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HSP Annual Report FY18

HSP Annual Report FY18



JULY 1, 2017 - JUNE 30, 2018


The Board of Directors of Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. would like to take this
opportunity to thank our community of supporters for a great fiscal year 2018. In this publication, you
will see just how many people in our community come to this agency for assistance. More importantly,
you will read their stories and see that every journey to our doorstep is different. Some seek our help in
times of great need. Some seek our services to help them overcome a challenge or prevent a crisis.
Some just need a hand up to get back on their feet after a difficult time.

Thanks to the immense support of the Carroll County Commissioners and Department of Citizen
Services, Federal and State Government, the City of Westminster, the Circle of Caring Homelessness
Board, event sponsors, foundation grantors, donors from the faith-based community and general public,
HSP is always there to help those in need. The folks who come to us for help are our neighbors, and as
the Community Action Agency for Carroll County for over 30 years, our mission remains to give HOPE,
inspire CHANGE, and provide OPPORTUNITY by mobilizing our community in the fight against poverty.

I want to take a moment to look forward to what’s ahead for HSP as an agency. This past calendar year
has proven that the adage “the only thing constant in life is change” is as true as ever.

In July of 2018, the Executive Director of the agency resigned to pursue other interests. An interim
director was appointed by the Board to stay the course while the search began by the Executive
Committee of the Board for a new Executive Director. In December 2018, Scott Yard was hired as the
new Executive Director after serving in the interim role. Scott has continued working in conjunction with
the Board in his reorganization of various departments and leadership within the agency.

All of our Programs have been reviewed and are on target to accomplish the established goals of the
agency. Our employees are poised to provide services to help each client meet their individual goals.
Shelters have a renewed focus on case management and exiting clients into independent living in a
permanent housing situation as productive members of our community.

While Scott and his leadership team handle the day-to-day operations, they are also working with the
Board to launch a Capital Campaign to renovate our building at 12 Carroll Street. This building was
purchased to be a community resource and give several of our in-demand programs some much-needed
room to grow.

As President of the Board of Directors, I want to personally thank each one of you who has supported
our cause. Whether through giving, sponsorship, volunteering, or simply sharing us as a resource to
those in need, your efforts make a difference. We need you, and we hope to work with you again as we
set out to accomplish all that we have planned for this great agency.


Robert L. Miller

Robert L. Miller, Board President
Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.







Your support has helped us give HOPE, inspire CHANGE, and
provide OPPORTUNITY to thousands of Carroll County
residents each year for over 30 years!



The Shelter & Housing Program consists of
Coordinated Intake Services, Shelter Services, and Housing Services.

Women & Children's Shelter Housing Services

48 adults 58 total households
26 children 38 households w/ children
20 households w/o children
Men's Shelter
235 total individuals
44 adults 75 adults
160 children
Family Shelter

36 adults
44 children

Safe Haven Shelter

Serving adults with chronic mental illness
44 adults

Cold Weather Shelter

Operates nightly from November 15th- March 31st

184 adults 

Carroll County's homeless shelters are operated by HSP
with funding and support from Carroll County government.

FOR MORE INFO CALL 410-386-6623

Jay's Story...

Jay is an accomplished musician, chef, martial artist, author of open poetry, novels and plays, pre-
doctorate student in Theology and Apologetics, and leader of the “Peculiar People” music ministry to
retirement homes, shelters, and rehabilitations centers. Several years ago; however, Jay was also
homeless and in need of a place to start over.
Jay entered HSP’s Safe Haven Shelter, a place where those who are struggling through homelessness
and chronic mental illness can stay safe and warm while getting back on their feet. “The day I entered
Safe Haven Shelter, the only thing I had was a satchel on my back that someone had given to me. It held
everything I owned,” Jay said.
“During my intake interview with my caseworker, many questions were asked of me. Out of true concern
for me, the support staff asked of my immediate needs - physical and personal,” he said, “My
caseworker as well as support staff became a source of love, kindness, wise direction, and counsel.”
Jay worked hard to become a dependable and trusted participant around the shelter. He found ways to
encourage others and show them that things do eventually get better. He spent time listening to others
and being a friend to those who needed one. He even spent his own time helping with those who were
attending HSP’s Cold Weather Shelter, cooking food when needed, distributing donated personal care
items, and helping new guests get oriented to the shelter.
Today, Jay is in his first apartment, which he was able to obtain with the help of the HSP’s Supportive
Housing service. He is still local to Westminster, and stays involved at Safe Haven cooking Thanksgiving
meals or just visiting to listen and talk to the residents who need someone to share with. He reflects on
his journey and considers his time at Safe Haven to be “…the pinnacle of my change into who I am
today. The help, assistance, encouragement, and confidence of the caseworkers and support staff
during my time, as well as the programs provided helped shape the life I live today. My passion and
desire is to serve the needs of my community. Helping those whose voices are often unheard or
misunderstood in their season and station of life.”



The Family Support Program consists of The Carroll County Family Support Center,
Home Visitation, and the Child & Adult Care Food Program

Family Center Participation Adult Education

The Carroll County Family Center served a total 55% of  GED students advanced full levels
of 69 families (69 parents and 82 children) and 75% of ESOL students advanced full levels
reached a grand total of 4065 visits! 50% of GED students improved CASAS score
20% of GED students passed at least one
Services Provided sub-test of the GED practice exam
15% of GED students passed at least one
Adult Education: 41 parents sub-test of the official GED test
Basic life skills: 38 Parents 3 GED students completed their GED
Job Readiness: 20 Parents
Health: 61 parents Parent Leadership
Parent/child activities: 138 parents and children
Informal parent education: 13 parents 2 parents completed a two day regional
Parenting Class (Nurturing/Chicago Parenting training, qualifying them to attend the
Program): 23 Parents statewide Maryland Family Network
Social Support: 45 parents conference in Towson where they
Parents as teachers (Home Visiting): 38 parents completed an intensive two day parents'
and children track at the conference.

Child & Adult Care Food Program Parents participated in the center
advisory board providing input and
Worked with 56 licensed child care providers. assistance with planning events
Providers served 162,606 meals and snacks to 429
children in their care, and as a result of participating
in the Food Program received reimbursements
totaling $145,244.

Carroll County Family Center services are
provided free of charge in partnership with
Maryland Family Network.

FOR MORE INFO CALL 410-857-0629

Deja's Story...

Deja initially connected with HSP’s Family Support Center two years ago for GED classes while staying
in the Women and Children’s shelter. During this time, Deja gave birth to her daughter and quickly
obtained her own housing and moved out of the shelter. But Deja wasn’t content to leave her diploma

In September of 2017, Deja (age 19) and her daughter (age 1 ½) returned to the Family Support Center
together so Deja could pursue her diploma. Deja began GED classes while her daughter participated in
our child development program. Deja earned her diploma in just 7 months and also completed parenting
classes, an employability program, driver’s education classes, and obtained her Learner’s Permit.  

She attended a parent leadership training hosted by the Maryland Family Network and was selected to
attend the annual Maryland Family Network staff development conference and participated in additional
leadership workshops.  

HSP's Family Support Center provided Deja with hope that she could create a better life for her and
daughter. She made the most of the opportunity to gain basic life skills and develop leadership skills
while completing her goal of earning her GED.

Since earning her diploma, Deja registered for the CNA program at Carroll Community College and is
looking forward to a brighter future. She will be the first in her family to attend college thanks to her
hard work and the support of HSP's Carroll County Family Support Center.



The Economic Mobility Program consists of Opportunity WORKS,
Financial Education Services, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA),

and the Community Garden.

Opportunity WORKS

Re-entry case management and Pre-employment training

109 participants received 5,030 hours of employment training services
94% had a significant barrier to employment
87% had a criminal background
81% had substance abuse history
69% had a mental health diagnosis

Second Chances Community Free Store (an OW training platform) served 3,037 households.
The eBay business (an OW training platform) generated $608.65 

Financial Education Services

115 participants attended 77 workshops on budgeting, banking, and building sound financial habits.
36 individuals participated in ongoing financial coaching
- 100% of these individuals increased their financial well-being
- 69% of these individuals created a household budget
- 48% maintained that budget for 30 days, of those individuals, 75% maintained it for 6 months

VITA Free Tax Preparation

1,010 tax returns prepared by IRS certified volunteers for low to moderate income households
$1.5 million in tax refunds were returned to working poor famillies
Tax payers elected to save $9,106 through U.S. Savings Bonds or deposits to their savings accounts
51 households requested direct deposit to a PNC Visa Card

Community Garden

HSP's 7800 square foot community garden in downtown Westminster grew
603 lbs of produce which fed 484 households.

FOR MORE INFO CALL 410-857-2999

Mark's Story...

Mark was referred to Opportunity WORKS by the Carroll County Office of Public Defenders. He had a
history of substance abuse which led to multiple felonies. At nearly 60 years old, Mark had spent the
majority of his adult life in prison. His last sentence lasting over 8 years. He was released to the public
under the supervision of the central home detention unit.

Mark enrolled in the Opportunity WORKS on February of 2018 and immediately immersed himself in
job-skill training.  His motivation, organization, and ability to work well with the public truly shined. He
readily worked on everything put in front of him; including the paperwork necessary to develop a

Opportunity WORKS gave Mark hope which enabled him to embrace case management.  He worked
diligently to follow his service plan in order to overcome barriers and stabilize his life.  Mark’s barriers
included limited transportation, adherance to the strict guidelines of home detention, and battling

While at Opportunity WORKS, Mark applied for several jobs. However, due to the driving restrictions
with home detention, he could not accept some positions that were offered. Despite being turned away
from multiple jobs, Mark did not lose hope and continued to apply for more opportunities and work on
change in order to grow as a person.

After being awarded his Soft Skills Completion Certificate, Mark continued to build on his natural people
skills. In June of 2018 he was hired by Jiffy Lube as an Upper Bay Technician where he earns a livable
wage. Mark continues to stay in contact with Opportunity WORKS, volunteers in our community garden,
and still aspires to one day work for HSP or in peer support helping others struggling with addictions.



The Emergency & Prevention Program consists of Home Energy Services
and Community Resource Services.

Eviction Prevention Assistance
99 households
$130,498.14 in assistance

Security Deposit Assistance
137 households
$113,873.50 in assistance

Non-OHEP Utility Assistance
391 households
$288,669.17 in assistance

OHEP Assistance
1904 households
5298 individuals
$2,066,772.91 in assistance

UWCM Family Stability Initiative
20 households
$50,000 in assistance

FOR MORE INFO CALL 410-857-2999

Jack & Jen's Story...

Jack and Jen have two children together and were living comfortably in a small, three-bedroom
apartment when Jen’s six children from her previous relationship were dropped off on her doorstep with
no financial support from their father.

Raising eight children in a small space was quite overwhelming and it was getting tougher to make ends
meet especially with only one income. With the increase in food, energy, and basic needs, the family fell
behind on their electric and rent payments. 

Jen applied for additional food stamps and the school food pantry was helping the family as well, but it
was not enough to keep them afloat. They received a turn off notice from the electric company and an
eviction notice from their landlord.

Jack and Jen were referred to HSP’s Emergency & Prevention Program in November of 2017 to get help
with their eviction. They applied for energy assistance to address the turn off notice. HSP was able to
use local resources to prevent the eviction, and Jack and Jen entered the United Way Family Stability
Program which helped to secure their housing for the next several months.

During this time, they worked with their case manager to create a budget and make effective changes
to get caught up on their expenses and plan for their future. With the help of the UW Family Stability
Program, Jack and Jen were able to purchase their first home. All ten members of the family moved into
a four-bedroom house in Taneytown.

HSP’s Emergency & Prevention Program provided Jack and Jen with the hope that their eviction could
be prevented, the stability of secure housing so they could make necessary changes to their finances,
and the opportunity to get out of debt, save money, and purchase their very first home.


11,344 HOURS

Jerry's Story...

Jerry was drinking heavily and then lost his job.  Relatives told him about the Westminster Rescue
Mission, a local program to help with sobriety. In addition to battling alcoholism, Jerry had serious
financial issues.  He was heavily in debt, had several medical bills, and had neglected to file income
taxes for many years.  

His case manager referred to HSP for Financial Education services. When Jerry began working with
Jen, the Financial Education Coordinator, he was assured that he wasn’t the only person with these
problems.  Jen explained to Jerry that if he was willing to put in the effort, they could work through
this together.  Jen and Jerry began working on his back taxes and paying off his outstanding debt. 
Once his debt was reduced, Jen worked with Jerry to address his medical bills.  As of today, he is
debt-free and is putting 25% of his monthly salary into savings.  Jerry appreciates the importance of
maintaining a budget and creating savings in order to be financially secure. 
With the help of HSP’s Financial Education program, Jerry is now an active part of the community.  He
has volunteered for HSP’s Carroll CASH Day and is currently taking the My Budget Coach training so
that he can coach other participants to make smarter decisions with their own finances.

Jerry knows, first hand, that HSP gives HOPE, inspires CHANGE, and provides OPPORTUNITY. The
help he received during his time of need is why he continues to volunteer with HSP to make a difference
in our community.

Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.
Statement of Activities

Audited Financial Statements are available at

Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.
FY18 Revenue by Source

Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.
FY18 Expenses by Purpose









Contact Us:

Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.
10 Distillery Drive Westminster MD 21157
MAIL: PO Box 489 Westminster MD 21158

PHONE: 410-857-2999
FAX: 410-857-8793
Twitter @HSPCarroll

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