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AA - 2017 Stuffer FINAL - HiRes PDF Panels

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AA - 2017 Stuffer FINAL - HiRes PDF Panels

AA - 2017 Stuffer FINAL - HiRes PDF Panels



The leading provider of quality food snacks and
beverages in the office products industry.

(K) denotes Kosher Status
(*) denotes New Item



Assorted Candy Tubs (inc. Organic) Bulk Candy (Top Sellers)
Lick Stix Suckers (inc. Sugar-Free) European Candy Mix
Sugar-Free Fruit-Flavored Candy Kauai Coffee

Assorted Tootsie Rolls Walker’s Shortbread (Reg & G/F)
Microwave Popcorn Chock Full o Nuts Coffee

Pretzels, Gretzels & Gourmet Nuts Bottled Water (inc. Distilled)
Break Room Condiments (inc. N’Joy) Top O’ The Line Suckers
Chase & Sanborn Coffee
Walker’s Assorted Toffee M&M’s Snax Packs
Doggie Snax (Yes, for dogs!) Goetz’s Caramel Creams
Dolcetto Cookies & Wafers
Jelly Belly (Bags & Bulk)
Hills Bros. Coffee

• We are the “go to” snacks people in the office products industry, carried

by every office products dealer in the country and by thousands of

• In addition to stocking break rooms, our items are perfect for

promotional items, welcome desk candy and gifts.

• O ur items are designed for sharing, with a large selection of our candy

and snacks individually wrapped.

• Many of our items are certified Kosher.
• O ur products have a minimum shelf life of 6 months.
• M eetings just go better with snax!

Office Snax 9 to 5 Coffee—Medium roast,
100% Arabica coffee w/no artificial flavors,
colors or preservatives. Flavorful, aromatic
& smooth, our beans are carefully sourced,
roasted & ground to give you the perfect cup
every time!

•OFX-00058 Regular Coffee

(6) 33.9 oz. bags/case

Office Snax Coffee (K)—100%
Rainforest Alliance Certified, A delicious, office blend of medium-
roasted, Arabica coffee. Grown on farms where forests, rivers and soils
are protected and workers are top priority.

•OFX-00034 Regular Coffee (63) 1.5 oz. pkts/case

Chase and Sanborn 100% Arabica Coffee (K)—
Established in 1878, Chase & Sanborn continues its
tradition of quality at a value with a robust blend of
coffee at an affordable price.

•••OOOFFFXXX---333322440201000 (42) 1.75 oz. pkts/case
(42) 1.25 oz. pkts/case DECAF
(6) 34.5 oz. cans/case

Hills Bros (K)—Consistently delivering a rich,
delicious cup of coffee for over a century.

••••OOOOFFFFXXXX----00001211001052087149 (42) 1.1 oz. pkts/case
(42) 2.25 oz. pkts/case
(42) 1.5 oz. pkts/case
(6) 26-oz. cans/case

Kauai Coffee (K)—Roasted in small batches, Kauai medium roast
is a mellow, easy-drinking coffee with a bright flavor. Kauai Dark Roast
is bold, yet clean, for those who enjoy coffee with depth and character.

••OOFFXX--1166117732 Koloa Estate Med 2.25 oz. packet 24 per case
Koloa Estate Dark 2.25 oz. packet 24 per case

Chock full o’ Nuts (K)—Known by generations of
East Coasters as “Heavenly Coffee”.

••OOFFXX0110004946 (42) 1.75 oz. pkts/case
(6) 26 oz. cans/case

Sugar and Non-Dairy Creamer Packets (K)

••OOFFXX--0000002212 Sugar 1,200 pkts/case
ND Creamer 800 pkts/case

Plastic Stir Sticks

•OFX-STR5 (10) 1,000 ct. boxes/case

Sugar and Non-Dairy Creamer Canisters

••••OOOOFFFFXXXX----00000000000022110990 GG Sugar - (24) 20 oz. canisters/case
Sugar - (8) 3 pks 20 oz. canisters/case
Non-Dairy Creamer Canister - (24) 12 oz. canisters/case
Non-Dairy Creamer - (8) 3 pks 12 oz. canisters/case

the taste of rich, smooth, fresh & flavorful
cream in your coffee without having to
store milk in the office. Sweeten your
morning coffee with this pure, granulated
can sugar. easy-to-use canisters with easy
open/easy close pour spouts.

••••OOOOFFFFXXXX----99994400522708585550**** Sugar - (24) 20 oz. canisters/case
Sugar - (8) 3 pks 20 oz. canisters/case
Non-Dairy Creamer Canister - (24) 12 oz. canisters/case
Non-Dairy Creamer - (8) 3 pks 12 oz. canisters/case

Equal® (K)

•OFX-20015445 (12) 115 pkt. boxes/case

Sweet’N Low® (K)

•OFX-50150 (4) 400 pkt. boxes/case

Splenda® (K)

•OFX-20025 (12) 100 pkt. boxes/case

Sugar in the Raw (K)

•OFX-00319 (12) 100 pkt. boxes/case

Mini Salt & Pepper Shakers––Set includes (3) each
of .40 oz. salt shakers and .17 oz. pepper shakers.

•OFX-00056 24 sets/case

Salt & Pepper Shaker Set––4 oz. salt shaker and
1.5 oz. pepper shaker. Tamper proof set.

•OFX-00057 12 sets/case

•OFX-00060 Blue Sweetener Packets (K)
•OFX-00061 Pink Sweetener Packets (K)
•OFX-00062 Yellow Sweetener Packets (K)
•OFX-00063 Natural Sugar Packets (K)

All sweetener items contain 2,000 packets per case.

Walkers Shortbread Cookies (K)—Premium-quality, pure butter
shortbread cookies. Packaged in convenient two-cookie snack packs to
ensure freshness. 6 boxes/case.
Shortbread Fingers 24 packs/box
Shortbread Highlanders 24 packs/box
Chocolate Chip 24 packs/box
Animal Shapes (12) 6.2 oz. bxs/case

crumbly “melt in your mouth” texture and
butter flavor, these certified Gluten-Free
cookies are the best of both worlds.
(6) 4.9 oz. boxes/case.
G/F Shortbread Rounds
G/F Chocolate Chip Shortbread
G/F Ginger & Lemon Shortbread

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies—High-end
quality cookies made with real butter. Great for sharing! No
preservatives or coloring added. Reusable tin!

•OFX-53005 (12) 12 oz. tins/case

Dolcetto Chocolate Filled Cookies—Tiny
cookies, big taste! Delicious & crisply baked cookies
with a luscious, creamy chocolate center. Pair with
coffee, tea, hot cocoa, even ice cream!

•OFX-00679 (4) 24 ct. boxes/case

DOLCETTO WAFERS—Crispy & creamy European wafers are
100% natural, using only premium ingredients. Baked to perfection
& foil-wrapped to preserve freshness. (12) 6.3 oz. boxes/case.

•••OOOFFFXXX---666555765*** CVTiahranomicloliaslaute

Gretzels (K)—A perfect mixture of cinnamon &
honey, Gretzels are graham crackers with a twist!
All natural, no preservatives. The perfect “any time
of day” snack.

•OFX-00073 (6) 32 oz. tubs/case

•OFX-00080 Nugget Style Sourdough Pretzels (K) 48 oz. tub
•OFX-00082 Old Fashioned Mini Pretzels (K) 40 oz. tub
•OFX-00083 Giant Pretzel Sticks (K) 40 oz. tub
•OFX-00084 Giant Twist Sourdough Pretzels (K) 40 oz. tub
•OFX-375 Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets (K) 44 oz. tub
All pretzel tubs are packed (6) per case.

Known as one of the world’s oldest snack foods, pretzels are a healthy
choice when it comes to salted treats. Each serving contains a multitude
of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Pretzels can be helpful in losing weight
because they are low in calories, saturated and total fat. Healthy and
tasty, pretzels are a snack that everyone should enjoy!

Pop Weaver Microwave Popcorn (K)
Choose the brand that’s tall in taste and short
in cost, with a deliciously rich buttery flavor that keeps

people coming back for more.
It’s the perfect healthy,
satisfying snack!

•••OOOFFFXXX---111000555555111120 Butter (6) 22 pks/case
Butter Light (6) 22 pks/case
Extra Butter (6) 22 pks/case

Gourmet Quality Nuts & Dried Fruits
There’s something for everyone at Minneola Farms. Whether you want to spice things
up with our Wasabi Party Mix or keep it clean with our Natural Almonds, the selection
of gourmet quality nuts & dried fruit mixes from Minneola Farms is second to none.

•OFX-00087 Wasabi Party Mix 22 oz. bag
•OFX-00089 Sesame Snax Mix
26 oz. bag
•OFX-00091* Diced Pineapple & Papaya 24 oz. bag
•OFX-00092* Dried Berry Mix 38 oz. bag
•OFX-00093 Happy Heart Mix
•OFX-00095 Cashew Nuts 32 oz. bag

•OFX-00096* Natural Almonds 32 oz. bag

•OFX-00097 Pistachio Nuts 32 oz. bag

•OFX-00098 Deluxe Nut Mix 24 oz. bag

34 oz. bag

All nuts are packed (6) bags per case.

Assorted Tootsie Rolls— Original, Lime, Cherry, Lemon, Vanilla
and Orang­e.

•OFX-00028 (9) 28 oz. tubs/case

Assorted Goetze’s Caramel Creams— Original, Dark and
Strawberry Creams.

•OFX-00029 (9) 24 oz. tubs/case

Assorted Fruit-Filled/Dual Fruit Chews
All natural ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors. Superior &
smooth “true to fruit” taste. Hard includes peach, orange, raspberry
and apple. Soft includes strawberry/lemon, orange/passionfruit and

•OFX-00039 (9) 26 oz. tubs/case

Walkers Assorted Toffees (K)—2.75 lbs. of pure delight!
Assortment may include: Milk-covered, Chocolate, Olde
English Royale Toffee, and Milk Chocolate Éclair.

•OFX-94054 (7) 2.75 lb. tubs/case
•O FX-00066* M&M’s Snax Packs - (8) 1.75 lb. tubs/case

Best of both worlds! Mixed tub of M&M Plain and M&M Peanut
Fun Size packs. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands!

•O FX-00067* Generations Mix - (12) 2 lb. tubs/case

A perfect mix of candy from multiple generations pleases people
young and old(er). You can’t go wrong with this delicious mix.

•OFX-00079* Assorted Organic Candy - (12) 16.5 oz.

tubs/case Delicious assortment of certified organic candy, in hard
and chewy fruit flavors. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands!

Jelly Belly—Everybody loves Jelly Belly! Various
sizes for all your needs. 2 lb bag for sharing or
mini bags in bulk for give-aways. Both make for
a great treat!

•OFX-72512 (4) 0.35 oz. 80 ct. boxes/case
•OFX-72692 BULK 0.35 oz. (300) bags/case
•OFX-98475 49 flavor, 2 lb. bag

Peppermint Puffs—Light and airy, these old-
fashioned peppermint puffs melt in your mouth for
a refreshing treat. Contains zero grams of trans fat.
Individually wrapped in a reusable tub.

••OOFFXX--0000604012 * (6) 44 oz. tubs/case
(1) 10 lb. box

Sugar Free Candy—Assorted fruit flavored hard

•caOndFXy.-0106000i7nd(1iv2id) u1a6l0lypwc.ratupbpse/dcapsieeces per tub.

Sugar Free Lick Stix—Great tasting assortment
of fruit flavored SUGAR-FREE Lick Stix. Superior
flavor profile. Individually wrapped in a reusable tub.

•OFX-00068 (6) 2 lb. tubs/case

Top O’ The Line Pops—Upscale, premium
assortment of great-tasting suckers including:
Dum Dums, Tootsie Pops, Charm Blow Pops,
Saf-T-Pops and Dum Dum Bubble Gum Pops.

•OFX-00017 (4) 56 oz. tubs/case

Lick Stix—Individually
wrapped candy suckers in
assorted fruit flavors.

•OFX-00003 (4) 220 pc. tubs/case
•OFX-00004 (K) Value Pack 1440 pc.
•OFX-00068 Sugar-Free Lick Stix - (6) 2 lb. tubs/case

Doggie Snax—Don’t forget man’s best friend!
Perfect for your drive-thru customers, dog-friendly offices

and restaurants or any place Fido is welcome!
Proudly made in the USA.
10 lb. box with plastic liner

All of your favorite candies in
reusable plastic tubs.
Our 10-lb. bulk items
have a plastic
liner to maintain
freshness. Candy
is perfect for
reception desks
and all types
of meetings.
•OFX-70009 Fancy Mix
•OFX-00603* Fancy Mix - (1) 10 lb. box
•OFX-70013 Assorted Jelly Beans
••OOFFXX--0700001135 Assorted Gummy Bears
Soft & Chewy Mix
­••OOFFXX--0000000826 SAollftTy&mCehFeawvyor-it(e1s) 10 lb. box
•OFX-00085 All Tyme Mix - (1) 10 lb. box
•OFX-70005 Starlight Mints, Spearmint
•OFX-70019 Starlight Mints, Peppermint
•OFX-00602* Starlight Peppermints - (1) 10 lb. box
•OFX-00005 Asst’d Wrapped Fruit Slices
•OFX-00015 Creamy & Smooth Delights

Bottled Spring Water (K)—Stay hydrated.
100% pure natural spring water. Bottled at
Springbrook Springs, Concord, New York.

•••••OOOOOFFFFFXXXXX-----0000000000000002322247362 ((((1222(32444))))) 12811/20gloliitoazte.elz.r.rbjbboubootgotttstlttet/lllceseeas/ssc/s//cacecasaasesseee Pure Spring Water—No
deposit, no return and it’s
recyclable! Easily manageable
4 gallon bottle with spill-safe cap.

Fits most water coolers!

•OFX-40059 4 Gal Cooler Bottle

Distilled Water—An excellent way to hydrate,
distilled water replenishes your body with unaltered,
trace-element-free H2O. Soft and mineral-free.

•OFX-00033 Distilled Water (3) 1 gal. jugs/case


••••••OOOOOOFFFFFFXXXXXX------000000000000060660766000137296 M&M’s Mix
Generations Mix
Assorted Organic Candy
Peppermint Puffs Bulk
Starlight Peppermints Bulk
Fancy Mix Bulk

•••OOO FFFXXX---000000000999216
Diced Pineapple & Papaya - 38 oz. bag
Dried Berry Mix - 38 oz. bag
Natural Almonds - 32 oz. bag

••••••OOOOOO FFFFFFXXXXXX------00666011515507650022 2 120
Walkers Gluten-Free Shortbread Rounds
Walkers Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread
Walkers Gluten-Free Ginger & Lemon Shortbread
Dolcetto Wafers, Chocolate
Dolcetto Wafers, Vanilla
Dolcetto Wafers, Tiramisu

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