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A monthly newsletter for Rotary leaders in Zones 17 and 18A (RI Regions 18 and 19)

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End Polio Now Coordinator Newsletter - October 2018

A monthly newsletter for Rotary leaders in Zones 17 and 18A (RI Regions 18 and 19)

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Newsletter 4 October 2018

World Polio Day: an opportunity to

Inside this issue: On the 24th of this our organisation? https://www.endpolio.or
month, we mark the g/world-polio-day
Purple in Edinburgh 2 anniversary of Polio Nothing attracts
vaccine pioneer Dr new recruits like
Success in Advocacy 3 Jonas Silk’s birth- success and we
day. have in PolioPlus a
Philadelphia live 4 truly successful pro-
stream This is once again a ject that has impact-
fantastic opportunity ed in every part of
Countdown to Histo- 5 for all of us to work the globe.
ry together in promot-
ing our number one If anything makes
Jon Stillman 6 priority and enhanc- you proud to be a Ro-
ing Rotary’s public tarian it is surely
image. our global efforts to
eradicate Polio.

And what a great op- Please—do some-
portunity for attract- thing. And please
ing new members to shout about it.

Latest Polio Position

As at October 8th in 2018 (7 cases in either 2017 or 2018
with the last case
2018, 2017) reported in August
In the last three en- Afghanistan— one
demic countries- Ten new Polio posi-
new case reported tive environmental
Pakistan—no new this week. 15 cases samples were found
WPV cases this so far in 2018 (14 however this week.
week. 4 cases so far cases in 2017)
Nigeria—no cases in

Page 2 End Polio Now

RIBI Clubs contributing to PolioPlus—September

There were a number of out- The largest donation of any
standing contributions from club came from the Ashford
clubs in RIBI to our Polio Club.
cause last month.
Unfortunately, as it seems is
In Yorkshire, The Rotary the pattern, it proved diffi-
Clubs of Elland and Skipton cult to nail down any specific
made large contributions as Polio project activities by any
did the Rotary Clubs of of these clubs.
Shrewsbury Darwin and
Walsall Saddlers in District Kudos to all of our wonderful
1210. contributing Rotary Clubs.

Sir Walter Scott—iconic monument is going purple

The race of mankind would efforts of District 1020 Polio
perish did they cease to aid Chair Ken Logan, a purple
each other. We cannot exist crocus carpet will lie at the
without mutual help. All foot of this magnificent struc-
therefore that need aid have a ture which graces Edin-
right to ask it from their fel- burgh’s Princes Street..
low-men; and no one who has
the power of granting can re- Ken thanks all those Rotari-
fuse it without guilt. ans who have hunted high
and low to furnish him with
Sir Walter Scott enough crocuses to make this
a truly one off event.
The magnificent monument
to one of the English lan-
guage’s literary greats will
be decorated with our Rotary
Purple Fabric Crocus on
World Polio Day.

Thanks to the outstanding

Newsletter 4 Page 3

Success in Polio Advocacy: Judith Diment

The Rotary International
Polio Eradication Task Force
worked tirelessly in the last
year to ensure that donor
governments continue to
make polio a top priority and
provide the funds and politi-
cal commitment needed to
achieve a polio free world.

Advocacy for polio eradica- financial support including:
tion has focused on four key
areas in the last year:

Maintaining global sup- Last July the G20 leaders
port for polio eradication voiced their commitment to
from donor governments polio for the first time in his-
Monetising the pledges
made in Atlanta last year In April 53 member states of
the Commonwealth affirmed
Advocacy for the im- their commitment to polio
portance of vaccinations eradication in the CHOGM
to counter the increasing communique. The Common-
lobby against children be- wealth has a unique combi-
ing vaccinated nation of key donor countries
such as Canada, Australia
Advocacy for access to all and UK as well as polio en-
children demic and at risk countries
such as Pakistan, Nigeria
Maintaining focus amidst and India.
competing priorities and lim-
ited resources is critical to
achieving a polio free world.
Over the past year our polio
advocacy efforts have result-
ed in strong statements and

Reg Ling (Region 19)

Calum Thomson
(Region 18)

Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

It was in Philadelphia, dur- Time—23:30 our
ing the 1988 Rotary Conven- time.
tion, that Rotary announced
it had raised what amounted
to $247 million for the eradi-
cation of polio — twice its
original fundraising goal.

This success showed Rotary’s
strength as an organization
that could — and will — end
a global disease.

On World Polio Day (24th
October) there will be a live
streaming event from the
College of Physicians in that
same city.

Countdown to History—Eve Conway


The nine zones in RIBI and Europe contributed $7,891,580 in cash and DDF to Polio which is approximately 18% of
all Polio contributions worldwide.

The polio contribution figures indicate that France, Italy and Switzerland are up slightly for RY 2017-18. Germany
and Sweden were down slightly. But Norway and Austria are up approximately 50%. These results are interim
and unaudited. In RIBI, we were down slightly at 97 percent of the amount raised during the previous Rotary year.


Despite special emphasis by the Committee urging Districts to donate 20 per cent of DDF to polio, we saw a drop
while unallocated DDF continues to grow. 176 districts across the world gave no DDF at all to End Polio Now,
which is concerning. At the end of June 2018, there was a staggering US$54.2 million of unused DDF.


An emphasis of the Committee is to encourage Districts and Clubs to focus on making the most out of World Polio
Day in terms of PR and media coverage and fundraising opportunities.

This year’s 24 October World Polio Day theme will be “Big Steps” because we will be celebrating the 30th anniver-
sary of the start of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. We are encouraging every club to register their WPD
events on; almost 1,000 events have been registered already. is being updated with new
resources. A live stream event will be held in Philadelphia at the American College of Physicians. The venue holds
about 150 people so donors, prospects and Rotary leaders will be on hand.



Here in Britain and Ireland, we are benefitting from increased fundraising and awareness generated by our Pur-
ple4Polio Campaign. The campaign is viewed by Rotary International as an excellent role model that other Dis-
tricts and Clubs throughout the world can follow to raise funds for and awareness of our EPN campaign. So in my
role on the Committee, I was asked to speak at the RI Convention in Toronto, on the panel at a Breakout Session
called “End Polio Now: Fundraising Toward the Finish” about the success of our Purple4Polio Campaign launched
when I became Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland President in 2016.

ITALY: There was a major Rotary International EPN event at the Coliseum in Rome in June and this was a mas-
sive public relations success, a private event for 300 people with an orchestra accompanying the Gladiator movie.
11 couples helped to raise $540,000 including the Gates match. Some additional funds may come in as well. The
event was covered in almost every major media market in the world.

Rotary Down Under: This zone has had a mixed background. In New Zealand, six districts contributed nearly $4
million. The other districts contributed less than the previous year. Mark Anderson, Senior Coordinator | Fund
Development at the Rotary Foundation office in Australia is doing a Riding the Train to End Polio. Mark and his
son will attempt to ride the whole network on Friday, 28 September, starting at 4am and ending at 10 pm. At each
station there will be clubs that will put on events to promote awareness and raise funds. It could raise $200,000 if
all goes well. There is also a dinner in Melbourne on World Polio Day 24 October with a goal of raising $1 million
and there are some significant Rotarians in the area.


Rotary International has commissioned a documentary about the ending of polio called “Drop to Zero” with com-
mentary by actor and polio survivor Donald Sutherland and there was a sneak preview of the film to a small audi-
ence at the RI Convention in Toronto. There are plans to make shorter versions of the documentary that Districts
and Clubs can show at events and meetings.

MORE TO FOLLOW: Negotiations are underway for a major, high profile event at the Great Hall Westminster
next year to support our Purple4Polio Campaign to End Polio Now. So watch this space!

Jon Stillman— Polio: A Bottom Up Project

“Rotary’s top priority as found in The Rotary Foundation Code of Policies is a
polio free world. This is NOT a top down priority but was established by the
Council of Legislation voted on by representatives from every district in the Ro-
tary World. The Trustees are simply providing the support requested by the
Council representing our membership”.

This is not well understood and you are encouraged to share this message with
your district leaders. Funding is essential to meeting the Council of Legislation
supported goal of a polio free world.
Two of the priorities of this year’s Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair, Ron Bur-
ton, are in support of the Council of Legislation effort to end polio.
“First, the number one priority of our entire organization is ending polio. We
must fulfil our promise of a polio-free world to every child”.
Chairman Ron’s third priority “is to encourage districts to use all their District
Designated Funds”. These are both key to our success this year in helping to
support the Council of Legislation decision.
On a comparative basis with all zones, a number of very successful zones have
to raise a large amount of DDF in terms of actual dollars to reach their 20%
Congratulations to the following for meeting or exceeding the 20% goal:
Zone 1, EPNC Junichi Yamazaki (within $500 of a large goal);
Zone 15, EPNC Christin Bredin; Zone 20A English, EPNC Ijeoma Pearl Okoro;
Zone 20A French, EPNC Marie Marceline Enganalim;
Zone 22B, EPNC Pedro Loureiro Durao;
Zone Part 27, EPNC Ken Howell;
Zone 30, EPNC Bob Callahan;
Zone 31, EPNC Stacey Self;
and Zone 33, EPNC Rocky Jacobs assisted by Chuck Davidson.
Of note is that most of these EPNC exceeded their 20% goal. The highest
praise goes to EPNC Bob Callahan where all 12 districts in his zone gave
in excess of 20% and the Zone average exceeded 30% of DDF. If every
zone made the 20% DDF contribution, we would significantly exceed our $10
million goal. Thanks so much to those that made the 20% goal. For those who
didn’t, please do everything you can to improve your region/zone giving.

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