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Important Greeks Flip book

Important Greeks Flip book


Aeschylus- He is an actor that wrote about tragedies that men have to go through and out of this he has
made very famous plays.

Sophocles- He was also a very famous actor and writer like Aeschylus and he wrote about tragedy plays
in ancient Greece.


Homer- He was a very important poet, he wrote mystery tales which provided a fixed model of heroism,
nobility and the good life.


Herodotus: He started writing all the research on history that he did and now he is known as the father
of history.

Thucydides- He was one of the greatest ancient Greek historians and author of the History of the
Peloponnesian War which helps us know a lot of what we now know and learn today.


Phidias- He was a sculptor, painter, and architect and he made the statue of Zeus.


There were monuments made out of stone or concrete that were called columns and the three different
ones were Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian


Archimedes- He was considered one of the greatest mathematicians but he did do many other stuff
including science which made a big impact on science.

Hippocrates- he was a physician and he figured out the history of medicine.


Pythagoras- he is a Greek philosopher and he made mathematics and geometry as we know it today.

Euclid- he was a Greek mathematician and he has a collection of 13 books involving geometry which is
called the elements.


Socrates- He was a Greek philosopher and he was teaching students which told his story and then he
was sentenced to death.

Plato- He was a philosopher who was founder of the Academy in Athens

Aristotle- He was a philosopher who was a student of Plato and is known as known as the teacher of
Alexander the Great

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Important Greeks Flip book