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SAF Parent Handbook 2016-17

SAF Parent Handbook 2016-17

Keywords: Steiner Academy Frome


Re: finishing school at lunch time

I/We have chosen to send our child to the Steiner Academy Frome and we understand
and support the view that the learning experience can be tiring for young children and
that young children benefit from a gradual introduction to the full school day.
I/We acknowledge that this gradual introduction of a full day school means that:

 Kindergarten ends at 13.00 every day.
 Class 1 ends at 13.00 three days a week.
 Class 2 ends at 13.00 two days a week
 Classes 3, 4 and 5 end at 13.00 one day a week
I/We also understand that afternoon play and enrichment activities are available for
children whose parents are working.
I/We agree to educate our child at home on afternoons when the school day finishes
at lunch time.
I/We _______________________________________ (parent/s) agree that we will home-
educate our child ____________________________________________ (child’s name) on
days when our child comes home at lunch time.

Teacher (Print name) ___________________________________________

Sign: ______________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________

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Food & Free School Meals

The school is working with a wonderful catering team, the Natural Food School,
providing organic hot lunches for the children at a cost of £2.50 per day (classes 2
upwards). Menus are sent out fortnightly in advance with their Newsletter, which also
contains ingredient lists, news and seasonal ideas. Lunch is served at 12.30 for the
Kindergartens (served in their own classrooms) and Class 1 and at 1.00 pm in the hall
for Class 2 upwards.

“We are Carol Kenward and Cally Herbert and
we prepare deliciously nutritious lunches for
your children from the start of their school life
at Steiner Academy Frome.

We are fully trained Naturopathic Nutritionists
with a desire to encourage your child to
explore our appetizing and wholesome meals
in a supportive ‘family’ type setting.

Our menus are largely vegetarian & we have introduced more organic meat and fresh
fish. All of our food is freshly produced, organic, seasonal and locally sourced
(wherever possible) with old favourites and a variety of new and exciting flavours for
your child to try. We are very happy to accommodate dietary needs and allergies and
will be regularly available to discuss any issues with you. Please speak to the Office to
book and pay for your lunches.
We also open a snack shop every morning at 10.45 for 15 minutes where children from
Class 1 upwards can buy healthy snacks.”
There is a sample lunch and snack menu attached from our catering team. Please refer
to our School Lunch Policy Document for further information.

Please Note: From September 2014 all children who are in the Kindergartens and Class
1 will be given a free healthy school lunch. Children in older classes will also be entitled
to a free school lunch if their parents are on a low income and receiving welfare
benefits. Registering could raise money for SAF as registering for free meals can raise an
extra £1,300 to fund valuable support like extra tuition, additional teaching staff,
equipment or school activities.

This additional money is available from central government for every child whose
parent is receiving one of the welfare benefits listed in the form. It is therefore important
to sign up for free school meals, even if your child is in reception, year 1 or year 2, in
order that the school receive as much funding as possible. For details of whether you
qualify for this visit
schools/school-life/free-school-meals/ or contact the school office
([email protected]) for more details.

Page 52

Monday Steiner Academy Frome
Sample Menu

Whole-wheat pasta
Tomato and basil sauce

Chocolate Beetroot cake

Fruit bowl

Tuesday Homemade Veggie loaf
Rooty mash

Fruit Compote with granola topping

Wednesday Golden Butternut Squash/Leek and Potato soup
Sourdough Rye bread
Fruit yogurts
Fresh fruit

Thursday Jacket potatoes

Cheesy beans/ Boston baked beans/Mild chilli beans

Fresh fruit salad

Natural yogurt with honey

Friday Homemade Cheese and Tomato Pizza
Veggie sticks

Lemon drizzle cake

Menu will be varied according to seasonal availability.
Gluten free and vegan alternatives will be available.

Page 53

Snack Shop Menu

Apple/pear 30p Yogurt raisins 30p
Kiwi/grapes/banana 40p Liquorice 40p
2 savoury rice cakes 30p Sesame snaps 40p
2 rice cakes & honey 30p Fruit bar 40p
2 rice cakes & butter 20p Zoom balls 30p
Juice 40p Banana choc bar 30p
Ginger biscuits 20p Fruit/cheesy oatcakes 50p (pack
of 5)

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