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A 2018 Beverly International Publication Volume 22#1




A 2017 Beverly International Publication 3 RETURN OF THE BEAST FROM BATESVILLE

By: Steve Colescott, the Guerilla Journalist
Nutrition, Supplement, and Training Plans
Want to be featured in By: Wendy Doran
No Nonsense?
If you are a Beverly supplement user and
would like to be featured in No Nonsense, Nutritional Adjustments for Advanced Bodybuilders
send an email with your photograph and By: Steve Colescott
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Quality over Quantity
On the Cover: By: Scott Corey

Jeff Williamson, photo by Amir Marandi 18 MY FIRST YEAR COMPETING

Photos by: Nutrition, Training, and Supplements
By: Chrissy Schultz
Gustavo Alfaro, Jim Burgett, Musclehead
Graphics, Ralph DeHaan, Paul Falavolito, 20 BEVERLY BEAT – BEVERLY TALK WITH
Fabian Koder, Rick Lohre, Amir Marandi, A PERSONAL TOUCH
Joanne and Ryan Corey
By: Sandy Riedinger
Design by:
360 Designs,
After Many Challenges
Tell us what you think! By: Robin Marion

Tell us what you like about No Nonsense 28 TIME TO GROW
magazine and how we can make it better.
Your opinion matters. Putting on Muscle Mass
[email protected] By: Mike Francois


Multiple Natural Pro Titleholder
By: Christina Comparato


With New Training and Nutrition Tips for the Classic
Physique Category
By: Rusty Traufeé

2 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Return of the Beast from Batesville Photo Credit: Amir Marandi
Jeff Williamson wins a pro card at the NPC Masters Nationals

By: Steve Colescott, The Guerrilla Journalist

When we think of a beast, we
imagine a muscular monster, fists
pounding on chest, the loud sound of
a deep window-shaking growl, before
crashing through cinderblock walls and
flipping vehicles over in anger. New IFBB
pro Jeff Williamson keeps the Hulk-like
anger inside, using his energy wisely
to create an amazing and balanced
classic physique... winning the open
bodybuilding over-50 class at the national
level and progressing to an amazing pro

Jeff Williamson rates as an exceptional
bodybuilder. With both of us fortunate
enough to be longtime parts of the
Beverly International family, I met Jeff
around twenty years ago. A group of
us shared a meal and talked training,
laughed, and saw that each of us had
different lives but similar interests. Jeff
interested me because his answers were
never predictable. He would pause,
consider the question, and make a
lateral cerebral exploratory reply that
told me that he does not rattle off the
typical answers we have all read or heard
dozens of times. He replies honestly and

Back in April, my good friend Big E
invited me out to a posing clinic with
longtime NPC executive Gary Udit and
a dozen IFBB pros. I know Big E through
his training partner Brian Yersky, and
the three of us have been to many gyms
and events together. He knows that I
enjoy catching a handful of top male and
female lifters in all classes so that I can
throw some deep video questions their
way. This event was at Joe Mazzone's
Powerhouse Gym in Berea, Ohio and had
an obvious impressive gathering.

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I stepped into the clinic room while Udit was wrapping up the bikini class History of the Beast
segment. The room was tightly packed and I whispered a “Hey” and a nod to
Brian Yerski and Big E when my peripheral vision caught someone wearing a Jeff Williamson started lifting right out of high
black Beverly International hoodie. Even though it had been over a decade since school. This involved lifting in the garage. When
we ran into one another, the familiar smile, Scandinavian shaped nose (unlike Jeff went to college to study engineering he joined
mine that resembles a poor-skilled boxer), and positive attitude was a common Gold's Gym in Evansville. “It was my first exposure
Jeff Williamson intro. to a gym atmosphere and I was hooked from there
on,” says Jeff who was just lifting and not even
While we couldn't talk in that room, I caught up with Jeff, even shot some video thinking about competing.
interview segments, and shared some of the changes we both have had in our
lives. Jeff had driven out from Indiana to help his girlfriend (an impressive female When he was thirty-years old, Jeff trained at a gym
competitor named Rita George) get ready for some upcoming stage work, and in Harrison, Ohio. “I think it was called Excalibur at
modestly mentioned that he was going to get on stage again himself. the time,” Jeff recalls. “The gym owner asked me if I
ever competed. He told me that I needed to talk to
Much like bodybuilding icon Bill Pearl, Jeff takes long periods away from the people at Beverly International. One thing lead
competing (years at a time), making people wonder if he has retired from the to another and I made an appointment and met
game, even though I am sure that his commitment to training is obvious to those with Sandy. She took a look at me and said that I
who see him in the squat rack. This is not uncommon. For many bodybuilders should do the Tri-State Novice, which was coupled
there is a lifetime addiction toward gym battles in their future. This is because with the Mr. Kentucky. I won that show and did
love of training might only be beaten by our love of friends and family (in several shows since then. I’d do four to five shows,
Jeff's case this includes his two sons, nineteen and twenty years of age), with sit out for a while, do a few more shows, and then
competition often coming to a conclusion. sit out for a few years.” Just like Bill Pearl.

In Bill Pearl's history, he earned a Mr. Universe trophy in 1953, 1956, 1961, Jeff won numerous titles in a number of
1967 and 1971. While most of his followers assumed Pearl was retired, he would organizations including the NANBF USA title. He
shock them on stage with a new improved physique. Jeff Williamson has followed also competed in the WNBF for a few years. But,
that same direction in his bodybuilding career. The difference is that on Pearl's one title had eluded him, so Jeff returned to the
final Mr. Universe wins, Sergio Oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Frank Zane NPC and won the overall at the NPC Indiana State
displayed a future stage of bodybuilding coming on the horizon. With Williamson, Championships in 2012. Five years later, he decided
some may say he presented an improved futuristic physique, and stood on stage to go after the NPC Masters National title. In order
presenting an even better build to not only match the growth of the sport, but to to take things to a higher level, Jeff included some
lead this master's category. outside guidance.

At a Glance: Jeff Williamson

Age: 50 muscle repair building mechanism in is a perfect meal replacement, and/
motion after training. This is a must after or an excellent way to get more protein
Occupation: Cooperate Supplier Quality training – NOT AN OPTION. in the diet. UMP has essential fats the
Manager body needs and the blend of proteins
Quadracarn! - I simply use it because which makes it a perfect protein to take
Current Residence: Batesville, IN it works! (3 tabs 3x/day) Quadracarn any time of day or night, plus it will never
clearly makes a difference in the way upset your stomach because of the high-
Years training (total): 30 yrs the muscles look and “pop” when using quality ingredients and it tastes so good
this stuff!! Muscles look full and skin - ESPECIALLY when dieting.
Height: 5’9”; Weight: (Off-Season) looks tight and younger…too many
240, (Contest) 210 people have the same results to dispute Music: Anything from Kid Rock to
this…not sure how it works but I cannot Nickelback
Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Turkey, believe the difference in how my body,
rice, olive oil – all mixed together (Greek skin, and muscles look when I take this Most Inspiring Book: “The WAY of the
Style) insane product. SEAL” by Mark Divine

Favorite supplements: What would you recommend to Hobby or interests outside
someone who has never used bodybuilding: Fast cars and sport bikes
Muscle Provider - Post workout- this is Beverly supplements before? I would
the best protein powder on the planet. recommend Ultimate Muscle Protein – it Words to live by: “Always be prepared”
Quick acting protein that sets the

4 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

The Importance of Adding a be a pro. He didn't miss a meal or take an
Coach unscheduled cheat meal. He checked in on
time every time. He never once complained
“I don’t think everyone that competes or questioned anything. Most guys that are
needs a coach,” says Jeff. “There are a trainers add stuff or take stuff away. He did
number of National-level competitors who not. What's impressive is that he has a full-
don’t have coaches, but I do think everyone time job and trains clients 40 hours a week.
needs a little help in one area or another I couldn't ask for a better client.”
(posing, diet, training, supplements, or
pre-contest prep). Most importantly, most “Funny story...” Brian says when discussing
competitors need an external critique of Jeff's athletic climb. “When he got together
their body guiding you to improve weak with me in Pittsburgh for Masters Nats six
points and timing your contest prep. At a weeks ago, I had him meet me at the check-
high level, you really need to dial in the diet. in room. I get there and tell him to strip
You can really screw things up the week down and let's see how he looks. I already
before prep, the day of the show, between knew he looked really good from previous
pre-judging and finals.” Top competitor and pics he sent the day before. He [strips down]
friend Todd Buchanan recommended that and hits one of the mandatory poses. I only
he consider hiring IFBB pro Brian Hoydic as needed two seconds and to see just the
his Vince Lombardi/Gironda. front of him to see that he was gonna easily
win. I told him in two seconds, 'Get dressed.
“I learned a lot from my coach in the posing You've won!' He also collaborated with me
area alone”, says Jeff. “I have worked with and trained his girlfriend Rita George, who
a few of the best people in the sport and won her pro card. So not only did he win his
thought I had the posing down. I soon first pro show, his girlfriend got her card on
learned there were several things I had the same day.”
to change in terms of presentation. Brian
Hoydic took me to the next level. NOT to Changes to The Beast's Training
take one thing away from my roots…Roger
and Sandy both gave me more than a Many of us have read (and reread) Jeff's
foundation in the sport. They have always articles on training and nutrition. These are
been my rock and without them I would not areas he has put a great deal of thought into
have ever walked on a bodybuilding stage. and a serious game plan. I recommend you
I have used their techniques, nutritional get on the site and
advice, Beverly products and all their check these out. (There’s a search button
information to help countless others. I also at the top right of this page, just type in Jeff
work as a personal trainer working with Williamson.) I, of course, had to ask him how
clients, many of which are competitors, his diet and training has changed in recent
and almost 100% of what I do with them years.
comes from what Roger and Sandy have
taught me 'Beverly-style'…if you will. I owe “I like the training the most,” says Jeff.
any success that I may have to Roger and “Going to the gym, getting a pump, and just
Sandy. Certainly my coach now, Brian training. That’s what I enjoy. I'm not big on
Hoydic, played a huge role in me getting getting on stage. That's why I take off two
my IFBB pro card. I have worked with Brian or three years at a time. I like the process of
for about a year and Beverly about twenty getting there. I like to win, but it is the gym
years, just to put things into perspective.” and training that I love.” Jeff Williamson's
training does not sound like it has changed
I contacted Brian Hoydic to hear his views much since his previous articles. Why
on the Batesville Beast. Okay, he had no change what works? (See Jeff's complete
idea who I was referring to until I added in, program on pg 6.) I asked him if there
“I mean JEFF!” were any areas he felt needed a little extra
work in order to maximize his symmetry.
“Jeff has no weaknesses,” says Brian. “He His overall positive traits that impress the
has full, round muscle bellies. He gets hard judging panel include balance, fullness
and dry. His shoulders and pecs are his and condition. No one has perfect balance
strongest attributes. The first time I saw his though. In an ideal situation, we choose one
pics I told him if he follows the plan he will

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area to focus on that may be slightly behind always been really strong. I can lift good More volume. Again hitting legs every day.
and eventually make it a strong point. weights but the strength has not translated When I say hitting legs every day, I'm talking
to hypertrophy,” says Jeff. “In my case, I put about maybe three sets, not necessarily
“My legs are probably my weakest in more volume of work and went lighter. For working super hard...maybe twelve reps,
bodypart,” admits Jeff. “I hide them well. two months, I would hit legs every [training] medium weight, squeezing hard.”
My legs get separated. The adductor area, day. I had my regular leg day but during
the inner thigh, is probably my weakest other training sessions I would train legs Something that has come up often when we
area.” Now I didn't say anything, but this light. I would hit light leg extensions, light discussed training was a focus on FEEL over
is an example of someone with far greater adductors or even some really light Smith training poundages. “When you are doing
symmetry than 98% of us. A year from machine squats on my toes, for maybe three bent-over barbell rows and you are slinging
now, he may admit that his brachioradialis sets. And I did this every day for about two the weight around, you might be building
is slightly behind his biceps, triceps and months leading up to the show. You would your arms and getting almost nothing for
brachialis or maybe the tibialis anterior think at 50-years-old that you are not going your back. You kind of let your ego get in
on the front of his calves is a bit behind to respond, but I did. My legs, hamstrings... I front of you when you are younger. Looking
his gastrocnemius, soleus and peroneus brought up my glutes too, and in five years I back, I wish I wouldn't have been so much
brevis and peroneus longus. He still gave an had not had glutes with striations.” concerned with lifting heavy as feeling the
excellent strategy on fixing a “weak” point. target body part and giving it time-under-
“I think my leg development was the best tension more. When I was younger, I went in
“I have really focused on that over the past it has ever been,” says Jeff (and the judges and thought I was hitting the right body parts
year and it has come up a lot,” says Jeff. seemed to agree!). “Come showtime but really was probably only hitting it about
“Even at 49 or 50 years old, I have made everything just came together. This may half as much as I could.”
huge improvements in that area. Overall, legs not work for everyone but it worked for me.
have been my weakest area. My legs have

Nutrition, Complete Diet and Supplement Program

Like training, the wisdom has evolved but the Meal 1: 6 egg whites, 4oz beef, 1.5 cup oats
basics of Jeff's nutrition have not changed
a great deal (if it still works, you often can Meal 2: 10oz chicken, 2 cups rice, 1/2 cup broccoli
keep collecting the benefits). He continues to
eat a diet that includes quality protein (lean Meal 3: 8oz beef, 2 cups rice, 4oz green beans
meats, eggs and Beverly protein powder),
limited carb sources, healthy fats, and Meal 4: 10oz chicken, 8oz sweet potato, 1/2 cup broccoli
adequate veggies. During the off-season he
simply makes sure to eat six times a day and Meal 5: 10oz turkey, 1 cup any green leafy veggie
get protein in all six of those meals. “I'm not
perfect with that,” says Jeff. “I eat junk food Meal 6: 4oz beef, 6 egg whites, 2 cups spinach
if I want it. If I want pizza I get it, but always
with some protein.” Meal 7: I drank a 2-scoop UMP shake in the middle of night - usually
around 2 am, or whenever I woke up.
Contest prep eating has not changed too
much either. “The only real change I have Pre workout: 2 scoops Mass Maker Ultra
made is keeping carbs in as long as I can
before a contest. The best way to describe it Post workout: 2 scoops Muscle Provider
is that my diet is basically Beverly-style. The
last two shows I kept carbs in as much as I Note: Anytime I could not get a meal in, I always had 2 scoops of UMP
could. I dropped them down a little bit two with me as a substitute.
months out and then three weeks out, I cut
carbs out completely. There is no question Supplements 3 ZMA 2000 before bed
that Beverly International supplements
propelled me to the next level. You need to Super Pak with meal #1 I added Density, Energy
take in some good, quality supplements to Reserve, Glutamine Select,
get into the type of condition required to get Quadracarn 3 tabs 3 times a day and Muscularity as the
into and win some of these bigger shows.” (EVERY DAY) competition drew closer.
(See Jeff’s exact nutrition and supplement
plan to the right.) 4 Ultra 40 and 4 Mass Amino Acids
with every meal (24 of each per day)

6 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

The Batesville Beast's bellies set me apart from the rest and from Training Program
Impressive Debut the back I have a 3-D type look that sets
me apart.” I normally follow a 3 on – 1 off workout
Winning an IFBB pro card is a lifetime split. I do 3 work sets for each exercise
goal that many competitive bodybuilders Brian Hoydic adds, “Honestly, he ended up (after warm-ups when necessary). My
devote decades to, often letting the other looking better than I thought. He looked exercises and reps are listed below.
aspects of their lives (such as their careers) even better for the pro show than when
dwindle, but still fail to win an IFBB pro he won the pro card. I think his posing Day 1 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
card. Jeff not only won his pro card, but really separated him from the rest of the
went on to step onto a pro stage and not pros. There were two really good guys Incline DB Press: 12,10,10
only did well, but won at his first IFBB pro in his class, but his overall balance and Cable Crossover: 12,12,12
contest! symmetry closed the deal.” Hammer Incline Press superset with
Flat DB Flyes: 10,10,10
After winning the Masters, I asked Jeff I ask Jeff Williamson how the Batesville DB Shoulder Press: 15,12,10
what his future goals were and he told me Beast becoming a pro will affect his life and Medium-grip Upright BB Rows: 12,12,12
that he planned to compete in the IFBB he let me know the change would not be DB Reverse Flyes: 30,25,20 (face down
Pittsburgh Pro Championship. “I was not at dramatic. “I have a career in the corporate on incline bench)
my absolute best at the Master Nationals,” world but I do think it will help my side Rope Pushdowns: 20,20,20
says Jeff (although obviously still better business (personal training/supplement Machine Dips: 20,20,20
than the other oiled stage-guests). “I sales). I just have not had time for Close-grip Bench Press: 10,10,10
needed about two more weeks to really everything to sink in and begin to capitalize
tighten up. The Pittsburgh Pro was six on it yet.” Day 2 Back, Biceps
weeks after the Master Nationals so it gave
me plenty of time to tighten up. It was my “I am planning on doing the Baltimore Pro Front Pulldowns: 15,12,10
choice to make this show my pro debut.” on October 28th. This was not planned, but Barbell Row: 10,10,10
again I know I can make improvements in T-Bar Row: 10,8,8
The Pittsburgh Pro Show runs in the next eight weeks. I feel like this is the Seated Row: 10,10,30 (Set of 30 is quick
conjunction with the NPC North year to do as much as I can since I am in pumping style reps)
Americans, so the Batesville Beast's IFBB condition and mentally and physically feel BB Shrug: 20,15,12
pro debut was actually held in the middle great! I really have no excuse why not to Close-grip Cable Curls: 40,30,20
of the week (Wednesday). “I really like the jump into the Baltimore Pro.” Seated Alternate DB Curl: 2 sets: 20lbs
idea of going on stage first and only having to failure, 30 lbs to failure
one class,” says Jeff. “All the judging If this longtime member of the Beverly Preacher Curls with EZ Bar: 20,20,20
is done in the morning and there is no International family collects a series of wins
posedown in the finals, so you pretty well before going into a long term off-season, it Day 3 Legs
know where you place at prejudging.” does not mean he will not again be doing
quarter-turns for pro judges in a few years. Leg Extensions: 30,30,30 (get quads
“Competing at the IFBB level you need to “Consistency and being prepared is what super pumped to start)
compete within your bounds. I'm not going makes a champion,” says Jeff. “In other Seated Calf Raise: (very strict) 20,20,20
to compete against guys at the Olympia words, when you go to the gym you have DB Sumo Squats: 30,30,30
level. It has to be guys within the Masters to mentally and physically be prepared. Hack Squats: (feet shoulder width)
level or maybe even the 212-pound class. You have to know you are on track. From 12,10,10
I need to see how I stack up.” Winning his the big things to the small things. Eating Smith Machine Squat: (2 plates each
first IFBB pro contest shows that he chose throughout the day. Make sure you are side) 20,20,20 (this is tough)
wisely and progressed at an impressive hydrated. Make sure you are ready for the Standing Calf Raise: 12,12,12
rate. workout. Be prepared for the workout. Leg Press: 20,20,20
Know what you are going to do when you Leg Curl: 30,30,30
“Everyone was a lot bigger than I go in there. You don't have to know every
anticipated and everyone was in shape,” set or every detail. You need to have a
says Jeff. I forced my humble friend to pretty good idea what your goals are in the
open up with a very honest explanation gym. Be prepared and be consistent with
of why he won. “A very classy group of it.”
guys. I'm not huge. I'm not really that big.
I don't overpower anyone, but I have the Never expect the Batesville Beast to retire.
round, full look...the round muscle bellies. Jeff Williamson breaks the retirement
It comes down to me being in condition. schedule that ends most bodybuilding
If I am in condition and have the round full careers. He does not even present an age-
look, it makes me appear a lot bigger on declining physique. I look forward to seeing
stage. My conditioning and round muscle his future title-collecting victories!

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My Natural Pro Figure

Nutrition, Supplement, and Training Plans

By: Wendy Doran, NGA Pro Figure Champion

At the age of 44 I was rapidly Photo Credit: Jim Burgett, Musclehead Graphics dream, visualize yourself in that dream,
gaining weight and didn’t know and strive to make it reality. There are
why. I went to the doctor for answers times you might be the only one who
and was shocked to find out that believes in yourself with an image of how
I was going through menopause! I you want to look. If you can sustain that
knew that I had to do something fast mindset, you can achieve your goals and
to get my weight back under control grow stronger through the process.
and live a healthier lifestyle.
Because of bodybuilding, I am mentally
So, I joined Beechmont Fitness the strongest I have ever been in my
Club and did cardio for an hour life! I went on to become a Pro Figure
a day, three times a week for an competitor in the NGA, WNBF, ANBF and
entire year. My weight decreased nationally qualified in the NPC. I own and
and my confidence increased, but I operate Cutting Edge Posing Suits, LLC
still wasn’t content with my overall where we design custom made posing
appearance. I needed more shape. suits, write meal plans, and give posing
To do this I needed to add muscle! classes. I also teach preschool and
That, however, required lifting created the “Fit for Life” program at the
weights and I had no idea what to Goddard School in Anderson Township,
do. I asked a friend at the gym, Tom, Ohio. My program introduces children
for advice. to a healthy lifestyle with fitness and
good nutritional decisions. Most of my
Tom advised me to cut back on achievements are due to the mindset
cardio, start lifting heavier weights, that I learned through bodybuilding,
and start using Beverly International which has been an ongoing journey that
supplements. I did some research originated from a desire to lose weight
and found Tom’s advice for gaining and be healthy.
muscle was right on the money. For
inspiration, Tom also suggested that Here’s a look at how I achieved the
I attend a bodybuilding show. following contest accomplishments:

When I saw the Figure competitors 2014: NGA Kentucky Natural Classic
step on stage for the first time at – 1st Open Figure, 1st Masters Figure,
the NPC Northern Kentucky show, I Overall Winner;
was amazed! I wanted to learn what
they did to be able to get in that kind 2015: NGA Kentucky Bluegrass
of shape! They had a lot of muscle, Bodybuilding Championships – 1st Pro
very little fat, and looked stunning! Figure;
I later found out that it required as
much mental as physical strength to 2016: NGA Kentucky Natural Classic –
attain their physique. 1st Pro Figure; NGA Pro/Am Western
Kentucky Natural – 1st Pro Figure,
I think the “conceive, believe, Overall Pro Figure; NGA Bluegrass
achieve” mindset is essential Bodybuilding Championships – 1st Pro
for anything that you want to Figure, 1st Pro Masters
accomplish in life, including a
competitive physique. You need to

8 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Weight Training At a Glance: Wendy Doran

Monday Legs Age: 50
Squats 5x10
Leg Extensions 5x10 Occupation: Preschool Teacher
Kickbacks 5x10
Leg Press Machine 5x10 Family: Mother of two wonderful children - Ashley (13) and Tyler (10)

Tuesday Chest Current Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio
Bench Press 5x10
Years training (total): 5 years
Pec Deck 5x10
Dumbbell Flyes 5x10 Height: 5’8”; Weight: 160 (off-season), 140 (contest)
Cable Cross-Over 5x10
Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: My Chewy UMP Granola Bars! Too
Wednesday Back delicious to resist!
Seated Rows 5x10
Lat Pulldowns 5x10 Favorite Beverly Supplements: UMP is by far my favorite supplement!
Reverse Pec Deck 5x10 It’s very versatile! I use vanilla UMP in just about everything that I bake!
It’s an easy on-the-go first meal of the day and a “must have” post-
T-Bar 5x10 workout meal! Lean Out and Muscularity are also essential supplements
during competition prep. Lean Out helps me with my conditioning and
Thursday Arms & Shoulders Muscularity aids in lean muscle mass maintenance.
Dumbbell Curls 5x10
What would you recommend to someone who has never
Dumbbell Hammers 5x10 used Beverly supplements before? Beverly International has a
Cable V-Bar Pushdowns 5x10 Supplement Profiling Chart that is a great reference. I recommend it
for specific individualized goals. (You can find it on the home page at
Rope Pressdowns 5x10
Dumbbell Raises (Forward) 5x10
Music: I like to listen to hard rock music, especially Rob Zombie and
Dumbbell Raises (Side) 5x10 Marilyn Manson. It’s music that motivates me to lift heavy!

Friday Legs (second time in the week Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: I enjoy spending time with
with lighter weights, higher reps) my children; making posing suits for competitors; cooking healthy food;
Calf Raises 5x12 and landscaping my yard.
Seated Leg Press 5x12
Leg Extensions 5x12 Words to live by: “It’s not how hard you hit. It’s how hard you can get hit
Glute Kickbacks 5x12 and keep moving forward.” (Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa)

Saturday Cardio
Yardwork “grass cutting cardio”

for 2.5 to 3 hours

Sunday Rest

Abs (every other day)
Hanging Leg Raises (to failure)
Incline bench sit-ups (to failure)

Ab wheel (to failure)

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Nutrition & Supplements

Daily Meal Plan
In the off-season I eat many small “meals” throughout the day. Here is a typical meal plan I use between competitions to build
muscle while keeping my bodyfat relatively low:

Meal 1 (7:00 am): 1 scoop of vanilla UMP, 12oz almond Meal 6 (3:30 pm): My Chewy UMP Granola Bars (see recipe on
milk, blended with ice (tastes like a milkshake!) page 11)

Meal 2 (8:30 am): 2 brown rice cakes, 2 tbsp almond Meal 7 (5:30 pm): Burrito bowl made with venison, beans,
butter, and a small banana shredded cheese, and plain Greek yogurt

Meal 3 (10:30 am): 1/4cup of nuts Meal 8 (6:30 pm): Protein bar (during workout)

Meal 4 (11:30 am): Salad with chicken, shredded Meal 9 (8:30 pm): 1 scoop vanilla UMP, 12oz almond milk,
cheese, and low fat dressing blended with ice (it’s an essential post-workout meal)

Meal 5 (1:30 pm): Beef jerky Meal 10 (10:00 pm): Steak with broccoli

Water Intake: I drink about 1 1/2 gallons of water each day,
because of my active lifestyle.

Supplement Schedule

Ultimate Muscle Protein - 1 scoop at meal 1 and 9 and also the main
ingredient of my Chewy Granola Bars (meal 6). (Daily total: 3 scoops to
maintain and build muscle, reduce body fat, and satisfy a sweet tooth.)

Lean Out - 1 capsule with meals 1 through 9. (Daily total: 9 capsules to
reduce body fat.)

Muscularity - 3 capsules with meals 1, 4, and 7. (Daily total: 9 capsules
to maintain muscle mass, during my strict dieting as the contest

Density - 3 tablets with meals 1, 4, and 7. (Daily total: 9 tablets to
improve gains and acquire that rock, hard, solid muscle look.)

Glutamine Select - 2 scoops with water after every workout for muscle
recovery and growth, and/or for a tasty treat when cutting calories.

Fit Tabs - 2 tablets with meals 1 and 7. (Daily total: 4 tablets to ensure
that I am getting the necessary vitamins and minerals that my body
requires to perform at its best.)

Joint Care - 3 capsules with meal 5 as a precautionary measure to
maintain healthy joints.

Meal prep tips:

Kai Greene (IFBB professional bodybuilder) said, “Plan and preparation
prevents poor performance.” When I prep for the week, I like to cook
multiple things at one time. I get more accomplished that way and it’s
a lot easier. I’ll have something cooking in the oven, on the stove top, in
the crock pot, and mixing in a bowl. Then, I stock my freezer and I’m set
for the week! I make it fun by blasting music!

10 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Cardio Schedule Wendy’s Chewy UMP Granola Bars

I am a preschool teacher and move around Ingredients: Instructions:
all day. Because of that, I don’t need to
do cardio until I’m 30 days out from a 2 1/2 cup oats • Preheat oven to 325°
competition. I found that I tend to eat 4 scoops Vanilla UMP • Line 9 x 9 pan with parchment paper
more when I do too much cardio, which 1 cup sweetened coconut
defeats the purpose. I use the elliptical 3 1/2 cup sliced almonds and spray with olive oil
times a week for 20 minutes each time on 1/3 cup chocolate chips • Mix dry ingredients in a bowl
a moderate tension, steep incline setting. 1/3 cup blueberry Craisins • Stir in wet ingredients
I rely more on yardwork as a means for 1/4 cup light brown sugar • Press down firmly in the pan (use a
conditioning. I live on one acre of land and 1/3 cup olive oil
cut my grass with a push mower. It’s a great 1/3 cup honey glass cup to roll firmly)
workout that provides results, while also 1/3 cup maple syrup • Bake for approximately 40 mins
being productive. 1 tsp vanilla extract • Make sure to let cool in pan
• Cut into bars, serve, and enjoy!
Presentation Tips

When you first decide to compete, I believe
you should seek out a posing instructor to
help you understand the basic comparison
poses. Then, do your research! Watch
YouTube videos. Check out contest photos
and online images of the top competitors in
your category. Then, analyze everything they
do. Try to emulate their positions/poses
in front of the mirror and make minute
changes to see what works best for your
physique. Keep practicing and adjusting as
your physique changes throughout prep.
Also, make sure someone critiques you
throughout the process. A second opinion
is very important, especially when you don’t
have the use of a mirror as an aid. Last, but
not least, don’t forget to exude confidence
on stage! It makes a huge difference in your
overall appearance!

In Conclusion

Bodybuilding is a very difficult yet gratifying
lifestyle. It will take you through a journey
that will test your limitations, both physically
and mentally. You must to be able to set
yourself apart from others, especially in the
way you think. Then, with a strong mindset,
you can achieve your dreams not only in
bodybuilding but in life!

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Nutritional Adjustments for Advanced Bodybuilders

By: Steve Colescott

In the Beginner Phase of this Driven 2. You may feel that need to learn a bit caveman marketing angle (which draws
series, some basic nutrition changes more about your personal nutrition in the general public).
created a major shift in the food needs by experimenting with some
consumption of those starting a unique diet adjustments. You may The ketogenic diet involves strict
bodybuilding fitness lifestyle. Taking need dramatically different nutrition limitation of carbohydrate levels to
a serious consideration of things you than the average person (probably minimal grams daily, with protein and
eat, items you place in the cart, and not) but the best way to find out is fats for energy. Ketones are produced
supplements that you consume, really to try some different adjustments by the breakdown of fats in the liver due
changes your food intake...and quite and see how they affect your to low carb levels (hence the name of
often, your body! condition the diet). Ketones can cross the blood
barrier of the brain keeping your genius-
In the Intermediate Phase of the Driven Increased Protein gourd adequately nourished. While the
program, we took things a HUGE step uneducated public tends to think that
forward. Okay, not a step, it was more This should be the first nutrition change “eating fat makes you fat,” it makes more
like an Olympic-level track and field you attempt. If you have been following sense that making fat your energy source
long jump forward. Remember when the diet plan in the intermediate program makes you more efficient at burning fat
kids questioned if they are ever going to and consuming 1.5 grams per pound (and body fat) rather than storing them.
need math in their adult lives? Well, this of bodyweight, increase that to 1.75 This is supported by the fact that the
diet was all about muscle-building math, (if you have been at 1.75, increase to increase in obesity in our population is
causing you to figure out calorie, protein, 2.0). Do this for a three-month period largely due to excessive carbs consumed
carbs, and fat levels based on your and check your body composition every daily (including simple sugars).
specific body (and adjusting it as your two weeks. This is an adjustment that I
body changes). We also gave directions have seen the highest level of success While preparing for a contest, Frank Zane
on what choices to best fill those in many bodybuilders' programs...but would go very low in carbs (75 grams)
numbers. (Visit to there is no need to remain at this higher for three days and then on the fourth day
review these articles.) protein intake unless it has proven to be double it (150+ grams). “This was my diet
successful for you. for burning fat,” says Zane.1 “I was trying
As a lifter entering the Advanced Phase, to get into ketosis by that third day and
will there be a lot of changes to your diet? This should be the first dietary then pull myself out of it on the fourth. It
Not nearly as much as you have seen adjustment that you try and it also should worked really well for me.”
in the first two phases. In fact, some of be attempted the first time you are on an
you may be making fantastic progress advanced weakpoint improving program “My recommendation would be to lower
with the diet program exactly as it is. So (which will be covered in the next, article your carbohydrate intake to under 50
how do you adjust your food intake as in this series). grams per day, and I would reduce protein
an advanced lifter? We need to possibly down to one gram per kilogram per
make two simple changes: Ketogenic Diet day, says Dr. Dominic D'Agostino,when
referring to the introductory weeks.”2

1. Your nutrition needs to be focused Another major change to the diet The first few weeks are challenging for
to serve the changes you have program might be a dramatic decrease those trying this diet as you need to
made to your body (more increased in carbohydrates. Paleo diets are give your metabolism adequate time
muscle and the accompanying effective for many that have followed to converting your energy source. If
faster metabolism, hopefully?) and them due to the decrease in calories and you choose to give ketogenic dieting a
the greater recovery required due carbohydrates (not to mention simple try, stick with it for at least 6-8 weeks
to your improvements in training sugars and crappy produced snack because the first few weeks will not seem
intensity and volume foods). This is an adequate protein, easy for anyone.
fairly high fat, and low carb diet with the

12 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Carb Rotation Diet

A carb rotation diet does not require ketogenic levels on most days. It involves reduced carbs most of the time, with adjustments made by
how your hard training sessions (or current goals) drives the nutrition game plan.

One of the smartest contest prep coaches in the industry is Justin Harris (NPC Junior USA class winner before leaving the sport to get his
PhD in atomic physics, and recently returning). In his diets, carbs and fats are the primary sources of fuel but are adjusted, as needed, for a
metabolic effect.3 He includes high carb, medium carb, and low carb days. Fat levels are very low on high carb days and rather high on low
carb days. A common week would include 2 high carb days, 3-5 low carb days, and some medium carbs days (usually during the fat loss
periods). The high-carb days are often scheduled for the heavy leg or back training days (to help with recovery).

The best part of this program is that it provides simple adjustment. For fat loss, one of the high carb days are decreased to medium or one of
the medium carb days become low carb. If you are not recovering or getting the strength and size gains wanted, then the food intake gets an
adjustment in the other direction.

High-Carb Day Medium-Carb Day Low-Carb Day

Increased insulin sensitivity from (Used only during fat loss) Fat-burning
low carb days allows for glycogen
super-compensation and Slightly sub-maintenance calorie Higher (healthy – EFA Gold) fats which
increases intake of aminos level, but enough calories to fuel increase insulin sensitivity
Higher calorie count than other More protein needed since some is used as
two days Keeps metabolism elevated and energy source
keeps you from flattening out
Highly anti-catabolic Insulin levels low, allowing for efficient fat-
Fat-burning still takes place burning
Consume around 1/3 of the daily
carb intake near training HIIT cardio Good time for added BCAAs (Muscularity)
and/or EAAs (Density) to maintain muscle size
No cardio
Long, fairly high-intensity, steady-state cardio

Dave Uhlman

Photo Credit: Gustavo Alfaro

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Other Diet That Seems Interesting As we recommended in the Intermediate Proper Info Sources
Phase, a quality vitamin and mineral source
Lastly, if there is a diet you see followed (Super Pak or Fit Tabs) is crucial. EFA Gold Lastly, I recommend that you consider
by an elite level bodybuilding athlete, you will help provide a healthy source of the advanced bodybuilding as the pursuit of
may consider trying it. Before deciding necessary fats on your medium or low-carb a doctorate degree in muscleology. While
though, does this athlete seem to have days. many pro bodybuilders train and eat well,
similar genetics to you? While you may others do not...but their genetics allow them
be impressed by a top-placing Olympia Before, during, and after your workout, to succeed anyway. Those with average
competitor, their genetics might be so Glutamine Select is needed even more and genetics need to learn everything possible to
superior to the average person that they (as an advanced lifter) you may need to have achieve their best progress.
don't need to get everything right. Do they that drink supported by some added BCAAs
have fifty, seventy, or more pounds of (during training and before bed) from Muscle Who do I list as excellent information
muscle than you? If so, they can burn off Mass or Muscularity (for reduced calories/ sources? I would direct you to the articles,
cookies and Big Macs that would destroy carb weight losers). During a weight loss books or videos by: Charles Poliquin, Brad
your abdominal definition. Pick someone period, Quadracarn will assist with your goal Schoenfeld, Scott Stevenson, Josh Bryant,
closer to your level (maybe someone that of melting fat off of your midsection, hips Justin Harris, Milos Sarcev, Mike Israetel,
looks like you if you were to do everything and general body fat. Christian Thibadeau, Alan Aragon, Fred
right for the next three to five years). The Hatfield, John Meadows, Matt Wenning,
Beverly International No Nonsense magazine Some recommendations to consider might Michael Zordos, Jerry Brainum, Chris Aceto,
(and their website for back issues) is the be: Creatine Select can be added into your Ben Pakulski, Michael Tuchscherer, Matt
best source for realistic champions that diet during specific training periods. In Porter and Frank Zane. Consider ongoing
made the most of their genetics (while taking particular, this might work well during a “Max education vital to advanced progress, so
care of family and career). Check this out for Strength” or “Strength & Musclebuilding” you may want to make it a point to follow
ideas. training block. During a fat loss period (or the articles and videos presented by these
if this is your primary goal) you may want physique mentors. While I have learned a
Your Advanced Supplement Intake to first follow the dietary adjustments great deal from these experts, I also learn
mentioned and then add in Lean Out and/or things from local level champions such as
What type of supplement changes take 7-Keto MuscLean to assist your body in fat you see profiled here, and both Sandy and
place with an advanced lifter? Basically, burning. Lastly, Up-Lift should be considered Roger Riedinger (as well as their longtime
with the increase in your abilities you will if you find a fat loss diet keeping you from employees) have a ton of realistic experience
find that you need to be covering nutrition getting a good muscle pump while lifting. that I recommend. As a Driven lifter, this
at consistent level. Harder, more frequent, knowledge will make you achieve far more
and higher-volume training sessions require What are some optional supplement than you may have ever guessed was
that you get adequate sleep and nutrition to additions for an advanced lifter? Primarily, possible!
make the most of your work. this could include anything that your body
personally needs. You will tend to have found
Quality whole foods are the most important limiting factors and things like Joint Care
area to keep on track, supplements are (for achy elbows, shoulders, knees, etc.),
the next step which will allow you to take Advanced Antioxidants (also popular with
progress to the next level. Muscle Provider masters-aged lifters), ZMA 2000 (to improve
will be the high-quality, fast-absorption sleeping abilities), or Mass Maker Ultra
protein source used post-training. UMP and (if you still have a metabolism that needs
Provosyn will be our slower blends which are high calories to keep muscles full). At this
particularly good as a between meal snack point you should know which areas create
or a before bed shake. a weakness and Beverly International has
quality products to help you improve.

1) Duncan, Fred.
2) D'Agostino, Dominic. “Dr. Dominic D'Agostino on the Ketogenic Diet | The Podcast | Ep 4” (posted on 12/9/16)
3) Harris, Justin. Comprehensive Performance Nutrition (first edition), Lulu Publishing (2007)

14 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Around the age of 23 Photo Credit: Joanne CoreyLongevity
and having done basic
pushups and pullups for a Quality over Quantity
couple of years, I came to
the realization that if I wanted By: Scott Corey
to get bigger (like the guys
in the magazines) then I with chronic soreness, exhaustion,
would have to join a local moderate burnout (psychologically)
gym that had the appropriate as well as frustration. All resulting in
equipment to meet these arrested development.
goals. I remember the first
time I reluctantly went to Confused, yet determined to
the local hardcore gym understand why I was losing my
“Where Mr. Cincinnati trains” drive and progress, I began a
I was told. Walking in and journey that included the education
observing, I was instantly and study of physiology, nutrition,
intimidated, but also equally supplementation as well as sports
fascinated at the intensity psychology.
of this group of individuals. I
immediately knew right then As I look back and assess the
that despite my insecurities past 27 years of my competitive
I would need to overcome journey and all its aspects, I can
them if I wanted to be a part honestly say I thoroughly have an
of this sub culture. understanding that the road to my
longevity in competitive natural
So over time I did just that. bodybuilding began with adopting
and applying several simple
For the next couple of perspectives which included the
years I became immersed following:
in the gym lifestyle. Day
after day I would go and Stimulate don’t annihilate the
observe these larger than muscle. Initially I made gains no
life individuals lifting ungodly matter what I did in the gym. After
amount of weights and chronic plateauing however, I
walking around the gym adjusted my training from six days a
looking like Greek statues week to only three with a focus on
as a result of their labor. quality movements and increased
Of course, being gullible intensity (decreased weight with
and uneducated in proper stringent form and constant muscle
nutrition, supplementation tension). I changed my perspective
as well as not understanding from “no pain, no gain” to that of
the physiology of the natural “quality over quantity”.
athlete, I naïvely mimicked
their advanced routines and The same philosophy applied to my
soon found myself plagued cardio program which I would do
post workout and also on non-
weight training days in order to
keep my metabolism efficient.

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At a Glance: Scott Corey

Age: 48 comparison to the more mainstream Most Inspiring Book: Wild At Heart
products that you view in the magazines (John Eldridge)
Education: BS in Occupational Science and online. Often what I hear from
(University of Southern California) the novice and intermediate athletes Hobby: PC Strategy Gaming
is that in comparison to other brands,
Family: Married with two children Beverly products are too expensive, Words to live by: “Who has a harder
thus why waste their money when they fight than he who is striving to overcome
Current Residence: Temecula, CA can purchase the same ingredients himself.” ~ Thomas à Kempis
that is simply labeled under a different
Years Training: 27 Years brand name? The simple answer is; they
are not the same ingredients and you
Height: 6’1” get what you pay for. I know that is a
cliché statement but I urge you to not
Weight: 210 (Off-Season), 178 (Classic be naïve and jeopardize your physique
Physique), 180+ (Bodybuilding) or athletic potential by chronically
absorbing, over an extended period of
Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Beverly time, products that are saturated with
oatmeal pancakes. Combine three fillers just because you wanted to save
scoops of vanilla UMP with 1 cup of $10. You are the sum of all your parts
rolled oats, a few chocolate chips as well and prolonged use of the cheaper and
as walnuts, a dash of cinnamon and mix less quality supplements will mean the
with water into a thick batter. Prepare difference between a first or fourth place
and lightly coat with peanut or almond finish.
Music: Heavy Metal…..and of course,
Why do you recommend Beverly? the Classical Cello.
It’s very important for the athlete to
understand and be educated on the
uniqueness of Beverly supplements in

Workout Routine

My training sessions are focused solely on quality, not quantity. Sometimes workouts take only 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Two excellent
reps are superior to 15 casual ones! Every movement contains constant muscle tension throughout its full range of motion.

Monday (Legs) On upper body I usually work with weights which allow 20-30 reps in perfect
form. Typical exercises are:
Leg Press: Isolated single leg press with 75
to 100lbs, 40 to 50 reps x 2 sets. (If my eyes Wednesday (Upper Body)
aren't watering up by the last 3 final reps 1-Arm Rows: 50 to 70lb dumbbell, 2 sets of 20 to 30
then I know I haven’t been isolating the quads Pullups: Underhand position 2 sets to failure
enough or that my movements are overly fast Dumbbell Curls: 30lbs, 1 set to failure at around the 20 to 30 rep range
with missed tension).
Friday (Upper Body)
Barbell Squats: 100 to 200lb (perfect form One-Arm Dumbbell Presses: 50 to 70 lbs, 2 sets of 20-25 reps
throughout)......only one set*. Angled Pushups: 3 sets to failure
Cable Pushdowns: 50 to 75 lbs, 1 set to failure which is usually around the
*I go until I fail! I’ve gone as high as 100 reps 30 to 40 rep range
in perfect body mechanic form from start 1-Arm Dumbbell Side Raises: 20 to 25lbs, 1 set of 15 to 20 reps with
to finish without breaking pace the entire perfect form
duration. Yes, I felt like I nearly died.

Single Calf Raises on the Leg Press: Leg
Raise with DB 3x8, Machine crunches 3x8,
Decline Crunches with plate 3x8

16 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475


Like all great things, it’s actually very simple: Initially, I made this area overly complex and found myself getting increasingly
obsessed over every detail. It took me many years to realize that weighing food every day and stressing over counting every single
calorie was not as important for me as simply being consistent with my clean meal plan and staying away from junk food. Logic
and common sense not only brought consistency, but also the desired results to my physique and more importantly, my lifestyle
outside of the gym felt less burdensome and more normal.

Meal 1: This will Meal 2: Two chicken breasts, In the offseason I do allow myself one cheat meal a week without
consist primarily of 2 cups of brown rice, and one any guilt attached to it.
any Beverly related cup of broccoli
UMP recipe food item Every two years when I do compete however, for five months I do
such as pancakes, Meal 3: Same as meal 2 transition to micromanaging (weighing, timing, etc.) my normal
drinks, puddings or food intake along with increasing (or decreasing depending
cakes Meal 4: Same as meal 1, but on how I look) the protein and carb amounts. And, of course, I
double the portion! eliminate my cheat meal.

Supplementation Thus concluded my real world evaluation that all supplements truly weren't created
equal and that the Beverly brand was more than just hype. This "hypothesis" would
As a new lifter starting out almost three later be confirmed as I experienced the same results as those I was observing soon
decades ago, I didn’t quite understand after I started on the Beverly program myself.
the fascination that the more serious
bodybuilders in my gym had with using the Due to its texture, taste and diversity to make amazing food varieties, I pretty much live
Beverly products exclusively. And although on Beverly’s UMP year round. I cannot stress to the reader enough the sanity that this
all these athletes were sincere in their product brings to your mental and emotional state of being especially when you are
verbal justification of their Beverly use, I about two months into your rigid contest dieting routine. There is not a supplement on
couldn’t rationalize the logic of spending this planet that has the diversity or outstanding taste of UMP. I always take Glutamine
increased money on a protein powder when Select a couple of times a day as well in order to prevent the catabolic process from
Joe Weider of Muscle and Fitness magazine having its way. Since I am naturally lean, I do not need to use Lean Out or 7-Keto
was selling a 5lb bag of “the same stuff” for MuscLean, but heartily recommend them to anyone who needs help with leaning out.
half the cost. It was a no brainer......I gullibly
reasoned at the time. Persevering: Bodybuilding longevity is analogous to being a marathon runner, not
a sprinter. In the early 90's, I was immersed and surrounded by the best and most
During this period of evaluation and intense bodybuilders on the scene. 27 years later I only know of two athletes other
discovery, I was actually working behind the than myself that still have that competitive edge from that era. Many simply started
counter, as well as a personal trainer at the out too fast and although amazing in their athletic potential, neglected the basics of
well-known Paramount bodybuilding gym wellness and common sense and are now suffering chronic health issues as a result.
in Cincinnati. Due to my position and the The majority however lost their passion simply because they didn’t possess the right
type of clientele we catered to, it enabled perspective and balance about life in general. I learned early on that If I wanted to
me to truly assess the effects of Beverly remain an athlete my entire life, then I needed to be disciplined, wise, consistent and
supplementation from observing, talking, most of all persevere in my training and eating not only in the good times when it was
working with, and evaluating the Beverly easy to be enthusiastic, but also when things would get difficult and the motivation to
athletes vs others. continue forward was inevitably suppressed. Never, never, never give up became, and
still is my mantra.
My conclusion during this time frame of
literally several years, was that the athletes Adopting the above mentioned perspectives early on in my bodybuilding calling is why
using Beverly were getting significantly I am still able today, 27 years later, to continue progressing and moving forward on
better results. They exhibited better this amazing journey. I am very proud to say that I recently competed and placed first
conditioning, fuller muscles bellies, and and qualified to turn pro at the 2017 California Natural Iron Gladiator (Classic Physique
even seemed less stressed during their Division). I also placed second in the open bodybuilding division as well.
contest preparations. The athletes using
Beverly were also consistently winning In conclusion, I leave the reader with this powerful quote:
nearly all the local shows, or at the very
least, placed in the top spots. "Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our
potential." Winston Churchill

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My First Year Competing
Nutrition, Training, and Supplements
By: Chrissy Schultz

I’ve always been very active, I was a Photo Credit: Stage Time Photography entire show, 1st overall. I was proud of her,
competitive gymnast for 13 years, but knew I still had a long way to go.
cross country runner, cheerleader and
track and field athlete. I’ve competed in My second competition, however, came with a
countless 5 and 10k’s, half marathons, pleasant surprise. I was entered in both novice
triathlons, duathlons, you name it. and open in the women's figure division.
However, none of these competitions During our group meeting before the show we
came even close to the amount of were informed two competitors had dropped
time, dedication and commitment that out of the open bikini division and were there
went into training for my first figure any figure competitions who would volunteer
competition. It was truly a life changing to cross over. Wendi, my posing coach, and
experience. Brian had a pow-wow and encouraged me
to give it a shot. With much hesitation and a
I was introduced to figure by my sister, lot of apprehension, I agreed. If anything, I
Holly, who has been an active competitor thought to myself, it would give me more stage
on and off for years. She told me she experience. I remember turning to them very
was going to start training again, and nervous about having to learn bikini poses
after giving it a little thought, I told her and T-walks in 5 minutes and said jokingly
I wanted to give it a try. One week into “remember, both of your names are behind
the diet I was already frustrated. That’s this face, if I make a fool of myself it looks like
when my trainer, Brian Strock came into you guys are coming down with me.” Results
the picture. Brian met me every Saturday that day blew me out of the water. I placed
morning at 4:30 am to measure my body 2nd in Figure novice, 3rd in Figure open and
comp, tweak my diet and get in a training 1st place in my first Bikini competition! Not
session. From that day on he has been only did I win, but I qualified for my first pro
there for me every step of the way. card. Holly, once again stole the show placing
1st overall in Figure and earning her pro card
My first competition was a big as well. It was one of the most incredible
disappointment to me. I managed to experiences of my life, sharing the stage with
place 4th (out of 5) in Novice and 3rd my big sister and holding our hands high, now
(out of 5) in Open. Holly absolutely both professional athletes.
rocked that competition, winning the

At a Glance: Chrissy Schultz

Age: 25 Favorite Bodybuilding or fitness Music: "You Can’t Stop Me" by Andy
meal: Chicken or lean ground beef and Mineo was my song of choice to push
Occupation: Registered Veterinary sweet potato through the toughest workouts and my
Technician most difficult days.
What would you recommend to
Years of Training: 1 yr competitively someone who has never taken BI Most Inspiring Book: You are a Badass
supplements before: My best advice... by Jen Sincero
Height: 5’2; Weight: 122 (off-season), dive into that UMP Graham Cracker!
110 (contest) Words to live by: “You’ll never win if
you don’t play”

18 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Nutrition Meal 4: 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg with omelet veggies or
replace with one scoop UMP protein powders
Here’s the diet plan Brian designed for me.
Meal 5: 4oz chicken with 1/2 cup spinach
Meal 1: 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg, 1/2 grapefruit
Meal 2: 4oz chicken with 1 cup green beans
Meal 3: large salad with 5oz chicken or tuna, 1/2 tbsp
flax oil and 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

* Every 3rd day Brian told me to eat the following in place of one regular meal: 1 cup rice, 4oz sweet potato, 1 small banana,
1 cup veggies with 2 tsp oil, butter or margarine 1 gallon of Water per day

Supplement Schedule

I took CLA, 7-Keto MuscLean and Lean Out with my 1st, 3rd and 5th meal. It really helped enhance the effects of my diet and lean me out
to my desired BMI. I had one scoop of Glutamine Select during training. UMP was a great addition to my diet, I would replace one of my
meals with a scoop of UMP which was always my favorite meal of the day. UMP Graham Cracker is by far the best tasting protein powder
I've come across, perfect as a shake and even better mixed as pudding when I was really struggling with my sweet tooth to keep me on track.

Training Schedule Legs, Glutes and Hamstrings: Cardio Schedule
Wide Stance Barbell Squat 3x12
Back, Biceps and Shoulders: Smith Stationary Split Lunges 3x12 I started off my contest training doing 30
Underhand Barbell Row 4x12 Standing Calf Raises 3x25 minutes, 6 days a week. At 6 weeks out,
Seated Cable Row 4x12 Leg Press 3x10 (wide stance) after speaking with Brian, we increased it
Wide Grip Lat Pull Down 4x12 3x10 (narrow stance) to 40 minutes, 6 days a week. I do a mix of
Weighted Back Extensions 3x25 Up and Overs 3x15 treadmill running, elliptical and cycling.
Barbell Curl 4x12 Squat Jumps
Alternating DB Curl 4x12 Seated Adduction 3x12 Presentation
Side Lateral Raises 4x10 Seated Abduction 3x12
Shoulder Press Machine 4x10 Best tip was given to me by my posing
Abs (each workout day): coach, Wendi Eldred, “create a solid weekly
Chest and Triceps: Russian Twists 4x30 practice regimen.” I practice posing 6
Incline DB Bench Press 3x15 Reverse Crunch 3x20 days a week – 3 days after my workout for
Regular Pushup 4x15 Hanging Straight Leg Raise 3x15 10-15 minutes in order to practice when my
Tricep Pushup 4x15 Bicycle 3x25 muscles are tired, and 3 days a week when
Flat DB Fly 4x12 Straight Leg Crunch 3x20 my muscles are fresh where I can really
Tricep Dips 4x12 focus on form and presentation.
Skull Crushers 3x12
Reverse Grip Press Downs 3x15 Results

By the end of my competitive season,
I'd gone from 123lbs down to 110lbs; I
went from 23% body fat down to 9% and
managed to take 4inches off my waist.
I also gained 1.5inches on both my biceps
and my shoulders.

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BBEEVEARLTY Winter 2018 Almost 20 years ago we received a letter in the mail from Jim and
With Sandy Riedinger Carole Heflin, the previous owners of Beverly International. We talked
to them weekly when placing our orders by phone so when an actual
letter came in the mail addressed to us, we were indeed nervous. Our
first fear was that they had decided to sell the company to an outsider
and our future opportunities with the company would be snuffed out.
We opened the letter. Inside was the opportunity of a lifetime. They
were writing us with the news of their retirement and that they would
like for us to carry on the Beverly International tradition and purchase
the company from them. We were shocked to say the least. Why us?
We seized the commitment with great delight and excitement. Our
lives changed that day. Since that time, we haven’t stopped working
for you. We understand your needs, your interests and goals because
we once had the same goals, and still have many of them. We consider
YOU when making decisions in every area of our business. We
promised from day one to operate with integrity. At Beverly, we define
integrity as “intentional honesty”. We promised to care and share with
our clients. We hope that you have been touched by our business
ethics and friendship over the past 20 years! I really can NOT believe
it’s been that long.


Density… Victor Hugo wrote, “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.”

Many hard gainers and “40-plusers” consider this ironclad, pharmaceutical-grade EAA formula to be the missing
link in their diet that finally helped them get the results they’ve been waiting for. Don’t let there be an essential
amino acid (EAA) shortage. Density is not just for bodybuilders! Enhance your muscularity, performance, and
ability to recover. Males try taking 3-5 tabs 3x’s a day. Females usually take 2-3 tabs 3x’s daily.


I was emailing Dana Add 5–7 ice cubes in a blender
Ayr and chatting with 3oz water and about 6oz
about GI issues. She unsweetened almond milk. Add a
shared this story with handful of fresh baby spinach, 2
me… “Funny story, scoops of vanilla UMP or Muscle
I hated the idea of Provider, 1/2 cup frozen fruit (I
protein shakes when I was in my early 20’s. I didn’t like the use blueberries and strawberries),
way it made me feel, or even the taste. About 10 years ago, my add some fiber if you want (I use
friend in Connecticut told me, ‘You have to try Beverly’. I told Metafiber), and I add a quick pour
her no thanks. When she came to visit she brought some UMP of Kombucha for my gut. Blend
with her. I tried it and became officially hooked. One of the until smooth. It could be up to
reasons is that it didn’t affect my stomach at all. I truly love it!” 2 minutes. Let sit for 2 minutes. You will need to eat it with a
spoon!! Thick and Healthy! Build on!!
Check out her website, WWW.WHEYZTED.COM. She makes
all of her goodies with UMP. Puddings, Protein Balls, Protein Nutrition:
Pops… Roger and I have ordered from her site and are Calories: 280 / Protein: 42g / Carbs: 19g / Fat: 6g
impressed! Each item is made with care and is delicious. How

20 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Ms. Figure Olympia winner... Cydney Gillon

We want to give a huge shout out to Cydney Gillon for her 2017
Ms. Figure Olympia WIN!! Over the years, we’ve watched her
refine her already top of the line physique into a Ms. O title
winner! What a lifetime accomplishment. WOW!!

Cyd’s Mom, Tangelea, shared Cyd’s Bev sup list… UMP
chocolate, 7- Keto MuscLean, Lean Out, Density*, GH Factor,
and EFA Gold. (*She uses Density year round)

Catch up with Cyd on Instagram,@vytamin_c, or on her

EFIT Training and Nutrition makes Magic
happen with Muffins!!!

Eric Lewelling started his journey into the fitness world in
1997 working the front desk at Gold’s Gym in Sevierville, TN.
Over the next 20 years he has continued to be involved in
the fitness field as a certified personal trainer, gym manager,
nationally qualified bodybuilding competitor, contest prep
coach, and owner of his own business, EFit Training and
Nutrition & Fuel Stop. Eric tells me, “My wife and I began the
Fuel Stop by making protein shakes and energy slushies, but
then it hit me… what is the one product always used by me
and my clients? Beverly International changed the game for
us! By combining Beverly and the need for something sweet,
we created a protein muffin that is not only healthy and
nutritious, but DELICIOUS. Enjoy my recipe for the Double
Chocolate Chip Muffin and if you are ever around my side of
town, stop in and check us out!”

I asked Eric to share one of the major hurdles which keep
those involved in a fitness program from reaching their goals.
“Living in Northeastern TN means that we are in a prime
location for southern cooked food. Everywhere you look there
is fried food, comfort food, and an abundance of desserts
full of butter, salt, and sugar. Most people tend to believe
that if they get a trainer and do the workouts, the magic will
happen…. but it takes more than that. When you combine
good nutrition and training, that’s when the REAL magic

You can contact Eric on Facebook at EFIT Training and
Nutrition or Instagram @efitnation.

Photo courtesy of Cyd's Mom

Free Subscription 21

Dr. Kent Brown started a new business after being involved in the
world of nutrition, exercise and bodybuilding for more than 30
years. Although he has won titles at the state, regional, and national
level, he wanted to be sure the average individual received the
truth and did not waste their time and money on false hopes and
dreams. He holds a Masters in Exercise Physiology and a PhD in
Health Promotion and Behavioral Science. He also recommends
Beverly International supplements to his clients and family!!! Here’s
the email for the Hook up! [email protected]

Competitor of the Year ... Frank Lagarde I thought you might be interested in one of the off-season
nutrition plans Frank followed early in his career to develop
Frank LaGarde won every show he entered in 2017! Thanks to Pep Wahl, the his foundation. This one is from 2003.
owner of Bodybuilders Inc in Akron, Ohio for taking the photos and collecting
all of the show wins for Frank!! FRANK is the outstanding competitor of the Basic Off-season Supplement Program:
year!!! Super Pak with meal #1; 4 Ultra 40 and 4 Mass Aminos
with each meal.

“I cycle the following two supplements at various times
during the off-season for additional strength and muscle
size gains:

Here’s a list of his 2017 accomplishments: Meal 1: 4 whole eggs, 2 egg whites; 1 can of tuna; 3/4
cup oatmeal before cooking
2017 NPC Natural Ohio:
1st overall Masters 40-49, 1st lightheavy and 1st overall Open Meal 2: Protein Drink: 3 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein
2017 NPC Natural Northeastern USA: (UMP), 4 tbsp (2 oz) heavy whipping cream, 4 strawberries
1st overall Masters, 1st lightheavy and 1st overall Open or 1 banana and 18 oz water
2017 Northcoast Championships:
1st Masters 40-49, 2nd Open lightheavy Or: 8 oz sliced turkey breast sandwich on whole wheat
2017 Mike Francois Classic: bread with a slice of cheese
1st Open lightheavy, 1st Masters
Meal 3: 8 oz chicken (before cooking); 6 oz. sweet potato
22 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475 or 3/4 cup cooked rice; 1.5 cup vegetables (broccoli, etc.)

Meal 4: Protein Drink: 3 Scoops UMP, 18 oz of water

Meal 5: Protein Drink: 3 Scoops UMP, 4 tbsp whipping
cream, 4 strawberries or 1 banana and 18-oz water

Meal 6: 8-10 oz 93% lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish and
once or twice weekly sirloin steak; 2 cups vegetables

Richard Munn... age is just a number.

While working as an ACE certified trainer at the Trent Arena
Fitness and Wellness Center, one of the clients suggested
that Richard Munn do a bodybuilding competition. He
said, “What? Do old men even do this?” Well, Richard did!
He entered his first bodybuilding show, the NPC Monster
Mash, at the age of 60! At 5’5, his competition weight was
around 160. He remembers being nervous and scared to
death. When his class was called to line-up to go on stage
he thought he was going to vomit. Since that day, he has
lived the bodybuilding lifestyle, competed in at least 10 more
shows and has the mindset, why stop? “I might as well keep
helping others while I am helping myself.” His ultimate goal
is a Pro Card (no matter what his age).

Richard’s BEV supplement program looks like this… Richard’s Dynamic training Schedule: About six weeks before a show
he switches his training to include more dynamic training. This takes
Meal 1: Super Pak (precontest) or 2 Fit Tabs (off-season), 2 the place of cardio. It is similar to Boot Camp training but, with more
capsules 7-Keto MuscLean, 2 Lean Out, and 2 Quadracarn strength building moves. He performs two minutes each of the following
movements: heavy rope, Stairmaster, core work, elliptical, body weight
Meal 2: (after morning workout) UMP protein shake, one movements such as push-ups and pull-ups, ergometer, and repeats for a
serving Glutamine Select, 2 Lean Out, 2 capsules 7-Keto total of 24 minutes.
MuscLean, 2 Quadracarn
Richard talks Recovery… Because of my age and the intensity with which
Meal 3: 2 Lean Out, 2 capsules 7-Keto MuscLean, 2 I train recovery is a very big component of my bodybuilding training. I am
Quadracarn always thinking about the next workout and how I can improve. Beverly
International products have been critical for me in recovering after every
Meal 4: 1 serving Muscle Synergy powder, 2 Lean Out, 2 workout. I clearly remember about five years ago seeing a chart in the
capsules 7-Keto MuscLean, 2 Quadracarn No Nonsense Magazine that talked about recovery. I immediately went
out and got Glutamine Select, FitTabs and Quadracarn. The results were
Meal 5: UMP protein shake, 1 serving Glutamine Select very impressive because I had more energy and I was able to maintain my
workout intensity. I am still taking them today.
Meal 6: 5 Density tablets, 1 serving Muscle Synergy powder
Richards Protein pancake recipe: One cup each Greek yogurt, oats, egg
“I’ve followed the Beverly International Mature Muscle whites, and UMP chocolate protein
Level 3 program for a couple of years and have had great
success. I am able to recover from workouts and maintain Mix all ingredients in a bowl and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. Cook
energy throughout the day. on a low or medium heat. Let cool and then enjoy. This recipe should
produce 4 to 6 pancakes. In the off-season I might add a few more
I take all of my supplements with my meals to make sure I ingredients such as pecans, bananas, powdered peanut butter, blueberries
have a regular schedule and it's easier for me to consume and some flaxseed.
the tablets with food.”

No one can believe he is 65 years old!!! While chatting with
Richard, the one thing that really stood out to me was that
he LOVES preparing for a show. I don’t hear that EVER!!! He
loves preparing the food (he shops at 5 different grocery
stores due to the volume and variety of food that he buys),
making adjustments and especially the final results. He says
the show day is a little anti-climactic for him.

One of his contest tricks… he listens to Conan the Barbarian
while he trains and before he takes the stage. One tip he
gives other athletes is to ask questions and learn from the
other competitors.

Free Subscription 23

Donny Lucas' decision to compete again. Meal 1: 6 egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal
Supplements: 3 EFA Gold, 2 Lean Out, 3 Mass Aminos, 3 Ultra 40
Donny Lucas is the single father of a 3 year old daughter.
He’s been training for 21 years and competed in Meal 2: 7oz chicken breast, 6oz sweet potato, 1 cup green beans
bodybuilding for many of them. He recently made a Supplements: 3 Mass Aminos, 3 Ultra 40, 3 Quadracarn
comeback winning the Masters division in Mens Physique
at the NPC Mid Atlantic Cup Championships. I’ll let Donny Meal 3: 7oz extra lean ground turkey, 2 cups salad, 2 tbsp Balsamic Dressing
take if from here. Supplements: 3 EFA Gold, 2 Lean out, 3 Mass Aminos, 3 Ultra 40

My fitness journey began when I was 15 years old. That Meal 4 (Post-workout): 2 scoops UMP made into a pudding with water,
Christmas my father purchased my first gym membership 1/2 cup oatmeal
at a local community center. My parents had divorced Supplements: 3 Mass Aminos, 3 Ultra 40, 3 Quadracarn
and my father thought that a weight training program
would help me blow off some of my pent up frustration. Meal 5: 7oz chicken breast, 1-1/2 cups mixed veggies
Soon it became more than an outlet for my emotions, it Supplements: 3 Mass Aminos, 3 Ultra 40, 2 Lean Out
quickly became my passion. When I was in school all I
could think about was what I was going to work on that Meal 6: 7oz 93% or leaner beef, 1 cup green beans
day at the gym. I couldn't get there fast enough once Supplements: 3 Mass Aminos, 3 Ultra 40, 3 Quadracarn
school let out.
Training: As a drug free athlete it is very important to keep as much size as
Mr Jake's Gym is really where it all started to come possible when dieting. I have found that I get my best results from volume
together for me. Andy Keister, the owner, invested a training. I rely almost exclusively on Giant Sets, where I perform 3 or 4
great deal of time with me. He taught me proper exercise exercises, one right after another with no break. I usually do 4 rounds of 15-20
technique and spent hours putting me through training reps per exercise. Because I was training for the mens physique division I
sessions. He helped me develop meal plans and Andy concentrated primarily on Chest, Shoulders, Back, Abs, and Calves.
is the one who introduced me to Beverly International
supplements. I had my first Beverly protein shake at age Cardio:
16, and for twenty years I have not used any other protein 5 days a week of fasted steady state treadmill for 40 minutes
powder. As my training became more serious, I added 5 days post workout HIIT (high intensity interval training) for 20 minutes, usually
Ultra 40 liver tabs and Mass Amino Acids. UMP, Mass on the Stairmaster
Aminos, and Ultra 40 became a staple in my training,
and they still are. When I turned 35, I added Quadracarn. The challenge and choice to be disciplined is what makes competing so
Quadracarn has helped me with overall energy, recovery, rewarding. I love the test that preparing for a show brings. Competing brings
wellness and feeling refreshed. Quadracarn is especially balance into all areas of my life, it makes me better in my career, relations and
essential during contest prep when I drop my calories. mainly keeps me goal oriented. Competing has changed my life for the better,
For you who are interested, here is the exact diet and and I am grateful to this sport.
supplement schedule that I used to attain my best ever
condition at age 36: To contact Donny for training:

Photo credit: Paul Falavolito Wrap Up by Sandy

Life has a weave pattern to it. For example, over 20 years ago, we had a great
relationship with Donny’s mentor Andy Keister. (He was a full time firefighter
& gym owner.) We traveled to Mr Jakes Gym and even worked a show with him
way back in the day. Then along came young Donny. Andy took him under his
wing and taught him about nutrition and training. After a few years, Andy left
the business. Donny took the beginnings of what Andy had taught him and
started his own training business. He also sells Beverly International and has a
relationship with us just like Andy did! So…. Whenever you think that what you
do, say or think doesn’t matter or isn’t impacting others, THINK AGAIN. Life
does have a way of weaving people and events together. I’m Thankful for every
opportunity to weave those connections!

24 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

After Many Challenges,

My Best Contest Prep Season

By: Robin Marion

Iam a retired soldier and Photo credit: Loved Designed Imaging One of my first adult challenges was that
mother of 5 (blended family). I had to actually gain weight in order to
I’ve always enjoyed being enlist in the military. That’s how skinny
active, when I could, but I was. Once enlisted, I was stationed in
I’ve struggled throughout Korea and that’s where I was introduced
my life with various medical to bodybuilding in 1989. I had done
conditions. Serious bouts various other competitive events growing
of fatigue made it nearly up, but bodybuilding was by far the
impossible to follow through hardest to train for. And training wasn’t
on many planned activities. the hardest part, by this time I was able
While I was never overweight, to work out for hours. But, following a
being underweight was just strict nutrition plan was a completely
as bad. It seems like I was new experience for me. At first, I thought
always being picked on as I could get away without sticking strictly
a kid, not only because of to my nutrition plan. I tried all kinds of
my skin color (too dark) or ways to get around it, workout harder,
my weight (too skinny), but more cardio, but the results weren’t
also because I was born with there. And on top of it all, I was stressed
a cleft lip. All the way into out knowing that I was cheating myself.
adulthood I suffered from low Once I resolved to follow the plan to the
self-confidence and periods of letter my preps were less stressful and
depression. However, I always my show placings much higher.
found a way to do the things
that I truly wanted to do. This year was by far the best prep
When I finally accepted myself season I’ve had. It was also the hardest.
as I was, I was able to learn to Here are my best contest prep nutrition,
love myself. supplement, and training plans to date.

My Pre-Contest Nutrition Plan Meal 4: 4-6oz flounder, 4oz sweet potato
Meal 5: 5oz chicken breast, 1-2 cups veggies
Meal 1: 1 serving oatmeal, 6 egg whites or 1 scoop UMP Meal 6: 5oz ground turkey, 1-2 cups veggies
(I alternate eating egg whites one day and on the next I Pre & Post Workout: UMP shake or “sweet treat”
love mixing UMP into my oatmeal)

Meal 2: 5oz chicken breast, 2 cups veggies
Meal 3: 4-6oz flounder, 1/2 cup brown rice

Sweet Treat (early in the prep season): UMP Protein pudding or UMP frozen treat. I mix UMP with water to a pudding
consistency, then I add fresh fruit and freeze it. My favorite is Chocolate UMP with strawberries mixed in.

Free Subscription 25

Supplement Schedule Training

Lean Out & 7-Keto MuscLean: I take 1 capsule each with all 6 I train 6 days per week (3 heavy, 3 light). On heavy days, I
meals. I have stubborn areas where bodyfat is an issue, so I have to do 4 sets of 6-10 reps per exercise. On light days, I keep the
get aggressive with them with Lean Out and 7-Keto early on. sets at 4, but raise the reps to 12-15.

UMP: pre and post workout Day 1 (Legs, Calves - Heavy)
Walking Lunges to warm up: 4x12
Density: 2 tablets with meals 1, 3, & 6. When I take Density I Quads: Squats 4x6-10, Leg Press 4x6-10, Smith Squat or
can see my muscles becoming more dense and hard. One thing I Machine Leg Press 4x6-10
really like about Beverly supplements is that they help me harden Hamstrings: Lying Leg Curl 4x6-10, 1-Leg Hamstring Curl
my physique while still allowing me to look feminine. I switch to 4x6-10
Muscularity 2-3 weeks before a show. Calves: Seated Calf Raise 4x6-10, Standing Calf Raise 4x6-
Muscle Synergy, Up-Lift, and Fast-Up: My “go to” workout
supplements. I take Fast-Up prior to cardio and Muscle Synergy Day 2 (Shoulders, Back - Heavy)
and Up-Lift prior to lifting. Love the results. No crashes and great Back: Deadlift 4x6-10, T Bar Row 4x6-10, BB Row 4x6-10
pumps. Fast-Up is a great energy booster especially on days when I (alternate over and underhand grip)
am very low on energy. Shoulders: Dumbbell Press 4x6-10, Side Lateral 4x6-10,
Bent-over DB Flyes 4x6-10, BB Front Raise 4x6-10
Photo credit: Insightful Images
Day 3 (Chest, Arms - Heavy)
Chest: DB Incline Press 4x6-10, DB Flat Press 4x6-10, Smith
Machine Incline Press 4x6-10
Biceps: Standing BB Curl 4x6-10, Seated DB Hammer Curl
4x6-10, Preacher or Concentration Curl 4x6-10
Triceps: Rope Pressdown 4x6-10, Tricep Dips 4x6-10

Abs (Every other day)
Crunches, Planks and other isometric hold core exercises.
Slow and deliberate in the moves.

Days 4-6 (Repeat the exercises above but increase the
rep range to 12-15).
Focus on muscle contraction and form. Make the “mind-
muscle connection”. This workout is my building phase. On
heavy days my rest is generally 1-2 minutes between sets.
On higher rep days, I limit rest to 30-45 seconds.

26 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

At a Glance: Robin Marion Cardio

Age: 47 My cardio can be as much as 75 minutes or as short as 25 minutes based on
how my physique is responding. I love track sprints. When I add sprints into
Occupation: Certified Personal Trainer and my program I can see my physique improving almost overnight. I also use the
Health Coach, Retired Military treadmill on flats and inclines for HIIT intervals, recumbent bike, arc trainer
and elliptical. One indispensable cardio component is my Netflix. When the
Family: Wife, Mother of 5, Grandmother of 4 cardio sessions are long, I always make sure my Netflix is ready to go to keep
my mind off the cardio and it seems to make the sessions go by faster.
Current Residence: Waldorf, MD
Presentation Tips
Height: 5’7”; Weight: 145 (Off-Season), 133
(Contest) 1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE posing. This is so important and can
make or break your placing on the stage.
Favorite Fitness Meal: Salmon and veggies
2. If you are nervous about being in front of people, practice in front of
Favorite Supplements: I use Beverly UMP, people.
Muscle Synergy, Lean Out, and 7-Keto
MuscLean to sculpt and define my body. 3. Add some personal flare to your posing to make the posing yours. There
UMP tastes great and I love all the things are specific things you have to do in comparisons but that does not
I can do with it. I’ve had protein muffins, mean you cannot set yourself apart from the others with a slight tilt
pancakes and I use it in my oatmeal. Beverly here or twist there. The model (or individual) presentation is yours to
International uses great ingredients. All the own, so own it.
info on the products is upfront. Nothing
hidden and the company reps are very 4. Pick suit colors, hair and makeup that compliment you. You want the
knowledgeable on the products as well. I judges to focus on you and your physique. Not be distracted by a bad
started using Beverly Supplements in 2012 choice of makeup, suit, or hair.
when a contest prep coach introduced me to
them and I haven’t looked back. I love them 5. Lastly, SMILE!!
and the results they produce.
In Closing
What would you recommend to
someone who has never used Beverly Physique competition requires discipline, consistency and true grit. Get the
supplements before? I would recommend mental part on board and the rest will follow. It’s also important to have a
they look up the supplements on the Beverly good support system – family, friends, coach, etc.
website and contact a Beverly Team Advisor. This year I competed in the Maryland State Championships (1st place Figure
There are good descriptions online for each D, 1st place Armed Forces), the East Coast Classic Championships (2nd
product and what it does, but talking to place GrandMasters), and the NPC Masters Nationals (4th place Figure F
someone will allow you to get more detailed over 45). I can’t wait until next season!
info and ask questions for answers the
product info may not provide. Free Subscription 27

Music: All Genres

Most Inspiring Book: Run to Overcome by
Meb Keflezighi

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding:
Spending time with family, reading, shopping,

Words to live by: I have several. “I will not
be beat by me.” “No one can do or be you
better than you.” “I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me.”

Photo courtesy of Mike FrancoisTime to Grow
Putting on Muscle Mass

By: Mike Francois, 1993 NPC Nationals Champion and 1995 Arnold Classic Champion

As the competition season has drawn to a close,
most of you are probably in the off-season mode.
This was my favorite time of the year…it was the time to
improve weaknesses and pack on muscle. I felt like a
bear hibernating in the gym. I loved the thought of “hiding
out” and pounding the weights with the goal of (hopefully)
shocking my competition in the new year. Social media
wasn’t around during my competitive days, so I was able to
disappear and get to work!

One of the biggest challenges competitors face in the
off-season is minimizing fat gains while putting on muscle
mass. Many people struggle with this delicate balance –
some put on too much fat and others don’t put on enough.
The nutrition and training plan I am going to outline will
hopefully allow you to find this balance to help you reach
your optimal potential whether you plan to compete or just
pack on some needed muscle.

Nutrition and Supplementation

Finding the Balance

Competitors need to realize that accruing some fat is
inevitable - and actually necessary - in order to gain
muscle mass and make improvements in your physique.
When your calories are high enough to allow growth, there
is always an excess that will be stored as fat. How will you
know if you are putting on too much body fat? A general
guideline to follow is to gain approximately 1 pound of fat
for every 3 pounds of muscle. My goal every off-season
was to put on 10 pounds of muscle, and looking back
over my career, I consistently reached this goal. I know
everyone’s situation is unique and some of you have to
worry about a weight class, but my advice would be to
never sacrifice size to stay in a particular weight class. If
your body wants to grow, let it!

Below is the nutrition plan that I used to help pack on
lean mass in the off-season and one I use as a guideline
today for my clients wanting to build muscle. Obviously,
this is a general meal plan and the amounts will need to
be adjusted according to your specific needs. The servings
listed are for a male middle weight competitor.

28 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475


I recommend the following supplements to optimize your gains during your “growing season”:

FitTabs - 2 tablets with meals 1 and 5

Mass Amino Acids - Take one tablet for every 10 lbs of bodyweight per day (Example: A 180-lb
athlete would take 18 tablets per day – 3 tablets with each of the 6 meals above.

Muscle Synergy - 1-2 scoops prior to training.

Glutamine Select - 1 -2 scoops prior to training and 2 additional scoops post training. Note: I
cannot stress enough how critical this supplement is. Glutamine and the BCAAs help to repair
and build muscle and are the most important components of muscle protein.

Sample Nutrition Plan

Meal 1: 1 cup oatmeal, 1/2 banana, 2 scoops UMP (you Meal 4: 8oz 90% lean red meat, 6-8oz sweet potato, 1 tbsp olive
can mix it right in with the oatmeal, or drink separately as oil
a shake)
Meal 5: 8oz salmon, tilapia, or chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli,
Meal 2: 7-10oz tuna, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 cup of basmati rice 1 cup basmati rice

Meal 3: Protein Shake: 2 scoops UMP with 1/2 cup Meal 6: 2-4 Lundgren brown rice cakes with 2-4 tablespoons
strawberries (I like the vanilla flavor with the strawberries) almond butter


Keys to Success

Now that we have the eating part taken care of, let’s discuss the fun part…training! In order for your nutrition and supplements to be
optimally utilized, you need to train heavily, intensely, smartly and consistently. If any one of those factors is left out, you will not reach
your full potential.

• Train Heavily: You need to challenge yourself constantly by pushing
heavier weights. Putting your muscle under the stress of heavy weight
causes it to respond by adapting and growing.

• Train Intensely: The intensity needs to be high. Don’t rush through your
workouts, but in general you should NOT be in the gym for more than one
hour. My workouts usually took between 45-60 minutes even when I was
preparing for the Mr. Olympia. Almost every study I’ve read states that
short intense workouts are the best way to build muscle.

• Train Smartly: Training smartly is just as important as training heavily.
Don’t be afraid to back off on the weights if you simply aren’t “feeling it”
on certain days. Your body is probably trying to tell you to take your foot
off the accelerator a bit. Listen to your body to avoid overtraining and

• Train Consistently: Be consistent with your workouts. I have seen a lot
of people over the years get two good weeks of training in and then
disappear for a month. I have also seen people make it to the gym
every day, but only go through the motions while there. You need to be
consistent with ALL aspects of your training.

Free Subscription 29

Power Training Plan 2. For each power exercise (except calves and
abs), perform 4 sets of 5-8 reps. For calves and
1. I recommend grouping the following body parts with a schedule of 2 days abs perform 4 sets as well, but the reps will be
on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 days off: in the 30-50 range.

• Monday: Chest, Biceps, Abs 3. When trying to gain muscle mass, it is critical to
• Tuesday: Quads, Hamstrings, Calves incorporate the following power exercises into
• Wednesday: Off your training program:
• Thursday: Shoulders, Triceps, Abs
• Friday: Back, Calves
• Saturday: Off
• Sunday: Off

Quads Chest Biceps
Squats Dumbbell Incline Barbell Curls
Narrow Leg Press Press Alternating Dumbbell
Barbell Incline Press Curls
Stiff Leg Deadlifts Back Triceps
Single Leg Standing Floor Dead Lifts Barbell Skull
Curls Reverse Grip Bent- Crushers
Over Rows Weighted Dips
Standing Calf Raises Shoulders Abs
Donkey Calf Raises Standing Barbell V’s (Jack Knifes)
Presses to Front Bicycles
Seated 1-Arm
Dumbbell Press

Customizing Your Plan Note: You don’t need to add any auxiliary exercises
for Hamstrings, Calves or Abs.
After completing the 2 power exercises listed under each body part, customize Well, there you have it. I have outlined the path to
your lean-mass training by adding your favorite auxiliary exercise(s). You can progress in the off-season. Now it is up to you to put
pick your own or use some of the examples below. For each auxiliary exercise, the plan into action and reap the rewards!
perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
..Train Hard!
• Quads: Add two auxiliary exercises (ex. Leg Extensions, Sissy Squats) ..Michael Francois
• Chest: Add two auxiliary exercises (ex. DB or Cable Flyes, Straight-arm
Pullover, Pushups)

• Back: Add three auxiliary exercises (ex. Pull-Downs, Pullovers, Back
Extension, Machine Row)

• Shoulders: Add three auxiliary exercises (ex. DB Laterals, Cable Laterals,
Upright Row, Shrugs)

• Biceps: Add one auxiliary exercise (ex. Concentration Curls, Cable Curls)

• Triceps: Add one auxiliary exercise (ex. Pressdowns, Kickbacks)

30 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Christina Comparato
Multiple Natural Pro Titleholder
By: Christina Comparato and Barry Gordon

Working out has been a way of How My Students Relate
life for me for nearly twenty
years. But, it’s not the only thing My kids Google me a lot and I am
in my life. I started teaching high known as the bodybuilder teacher.
school math the same year that I We don’t really talk about it but I
started working out. This fall I’ll be feel that they respect me because
starting my 20th year in teaching. of it. They seem to know when it
Along with teaching and competing, is competition time, especially if I
I’m also co-owner, with Barry am gone on a Friday and Monday.
Gordon of Total Nutrition in Toledo, When I come back, they somehow
OH where I help others with their know where I’ve been and say
nutrition, supplements, and training. congratulations. Throughout the year,
In the remainder of this article I’m I have numerous students ask me
going to touch on: about healthy food plans, workouts,
sport specific advice, etc. I also keep
• How I got started competing in touch with quite a few of my past
students over the years. For example,
• A little about how my students just last week, one student inquired
relate to me about me training him and his family,
another asked for competition advice.
• How I got started with Beverly One had a big hockey tryout coming
up and asked me for training advice.
• Some of my recent It is very rewarding to say the least
accomplishments (courtesy and I love it!
of Barry)
Photo Credit: Fabian Koder How I Got Started with
• My cardio, training, nutrition, Beverly International
and supplement plans We dieted together, trained together, and
two months later competed and won our About 15 years ago Barry and I
• Tips I’ve learned along the way mixed pairs competition. And of course I opened Total Nutrition. We carried
was hooked. Beverly supplements right from the
How I Got Started start. I used several of them during
Competing my first contest preps, was hooked,
and have stuck with them ever since.
I’d been working out a couple of I’ve always been impressed with
years when I moved to the Toledo, their integrity and the incredible high
OH area in 2000. One of the first quality of their supplements. Another
things I did was join a gym. After a plus is the ease of placing orders and
short time the gym regulars started that I am able to get any questions
encouraging me and commented answered by a live person. I also like
on my workout ethic and favorable the information in their No Nonsense
genetics. They suggested that I magazine both for me and our clients.
give competition a try, “What the I was actually featured in the magazine
heck, at least try an 8-week diet, ten years ago (go to BeverlyInternational.
get tanned up, step on stage, and com, click “Search” at the top left and
see how you do.” Barry Gordon was type in Christina Comparato).
already a competitor and offered to go
through my first contest prep with me.

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Recent Accomplishments How I Did It

Barry Gordon here to give you a brief rundown on Christina’s latest accomplishments. My Cardio, Training, Nutrition
After a 5-year hiatus from competition, Christina got the bug to step back on stage in and Supplement Plans
2014. Her Pro status had expired so the first order of business was to work her way back
up the ladder. That summer she competed in 2 INBA shows earning her Pro status in the Cardio
PNBA. That fall she competed in a NANBF show and regained her IFBA natural Pro status.
She was also awarded Pro status in a newer natural organization, the DFAC. Christina Two months out from the Olympia in
closed out the year by taking 1st in bodybuilding at the PNBA Natural Universe and 2016, I knew it was crunch time. My body
placing top 3 in DFAC Miami World’s Finals, and the PNBA Natural Olympia. She said how was not dropping fat and I had a title to
surreal it was to experience those 2 big World shows with athletes representing several defend. That’s when I decided to hit cardio
countries. Yes, she was still working this entire time as a HS math teacher and running 7 days a week. 4 days I did 30 minutes
our nutrition/personal training studio (Total Nutrition) by herself in the evenings and of MISS (Moderate Intense Steady State)
weekends. cardio keeping my heart rate at 130 BPM
or higher. I mixed it up with the elliptical,
In 2015, Christina was back on the Natural stair stepper, incline fast walk, & P90X-3
Olympia stage and won first place and the workouts. On the other 3 days I did both
Gold Medal for bodybuilding. In 2016, she was HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
once again going for the Gold at the PNBA and MISS cardio: ten minutes of HIIT,
Natural Olympia. Not only would she defend consisting of 20 seconds full out as fast as
her pro title in women’s bodybuilding, but she I could, with 40 seconds of recovery. HIIT
also entered Pro Master’s Physique and Mixed was usually on a stationary bike standing
Pairs. It would be quite a feat to pull off 3 wins & pedaling as fast as I could or incline
in 3 different categories. But with a fire under sprints on a treadmill or sprints outside my
her that I had never seen before, Christina business in the parking lot. Immediately
walked away with 3 first place wins, earning following HIIT I did 10 minutes of MISS,
her 3 more Gold medals. Now, I am proud to again keeping my heart rate at about 130
say she is a 4x Olympia World Champion. BPM.
And I couldn’t be more proud of her.

- Barry Gordon

At a Glance: Christina Comparato

Age: 42 Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1 egg shake mixed in 8-12 oz of cold water, or
white, 1/2 scoop UMP (any flavor), 1 eat as a pudding mixed in just a little bit
Occupation: High School Math Teacher tbsp flax seed, 1 tsp cinnamon & 1 tsp of water. You will NOT be disappointed.
for 19 years, Co-Owner of Total Nutrition pumpkin pie spice. Cook into one large
for 13 years pancake or several small ones if desired. Music: From Country to the Rocky
I top mine with 1 tbsp Chocolate PB2 soundtrack during tough workouts
Family: Mom, Dad, brother, sister-in-law, & 1 tsp almond butter. Macros: 326
niece, nephew, & 3 fur-sons: Muscles, calories, 31 C, 28 P, 10 F Most Inspiring Book: “Until I Say
Oreo, & Zeus Good-Bye: My Year of Living with Joy,” by
Favorite Supplement: UMP! I use Susan Spencer-Wendel
Current Residence: Sylvania, Ohio it 24-7-- breakfast, as a snack, pre &
post workout. You can even eat it off Hobby or interests: Giving back to
Years training (total): 19 years the counter if it spills. It’s that good! I the bodybuilding community by judging
also put it in my coffee as a creamer & shows and volunteering at fit clinics &
Height: 5’2”; Weight: 130 (off-season), sweetener. seminars
116 (contest)
What would you recommend to Words to live by: “Eat to Live, Don’t
Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: someone who has never used Live to Eat”
Breakfast of Champions UMP Pancakes- Beverly supplements before? Try
1/4 cup oatmeal (cook first), 1/2 cup UMP. It will not matter if you drink it as a
unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 cup

32 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Training Thursday (Hypertrophy - Pull) Triceps: Skull crushers 3x8, Rope Pushdown
3x8, Cable Kickbacks 3x8 each side
I train each body part twice a week. I use Back: Close Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown
heavy rep ranges for one of the workouts 3x20, Single Arm Pulldowns 3x12 each side, Cardio: 30 minutes MISS cardio done
(6-8 reps) and hypertrophy ranges for the T Bar Row 3x20 before workout (medium day diet)
other (8-12 or 15-20). Here’s how a typical
week looks. Biceps: BB Curls 3x20, Spider Curls 3x12, Sunday (Hypertrophy - Legs)
DB Hammer Curls 3x20
Monday (Heavy - Pull) Quads: Hack Squats 3x20, BB Lunges 3x12
Abs: TRX Knee-Ins 3x20, Single Cable each side, DB Single Leg Squats 3x20 each
Back: Pull-Ups 3x8, BB Rows, 3x8, Crunch 3x12 each side, Roman Chair Plate side
Hyperextensions 3x8 Twist 3x20 each side
Hamstrings: DB Lying Leg Curls 3x20,
Biceps: Preacher Curls 3x8, Incline DB Curls Cardio: 10 HIIT intervals after workout, Standing Leg Curls (with Cable) 3x12 each
3x8, Wide Rope Curls 3x8 followed by 10 minutes MISS cardio directly side, Good Mornings 3x20
after (high day diet)
Abs: Leg Raise with DB 3x8, Machine Calves: Calf Raise on Leg Press 4x20, Calf
crunches 3x8, Decline Crunches with plate Saturday (Heavy – Push) Raise on Smith Machine 4x12
Chest: Bench Press 3x8, Incline Cable Flye Cardio: 10 HIIT intervals after workout,
Cardio: 30 minutes Medium Intensity 3x8, Decline Smith Press 3x8 followed by 10 minutes MISS cardio directly
Sustained State done before workout after (high day diet)
(medium day diet)

Tuesday (Hypertrophy – Push) Shoulders: Arnold Press 3x8, Reverse Pec
Deck 3x8, Single Cable Side Lateral Raises

3x8 each side

Chest: Cable Crossovers 3x20, Decline DB
Flyes 3x12, Smith Bench Press 3x20

Shoulders: Smith Press 3x20, Standing
Wide Rope Raises 3x12, Rope Face Pulls


Triceps: DB Extensions 3x20 each side,
Incline BB Skull crushers 3x12, Straight Bar

Pushdown 3x20

Cardio: 30 minutes MISS cardio done
before workout (medium day diet)

Wednesday (Heavy - Legs)

Quads: Smith Squats 3x8, Leg Press 3x8,
Single Leg Extensions 3x8 each side

Hamstrings: Leg Curls 3x8, BB Stiff Leg
Deadlift 3x8, Reverse Leg Curls 3x8

Calves: Seated Raises 5x8, DB Standing
Raises 5x8

Cardio: 10 HIIT intervals after workout,
followed by 10 minutes MISS cardio directly
after (medium day diet)

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My diet consists of 4 Medium days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday), 2 High days (Thursday and Sunday),
and one Low day (Friday).

Meal 1: Omelet made with spinach, egg whites, and walnuts Meal 5 (Pre-workout): Oatmeal pancake: oatmeal, UMP,
egg whites
Meal 2: UMP protein shake and almonds
Meal 6 (Post-workout): Muscle Provider protein shake
Meal 3: Fish, 1 cup of veggies (broccoli, green beans, and a sweet potato
or Brussel sprouts), almonds
Meal 7: Salad with turkey, spinach, veggies, and almonds
Meal 4: Chicken, sweet potato, almonds

* My High day is approximately 1779 calories, Medium day is 1689 calories, and Low day about 1455 calories.

* Sample diet above is my medium day.

* On high days, I increase the carbs. For example, instead of an 8oz sweet potato at meal 4, I would increase it to 12 oz, and
instead of 1/4 cup oatmeal in meal 5, I’d increase it to 1/2 cup.

* On low days, leave out the carbs (oatmeal and sweet potatoes) from meals 4, 5, and 6.

* Water: The last 2 years my body seems like it is always asking me for water. So my water intake has increased to a consistent 2
gallons a day.

Meal prep tips: Supplements

Make it as easy as possible on yourself. I consider my supplements essential to my success and longevity in the sport. Here is the
Personally, like everyone else when in supplement schedule I used en route to my Natural Olympia victories.
contest prep mode and with multiple
jobs, I need to have everything cooked FitTabs - 2 in am & 2 in pm for all my essential vitamins and minerals
on the weekends because my Monday-
Fridays are super busy from 6 am to 8 Lean Out - 2 with each meal helps ensure that fat is constantly being mobilized for
pm. (That’s also the only time I have to energy
clean my entire house.) I even cut up my
pancake in pieces so it is ready to take Ultra 40 - 3 with each meal to maintain my size
with me each morning. And trust me,
the pancakes taste the same on Monday Density - 3 with each meal helps me get LEAN & HARD - love it!
as they do on Friday.  I cook one or two
meats for the week, usually chicken, Quadracarn - 3 twice a day, helps me lean out and maintain muscle
ground turkey, or tilapia. Numerous
sweet potatoes are thrown in the oven Muscle Mass - 5 pre & post workout, a great BCAA for recovery
for about 90 minutes at 400 degrees.
Not even I can mess them up. I just Advanced Antioxidant - 2 post workout to recover from a busy lifestyle
stick them in the oven while prepping
everything else. I also throw in a few Multiple Enzyme Complex - 1 a day helps me maintain optimal digestion and
sliced white potatoes for a post workout assimilation of nutrients (very important for a natural athlete)
carb a few days a week. I like fresh
veggies and bulk shop once a week at Glutamine Select - 1 scoop near the end of my workout lets me finish strong, & recover
Sam’s club. My usual veggies are green fast
beans, Brussels sprouts, or asparagus.
ZMA 2000 - 2 before bed, helps me recover from my workout and rest better

34 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

Tips I’ve Learned Along the Way Photo Credit: Fabian Koder

1. Always, always, stretch & warm-up
before your workout. Get on the bike
for 5 minutes and do some light DB
exercises for the body parts you are
going to be working. Also do some leg
extensions on leg days to warm up
your knees. Trust me; it helps as you
get older.

2. Focus on a goal and stick with
ONE plan. If you ask 5 people their
opinion about a workout program
or meal plan, you will get 5 different
answers. Consistency is one of the key

3. I know everyone says it, but if you are
competing you need to practice your
posing. Start off with a 10-minute
session practicing your quarter turns
and/or poses. Then increase your time
each week by 5 minutes. The easiest
time for me to practice my posing was
after my workout while I ate/drank my
post workout meal. Have someone who
knows critique you so you can make
changes. You may not realize that you
are irritating the judges by bobbing
your head or running your hand up and
down your obliques (I have seen both).

4. Be confident. Don’t have self-doubt
and constantly compare yourself to
others. Believe in yourself and focus on
the hard work you have put into your
weight loss or competition journey.

5. To gauge progress in your weight loss
journey, use 3 numbers - yes the scale,
but also buy a caliper & test your body
fat, and use a tape measure for a few
hip & stomach measurements. Once a
week or every other week is sufficient.
When you see the changes in your
body and/or your numbers, it is very

6. If you are a competitor, thinking
about competing, unsure of a certain
method, need a workout program, not
sure which organization to compete
with, or wondering which bodybuilding
show to compete at, please please do
not hesitate to reach out to me. I can
be reached at [email protected]

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Rusty Opinions

with New Training and Nutrition Tips
for the Classic Physique Category

By: Rusty Traufeé, Guru of Iron Gurus

It is a new age in bodybuilding...and pieces filling most of the room, and “What's up Krusty?” said Jordan, knowing
one wisely returning to what was the with old school metallic-blue Nautilus the nickname I don't enjoy.
standard of my era. machines filling the rest of the arsenal.
“I'm sorry, do I know you?” I say,
Jordan and Charles walked into Rusty Jordan and Charles (usually going pretending to forget. “Is it Gordon and
Gym with wide eyes and big smiles, as Chuck in the gym, Charles in the Buck? Those two kids that worked here as
pleased to be there since it has been workplace) trained with me to compete locker room janitors a few years ago?”
months since they have been able to in powerlifting during my strength
drop in. They are both visiting family periodization blocks for two years “You know us better than that!” says
for the holidays but (more importantly) when they had just finished college. Jordan. To be honest, I remember them
stopping in to Rusty Gym to see their Both moved out of town when they got well...two great training partners and two
mentor (and ex-training partner) the better jobs in their career. Even though hardworking lifters! Jordan was good at
GREAT Rusty Traufeé (pronounced TRO- Jordan moved two hours east and Chuck memorizing every detail of our program
fee, while bowing at the waist). headed three hours northwest, training and poundages, like a skilled accountant
teammates remain allies, like military or IRS auditor.
Both men knew that Rusty Gym was a warriors that have shared a few foxholes.
rare hypertrophy paradise with mostly And Chuck, well...he did a decent Ronnie
locally-welded and overly heavy duty Coleman impersonation, “light weight

36 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

ain't nuttin' but a peanut...” As Jordan is one of the taller, Stay Lean
says Chuck, standing wide leaner powerlifters, (which
and patting his head as if it is a build that is good for “You're in great shape,” I say (giving the rare compliment since real old
was bald. sumo deadlifting, but bad for school gurus don't hand them out often), “but we need to bump it up.
benching) I was glad to hear The goal should be about 12%. This means we want to drop about ten
“We had to come to you for that he wanted to attempt to fifteen pounds of body fat while adding a few pounds of muscle, in
a game plan,” says Chuck. some Zane-like quarter-turns specific areas. Are you drinking your Muscle Provider shake after each
“Jordan has a new goal. And, on a local stage. To start out, training session?”
in this strange case, you're we needed to see where he “I am!” Jordan says.
the man to help him make it was. “But just one shake a day?” I ask.
happen.” “Yeah, just once I get back from the gym.” says Jordan.
“Double-Deuce! We need “He used to drink two-a-day back when we were roommates,” Chuck
New goal? Having not seen your help over here.” adds (leaving out that he always noticed that his UMP...Ultimate
these two for a couple of Muscle Protein... canister seemed a few scoops lighter than he was
years, I had no idea what it As you probably do not drinking but he never said anything).
could be... powerlifting? No. know, Double-Deuce is the “You need two shakes of around 40 grams of the highest quality protein
They went seriously after nickname of my second child blends every day,” I say. “That means Beverly International...the only
that, entering two or three of my second wife. brand I use or recommend.”
raw or single-ply PL meets
a year. Chess? While I am a She walks over, knowing Jordan glances over at the supplement shelf and notices that even the
checkmate genius that game what I was going to assign two once dust-covered black canisters from the low-cost supplement
seems too intellectual to to her without even needing company were not even for sale. In fact, one of them had the lid
keep their interest. Triathlon? to ask, carrying skin-fold and label torn off, the grainy powder dumped, and was now used to
They would never come here calipers in one hand and distribute 50 cent ammonia inhalants for the powerlifters needing a
for endurance training. I was measurement tape in the face-smacking adrenaline-driver for their heavy singles.
at a loss. other. I notice Chuck staring “I can, and I know I should have been doing that,” says Jordan. I remind
at her slack-jawed, and I'm him to include both Muscle Provider and Ultimate Muscle Protein. The
“This new category at not sure why since he hasn't faster protein, Muscle Provider (rich in hydrolyzed whey protein) is
bodybuilding contests...” says seen her since she was perfect for consumption directly¬ after training, and the longer-range
Jordan. “I doubted it when graduating from high school, UMP (which is 80% micellar casein and 20% whey isolate) at other
they first announced it, but but I better keep an eye on times.
classic physique seems to these two and maybe get her
have turned into something some baggy sweatpants and
pretty cool. I want to enter a hoody as a work uniform.
one next year as a novice.”
“Nice to see you, Rachel,”
“And classic physique falls says a smiling and suddenly
into your historic gym style!” well-postured Chuck. Oh
adds Chuck. yeah, her name on her
driver's license is Rachel M.
To be honest, I stopped Traufeé, but I often mix her
following the sport of up with my other daughters
bodybuilding after Lee Cory, Gladys or Lenda, so I
Haney's time. While I respect stick to the nicknames. But
Dorian Yates, making the how does Chuck remember
best of his genetics, the her name!?
game around him from
Nationals down to local Rachel gets Jordan on the
competitors, put only scale (198 pounds) and we
mass as a priority, with collect his ranking of 17%
thick waists, Synthol oil body fat, which was not
infections and belly bloat terrible, but not yet in the
disfiguring them. I prefer the direction we want it to head.
Mr. America and Universe I also make him go through
era, but I have seen the the basic contest poses,
recent inclusion of classic jotting down which areas
physique which has raised need some work, which we
my hopefulness. will get to later.

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“And food-wise, you need protein Take Mass Aminos
at each meal,” I add. “You are not and Ultra 40
counting calories, but you need to throughout
start limiting treats. If you want to
eat pizza or pasta, limit it to once the day to drive
a week, in limited amounts, after hypertrophy.
training legs hard. And have a UMP
protein shake first so that you don't A Different Program
gorge on downing a large pizza on
your own. Keep treats or desserts “Glutamine Select should be a part of each training session,” I say. “The BCAAs and glutamine
infrequent and low volume.” will jumpstart your recovery even before you can drive home for a shake...and the training is going
to be VERY different.”
I notice his serious attitude and Both Jordan and Chuck lean forward since this is the part they have been really curious about.
he nods his head and writes down “Volume and frequency is the difference,” I say. “We are not taking it Serge Nubret, Johnny Fuller
each of my pointers. “You will need or John DeFendis style with three to six hours of training sixty sets per bodypart, but we are going
to be pre-prepping your foods. No to do more.”
fast-food meals. Twice a week you “The trick here is shorter rest periods,” I continue. “You need to do 15-20% more sets but still
need to cook three or four days’ keeping your workout under ninety minutes. We are going to force a new level of growth! Fast
worth of chicken, steak, turkey or pace leads to faster growth and I'm not even sure if exercise physiologists have proven this YET
lean ground beef with plenty of but shorter rest periods do seem to make us more muscular and thinner skinned. The key is to
veggies and no more than a cup of make sure you are maximizing the quality of your nutrition. We want optimal recovery...on lower
rice, baby red potatoes or sweet calories...while training like a serious musclehead!”
potatoes.” A smile grows on both faces. I suspect that if Chuck will see changes on Jordan's physique he
will want to head in this classic physique direction (a competitive group probably caused by my
“And eat fish at home,” adds letter of complaint sent to the NPC back in the nineties). If Chuck returns to get his own classic
Chuck. “If you warm that up in the physique guidelines I will need to make sure Double-Deuce has that day off so that he isn't
break room at work everyone will gawking at her.
hate you for the tuna, halibut or
salmon stink you leave. I found out Shaping the Body
someone started calling me Chuck
the Skunk!” Before I can get to the segment discussing my contest history in the late seventies, Jordan asks
which body parts need to be worked. I jump right onto the subject. “Side and rear delt raises
I pretend that Chuck didn't interfere need to be trained with pretty high volume, two or three times a week. With lateral raises, you
with my wisdom and continue. know the side delt facing the ceiling rule. Keep it strict. Rear delts are equally important and often
“Two protein shakes, two lean meat under-developed. In fact, it is impossible to overdevelop your posterior deltoid. Thickening this
servings and one or two servings of muscle will help increase deltoid width. Make cannonballs!”
eggs daily are the basis of a leaner As both men listen, I jump to the next body part. “A small waistline is critical. Not just from
diet. We’ll get stricter and start having a low body fat level, but enough development for muscle separation.” I lift my shirt to
counting calories sixteen weeks out show the side of my waistline and both Jordan and Chuck are so impressed that they almost
from the contest you choose. You’ll cringe in their WOW response.
have sixteen weeks of burning off “You not only need to be lean with a defined six or eight-pack of abs, but have a fully defined
whatever body fat is left to go from midsection. Had I not just eaten a muscle-building lunch, I would show the abdominal vacuum
lean to shredded!” Jordan couldn't
help but smile at that idea.

“Supplement-wise, you should also
start including the Ultra 40 and
Mass Amino Acids throughout the
day. You have seen me take three
or four of each of these four times
a day between meals, and I don't
have to tell you, those products drive
hypertrophy. Do I need to hit a most
muscular to make my point?”

“No, we're good,” both Chuck and
Jordan say in unison. Obviously,
my lean and rounded muscle
bellies pop out even through my
sweatpants and ragtop!

38 Beverly International 1-800-781-3475

rope pose, but you understand what I mean. Your midsection needs to bePhoto Credit: Ralph DeHaanto optimize fatburning while also improving
You need to not only carve lean abs, have a fully defined, not just lean recovery and general health. On a good
lean lower back, but develop the muscular abs, but noticeable muscular program, it makes a difference!”
detail in the serratus and external obliques.” detail in the serratus and
external obliques. “We are going to hold off on cardio work until
“Calves and forearms really matter,” I add. it is closer to contest time. If you were in
“...and your background in powerlifting did with the great product but anxious to hear higher body fat we would have included them
not focus on these body parts. You have how I would include it into Jordan's program. earlier. For now, we will include Quadracarn,
some forearm strength from deadlifting but “Before you guys even joke about my eat a slightly better high-protein diet, and see
not full development...and those calves do eighties-based doll-like hair implants,” I say, “I how the higher volume, shortened rest period
not even know what serious training will do. am not just a big fan of Quadracarn based on changes bring out your muscle separation.
Get ready to have that cowboy strut due to its boost of hair growth. I have already fixed Once contest prep time begins we will
the soreness you will be experiencing.” that...but that is just one of about twenty consider adding Lean Out and/or 7-Keto
athletic health benefits.” MuscLean as an added fat burner to bring
I continue giving my symmetry sermon as “In addition to helping you get ripped,” yells it up to a new level,” I say. “I think you can
Jordan writes down each detail like a man Chuck, “ boosts erectile performance!” make this happen!”
before a prophet. “The bodyparts which are “I think saltpeter might be a better
specifically weak in your case are common... supplement for you in that area,” I say, for my Contraction
upper pecs and leg areas. You need to daughter's benefit. I can't help but grin as I
include incline dumbbell presses, incline see Chuck type that product into the NOTES My final piece of advice focuses on the
flyes, or cable crossovers that directly work section on his cell phone. change necessary to the classic physique
the upper pecs. Make sure you bring the Getting things back to serious, I add, athlete's time in the gym. This is vital.
dumbbells together above the collarbone or “Quadracarn has four different forms of
chin rather than the sternum.” carnitine plus gymnema sylvestre leaf extract “We have talked about training but the
biggest change you are going to have to
“The leg areas of weakness vary from person- make is in every single rep,” I seriously share
to-person.” (I almost imagine a Hallelujah with them. “Your powerlifting mindset has
as I say this.) “In your case, some teardrop been pressing, pulling and squatting the
quads would balance your upper leg and hip heaviest weight possible. That no longer
size from powerlifting squats. High-rep leg matters. You will be using lighter weights
extensions holding the squeeze at the top, each workout, exerting greater control,
non-lock hack squats, hip abductions, hip focusing on maximal muscular contraction
adductions, more sets of leg curls, lunges, for perfect reps, mentally causing a strong
leg presses with wide duck stances or narrow contraction on each and every rep.”
parallel stances are going to hit areas you
have not worked in your Westside Barbell I can tell Jordan is 100% on target, but
routine.” Chuck might be into it as he ponders the
information and sees what these changes
“Lastly, you need to focus on lat width, can bring about.
Jordan. You developed decent thickness
on your back from deadlifting and chest- “Light weight. Light weight, baby!” says
supported rows, but now we need to make Chuck in a perfect Ronnie Coleman
chin-ups, in as many sets as necessary to get impersonation. And Double-Deuce walked
the reps, a major goal of yours. If ye hath faith away, shaking her head. “Yeahhh, buddy!”
that Rusty doth provide guidance, thou shalt
look classic!” I say to wrap up the Biblical Author's Biography
feel that fell upon us.
Not looking for thousands of fans (but
Double-Deuce has heard these thoughts, but humbly accepting of their praise), Rusty
both Chuck and Jordan are deeply engrossed Traufeé is a classic gym owner and training/
by the classic bodybuilding strategy, so I nutrition guru. Although constantly turning
continue. down pro bodybuilders, there MAY be one
open spot in his pay-in-advance student
Melting Fat category. Send any questions or fan letters
to [email protected]
“The one fat loss supplement I recommend
you include now is Beverly's Quadracarn,” I Ladies, please keep in mind that Rusty
say. Having read the stories of many male Traufeé is rarely single (but it is worth a
and female champions, they were familiar shot).

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The quickest way to build your ideal physique is to avoid doing what doesn’t work.
By dodging inefficient or ineffective training routines and diet/supplement practices,

you’ll reach your body goals faster than you ever thought possible.

But let’s face it, searching online isn’t always the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t. Sure, there’s a lot of info out there,
but most of it is poor quality or downright misleading... Just take a look at Instagram and Facebook where deception is
common and people don’t always practice what they preach.
Basically, if you’re trying to learn how to build your ideal physique as quickly as possible online,
you’re going to have to sort through a TON of nonsense!

Wouldn’t you just like to know the truth about building a lean, muscular body?

Luckily, there’s still a place you can get all of the info you need! Since 1995, Beverly International has been sharing EXCLUSIVE secrets
from top physique competitors with subscribers of our free resource, No Nonsense Magazine (NNM).

Every issue of this magazine will save you a year of wasted time and money.

NNM is a hand-picked collection of the best physique tips, tricks and success stories that you won’t find anywhere else. You'll get the truth
about the best training, diet and supplement practices so that you can build YOUR ideal physique in less time.

Stop wasting your time and money doing what doesn't work.

No Nonsense Magazine has been described by many as “the second most important resource for natural
bodybuilders besides their gym membership.”

So sign up for your free subscription today and start building the body
of your dreams! Just visit and click on
the magazine cover to complete a quick form. Or call 1-800-781-3475.

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