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181120 CATALOGUE FNQ (1)

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Published by LIQUOR STAX AUSTRALIA, 2020-11-12 17:31:16

181120 FNQ

181120 CATALOGUE FNQ (1)

Catalogue No.13, For the latest Stax offers
November 2020

Starts 18th November 2020
Ends 29th November 2020


■ Rich Flavoursome Reds: page 2 ■ Summer Style: page 3 ■ Sensational Prices on Sparklings: page 5 ■ Spirits and RTD’s: page 6 & 7 ■ Stax of Bargain Beers: page 8

Super Savings Throughout The Store

15$ .99 16$ .99 13$ .99 49$ .99 279$ .99 468$ .99
each each each each each each

The Fruit Crisp & A Taste of One of A Grown 12 Year Old
Shines! Fresh Palate Summer the Best! Up Treat Scotch

Brokenwood Cricket Pitch Maison Fortant De Bortoli King Valley Mumm Cordon Rouge Baileys Original Chivas Regal 12 Year Old
Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Rosé Pays-d’oc Prosecco NV Brut Champagne Irish Cream 700ml Scotch Whisky 700ml

November 2020 FNQ 54$ .99 51$ .99
each each
BIG 30
Pack Fully
XXXX Dry Imported
30 x 375ml Cans
from Italy
The STAX catalogue
Peroni Nastro Azzurro
24 x 330ml Bottles


Page 1


A Good Crime Star of the Show!!

15$ .99 11$ .99 True Story 19$ .99 Pepperjack Cabernet Sauvignon
each each each
19 Crimes Shiraz The people at Pepperjack set out to produce “Barossa’s
PAIR WITH PAIR WITH PAIR WITH Best at this Pricepoint”, and they set themselves some
LAM B Fair Dinkum, why name a wine after crimes that our rules, namely to buy fruit from different but premium
PAS TA ancestors did to get transported to Australia? Beats us. BEEF vineyards, aging separately some in American and some
There is certainly nothing historic about how it is made or in French Oak for complexity, and most importantly relying
tastes, it is thoroughly modern, delightful in fact so we call on the rich and honest Barossa Valley techniques whilst
it as in our heading, “Good Crime”. Let’s continue with this not being afraid to bolster up the winemaking with any
crime stuff and do a little detective work, the producers modern and expensive “bells and whistles” if it helped the
are the same oh so talented lot who make Penfolds, Wolf end product. What a result - rich aromas and flavours of
Blass, Lindemans, Yellowglen, Rosemount and lots more. red and dark berries, a little vanilla, spices and oak and -
Excellent Shiraz with the winemaker using just the right what a lovely wine.
amount of sweetness to display all the richness of the fruit
making it an all rounder, just right for a drink or matched
with food.

7$ .99 Old Style Blend 9$ .99 Proof That
each With Modern each Good Wine
Techniques Is Not Expensive
CHEESE Wolf Blass Red Label Cabernet McKenzie & Grace South Australia
Merlot B BQ Cabernet Sauvignon

Spanish Know-How The classic old blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, As the saying goes just concentrate on the basics; do
our Grandparents loved them, some of us were probably them well and everything else will fall into place. Apply
Campo Viejo Tempranillo conceived with it’s help - the Shiraz delivered the rich that simple idea to a budget range of wines and the result
plum fruit flavours and spices whilst the Merlot provided in this case is magical. On many occasions this humble
The nose is rich in aromas and pronounced in intensity. We are struck by the the structure and length. These days our friends at Blass range is awarded show medals and every now and again
ripe red fruit, later we get the wood nuances with gently sweet notes of vanilla to use the same basic plan with better fruit and modern astonishes us all with a gold medal. Anyway the end result
finish with other sweet spices. On the palate it is perfumed, soft and fresh with techniques to get a generous red wine with bright, juicy, is terrific and this wine is the day to day drinking bargain
a long finish that leaves memories of red fruit, vanilla and cocoa. Perfect with dark fruit flavours, and soft, approachable tannins — you have been waiting for. For this reason, we selected
pasta, poultry and fresh light cheeses, grilled chicken, light cheese or grilled much more drinkable. This is a large company of many the current release for inclusion in our catalogue. Check
vegetable. labels so with economes of scale the selling price is a it out and see why!!
bargain too. Well done Blass.

More McWilliam Magic From Another WA Gem

12$ .99 Magic V13$ .99N the Coonawarra 8$ .99 Lazy Days Blackwood Valley/
each each each Margaret River WA Shiraz
McWilliams Stolen Colt Shiraz Archer’s Point Coonawarra
PAIR WITH PAIR WITH Cabernet Sauvignon PAIR WITH Making some of the great wines of the world as WA does
B BQ Stolen Colt celebrates the tenacious spirit of Samuel EGE TARIA LAM B is all well and good but we need a good supply of budget
McWilliam, whose passion and grit led him to over If you search around there are bargains to be found. offerings as well. We remain thankful for the products of
the challenges of the “Bandit Country”, pushing the We regularly ring lots of small wineries and send out Houghtons who were the only game in town for a long
boundaries to successfully start his own vineyard in emails looking for odd parcels of wine or special deals. time and now fortunately many other large and small
regional New South Wales. The Stolen Colt Shiraz This leads to a steady flow of samples and most of these companies produce quality budget wines. A range that
provides bold dark fruit flavours of blueberry and black are quite acceptable. Where we part company is mostly has begun to get our attention is the “Lazy Days,” of very
plums. The palate is intense dark berry fruits, toasty oak over the price we want to pay. Then a gem such as this affordable classical wines. These wines are outstanding.
and fleshy tannins. Archer’s Point pops up which tastes good and is for the What was necessary for this to happen was a boom in
price, an outstanding bargain. 3rd generation Coonawarra vineyard expansion. This of course has happened and
winemaker “Sam Brand” selected the fruit for this wine. has led to an oversupply, even in Margaret River, of very
The end result is terrific. This wine is the day-to-day desirable varieties. This is the prime reason you can now
drinking bargain you have been waiting for. drink very well for less money than a few years ago. The
vineyard investors may not be happy but wine drinkers
certainly can be.

The STAX group formed in 1986, and with 257 tough independents fighting Page 2

for one cause - our customers. We bring the best of the best in deals.

The STAX catalogue


12$ .99 Premium Victorian 6$ .99 Family Owned 12$ .99
each Wine Regions each - Oh So Fresh each

PAIR WITH Meraki Victorian Rosé PAIR WITH & Tasty PAIR WITH
This exciting wine is from Zilzie Wines and is welcome The Orange Tree Murray Darling
addition in our stores. The fruit has been hand selected Rosé
for each variety from some of the finest parcels of
grapes grown in mineral rich soils of the world- A very nice Australian Rosé with rose gold colour, and
renowned Victorian premium wine regions. It displays the bouquet fresh cut strawberries forming a palate of
all the right characteristics which is fresh and lively with lush fresh red fruit tastes with a hint of spice. The label
a strawberry bouquet and flavours of ripe berries. Crisp is very modern and we wanted to know more - the wine
and clean. You’ll be tickled pink! is lovely, so we got to work and found it was made under
contract by the very reputable family owned Zilzie Wines
(MAY-RAH-KEI) - a word of Greek origin.... meaning to Mildura. The family touch and attention to the smallest
do something with love, soul & creativity. Enjoy! of detail shines through. The result, a Rosé to enjoy at a
humble price point.
S16$ .99 One of the Best 9$ .99 Margaret River European Style Shines
each Rosés in the each Wine & Food
World? Surf & Hippies Vine Keeper Hunter Valley Rosé
SEAFO O D Squealing Pig Marlborough Pinot FISH Hippie Margaret River Rosé The best Rose´ styles are usually from Province in France so why not do a little
Noir Rosé New Zealand copying then add a good dash of Hunter Valley fruit influence and it looks like
We have always thought of Surf, Wine and Food when a winner (pale pink salmony colours showing it is dryish not red and sweet) a
If some lucky chap was doing our job in the 1880’s of Margaret River, West Australia is mentioned, but if these wonderful lifted nose and a palate of red berries with refreshing zesty acidity.
selecting wines and giving the locals the heads up on wine producers are right we have missed a vital element You very well could be dreaming of Europe sipping this little ripper but what
what is good to drink we are dead set sure he would be for the Region - Hippies, they claim they are everywhere, about the glorious Aussie sun on your shoulders and of course the very small
saying “Get off that port and water, put the sherry on the flowers in the hair and VW Combies the mode of transport. dint this one made on your wallet compared to a similar quality number in
shelf, keep the rum for Saturday and drink rosé, perfect As you might expect we were thinking, it’s not wine these France.
for the Australian climate”. Everyone in our industry is good folk are on perhaps it’s some other remnants from
onto the secret except you our beloved customers and the 60s, however it was too far to travel to be detectives
this little Kiwi is a peach, probably the best thing out of so all that was left was the wine, and surprise, surprise,
NZ except for the All Blacks and the price is spot on - delightful - young, light and zesty, plenty of fruit but not too
the quality could handle a price double this. Cheers!! sweet. Let’s grab a VW and head west.

9$ .99 7$ .99 Keenly Priced 2 FOR$18 Good quality at a
each each Jacob’s fair price works
PAIR WITH Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay D every time
‘Sweet’ juicy fruity flavours make this a super drink, Yellow Tail Chardonnay
which to our taste, shows a lighter and more fragrant
palate than the style of say ten years ago. Progress Yes the Casella family knows how to export wine, their
has been made in how we make wines over the last first year to the U.S. was 1 million cartons and that was
decade. Wine styles keep evolving, and a decade ago, many years ago, when they got the U.S. flying they turned
Chardonnay was made in a fuller thicker style, which to Australia with good clean wines, attractive labels and
while tasty, tended to tire the palate. We are still priced points right on the money.
astonished by the evolution and that is the thought that
went through our minds when we tried this lovely wine. BONUS
Very keenly priced and recommended.
Harvest Lane with each 2 bottles
4 Litre Cask

in our 257 Stores - see back page for your local store

The STAX catalogue Page 3


Early Margaret Fresh and Juicy Low Alcohol
But Very Tasty
11$ .99 River Pioneers 12$ .99 Te Ora Marlborough Sauvignon 7$ .99
each each Blanc each Genre Light Pinot Grigio
Evans & Tate Margaret River
PAIR WITH Classic Semillon Sauvignon Blanc PAIR WITH What a wine, and is easy to have in our catalogue. If you PAIR WITH Genre from Victoria have passed two difficult winemaking
drink wine regularly you will return time and time again tests here, firstly making a really good quality wine with
FISH Sometime in the mid 1970’s a few winemakers in HAI F O O D to Sauvignon Blanc’s, loaded as they are with fresh, C HIC KEN plenty of varietal features for such a humble price and
Margaret River began tinkering with blending the two sappy, fruity flavours. No one of course does it better than second to do so with the alcohol content lowered without
varieties Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. It did though the region of Marlborough in New Zealand. New wines affecting these lovely flavours. It is a little light but only
require the marketing talent and drive of Franklin Tate, arrive every day from Marlborough each seemingly more a touch, great job. The little “price fighter” presents pale
to bring the attention of this magical blend to a wider pleasing than the previous one. We line them up and try straw in colour, lashings of tropical and citrus fruits on
drinking public, and he did so with this delicious Classic them against each other, looking for the best value. The the nose and a palate showing signs of crisp herbaceous
Dry White. Other regions in Australia now copy this blend, first thing we find is that the opinion of which are best is tastes and soft acidity on the finish.
but it seems the magic of Margaret River does not travel. so variable that its best to stock a wide range. We also
We believe this wine offers very good drinking value for a note that the cheaper wines are frequently as good as the Also available: Light Sauvignon Blanc
readily affordable price. most expensive wines, and this is reflected in the many
reviews we read from International Wine magazines. Yes
you can drink well by buying cheaper wines and that is
just one of the attractions of this Te Ora.
A Bit of Italy A Fine Example & A Delight from
from Victoria TT
11$ .99 S 10$ .99 Very Affordable 9$ .99 New Zealand
each Tempus Two Varietal Pinot Grigio each Too! each
PAIR WITH Crystal Lake Marlborough
PAIR WITH Drinking wine is a lot about discovery and no country Yalumba Y Series Pinot Grigio PAIR WITH Sauvignon Blanc
embraces this as easily as Australia. Which brings us to HAI F O O D
SEAFO O D pinot grigio (pinot gris to others) which has a long history The big companies know how to get their grape varieties PIC Y FOO We are fortunate to live in a time of wine discovery. Let
and is thought to have derived from pinot noir. We find tasting as they should, year in year out, so it is no surprise us explain. All the famous old world wine regions (Europe)
it makes a delicious, delicate white wine, a white pinot that our favourite of the cheaper Pinot Grigios, the Y, is were recognised many hundreds of years ago and complex
noir if you like and strongly recommend it. The spiritual excellent once again and just a pleasure to taste and classifications have evolved to protect their integrity. In
home of Tempus Wines is the Hunter Valley NSW, though indeed write about. Just a few tips of green showing our part of the world we do have old established regions
the fruit here was sourced predominantly from the Del through the straw colour when the glass is turned to such as the Barossa Valley but we have also watched
Rios vineyard in Victoria. Made in the traditional Italian light and a gentle swirl unleashes aromas of pear and many new regions develop which began as recently as
style, the Tempus people have created a light, delicate baked apple and the palate first flavours of baked apple the 1960s, 1970s and the 1980s. And this exploration
wine of tropical fruit and pear flavours, with a hint of citrus again and feijola, the middle palate fresh cream and pear has not yet finished. Marlborough, New Zealand is as
- suitable with a wide range of dishes, from fresh salad followed by a bright cinnamon finish. So versatile, just young as 1973. Very slowly it expanded, but recognition
of pomegranate and mango to Moroccan spiced chicken. perfect at the bar, the picnic or a classy dinner party. of the amazing flavours that developed with Sauvignon
D Blanc were only recognised by a wide drinking public as
D recently as the 1990s. How young and exciting is that?

Lower Margaret Light And Marlborough
16$ .99 Alcohol, 12$ .99 River 12$ .99 Refreshing 9$ .99
each Classic each each For Any each Rahiti Marlborough
Flavours Sauvignon Blanc
Flinders Bay Why pay more for the famous
Style PIC Y FOO Margaret River APE RI TIF Occasion C HIC KEN Marlborough taste? Here we
Sauvignon Blanc have an outstanding example of
FISH Brown Brothers Sauvignon Blanc from arguably the
We have been great fans of Moscato worlds most exciting wine region;
Jacob’s Creek Better Flinders Bay over many years and yet by any measure it carries a
oh what a joy this wine is to drink. This Brown Brothers is a fresh bargain price. This wine displays to
by Half Pinot Grigio The wonders of WA cool climate and inviting wine, packed with us all the excitement of Sauvignon
with Sauvignon Blanc really are a delicious, fragrant fruity flavours. from Marlborough; the fresh, crystal
A fruity Pinot Grigio with gentle magical combination which you are Brown Brothers Moscato which has clear tastes that we have grown to
mouth feel and the flavours of citrus sure to enjoy. become the standard which others love and enjoy; at a very friendly
and pear. Exhibiting crunchy acidity try to copy. price.
for a refreshing finish - try this with
seafood dishes such as grilled King
George Whiting.

in our 257 Stores - see back page for your local store

The STAX catalogue Page 4


14$ .99 8$ .99 Best Price
each each On the Big Y

Yellowglen Yellow NV Sparkling 26$ .99
A sparkling budget favourite of ours and for a great
number of wine drinkers. Years ago we spent a day
talking to the winemaker of the Yellowglen range, Charles
Hargraves, and came away with our heads spinning with
details about making the perfect sparkling wine. Like us,
you will be impressed by the attention to minute detail that
is needed to make a satisfying taste. This in turn made
us recall that the Yellowglen brand was created by Ian
Home back in the 1970’s. Ian had sold his supermarkets
and was looking for the next business adventure and
made the brave decision to create a sparkling wine. He
survived and indeed Yellowglen prospered so let us toast
this enterprise.

Made with Soul, 9$ .99 Possibly the Best
Love & Creativity each Value Sparkling!

Meraki Prosecco Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV

This terrific Meraki is from Zilzie Wines. We think there’s just a chance We have been a big supporter of this wine since its first
sparkling drinkers will be queuing up around the block to grab a bottle of this release in the late 1990’s. Back then it busted the market
most inviting wine, selected from the grapes of some of Australia’s premium apart as it offered very high quality for a modest amount.
wine regions. Of course, Prosecco’s original source is Italy, a country with a In our view it still does. Most wine judges have the view
relaxed view about life and what is important, and near the top of their rating is that the best sparkling wines are made from the grape
wine and food. The facts you need to know are the variety, formerly Prosecco, varieties traditionally grown in the Champagne region of
is now called Glera, and was originally the product of the Veneto region in Italy. France. These are of course Chardonnay and Pinot Noir,
And, Prosecco is the base of the famous cocktail Bellini, which is Prosecco the two varieties used to make this budget wine. You may
and peach juice. As the bottle says, this wine is “Made with Soul, Love & of course make sparkling wine from any grape variety you
Creativity”. Enjoy! like, though the results from using these two varieties are
pleasing; so many winemakers globally are content to stick
with the trusted duo. It took a long time to grow stocks of
these varieties so it is only recently that they have found
their way down to the budget end.

Not Champagne A Taste of Italy

19$ .99 but from France the 16$ .99 Da Luca Prosecco (Italian)
each Home of Champagne each
Bubbly, sparking wine, Champagne, Prosecco. No matter
Charles De France Blanc De Noir what you call it, it’s a little glass of heaven to those who Cool Climate Fruit
(French) drink it. However, while it’s easy to substitute one name
for the other, there are distinct differences between Jansz Tasmania Premium Cuvee, Premium Rosé
Sparkling Wine even if proudly made in France can only Champagne and Prosecco. While they’re both sparkling
be called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne white wines, Champagne is produced from Chardonnay, Cool Climate Fruit-Cool Climate State. Jansz Tasmania Sparkling N.V. is a long
Region. Thus this excellent example is just a French Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes grown in the term favourite of ours because of the delicacy of the fruit flavours. Tasmania
Sparkling, not Champagne. And of course the price Champagne region of northeast France, while Prosecco was the last of the states to plant vines. Attempts were made in the 1800s and
pluments down to a lower price even then if it was hails from the Veneto region of Italy and is made mainly Claude Alcorso planted Morilla on the banks of the Derwent River in 1958 but
produced in another country like Spain or Germany, from Glera grapes. Da Luca offers refreshing citrus and it joined the current boom only in the 1990s. The results have been nothing
and sets us thinking “BARGAIN”, and indeed it is. Subtle peach flavors, without too much alcohol (11 percent), a short of amazing which should come as no surprise as some aspects of wine
light pink in colour from the Pinot grapes, dry, crisp great food wine that works well with oysters on the half flavours can only be made in cool climates. The delicate fine fruit structure
and refrehing and as they say in France, the ideal Vins shell. For a Venetian twist, mix one part peach purée to and light flavours that we want from sparkling wines are best produced in
d’apéritif. every two parts of Prosecco. southern climates. The best Australian sparkling wines contain Tasmanian wine
and some are 100% Tasmanian. Jansz is one of the later!

The STAX group formed in 1986, and with 257 tough independents fighting Page 5

for one cause - our customers. We bring the best of the best in deals.

The STAX catalogue


49 3491 486 45 49$ .99 $ .99 $ .99 $ .99 $ .99 $ .99
each each each each each
389 each


Schweppes Soda
Water (1.1L) with

each bottle

Whitley Neill Gin Absolut Vodka Bombay Sapphire Gin Sierra Especial Silver & Cointreau Orange
& Varieties 700ml 700ml 700ml GoldTequila 700ml Liqueur 700ml

$ .99 $ .99 $ .99 $ .99 $ .99

378 443 434 478 634each each each each each

your own


personalised label

See instore
for details

Black Douglas Bundaberg UP WildTurkey Bourbon WildTurkey Honey Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Black Label Glenfiddich 12YO
Scotch Whisky 700ml Rum 700ml 86.8 Proof 700ml Liqueur 700ml
Tennessee Whisky 700ml Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

The STAX group formed in 1986, and with 257 tough independents fighting

for one cause - our customers. We bring the best of the best in deals.

The STAX catalogue FNQ Page 6


44$ .99 77924 PACK $ .99

Jack Daniels & Cola 7629$.99 Bundaberg Original Rum & Cola
10 x 375ml Cans 24 x 375ml Cans
24 PACK each
51$ .99 22$ .99
each each

WildTurkey 101 & Cola UDLVodka Lemon
10 x 375ml Cans Lime & Soda and

746$ .99 Varieties
each 6 x 375ml Cans

24 PACK 154$ .99

Woodstock Bourbon & Cola Vodka CruiserVarieties Somersby
24 x 375ml Cans 24 x 275ml Bottles Apple Cider
& Pear Cider
in our 257 Stores - see back page for your local store
The STAX catalogue

Page 7


61$ .99 BONUS 46$ .99
each each

with each case purchased

BIG 30

61$ .99 Victoria Bitter 30 x 375ml Cans XXXX Gold 24 x 375ml Bottles
51$ .99 56$ .99 BIG 30 Pack
each each

Coopers Sparkling Ale 24 x 375ml Bottles Carlton Dry 24 x 330ml Bottles Great Northern Super Crisp 30 x 375ml Cans

45$ .99 Fully 44$ .99 Fully 43$ .99 Fully
each Imported each Imported each Imported

from Belgium from New Zealand from Holland
BIG 30 Pack

Dam Burg Premium Beer Cheeky Blonde Lager 24 x 330mL Hooten Premium
30 x 330ml Cans Dutch Lager 24 x 330ml Bottles




Tannum Sands Hotel - 34 Pacific Ave, Tannum Sands........................... Ph: 4973 7439 The Grove Tavern - 64 Andergrove Road, Andergrove ............................ Ph: 4957 6715 City Arcade - Shop 10, 383 Flinders St ................................................... Ph: 4721 4236
Tannum Cellars - Centro Centre, Hampton Drive, Tannum Sands.......... Ph: 4973 2533 Shamrock Hotel - 165 Nebo Road .......................................................... Ph: 4957 2629 Hermit Park Hotel - 100 Charters Towers Rd ......................................... Ph: 4721 4143
Boyne Island Cellars - Boyne Plaza, Wyndham Ave, Boyne Island ........ Ph: 4973 8884 Sarina Hotel - 45/41 Broad St, Sarina ..................................................... Ph: 4956 1686 Seaview Hotel - 56 The Strand ............................................................... Ph: 4771 5005
Young Australian Hotel - 158 Auckland Street, Gladstone..................... Ph: 4972 1200 Beach Road Cellars - 21 Beach Road, Sarina......................................... Ph: 4956 1455 The Sun Hotel - 6 Ross River Road, Mundingburra ................................ Ph: 4779 5233
Clinton Liquor Store - Chapman Plaza, Chapman Drive, Gladstone ...... Ph: 4978 4326 MAROOCHYDORE The Creek Tavern (3 Great Locations) MOUNT ISA
Rocky Glen Hotel - Cnr Dawson Highway & Far Street, Gladstone........ Ph: 4972 2977 Shop 2, 69 Maud St, Maroochydore .......................................................... Ph: 5479 3727 The Barkly Hotel - 55 Barkly Highway..................................................... Ph: 4744 7777
Sun Valley Liquor Store - Sunvalley Plaza, Sunvalley Road, Gladstone Ph: 4978 6389 172 Karawatha Drive, Mountain Creek....................................................... Ph: 54781333 Overlander Hotel - 119 Marian Street, Townview .................................. Ph: 4743 5011
BUNDABERG Shop 11, 170 Karawatha Drive, Mountain Creek ....................................... Ph: 54775346
South Central Cellars - Shop 6, 56 Walker Street .................................. Ph: 4154 1254
Sugarland Tavern - 52 Johnstone Street ................................................ Ph: 4150 5999
Northway Cellars - Shop 7, 23-33 Queens Street .................................. Ph: 4151 0395

All items in this catalogue are advertised in good faith to be available at time of sale. However, some unforeseen problems may result in short supply of some items. Some products and offers may not be available in all stores. Wine varieties may vary by store. Prices are correct
at time of printing. Outlet prices may vary due to regional freight rates. While stocks last. Limited rights reserved. Government legislation may alter prices. We reserve the right to the sale of retail quantities. Trade not supplied. Images are for illustration purposes only.
Some vintages may vary due to early printing schedules. OTHER DISCOUNTS DO NOT APPLY. Specials are available until 29th November 2020. Selected varieties only where indicated. We reserve the right to offer an alternative product should we be out of stock for any reason.
We support responsible service of alcohol. It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. I.D. is required if you look under 25 and this is enforced both in our retail store and for home deliveries.

November 2020 The STAX catalogue FNQ Page 8

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