: This art is truly magnificent. It is a crayon color party on a canvas!
This art is really easy, and fun to make! It makes an awesome holiday gift for your family, as
well as a gift for yourself! Treat yourself and others to this artsy craft.


Everyone knows that the holidays are just around the corner and… oh no! I completely
forgot to get my loved ones gifts! That’s what I would’ve said just days ago, until I saw this
craft. This is a cute snow-girl craft to make for the people who you admire most.

Step 1: Purchase a pack of 4 oz white model magic clay, and a 4 oz orange pack at a store (I
recommend getting it at your local Michael’s) to make the body and nose of your snowgirl.
Step 2: Go outside and take pick up a few small twigs for her arms.
Step 3: Get a pack of small buttons for her eyes, or use any small buttons you have at your
Step 4: Buy a tube of Aleene’s Glitter Snow, to decorate your snow-girl’s body once you’re done
making her.
Step 5: Take a red piece of felt to make her a scarf.
Step 6: Open up your white clay pack and take out a small piece, medium and large one. Roll
these into three separate balls.
Step 7: Take two of your twigs and poke them into the two opposite sides of the medium ball.
Step 8: Place the medium ball on top of the large one, and the small ball on top of the medium

Step 9: Roll a little piece of orange clay into a cone shaped figure, and you can add ridges to it to
make it look like a carrot.
Step 10: Take two buttons, and place them where you think the eyes of your snowgirl should be.
Step 11: Place the orange clay cone a tiny bit below the buttons, or wherever you think her nose
should be.
Step 12: With a paint brush, delicately paint on some of Aleene’s Glitter Snow to make your
snowgirl look snowy. This will cover up any mistakes (dents, holes, etc.) you may have made!
Be sure not to pick up or touch her within 24 hours of painting her.
Step 13: For the finishing touch, (after the snow has dried) cut out a medium sized piece of felt
that is long. Wrap the piece around your snowgirl’s neck and cut off the ends of the felt until you
get the scarf to be the size you want it to be.

Now you know how to make a snowgirl out of clay. You may make as many snow girls and
snowmen as you like. Thanks for reading!

LEARN MORE HERE: h​ ttp://

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you shopping at some store you’ve never seen before. You have a cart stacked high with supplies
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Maggie: ​Jewelry and sketch book
Soda can bracelet (how to)
Recycle for diy’s (my main article)
Cereal box notebook

Caroline:​ Kiwi/banana pops Acorn crafts

Ella: Pineapple sharpener/ snowman cupcake

Intro: ​I know all of you have been looking for the ultimate winter treat... well here it is.
Snowman cupcakes. They’re easy, delicious, and plain amazing. The best part about them
is that they have so much chill! I hope you have an amazing time making this super cool

Step 1: First grab the following ingredients
● ¾ cup all purpose flour
● ½ cup Cocoa powder
● 1 teaspoon baking powder
● ¼ teaspoon salt
● 2 large eggs
● 1 cup granulated sugar
● ⅓ cup vegtable oil
● ½ cup milk
● 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
● 12 marshmellows (the amount of cupcakes your making)
● Vanilla frosting (whatever color you want to use for your snowman)
● Black icing to make eyes/arms
● Funfetti or sugar pearls for buttons and decorating/optional/you could use whatever

Step 2: Next you are going to want to preheat your oven to 350f, and line a muffin pan with 12
cupcake liners. After that, in a medium size bowl wisk together eggs, sugar, oil, and vanilla
extract. Once that is mixed together your going to stir the milk in. Then mix the rest of the
ingrediants(flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt) in. Make sure not to mix to much. The
batter should be runny, so don’t worry. Pour the batter into the liners and pop in the oven for
18-20 minutes. You can tell they are done by sticking a toothpick in the cupcake and having it
come out clean.
Step 3: Once the cupcekes are completely chilled you can start decorating. I reccomend frosting
the top of your cupcake with vanilla icing. After you can put a marshmellow on top and draw
him a cute, super cool snowman cake. You can also add little hands on the frosting and 3
Ad: Lucky Cupcake

As a baker I sometimes prefer to get my cupcakes instead of spending lots of time
baking them. The perfect place for me to go to and eat my cupcakes is a bakery called
Lucky Cupcake.​ They have colorful, creative designs, and absaloutly scrumpous treats. They
are located in Peddlers Village at 2400 street Rd, New Hope, PA.18938. Their phone
number is (267)-544-5912. I hope to see you at the ​Lucky Cupcake​ in Peddlers Village.

pcakes. They’re easy, delicious, and plain amazing. The best part about them is that they
have so much chill! Suggestion by Rena Xu (You probably won’t use it but whatever)
#loveit thankyou

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