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Good Life

Good Life

Good TM Priceless ... Please Take One!
Gator Fan The Whisky Take Your
COMMUNITY Snob Dog to Work

Attention to Detail with Hartley Brothers, Inc.

Cancer Center of Choice
• State-of-the-Art Technology
Awarded accreditation in • Experienced, Dedicated,
Radiation Oncology by
the American College of Board Certified Physicians
Radiology (ACR)
• Caring & Committed Staff

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The Cancer Center of North Florida Regional Healthcare

6420 West Newberry Road, Gainesville, FL 32605 352-333-5840

LLL OOOOOO MAoctcoidrceynctle


Car Accident

CDreimfeinnsael Slip & Fall

Actual Jury Trial Experience in

Wrongful Death • Auto • Motorbike • Pedestrian • Bicycle Accidents
and every kind of Criminal Case

Out of over 100,000 Attorneys only 3 are Board Certified in
Civil and Criminal Trial Law, Robert A. Rush is one of these.
(352) 373-7566 • (386) 462-7777 •

From the Desktop CONTENTS

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer 6 Handbags worth more than …Stocks!
10 Take Your Dog to Work
Hard to believe that I have been publishing Good Life Commu- 14 The Whisky Snob
nity Magazine for 14 years! Yes, Good Life Community Maga- 16 Gator Fans
zine started that long ago. Gosh it was hard in the beginning. 18 Beautiful Homes by Hartley Brothers
My kids, Colt and Brooke, were so young and I had to balance 22 Christmas Tree Ideas and History
looking after them and running a business. Both of them at- 25 Local Celebrity Spotlight
tended different schools so I was driving all over the place and 28 Book Club in Gainesville
juggling calling clients while driving. I would be working on 32 A Visit to Haile Plantation
my laptop during their soccer practices and gymnastics. It’s
a wonder that I could keep anything straight as many of you
single parents can understand. One time I remember having the
magazines delivered to my house. The tractor trailer arrived
and pulled up to my garage in the pouring rain. The pallets
of magazines were offloaded and at the same time there was
a clap of thunder and a bolt of lighting! The pallets crashed to
the ground and magazines spited all over my yard! Colt was
9 and Brooke was 8 years old at the time. We stood there, soaking wet, and cold, as it was
mid- December. We picked up all the loose copies one by one. We were laughing at first but
then it turned to tears of sorrow. The night set in and the rain got harder and we were freez-
ing cold. Oh, the joys of being a business owner. It’s been a long road, full of trail and error,
but determination to bring you interesting stories and a huge desire to help other businesses
grow, along with a fantastic graphic designer…thanks Jamie Walker, and a reliable team
of distribution people, and fantastic contributions writers and photographers, has helped us
succeed. Now my clients are more like family, my kids are grown and could easily publish
their own magazine after learning what I have been through. Back then we didn’t have social
media and now that we do I get to hear from so many our readers which is wonderful. I enjoy
reading what your favorite story has been and the great ideas I get from your comments, so
keep messages coming on Facebook and Instagram. It is astounding to me that we have had
up to 160,000 views a week on our social media! Thanks to all of you that advertise and read
Good Life Community Magazine. It truly would not be the Good Life without my Peeps!

Happy Holidays!

TEAM Good Life Community Magazine is published by
Good Life Marketing, LLC • P.O. Box 278 • Alachua, FL 32616
Publisher and Chief Bottle Washer: Trish Utter (352) 219-6702 •
Editor: Brooke Utter [email protected]
Senior Graphic Designer: Jamie Walker
Writers: Trish Utter, Brooke Utter & Ruth Ward GoodLifeCommunity
Contributing Writer: Terry Martin-Back & Roz Miller Magazine
Photographers: Trish Utter, Brooke Utter & Colt Utter
Web Designer: Bill Wyatt

4 Good Life Community Magazine

Do your Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Wisdom Teeth, or Third Molars, are usually the last teeth to develop and appear in the mouth. They
are called “Wisdom Teeth” because they usually appear during a person’s late teens or early twenties,
which has been called the “age of wisdom.” The normal position for developing wisdom teeth is behind
the upper and lower second molars. However, often times the mouth does NOT have enough room for
these extra teeth and they become impacted. This can lead to very serious
dental health and medical problems such as pain, infection, crowding of teeth,
cyst development, loss of other teeth, or development of pathologies that
could lead to more serious surgery. In fact, for nine out of ten people, at least
one wisdom tooth remains under the gum tissue due to lack of space in the
mouth. Proper treatment of wisdom teeth involves their removal using special
surgical techniques appropriate for each individual case. Wisdom teeth are
best treated by a specialist, like an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are titanium anchors placed in the jawbones, underneath the gum tissue,
to support artificial teeth where natural teeth are missing. Dental Implants are actually
placed in the jawbones, and don’t require removal like regular dentures or partials, nor do
they require the removal of natural tooth structure like crowns and bridges. They look and

function like natural teeth. Dental Implants can be used to replace a
single tooth, multiple teeth, or even hold dentures in place, eliminating
the need for denture adhesives. Dental Implants can restore normal
eating and speaking abilities, and enhance your facial appearance and confidence.
Dental Implants are best placed by a specialist, like an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon,
working closely with your restorative or general dentist.

Your Christmas Shopping is in the BAG!

by Trish Utter

Kelly Sellier Ostrich Brikin Matte Niloticus Birkin 35 Himalaya Blanc
Crocodile 35 Crocodile Palladium
$30,000 Hardware

W hat can you get that special person in your One of these bags was purchased by Alfred Hitchcock Kelly bags start around $11,500 and have gone as high
life for Christmas? Well, how about a as an accessory for the movie, To Catch a Thief, and as……$2 Million for the Kelly Rose Gold bag made of
handbag, maybe go all out and buy the best used by the star actress, Grace Kelly. She loved the solid rose gold and embellished with diamonds! The
of the best, an Hermès, but which one? bag so much that in 1956 she was photographed with price of a Brikin starts at around the same price as a
her husband, Prince Rainier III when she was preg- Kelly bag and has been as high as, $1.4 Million for the
Some of you may have noticed the handbag of choice nant, covering her baby bump from the paparazzi with Brikin Ginza Tanaka bag, made of solid platinum and
on the TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly the bag. From that moment on the bag became known adorned with a rare 8-caret diamond! Famous auction
Hills, or the bag the girls in the TV show, Sex and the as the Kelly bag and officially remained in 1977. houses such as Christies and Sotheby’s often auction
City would fight over. All were bags by Hermès. Vic- Brikin and Kelly bags off to the well healed buyer.
toria Beckham is said to have over 100 Hermès bags In 1984 the Brikin bag was named after bohemian
and the Kardashian’s own many. English actress Jane Brikin. She had sat next to Jean- On most of the bags the hardware is either, gold plated
Louis Dumas. Dumas, who was Hermes, Chief Execu- or palladium metal, however some are made from 24K
The two infamous handbags that the French fashion tive of Design, on a flight from Paris to London. She gold and incrusted with real diamonds. The bags are
house of Hermès put out are, the Kelly and Brikin bag. had put her straw tot in the over head compartment known for their signature locks. Each bag has its own
Hermès started in Paris, France, in1837 as a harness of the plane but the contents had fallen out, spilling lock and after the year 2000 each lock is now engraved
maker and became well known for their saddles but onto the floor. She had told Dumas that she found it with its own serial number. Hermès has changed the
now the fashion house is famous for their handbags. impossible to find an elegant bag large enough to hold style of the lock many times. The leather pouch, or
In fact, the bags have reached such high status that in everything. Jane then drew a design on the back of a clochette, that covers the key is made from one piece
many fine dining establishments in Monaco and other paper sick bag along with the help of Dumas, of a bag of leather, which is an important feature if you are
international fine dining locations the Hermès bag gets that would be practical but one that would also be styl- checking on its authenticity.
a seat of its own! ish. Three years later and the Brikin bag was the hot
bag of choice. There are many colors including over There are many choices of material for the Kelly or
Some financial analysts have said 20 shades of blue! Brikin. The most popular is Togo leather which is
that buying one of these luxury soft, but they have a huge array of others like goat
bags is a better investment than To this day, Jane Brikin receives a royalty check of skin, crocodile and ostrich and more.
stocks or gold. approximately $55,000 per year from Hermes which
she gives to charity each year. Some financial analysts have said that buying one of
The Kelly bag was designed in 1923 by Émile-Mau- these luxury bags is a better investment than stocks
rice Hermès and Ettore Bugatti, yes the guy who de- Each Hermès artisan goes through three to four years or gold. Prices on the bags have rocketed up. Most
signed the famous Bugatti car! The bag was for the of training before they can lay their hands on a hide, have leaped up as much as 25%! BagHunter reported
wife of Hermès and was named, Sac à Dépêches. and then it takes about 18 to 25 hours to handcraft each that there was a 500% increase in value over the last
6 Good Life Community Magazine bag. All the artisans have their own set of tools. Each 35 years and that the bags have never lost value which
bag is stamped and coded with the artisan’s name that makes them one of the best investments!
made it.

The main differences of the Kelly and the Brikin bag are: The Economic Times stated that, Hermès Birkin bags
are a better investment option than the stock market!
Brikin comes in 3 sizes, Kelly comes in 6 sizes
Brikin has two handles, Kelly has one handle and a shoulder strap Exotic skin bags and rare bags obviously increase.

The Brikin bag that the girls fought over in the show,
Sex and the City has more than tripled in value! Guilt
free shopping as you know you are investing. If you
own one of these bags and they need repair Hermès
will look after it for life, they will even give it their
spa treatment if it needs one to help it look new again.

Now, you have the hard task of deciding on which of
the two bags you would like to purchase as a gift but
take this into consideration. If the recipient likes ca-
sual attire we recommend the bohemian style of the
Birkin, which will also save you a few hundred dol-
lars, ha, ha! But no matter which of the two bags you
give, it will be a gift that will become a very valuable

So now you want to buy one or two…right? Well, it’s
not that easy. There are actually books and websites
on how to acquire a Kelly or Brikin bag. You can’t
just walk into an Hermès store and ask for one, heav-
ens no! It’s sort of like buying the exotic Ford GT
automobile. You have to apply for one by getting on
an elusive waiting list, and there is no guarantee you
will even get on the list! And once the bag comes in
it might not be exactly what you had ordered, but of
course after waiting a year you might not care. Hermès 7

BRIKIN bags have sold for
1.4 million!

KELLY bags have gone as
high as 2 million!!!

stores only order these exclusive bags twice a year and then
there is a wait of six months to a year before the stores re-
ceive them.

So now with the holidays fast approaching you must be in
a frenzy to buy one. Buying one from Hermès for the holi-
days for this year is too late. If you go online there are many
resale options but be really careful as there are many fakes.

One way to authenticate an Hermès bag it to look at the
logo that is front and center on each bag. It is always em-
bossed onto the leather, just below the stitching. Sites such
as have guides on authenticating which is
very helpful.

Here are some sites where you can purchase pre-own and
authenticated bags:,
and and this site sells them and also clearly
shows how to identify a fake,

Happy Holidays!

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8 Good Life Community Magazine

Dogs in the Office
by Trish Utter

Do you take your dog to work? If not, you should. I have According to, The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative
my dog Daphne with me all the time. I adopted her from (HABRI) they found that 132.8 million pet owners save
Alachua County Animal Services nine years ago. She is a $11.37 billion on physician office visits, while 20 million
black lab/German Shepard mix and so sweet. She sits under owners who walk their pets 5 times a week show lower obe-
my desk while I type away. I get so carried away writing that sity and save $419 million in healthcare. When a pet owner
she is a good reminder for me to get up and go for a walk. brings their dog to work they are less stressed and normally
Did you know that studies have shown that if you own a work longer hours as they are not in a hurry to get home to
dog you walk 79% further every day? Petting a dog reduces let their dog out. The International Journal of Workplace
stress, and that being around pets makes you a more positive Management did a study that found that pets in the work
person. More and more corporate offices are encouraging space lower stress and make the work place more enjoyable,
staff to bring their dogs to work. Starbucks not only encour- and that employees are more likely to stop to pet a dog than
ages it but also offers pet health insurance! Home Depot is a take a trip to the office vending machine, so there is a health
dog friendly employer and also offers pet insurance and here gain here as well.
are a few more; Walmart, Amazon, Hewlett Packard Enter-
prise, Petco, Sony Electronics and the list keeps growing.

Trish & Daphne, Good Life Magazine

Harrison Thibault & Kaia, Hilary Hynes & Truman, Jason Thompson & Toby, State Farm Manny Gormex & Baxte
The Village Jeweler Alachua Co. Animal Services RestoreFX, Gainesvill

Sherri Cousins & Kaya, Stafford Jones & Lollie Belle, Steve Hartley & Zoe Mike Whiteaker & Remy
South East Car Agency Data Systems Hartley Brothers, Inc. Annie Mac Mortgage Offi

10 Good Life Community Magazine

Trigger & Alexa, The Newberry Floor Store

Baxter, Holiday
esville GIFT

$119 Flight School
Kids to Seniors
Discovery Flight

(Fixed Wing Flights)

Remy, Pam Landis & Raven, University Air
e Office
352-416-0787 11


Vibrant COLORS and

Thousands of Choices
in Tile & Flooring!

Newberry Floor Store

Flooring Specialists


In Newberry: 352-472-1331



New Pool Construction • Pool Renovations • Pool Maintenance
Cabanas • Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces • Paver Decks


WhiskeyThe ticed my father, several uncles and some local men gathered near the
Snob barn, chatting and laughing behind a car with the trunk lid open. As
I walked over to attempt to join in their fun and conversation, they
by passed around a glass jar, sharing the contents. As I walked behind
Terry Martin Back the car, I noticed several other jars of the clear liquid they were shar-
ing and laughing over the flavor. I asked if I could have a sip and my
W hen was your first whiskey experience? For many of us, it happened in our grandfather abruptly told me I didn’t need any of that, but my father
teenage years, early college and for some of us, the first pass during basic train- and uncles encouraged me to try it, after all, I was ten years old and
ing. For me, it was a lot earlier than most. It was a long summer holiday weekend a half-grown man. I will never forget the smell and when I turned
in southeastern Kentucky, where several families crammed themselves into my the jar up and took my first swallow of the locally brewed whiskey,
grandparents’ home. My grandmother, a staunch religious woman, never allowed liquor into her it set me on fire. I quickly ran over to the creek and drank from the
home and my grandfather pacified her by keeping it away from the house and to keep the law stream, hoping it would stop the burn and then the nauseous feeling
away, they lived in a dry county. As I walked along the creek bank, fishing for crawdads, I no- in my stomach, that stayed with me for the rest of the morning. My
grandfather walked over to make sure I was okay and as he looked
The AFFORDABLE Way to Make Your Car Look NEW! down on me with my face in the creek, he told me; that will teach
you to stay away from that stuff. I didn’t touch whiskey again till I
was in my twenties and I didn’t acquire a taste for good Whiskey till
I was in my fifties.

The two whiskeys I want to share with you are both Scotch whiskies.
“Grand Macnish” is a fifteen-year-old blended Scotch that has been
aged in sherry oak barrels. Is has a warm oaky bouquet and the sweet
sherry finish and has a light charcoal color. I’m not a big fan of most
blended Scotch, but I’m a big fan of this one. If you want to break
into Scotch whiskies, I encourage you to try “Grand Macnish”, you
will find it in specialty liquor stores.

One of my favorite Speyside Scotch is ten-year-old “Glenmoran-
gie”. It has a golden color from the white barrels, a light peaty flavor
with a soft and mellow finish. You will find this in most good liquor

Unlike my initial introduction to whiskey, these whiskies are made to
enjoy, not just alter your being. Try them out and be responsible and
raise a glass to a…. Good Life!



352-213-4053 Mirror Image Coatings, LLC.

2800 NW 74th Place, Suite E, Gainesville

14 Good Life Community Magazine

Easy Bourbon Eggnog

4 large eggs
6 ounces granulated sugar
1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon allspice
1/8 teaspoon clove
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 ounces Hennessy VSOP Cognac
2 ounces Grand Marnier (a vanilla liqueur can be substituted here as well)
4 ounces Bourbon
12 ounces whole milk

Alabama Whiskey Cider This recipe is best when made a day ahead
because this allows the flavors to combine
1.5 oz Bourbon completely. Blend the eggs for 1 minute
3 oz Apple Cider in either a mixer fitted with a whip attach-
1 orange, sliced ment or a blender. Add sugar and spices and
Allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg to taste blend for an additional 30 seconds to incor-
porate. Slowly add the liquors, blend anoth
Combine apple cider, sliced orange, and the spices in a medium er 30 seconds. Add the milk and cream and
pot. Gently simmer over medium-low heat for 10 minutes. Pour blend 1 minute more. Cover and refrigerate
into mugs and add in Bourbon. Stir well and serve warm. before serving


• Land Clearing • Fill Dirt
• Site Prep • Asphalt
• Lime Rock • Millings 15

Community P I X

We know you love the Gator Nation! Here are a few photos sent into
to Good Life Community Magazine by our readers who wanted to show they
bleed, Orange and Blue.

Colt Utter Two-Bits, Four-Bits, Six-Bits, a Dollar! Shannon Blewett, Patricia Bishop, Jenny Bhatia ,Tammy
All for the Gators, Stand Up and Holler! Cooper, Phylis Welch, Martha Neger & April Schroeder

Dayna Miller & son, Austin Roper Hugh & Lori Cain Dana Vaughn & Ryan Hoyt Crystal & Joe Hancock

Dr. Greg & Natalie Snodgrass Lew Friedland & Bill Gair Kyle Smith & Sonya Smith Lia Groulx & Sonia Fox, David Fox, Skip Cooper,
Ava Joy Cockey Tammy Cooper Back Row Emily Fox

and Olivia Fox

UF Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee Team Avery Knopsnider Michelle Shelley Vickers, Kasey Covington
16 Good Life Community Magazine & Allison Norton Girard

Steve Hartley checking
the detail on the tile work.

Hartley Brothers offer in-house architectural design ser-
vices. Your own floor plan designs can be used or mod-
ify one of their designs, or even design a custom floor
plan based off your ideas and needs. In their Design
Showroom clients can customize all aspects of their
home. Here you will see all the tile, cabinets, flooring,
granite and quartz, and hardware choices so you can see
and feel the products.
The Hartley team of, builders, designers and selection
coordinators will combine your ideas with years of
building and Real-Estate expertise to design and build
the perfect home for you and your family, including
your dog! Most of the Hartley Brothers homes have
mud rooms that have beautiful built-ins designed to
hang dog leashes, place to store pet food and store mud-
dy shoes. Trust me, even your dog will want to move
in too!


The Hartley Brothers:


Built-in Bookcases, Wood Trim, Decorative
Ceiling Beams, Large Walk-in Closets, and

The Hartley Brothers have taken the time to really
think about how you use your home. The kitch-
ens offer beautiful, wood cabinetry that offer, spa-
cious cupboards , sliding shelves, and free standing
shelves, making it easy for you to organize and find
your things. You will even find unusual door pulls
and faucets as they think about every little detail.

Cute bookcases give Giving simple areas the WOW Factor! Chalk boards & beautiful,
your home a special touch. unique hardware.

Intricate Trim Work Designer Mudrooms Stunning mill work that makes any room spectacular!
20 Good Life Community Magazine

Bathroom and Kitchen design is one
of Hartley Brothers many talents.
The luxurious designs will make you
feel you have bought a million dollar
home. Hartley Brothers, definitely, will
give you the WOW factor.

It is all about building the right home for you
at the budget that you are comfortable with.
Large or small, Hartley Brother, Inc., offer
design and building services to customize the
home for you. In addition to helping design
and build your dream home, Hartley Broth-
ers will also connect you with their preferred
lenders to assist you in securing financing.

When you move into a Hartley Brothers
home there is nothing you will need to do but
relax and enjoy.
Hartley Brothers team will build your home
with all of the attention to detail necessary to
make your house the dream home that you

The WOW Factor


They built my parent’s house
30 years ago and they are
still in it. Great work then.
I can’t wait until I can have
them build my own in a
few more years.

- Stacey Cannon Crosby

They built my parents’ house
20+ years ago and it is still
amazing. Can’t wait to have

Hartley Brothers build ours in
the next 2 years or so. Keep
up the amazing quality.
– Kelly Kendal

Visit to see their
current and upcoming projects and follow
them on Facebook for upcoming events,
projects and design ideas.
Get started on building your dream
home by calling Hartley Brothers to-
day! 352-332-3912 21

Oh, Christmas Tree

It’s all done with MIRRORS! No, you didn’t have too much This is what happens
eggnog... This tree is when carolers sing

T he Holiday season is time to celebrate and and greenery to remind them of the promise of summer.
invite friends and family over to celebrate.
Here is a collection of Christmas trees im- The Christmas tree started in Germany in the 16th-
ages from around the world. Some are tra- century and was decorated with real candles. During
ditional and others are truly inspiring. This the 17th and 18th centuries the German working class
will light your imagination for your holiday decorating. would often hang their trees from the ceiling and many
hung them upside down so children could not reach. It
There is nothing like opening the door of a home and was also thought that having the roots of the tree facing
seeing a stunning, glittering Christmas tree and the heaven was supposed to give the tree divine powers.
fresh smell of pine needles to get into the holiday spirit. Some Germans would build a pyramid out of wood and
A Christmas tree is a great way to show others your cover it with evergreen branches and candles to be used
personality as it can be decorated with family photos, as a table centerpiece.
ornaments you have collected over the years and items
handed down form generations. For many families it is Did you know that the German word, Tannenbaum
a seasonal ritual to go out and find the perfect tree and means fir tree?
to come home and play Christmas music while decorat-
ing. A live tree fills a room with a wonderful sent and is In America the Christmas tree was considered a pagan
a magnificent center piece for the Holidays. But where symbol and Churches did not permit them. In 1830
did this seemly odd ritual of bringing a live tree into German settlers in Pennsylvania had them on display.
your home come from? William Bradford was the pilgrims second governor
and tried to stamp out pagan influences. In 1659, Mas-
Did you know that the Christmas tree dates back to sachusetts General Court made observing December
pagan times? December 21st is the shortest day of the 25th a penal offense where people were fined for hang-
year and brings long dark nights. The pagans celebrated ing decorations! Governor William Bradford said the
Winter Solstice with the sun god returning its strength trees were, “pagan mockery,” and in Europe, Preacher
after the shortest day of the year by bringing in trees John Conrad Dannhauer of the Strasbourg Cathedral ex!

22 Good Life Community Magazine

Trees From Around the World

Claridge’s Hotel in London, England Rockefeller Center, New York City The Murano Glass Christmas Tree in Italy

claimed that the trees were getting more attention than them on the street in New York City. center hole as this will prevent the tree from drinking.
the word of God and the holy rites, and called it “childs Don’t feed your tree as live fir trees do not need it and
play.” In 1883 Sears, Roebuck & Company started producing it can actually be detrimental.
the first artificial trees.
It wasn’t until 1846 when Queen Victoria and her Ger- A tree needs one quart of water per inch of base diam-
man husband, Prince Albert were sketched in a London About 30 million live trees are sold annually in the eter per day. This means that the average tree stand
newspaper in front of a Christmas tree that the tradi- US, making it a 1 billion dollar industry. Right now will not hold enough water so make sure you keep an
tion of putting up a tree became fashionable. The tree trees are being bread to keep their needles. eye on this. If you have a busy lifestyle or travel you
was decorated with popcorn, toys, candy and candles, might need an artificial tree. Artificial trees come in
but gifts were not placed under the tree. In 1890, glass When buying a tree you can make sure it’s fresh by all sizes and colors and can look almost exactly like a
Christmas ornaments from Germany became all the pinching an outside branch and pulling it towards you. real one.
rage. If needles fall off it probably was cut a long time ago.
Visit our Facebook page, GoodLifeCommunityMaga-
In 1851 a logger in New York’s Catskill Mountains When you get your tree home re-cut the bottom so zine and send us a photo of your tree.
started the first known Christmas tree market by selling the tree can drink, but do not cut at an angle or drill a Happy Holidays!

Made From Mint Candy Tree Made From Your Unique Christmas Tree Made From Cardboard Rolls Cute Twig Tree, Perfect to
Favorite Candy Decor-Idea & Paper Hang on the Wall

Just 10 Miles South of Historic St. Augustine

6970 A1A South • St. Augustine Beach, Florida •

For Reservations Call 800-527-8849 23

We’ve got your back not Locally owned & operated 20 years experience
JUST at tax time but . . .



Alachua Office: High Springs Office: GUNS,
14557 NW US HWY 441 23826 W HWY 27 AGNUNDS
Alachua, FL 32615 High Springs FL 32643
Glock, S&W, Ruger,
386-462-3962 386-454-3800 Taurus, Colt, Springfield
& Many Others!
We make sure you’re Not BUGGED! Ammunition
Reloading Supplies
►Affordable Upper End-Custom Made
►Residential Rifles
►Commercial Consignment Firearms
►Lawn & Ornamental
►WDO Inspections • Full line of new &
used firearms in stock
Alachua Pest Service
• Full line of
386-462-0069 FREE ESTIMATES 877-528-3961 ammunition in stock

Great Insurance Rates • Great selection of
musical equipment
Keeping You & Your Family Safe
• Enough tools in stock to
 build or repair any project
• Now buying your
HUGH L. CAIN unused Gift Cards
• Confidential Cash Loans
16181 NW US Hwy 441 ● Ste 180 ● Alachua [email protected]
24 Good Life Community Magazine
m-f: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
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352-327-9067 • 25040 W. Newberry RD., Newberry

Bringing Readers
and Writers Together

by Roz Miller

J.W. Robitaille

Susie H. Baxter

S everal hundred published authors live and and the opportunity to discover new authors you’ve not Chapel Hill and the University of Florida, now retired
write in our midst. These talented wordsmiths read yet. from the classroom, Robitaille, has eight novels to
are our family, friends, neighbors and associ- her credit. Her writing repertoire includes literary fic-
ates who have colorful, interesting characters A dedicated ‘Children’s Corner’ offers little readers tion, short stories and screenplays. Robitaille is also an
frolicking about in their heads shouting to be to be writ- oral storytelling and children’s activities. Throughout award winning-artist, and is about to launch a young
ten into compelling stories for you to read. the day there will be hourly drawings for autographed adult series.
Reading, engaging page-turning stories, is one of life’s The book festival is produced by the Writers Alliance
greatest pleasures. Books are magic carpets that trans- Sunday’s Literary Heritage Tour, re-enactors feature of Gainesville. Founded in 2009, WAG supports writ-
port readers on unimaginable adventures Robert Frost, Tennessee Williams, William Bartram and ers, published and unpublished in their efforts to be-
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and the imprinted contribu- come better writers in a variety of genres. Love of the
Over the past several decades, Gainesville has gone tion each left on our local literary landscape. written word is the only requirement for membership
from a sleepy little college town, to a vibrant center of which is approaching two-hundred. WAG meetings
higher education, and become a medical mecca. It has Festival special guest, Hilary Hemingway, niece of on the second Sunday of each month at the Millhop-
also developed a culturally rich landscape. There are Ernest Hemingway, is an author and artist in her own per Library, feature area authors and writers with in-
multiple stages for performing art, Gainesville supports right. As one of the Saturday speakers, she will present, formational programs to help further the members on
three outstanding art festivals, there are many musical ‘Remembering Uncle Ernest,’ who left a strong imprint their journey to becoming better writers. WAG offers
groups in a variety of musical styles, professional dance on the South Florida writing scene. workshops and seminars for writers to gain additional
troupe and choral groups. What was missing in this cul- knowledge and experience in advancing their writer’s
tural landscape was a literary festival. Editor and memoir author, Susie Baxter whose mem- skills.
oir Pumping Sunshine, chronicles her rural Suwannee
The debut of Sunshine State Book Festival in January, County childhood and her family roots reaching five Festival Director, Mallory M. O’Connor, says; “For 250
offers readers a three-day, FREE, literary adventure to generations deep. Baxter believes we should collect and years, North Central Florida has been both home and in-
discover and get acquainted with 75 area authors. Read- record our family’s stories; the succeeding generations spiration for generations of writers. Now, the Sunshine
ers will discover the many talented written storytellers of your family will be grateful you did. One of Baxter’s State Book Festival will shine a spotlight on the amaz-
among us. A ‘kick-off’ public reception, Friday night, books is a memoir writing guide which encourages the ing literary history of the region. It’s going to be a lot
January 24th, at the Matheson Historical Museum offers reader to, Write Your Memoir: One Story at a Time. of fun.”
the opportunity of mix and mingle with authors, speak-
ers, VIP guests and dignitaries. Strong willed female detective, Cory Marin solves The debut of the Sunshine State Book Festival is the
crimes in the adventure mystery book series based in beginning of an annual literary event.
Saturday will spotlight 75 area authors and their books Gainesville. Author JW Robitaille began writing while
at Santa Fe College’s Fine Arts Hall. A literary day de- teaching full-time at Santa Fe College. With degrees
voted to talking with the authors you know and read from Emory University, University of North Carolina

Friday, January 24, 2020 12:00 pm – Kimberly Mullins Children’s Corner – 10:00 - 5:00, a dedicated
at the Matheson History Museum Young Writers & Poets panel area for oral storytelling and children’s activities.
Kick-off public reception from 5:00 - 7:00 pm
1:00 pm – Joe Haldeman, Nebula Award winner Literary Heritage Tour
authors, dignitaries, guests, An Interview: Books, Movies and War with Hear re-enactors of:
readers, all welcome
2:00 pm – Steve Noll, UF Professor – Florida Robert Frost
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 10:00 - 5:00, at Sports History: it’s More than just Fun and Games Thomas Center
Santa Fe College, Fine Arts Halls - Show-
casing 75 area authors and Hourly presentations 3:00 pm – John Dunn – Florida’s Water Crisis: Tennessee Williams
Drying Up in a Wet State the Hippodrome State Theater
10:00 am – Kevin McCarthy
Gainesville’s Literary Heritage 4:00 pm – Lola Haskins, Award-winning poet – William Bartram
Heeding Florida’s Past and the Natural Beauty Sweetwater Park
11:00 am – Hilary Hemingway
Remembering Uncle Ernest That Survived It Can Change Our Future Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Cross Creek State Park

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The UF Health PALS THRIVE Program, PACE Center ofr Girls, and Aces in Motion
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Free Admission Candlelight Visits at
the Haile Homestead
“Christmas sweets”
Friday, December 13th
Sunday, Dec 8th — 12 - 4 pm
• 6 to 9 PM, $10 donation, under 12 free
8500 SW Archer Road (SR 24) • $7 in advance on-line at
3 miles west of I-75, exit 384, Gainesville
troll through the 1856 plantation home
decked out in an array of traditional A rare opportunity to see
greenery and Victorian finery. the Homestead at night
See the Homestead’s famous “Talking Walls.”
Enjoy live holiday music.

For more information

call 352-336-9096
e-mail [email protected]

Funded in part by Visit Gainesville,
Alachua County

Sunshine State Book Festival January 24th- 26th, 2020 Award Winning Fine Arts Festival

SU NSHINE STATE  Bringing Readers November
and Writers Together! 16 & 17
of Gainesville
Three Days of FREE 10 am - 5 pm
BOOK FESTIVAL Literary Enrichment
75 Area Authors Gainesville, FL
January 25th – SFC
Featuring 240 artists
Complete Information at: entertainment on 4 stages

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Sponsored by the City of Alachua ‘Tis The season
Community Redevelopment Agency
To Mark Your Calendars!
Fall is in the air, and you know what that means. It’s time to check
out Historic Downtown Alachua for some great, family-friendly events!

Whether it’s the monthly Third Thursday on Main and Farmers Market,
or the traditional holiday happenings, come visit Main Street Alachua

for a unique shopping, dining and entertainment experience in the
Good Life Community.


17th Third Thursday on Main 17th Main Street Festival 6th Tree Lighting/Santa Visit
17th Alachua Farmers Market 21st Third Thursday on Main 14th Christmas Parade
21st Alachua Farmers Market
31st Trick or Treat on Main 19th Third Thursday on Main
19th Alachua Farmers Market 31

The “Unique”
Talking Walls of
the Historic Haile


by Karen Kirkman

Standing left to right: Unknown, Un- The black & white picture of freedmen was taken before 1900.
known, Daphne Debose Kelley (Bennet
Kelley’s 2nd wife whom he married in Seated left to right: Bennet Kelley and his father Edmund Kelley (both Bennet
1892); William Watts (formerly enslaved and his father Edmund were brought to Florida with the Hailes in 1854; both
at Thomas Haile’s plantation; was a had been enslaved at Thomas Haile’s plantation. Bennet was born ~ 1844
and died in 1933 - and is buried in the corner of the Haile family plot in the
carpenter) Kanapaha Church cemetery)
Photo courtesy of the

Historic Haile Homestead Archives

I n 1854 Thomas Evans and Serena Chesnut the enslaved laborers and freedmen, whose stories are tion for only 10 years, the tours and exhibits are up
Haile moved their family from Camden, South intertwined into the fabric of the tours. In the Allen front about the Haile’s dependence upon an enslaved
Carolina to Gainesville, Florida. Their 6,200 sq and Ethel Graham Visitors Center and Museum, there workforce who toiled for free and had no control
ft home was built by 56 enslaved laborers on are powerful artifacts from the early plantation period over their lives.
1,500 acres of land, some of which was pur- of the Homestead, as well as photos of the Haile fam-
chased for only $1 per acre. The Hailes’ Sea Island ily members (5 plantations) and Chesnut family mem- Historic Haile Homestead Inc.
Cotton plantation was called, Kanapaha, thought to be bers (2 plantations), who moved to Alachua County (HHH)
a Timucuan Indian word for house and palmetto leaf. in the 1850s. The names of many people enslaved on
Today most people know the Historic Haile Home- the Haile and Chesnut families’ seven plantations were is the tiny 501c3 non-profit organiza-
stead at Kanapaha Plantation for its "Talking Walls." recorded on a thought-provoking panel at the Haile tion, maintained entirely by volunteers,
For a reason lost to time, the Haile family wrote on Homestead. After much research of the inscriptions on
the walls of their home, over 12,500 words in almost that panel, various connections to living descendants that operates the Homestead.
every room and closet! This makes the house unique of some of those enslaved people will be showcased in
in the Nation for the sheer volume of writing found a new exhibit coming in early 2020. Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm, with guided
when the walls were documented in 2001. Though tours beginning on the quarter hour,
quite a bit of the writing was done by party goers in the Walking down the path to the Homestead, one is the last tour beginning at 1:15 pm.
early 1900s, the family began writing on the walls in struck by the enormity of the restored home, which is
the 1850s. Serena Haile herself did the lion’s share of mostly original. Good thing the house was large, 14 Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm, with the last tour
writing in the private rooms of the house; inventories of the Hailes’ 15 children grew up in it! The house beginning at 3:15 pm.
of silverware and plates, business records, rat kills, a is full of original furniture and other family pieces,
recipe for medicine, a menu, weather observations, which have returned to the Homestead over time. No Group tours on weekdays may be ar-
etc. The children even got into the act! Visitors will see longer standing are the 18 cabins that, by 1860, were ranged with advance notice.
their math problems and artwork on some of the walls. occupied by 66 enslaved laborers. Sometime late this
year or early 2020 the detached kitchen will be rebuilt, $5 per person, under 12 are free.
At the Historic Haile Homestead, visitors will not only to enhance the interpretation of slavery. Though the
learn about the Haile family, but will also learn about Homestead was a working Sea Island Cotton planta-

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