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City of Hot Springs Parks & Trails June 2019 Newsletter

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Published by CHS Parks & Trails, 2019-05-31 17:58:09

Parks & Trails June 2019 Newsletter

City of Hot Springs Parks & Trails June 2019 Newsletter

City of Hot Springs June 2019 Newsletter

• Adair Park Summer Concert Series
• Northwoods Photo Contest
• Kids Summer Lunch Program
• Super Hero 2-mile Run/Walk
• Rev. James Donald Rice Dedication
• Sponsor’s Plaza Dedication

Table of Contents 2

Calendar: meetings and events 3

Superhero 2-Mile Walk/Run 4

Pavilion Rentals 5

Seasonal Reminders 5

Northwoods Photo Contest 6

111 Opera Street Summer Concert Series 8
P.O. Box 700
Summer Lunch Programs 9
Hot Springs, AR 71902
Friends of the Parks 10
Call: 501-321-6871 Provided by Ned Skoog 11
Email: [email protected]
Rev. Rice Park Dedication Invite
Sponsor’s Plaza Dedication Invite 12
Like us on Facebook:
Hot Springs Parks & Trails Park News 13
Growing Healthy Communities-
Ten Essentials of Hiking 15
Hot Springs
Trail Footnotes 16
OUR STAFF Provided by Ken Freeman

Director Northwoods Full Moon Ride Series 17
Anthony Whittington
Landscape Superintendent Trail Etiquette 18

Brian Fisher Trails in Your City Parks 19
Parks Superintendent
Trail Watch Volunteer Program 20
Larry Golden
Office Manager Vandalism Reminder 21
Kathleen Fason
Jennifer Shinn

6/4 JUNE IS:
Tail Watch Volunteer Training,
(by appointment only) National Gardening Month
111 Opera Street, National Fresh Fruit and
5:30 p.m. Vegetables Month
Rose Month
• 6/11 Turkey Lovers Month
Arts Advisory Committee Meeting,
Parks & Trails Conference Room,
111 Opera Street, Ste. A,
12:00 p.m.

• 6/13 Special Days:

Reverend James Donald Rice Park National Trails Day 1
Dedication, 511 Pleasant Street,
Fishing Week 2-8
11:00 a.m.

• 6/20 Flag Day 14
Parks & Trails Advisory Committee,
Parks & Trails Conference Room, Father’s Day 16
111 Opera Street, Ste. A,
5:00 p.m. International Picnic Day 18

Go Skate Day 21

• 6/25 Summer Solstice 21
Urban Forestry Advisory Committee,
Parks & Trails Conference Room, National Catfish Day 25
111 Opera Street, Ste. A,
6:00 p.m. Lightning Safety Week 23-29

• 6/27
Sponsor’s Plaza Dedication,
Near Valley and E. Maurice Streets,
11:00 a.m.


Sign-up online! Cost is $10 for adults and children 11 & up.
Children 10 and under are free!


Renting a city park pavilion is quick and easy.
Cost is minimal and clean up will be, too!

• Birthday Parties
• Family Reunions
• Wedding Receptions
• Baby Showers
• Retirement Farewells
• Fishing Derbies

Cost to reserve pavilions:
$10 per hour for city residents

$20 per hour for non-city residents

Additional fees may apply for large groups and special events. Please refer to our
Reservation Policy for fee schedules or call the Parks and Trails Department at
501-321-6871 for more information.

To make your reservation, call or come by the Parks and Trails Department at 111 Opera Street,
or fill out an interactive online form at Reservations must be made a least two

Please Remember…. Flowers in Parks and on Trails
Motorized Vehicles
are NOT allowed on are beautiful. Please leave
For your protection please be aware them in place for all
of the presence of FIRE ANTS. patrons to enjoy!

Although treated on a regular basis,

fire ants are particularly prone to be

active in parks and especially after a

rain shower. Please be alert!

Garland County residents are invited to enter a contest for the best Northwoods Trails photo!
Have you taken a great photo of the trails, the lakes, the jumps, and beautiful surroundings?
Entries will be accepted during the months of June, July, and August. Winners will be
announced in the September issue of the Parks & Trails Newsletter. Winning photos will be
posted on the Parks & Trails and City of Hot Springs Facebook pages.

Contest Rules:

1. All photos must be in JPEG file format (.jpg or .jpeg).

2. Size of photos should be 2,000 x 2,000 pixels or greater, although smaller sizes will be
accepted. However, the file size must not exceed three megabytes (3 MB).

3. Photographers name and contact information should be included with each photo along with
the name of the trail section, trailhead, jump, lake, etc. that is shown in the photo.

4. You may submit a maximum of three (3) photographs in the contest.

5. You must obtain consent from anyone whose image is identifiable in the photo.

6. By submitting your photo you grant the city the right to use the photo and information you
submitted with it. Photos will not be returned after the contest. The city has no obligation to
publish or use or retain any photos you submit.

7. You may mail your entries to Northwoods Photo Contest, P.O. Box 700, Hot Springs, AR.
71902 or email your entries to [email protected]

8. Call 501-321-6871 if you have any questions about the contest.

50 oz. CamelBak Hydrobak Crankbrothers M19 Bicycle 25 oz. CamelBak Podium
Multi-Tool - Steel Bike Tool Big Chill Insulated Water
Hex and Chain Tool



For more information or to fill out an
application go to

Series to run Memorial Day-Labor Day weekends!
Friday nights: 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturdays: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Sundays: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.


Ned Skoog, Early in May your Friends of the Parks board of directors were invited to
one of those meetings that you don’t want to miss. The Spa Pacers were
President on week nine of conducting their Spring Running/Walking Clinic at
Transportation Depot and Cindy Baswell invited us to come just before the
To renew your clinic was to start that evening. The Spa Pacers do a great service to our
membership community in putting on these free semi-annual clinics to help
or become a participants improve their cardiovascular fitness, and it is always
“Park Friend” enjoyable to see participants excited about their progress. The real treat,
mail your annual however, was that it turned out to be a donation presentation, as well.
membership fee Cindy Baswell is the Race Director of the Spa Running Festival, and the
Family-$35 Spa Pacers’ board of directors had approved the Spa Running Festival
Adult-$25 Committee’s recommendation to award Friends of the Parks $9,000 from
Youth-$10 the proceeds of the 2018 Spa Running Festival. As President of your
Business-$50 board, I gladly accepted, on your behalf, their generous donation for
Organization-$50 continuing work on the completion of the Hot Springs Creek Greenway
to: Friends of the Parks, Trail and other multiuse trails specified in the City’s Bicycle and
P.O. Box 996, Pedestrian Master Plan. Spa Pacers continues to be a most valuable ally
Hot Springs, AR 71902-0996 in this community infrastructure development. We also are pleased to report that the City’s Parks and Trails
Department is submitting a Recreational Trail Program grant application
on June 3rd. If approved, that grant would be used at the planned Jean
Wallace Wetlands Trailhead to complete some major elements there, i.e.,
restroom, entryway sign, and sidewalk connecting the parking lot to the
multiuse path. It would also extend the multiuse path about 500 feet to the
south, and would include a paved bump out to the creek bank for a kayak/
canoe put in. That project is estimated to cost $187,500, and the City’s
matching funds (20%) requirement is $37,500. The City did not have
those funds in the budget, and the Friends board agreed to pledge
$10,000 in matching funds, should that project be awarded. Please take a
moment to think about the joy that parks and trails bring to our
community, and contribute to helping us partner with the City and County
in implementing portions of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for our
area. And, as always, keep concentrating on getting our pathways “TO


You are cordially invited
to attend the dedication of

Reverend James Donald Rice Park

511 Valley Street
on Thursday, June 13, 2019,

at 11:00 a.m.

Light refreshments will be served after the ceremony.


You are invited to attend a dedication for the
Hot Springs Creek Greenway Trail

Sponsor’s Plaza

near Valley and East Maurice Streets
Thursday, June 27, 2019
at 11:00 a.m.

Light refreshments will be served.


Parks & Trails employees Daryl
Edwards and Jeff Bairett are shown
planting a butterfly garden along
the Hot Springs Creek Greenway
Trail. Funding for the garden
was provided by an Arkansas
Flower and Garden Show
“Greening of Arkansas” grant that
the city was awarded this year.

Hot Springs Adult Kickball is back!
Registration for the Adult Kickball
League is now open. Registration
will run from 5/30/19 - 6/28/19 and
cost per team is $250. Games will
be played at Kimery Park on
Wednesday nights starting 7/24/19.
Teams will play 5 weeks of regular
season games followed by a 1 week
single elimination tournament.
There is a 6 player minimum (3
male/3 female) and 12 player
maximum (6 male/6 female) per
game (Only 10 players maximum in
the field at a time).
Registrations will be open until the
league is full or the deadline has
been reached. Sign-up at on the Sport
Recreation page.


Hot Springs Parks & Trails Director,
Anthony Whittington, has started a new
“FIND ME FRIDAY” series where he
will post a photo of himself at one of our
city parks or along one of our trails
systems and ask followers to identify
where he is. Here are the first three
photos of him at Desoto Park, Entergy
Park, and on Hot Springs Creek
Greenway Trail.

“Some will be easy and others will be
really hard, but if you know our parks
then you will be able to figure it out,” said
Whittington. “It’s a fun new way to
interact with our park and trail
visitors. We love to hear from those who
use our facilities and get comments and
suggestions on what they love best or
what they feel needs to improve!”

Be on the lookout every Friday morning
for the newest “FIND ME FRIDAY” photo
on the Hot Springs Parks & Trails
Facebook page and see how well YOU
know your local parks and trails!


1. Appropriate Footwear - for a short day hike that doesn’t involve a heavy pack or
technical terrain, trail shoes are great. For longer hikes, carrying heavier loads, or
more technical terrain, hiking books offer more support.
2. Map and Compass/GPS - a map and compass not only tell you where you are
and how far you have to go, but it can also help you find campsites, water, and an
emergency exit route in case of an accident. While GPS units are very useful,
always carry a map and compass as a backup.
3. Extra Water (and a way to purify it) - without enough water, your body’s muscles
and organs simply can’t perform as well. Consuming too little water will not only
make you thirsty but susceptible to hypothermia and altitude sickness.
4. Extra Food - any number of things could keep you out longer than expected:
getting lost, enjoying time by a stream, an injury, or difficult terrain. Extra food will
help keep up energy and morale.
5. Rain Gear and Extra Clothing - because the weatherman is not always right.
Dressing in layers allows you to adjust to changing weather activity levels. Two
rules: avoid cotton (it keeps moisture close to your skin) and always carry a hat.
6. Safety Items (fire, light, and a whistle) - the warmth of a fire and a hot drink can
help prevent hypothermia. Fires are also a great way to signal for help if you get
lost. If lost, you’ll also want the whistle as it is more effective than using your voice
to call for help (use 3 short bursts). And just in case you’re out later than planned, a
flashlight/headlamp is a must have item to see your map and where you’re walking.
7. First Aid Kit - prepackaged first-aid kits for hikers are available at any outfitter.
Double your effectiveness with knowledge: take a first-aid class with the American
Red Cross or a Wilderness First Aid class.

8. Knife or Multi-purpose Tool - these enable you to cut strips of cloth into
bandages, remove splinters, fix broken eyeglasses, and perform a whole host of
repairs on malfunctioning gear.

9. Sunscreen and Sunglasses - especially above tree line when there is a skin
scorching combination of sun and snow, you’ll need sunglasses to prevent snow
blindness and sunscreen to prevent sunburn.
10. Daypack/Backpack - You’ll want something you can carry comfortably and that
has the features designed to keep you hiking smartly. Don’t forget the rain cover;
some packs come with one built-in. Keep the other Essentials in the pack and you’ll
always be ready to hit the trail safely.

Ken Freeman, The Trail Guy

The Trail Guy wants to wish all of the
enthusiastic trail users in our community, a
very pleasant and rewarding National Trails
Day. Locally, National Trails Day, which is
promoted nationally by the American Hiking
Society, will be celebrated on Saturday, June
1, 2019 at Entergy Park with a trail run/walk,
the Superhero 2Mile, organized by the Hot
Springs Family YMCA. Look for the info
about it here in the Newsletter. There will be
awards for the run/walk, and children’s
activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
Don’t miss out on getting a National Trails
Day rub on tattoo, that you can proudly
display for the rest of your Saturday. Come
join Parks and Trails Director, Anthony
Whittington, and the Trail Guy in celebrating
the trails and other recreational offerings of
Entergy Park.
With there not being a Du for the Parks
duathlon on Memorial Day this year,
following nineteen years of Hot Springs Friends of the Parks putting it on, I had a
number of friends wanting to get together and informally do their own duathlon. So,
the DIY (Du It Yourself) duathlon took place roughly following the route of the old
Du for the Parks, but some participants only rode bikes, some only ran, some did a
little of each, and some did all of the old route. I enjoyed the enthusiasm and
creativity of the participants and the indulgence of other Hot Springs Creek
Greenway Trail users with participants running back and forth. I particularly enjoyed
it, because it was the first time I actually got to ‘du’ it with others. Hmmm, what
about next Memorial Day……….?
Here is just a reminder that if you want to do trail activities on the Northwoods Trails
with others, there will be two possibilities in June. The first is on June 10th, and is
the 2nd Monday of the month trail run/walk led by Spa Pacers. They meet at 4:30
p.m. at the Waterworks Trailhead parking lot at the end of Pineland Drive. The
second is on the Day of the monthly Full Moon, June 17th. Visit Hot Springs
sponsors a mountain bike ride at 6:00 p.m. and that is a good opportunity to meet
up with other trail users, and choose your mode of trail use – bike, hike/walk, or run.
As always, the important thing is to get outside on a trail and have fun this month.
See you on a trail!


Wanna howl at the moon with the Northwoods crew? Shred Valkyrie and Blue Jay by the light of the

full moon? Well, turns out, you’ll have 10 chances to join others on a monthly FULL MOON GROUP RIDE in the

The ride will be a no drop beginner to intermediate group ride. The route will depend on the skill level of the
participants. Rides will be around an hour on the trails. Interested riders will meet at the trailhead at 6:00 and begin
the ride by 6:30. It will be dark by the time riders return to the trailhead.

All riders must have a mountain bike in working order, helmet, front white light, rear red Light, back-up light source,
and water to hydrate.

After the ride, participants will continue the fun with a little grillin' and some tunes. Bring a chair! Don’t miss the fun...
Come shred with us by the light of the moon!

Sponsored by: Superior Bathhouse Brewery, Spa City Cycling, Parkside Cycle and Visit Hot Springs!

Who: All mountain bikers/All skill levels
What: Full Moon Rides
Where: Northwoods, Waterworks Trailhead
When: 5:30 p.m.
Why: Full moons are awesome and mountain bikes are too.

*Contingent on weather, Follow Northwoods Trails - Hot Springs Trail Conditions Facebook group for weather
updates leading up to each event!

Full Schedule of Series includes (based on Farmers' Almanac):
March 20 - Full Worm Moon
April 19 - Full Pink Moon
May 18 - Full Flower Moon
June 17 - Full Strawberry Moon
July 16 - Full Buck Moon
August 15 - Full Sturgeon Moon
September 14 - Full Harvest Moon
October 13 - Full Hunter’s Moon
November 12 - Full Beaver Moon
December 12 - Full Cold Moon

More and more Hot Springs residents and visitors are flocking to parks and trails for fitness and
fun! Whether you are on the Hot Springs Creek Greenway Trail or a city park trail, it’s good to
follow these simple etiquette rules so everyone has a safe and enjoyable time on the trails.
Be Safe
•Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle
•Use bicycle lights and reflectors after dusk/before dawn
•Wear bright or light colored clothing so you’re easily seen
•Be aware of your surroundings
•Carry a charged cell phone and proper identification
•Communicate to family and friends where you’re going
•Carry water
•Utilize the buddy system when possible
•Observe posted park rules and hours
•Keep an eye on children
•Travel at a safe speed
•Slow down on curves
•Do not ride on wet or muddy nature trails
•Dismount and walk you bike on steep nature trails to avoid locking your breaking or skidding
Stay to right and pass with care
•Always pass on the left
•Ring a bell or give clear, verbal warning to nearby trail users before passing
•Yield to oncoming traffic when passing
•Bikes yield to pedestrians
•Single file in groups
•Motorized vehicles are prohibited on trails except motorized wheelchairs
Be Courteous
•Stay on the trails to protect vegetation and minimize erosion
•“Leave No Trace”- carry out what’s carried in
•Do not disturb wildlife
•Keep to the edge when stopped to allow others to pass
Be Responsible with pets
•Keep all pets on a short leash
•Pick-up pet waste

Park Name and Location Surface Type ADA Length

Baseball Trail Park - 1201 Whittington Ave Asphalt Yes 1/6 Mile
Yes 1/4 Mile
Chattanooga Park - 530 Chattanooga St Asphalt
1/5 Mile
Desoto Park - 1700 Park Ave Asphalt Yes
1/5 mile
Family Park - 215 Family Park Rd Asphalt Yes
1/4 Mile
Entergy Park - 530 Lakepark Dr Asphalt Yes 2/10 Mile
North Loop Trail Asphalt Yes 3/4 Mile
Wildlife Observation Trail
Natural Surface No 1/5 Mile
Water Tower Loop Trail
1/2 Mile
Lakefront Trail Natural Surface No 1/10 Mile
1/10 Mile
Fenceline Trail Natural Surface No 1/10 Mile
3/10 Mile
Eagle Scout Trail Natural Surface No 1 Mile
1/2 Mile
Playground Connector Trail Asphalt Yes 1/4 Mile
Pavilion on the Point Asphalt No
Sunnybrook Connector Trail Asphalt Yes 1/4 Mile
No 1/2 Mile
Hill Wheatley Park - 688 Majestic Lodge Rd Natural Surface 2/3 Mile
No 1/2 Mile
Hinsley Park - Kingsway and Meadowlake Natural Surface Yes 1/4 Mile
1/4 Mile
Wade Street Park - 300 Wade St Asphalt

Hot Springs Creek Greenway- Concrete Yes
Transportation Plaza Trail Asphalt Yes
Valley Street Creekwalk Concrete Yes
Jaycee Trail and Friendship Park Trail Asphalt Yes
Hollywood Trail Asphalt Yes
Blue Heron Trail
Asphalt Yes
Utility Service Center Trail


Improve the quality of life in Hot Springs by providing
and modeling proper trail etiquette and safety as
well as assisting users in trail navigation.

A 30 minute information class where you will receive
a vest and supplies will take place on the second
Tuesday of each month, March-September.

To sign-up call Kathleen at 501-321-6871 or
email [email protected] For more information about
the Trail Watch program and proper trail etiquette go
to and look under the Parks & Trails

Department for Trail Watch.


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