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UPCK Website Catalog page

UPCK Website Catalog page

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• Alternative to UF/alcohol • New prospecting strategies

UPCK™ Kit NuGel™ NRicher™ Mx

Urine Protein Enrichment & Concentration Low Abundance Proteome Enrichment

 Linearly scaleable, unlike ultrafiltration  Enriches & normalizes sub-proteomes

 Alternative to solvent/ alcohol precipitation  Compress proteome concentrations

 On-bead digestion  Species and tissue agnostic
 Composite of the NRicher™ 6 mixed mode beads
 <60 min. bind,  Suitable for small volume mg scale preps
wash, elute
protocol Non-reduced SDS-PAGE Mouse Human
profiles show that major Plasma Serum
 Applicable to high abundance bands are
>1 & 2 DE greatly reduced. The low
>LC-MS abundance bands are
>microarrays enriched relative to their
high abundance bands,
 The eluted fractions visually estimated to be 5-
retain their enzymatic 10X for most bands.
and biological activity Because of its
heterogeneity, the IgG
variants co-localize to the
same region.

NRicher™ Mx

AlbuVoid™ HemoVoid™

Selectively Voids Albumin, Binds Low Hemoglobin Depletion For Erythrocyte
Abundance Proteome Proteomics

 Albumin voids in flow-through, >95%  Hemoglobin voids in flow-through, applicable to red
cells, heavily hemolyzed serum, whole blood and
 <30 minute protocol dried blood spot (DBS) card

 Low abundance enrichment equivalent or better  Low abundance protein and enzyme enrichment
than hexa-peptides or antibodies
 Consumable, cost-effective
 On-bead digestion protocols, efficient LC-MS
workflows  Mild elution maintains native structure with
retained enzymatic, functional and bio-
 Disposable, cost-effective, no column activities
regeneration or cross-contamination
 Compatible with LC-MS, activity-probe profiling and
 Mild elution maintains native structure with virtually all proteomic analyses
retained enzymatic, functional & bio-activities
 Species agnostic
 Species agnostic

AlbuVoid™ LC-MS On-Bead HemoVoid™ Blood Card Kit

Selectively Voids Albumin, Binds Low The HemoVoid™ Blood Card kit substantially reduces
Abundance Proteome before LC-MS use hemoglobin interference interference from dried blood
spot card protein analytes
 Seamless workflows

 Label, label free & glyco- compatible

 Unique proteolytic efficiencies 800-935-0628 North America
[email protected] 732-274-2866 Worldwide

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