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Northern California's #1 Biker Magazine

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Northern California's #1 Biker Magazine

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When getting lost is just what you need.

LC 18 Oceanfront Rooms • Jacuzzi Suites LC
INN OF THE In-room Fireplaces • Pet-Friendly INN OF THE

LOST COAST 888.570.9676 | 707.986.7521 LOST COAST

Li nCn Li nCn




THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE NorCal editor’s letter
P.O. Box 794
Orangevale, CA 95662 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Office: 530.368.6579 or 530.305.7992
Fax: 530-831-4758 We hope that you all have a very happy and prosperous 2020,
Email: [email protected] but most of all we hope that you get to do some amazing rides
Website: in the upcoming New Year! I don’t know about you, but taking
a great ride always makes us happy. And simply put, being
Northern California happy and enjoying life is more important than anything that
State Editors / Owners money can buy.

Stan & Terri Hill We are gearing up for our annual trip to Shelter Cove’s Inn of
the Lost Coast during the first weekend in March. I do believe
On The Cover: that as we write this that there are a couple of reservations still
available, if you want to join us this year. Give the folks at the
1989 Harley-Davidson 883 Hooligan bike provided by Ride-On Motorcycles in Inn of The Lost Coast a call and book your room! In fact, we’ll
Vallejo. Photo by Stan Hill / Model: Athena Fyre along with Blitz the shop dog make it easy for you – here is their phone number (888) 570-
9676! We always have a blast here starting with a great road
Art Director/Layout & Design trip, a delicious crab feed on Friday night (for guests), plus a
Meredith Hancock/Hancock Media cliff side bonfire on the inn’s deck that overlooks the ocean.
This is our favorite place to escape to whenever we just need
Magazine Contributors to get away. We can’t think of a better way to kick off the New
Year - so come and join us!
Wild Bill Hill
If your club or organization has an upcoming event, please
Billie Wilson/Billie The Kid Photography complete and submit the event information on our website: and we will include it in the
Taleah Ebey / T3 Design Studios Upcoming Events Calendar at the back of each issue, as well
as on our website. Ask us about our ad sizes and ad rates for
Rich “Foot” & Jennifer “Sunshine” Elkins special EVENTS designed to help clubs and organizations
– it is these events in TRM NorCal that also receive a social
Dan & Nad Rogers media shout out reminder from us leading into the event to
help you promote attendance!
Gary & Mary Hoffman
Terri and I would like to give a shout out to all of our advertisers
Bobby “G” Godwin in this magazine. Without their ongoing support, we would not
be able to publish this every month and get the information
Cyndee Reed Van Hooser out there for all of you riders that pick us up on a regular
basis. Thunder Roads Magazine NorCal has always been
Thunder Road Biker Church free to you at various NorCal distribution locations, but it is the
Pastor Johnny/[email protected] 916-521-5706 advertisers/sponsors listed in this magazine on Page 45 that
actually make that happen! So if you are ever looking for a
Ride Destination magazine, the best place to go is to an advertiser that is close
Chuck & Cindy Loseth to you. And if you do not have any near you, then let your
favorite motorcycle related business or bar/restaurant know
NorCal Sales Representatives/Magazine Contributors that you would love to get your TRM NorCal while at their
business. Next, ask them to contact us and we will set them
Russell “Raz” Holder up with magazines for their customers…YOU! The point is
(916) 425-2377 that we need you all to support the businesses that support
[email protected] the motorcycle lifestyle by advertising in this magazine. And
be sure to let them know that we sent you, thank you all.
National Founders
Toni McCoy Shearon & Brian Shearon Ride Free
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Office: (615) 792-0040 Fax: (615) 792-7580
Stan and Terri Hill
[email protected] Owner/Editors
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You Might Be Riding On The Back of a Harley

Death Valley

Someone asked me, “Why would anyone want to ride Creek to have lunch. We asked for pitchers of water and
through Death Valley?” Honestly, before we took a ice tea, and ordered lunch. Enjoying the air conditioned
ride through this land of extreme conditions, I was building, laughing at our sunburned faces and smiling,
thinking the same thing. But since we rode Death Valley, my because we did it. We rode thru the hot spot, and survived.
answer is “Why wouldn’t you? It is a great adventure.” Even All of a sudden the power goes off in the building and the
though it was 117° the first time we rode through the valley, alarms begin blaring loudly. The staff assures us the alarms
this was truly one of the coolest ride we have taken. are sounding because of the power loss, not a fire. As some
people left, we waited for our lunch. While we ate, the staff
Rumor has it, Death Valley was named by some miners began picking up the tables. They informed us they were
who were heading to the gold rush in 1849. It took them two going home because the power won’t be back on within
months to cross the valley. As they looked back from a ridge the next 24 hours. Computers are down, the waiter had
one last time, someone said, “Goodbye death valley.” Death to hand write our bill. Sometimes you need cash. With the
Valley is a desert in California, where the elevation is as low power failure they could not take debit or credit for payment.
as -282.2 below sea level, and it is also one of the hottest We were surprised to walk outside and discover a strong
places in the world. windstorm had come in and was the cause of the power
failure. We hopped on the bikes in a hurry to get back to our
Our first trip was a pre-ride, before taking a group on the hotel, 107 miles away, on the other side of Death Valley. I
same trip a few weeks later. Just 2 bikes, and the 3 of us - kept looking behind us, taking pictures because I could see
Rick, Curt and me. We took the 107 mile ride from Olancha
to Furnace Creek, after riding about 450 miles the day
before. We headed out of town into the dry desert valley
around noon. We had our cool vests on the bikes and did
not put them on before we left. About an hour into the ride,
we stopped at a lookout point to enjoy the scenic view. It
was hot, still under 100° and not enough to concern us.
Back on the bikes, riding on twisting roads up and down
the mountains and hills, it started getting hot. We watched
the temperature gauge on the bike as it climbed up. We
decided to keep the water in our bottles for drinking, so we
did not pull over and water the cool vests. The more twists,
turns, and climbing you do, the longer it takes to reach your
destination. Quickly the temperature was 117° HOT. I took a
picture of the screen on the bike, to memorialize the moment
of temperature and time. Knowing there was an end to the
road and a town somewhere ahead, we kept riding. It was
about 3 o’clock when we stopped at the resort in Furnace

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 6

20 Mule Team Double Wagons

Borax Works. The mineral borax, also known as the white
gold, was mined there from 1881 to 1889. The operation
became famous due to the large twenty mule teams and
double wagons that hauled the mineral over the long
distances to the closest railroad.

We rode to Badwater Basin, a place where water comes

from a spring. As water evaporates, dirt and clay are left with

a coating of salt. With too much salt built up in the basin,

people cannot drink the water, known as bad water. This is

the lowest point in North

America, where the depth

is 282 ft. below sea level.

We were intrigued to

see high up on the rocks

someone had painted a

line and the words sea

level. Our hotel was

located about a hundred

miles away at the edge

of Mount Whitney. This

Sand Storm is the tallest mountain
the windstorm was chasing us. It became a sandstorm as it
moved through the desert. Luckily we went one way and the and highest point in the
sandstorm went another. An hour after leaving the resort, the
sky was a beautiful blue with huge fast moving white clouds. contiguous United States
We made it back safely, and shared laughter talking about
the fabulous adventure we had on this day. at 14,505 ft. Ironically,

Badwater Basin we were at the highest
Four weeks later, we made the trip again. This time with 5
bikes, 1 trike and 7 riders. We left early in the morning, watching and lowest point in the
the sun come up over the mountains. We rode, but also took
time to see some of the special places in Death Valley. Artist Palette Road California, all in one day.
We walked the grounds at the historical site of Harmony We rode through Artist

Palette and saw a variety

of beautiful colors and

rock formations. This

sloping mountainside is

composed of vibrant soil

with color rich metals and

rock formations. We saw

a small coyote standing

alongside the road

and wondered how he

After the Ride Cyndee, Curt & Rick survives on this dry land.
There is great beauty in

Death Valley. Desert plants, birds, mammals, and reptiles all

living within extreme conditions. Take a ride, go there … you

won’t be sorry you did. If you see us riding, JOIN US. The

adventure is always fun and often amazing.

Article and photos contributed by Cyndee Reed Van Hooser

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 7

The 100,000+ Mile Indian Scout

Retiring and hitting the open roads, just you and your 1999 Honda VT750 with
two-wheeled best friend.  Every motorcycle enthusi- 166,000 miles.  I wanted
ast has at least considered it. You imagine sleep- a classic light bagger with
ing under the stars along desolate backroads just outside more power that would be
of quaint towns and waking up every morning to an endless suitable for longer rides if
adventure. But is this a romanticized fairytale with a harsh I wanted.   I had spent a
reality on the backend, like owning a sailboat?  Or is it truly few hundred miles on my
living the dream?  Well, Jeff Weaver did exactly that and re- son’s H-D Ultra Classic
cently hit 100,000 miles…on a 2016 Indian Scout. and I preferred a more
nimble bike in the 600-700
lb. range.  I test rode a
Scout at a bike show in the
[San Francisco] Bay Area
and was impressed.  I swung by Hollister on the way home
and liked the dealership as well as the people.  I purchased
my bike a few weeks later.“

Did you plan on taking off into the wild blue yonder on
two wheels when you first bought your Scout or did that
consideration come later? “My Scout was my retirement
present to myself and though it initially received a lot of local
use as my primary daily transportation vehicle, cross-country
trips were not in the picture. For some years, I have regularly
journeyed by motorcycle to visit friends in northern Oregon,

so I was familiar with trips
of over a thousand miles.
However, I had never spent
nights on the road. Who
really got me into touring
were some Wisconsin
relatives who, knowing
my (somewhat controlled)
addiction to airplanes, had
been harassing me for
years to come their way and go to the EAA Fly-In held each
year at Oshkosh. In 2017, I ran out of excuses, bit the bullet,
and with my wife’s blessings, (I think she was eager to be rid of
me for a while!) headed back East on my first road trip.”

Living The Dream What was the craziest thing you saw while on the road?
As for something crazy that just made me laugh, I think the

Wait, a Scout??  That’s a lot of hard miles in more ways than large spider outside Carson City, Nevada that someone
one.  100K on Roadmaster?  Sure, I can see that.  But a Scout, constructed from a Volkswagen bug would be high on my
you ask?  Is that even possible?  Jeff is certainly tougher than I list. *The VW Spider is located in Mound House, NV on Hwy
am, and maybe even tougher than most of us, but by the look 50 about 5 miles east of Carson City.

of the smile on his face, he and his Scout did just fine. From What are your most memorable destinations? “My most
the look of Jeff’s extensively traveled map; he didn’t miss much, memorable bucket list destination was to revisit the United

if anything.  From sea to shining sea, and back again, from the States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York.  I

Grand Canyon to the plains, to the swamps.  I am pretty sure was in the class of ‘75 and, though I did not graduate from there,

they’ve seen it all together so we tracked Jeff down to hear it is truly where I received my education.  My long dreamed-

more about his experience on the open road… of return brought back many bittersweet memories as well

What made you decide upon an Indian Scout and why as needed closure.  Visiting the Smithsonian Air and Space
Indian Motorcycle of Hollister? “When the Scout came Museum in Washington, DC with my USMMA roommate and
out in 2015, I very much liked the classic lines and it had his grandson was another major highpoint of that trip.  Riding
to Maine for a lobster dinner and South to Key West Florida for
most of the features (would like to have a larger fuel tank a swim also seemed appropriately foolish, and as such, worthy
of the ride.”
capacity) that I knew that I wanted when I replaced my aging

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 8

Best part, worst part?  It is a bit of an

Would you do it all again? ego thing, but I

“I think the most beautiful still feel it was a

area was along HWY 50 little something

through the Colorado special that I

Rockies in July. As for can claim that

undesirable, I would is unique.  (Jeff

rather not deal with the shared with me

heat and high humidity that he stopped

of Florida in the summer. on the side of the

Do not even think of road just outside

tent camping there Medicine Lodge, Kansas at 99,999 miles. He wasn’t sure if the

in the summer as air Scout odometer would actually turn over to 100K. After taking

conditioners are a must a photo he slowly started inching up and then watched with

if you expect to get a excitement (and no doubt a sense of accomplishment) as his

decent night’s sleep! Yes, trusty Scout rolled over to 100,000 miles!)

I would definitely do it all Next destination on your Motorcycle Roadtrip Bucket
again, for without the bad List? Next summer another Indian rider and I are seriously
things for contrast, one looking at riding to Alaska for state #49.  (They tell me that
cannot fully appreciate it’s kind of hard to ride to Hawaii.)”

the special, good things!” Final question, how many tires did that take!?? “ I have
used surprisingly few tires on this Scout!  I got about 15K miles
Did you find your Scout to be reliable during your on the OEM tires that came on the bike and was pleased as
adventures? “I found my Scout to be very reliable and, this was 4K more than I was used to getting on my previous
for me, surprisingly comfortable on long trips.  However,

bike running Dunlop tires.  I decided to try something different

and installed Michelin Commander 2 rubber and have been

getting 25K on the rear and 28K on the front on all four sets

installed.  This is almost unheard of mileage and they seem to

handle fine for my riding style.  I would highly recommend them

when it is time to replace tires.”

there was one time that I was left on the side of the road Jeff and his Scout are already Jeff came to the
in Wisconsin when my clutch cable broke.  There was an on their way to 100K MORE dealership last week for
Indian dealer about twenty miles away that took care of the miles. Adventure On, Jeff! a service and to hang
problem which was fully covered fully under warranty (Polaris out, catch up and trade
also paid me $300 through their “trip interruption insurance” stories. We, at Hollister
portion of my extended warranty).  In the first year, there Indian, are thankful to be
was a fuel pump issue and later a handlebar switch contact a part of Jeff’s journey and
that was acting up, both more nuisance items than anything continuing the service
but neither left me stranded.  Both issues were taken care of on his Indian Scout for
at Indian Motorcycle at Hollister Powersports and were also many more miles (and
covered under warranty.  Polaris must feel pretty confident memories) to come! His
about their product as there are not many motorcycles out Scout’s longevity, no
there with a hundred thousand miles on them that still have doubt, proves the quality
a year left on their warranty.” craftsmanship which
goes into building an
What was it like hitting 100K? “Hitting 100K miles and all Indian Motorcycle. We
lower 48 states, likely the first to do so on a Scout, was are unaware of any other
definitely a goal for me this past summer.  Indian Scout with as many
miles logged and certainly
know of no other Scout
rider who has dared to
mount a jackalope.

Article contributed by
Marianne Guarena
of Indian Motorcycle
of Hollister. Photos
contributed by Jeff

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 9

Lake Way



Fair Play – Amador City - Copperopolis

It wasn’t too long after I got home from Alabama that
we were on the road again. This time, though, just
a short jaunt down to Amador City. This area is like
Napa Valley, only in the Shenandoah foothills. After a
casual scenic ride down SR 49 and up Mt. Akum Road,
we pulled into the Windwalker Vineyard in Fair Play. A
friend of mine that I used to work with bought this winery
back in 2006. Jim and Alanna were home winemakers
for many years before deciding to go into a commercial
venture. They’ve done quite well. Check out their

website at, or better

yet, come out for a visit. Such a beautiful setting out in the
back country and you’ll always feel welcome there. Try
their Vintage Port. It’s very good!

Leaving Fair Play, we made our way to Omo Ranch
Road, hoping to enjoy some of those wonderful fall
colors. We weren’t disappointed. This road eventually
took us out to SR88 and then on up to Cooks Station.
Anytime we’re in the area, we try to make it out to this
little mom and pop restaurant/bar. It was nice clear day,
so we sat on the patio and soaked up the warm sunshine.
Aw, such contentment!

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 10

Imperial Hotel in Amador City

In a bit we were back on 88 and rolling on down to Pine
Grove. Normally, lunch would be at Giant 88 Burger, but
that day it would be next door at Wok and Roll. This Asian
restaurant has an extensive and delicious menu, so if you
are in the mood for something other than a burger or pizza,
do your palate a favor and give this establishment a go.

Amador City It was about check in time, so Ridge Road took us to
Sutter Hill Road, through Sutter Creek and into Amador
City. We would stay the night at the old Imperial Hotel

( Originally a mercantile

during the Gold Rush days, it was expanded into a hotel to
accommodate the miners and other travelers to the area.
The hotel was recently renovated to reflect its old historical
charm. We stayed in Room 1, upstairs with the balcony
overlooking Main Street. There are no TV’s, but there is Wi-
Fi, an excellent free breakfast and a fine dining room when
dinner calls. They leave fresh coffee in the main hallway
upstairs around 7am for those who want to enjoy your first
cup or two in your room or on your balcony. There are also
a few very unique art stores close by. One of them is right
next door; the Bell Home Flower Garden. It features mostly
welded and painted metal art. Animals, birds, dinosaurs,
flowers and other interesting objects.

The next day we decided to take a fairly long day trip before
heading home. Temperatures were in the mid forties again
as we started out. But the sun was shining, so it wasn’t too

continued ...
Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 11

Windwalker Winery in Fair Play

bad. SR49 south took
us down to Jamestown.
It was kind of sad
seeing the old Harley
dealership closed up.
We recalled some fond
memories of the Polar
Bear and Poker Runs.
Yup! Sad.

From Jamestown,

we headed up SR108

to Pinecrest Lake. No

particular reason, just Don’t Worry He’s Not Driving Off Old
a place to ride on a Byrnes
fine day. And a very
nice ride it was. Great Road
road, plenty of turns

with a scenic adventure

thrown in. Since the rains and the snow melt was yet to come, the lake was down pretty low. Actually, though, it was still

pretty nice. You could see the huge rocks and other objects that normally would have been covered by water. Definitely

a different look.

Our last stop would be Copperopolis. Since we were at 5600 feet on a cold day, that warm stove at the Old Corner
Saloon sounded really good. Back down 108 to Old Byrnes Road and we were snuggled up close in no time. Seems like
we are always down here in cold weather and that old stove has comforted us on several occasions. Well, we hung out for
awhile (the food isn’t bad at all), but it was time to head on home. If we hadn’t already ate, we would have stopped at the
Meadowlands Restaurant in Sloughhouse. It used to be the Sloughhouse Inn and we just haven’t been able to get in there
since the new owners took over. One of these days. Later folks!

Article and photos contributed by Chuck and Cindy Loseth

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 12

10021 Wolf Road - SteC-17 Lake of the Pines, CA 95949

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 13

On The Road To The Antique Motorcycle Club Fort Sutter Meet

with Roxanne and Wild Bill Hill

June 15 (Dixon): This show has many great motorcycles on display Roxanne and Wild Bill Hill’s 1966 Harley-Davidson
with so much to learn about them and this is why it is a favorite show that Bike Hauler that they have owned since 1974
Roxanne and Wild Bill love to attend each year.

The history of the motorcycle begins in the second half of the 19th century
and the Antique Motorcycle Club was founded in 1954, however the Fort
Sutter Chapter was created in 1982. The idea of the motorcycle seems to
have occurred to numerous engineers and inventors and despite some early
landmarks in its development; the motorcycle lacks a rigid pedigree that can be
traced back to a single idea or machine.

In 1920, Harley-Davidson became the largest manufacturer and by 1931,
Indian and Harley were the only two American manufacturers producing
commercial motorcycles. There were over 80 different makes of motorcycle
available in Britain in the 1930s. 

1926 Indian Scout: 45Cubic Inch Full race motor, AHRMA winner, prepped and ready to
road race with a 92 year history of competition. Owner: Gary Roper of Medford, OR

1942 Crocker:

The fastest production motorcycle in the US Dixon was founded
Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 14 in 1852 by Elijah Silvey,
whose search for gold
landed him in these parts
during the California gold
rush. Silvey realized an
easier way to make his
fortune than digging and
panning gold was to
open an inn and saloon.

1924 Harley-Davidson

This is a very beautiful and 1951 Mustang Stallion: Made in Glendale,
square tanker. Restored by Bob California. Owned by Roland

Rollins of Petaluma. RIP

1949 Vindian

05mph 998cc 45hp, 550lb, 50-degree, air-cooled, V-twin. 1920 Model W Flat Twin H.D.
Owned by Dennis Magri of San Francisco Owner: Ray Atkinson

1967 XLH Sportster

Owner: Chris Ranuio

1953 1,000cc Badertscher Owner: Roland Dennise

1943 BMW Military R75 750cc Sidecar and trailers Located along a well-traveled stage coach route to the
gold fields of Sacramento. By 1865, the community
boasted they had a general store, post office, blacksmith,
and had a population of 150 people.
Article and photos contributed by Roxanne and Wild Bill Hill

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 15

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 16

Tis the Season for toy runs

43rd Annual Modified Motorcycle
Association of CA Toy Run

December 1 (Folsom / Sacramento)

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 17

Tis the Season
17th Annual Santa Claus Toy Run
November 23 (Sacramento / Yuba City)
Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 18

n for toy runs

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 19

Tis the Season

Toy Run

December 7 (Auburn)

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 20

n for toy runs

Photos by Stan & Terri Hill

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 21

1989 Harley-Davidson 883 Hooligan bike provided by Ride-On Motorcycles in Vallejo. Photo by Stan Hill / Model: Athena Fyre



It has been a while since I have ridden a new motorcycle that got me this
excited. But I have to say that Indian Motorcycles did a lot of things right
on this one. As we rolled out of C&E Auburn Indian and V-Twin, this bike
just kept checking off all of the categories that would be on my wish list for
the perfect bagger for me. For starters, the new liquid cooled motor called the
Powerplus got its name from an Indian motor that was made from 1916 to 1924.
And like its predecessor that had a lot of power back in its day - this new motor
has a displacement of 108 cubic inches and knocks out an impressive 123 hp
and 128 ft lbs. of torque at 3,800 rpm. It also has a dual overhead cam with 4
valves per cylinder motor. Needless to say this is one fun bagger to ride. Along
with all adrenalin pumping power this bike comes with it also boasts some
impressive ride quality technology to make your ride both comfortable and
predictable. It has 3 different ride modes that have a big effect on the throttle
response. RAIN mode for those times when traction could be less than perfect,
STANDARD Mode when you want to feel the power but might want to have a
more relaxed ride and SPORT mode when you are in the mood to set your hair


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 24


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 25

on fire and twist that throttle! The suspension is handled by inverted front forks with 5.1” of travel and a Mono shock for the
rear with 4.5” of travel and do a great job of keeping the tires planted firmly on the rugged pavement of these Nor Cal roads.
The front wheel has duel disc Brembo brakes that give the rider confidence in braking and this bike also comes with a host
of other electronic traction control features that can be controlled by the rider. It also makes this a more forgiving ride for
those riders that might not be used to all the power that this bike can deliver. Packaged up with a new frame and a new frame
mounted fairing that has a retractable wind screen and an infotainment center that has amazing capabilities. Things like the
ability to customize it for the information that is important to you. Along with all of the info you need about the motorcycle
like battery charge and tire air pressure, miles before you will need to fill your 6 gallon gas tank and miles before your next
service is due. It will not only give you GPS instructions to your destination, it will also let you know if you are heading into a
big thunderstorm. What this all boils down to in my opinion is one complete package for a bagger. I am sure that the Indian
demo truck will be passing through in the next couple of months so stay tuned into your local Indian dealers so you can go
give it a ride yourself. Or you can swing by and see one in person if you can’t wait that long.

Article and photos by Stan Hill

Check out ‘2020 Indian Challenger REVIEW’ video on at .com

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 26

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 27


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 28

In 1968, Paul McCartney wrote a song based on seem the very opposite of Paul’s mother’s advice.
a dream he had. He was around 24 years old Instead of letting it be and waiting for an answer, we
and in a time of his life that was surrounded my tend to deal with our troubles, anxiety or our doubts,
turmoil, confusion and a whole lot of anxiety. He with hatred, revenge, running, hiding, drugging,
said his mother Mary came to him one night in a drinking or wallowing in our own despair which
dream and just spoke these soft words of wisdom, only leads to more troubles, more doubts and more
“Let It Be”. His mother died when he was just 14 despair. It’s a vicious circle we can’t escape from.
years old, so growing up without a mother must For many of us, it spirals us into an oblivious state
have brought a plethora of doubts and fears. But of affairs that alienated us from our family and or
this night she came to him and said everything was friends. Although, there is one that can help you
going to be all right and to just let it be. I am sure and that one is God; may you find him now.
you know the words by heart and hum it in the car
every time it comes on the radio or sing it loudly if The truth of the matter is that God is a God
no one is around. Paul said it was meant to be a of peace and order. He is the master of carrying
very positive and uplifting song and it came to him your burdens and despairs. He can take all of your
many years after as a way to calm himself when he setbacks and turn them into an amazing testimony.
became anxious. Sing it with me: He is a testimony of peace, courage, joy, gladness
and calmness. If we can quiet the 6 inches between
“When I find myself in times of trouble, mother our ears and humble ourselves, we will hear the all
Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom-Let mighty say “Just give it to me-Let It Be. I got this!”
It Be. And in my hour of darkness she is standing Are you tired of carrying the load? Are you tired of
right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom-Let the spiral and the insanity in and around your life?
It Be. And when the broken-hearted people living Be assured God is capable, has done it before and
in the world agree, there will be an answer-Let It will surely do it again for anyone brave enough to
Be. For though they may be partner, there is still a just-Let It Be. I pray your 2020 is filled with peace
chance that they will see, there will be an answer- and harmony and you make your way to Thunder
Let It Be… And when the night is cloudy there is still Road Church someday soon, where everyone is
a light that shines on me, shine until tomorrow-Let welcome and no one rides alone.
It Be… I wake up to the sound of music, mother
Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom-Let 1 Corinthians 14:33 “For God is not a god of
It Be… Let it Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be – disorder, but of peace.” (NLT) Paraphrased
There will be an answer-Let It Be…”
“Never Ride Alone”
The crazy part is that most of us seldom let it be
or even know how to let it be. Our nature or habits Pastor Johnny Lujan – Thunder Road

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Vintage F Cabooses
in a Private Park Setting
on the Shore of Clear Lake

Full Breakfast Daily
Private Pier & Boat Launch
In-Room Jacuzzi Tubs
Check Out our Easy Rider Room!
Bike-Friendly - Great For Groups!

N28i7c0e,LCaAke9s5h4o6re4 Blvd.
((770077)) 2B7-R4--8G3u78est

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 32

Renegade Rendezvous
Was Worth the Ride

Provided by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

IF YOU’RE LIKE ME you love going to events and yet hate crowds. running a booth in the vendor area. It was a good chance to catch
Biker rallies can feel bloated and phony, bike nights can get up while enjoying some shade, which seemed to be the preferred
repetitive, but you still want to head out with your buddies and be activity of most attendees.
part of the local scene. Fortunately, there is no shortage of different
events throughout the summer, making it a matter of finding the The shady corners and picnic tables were a popular place to
right type of event to suit your attitude. congregate. Although the temperature hit 95 degrees, a decent breeze
meant things weren’t bad for a September day in the central valley.
While California’s central valley may not
be best known for motorcycling roads, it still The bike show was a highlight as usual,
delivers a strong dose of motorcycle culture. with a range of bikes from ratted-out Japanese
The flatlands are dotted with small and 4-cylinders to metal-flaked baggers with half
medium-sized towns, scattered throughout the catalog thrown at them, along with several
the farms and pasture lands, so it’s no vintage machines, and even a few crotch
surprise that Harley’s and other cruiser-style rockets. But as cool as the bikes were, the
motorcycles are popular out here: which crowd seemed most interested in the pickle
means biker rallies are popular too. eating contest; you could hear the crowd’s
shouts and hollers from any corner of the place.
The Renegade Rendezvous is one such
event. Located near Sacramento, Stockton, As with most bike events though, the
and Vacaville in the town of Dixon, the event parking lot ends up being one of the best
is a straight-forward one-day get together. places to hang out if you want to look at bikes.
It’s not over-produced, which means there Daily drivers tend to catch my eye over glossy
is plenty to see without being wall-to-wall show bikes, with the need to balance comfort
people or paying $12 for a beer. and reliability with individualized style.

Mind you, some years the place has Speaking of outside the event, although
definitely been packed, but because the the taco truck was not to be missed, the
venue is fairly small (the event happens in the town of Dixon offers up several spots where
local fairgrounds) it still doesn’t give off the you can get food and drinks along its small
feeling that you are swimming in human soup. and highly walkable downtown area. And,
although it’s only about a mile to Interstate
It was difficult to judge attendance by eye- 80, those heading back to Sacramento could
balling the crowd, as most attendees stayed instead leave to the south, taking Highway
only a few hours. The parking lot saw bikes 160 back up into Sacto. Hwy 160 follows the
coming and going in a steady stream all day. Sacramento River so it’s one of the few twisty
roads in the area and still makes for less than
This year’s attendance was down noticeably, a two-hour ride back into the capitol.
which simply meant you could stroll through
vendor areas more easily, the lines for food and Having to head back to the Bay Area meant
drinks were shorter, and the parking lot wasn’t a slog on the Interstate for me though, with the
a madhouse of bikes coming and going all day. usual weekend traffic. It was worth the ride,
It also meant the police weren’t walking around in SWAT gear putting as I usually blast through that area on my way to points beyond.
people on edge; they’re local PD and were a friendly lot. It also reminded me not only that there are so many undiscovered
slices of Americana around me, but that I don’t have to choose
Since the town is close to highways and the interstate, bikers from the same over-priced, crowded rallies to have a good time.
can easily make their way to Dixon, a town that seems sleepy and A good time is where and when I make it. Don’t miss out on the
small but has about 18,000 residents. It’s a cool little town even next Renegade Rendezvous, Summer 2020.
without the Renegade Rendezvous, with old houses, the obligatory
railroad track through town, and several good places to eat. Heck, By Johnny Killmore

on the corner of A St. and 1st St. there are two bars and grills: you BLOG provided by

can’t get much more Americana than that without cranking up some
John Mellencamp.

But the main attraction is, of course, the Rendezvous itself,
with two music stages, a large bike show, a vendor area, and a
few competitions. I managed to run into several friends from the
Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA), who were

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 33

Automotive Romano’s Macaroni Grill Heating & Air Conditioning West Coast Leathers
We Cater / We Deliver
Rick’s Automotive 8295 Laguna Blvd A&M Heating and Air 10021 Wolf Road - SteC-17
Biker Owned & Operated Elk Grove, CA 95758 Conditioning
(916) 478-2878 Lake of the Pines, CA 
3725 Pine Street 95949
Rocklin, CA 95677 Dealerships 7625 Sunrise Blvd – Ste 208
Citrus Heights, CA 95610 (916) 803-6854
(916) 632-8230
(916) 747-5654 Lodging & Resorts

Bars/Restaurants C&E Auburn Indian & Insurance Featherbed Railroad Bed
& Breakfast Resort
Bones Roadhouse V-Twin CycleInsure Agency
Bar & Grub 12015 Shale Ridge
Auburn, CA 95602 4201 Sunrise Blvd – Suite B 2870 Lakeshore Blvd Fair Oaks, CA 95628 Nice, CA 95464
530-885-5556 (707)274-8378
4430 Pleasant Valley Road 800-800-0965 /
916-200-1000 Inn of the Lost Coast
Placerville, CA 95667 Folsom Harley-Davidson®
(530) 644-4301 Jim Wall Insurance Agency
Kelly Weber – Owner/Agent 205 Wave Drive
Double D Steak 115 Woodmere Road Shelter Cove, CA 95589
Seafood-Bar-Grill Folsom, CA 95630 6045 Hazel Avenue
Orangevale, CA 95662 707-986-7521
320 Main Street (916) 608-9922 Email: [email protected]
Motorcycle Attorneys
Fortuna, CA 95540 Harley-Davidson (916) 989-1915
Jachimowicz Law Group
(707) 725-3700 of Rocklin Noble West Insurance 1530 The Alameda – Ste 115
Services San Jose, CA 95126 (408) 246-5500
Elkhorn Saloon 4401 Granite Drive (800) 391-1313 Rocklin, CA 95677 Gurnee Mason Rushford
Leather Goods Bonotto & Forestiere Trial
18398 Old River Road (916) 259-2453
J&S Surplus Lawyers
W. Sacramento, CA 95691 Harley-Davidson® Eagle Iron & Leather
(916) 371-BARR (2277) of Yuba City 2240 Douglas Blvd Ste 150
Hwy 1 & North Struve Road Roseville, CA 95661
Georgetown Moss Landing, CA 95039 (916) 797-3100
Hotel & Saloon 720 W. Onstott Road
6260 Main Street Yuba City, CA 95991 831-724-0588 Russ Brown Motorcycle
HistoricGeorgetown,CA 95634 (888) 693-4509 The Leatherworks, Inc. Brown, Koro &
(530) 333-4428 Indian Motorcycle of 188 Frank West Circle #C Romag, LLP – NorCal
Green River Brewing Hollister Stockton, CA 95206 2440 Camino Ramon, Suite 385
& Taproom (209) 983-9200 San Ramon, CA 94583-4383

4513 Putah Creek Road 411 San Felipe Rd Tomson Leather (800) 4-BIKERS /
Hollister, CA 95023 Est. 1985 (800) 424-5377
Winters, CA 95694
(831) 630-5200 Custom Leather Clothing, Motorcycle Detailing
(530) 441-BEER (2337) Alterations & Repairs
Redwood Harley-Davidson® Placerville, California San Jose Hogwash
Call for appointment Motorcycle Detailing
Kenny’s Bar & Grill 2500 Sixth Street (530) 622-2453 Eureka, CA 95501
P.O. Box 24273
721 East Street (707) 444-0111 San Jose, CA 95154

Woodland, CA 95776 Reno Harley-Davidson (408) 641-1940
(530) 662-3634

The Omelet House 2315 Market Street
3455 Cherokee Road Reno, NV 89502
(775) 329-2913
Stockton, CA

(209) 941-2750 Sonoma County

Road Trip Bar & Grill Harley-Davidson®
24989 State Hwy 16
7601 Redwood Drive
Capay, CA 95607 Cotati, CA 94931
530-796-3777 (707) 793-9180

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 34

Motorcycle Organizations Clinton’s Custom Cycle Miller Built Ride-On-Motorcycles
555 G Street Performance Cycles
American Legion Riders 3293 Saratoga Lane – Ste A
Chapter 96 Lincoln, CA 95648 Cameron Park, CA 95682 1416 Sonoma Blvd
Lost Coast (916) 645-0954 Vallejo, CA 94590
(530) 672-9141 (707) 647-RIDE(7433)
Fort Bragg California Dirtbag Cycles 155 Nardi Lane – Ste B Omega Motorcycle Tattoos
(907) 230-5857 Martinez, CA 94553 Wild Bill
(925) 372-3818 660 Harbor Blvd Tattoo
Motorcycle Towing West Sacramento, CA
Hatt’s Motorcycles 115 Lincoln Street
Need A Lift Motorcycle P.O. Box 608 95691 Roseville, CA 95678
Towing (916) 372-2206 (916) 783-9090
Forest Knolls, CA 94933
“We Serve Everyone” Penngrove Motorcycle Tires
[email protected] Company
(415) 488-1441 Cal Tire and
(916) 519-8454 Auto Works
Horse Power 9585 Main Street MOTORCYCLES –
Powder Coating by Gerolamy CARS – TRUCKS
4046 Wayside Lane – Ste J Penngrove, CA 94951 2710 E. Fremont Street
Performance Powder Carmichael, CA 95608 (707) 793-7993 Stockton, CA 95205
Coating & Sandblasting (916) 638-9008 (209) 465-2805
916) 485-8288 Rack and Pull
6326 Main Avenue #4 Industries
Orangevale, CA 95662 Humboldt
Performance Cycle
(916) 987-1942 1341 Evergreen Road #1 (916) 899-1188
Redway, CA 95560
Sales / Service /Accessories Road Dog Cycle
(707) 923-7103
Billy’s Motorcycle Shop
3233 Elkhorn Blvd. #1 John Jessup’s 4600 Main Street
DREAM RIDES Denair, CA 95316
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 332-3023 2275 N. Wilson Way (209) 669-7404
Stockton, CA 95205
(209) 467-4669

BFD Business Sponsorships: 3 months for only $60

(receive monthly magazines for your customers!)

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 35

Yesterday I had an appointment to see the Urologist for a several full swigs from the bottle and then handed it back
prostate exam. Of course I was a bit on edge because all my to the woman. The woman took the bottle, immediately put
friends have either gone under the knife or had those pel- the cap back on, and handed it back to the man.
lets implanted. The waiting room was packed with patients; The man asks, “Aren’t you having any?”
standing room only. As She replies, “Nah, I think I’ll just wait for the police.”
I approached the Receptionist’s desk, I noticed that she --------------------------------------------------------------
was a mad, unfriendly looking woman and thought that’s The most functional English word is shit.
really not the look you want greeting your clients. I gave That’s right, shit.
her my name, and in a very loud voice, she barked, “Yes, I You can smoke shit
have your name here. You can get shit faced
You want to see the Doctor about impotence, right?” All You can buy shit
the patients in the waiting room snapped their heads You can sell shit
around to look at me, a now very embarrassed man. But You can find shit
as usual, I recovered quickly, and in an equally loud voice You can tell people to eat shit
replied, “No, I’m here to inquire about a sex change opera- You can forget shit
tion, but I definitely Do Not want the same Doctor that did Some people know their shit while others have
yours’!” shit for brains
-------------------------------------------------------------- There’s crazy shit
It was New Years’ Eve, a woman ran a red traffic light and There’s bull shit
crashed into a man’s car. Both of their cars are demol- There’s horse shit
ished, but amazingly neither of them was hurt. There’s chicken shit
After they crawled out of their cars, the woman said; “Wow, You can be in deep shit
just look at our cars! There’s nothing left, but fortunately There’s wrong shit
we are unhurt.” There’s right shit
This must be a sign from God that we should There’s not enough shit
meet and be friends and live together in peace.” There’s weird shit
The man replied, “I agree with you completely.” There’s scary shit
The woman continued, “And look at this, here’s another You can be up shit creek without a paddle
miracle. My car is completely demolished, but my bottle of Sometimes everything you touch turns to shit
75 year old scotch didn’t break. Surely we are destined to You can pass this on if you give a shit
drink this vintage liquid and celebrate our good fortune.” Or not, if you don’t give a shit
Then she handed the bottle to the man. Sure hope you have a shit free year
The man nods his head in agreement, opened it, drank But if not, remember, shit happens.

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 36


Roadshows, Inc. to Manage the Hollister,
CA Independence Rally in 2020

Hollister City Council selected Roadshows,
Inc. (producer of Street Vibrations) to
manage the Hollister Independence Rally
for the next 5 years, 2020 – 2024.

The Hollister Rally began in 1947. It’s believed
to be the event that gave rise to the “American
Biker” and it was the inspiration for the powerful 1953 cult classic movie,
“The Wild One,” starring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. In that film, the
cast, wore leather jackets, introduced hipster biker phrases to audiences
and defined biker fashion for decades to come. The movie is considered a
cultural milestone and motorcycle enthusiasts return to Hollister every 4th of
July weekend to celebrate this cultural icon.

The epicenter of the Independence Rally is San Benito Street in downtown
Hollister. The rally features all brands of motorcycles, live music, vendors
selling motorcycle accessories, and festival foods.

Thousands of motorcycles are anticipated to attend the three-day event. The
Independence Rally in Hollister, CA is free for riders of all makes and models of motorcycles and it’s free to the public.

For sponsorship and vendor information, please contact Roadshows®, Inc. at (775) 690-2035,
Email [email protected] , visit or For additional
information and updates, visit Roadshows Hollister Facebook page at

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 37



8:00 AM


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 39

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

GOT EVENTS? Submit your events online at

NorCal Cycle Swap
Polar Bear Run Located at West Wind Drive - In 9616 Oates Drive. Swap with 100
MODESTO vendors, all makes and models of bike parts. 8am, $10. For more
Presented by Mitchell’s Modesto Harley-Davidson - 500 N information: See flyer on Pg 39
Carpenter Rd. Registration starts at 9am. Get ready, we’re
bringing back Jamestown’s Iconic Polar Bear Run in 2020! FEBRUARY 9
Just $10 a person (Lunch is a separate fee) Run Pins to 40th Annual Sweetheart Run
the first 200 registrants. Kickstands up at 11am then it’s on AUBURN
up the hill to The Rivers Edge in Knights Ferry for lunch, SAVE THE DATE: Presented by C&E Auburn Indian and V-Twin – 12015
raffle prizes, and more! For more information: [email protected] Shale Ridge Lane. Starts at 10am / KSU 12pm -$5 per person/$5 Ride Pins. End location: TBA. All proceeds benefit The Veteran’s Charity Run.
All motorcycles welcome. For more information: (530) 885-5556 /
JANUARY 18 See flyer on Pg 28
Motor-Icicle Run
Presented by Orland’s Patriots. Located at Orland Fire ALMOND FESTIVAL
Department – 810 5th Street. 9am / $20 to ride - $5 per CAPAY
passenger. $6 extra per person gets you the pancake breakfast. Presented by Road Trip Bar & Grill – 2489 State Hwy 16.
All includes chili feed after the ride. Sixty-eight Orland Heroes 12pm – 4pm Food and Live Music. Saturday 2/22: Rachel
have died in military service. There is no memorial to honor Steele. Sunday 2/23: The Fryed Brothers Band. For more
them. Help build a permanent memorial to Orland’s Patriots. information: (530) 796-3777 /
Family-Friendly Event! For more information: Stephanie (530)
624-4132 or Ron (530) 624-4508 FEBRUARY 29
Wild Bill’s Tattoo-A-Thon
Presented by Wild Bill’s Tattoo – 115 Lincoln Street.
FEBRUARY 1 8am-midnight. The 16-hour tattoo marathon consist of
Harry Fryed’s Birthday Party approximately 30 volunteer tattoo artist from all over
RANCHO CORDOVA California who donate their entire days proceeds from
Presented by The Fryed Brothers Band. Louie’s Cocktail tattoos, piercings, jewelry, shirts, and even their tips. All
Lounge - 3030 Mather Field Road. Starts at 9:30pm. $10. proceeds are donated to UC Davis Children’s Hospital
Join the band as they celebrate Harry’s birthday. Large (Sacramento) to benefit the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
dance floor and pool tables. For more information: Barb Appointments are preferred (to avoid a long wait) but not
Fryed (707) 824-4861 necessary. Please come with your tattoo ideas on paper
(if possible) it’ll save a lot of time. For more information:


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 41

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

OPEN HOUSE are looking for a fun group to ride with? Come join
the Eagle’s Nest HOG Chapter to learn about their
2nd MONDAY OF EACH MONTH upcoming rides.
American Legion Riders Meeting 2nd TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH
Presented by Post 108 Legion Riders – 11401 American MARYSVILLE
Legion Drive – 6:30pm. MMA Division 1 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association - Pizza Round
2nd MONDAY OF EACH MONTH Up - 2004 Covillaud St. 7pm
EL DORADO The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle
MMA Division 21 Monthly Meeting rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Poor Red’s - learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights
6221 Pleasant Valley Rd 7pm to ride free. For more information: [email protected]
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle
rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to 3rd TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH
learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights FOLSOM
to ride free. Folsom HOG Chapter 1787 General Meeting
Presented by Folsom HOG – Round Table Pizza – 9500
Greenback Lane – Unit 1. 7pm-8:30pm For more information: / [email protected]

ALR Chapter 96 Monthly Meeting MMA Division 16 Monthly Meeting
Presented by American Legion Riders – Chapter 96. Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Valencia Club
Veterans Administration Building – 360 North Harrison – 2162 Taylor Rd. 7pm
Street. 6pm. For more information: Gary (907) 230-5857 / The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to
learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights
1st TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH to ride free.
MMA Division 3 Monthly Meeting 4th WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Family MC SACRAMENTO
Clubhouse. 7pm The Modified Motorcycle Association is the MMA Division 14 Monthly Meeting
first motorcycle rights organization in the State of California. Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Sammy’s -
Please join us to learn about upcoming legislation and laws 2021 Del Paso Blvd . 7pm
that affect our rights to ride free. The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle
rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to
2nd TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights
MANTECA to ride free.
Eagle’s Nest HOG Chapter Monthly Meeting
Presented by Eagle’s Nest HOG Chapter - Mountain
Mike’s Pizza - 1120 N Main St. 7pm – 8pm/ Meeting is
free. Do you ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 42

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

Vacaville HOG Chapter Monthly Meet & Greet MMA Division 24 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Iron Steed H.O.G. Chapter Vacaville. Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Goodtimes
Located at Hide-A-Way - 1080 Orange Dr. 7pm. Are you Pizza – 22049 Old 44 Drive 8734. 7pm. The Modified
looking for a group of people just like you? Do you Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights
need people to ride with? Look no further! For more organization in the State of California. Please join us to learn
information or inquiries, contact our Chapter Director about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights to
Dori at [email protected] Chapter Asst. Director ride free.
Charlynn at [email protected]
MMA Division 10 Monthly Meeting ALR Chapter 620 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Hideaway Bar Presented by American Legion Riders – Chapter 620.
& Grill – 2565 Franklin Blvd. 7:30pm Rocklin Parks and Rec – 5460 5th Street. 6:30pm
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle Contact Gail Miller with any questions (916) 521-6319
rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to
learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights 1st FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH
to ride free. WOODLAND
3rd THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH Kentucky Avenue. 7pm Meetings are open to the public. (530)
ELK GROVE 848-2090 with any questions.
MMA Division 2 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Logan’s 1st FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH
Roadhouse – 9105 West Stockton Blvd. 7pm VICTOR/LODI
The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle MMA Division 12 Monthly Meeting
rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Know Place -
learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights 17271 N. Bruella Rd. 7pm
to ride free. The Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle
rights organization in the State of California. Please join us to
4th THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH learn about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights
CHICO to ride free.
MMA Division 23 Monthly Meeting
Presented by Modified Motorcycle Association – Sierra 2nd FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH
Steel Harley Davidson – 1501 Mangrove Ave. 7pm. The FAIRFIELD
Modified Motorcycle Association is the first motorcycle rights OPEN HOUSE Presented by Dirty Whites Club House – 748 N.
organization in the State of California. Please join us to learn Texas St 8pm - ? Come have a blast! Contact Joe 707-694-
about upcoming legislation and laws that affect our rights to 5251
ride free.


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 43

Remember to check for MORE events submitted AFTER print deadline at

OPEN HOUSE Presented by Hellbent MC 707 Crew MONTHLY OPEN MEETING Presented by Veterans
– 100 Lincoln Rd. E - 8pm. Come one come all! Our of All Wars Riders - The Capitol Casino - 411 N 16th
house is open to start your weekend off right, join us Street 10am Meetings are open to the public. For
for our Open House night. more information: Sly - [email protected] /
Presented by Misplaced Souls MC. Open House to the Biker
Community – 3418 Auburn Blvd on Saturday nights – 6pm. / EVERY THURSDAY
No Cover Charge. Come Join the MSMC and other motorcycle SACRAMENTO
enthusiasts where we enjoy good entertainment, cold drinks, Presented by Misplaced Souls MC. Thursday Night Fun
and good food. For more information: Spit Shine (916) 217- Night – 3418 Auburn Blvd. 6pm / Join the MSMC for its
2508 / Sarge (785) 410-1015. Thursday Night get together. Free food, entertainment
and great company. All like minded members of the
1st SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH community are welcome. The MSMC reserve the right to
AUBURN refuse access to who they choose. For more information:
MONTHLY CHAPTER MEETING Presented by Gold Country Spit Shine (916) 217-2508 / Sarge (785) 410-1015
Indian Motorcycle Riders Group. C&E Auburn Indian & V-Twin
- 12015 Shale Ridge Rd. 9:30am. Gold Country IMRG is open to 3rd THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH
all motorcycle brands. All members and prospective members ARCATA
and friends are welcome. BIKE NIGHT Presented by M.O.B. of Humboldt -
Everett’s Club on the Plaza at 784 9th Street. The fun
starts at 6pm. All motorcycles welcome. Free food,
50/50 raffle, pack ride. /

MONTHLY CHAPTER MEETING – Presented by Christian BIKE NIGHT Presented by The Water Hole along with
Motorcyclists Association - Lord’s Knights Chapter. Benicia Grill The Red Iron Riders. 246 N. Cluff Ave. 6:30pm Cost
II - 2390 N. Texas. Order breakfast at 8am. Announcements at depending on the menu $10-$18. A great NO DRAMA
8:30am. Kick stands up by 9:15am. All bikes welcome. (Note: Feb social event to get to know others that share the passion
& May we do weekend events, so no breakfast meeting then.) For of the bike. Outdoor private patio area, pool tables,
more information: Bill Neander / [email protected] Shuffleboard, Music, big screen TVs for game nights
and more. All bikes welcome, and those without bikes
EVERY SUNDAY welcome too. For more information: (209) 604-7149 /
ROSEVILLE  (209) 327-8283
BIKER CHURCH NIGHT Presented by Thunder Road
Biker Church - 706 Atlantic Street 5:30pm-6:30pm 1st SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH
VACAVILLE  No Cal – Clubhouse 301 S. Railroad Street – 8:30am –
MONTHLY LOCAL MEETING Presented by A.B.A.T.E. 11am. Start your day out with the Grand Fathers MC!
Local 17 - 4823 Midway Road 10am We will discuss
matters important to the Local and to the motorcycle TRM NorCal is not responsible for errors or omissions
community. We create plans, and review events and and events are subject to change without notice
have a raffle. We will also share with other MRO’s and
Clubs. We are also open to the communities. Glenn
Phillips (707) 624-6310 / [email protected]


COTATI, CA 94931


Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 44


A&M Heating and Air...................................................31 Nickell’s Custom .........................................................30
Bikers Inner Circle.......................................................39 Noble West Insurance Services..................................32
Billy’s Motorcycle Shop...............................................30 NorCal Cycle Swap Meet............................................39
Bones Roadhouse Bar & Grub...................................28 Omega Motorcycles....................................................28
C&E Auburn Indian &V-Twin ..............................28 Penngrove Motorcycle Company.................................4
Cal Tire & Autoworks ..................................................28 Performance Powercoating.........................................37
Clinton’s Custom Cycle...............................................30 Ravenol Oil..................................................................36
CycleInsure Agency.....................................................32 Redwood Harley-Davidson.........................................32
Dirtbag Cycles.............................................................31 Reno Harley-Harley Davidson......................................4
Double D Steak.............................................................4 Rick’s Automotive........................................................39
Eagle Iron and Leather................................................31 Ride-On Motorcycles...................................................16
Elkhorn Saloon............................................................37 Road Dog Cycle..........................................................31
Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast........................32 Road Trip Bar & Grill....................................................13
Folsom-Rocklin Harley-Davidson.........Backcover & 23 Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys....................... 1 & 33
Green River Brewing & Taproom..... Inside Front Cover San Jose Hogwash.....................................................35
Gurnee Mason Rushford Bonotto Sonoma County HD.........................................EVENTS
Forestiere Trial Lawyers..............................................39 T3 Design Studios.......................................................39
Harley-Davidson of Yuba City.....................................16 Thunder Road Biker Church.......................................29
Hatt’s Motorcycle.........................................................37 West Coast Leathers...................................................13
Horse Power By Gerolamy.........................................35 Wild Bill Tattoo.............................................................13
Humboldt Performance Cycle.....................................13
Inn of the Lost Coast........................ Inside Front Cover
Jachimowicz Law Group...............................................5
Jim Wall Insurance Agency...........................................4
Kenny’s Bar&Grill........................................................16
MidCal Motorcycles.....................................................28
Miller Built Performance Cycles..................................36
Nan Danford Real Estate............................................39

Thunder Roads Magazine® Northern California 45

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