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Sensory World - 2020 New & Best Selling
Hello, and welcome to Sensory World! We are proud to bring you the largest
collection of sensory-related resources available. Ever since my little brother was diagnosed with au-
tism, I have been aware of, and interested in, how people are affected by their senses. Our parent com-
pany, Future Horizons, has been the world leader of publications about autism for over 20 years. With
Sensory World, we focus on sensory issues, which affect all people with sensory processing disorder
(SPD) and autism, as well as many with ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, OCD, and even us “neurotypicals.”
In fact, a recent study by the SPD Scientific Work Group found that one in every six children experiences sensory symp- toms that are significant enough to affect everyday life. With the help of experts like Carol Kranowitz, Dr. Temple Grandin, and Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, many more people are becoming aware of how sensory issues might affect them—and more importantly, how to help overcome their challenges. Please enjoy our catalog. You will find many helpful resources here.
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