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Good Life

Good Life

Good TM Priceless ... Please Take One!


FOOTBALL Most Famous Drive 
Schedules! Route 1 California 

Kevin Layne’s

Rubber Stone of FloridaGrandkids See the Difference ... DO YOU?

Cancer Center of Choice
• State-of-the-Art Technology
Awarded accreditation in • Experienced, Dedicated,
Radiation Oncology by
the American College of Board Certified Physicians
Radiology (ACR)
• Caring & Committed Staff

Same Day Appointments!

The Cancer Center of North Florida Regional Healthcare

6420 West Newberry Road, Gainesville, FL 32605 352-333-5840

Car Accident MAoctcoidrceynctle

CDreimfeinnsael Slip & Fall

Actual Jury Trial Experience in

Wrongful Death • Auto • Motorbike • Pedestrian • Bicycle Accidents
and every kind of Criminal Case

Out of over 100,000 Attorneys only 3 are Board Certified in
Civil and Criminal Trial Law, Robert A. Rush is one of these.

(352) 373-7566 • (386) 462-7777 •

Ronny & Deanne Fort Alex Dacek & Megan Mackool Lila & Brad Heron & Ana Angel Lia Groulx and Friends

Paul Gagon with Tom Soule Megan Hina Lily Stemen Ashley Christine & Kai Walker with Brenda
Matthew Hester & Frank Dolwick

Sandra & Scott West

Dr. Storoe's dog Kinja Jack Storoe
loves the Gators!


6 Platforms are Back!

Roselynn, Kaiden Polanco Family Bill Storoe 10 Raise a Glass to Mocktails
and Jacob Jurian 12 An Evening of Science & Music

14 Raders Football Schedule

15 Bobcats Football Schedule

Sarah Wilson Michael Heeder Karen Coley-Cannon 16 Gator Football Schedule
& Robert Empson
From the Desktop Mason Hancock 18 Put your Feet on this surface
with Rubber Stone
by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer
22 Local Bike Paths
Are you ready for some football? We are in for another fun filled season of Gators, tailgating
and great weather. Many of you sent in your wonderful photos in your orange and blue and 24 Drive down Route 1 in California
we thought we would take this opportunity to feature..…YOU!
26 Get to know Paul Ramey
Keep posting your photos to our Facebook page, @GoodLifeCommunityMagazine as we 30 Crocs, Gators and Butterflies!
want to make you Gator famous. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram page for even more
of your favorite photos of you and your friends and family.

Go Gators! Good Life Community Magazine is published by
Good Life Marketing, LLC • P.O. Box 278 • Alachua, FL 32616
TEAM (352) 219-6702 •
[email protected]
Publisher and Chief Bottle Washer: Trish Utter
Editor: Brooke Utter GoodLifeCommunity
Senior Graphic Designer: Jamie Walker Magazine
Writers: Trish Utter, Brooke Utter & Ruth Ward
Contributing Writer: Terry Martin-Back
Photographers: Trish Utter, Brooke Utter & Colt Utter
Contributing Photographer: Allison Durham
Web Designer: Bill Wyatt

4 Good Life Community Magazine

Do your Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Wisdom Teeth, or Third Molars, are usually the last teeth to develop and appear in the mouth. They
are called “Wisdom Teeth” because they usually appear during a person’s late teens or early twenties,
which has been called the “age of wisdom.” The normal position for developing wisdom teeth is behind
the upper and lower second molars. However, often times the mouth does NOT have enough room for
these extra teeth and they become impacted. This can lead to very serious
dental health and medical problems such as pain, infection, crowding of teeth,
cyst development, loss of other teeth, or development of pathologies that
could lead to more serious surgery. In fact, for nine out of ten people, at least
one wisdom tooth remains under the gum tissue due to lack of space in the
mouth. Proper treatment of wisdom teeth involves their removal using special
surgical techniques appropriate for each individual case. Wisdom teeth are
best treated by a specialist, like an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are titanium anchors placed in the jawbones, underneath the gum tissue,
to support artificial teeth where natural teeth are missing. Dental Implants are actually
placed in the jawbones, and don’t require removal like regular dentures or partials, nor do
they require the removal of natural tooth structure like crowns and bridges. They look and

function like natural teeth. Dental Implants can be used to replace a
single tooth, multiple teeth, or even hold dentures in place, eliminating
the need for denture adhesives. Dental Implants can restore normal
eating and speaking abilities, and enhance your facial appearance and confidence.
Dental Implants are best placed by a specialist, like an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon,
working closely with your restorative or general dentist.


are back!

D id you or your Mom ever wear plat-
forms? Maybe your Dad even wore
them back in the day. Short guys
loved this fashion as they could go
from 5’.5 to 6’ in seconds. Back then tall girls
towered above their dates. They were such a hot
trend during the time of Freddie Mercury and his
band, Queen. Even Mick Jagger, Davie Bowie,
Elton John and many others wore them as it was
the era of Disco, wild colors and glitter.
They have now made a big come back in fashion.
All the major designers like Burberry, Prada, Al-
exander McQueen, YSL, Gucci, and others now
have many for you to choose from. The trend
covers all generations and for the younger crowd
Dolls Kill offers a large selection of way ‘out
there’ footwear. Platforms are more comfortable
than heals so you should try a pair out.

By Kith

By YSL DOLLS KILLS offers a wide variety
Groovy Shoes!
6 Good Life Community Magazine

Vintage 70’s 70’s Men’s Platform Shoes
Men’s Platform Shoes
found on ebay for


Thick rubber soles, fur and wedge heals with square toes will have your parents think-
ing they are back in the 1970’s, along with bell bottom jeans and tie-dye shirts. San
Francisco’s trendy area of Haight-Ashbury has many stores that specialize in 1970
clothing that come with hefty price tags, but if you are quick you can find things here
in local thrift stores. You might even want to go through your parents closets to see
if they still have anything, it could be worth a lot of money like the pair of shoes we
found on ebay. Because platform shoes have made a comeback there are many stores
in search of these items and you can find them just through a google search.
We can only wonder in platforms will make a comeback in mens fashion. What do
you think?
So get your groove on and buy a pair of platforms!

70’s Women’s Platform Shoes 7

Is your car dull or scratched? Do you wish you had a new one?

Before Before After

Make Your Dull Head Lights


NEVER RestorFX Rcan save you money by
have to
Wax making your old car look like NEW!
Restored beautifully- No body shop repaints, no temporary detail polishing.
Permanent results that leave you breathless and bring back the integrity of your
vehicles finish.

If you have been trying to sell your car try our treatment.

CARS SELL FAST when they have had the RestorFX Treatment!

"Mercedes-Benz of Gainesville can't thank Manny Gomez at RestorFX
enough for the work he and his team have done on our cars. He has been able
to remove blemishes, and this has made our cars sell faster.”

Phill Perry -Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Gainesvile

2800 NW 74th Pl “I had no idea that my old car would look brand new again, WOW! I just wish
I had done this sooner.”
Trish Utter -Publisher, Good Life Community Magazine
Mirror Image Coatings, LLC.

352-213-4053 Call today to put the SHINE back on your car!

Custom Homes Locally owned & operated 20 years experience
And Innovative Designs

352.332.3912 "It's all about building the right
home for you, within Glock, S&W, Ruger,
Taurus, Colt, Springfield
a budget you can afford." & Many Others!
Great Insurance Rates Reloading Supplies
Upper End-Custom Made
Keeping You & Your Family Safe Rifles
Consignment Firearms
• Full line of new &
HUGH L. CAIN used firearms in stock
• Full line of
16181 NW US Hwy 441 ● Ste 180 ● Alachua [email protected] ammunition in stock

• Great selection of
musical equipment

• Enough tools in stock to
build or repair any project

• Now buying your
unused Gift Cards

• Confidential Cash Loans


m-f: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
Sunday Closed

352-327-9067 • 25040 W. Newberry RD., Newberry 9


The New Trend

in Drinking

Everyone is more health conscious than ever, and
now is the era of the…Mocktail! Have you ever
asked a friend to go out for a drink with you only
to be told they don’t drink alcohol? What a party killer!
Now your non-alcohol drinking friends have no excuse
to say no to going out on the town for a drink. These
new drinks are perfect for anyone on medications, preg-
nant or who just hates the taste of alcohol. Bars and res-
taurants have caught on to the trend and saw that they
had an opportunity to increase revenue by selling more
than just a glass of sparkling water, or another boring
glass of Coke. They are now turning the non-alcoholic
drink into something of a hot trend. In Miami and other
cities there are many Mocktail bars that only serve non-
alcoholic drinks! No longer do you have to whisper
with embarrassment for a …..Virgin Pina Colada, but
instead you can ask in a loud voice for the …..Mocktail
drink menu. And let me tell you some of these drinks
are delicious. A Mocktail in not a soda with a splash of
juice, it’s just as complex as the most elaborate martini
and often comes with the same martini price. Mocktails
aren’t served in humiliating plain glasses that scream…
hey this person is having a VIRGIN drink! Instead
they are served in Martini or Champagne stemware and
come with fruit and umbrellas. Now your dedicated
driver for the evening or friend that does not care for
alcohol can also enjoy themselves……cheers!

Rosemary Blueberry Smash

1 sprig of rosemary

6-8 blueberries

1 oz honey syrup

1oz fresh squeezed lemon juice, strained

4 oz sparkling water


Gently muddle the blueberries, honey syrup and rose-
mary leaves in a cocktail shaker. Add lemon juice and
ice and shake vigorously for a few seconds. Strain into a
tall glass with ice. Add sparkling water and stir.

10 Good Life Community Magazine

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It’s not often you get to celebrate a 250 year Birthday but that is what’s happening
as The Florida Museum of Natural History hosts:

A Celebration of the Life of Alexander von Humboldt

Sunday, October 6, 7-10pm This free event features a special performance by the Gainesville Master
Curtis M. Phillips Center Chorale and a talk by best-selling author Andrea Wulf followed by Q&A
for the Performing Arts and a book signing. Wulf wrote “The Invention of Nature: Alexander von
Humboldt’s New World,” which has won 15 international awards and is a
New York Times Bestseller.

C ome out for a wonderful evening of music by in 1806. · Although the Inca had been using bat guano as fertil-
the Gainesville Master Chorale and a talk by izer for hundreds of years, Humboldt was the first to
best-selling author Andrea Wulf followed by · Humboldt is credited with the discovery of the weak- bring it to Europe. Guano eventually created a gigantic
Q&A and a book signing. Wulf wrote, “The Invention ening of Earth’s magnetic force between the poles and industry for itself in the Western world, even result-
of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World,” the equator. His discovery was accepted by the Paris ing in a trade deal between Britain and Peru rivaled
which has won 15 international awards and is a New Institute in 1804. by legislature in the U.S. allowing explorers to claim
York Times Bestseller. guano from any uninhabited island until the resource
· Humboldt collected about 60,000 plant specimens was depleted.
So who is Alexander von during his time in South America, discovering thou-
Humboldt? Standing in stark sands of new species and genera. · In addition to being called the “father of environmen-
contrast to scientists who are talism,” Humboldt is also considered the “father of
remembered for their individ- · Humboldt and his colleagues held the world record temperature” for his diagram of average temperatures
ual discoveries, Prussian-born for their more than 19,000-foot ascent of the volca- across the globe that was first published in 1817. He
Alexander von Humboldt’s no Chimborazo in Ecuador until 1831 when French completed the diagram in 1829 with meteorological
legacy emphasizes a holistic chemist Jean-Baptiste Boussingault made an attempt data collected in Central Asia, where Humboldt spent
view of Earth’s systems. The at the peak and surpassed Humboldt’s record. At the two years at the request of the czar of Russia. Today,
first of its style, his nature time, Chimborazo was considered the tallest peak on this isothermal map is the foundation of comparisons
writing created networks of Earth. between climates in various countries.
scientific facts to draw attention to ecosystem com-
plexity while still inviting readers to understand nature · On Chimborazo, Humboldt noticed how plants and · Humboldt continued working until he was 90, stop-
as a sensory experience. Humboldt used these connec- animals changed with elevation and climate. He was ping only weeks before he died. The final volume of
tions to explain subtle ecological relationships, such as the first naturalist to conceive how life forms are orga- “Cosmos” was published after his death.
how a forest controls soil erosion or the consequences nized into zones determined by climate.
if monoculture replaced that same forest. · Georg Forster, a German naturalist who traveled with
· As the son of a Prussian nobleman, Humboldt be- Captain Cook, had a considerable influence in shaping
His work as a naturalist and explorer still thrives at the came a mine inspector and eventually the mine direc- Humboldt’s interest in the tropics.
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, a German fel- tor in the Prussian city of Bayreuth. Humboldt began
lowship program with more than 30 potential sponsor- his early investigations into the magnetism of rocks · In 1799, Humboldt recorded the first observation of
ships that has funded the work of more than 50 Nobel here, but also worked to improve miners’ working the Leonid meteor shower that scientists later used to
Prize winners and extends to more than 140 countries. conditions. confirm the timing of its peak – now considered to be
The University of Florida is home to 26 recipients of every 33 years.
the Foundation’s research award fellowships. · Humboldt was no stranger to carrying out experi-
ments on himself, beginning with his investigations This free event features a special performance by the
Achievements and Notable Facts into muscular irritability in 1797. Gainesville Master Chorale and a talk by best-selling
author Andrea Wulf followed by Q&A and a book
· Humboldt is often considered the first scientist to · The Humboldt Current, which flows north along the signing. Wulf wrote “The Invention of Nature: Alex-
note the effects of human-caused climate change. west coast of South America, was named for Hum- ander von Humboldt’s New World,” which has won 15
boldt when he took its measurements for the first time international awards and is a New York Times Best-
· During his time, Humboldt was one of the most well and published his findings as part of his five-volume seller.
known men in Europe, perhaps second only to Napo- series “Cosmos: A Sketch of a Physical Description of
leon Bonaparte. the Universe.” Humboldt published “Cosmos” later in The event is FREE so come out and enjoy the evening
his life, over a span of more than 10 years, while work- with us.
· Scientists who study how living organisms are dis- ing as a king’s chamberlain in Prussia after his travels
tributed throughout an ecosystem, today called bioge- had exhausted his funds.
ography, are using concepts pioneered by Humboldt 352-846-2000

12 Good Life Community Magazine

“Caring for our community's most precious resource" Board Certified,
University of Florida
Trained Pediatricians
with Over 20 Years
of Experience.

Dr. Ronald Emerick, DO Dr. Levette Dunbar, MD Sarah Garrett, ARNP Lauren Womack, ARNP ● Same Day Sick Visits
● Year Round Free Sports Physicals
15551 NW Hwy 441, Suite 40 Alachua, Florida ● Immunizations
● Flu Vaccines

Open 8am-5pm
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• Land Clearing • Fill Dirt
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8am to 5pm
Saturday by ONLINE!
14212 NW
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We make sure you’re Not BUGGED! Good Luck RAIDERS!

►Affordable Santa FE H.S. Football Schedule
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"Our experience with Rosenboom Custom Homes
Lic# CBC1257076 was very enjoyable. We ended up with a quality home
with all of the features that we desired. Scott was
18266 US Highway 441 • High Springs, FL very helpful during the construction process, providing
suggestions regarding design and layout of the floor
plan. We are especially pleased with our custom cabi-
netry in the kitchen and bathroom. Both Scott and Kim
were very responsive to our questions and flexible
with our request for changes to the original floor plan.
We highly recommend that anyone desiring to have
a quality home constructed consider Rosenboom
Custom Homes."

-Sam & Kim Townsend

“We enjoyed working with Scott and Kim. This was
our first custom built home and we absolutely love it!
We highly recommend Rosenboom, Inc. to anyone
who is thinking of building a custom home."

-Matthew & Shannon Braddy

"Working with Scott on our new home was an easy
experience. We finished ahead of schedule and Scott
was always available to answer any questions and
kept us up to date on the progress."

-Mason & Bobbie Dunn


14 Good Life Community Magazine

BMW of Gainesville

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Good Luck BOBCATS!

Buchholtz H.S. Football Schedule


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Management business, we have proven success
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management headaches. 15

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Fulfilling promises to our customers
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Going to the GAME?
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University of FLORIDA Football Schedule

Date Opponent Location Date Opponent Location

August 31 Miami Orlando, FL October 19 South Carolina Columbia, SC
September 7 UT Martin Gainesville, FL October 26 BYE
September 14 Kentucky Lexington, KY November 2 Georgia Jacksonville, FL
September 21 Tennessee Gainesville, FL November 9 Vanderbilt Gainesville, FL
September 28 Towson Gainesville, FL November 16 Missouri Columbia, MO
October 5 Auburn Gainesville, FL November 23 BYE
October 12 LSU Baton Rouge, LA November 30 Florida State Gainesville, FL
December 7 SEC Championship Atlanta, GA
Orange indicates HOME GAMES

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Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano presents


Thursday, November 7th, 2019 | 6PM – 10PM
SantA Fe River Ranch, 29220 NW 122nd St, Alachua


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Transforming Your Ugly Spaces by Trish Utter

I have known Kevin Layne for many years, he has will not. Any spills or dirt can simply be washed away Is it safe for pets and children and why? I have
had many successful businesses, one of which is with water and a mop. kids and grandkids so I wanted a product that was
Screen Doctors. Layne has been screening pools safe. Rubber Stone is first and foremost slip resistant,
in the Florida area for over fifteen years. Now he Rubber Stone offers everything you would expect the rubber itself is UV rated so it doesn’t retain heat,
has ventured into the paving industry, with a futuristic of Sierra Stone—Durability, Versatility, and Beauty. like pool decks, pavers, concrete, etc., so it doesn’t
ground cover called Rubber Stone that has him crazy Where it differs is in its texture—Rubber Stone is burn the bottom of your feet or animal paws.
busy, as the product is in such high demand. flexible and has a softer touch. This creates a cush-
ioning effect to minimize the effects of impact and Can you put a company logo or a design on
Layne lives with his wife Samanthia out in the country fatigue from standing, walking, running, and playing it? Yes, absolutely, all of our work is custom work,
on the edge of NW Gainesville. He’s a country boy at on this surface. This makes it perfect for kids play ar- because you pick the colors & design how you want
heart. Layne said, “I’ve been out here for thirty years eas, kitchens, doctors offices and anywhere you might it. You could have your company logo, your favor-
and I love it! We always have lots of kids and grand- want a soft feel under your feet. ite sports team colors, family initials, or anything you
kids out here visiting us. It’s a great place to relax want on it.
after a hectic workday.” Rubber Stone consists of small chips of rub-
ber and a polyurethane binding agent. This Can I cover my deck with this? Yes, I highly rec-
I asked Layne what made him decide to start combination gives the material its flexibil- ommend it, it’s your 1 stop problem solver, slip resis-
this new venture? As the owner of Screen Doctors, ity and durability. Rubber Stone is a LEEDs tant, mildew resistant, uv rated, & covers your ugly
I’ve seen my share of damaged pool decks with lots (Leadership in Energy and Environmental cracks, once & for all!
of cracks and paint chipping off, and it’s always the Design) contributing recycled product that You can even go over dirt with is. People with prob-
same question, “Do you know of anyone or anything utilizes post-consumer waste: 25 square feet lem areas like roots around the base of a tress or un-
that can fix this?” So this got me thinking about solv- of installed product keeps 3 tires out of the even ground.
ing the problem for my customers and after a long landfill. A typical single-car driveway keeps
search I found a company in Canada that produced it. 60 tires from reaching the landfill, and a two- In the summer will it burn my feet? No, it’s UV
Although the company is called Rubber Stone we also car driveway keeps a whopping 120 tires out rated which means it will always stay cool on your feet
offer Sierra Stone. of the driveway! or on the… paws!

Sierra Stone, which as the name suggests, is made Rubber Stone is ideal for substrates that What colors are there and can you match a
with natural stone and comes in many colors. It has move or shift including decks, paving stones, color to something pre-existing? There are
been Covering Ugly Concrete and proving its durabil- asphalt, driveways, and concrete. Just like roughly 20 solid colors, so we can color mix combina-
ity throughout North America for more than a quar- Sierra Stone, Rubber Stone can also be ap- tions to get what you’re looking for. There’s no other
ter century. It withstands the harshness of Canadian plied on a wide variety of interior surfaces. It product on the market that can do what we do with all
winters, which is very useful in Florida…ha, ha, and works extremely well in basements, laundry the benefits of Rubber Stone.
the unforgiving heat of an August day in Gaines- areas, playrooms, and exercise rooms. This
ville. Whatever the conditions, Sierra Stone is strong product is also exceptionally durable and can From the time it is ordered, how long will it
enough to stand up to weather extremes without com- withstand the same harsh conditions that the take to have it installed? Average turn around
promising elegant beauty. It also adds value to your tires on your car can endure—hot, cold, wet, time is 2-3 weeks.
property and saves you demolition costs and the ex- and dry conditions, and heavy traffic. Install-
pense of pouring new concrete. Although it can be ing Rubber Stone on your driveway is almost After the product is put down, how soon will it
used around pool decks and in the home, it has high like giving it off-road capability—it’s simply be until it can be used? Everything is generally 24
durability that makes it perfect for commercial, high that tough. Rubber Stone also very popular hours except for driveway/garage areas it needs about
traffic areas. Carpet and other flooring may show in horse stalls as it is gentle on the horses 72 hours to cure.
signs of high traffic wear and tear where this product hooves and it’s being used in the Marine in-
dustry as well.
18 Good Life Community Magazine

RE BEFORE Kevin Layne with Rubber Stone of Florida recently com-
R AFTER pleted a Sierra Stone covering of my pool deck, rear patio
area and sitting area. The amount of detail that he and his
What geographic area do you service? Basically all of North Central Florida,
Jacksonville south to Daytona Beach, Orlando, down to St Pete Beach, back up the crew took to make sure the finished product was excep-
gulf coast to Horseshoe Beach/ Steinhatchee, area and also Tallahassee. tional is beyond words. Rubber Stone of Florida completed

Is there a warranty? Rubber Stone comes with a 5 year warranty, Sierra Stone the work within the time frame originally communicated,
comes with a 3 year warranty. and even with some changes to the order still completed

If you’re looking for a surfacing solution, give the restoration of the areas in a timely and professional
Rubber Stone Of Florida a call. manner. The Crew was professional, clean, and worked
through the entire project to make sure the work areas main-
352-339-3789 tained a clean look, and they left the work area in the state it
was before they arrived. I would recommended Kevin Layne
and Rubber Stone of Florida to anyone. We are ecstatic with
the results and very happy. Kevin and his crew could do the
same for you, and I highly suggest anyone contact them to

see what they can do for you.

- Sean and Kelly Lewis




Commercial Sean & Kelly Lewis’s NEW Pool Deck

Daurine and I had been wrestling with what to do about my
driveway for months. It had become an eyesore and all of

the options I researched seemed like a temporary fix. Then
I discovered Rubber Stone and their product immediately

caught my attention. Their surface material is made of recy-
cled rubber and is perfect for the fluctuating Florida climate.

Kevin Layne and his professional crew was in and out in a
day and the results are amazing. My driveway looks brand
new and it even feels better to walk on! Kevin and his team

exceeded my expectations and I am recommending
Rubber Stone to all my friends, family and clients.

Whether it’s your pool deck, driveway, walkway, or garage,
Rubber Stone of Florida has the best solution for you.

- Freddie Wehbe 19

Open Through Jan. 5, 2020

$8 adults, ($7 Fla. residents & seniors), $5.50 ages 3-17,
free to UF students & Museum members.

Easy to Clean
Great on the Paws

An Investment
you'll LOVE

Newberry Floor Store

Flooring Specialists


In Newberry: 352-472-1331

Lake Butler to Palatka by Bike

by Terry Martin-Back

T he Good Life Community is a cycling com-
munity with many excellent trails available
for your pleasure. The Rails-to-Trails proj-
ects have made many of us to get off the
couch and onto the saddle of a bicycle. Lake Butler to
Palatka is one of those trails that has limited elevation
changes and offers the opportunity for the new rider to
get out and enjoy the trail.

The Lake Butler trail head has ample parking, rest-
room facilities and a picnic area. The trail travels
through the heart of Lake Butler and leads you down
a tree canopied path for about five miles and abruptly
ends on a local county road.

It was an early Sunday morning when a friend and
I rode the trail and the two-mile ride north to get on
SR 100. We didn’t have a single car pass us in either
direction, so it was a smooth ride. As we crossed the
New River bridge on SR 100, into Bradford County,
the smooth shoulder in Union County transitioned
into a well-worn chip seal shoulder, which made for
a very rough twelve-mile ride into Starke. The next
twelve miles on the shoulder, into Keystone Heights,
was smooth, we were ready to get away from the traf-
fic and find the trailhead.

I recommend Keystone Heights to be your start point
of ride to Palatka. The next twenty-five miles offers
scenic views of woods, lakes and wetlands. The trail
is smooth, twelve feet wide and offers plenty of space
for riders, runners, skaters and hikers to pass. The next
trail head is in Florahome, (Anticipation Station Trail
head). It’s almost an eleven-mile ride from Key

22 Good Life Community Magazine

Store along Palatka to Lake Butler Trail in Florahome Florahome bikes on Palatka Lake Butler Trail

stone Heights and offers a picnic area and an outdoor mechanical problems. There are several streams to be clist. Before you head out on the trail, make sure you
restroom. There are a couple stores across the road crossed and the bridges are all smooth paved surfaces carry enough water, snacks and a cell phone, whether
from the station if you needed additional supplies to for your comfort. The trail does not go into Palatka, it you are riding by your self or with a cycling partner.
continue your ride. ends abruptly about a mile north of the city and if you Be safe, get out and enjoy the abundant cycling trails
wanted to continue your ride into Saint Augustine, you within our Good Life Community.
From the Florahome trail head, it’s seventeen miles will be on the shoulder of SR 100 for about two miles
to Palatka and the road parallels SR 100 with numer- until to catch the bike trail through Palatka. I highly Trail Opens 8 Till Dusk
ous opportunities to walk to the highway if you had recommend this trail for the new and experienced cy- 352-473-4701

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Free Consultations

Platinum Plus For more information call 352-331-5355.
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Leaving Los Angeles A Once in a Lifetime Drive

by Trish Utter

M y daughter, Brooke and I were staying
in LA but thought we would have a
quick road trip. We rented a car from En-
terprise on Sunset Boulevard. The assistant,
named Eva, was wonderful and quickly had
us on the road. We drove up Route 5 to Mill
Valley near San Francisco as this was the
quickest way and we were in a hurry, but on
the way back down we opted for the iconic
coastal road trip of Route 1.

The day started off with us driving from the
beautiful redwood village of Mill Valley
and over the Golden Gate Bridge into San
Francisco. The beautiful orange structure of
the bridge gracefully appeared through the
clouds. The traffic was light, the car win-
dows were down so the cool air blew through
our hair. Within a short time we were out of
the busy city and heading through tall ever-
greens towards Carmel. Carmel is famous
for its golf course, Pebble Beach. Not only
do they host some famous golf tournaments
but it is also home of the Pebble Beach
Concours d’Elegance, one of the largest car
shows in the US.

Carmel is known for golf & classic cars

The trip is so jaw dropping that time goes by quickly. Before we step to the edge of a lookout area you will see black sandy beaches
knew it we were in Big Sur with stretches from Carmel to San Sime- with a few sea lions and maybe a few otters. You might also see
on. This area is a national treasure as it is the most scenic stretch of some brave surfers risking the huge waves that break on the massive,
undeveloped coastline. This two lane stretch of Route 1 takes you on and treacherous rocks. Brooke and I could not stop taking photos,
a twisty mountain drive that dips and curves though mystical scen- it was so beautiful and around each corner was completely different
ery. You will not find hotels, restaurants, restrooms or gas stations weather and scenery. One minute it was bright sunlight and warm,
for miles so make sure you are prepared. If you are brave enough to the next dark with mist and cool.

Standing on the edge a cliff overlooking Big Sur

24 Good Life Community Magazine

Parking the Rental Car at the One minute it was dark with fog and cool; the next it was brilliant sunlight and warm.
scenic overlook at Big Sur

Ragged Point This road trip can take about 7
hours without any stops but It is
After driving for hours through steep, jag- hard to pass up all the amazing
ged cliffs we found ourselves at Ragged views so plan on taking your time
Point where the mountains had turned to and enjoy the scenery .
gentle, rolling, golden hills. We looked out
at wide spaces of land where one might During the rainy season mud slides
expect the ghost of John Wayne, to come right off the mountains and some-
riding up on his horse. times shuts Route 1 down. There
are a few camp sites and the occa-
sional drive way to a multi million
dollar house that’s not visible from
the road, but is built into the side
of a cliff! I have no idea how they
would get groceries and this is one
place that you defiantly could not
call for pizza delivery! In fact there
is also little to no cell service along
this stretch of road.

After not seeing anyone for miles,
the we started to see a little traffic,
Bentley’s Jeeps and G Wagons with
surfboards on top. We had reached

If there is one drive you should do
in your lifetime this is it.

We made it in time for lunch at Maulibu Farm. 25

Local Celebrity Spotlight

Meet Paul Ramey

Paul Ramey is the Marketing and Public Relations Director for the
Natural History Museum. He started his career with the museum in
1999. You will often find him interacting with the visitors or working on
a new exhibit or event

Where are you from? I recently had a frozen free-tailed bat in the freezer for a What was the best advice your parents
I was born in Gainesville, Florida, and grew up here. I while, but it’s since been added to the Florida Museum ever gave you?
attended Kirby Smith, Lincoln and GHS. of Natural History mammal collection. (But that’s not From my father: A man is only as good as his word.
the norm) Usually the freezer has plenty of wild game
Where did you go to school? (deer and hog) and fish. The bat died in the lobby of our What is your favorite thing to do locally?
I graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in church, Northwest Baptist Church in Gainesville. I was The One Love Café in Magnolia Park is a favorite place,
Journal-ism with a Business Minor. I’m a Gator! keeping it in the freezer until I could bring it to the Mu- especially when Crooked Counsel is playing.
seum. We had some bats entering the church through an
Are you from Gainesville? air intake for the AC system, and I performed an exclu- What is your favorite movie and why?
Yes, but I moved to Alaska because a former professor sion before maternity season earlier this year. Another tough question to select just one…I’ll say
from UF, Hugh Cunningham, was hired as the editor of ”Stand By Me.” A great movie about boys growing up. I
The Anchorage Times, and he hired a bunch of his for- What is your favorite thing to snack on? also had to watch it about 30 times in college for a film
mer students to come work at the paper. I worked on Homemade jerky, definitely! Also trail mix, which is class project, to analyze the scene sequence and timing
the copy desk, and did a number of jobs, from state and less expensive and much easier to obtain. pattern.
national/international wire editor, to cut-room floor edi-
tor (in the days before pagination), and was the weekend If you had $5,000 to invest, what would What is your favorite meal?
slot editor after we switched over to a full pagination you do with it? Smoked venison or pork, with steak a close second.
system using QuarkXPress on Macs—we were one of I’d have to think about that some more, but I would
the first small or mid-size papers in the country to make probably use it for part of a down payment on some land. What have you always wanted to do but
that switch. Those were fun times. After the paper closed never done?
I went into PR and worked in the Public Affairs Office Do you have a favorite quote? There are many places I’d like to visit, including Aus-
for the Anchorage School District. We moved back to It’s tough to name only one, but Henry Ford has some tralia.
Gainesville from Alaska in 1997 after our kids were great ones. I especially like these two: “Whether you
born. My wife basically said, “We don’t’ have to move think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right,” and What gadget or app, do you love and why?
back to Gainesville, but we need to move somewhere “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. I really like the Gaia GPS app. It’s really accurate and
that we can drive to Gainesville.” lol Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” useful when hunting and fishing.

How do you relax? Who inspired you as a child? What advice would you give
I grew up hunting and fishing and those are still my fa- Probably mostly my father. He was extremely patient, your younger self?
vorite things to do. I most enjoy being in the woods or a great improviser and problem solver, and could repair Don’t be so hard on yourself.
on the water. most anything.

What do you listen to in your car?

If I’m not listening to sports talk radio, ESPN 98.1 FM,
then it’s usually country (Bobby Bones Show in the
morning on 103.7 The Gator) or 102.3 FM, the cross-
roads of country and rock.

What was your first job, what did you
learn from it and how much was your first
pay check?

My first job was as a business writer for The Daily Com-
mercial in Leesburg, Florida, which at the time was part
of the New York Times Regional Newspaper Group. I
learned the importance of building professional contacts
and relationships. I believe my starting annual salary
was less than $17,000.

What is in your fridge right now? Paul and Karen on truck at beach in Alaska Karen & Paul Ramey with their
kids,Tyler (21) & Kathryn (25 )
The usual I think…fruit, yogurt, vegetables, some left-
overs, milk, juice, Gatorade, half and half for coffee, etc.

26 Good Life Community Magazine

What is the one bit of luxury you 1983 prom photo Nissan 240Z and Dog or cat person?
can’t live without? Chevy C10 pickup in background
I guess that depends on the definition of Definitely dog! We have two dogs, Lilly, a 14-year-
luxury. Air conditioning is pretty high on the old yellow lab-border collie-chow mix, and Bella,
list. a 5-year-old Staffordshire terrier-retriever mix.

What is your favorite TV show
and why?
I don’t really have an ongoing show, other
than “The Walking Dead,” I guess. “Break-
ing Bad” was a favorite when it was still on.

Where do you donate unwanted
things to?
Usually the Salvation Army.

Do you wear a regular watch or
an Apple Watch and why?
A “regular” watch. But it’s a wa-terproof Cit-
izen Eco-Drive. I like to keep it simple and
just want the time and sometimes the date.

What was your first car, what do you drive
now, and what would be your dream car?
The first vehicle I had was a 1970 Chevy
pickup, a three-speed on the column. It was
a white, stepside. The one with the spare
tire mounted behind the driver’s side door
with a cutout wheel well to make room for
it. I haven’t had another Chevy until just this
year, and now have a 2019 Silverado. But I
still miss my Ford F-150, and one day will
hopefully have an F-250.


have bbq.
will score.


[email protected] 27

We Do More than Lawn Service!

When I was looking for a new
landscape and maintenance
company I decided to see who
my neighbors used by walking
around the neighborhood. All
the yards I liked were serviced
by Lawn Enforcement. They
now do my yard and have
done a great job maintaining
it. Lawn Enforcement are re-
sponsible with our property
and responsive to our ques-
tions. I can recommend them
without reservation.

-Whitney Perkins

Pavers in every size and color! We Do it All!

Lawn • Landscape Management
Enforcement • Pest Control
• Irrigation
Agency, Inc. • Hardscapes
• Pool Cleaning & Maintenance
• Tree Trimming, Stump Removal

& Maintenance
• Water Features-Ponds,
• Fountains & more
• Landscape Design & Service

Give your lawn the JUSTICE it Deserves!

352.372.3175 •

We’ve got your back not
JUST at tax time but . . .



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Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Alachua, FL 32615 High Springs FL 32643 1011 SE 2nd Ave., Gainesville

386-462-3962 386-454-3800 352.372.0372


Let's End
Homeless Pets!

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Spade & Neuter Your Pets

Remember, Pets are part of the Family and NOT disposable!

Alachua Co. Animal Services • 352 -264- 6870 •
Humane Society of North Central Florida352-373-5855 •

Sponsored by the City of Alachua Third Thursday features live music by
Community Redevelopment Agency
Doc Adams Band and an ArtWalk with dozens of local artists.

Hosted alongside the Alachua Farmer's Market every month, 29
Third Thursday on Main is an ideal event for talented artists to
showcase and sell their art for free with the company of awesome live
Third Thursday on Main in downtown Alachua is the perfect place
to get your “pre-weekend” on. Every Third Thursday of each month,
Alachua’s downtown area comes alive with the sound of live music,
unique dining and shopping, and so much more!

Come experience all of this in, and along, the city’s iconic and historic,
winding street.

Interested in participating as an art vendor?

Send an email to [email protected] with your name
and information about your art! There is no registration fee
and all are welcome! Family and Pet Friendly


It can make you crazy when it’s raining or freezing cold, which
doesn’t happen around here much, more like, blazing hot!!! The
kids are going bonkers with nothing to do due to the weather so
what do you do? Here are a couple of great places to visit when
you are getting cabin fever.

Florida Museum of Natural History

This museum is on the campus of the University of If you have small kids they will love the interactive
Florida. No matter what your age there is something area called the Discovery Zone. This is free and a per-
here to interest you. Right now the museum is home fect place to entertain a child during bad weather days.
to a traveling exhibit called, Crocs: Ancient Preda- There is a section with two Microeve microscopes
tors in a Modern World, that is in Gainesville until where you can put a feather, butterfly or a variety of
January 5, 2020. other items under the lens to view the magnified item
on a monitor screen. Imaginations can go wild in here
One of the most impressive parts of the Crocs exhibit with all the interactive things children can do. Nearby
is Gomek. This saltwater crocodile was captured in is a table seat up for up to four children, for an archae-
Papua New Guinea and shipped to Ocala in 1917. A ology dig …..without all the dirt, as it works digitally.
few years later he was sold to the St. Augustine Alliga- There is no telling what might be unearthed, and kids
tor Farm Zoological Park where he was known to be really get excited about it. All these hands on displays
tame and loved by all. In 1997 he passed away at the are far better than sticking kids in front of a TV or a
age of 80 from heart disease and measured 17.9ft and cell phone and best of all, this area is FREE!
weighed a whopping 1,896lbs!

Marketing and PR Director, Paul Ramey listens to junior volunteers
explain their Discovery Cart on owl pellets.

30 Good Life Community Magazine

If you are fascinated by butterflies then you will
love the vast, permanent, collection at this mu-
seum. You can actually watch the staff in the
Rearing Lab work with all the butterflies, and
you will see the butterflies and moths in their
chrysalis or cocoon. Many of them hang in
plain sight, just waiting for a beautiful butter-
fly to open its wings. You will also see many
types of moths. One that we noticed was larger
than your hand and has a wing span up to 12
inches wide!!!! It’s called an Atlas moth which
are from Asia. They only live for about a week
and apparently are born without the ability to

Atlas Moth

…eat, which means they don’t have a mouth!
Mother Nature certainly is creative, if not cruel

From the indoor butterfly exhibits you can ven-
ture out to the Butterfly Rainforest. Here you
can walk through an enchanted garden and let
the butterflies settle on you. It is a fantastic ex-
perience for everyone and a wonderful place to
take photos. The Rainforest Staff also present a
butterfly spotlight and release newly emerged
butterflies into the exhibit each day at 2p.m.,
with an additional release on weekends at 3p.m.

General admission to the museum is free but you can make a needed
donation. There is an admission charge for Crocs or Butterfly Rainforest

exhibits. The museum is open Monday-Saturday from 10a.m to 5p.m
and Sunday from 1-5p.m. with last admission at 4:30p.m. 352-846-2000


The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Located on Park Avenue in the historic town of
Winter Park near Orlando this museum is worth the
drive. The beautiful historic building is home to one
of the largest and most comprehensive collections
of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) artwork any-
where. Here you will walk through jewel colored
rooms that come to life with elegant leaded-glass
Tiffany lamps and windows. You will get up close
to Tiffany’s art work and be able to see how Tiffany
cleverly layered the glass on top of each other to
give the effect of the texture of fabric, or the illu-
sion of running water. You will also walk through
rooms evidencing the influences of the Art Nouveau
and Arts and Crafts styles. Although the museum is
small it’s packed full of exquisite pieces of art work.
Many might be surprised to learn that Louis Comfort
Tiffany not only worked with leaded-glass but also
blew glass, painted, and designed jewelry.

This museum is a romantic spot, and the scene of
many marriage proposals. Within the walls couples
are unable to resist the amour that is Art Nouveau or
the mystique of Tiffany’s 1893 chapel interior. The
interior is dimmed to mimic the feeling of its first
display, and to take advantage of electricity. Now,
you can see it in the 21st century in all its original
glory. If you’re looking for a place to pop the ques-
tion, this museum might be the place.
Among the most fascinating objects in the muse-
um’s Tiffany collection are the brilliantly colored
windows, mosaics, marble, jewels, glass, stone, and
furnishings that make up the chapel interior Tiffany
created for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition
in Chicago. It was Tiffany’s work at this exposition,
and most especially the chapel, that clearly estab-
lished him internationally as one of the leading art-
ists/designers of his era.

32 Good Life Community Magazine

Right now, the museum has a special exhibit called, Iridescence-A
Celebration. This will be on until September 2021. All the pieces of
art work here reflect the iridescence in nature, like the separation of oil
from water or the surface of seashells. Until the mid-nineteenth cen-
tury, this fascinating optical light effect could only be seen in nature.
About that time, archeologists began unearthing antique glass that had
become iridescent from the effects of minerals, metals, and salts in the
soil in which it had been buried for centuries. The newly discovered
iridized antique glass inspired the premier decorative art studios of the
West, including Louis Comfort Tiffany’s firm in the United States and
Glasfabrik Johann Loetz Witwe in Europe. Chemical techniques us-
ing the same elements found in soil made it possible for leading artists
of the period to develop variations of this shimmering surface. Glass
with an iridescent appearance is sometimes created by adding metallic
materials to the primary ingredients of glass. Iridescence can also be
achieved by spraying an object’s surface with stannous or lead chloride
before heating it in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere. This installation is
a showcase of diverse works, including not only lustrous art glass from
Loetz (Bohemia) and Tiffany Studios (New York City), but ceramics
and enamels from Rookwood Pottery (Cincinnati), S. A. Weller Pottery
(Zanesville, Ohio), Robert Hanke (Bohemia), Camille Fauré (France),
and others. These firms and designers successfully produced supremely
elegant and riveting art with iridescent rainbow colors on par with na-
ture. Although interest in iridescence waned after World War I, it has
never died. 407-645-5311

While visiting Winter Park we highly recommend a stay at the Park
Plaza Hotel. This small historic, boutique hotel is very romantic, with
its grand staircase, large suites and beautiful balconies. Here you will
be able to park the car and forget it. Walk two blocks and you will be
at the Morse Museum. Not only that but you will also be a few steps
from many wonderful restaurants, bakeries and boutiques. Winter Park
is one of the most beautiful small towns in Florida and well worth stay-
ing for a long weekend. 407-647-1072 33

1S1aTvHe tAhNeNDUaAteL






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