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This issue is our special Halloween edition which gives some great tips on Trick or Treating, updates on the new Rugrats movie, and excellent info on youth mentorship.

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Published by Frank Waters, 2019-04-27 22:36:05

MyKingstonKids Club Guide - Issue 3

This issue is our special Halloween edition which gives some great tips on Trick or Treating, updates on the new Rugrats movie, and excellent info on youth mentorship.

New Classes!

New Teaching

Something for

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Meet The Event Organizers

MyKingstonKids is the brain child of two award

winning entrepreneurs and Lace Mill residents, Shaniqua &
Frank Waters. The organization has become a trendsetter and
major influence on families within the Kingston and Ulster
County communities. MyKingstonKids creates, produces
and promotes children related activities, events and content
thru various forms of media. These media outlets include
“”, “MyKingstonKids Radio” which
airs weekly on Radio Kingston, the “MyKingstonKids Club
Guide”, which is a quarterly magazine, and their signature
annual event, “MyKingstonKids Fest”.
Phone: 845-204-3565
Email: [email protected]

Seed Song Center is a 503(c)3 nonprofit organization

that provides educational and cultural experiences of
sustainable agriculture and agroecology. They offer commu-
nity access to quality food, shared meals, and farm-based arts
and education experiences. They believe, by growing, shar-
ing, and celebrating our food together, we evolve our local
culture toward an equitable and sustainable land access and
Phone: 845-383-1528
Email: [email protected]

...a warm-weather


with luxury resorts, quaint B&Bs, rustic lodges, comfy inns and
cozy campgrounds. Kayak, climb, bike, boat, fish, golf, shop, dine
and explore beautiful Ulster County, New York.
Plan your visit today at

Hudson Valley/Catskill Regions

What to Consider When

Selecting an Instrument

Ultimately, the instrument you and your child choose should
depend on a number of factors. Here’s a list of questions to
consider before bringing home a new music maker:
• Is your child excited about the instrument? Does she like
the way it sounds and feels?
• Is the instrument too challenging or is it not challenging
enough (for both you and your child)?
• Does your child’s temperament match the instrument?
• Can you afford the instrument and the maintenance that
comes with it?
• As a parent, do you like the sound enough to listen to your
child practice it for hours at home?
• Is your child specifically interested in a particular music
style? If so, factor that into your instrument choice, as some
specifically cater to certain styles. For instance, a violin
player will have a hard time fitting in a jazz ensemble.

hv currency

Experts don’t always agree on which instruments are best
for big kids to learn, but many music teachers do agree
that it’s hard to go wrong with the piano, percussion (like
the drum or xylophone), recorder, guitar, or violin.


A source of support, information
and advocacy since 1975

>> Statewide 24/7 HelpLine for foster, kinship and adoptive families
Post-adoption support program in fifteen counties including
Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Orange, Ulster and Dutchess Counties

>> Over 70 affiliated parent support groups throughout the state
>> Host of annual New York Foster Care and Adoption Conference
>> Online Service Directory
>> Foster and Kinship Care Support
>> AGAPE (Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Program for Everyone) 888.354.1342 Free HelpLine
Main Office: 108 Main Street, New Paltz
Regional Offices: Amityville, Ithaca and New City


There are many people who remember the end of the day, many of those
the tender and successful series Rugrats, who grew up with these drawings
which tells of different adventures expe- issued between 1991 and 2004 are
rienced by a group of children consisting now parents today.
of Tommy, Carlitos, Angelica, Phil, and
Lil, among others. Created by Arlene Klasky, Gábor
Csupó, and Paul Germain, the
The project was on the Nickelodeon table Rugrats focus on the adventures of
for some time. They wanted to resurrect babies like Tommie, Chuckie and
the Rugrats: Adventures in diapers to the twins Phil and Lil, they carried
meet Tommie and his gang to a new gen- many adventures while their par-
eration of boys and girls. The idea that ents never quite saw them. There
children and the world of children and was also Angelica, a little bit older,
youth have announced that there will be very irritating and always trying to
26 new episodes and a film that will be frustrate the planes.
released in cinemas in November 2020.
The series had a total of 172 epi-
“The Rugrats is undoubtedly one of the sodes aired during nine seasons,
most celebrated animation series in the three movies released in cinemas
history of television and we are delight- and two Daytime Emmy titles. If it
ed that a whole new audience can meet works, these 26 episodes commis-
these characters in new adventures,” said sioned in an appetizer of every-
Sarah Levy, Viacom Media Networks thing that is to come, in addition
director, in statements collected by to the film scheduled for 2020,
Deadline. which will try to innovate and
show the characters created by
They believe that the series was as CGI (Computer Generate Image).
successful as it was in its premiere in
1991 because “children are fascinated by will keep
the world of babies,” according to Levy. you updated on the latest info as it
But it also has a nice way for parents to comes in!
share a reference with their children. At




A parent or responsible adult Remember reflective tape for costumes
should always accompany young and trick-or-treat bags.
children on their neighborhood Carry a cellphone for quick communi-
rounds. cation.
Have flashlights with fresh bat- Remain on well-lit streets and always
teries for all children and their use the sidewalk.

If your older children are going If no sidewalk is available, walk at the
alone, plan and review the route far edge of the roadway facing traffic.
that is acceptable to you. Agree on Never cut across yards or use alleys.
a specific time when they should Only cross the street as a group in
return home. established crosswalks (as recognized
Only go to homes with a porch by local custom). Never cross between
light on and never enter a home parked cars or out of driveways.
or car for a treat.

Because pedestrian injuries are Don’t assume the right of way. Motor-
the most common injuries to ists may have trouble seeing Trick-or-
children on Halloween, remind Treaters. Just because one car stops,
Trick-or-Treaters: doesn’t mean others will!

Stay in a group and communicate Law enforcement authorities should be
where they will be going. notified immediately of any suspicious
or unlawful activity.


Protecting and providing access to land
for the common good

Julia Farr

Executive Director

Office: 845.877.5263
[email protected]
[email protected]

mykk web

mykk radio

Youth Mentorship and Some
Statistics That Follow

Let’s dive into youth mentorship. What does it actually do to help our
It helps them find more self-confidence, self esteem, and are able to cre-
ate big goals for themselves. Additionally, studies show that
behavior, attitudes, and relationships improve when a youth has a men-
Mentors help children grow and close the social and/or economic


According to MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership,
children at risk who had a mentor were:
55% more likely to enroll in college
52% less likely to skip school
37% less likely to skip class
78% more likely to volunteer regularly
90% interested in become a mentor themselves
130% more likely to hold leadership positions
Youth who had a mentor also showed a better attitude towards school.
Regular meetings between mentor and student saw that youth were:
46% less likely to use drugs
27% less likely to drink
81% more likely to participate in extracurricular activities


with great organizations like
My Kingston Kids


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