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Published by erodrigue0153, 2017-09-07 10:54:23

THE LIFE OF Ernesto Rodriguez (1)

THE LIFE OF Ernesto Rodriguez (1)

Ernesto Rodriguez

My birth story

My birth story starts with i'm not supposed to be alive. Because when my mom
was in the process of almost having my older brother she had complications and it

was either my brother to die or her take the risk and see if he was born but then
my brother was born and they both survived and then after that she had my sister

like 3 years later and then she had me 4 years later. I was born in paramount
hospital on the 26 of january in 2004. I was 7 pounds and 8 ounces. I was 19


Life event that shaped me

An important life event that shaped who i am was knowing that my uncle got
caught up with wrong people and now he has 25 years to life in federal prison.
That shaped me because now i really understand how if you hang out with the
wrong people your life can change really fast. I also learned that life prison is not
that fun and if the people that you hang out with get into a fight you have to jump
in and if you don't you can get killed for not jumping in. I also learned that if you
are in jail you can make the people that love you suffer.

An other life event that shaped my life

Another life event that shaped me is when my aunt died because of her drinking
problem. Also knowing how much she suffered. Also seeing my family in pain
because it was hard for us to see her suffer. I also realized that a family is only
together when someone is dying or when they get hurt. I also realized that drinking
is addicting to some people. I also realized that some hospitals are really careless.

Last life event that shaped me

This happened was when i started 8th grade because i realized that i got older
and need to start getting more mature. I also realized that since i am now in 8th
grade i need to start taking more things seriously. I also realized that i am
expected to do stuff at a faster pace. We are also expected to know everything.
We are also supposed to everything faster then we can.

The interview of my birth

● Was my birth long.
● Was i a big baby
● How much people were in the same room as us.
● How much doctors were in the room

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