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2017-2018 Campus Living

2017-2018 Campus Living

Keywords: 2017-2018 Campus Living


Division of Student Life


Welcome to your new home at University of the Pacific.

It is now time to think about living on-campus and to make
decisions on where you want to live. In this brochure, you
will find information about each of the residential facilities
on-campus, all the dining options offered, and how to apply
for on-campus housing.

By living on-campus, you will be in the heart of the
University and have direct access to numerous academic,
athletic and social activities.

Recent national studies have shown that students who
live on-campus are more likely to graduate and are more
satisfied with their collegiate experience. In fact, Pacific has
found that students that live on campus have a higher GPA
and are more likely to stay in school than those off-campus.

Our office can be found on the second floor of the
McCaffrey Center. Parents or students can also contact the
Residential Life & Housing staff by phone at 209.946.2331
or through email at [email protected]

Table of Contents

1 First-Year Students
7 Second-Year Students
9 Upper-Division Students
11 Transfer Students
13 Fraternity and Sorority Life
14 Student Life
15 Dining
17 Frequently Asked Questions
19 What’s Next?

First-Year Students
Residence Halls

At the University of the Pacific, students are able to select their on-campus housing accommodations
based on a variety of room style options, locations, and amenities. Depending on their class standing, a
students housing options increase as they advance in their academic career. For first-year students, the
choice of on-campus residence hall options include Southwest Hall, or one of the residential facilities in
the Quad communities.


Southwest Hall

• Second largest residence hall, housing 248 first & second year students
• Double, limited triple and single rooms available
• Co-ed floors
• Located near the School of Engineering and Computer Science,
College of the Pacific, the Conservatory of Music, and the library

Southwest Double: 17’4” by 11’5”
Southwest Large Single: 16’2” by 10’8”
Southwest Small Single: 11’7” by 11’8”

The Quad Communities

The Quads are a group of ten small residential
communities for first-year students located
near the College of the Pacific, Benerd School
of Education, Baun Fitness Center, School
of International Studies, south campus and
Athletic facilities. Approximately 660 students
live in these three story buildings; each
housing approximately 50 to 100 residents.
Buildings are co-ed with single gender
floors and bathrooms. Each building has
double rooms with limited singles and triples
available. Each Quad community building
features a common area with televisions,
recreational equipment and study lounges. In
addition, all communities feature central heat
and air conditioning.

Quad Double: 11’6” by 15’
Quad Small Single: 8’7” by 11’11”
Quad Large Single: 8’7” by 15’
(room sizes vary within buildings)

John Ballantyne Hall Price House “Living in a residence
(Honors Community) • Home to 62 students hall has led me to meet some
• Offers priority for placement to 91 first year • Located near the Benerd School of fantastic people.”
students who are invited to participate in the Education and Long Theatre
Honors Program • Part of the Price, Werner, and Farley
• The Director of the Honors Program and (PWF) community
administrative assistant are located in John
Ballantyne with regular office hours to meet Casa Werner - Ashton Ray
with students • Home to 73 students
• Part of the John Ballantyne and Carter • Located near Benerd
(JBC) community School of Education, and College of the
Pacific classrooms
Carter House • Part of the Price, Werner, and Farley
• Home to 63 students (PWF) community
• Part of the John Ballantyne and Carter
(JBC) community Farley House Single Room Accommodations
• Home to 52 students Many of the residence halls on-campus provide
Wemyss House • Part of the Price, Werner, and Farley for a limited number of private/single room
• Home to 50 students (PWF) community accommodations. Priority is provided on
• Located near Kjeldsen Pool and Knoles the basis of medical requests, class standing,
Field and date of request. There is an additional
• Part of the Wemyss, Eiselen, and Ritter Jessie Ballantyne Hall fee per semester for single accommodations.
(WER) community Assignments to single rooms and size preference
• Home to 94 students are based upon availability and can not be
Eiselen House • Located near the School of International
• Home to 71 students Studies
• Part of the Wemyss, Eiselen, and Ritter • Part of the Casa Jackson and Jessie Ballantyne guaranteed. Students interested in a single room
(WER) community (JJ) community must complete the Single Room Request form
available in the Residential Life & Housing office
Ritter House Casa Jackson or online.
• Home to 50 students (International House)
• Located across from Knoles Field • Home to 50 students
• Part of the Wemyss, Eiselen, and Ritter • Located near the School of International Triple Room Accommodations
(WER) community Studies and Wendell Phillips Center Similar to single rooms, triple rooms are limited
• Kitchen and sacred space in the residence halls. Students can request a
• Part of the Casa Jackson and Jessie Ballantyne triple room on their housing preferences through
(JJ) community the online system. Triple rooms are at a lower
rate. Assignments for triple rooms are based on

availability and the Confirmation Rent Payment


Residential Learning Communities

At Pacific we house students according to their class cohort to better address their developmental and social needs. We view all communities on
campus both residential halls and apartments as residential learning communities. These communities are created to be places and spaces where
students begin to explore the relationship between academic achievement and residential living. Each community offers a unique atmosphere, a
variety of amenities, and are designed to create opportunities for students to learn about themselves in a residential environment that enhances
their academic, developmental and social skills. Throughout the year, students learn about each other as they share experiences that coincide and
compliment what they are studying in the classroom. Please take a moment to review each community so that you can choose the right place for you.

Benefits of Living in a Residential Learning Community Honors Community

Studies done throughout higher education institutions and publications John Ballantyne Hall
consistently show that when compared to their peers, students who live in • PFororgfrirasmt-year students in the Honors
Residential Learning Communities benefit the following ways: Focused on developing a challenging
• education living and learning
• Become more familiar with campus environment
resources, offices and services Provides easy access to faculty in the
• Often meet friends earlier and • residential setting
become more comfortable within Added social and academic support
the community • through Honors Peers
• More quickly acclimate to the Structured programs and activities are
college environment in their • organized to coincide with classroom
transition from high school learning
• Have more interaction opportunities Assignment to the Honors
with staff and faculty on campus • community is restricted to those
• Are better prepared academically joining the Honors Program, which is
(more readily participating in study, by invitation.
work, or discussion groups)
• Have opportunities for deeper International House
learning and engagement in and outside
of classes. Casa Jackson and
For first-year International
5 I AM HOME • Domestic students

• Focused on international issues
For Students interested in sharing
• their cultures and traditions
Community kitchen
• Meditation and prayer space
• Study rooms

Second-Year Students

Residence Halls

Grace Covell Hall &
Southwest Hall

Grace Covell Hall*

• The largest residence hall, accommodating 307
second year students
Double and limited triple rooms available
• Located near the Eberhardt School of Business, the McCaffrey
Center, the library, and the Conservatory of Music

• Laundry facilities on every floor

Grace Covell Double:
17’4” by 11’5”

Southwest Hall

• Second largest residence hall, housing 248 first & second year
• Double, limited triple and single rooms available
• Co-ed floors
• Located near the School of Engineering and Computer Science,
College of the Pacific, Conservatory of Music, and the library

* Students in Grace Covell Hall are scheduled to be relocated to our new building for Spring 2018. Southwest Double:
17’4” by 11’5”
Please visit for details. Southwest Large Single:
16’2” by 10’8”
Southwest Small Single:
11’7” by 11’8”


Upper-Division Students

Apartment Communities

Upper-division students (graduate, professional students or students who have lived on campus 4 semesters or more) are able to select from a variety of on-campus
apartment residence halls. These include Monagan Hall, Chan Family Hall, McCaffrey Center Apartments, and Townhouse Apartments. Students living in an on-
campus apartment facility are required to have at least a Bronze level meal plan.

Monagan Hall McCaffrey Center Apartments
• Located on Brookside Road, between Monagan and Chan Family Hall
Chan Family Hall and the Cowell Wellness Center
• Each suite features four bedrooms, two full
baths, a living room, and dining/kitchen area

Chan Family Hall
• Located on Brookside Road, between
Monagan Hall and the Thomas J. Long
School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
• Each suite features four bedrooms, two full
baths, a living room, and dining/kitchen area
• Reserved for Professional and Graduate Students

McCaffrey Center Apartments
• In the hub of daily student activities such as
the ASuop student government offices,
The Grove campus convenience store, and
the Janet Leigh Theatre
• Each apartment has three bedrooms, one
bathroom, a living room, and a dining/
kitchen area

Townhouse Apartments
• Located on the northwest side of campus at
Pershing Avenue and Brookside Road
• One and two bedroom units with one bathroom,
a living room, kitchen and dining area
• Houses two to three students
• Pool and volleyball court
• Renovated Summer 2015

*Please contact Residential Life & Housing
for Apartment Dimensions and Sizes

Townhouse two bedroom apartment Townhouse one bedroom apartment

Transfer Student

Housing Options

Residence Halls

Transfer students who are required to live on-campus are
able to select from a second year community. These include
Grace Covell Hall and Southwest Hall. Students living in an
residential hall facility are required to have at least a Silver
level meal plan. Please visit the second year student page for
detailed housing options.

Apartment Communities

Upper-division transfer students who are exempt (not required
to live on-campus) are able to select from a variety of on-
campus apartment communities. These include Monagan Hall,
McCaffrey Center Apartments, and Townhouse Apartments.
Students living in an on-campus apartment facility are required
to have at least a Bronze level meal plan. Please visit the
Apartment communities’ page for detailed housing options.

Transfer Students are required to live on-campus unless
they qualify for one or more of the following categories:

• Over the age of 21
• Transferring to Pacific with over 56 credits
(excludes credits obtained through AP coursework or
summer bridge programs)
• Have lived on campus at another higher education
institution for four semesters (excluding summer
• Live with their parents/legal guardians in their
permanent residence within 50 miles of the Pacific’s
Stockton campus
• Students, who are married, in a registered domestic
partnership, or a similar legal relationship.



Residence Halls & Apartments

Furniture Keys
Each resident is provided with a bed, dresser, desk and At check-in, each resident is provided with a room key
desk chair. Most mattresses are 36 inches wide and 80 and an exterior door key (unless there is PacificCard
inches in length, requiring twin extra long sheets. access to the exterior door). Mailbox keys are issued by
the Mail Room. Lost or stolen keys must be reported
Laundry Facilities
Washers and dryers are available in all residential to Residential Life & Housing. Students are charged
communities. Laundry is included for all on-campus for the replacement of lost keys or access cards.
residents .
Cable Service All residents have access to their own mail box in the
Standard cable service is provided in each residence hall respective halls they live in.
room and all apartments at no additional charge.
Air Conditioning Parking areas are available near all residence
All apartments, residence halls and Greek facilities have air communities. Parking permits are enforced
conditioning. Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
For more information visit
Wireless access is available campus wide.


At Pacific, we have 12 social Greek organizations, 4 Panhellenic chapters, 4 Multicultural
Chapters and 4 Interfraternity chapters. 5 chapters offer a University operated, on
campus living option in a fraternity or sorority house. The university and each chapter has
specific requirements to become a member and live in the facility. Please visit our website: to learn more about our community, facilities, values,

recruitment and more!

What to do on-campus
There are more than 100 student organizations and dozens of
athletic activities. There are social, academic, athletic, cultural,
professional, religious, spiritual, service and special interest
clubs. There is a great Theatre Arts department which produces
five to seven shows a year, including plays, musicals and dance,
all students are encouraged to try-out and participate. The
Conservatory of Music presents more than 100 performances
each year. There are over 20 intramural sports, 14 club sports
and 18 Division I intercollegiate sports. There is a Residence
Hall Association and Student Government groups for both
the University as a whole and for each school or college. There
are social and professional sororities and fraternities.
(And lots of other awesome things to do on-campus!)


Dining Options & Meal Plans

Pacific offers students a variety of dining options,
through different level meal plans and our multiple
dining options including the Marketplace (our
main dining hall), The Lair, the Calaveras Coffee
House, Davey’s Café, the Health Sciences Café,
the Grove and The E.A.T. Gourmet food truck.
Each option features a variety of menus including
such things as a salad bar, home-style soups,
freshly baked desserts, and beverages. There is a
wide selection of entrées and vegetables. At least
one vegetarian entrée is featured at each meal.
All students living on-campus are required to
participate in a meal plan. Instead of recording
meals per day or per year, you have the ability to
use your Dining Points to buy the food you want to
eat whenever you are hungry. The meal plan works
like a debit card, with all the funds loaded into
your account at the beginning of each semester.
The Dining Point amount placed on your account
each semester is determined by the meal plan you
choose. Each time you make a purchase, the amount
is deducted from your balance.

Students Living in Residence Halls Sample Menu from The Lair Meal Plans for 2017–2018
Students living in the traditional residence
halls (i.e. Grace Covell, Southwest, and the (General Term Students)
Quads),will need
to select from a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Meal $4.75 BONE IN BUFFALO WINGS PLAN LEVEL DINING POINTS
Plan. $5.90 BBQ PORK SANDWICH Platinum 2 ,260 semester 4,520 year
$5.90 PHILLY CHEESE STEAK Gold 2 ,114 semester 4,228 year
Students Living in On-Campus Apartments $4.25 CAESAR SALAD Silver 1,939 semester 3,878 year
Students living in an apartment are required $5.45 ULTIMATE PIZZA Copper 1 ,450 semester 2,900 year
to have a Meal Plan. The minimum plan is the $2.20 GARLIC FRIES Bronze
Bronze Meal Plan. $2.20 SWEET POTATO FRIES 705 semester 1,410 year
Students Living in Greek Communities $4.25 TURKEY BURGER Annual dining points divided by 3 semesters for
All Greek houses provide their own in-house $4.25 GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH Pharmacy term students.
meal plan. Students living in a university owned $2.50 ALL-NATURAL BEEF HOT DOG
fraternity or sorority house are required to
participate in their organization’s Meal Plan each * Menu prices subject to change in 2017-2018 For more details, including menus
semester. & other dining services, please visit

FAQ Typically, can I sign-up for one semester What is an RA?
of housing only? RAs (Resident Assistants) are students just like you
Frequently Asked Questions No. The Student Housing Agreement is for the full academic who have taken a leadership role in the residential
year: Fall and Spring or Fall, Spring and Summer (for community. They are paraprofessional members of
Are students able to get housing? students on the trimester system). Exceptions would include Residential Life & Housing Staff who help ensure
Yes. The University of the Pacific requires all full-time those students that are admitted in the Spring and students that you have a safe, educational, and enjoyable
undergraduate students to live on-campus for their first returning from Study Abroad, Co-Op, or Leave of Absence. experience in your community.
four semesters at the University; excluding summer
sessions. Students are exempted from the residency How safe is campus? What should I leave at home?
requirement if they are over the age of 21, have a Campus is very safe, but you still need to pay attention to • Pets of any kind (except for fish in a maximum
dependent(s) or live with their parents/guardians in their what’s going on around you. The University has an excellent
permanent residence within 50 miles of the University of safety record and is very proactive in making campus as 5 gal. tank)
the Pacific’s Stockton campus. safe as possible. Our Department of Public Safety employs • Illegal drugs, controlled substances, and
sworn police officers that patrol campus 24 hours a day.
Will I have a roommate? How are roommates paraphernalia
matched? Where can I park? • Open flames; candles; sun lamps; incense
Almost all students will be assigned roommates. This You may park in B or N parking lots, which are adjacent to • Large holiday/string lights
matching is done using the information the incoming most residential facilities. You must obtain a parking permit • Halogen lamps
student provides during the summer. from the University’s Cashier’s Office, located in the Finance • Space heaters
It is very important to fill out this housing Center, within the first two weeks of classes or you will be • Water-filled furniture
information accurately and honestly. Entering students can cited. Permits may be purchased online or by visiting the • Exterior antennas
indicate a preference of roommate. Cashier’s Office when you arrive on campus. • Outdoor clotheslines
• Metal tipped dartboard sets
What do I do if I find somebody I want to be When is curfew? • Dead plants or trees
roommates with? There is no curfew in University owned housing. However, • All firearms and fireworks
You may email or fill out a Facility Room Change Request there are Quiet Hours which are from 11 PM to 8 AM • All weapons (including airguns, bb guns, etc.)
Form, available in the Residential Life & Housing Sunday through Thursday and 1 AM to 8 AM on Friday and • Hot plates, toasters and all items with an open
office, McCaffrey Center, 2nd Floor, or online through Saturday. During these times, noise levels shall be at a level
InsidePacific. Both you and your preferred roommate must conducive to sleeping. heating element.
do this and indicate each other as preferred roommates. For more information, refer to the Student Housing
Requests are not guaranteed. No room changes will be What is my campus address? Agreement, terms and conditions, and Tiger Lore.
processed during the first two-weeks of each term/ Your Name
semester. Building and Room Number When do I check-out of housing?
University of the Pacific Check-out is 24 hours after your last final, or
How do I sign-up for a single room? 3601 Pacific Avenue December 16, 2017 by 9:00 AM for general term
Because of the limited number of single rooms, all single Stockton, CA 95211 Fall Semester and December 19, 2017 by 9:00 AM
room requests will be placed on the waitlist. To be placed for Pharmacy term Fall Semester. May 11, 2018
on the waitlist, please complete the Single Room Request When is mail delivered? by 9:00 AM for general term Spring Semester; and
form available online or at Residential Life & Housing. Mail is delivered Monday through Friday directly to your August 2, 2018 for Pharmacy Summer Semester.
mailbox in your community by 5:00 PM. Large packages are Residence halls and Greek facilities will be closed
available for pick-up from Mail Services from 8:00 AM to for Winter Break, while apartments will remain
5:00 PM. open. All buildings will be open for Spring Break
and Thanksgiving break; limited meal options will
be available.



Signing Up for Housing

Log on to your insidePacific account, click the Living tab then click Enter
the Housing Portal. This is where you will find the Student Housing
Agreement and housing preferences. Housing preferences can be made and
changed in the online system through June 28, 2017.

Room assignments are decided based on the date your Confirmation Rent
Payment was submitted. Please keep in mind that requests are not guaranteed
to be approved. You will receive your Housing packet, which includes your
placement information by email by Mid-July.

Graduate, Pharmacy, and Transfer students please contact Residential Life & Housing for additional Housing information.

Residential Life & Housing
3601 Pacific Avenue

McCaffrey Center, 2nd Floor
Stockton, CA 95211

(209) 946 2331

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