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Good Life

Good Life

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Local Engagements Car Events & Meets Workout Trivia

Cain & Cain the Perfect PowerCouple

Cancer Center of Choice
• State-of-the-Art Technology
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Radiation Oncology by
the American College of Board Certified Physicians
Radiology (ACR)
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The Cancer Center of North Florida Regional Healthcare

6420 West Newberry Road, Gainesville, FL 32605 352-333-5840

LLL OOOOOO MAoctcoidrceynctle


Car Accident

CDreimfeinnsael Slip & Fall

Actual Jury Trial Experience in

Wrongful Death • Auto • Motorbike • Pedestrian • Bicycle Accidents
and every kind of Criminal Case

Out of over 100,000 Attorneys only 3 are Board Certified in
Civil and Criminal Trial Law, Robert A. Rush is one of these.
(352) 373-7566 • (386) 462-7777 •

Meet Hugh & Lori Cain PAGE 18 Concours d’Elegance PAGE 20 Locals Working Out PAGE 22

From the Desktop CONTENTS

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer 6 How to Start a Work Out Routine
9 Local Car Clubs & Car Meets
We have so much to look forward to in 2020. As always, I am 12 London to Brighton
very excited over all the car events, especially Amelia Concours 16 Local Love
d’Elegance that is held in early March at the Ritz Carlton. I al- 18 Meet Lori & Hugh Cain
ways make a point of going. My heart actually races with excite- 22 Your Work Out Photos
ment at the thought of all the vehicles that blanket the grounds 24 Local Celebrity, Steve Frisco
of the hotel golf club. I also look forward to the company of my 27 The Biggest Car Show
adult son, and meeting up with our car friends from last year’s
events. on the East Coast

There is a very healthy car scene locally and I have written about
a few of the auto clubs around us. One of my favorite car meets
is, Gainesville Car Friends. You will usually find me on the roof
top of the parking garage outside the Philips Center, with my
Jaguar and about 30 other cars. It’s a casual get-together and
open to every one. Over the years I have met so many wonderful
people that have become close friends. It has also been a great thing to do with my son and
daughter as they share my addiction to cars.

It was so nice to have local couples send in their engagement photos. I’m so happy for them.
I am also very happy for Lori and Hugh Cain, who tied the knot last year with a beautiful
beach wedding. It was fun to talk to them about their lives together and I hope you enjoy
the story.

We want to see more photos of you, so if you have a photo of you with your favorite beach
photo send it in with your name and location to the email below.

Good Life is now in its 15th year! A big thank you to those who have advertised with us
from day one, and thank you to all of you that read Good Life and follow us on social media.

We love all of you! Thanks for making this,……the Good Life!

TEAM Good Life Community Magazine is published by
Good Life Marketing, LLC • P.O. Box 278 • Alachua, FL 32616
Publisher and Chief Bottle Washer: Trish Utter (352) 219-6702 •
Editor: Brooke Utter [email protected]
Senior Graphic Designer: Jamie Walker
Writers: Trish Utter, Brooke Utter & Ruth Ward GoodLifeCommunity
Contributing Writer: Terry Martin-Back Magazine
Photographers: Trish Utter, Brooke Utter & Colt Utter
Contributing Photographer: Eric Pasteiner & Bonhams Veteran Car Run
Web Designer: Bill Wyatt

4 Good Life Community Magazine

Do your Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Wisdom Teeth, or Third Molars, are usually the last teeth to develop and appear in the mouth. They
are called “Wisdom Teeth” because they usually appear during a person’s late teens or early twenties,
which has been called the “age of wisdom.” The normal position for developing wisdom teeth is behind
the upper and lower second molars. However, often times the mouth does NOT have enough room for
these extra teeth and they become impacted. This can lead to very serious
dental health and medical problems such as pain, infection, crowding of teeth,
cyst development, loss of other teeth, or development of pathologies that
could lead to more serious surgery. In fact, for nine out of ten people, at least
one wisdom tooth remains under the gum tissue due to lack of space in the
mouth. Proper treatment of wisdom teeth involves their removal using special
surgical techniques appropriate for each individual case. Wisdom teeth are
best treated by a specialist, like an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are titanium anchors placed in the jawbones, underneath the gum tissue,
to support artificial teeth where natural teeth are missing. Dental Implants are actually
placed in the jawbones, and don’t require removal like regular dentures or partials, nor do
they require the removal of natural tooth structure like crowns and bridges. They look and

function like natural teeth. Dental Implants can be used to replace a
single tooth, multiple teeth, or even hold dentures in place, eliminating
the need for denture adhesives. Dental Implants can restore normal
eating and speaking abilities, and enhance your facial appearance and confidence.
Dental Implants are best placed by a specialist, like an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon,
working closely with your restorative or general dentist.

How I got into shape in my 60’s

by Terry Martin-Back

You may have read a couple of my articles ten free and rid myself of acid reflux and other health
covering local cycling trails and my ex- issues. Eighteen months into my program, I had lost
periences of riding them. What you don’t fifteen pounds. I changed my routine to an interval
know is that, I only started cycling after program, (walking/running), the same two-mile route,
not ridden a bicycle in over forty years! Many of you and six months later, I’m down another five pounds.
are probably asking yourself; why now? To be hon- But what happens with many weight-loss programs,
est with you, cycling was one of those things’ chil- my weight plateaued and even increased, I was be-
dren do or health freaks do and besides, people my coming bored with my program, and then a strange
age shouldn’t be riding bikes, that’s why we have cars. thing happened.
So what changed my way of thinking? Just about four
years ago, I looked closely at a picture of myself and While doing a clean-out of a property we manage, I
thought; what have I done? I was over-weight, out of found a bicycle laying in the weeds. As I gathered all
shape and disgusted with myself. Then I thought to the other debris that would be going to the landfill, I
myself; just because I am in my sixties, didn’t mean set the bike on top of the debris and instead of trashing
I was too old to become physically fit, so I began a the bike, I took it home as a project. I did my research
walking regiment. My days began with two glasses on the bike and discovered, today’s bicycles are noth-
of water and walking a two-mile route every morn- ing like the ones I grew up with. I decided to take the
ing. After several months into the program, my weight bike to a shop where someone knew how to work on
began to decline, I changed my diet and became glu- a modern bicycle. A week later, the bike was ready,


• Land Clearing • Fill Dirt
• Site Prep • Asphalt
• Lime Rock • Millings

6 Good Life Community Magazine

and I was starting a new activity along with my inter- Veteran’s Memorial fund. It took us eight hours with
val training. I mapped out a two-and-a-half-mile route riding and breaks.
and was ready to go the next morning. Once you know
how to ride a bike, you never forget how, even after Four months later we did another charity ride, for
forty years. It seemed a lot harder than before and I Peaceful Paths, and it took us six hours. It was on the
looked forward to seeing my driveway. As I stopped second ride, while eating dinner with the group, that
and stepped off the bike, my legs were shaking, thank they talked about half marathons. That night, after an
God I had the bike to hold me up as I walked it up my extra glass of wine, I told my wife I was going to run
driveway. a half marathon, that was April 2019. I removed sugar
and processed foods from my diet, started running lon-
Three weeks later I mapped out a six-mile route and ger distance, went through physical therapy training
rode that, then nine, then eleven and then one night and changed my running mechanics, ran several 5K
after an extra glass of wine, I set a goal of riding my races and in October 2019, I ran my first Half Mara-
bike to the beach, an eighty-five-mile bike ride. Three thon in two-hours-eleven-minutes and finished third in
months into riding, a couple of my friends joined me, my age class at the age of sixty-five.
making it a charity ride, to raise funds for our local 386-462-7775 Cycling changed my life and being around other cy-
cling enthusiast has given me a whole new outlook on
Now Hiring Experienced life. The lessons I have learned from pulling that bike
Auto Technicians out of the weeds; if you want to improve yourself, you
must invest in yourself, invest in training and quality
Great Benefits! equipment and develop relationships with people who
Sign On Bonus! • Top Pay! share their experience.
Great Working Environment!
To date, I’ve lost over sixty pounds, all because of cy-
cling. There will be many more 5K and 10K’s, half
marathons and bike races to run throughout Florida
and our Good Life Community in 2020 so now is the
time for you to start living a Good Life!

The AFFORDABLE Way to Make Your Car Look NEW!

Located off 441, behind Before
Sun State Credit Union After

Just 10 Miles South of Historic St. Augustine

6970 A1A South • St. Augustine Beach, Florida •

For Reservations Call 800-527-8849 352-213-4053 Mirror Image Coatings, LLC.

2800 NW 74th Place, Suite E, Gainesville 7



New Pool Construction • Pool Renovations • Pool Maintenance
Cabanas • Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces • Paver Decks


Locally owned & operated 20 years experience

Local Car Clubs & Meets

GGUUNNSS, Acar is like a piece of art. Each their Facebook page and open to all.
MANODRE one is very different and each
GUNS! owner has a great story on, how, Gainesville Street Rods
and why they purchased their car. It’s Meets every 2nd Saturday of the month
Glock, S&W, Ruger, a great way to make new friends. Most at Publix on 39th Ave, near I-75. The
Taurus, Colt, Springfield of these clubs are free or have a minimal club consists of Classic American cars,
& Many Others! fee to join, but the joy you will get of it Street Rods and European cars. There is
Ammunition will be worth it. a $20 fee to join. The club is very active
Reloading Supplies and often participates in other car events
Upper End-Custom Made Gainesville Car Friends or hold their own. GainesvilleStreet-
Rifles Every Friday night you will find this 352 658 1477
Consignment Firearms young, enthusiastic group on the roof
top of the parking garage by the Phillips Gainesville Cars & Coffee
• Full line of new & Center. You can expect to see around Every 2nd Sunday, 9-11am at Whole
used firearms in stock 30-50 cars. Lots of Japanese imports, Foods parking lot. All cars are wel-
American muscle cars and European come. This car meet started in 2014 and
• Full line of cars of which many have been modded. about 40 cars participate. Whole Foods
ammunition in stock You will find many people involved in has a tent with coffee and bagels set up
the automotive world here, hanging out to sell. You will see many Porsches,
• Great selection of and talking about their straight piped ex- BMW’s, Jaguars, Nissans, Mini Coo-
musical equipment hausts and their latest add ons to their pers, Ferrari’s and more. Event is free
vehicle. This is a club is free to join via and open to everyone.
• Enough tools in stock to
build or repair any project

• Now buying your
unused Gift Cards

• Confidential Cash Loans


m-f: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
Sunday Closed

352-327-9067 • 25040 W. Newberry RD., Newberry 9

Jacksonville Cars & Coffee
Every 2nd Saturday, 8-11am at, The Avenues Mall. One of the areas
largest Cars & Coffee. All types of cars are grouped together. Some-
times the event is sponsored by a car manufacturer. About 200 cars
attend and thousands visit. See more on their Facebook page. Event is
free to all. Contact them via Facebook
SAC Collective
This luxury club is based in Jacksonville. This is for car collectors and
high-profile automotive enthusiasts. The club does regular luxury pri-
vate club events that spotlight luxury brands such as Ferrari, Porsche,
Lamborghini, Jaguar. Mersedez AMG, and more. Members enjoy car
rallies and high end vehicle test drives, catered hanger events featur-
ing automotive, aviation, sporting, luxury brands and product demos.
Orlando Cars & Coffee
Every 2nd Saturday, 8-10am, is held at Donut Fuelpresso in Winter
Park. The event is free and open to all car enthusiasts. OrlandoCar- or on Facebook.
Classic European Car Club
of Gainesville, Florida
The Classic European Car Club of Gainesville, Florida can be found
on Facebook. The club is open to anyone with a European car. Many
member have Porsches as it is tied into the Jacksonville area Porsche
club. The club meets once a month for dinner, drives and car events.
If you would like to join please email [email protected]
Gainesville British Car Club
Can be found on Facebook. The club is for people with an interest in
British cars. Membership is free. The club meets of dinner and drinks
a few times per year. They also participate in car shows. Contact them
via Facebook.

10 Good Life Community Magazine

BMW of
Gainesville The Ultimate
Driving Machine®



2853 N Main St, Gainesville

Inc. We Make Your
Dreams Come True!
"Our experience with Rosenboom Custom Homes
Lic# CBC1257076 was very enjoyable. We ended up with a quality home
with all of the features that we desired. Scott was
18266 US Highway 441 • High Springs, FL very helpful during the construction process, providing
suggestions regarding design and layout of the floor
plan. We are especially pleased with our custom cabi-
netry in the kitchen and bathroom. Both Scott and Kim
were very responsive to our questions and flexible
with our request for changes to the original floor plan.
We highly recommend that anyone desiring to have
a quality home constructed consider Rosenboom
Custom Homes."

-Sam & Kim Townsend

“We enjoyed working with Scott and Kim. This was
our first custom built home and we absolutely love it!
We highly recommend Rosenboom, Inc. to anyone
who is thinking of building a custom home."

-Matthew & Shannon Braddy

"Working with Scott on our new home was an easy
experience. We finished ahead of schedule and Scott
was always available to answer any questions and
kept us up to date on the progress."

-Mason & Bobbie Dunn

352-538-3877 11

Top Speed of….26 mph!

By Trish Utter

I was very lucky to fly to England This trip would normally take about 2 hours
to experience the 123rd, London in one of today’s vehicles, but I was riding
to Brighton Veteran Car Run that is in a 1904 Cadillac that was now on its 7th
organized by the Royal Automobile run. Over 400 vintage cars took part and
Club, and sponsored by the auction all vehicles must date back before Decem-
house, Bonhams. Beautiful vintage cars ber 31st 1904. The RAC is extremely strict
blanketed the pond area of Hyde Park, on this rule and will take between 6 to 12
where the famous 60 mile run to Brighton months to scrutinize the vehicles authentic-
starts. ity. At least 90% of the car must be origi-
nal. Once the RAC has determined the car
It was a chilly day by Florida standards to be pre-December 1904, it is then given a
as I could see my breath from the cold air. dating certificate.
The many layers of clothing I was wear-
ing made it difficult to move, but I was pre- These vehicles are more like horseless car-
pared for a day of driving in a vehicle with riages than cars, and offer no comforts of a
no windshield and no heat. We were lucky modern-day vehicle. Now are you thinking
enough to have a top on the car which to yourself, “My 10 year old car has prob-
helped a little with rain, but the majority of lems, I can’t imagine doing it in anything
vehicles did not have this luxury. that old!”

1904 Cadillac

This trip would normally take about
2 hours in one of today’s vehicles,

but I was riding in a 1904 Cadillac
that was now on its 7th run.

12 Good Life Community Magazine

The first London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, called the “Emancipa- The ripping on the Red Flag to mark the start of the run!
tion Run” took place on Saturday, November 14th, 1896, before the
Red Flag Act was passed by Parliament to stop cars frightening other
road users, such as horse drawn buggies, etc.

The event started as a celebration of the “repeal of the Red Flag Act”.
The Red Flag Act was passed by the British Parliament in 1896 to
prohibit cars form driving over the outrageous speed limit of, 4 mph in
the countryside, and a whopping 2 mph in the city! Oh boy, you could
walk faster! And on top of this, a man had to walk in front the vehicle
waving a red flag. This flag was used to warn pedestrians and animals
that a car was approaching…ha, ha! In 1904, Parliament repealed the
Red Flag Act. And of course abolished the requirement of a man on
foot with a red flag. It was because of the excitement of raising the
speed limit that the creation of the London to Brighton Run was born.
At the beginning of each run, in a ceremonial way, the red flag is hap-
pily, ripped apart and so the rally begins.

The reason why the Red Flag Act was repealed was because of the
British car industry was being left behind due to the speed limit. The
cars on the continent and over in America could travel at up to 50 mph!

Many participants dress in period costumes and most had done this
rally year after year. I met one guy who was driving a car that had
been handed down from generation to generation, it was great listen-
ing to all the stories of how his grandparents had done the same run in
the same car. There were a few vintage motor bikes and one steam car
that looked exhausting to drive, as one person drove while the other
constantly fed the ever hungry engine with firewood. It was quite a
sight. We drove past Buckingham Palace and I could just imagine
myself back in the Edwardian era. If you loved watching, Downton
Abbey you need to see this event as it will whisk you back in time to
a romantic era.

So many participants do this event annually that they all know each
other and cheer each other on… some even try to give the others the
wrong directions in hopes they will not get to the finish line. It’s all in
good fun. Local people line most of the 60 mile route and wave British
flags. At points I drove past many cars that had broken down. This is
the norm on a rally like this and quite a few cars never make it all the
way to the finish line. 13

Along the route we all stopped for a break in Crawley, where we
were served hot tea and fantastic British pastries and of course got
to chat with others on the run about their vehicles.
One year the Queen entered, King George VI, Daimler in the 1971
run that was driven by HRH Prince Michael of Kent. Many celebri-
ties have also driven in this rally.
I am used to modern sports cars with huge roaring engines, great
stereos, plush interiors and heated seats, so I was very skeptical
that I would enjoy sitting in an old car with no comforts and most
importantly, no heat, but I was surprised at how exhilarating it was.
I over heard one participant say that riding in one of these antique
cars was like riding on top of a washing machine! For me part of
the adrenaline rush was the fear factor of not having any seatbelts,
airbags or reliable…..brakes, but somehow 26 mph felt more like
110mph, and I was having a blast.
We made it to the finish line at about 1pm, which is well before the
designated finish time of 4:15pm, which was quite an accomplish-
ment as the car had 5 passengers including the driver. We were
greeted by a massive crowd and lots of paparazzi, and then present-
ed with a medal. Even though our hands were cold and our noses
were red, we were all thrilled with the exhilarating experience. As
is the tradition, warm, mulled wine and chili and was served in the
Bonhams tent, right by the sea and the Brighton pier. What a beau-
tiful sight of antique cars in such a historic setting.
This event takes place on the first Sunday in November. If you are
putting this on your bucket lists make sure you also go to Regent
Street the day before the rally as the whole road is closed off for the
Regent Street Motor Show that includes these vehicles and many

14 Good Life Community Magazine

07164-2076 From payroll and bookkeeping to expert tax preparation
Farnodmapdavyicroel,lHa&ndR bBoloockkkeisepreinagdytotoexwpoerrkt ftoarxyporue.pFaorratthioen
-2076 yeFaarrno-dmroaupdnavdyicrsoeel,lrHvai&ncdResbByoloocukkneieseeprdeinaagdnytdottoehxwepooernrktef-toaorxny-poorune.epFaaortratethinoetnion
you deserCvael,lCptaaolClrdattolnaldteyoardtyawotyoimttomhamaHkka&keeeaRaannnBaalappopppcoopkiinnoBttmimnueestnnmitnt. .eensst.Services.

Call today to make an appointment.

14557 NW US HWY 441
ALACHUA, FL 32615 | 386-462-3962

Does noHtIiGnAHcHLluRASdBCHPeLRRHaBOuIUNdLCAiOGtK,,CSaF.KtC,Lt.FCeO3sLOtM2M3o6//r21SSo65MtM4hA|e3ALr3LLs|B8eLrU36BvS8i-Uc4I6eNS6s-E4I2fSNo5-Sr3E4w9S-h36Sic28h0a0license is

Does not includeraequHudRireiBtd,L. aOOBtC2tTe3PK8s#.CB2t1O6o36MrW9o/6USt©hSM2eHA0r1WL7sLHeYBRr2vUB7iSTcaIexNsGErfSoouSrp,wInhc.ich a license is
Does nDootreeisnqncuoluitrideneHdclI.uaGOduHHeBdRSaTiButPP,dLRai#OtIN,tBCatGet1KtS3se.C,6tsFtO9oLoM6rr3oo/©2Stt6hh2M4ee0r3Ars1Le7s|Lrev3HBri8cvURe6iSBcs-4IefNTo5srEa4wfSx-o3hSGr8icw0rho0hauilpcich,eInnasceli.cisense is

Rules of Engagement

Have you ever wondered why men get down One in five brides select their own ring. About 555 couples in the US get engaged at Disney
on one knee to propose? Where did start? World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando every year, and
Well it started with knights getting down Sapphire are a sign of a happy marriage in an engage- 1,428 at Epcot, and Disneyland in Paris had 500 .
on one knee out of respect for their Lord, ment ring, while a pearl engagement ring is a sign of
and so there is where it all started. Men get down on bad luck. But the most popular is a diamond. The Jumbotron at Fenway Park in Boston saw about
one knee to show their loyalty and respect for their 62 proposals a year.
beloved. The most expensive diamond ring was a blue diamond
that sold for 9.49 million! The Statue of Liberty in New York has had over 100
Did you know that 18% of couples get engaged in De- engagements annually.
cember. In India and Russia an engagement ring is worn on the
right hand. Bondi Beach in Australia seems to be the most popular
61% of men ask their girlfriends what type of ring they place to pop the question with over 2,000 proposals a
would like. Fewer than 50% of women like their engagement ring. year!
Okay guys you need to pay more attention to what she
The average length of an engagement is 15.4 months. likes!

John Bonacci and Elizabeth Rarey Local Engagements

It’s that time of year when love is in the air. Here are a few photos
of local couples who recently got engaged. We want to wish them
all the best and look forward to seeing their wedding photos.

Danny Camacho and Sydney Thibault Jesse Levi Lounsbury and Brooke Johnson Ryan Elam and Amber Ellis
16 Good Life Community Magazine

The Road To “Happily Ever After” Begins at

Rembert Farm!

Rembert Farm rests on an invaluable piece
of time, your time. Your time with family
and friends to celebrate your past, your

future and of course, your PRESENT! Your
wedding event is meant to speak volumes
about you and your fiancé so have some
fun blending your worlds and rely on us
for the framework needed for your dream

wedding day. The versatile setting of
Rembert Farm can be casual with a fun,
laid back feel or with a little more effort
can be transformed into a blend of elegant
details enhanced by the natural setting.
Either way, your wedding will be the all the
buzz throughout the years to come as you

all make memories on Rembert Farm!

Close to I-75 in Alachua

13014 NW 174th Avenue, Alachua,

Your Dream Wedding Starts Here!

Cain & Cain, the local Power Couple
by Trish Utter

T here is nothing sweeter that a happy cou-
ple, and that is what I found when I met up
with Lori and Hugh Cain. Big smiles were
on their faces and it is obvious how in love
these two newlyweds are. Hugh Cain owns the All-
state Insurance office in Alachua, and Lori is the Presi-
dent of Emmer Development Corp.

The couple are both from the Gainesville area. Hugh
was educated at Santa Fe High School in Alachua,
played baseball at the University of West Alabama and
came home to get his degree from Santa Fe College.
Lori attended Gainesville High School and the Uni-
versity of Florida. Both of them just love the Gators!

The two met when Hugh’s oldest son, and Lori’s old-
est son, played travel baseball fifteen years ago. Life
brought the pair together again years later, but it’s not
all roses and romance. These two are brilliant busi-
ness people, making them one of Gainesville’s top
power couples.

Hugh and Lori out enjoying a day on the water.

It was a beautiful Spring day when Lori and Hugh tied the
knot at Hammock Beach Resort in the Palm Coast.

Ryan McGriff, Nick McGriff, Kyle McGriff, Lori, Hugh, Gale, Hugh and Fritz Cain
Kayla Cain, Payton Cain, Taylor Cain

18 Good Life Community Magazine

One of the many things the Cain’s have in common is that their fa- The brand new Allstate office is located next to Publix in Alachua on 441.
thers were businessmen who put them on their career paths. Hugh
said, with a fond smile on his face, “My dad, Fitz Cain, started as an
Independent Life Insurance agent in 1961. He loved to help people
and instilled in me to always do the right thing for others. Years later
he opened an Allstate Agency on Main Street, Alachua in 1989, right
across from where Conestogas restaurant is. As I had learned about
the business from my father, and got to know the client’s needs, I
found a passion for the business. I decided to acquire the agency in
2002. I really enjoy helping people out. It can be a difficult task to
decide on which policy is the right fit, but that is what I specialize in.
It was nice to have the help and support of my dad in the office until
his retirement a few years later.”

The brand new Allstate office is located next to Publix in Alachua on
441. Local residents often walk to the office just to chat with Hugh
and are greeted with a smile from Holly Bessent a Licensed Sales

I asked Hugh what type of insurance his company offers, “We offer,
Auto, Home, Life and Retirement policies as well as everything in
between, and when you come in you can also talk to Tyler Greene
who is also a LSP, and extremely knowledgeable on everything we
have to offer.”

Is there a benefit if you insure your car and house with you? Yes, you
get a multi policy discount. The more you bundle the more you save.
We can write anywhere in the State of Florida.

As Hugh is a father, he has a nurturing way of looking after his clients
to make sure they and their families are protected if mayhem hits
home. I know I needed Hugh’s help when my kids started to drive.
He walked me through the car insurance options and was able to save
me money. That was a nerve-racking experience for me, but Hugh
and his Allstate team helped a lot. Over the years Hugh has won
many awards including Circle of Champions, Honor Ring, Leaders
Forum and Nation Conference.

The agency went above and beyond to access
my insurance needs. I was very satisfied with
their help in transitioning from my old insurance
company. Most importantly, it was a more af-
fordable premium. Thank you Hugh and Tyler!

-Betty S.

Your agency has been easier to work with t
han any other agency I’ve ever used.

-Paula M.

Hugh Cain pointing out one of his many awards. When you visit the Allstate office you will also meet
Tyler Greene, who is a licensed in Life and Sales Producer 19

I could tell when asking Lori about her father, Philip who have given back to our community and make a
Emmer, that her pride for him was insurmountable. difference in the lives of others. Lori also served as
“My father came to Gainesville in 1960 with a dream President at the Builders Association of North Central
and a mission to build low income housing. He turned Florida. She is currently on the Board of BANCF and
this dream into his creation of Lincoln Estates, and in the Board of the Education Foundation of Alachua
that, he was instrumental in federal legislation of af- County and serves as a Take Stock in Children mentor.
fordable housing regulations. This is where Emmer She holds a contractor’s license, real estate broker’s
Development Corp. started. Since that time we have license and a CAM license.
done everything from affordable to luxury, multifam-
ily and single-family housing throughout the state Lori’s son, Ryan McGriff has followed in his moth-
of Florida. Emmer Development happens to be the ers footsteps. After graduating from UF he joined the
longest standing builder/developer in the area and we company as Superintendent at Lugano.
pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and quality
homes” said Lori with delight. Lori’s latest development, Lugano, is a beautiful, spa-
cious subdivision located close to Haile Village, Cel-
Lori grew up following her dad to construction sites ebration Pointe, UF and Shands. Home prices start
and went on to work in every aspect of the business, at $260,000 to $593,000 with square footage ranging
from receptionist to construction superintendent. She from 1,504 to 2,384. You can start your tour of the
enjoyed the business so much that she took the helm in model homes at 9297 SW 65th Place, Gainesville, FL.
2002 and has been one of the most successful develop-
ers in our area. When you visit the model home you will notice lots of
detailed work. One feature that stood out to me was a
Lori was awarded with the, ‘Women Who Make a Dif- mud room that had a doggie shower! Very handy and
ference’ award from the Girl Scouts of Gateway Coun- practical for pet owners.
cil. This award honors successful business women

The late, Philip Emmer
with his daughter, Lori Cain

20 Good Life Community Magazine

Lori Cain’s son, Ryan McGriff “I think all the staff are very courteous and polite
Lori Cain with her son Ryan McGriff in their dealings, and very professional at the same

time. I can’t wait for the soon-to-come amenities.
I really like the palm trees at the entrance to the

community. This is the first home that I have ever
bought...but buying an Emmer home was “smooth
sailing” so to speak, from the beginning to the end.“

— Usama S., M.D.,

“The thing I have liked best about buying a home
from Emmer is the personal feel that comes with
every aspect of actually owning a home. The service
that we received when first shopping for a home
and picking out the finishing touches did not stop
after we moved in. The office worked with us during
construction to make sure things were right. When
you add the benefits of the clubhouse, Sorrento is

pretty amazing. “
— Zach B.

The Emmer Group owns and manages six apartment communities
in Gainesville, Pensacola, and Orlando, plus four homeowners asso-
ciations. Gibraltar Title Insurance Agency is another function of The
Emmer Group that has successfully operated for the past twenty-three
The Cain’s love to give back to their community and have generously
given to many local charities.
We wish this couple many years of marital bliss.
Allstate Insurance 352-371-5777 [email protected]
Lugano 352-374-4910 21

Fun Healthy


G etting out there and exercising is an important
thing to do for your health. It’s good for your
brain, you will find that you will be sick less of-
ten, you will slow down the aging process and it helps you
sleep. Did you know that music improves your work out
performance? If you work out for one hour every day you
will be 40% less likely to die at a young age. Only 10% of
people are successful at loosing weight through diet alone.
Walking at a brisk pace can burn almost as many calories
as running. A fast, 40 minute walk a day can burn up to
220 calories. Swimming is one of the top ways to exercise
as it incorporates cardio and strength training. It takes a
person about 6 to 8 weeks to get into a work out routine.
A pound of muscle burns three times more calories than a
pound of fat. We have so many options around us, from
walking and running in our local parks to numbers gyms.

Here are a few of our readers enjoying their work outs.

Jaqueline Valdez at
Elegant Palaties

Marissa Scauder at PureBarre

Jimmy Pham at Gainesville Tom Mason, on his early morning walk. Carla Russ at Hometown Fitness in Chiefland
Health and Fitness, Main Center The Gym: The Streets of Gainesville!
22 Good Life Community Magazine

@purebarregainesville Big Results
Through Small


45-50 Minute
Total-Body Workout
Low-Impact, Isometric
Movements Focus on Each
Part of the Body to Tone Your
Muscles & Burn Fat

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For Our FREE
Foundation Class!!!



NOW at

To schedule your facial appointment call 352-331-5355.
Dermacare, 101 NW 75th St., Ste. 3, Gainesville, FL 32607 • 23

Local Celebrity Spotlight
Meet Steve Frisco

Steve is the one on the right

Meet Steve Frisco, one of the attorneys at Robert A. Rush, P.A. in Gainesville, FL. Steve is extremely
dedicated to his work with criminal defense, auto accident cases, and other civil matters but we wanted to
learn more about this hardworking attorney.

Where are you from originally? much because I’m extremely involved in my work and If you had $5000 to invest, what would
I’m originally from Gainesville but most of my family I enjoy solving legal problems for my clients. I regu- you do with it?
is from the Tampa area. larly stay at the office until all hours of the night work- I’d probably invest in a movie-quality Chewbacca
ing on my cases. mask, no I’m just kidding... I don’t know if I’d call
Where did you go to school? it an investment, but I’d probably buy another watch.
I went to Gainesville High School, the University of Where do you like to go for a weekend I’ve been wanting an Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak.
Central Florida, and Florida Coastal School of Law. getaway and why? I’m not exactly sure why but I’ve become somewhat
I rarely travel because I’m typically too busy with obsessed with watches lately.
After law school, why did you move work. If I do find time to get away I enjoy vacation-
back to the Gainesville area? ing in the Blue Ridge Mountains or going somewhere Do you have a favorite quote?
I moved back from Jacksonville to Gainesville after close by like St. Augustine or Orlando. “The problem with being in the rat race is that even if
law school because I was offered a job working as an you win you’re still a rat.”
Assistant State Attorney with the State Attorney’s Of- What do you listen to in your car?
fice in Alachua County. I began working with the State It depends on my mood but it could be anything from Who inspired you as a child?
in 2007 and I worked as a prosecutor for about eleven rock to rap or even jazz and classical music. I played Carl Sagan, who was an American astronomer, cos-
years prior to getting hired on as an associate attorney multiple instruments when I was younger so I grew to mologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and author.
with Robert A. Rush, P.A.. love jazz and classical pieces but I still find myself go- He was probably best known as a science popularizer
ing back to more current music all the time. and communicator who enjoyed bringing science to
Do You enjoy working at Robert A. Rush, the masses. He was also well known for his book,
P.A.? What was your first job, what did you the Pale Blue Dot and he was a great speaker. He pro-
It would probably be pretty awkward if my answer learn from it, and how much was your moted the idea of caring for the Earth and its inhabit-
to this question was “no” so it’s a good thing that I first paycheck? ants because it’s the only home we have so far and that
can very easily say yes... I totally enjoy working at I worked in the Deli at Publix for a couple of years gives us an obvious duty to care for our planet and
the Rush Firm! The support staff at the firm are abso- while I was in high school, I learned what head cheese each other.
lutely amazing and getting to help criminal and civil is, and my first paycheck was probably about enough
clients in a team atmosphere is extremely enjoyable to buy a matinee movie ticket and have a small Coke. What is your favorite movie and why? I
and fulfilling. don’t really have a favorite movie but I’ve seen Sleep-
What is in your fridge right now? less in Seattle an embarrassing number of times.
How do you relax? A broad assortment of condiments and little, if any,
I typically don’t have anything specific that I do to re- real food. If I ever lost power I definitely wouldn’t What is your favorite meal?
lax… I usually like to stay home with my dogs and I’m lose much money in the form of spoiled groceries. “Brinner” meaning, breakfast for dinner… You just
basically a homebody. I don’t usually let myself relax can’t go wrong with that.

24 Good Life Community Magazine

Carter enjoying a drive Carter ready to settle down with a good book Keyser after a bath

Do you have any pets? Where do you donate unwanted things? drive I’d go with a V10 Audi R8 since it would at least
Yes, I have two senior dogs, “Keyser” (a Catahoula) The Repurpose Project. be a little better to use as a daily driver and I’m sure it
and “Carter” (a Weimaraner) that I think of as my kids What is your favorite restaurant? would get me to court on time.
and I spend a ton of my free time with them. They’re I like going to the Top in downtown Gainesville with
both super calm and friendly so I will sometimes bring friends. I also like sushi and I usually find myself at Frisco’s current car, an Audi A6.
either one of them with me to the office on days when Bento for that.
I don’t have court. I didn’t bring them with me much What was your first car, what do you Frisco’s dream car would be
when I began at the Rush Firm but I quickly realized drive now, and what would be your a 2020 Audi R8 V10.
that the support staff and my clients really enjoy their dream sports car? 25
company so it has definitely become a much more My first car was a 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix “beater
regular thing. mobile“ that my brother handed down to me when he
went away for college but now I drive an Audi A6.
What have you always wanted to do but When I was younger I probably wanted something
have never done? more stereotypical like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari but
Drive a tank. I hope I get to do that one day because I as I’ve grown older I find those sort of cars to be very
imagine that it would be a lot of fun. impractical. I guess if I had to choose a sports car to

What gadget or app do you love? The first car he ever owned was
My iPhone. I hate to admit it but I probably spend way a 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix.
too much time on YouTube and social media.

What advice would you give your
younger self?
Invest heavily in Google.

What is the one bit of luxury you can’t
live without?
Air conditioning is definitely at the top of my list!

What is your favorite TV show?
I jokingly want to say COPS, but I actually don’t have
cable so if I do watch television it typically ends up
being something on Netflix.



Benefiting THREE great charities
The UF Health PALS THRIVE Program, PACE Center ofr Girls, and Aces in Motion
Presenting Sponsor
Learn more at

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

by Trish Utter, AKA Powr_Grl

D rum roll please! The…yes, THE, most Mid-Engine Corvette Prototypes, the C8, and Cars of Leno, Opra Winfrey, John Grisham, John Oats and the
jaw dropping car show on the East coast Scaglietti. list goes on and on. The Conours has always raised
will be at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, money for many local charities and donated millions
March 5th to the 8th. My friends know Although the judging event is held on Sunday, March over the years.
that I am a car freak, to the point that I even have my 8th, I like to go for the entire week! Cars start rolling
own car enthusiast page on Facebook called, Powr_ off huge transportation rigs a week before the show Dotted along the entrance to the resort you will see car
Grl. I have made it a priority to never miss the Amelia even starts. The small island is strewn with amazing manufactures offering free test drives. Porsche and
Concours as it is one of the most exciting car events I vehicles. Just drive there the first week of March and Jaguar are among these car manufactures. Of course
have ever been to. you will not be disappointed in what you can see, and Jaguar is one of my favorites as I have an F Type R
the car people you will meet are a labyrinth of auto that I adore. McLaren are usually right by the entrance
The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance will celebrate information. To me it’s fun talking to the car owns to the hotel so you can drool over them as well.
their Silver Anniversary this year, and honor Roger as their cars roll off the trucks, and learning all about
Penske who was a race car driver, and is also in the the history behind their vehicles. You will stand there Step back to a bygone era of antique Bugattis, Bent-
automotive industry, that includes ownership of Indy- with your jaw on the ground as an antique Bugatti is leys, Packards, Duesenbergs, classic Ferraris, and oth-
Car. You will see, The Cars of Roger Penske and Team carefully staged on the grounds, while private jets of ers, and enjoy learning about the super cars of the past
Penske as well as, The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows, the rich and famous fly over head for this prestigious and of tomorrow by seeing the prototypes that will be
The Cars of Harley Earl, Porsche’s First Victories, event. Among some of the past attendees are, Jay there. What ever your automotive interests are there is 27

something here for everyone, so much so that
you will not know what to look at next.
Inside the Ritz you will find room after room
packed with automobile items that are for sale.
If you can’t afford a multi million dollar Bu-
gatti, you can pick up a T shirt, jacket or hat
with the official Concours logo. There is also
high-end, beautiful automotive art work, old
marketing signs from car companies, antique
gas pumps, racing suits and so many wonder-
ful items. You might also be lucky enough to
get an autobiography or poster signed by the
author, as I did by Sir Sterling Moss! RM So-
theby’s host a massive car auction that is very
exciting to watch. I have seen cars sell for mil-
lions, just don’t put your hand up unless you
are bidding! But I have also seen some cars
go for way below their value, so there are good
deals to be found here. Gooding & Company
hold their auction at the Omni, and Bonhams at
Fernandina Beach Golf Club.

28 Good Life Community Magazine

On the fairway the lawn is so thick with cars, that from a dis-
tance, you can barely see any grass at all.
One of the many features of the show this year is, Rolling
Bones hot rods, from Greenfield Center, NY. Founder Ken
Schmidt will have some of the hot rods he has built on display
that were built to race on the Salt Flats in southern California.
There are many parties, dinners, movies and seminars all about
cars for the entire length of the show. It seems that day or night
you will find something wonderful and car related going on. 29

Here are just a few of the many activities that you can
participate in during this car extravaganza-

Friday, March 6, The Porsche Driving Experience
7am-4:30pm where you will drive to the US Navel
Station Mayport for autocross in new Porsches and an
exhilarating ride with a professional driver. You must
have your own Porsche to participate. On the same
day is Weeks Reunion for Porsche owners and a free
event. Speaking of free, most events are free except
for the main judging show on Sunday.

Saturday, March 7th, 9am-1pm—The Amelia Cars &
Coffee at the Concours, this is a free event but you
must register your car for this ahead of time.

Sunday, March 8, 9:30am-4pm The Amelia Concours
d’Elegance where honoree, Roger Penske enters the
field from the Awards Tent. There will also be a fash-
ion show by Sandra Alford, Cars & Vintage Fashion,
a Flyover and awards presentation. You have to pur-
chase tickets for this event.

All these beautiful cars and of course all the beautiful
people make for a spectacular event. Parking is easy
as there are many lots scattered around and shuttles
that make it convenient. Make sure you wear com-
fortable shoes as you will walk miles looking at all the
fantastic vehicles.

This is only a small sample of what you can expect to
see. Make sure you visit the website to plan ahead.

30 Good Life Community Magazine

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EXIT REALTY PRODUCERS Go to and type in the Zip code or
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University of Florida
Trained Pediatricians
with Over 20 Years
of Experience.

Dr. Ronald Emerick, DO Dr. Levette Dunbar, MD Sarah Garrett, ARNP Lauren Womack, ARNP ● Same Day Sick Visits
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a budget you can afford."

Entrance is Free!

Come Out and Enjoy Military and Civilian Aircraft
Food Trucks, Classic Cars and Music!

SATURDAY, MARCH 21• 10am -3pm
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Airplane and Helicopter Rides

32 Good Life Community Magazine

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Flooring Specialists



In Newberry: 352-472-1331

Our VISION is all about your VISION!

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Laser Cataract

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The Real Cost of Renting

How much will you spend on rent in the coming years?

Did you know housing costs are typically the biggest expense for an individual?
Each dollar you spend on rent is money/equity you are potentially missing out on
as an investment! Let’s take a deeper dive into how much you are spending per
year on rent:

If rent is: 1 Year 5 Years 10 Years 15 Years
$700 $8,400 $42,000 $84,000 $126,000
$800 $9,600 $48,000 $96,000 $144,000
$900 $10,800 $54,000 $108,000 $162,000
$1,000 $12,000 $60,000 $120,000 $180,000
$1,100 $13,200 $66,000 $132,000 $198,000
$1,200 $14,400 $72,000 $144,000 $216,000
$1,300 $15,600 $78,000 $156,000 $234,000
$1,400 $16,800 $84,000 $168,000 $252,000
$1,500 $18,000 $90,000 $180,000 $270,000

Ready for a home of your own? Contact me today to see how

I can help you achieve the dream of homeownership.

This piece represents only basic multiplication and does not consider State tax deductions, rebates and /or credits. The information provided here is
for educational purposes. When interest rates and loan program information are included, it is for illustration purposes only and not a solicitation or
quote for services. This is not an advertisement or loan estimate. Current interest rates, loan programs, and qualification criteria can change at any
time. If you have questions or need assistance. We can be reached using the contact information below.

JOE HANCOCK o: 352.388.7064 | c: 352.275.6483
f: 305.901.7594
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e: [email protected]
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Sun: 12PM to 7PM ● Tues – Thurs: 11AM to 10PM
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Any Large Pizza

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6 Jumbo Wings and
a Draft Beer $6.29

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