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101beutiful heart-final_N

101beutiful heart-final_N

 What kind of students do you help now?
In school, I recruit students who are mentally retarded. These students are
retarded, physically disabled, having emotional barrier, autism, or cerebral
palsy. However, after school I have personal counseling. These students
are visually disabled. Some are amblyopia and the others are totally blind.
I am voluntary to teach them piano and violin.

 When did you start to assist these students? How long have you done
On the part of school, I have taught in special education school from 1995
until now. As for tutoring, I have taught those visually disabled students
since 1996. When I went to Changhua Special School, the
accountant-general asked me if I could teach his son
who was amblyopia. When his son got admitted to the
department of special education of National Changhua
University School, he wanted to play the piano again.
He is my first visually disabled student. I started to
teach totally blind student in 1998. When I am at school,
I help those students who have talent in playing music
instrument. I listen to their performance and give them
some comments when I have break time.

~ 51 ~


 Do you have any epiphany, learn something or have some changes
from teaching?
When I went to the special school, I found that the teaching method I had
learned was not suitable for these special students. In order to react to
them, I pursued further education abroad. I took the three teaching
methods which are used in infant music education. When I conduct a class,
I cannot play in front of the piano. I have to face these students, so I
record the music in advance or play a CD. This kind of teaching model
subverts the training which I received before about how to teach music
and be a music teacher.
Second, because they cannot see the music book, I play the piano with
them. However, those students are excellent. After I teach them a melody,
they almost have memorized it. When they play this song well, we always
play together. When I finish a segment, I tell students that I flip the
notation. Then they ask me that what is
flipping the notation. I was so ashamed
of that. In their impression, music is a
whole. Because of that, I decide that
when I teach them next time, I will
practice the songs well, play together
with them and point out their mistakes
for correction.

~ 52 ~


 Is there any difficulty when you teach them? Have you ever wanted to
give up?
In school, there are some students with emotional barrier. They are likely
to hurt other people. It is laborious for the class management. However, I
still try to use some positive way to restrain them. He just wants to attract
other people’s attention. For different students, I use different ways to
handle them.
On the other hand, I never think of giving
up visually disabled students. There is a
difficulty that their listening is poor. I used
to teach a student with audiphones. He is
totally blind and hard of hearing. When I
teach him a new song at the beginning class,
I have to teach him item by item. The
beginning class is harder. When he went to
the next class, he has already memorized
the melody. Originally I have two pianos. I find that he cannot hear clearly.
I have to play the piano beside him and I even have to sing every melody
near his ear. If he still cannot find the keys, I have to seize his hand to
play the piano. There is one more difficulty. Because they cannot look, but
there are some all’ottava in music. Even we with a discerning eye cannot
play well, say nothing of visually disabled students. I close my eyes and
image that I cannot see. Then I try to find their way to play the keys.

~ 53 ~


 Do you have any unforgettable or interesting experience?
There is an unforgettable thing. A blind student expected to take the music
class, but I took a leave for twice. The second time was because
something just came up. I told his mother I could not go to class. “Wait a
minute,” his mother said. “What happened?” I said. “You tell this to my
child yourself, because last time you took a leave, he kept crying,” his
mother said. He looked forward to taking this class so much, but I took a
leave without telling him by myself. So I told this to him and I heard he
sobbed on the other side. This touched my heart. There is an interesting
thing. I tutored my colleague’s child in music therapy. We have a very
good relationship. One time when his mother and I went to pick him up,
we met him at school. He came to me and hugged me rather than his

 Your parents opposed your decision at the beginning, what about
Yes, they support me now. My parents brought
me up and made mental and physical efforts.
They think a music teacher who graduates from
Department of Music of National Taiwan
Normal University should play an instrument in
a performance or be an elegant music teacher in
school. Besides, I can recruit many students at

~ 54 ~


home and make much extra income. Although it is not what my parents
expect, I still share the growth of these students with my parents, such as
their concert or some reports. My parents are grateful I have the ability to
help them. This action is worth supporting.

 What are the service items in HMCA6?
In fact this association has just been established. There are three parts
including short-term, mid-term and long-term goals that we offer. First,
the short-term part is to offer physically challenged students a channel to
learn music. We introduce them teachers who are willing to teach these
students and provide them with information. Second, the mid-term service
is that if they choose music as career, we will give them guidance about
going to music talented class or the department of music. Furthermore,
some domestic and overseas contests are also included. The last, the
long-term part is that we help them to enter some big international
contests. I hope they can be a rising star in the field of physically
challenged. Then they can compete with normal
people. Besides we help them to get a job. There are
two aspects. One is that they can be a busker. They
can perform at the street with certificate to earn
money. The other is that they can be a tuner. They
can get a license to become a professional tuner.

~ 55 ~



1. Taichung Special Education School n. 台中特教學校
2. National Taiwan Normal University n. 國立臺灣師範大學
3. National Changhua Special School n. 彰化啟智學校
4. President Educational Award n. 總統教育獎
5. Award of the Ten Outstanding Women of ROC n. 十大傑出女青年

6. HMCA n. 台灣身心障礙音樂關懷會

~ 56 ~


A Minivan of Love for the handicapped -
Ming-Chuan Tseng

Tseng, living in
Xiaying, Tainan of
South Taiwan, was a
teacher in elementary
school, junior high
school, senior high
school and university.
After retiring, he
started to publish
books about
philosophy1 of life. In 2004, he bought a second-hand minivan2 and
installed a wheelchair lift, which totally cost NT$700,000, to take his
mother, who was suffering3 from dementia4 and stroke, to the hospital or
for a drive. In the meantime, he was a volunteer in his free time.

Ming-Chuan Tseng made use of free time to be a volunteer in the
nursing homes and Spinal Cord Injury Association5. He gave
a drive to the old people and those having spinal cord damage,

~ 57 ~


taking them to do rehabilitation or to the church, which made his minivan
a “volunteer car.” Not only did he help the people get on the car but he
also had to wait for them for a long time. However, he never had any
complaint. After his mother passed by, Tseng heard that Liang Yu, a
diligent student who suffered from spinal cord injury, was admitted to
National Cheng Kung University but faced a difficulty to go to the
university. So Tseng decided to give him the minivan. In this way, Liang
Yu’s father can conveniently take him to the university. The only request
Tseng made is to transfer the minivan, a symbol of love, to other disabled
people, when the Yu family doesn’t need it in the future.

~ 58 ~



My interest and major are philosophy of life during school. I taught it at Junior
College of Health Care and Management6. My major was Chinese when I was
an undergraduate7. Because of my interesting in philosophy of life, I changed
my major in graduate school and I liked it more and more.

 Have you published a great number of books?
I thought I have written a lot. Step by step. I am used to writing down my
experience, collecting it, and then publishing a book. For example, when I
was sick, I wrote down the experience into a book (about 200,00 words).
Whenever I encounter something, I will write it into a book, such as the
book about the benevolent car. I divided it into three steps. First, I took
my mom to the hospital. She suffered stroke. Then I bought a car, which is
called benevolent car. Finally I gave the car to someone who needed it
badly, and let him hand down the car. For me, the
behavior is practicing happiness instead of
practicing charity. I practiced charity in the heart
practicing happiness. I manifested8 human
emotions in the form of language. I wrote down
the whole thing, because it is related to people. I
want to share it with others by turning social relationship in to language.

~ 59 ~


 Why didn’t you sell the car?
Generally speaking, when making donation, we can note “charitable
organization” for tax deduction, but I didn’t do it. First, due to my mom, I
am emotionally attached to the car. That’s why I did not sell it. Secondly,
the student’s father just said he wanted to buy it. After thinking twice, I
wanted to do something meaningful- taking the car as a scholarship and
encouraging the student because he was excellent. What I did was to
encourage the student rather than practicing charity. I had thought what I
did was a not big deal, but the father wanted to encourage his son so he
told the school. During the graduation ceremony, I received an award.
Afterward, I didn’t want to put pressure on the family so we did not keep
in touch. Until one day, the father visited me and asked me to offer his son
some encouragement. The student has graduated with a master degree in
accounting. He is still using the car. Both of us have agreed up on sending
the car to someone who really needs it after he doesn’t use it.

 How did you get to know the student?
The father called me when I was looking for someone who is suitable for
receiving the car. I realized that he was in low water. I promised him that
once his son got admission, I would give him a satisfactory reply.
Afterward, I learned that his son was admitted to the graduate school and

~ 60 ~


I told him I would handle everything. On the day when I visited his home,
I promised it directly. The father hoped that he could pay for the car, but I
hope I gave the student the car with a positive attitude without causing
any pressure.

 Do you have any reflection after doing this?
If a thing you do is creative, you will feel happy. People will encounter
some misfortune in their life.
The attitude to face it will
influence the meaning of the
misfortune. Once it happens,
it is hard to be changed, but
the meaning of the incident
can be created constantly.

 When you write, are your principles based on humanism?
All of them are subsidiary. When you face something with your nature
and write it down with philosophic thinking, the spirit of humanism will
naturally appeared in your article. Because I like to encourage and chat
with others, I often write a lot. For me, experiences from others are our
knowledge. We hear them and turn them into our wisdom.

~ 61 ~


 What inspired you to help people?
1. Men at their birth are naturally good.
2. I grew up in a poor family.
3. Thanks to my financial ability, I am able
to help others.

 Was a wheelchair lift installed in the car?
After my mom suffered stroke, she couldn’t walk or talk. In the
beginning, I held my mom in the arms to get on and off the minivan. One
of my friends saw it and thought it was too dangerous. He told me to buy
a car in a certain factory in Taipei and install the wheelchair lift.

 Did you become a volunteer when sending your mom to the
When my mom stayed with my brother, I worked as a volunteer. When I
needed a car to give mom a ride, the Tainan Association of Handicapped
People9 wasn’t able to provide me with a car. So when I found I had the
ability to help the people who need to be given a ride to church or do
habilitation, I try my best to help them. I also began lecturing in prison
and held a summer camp in a village in Tainan.

 Being a volunteer made you have less time for yourself, didn’t it?
In fact, I changed my schedule and made use of the time to take notes
when I waited outside the church.

~ 62 ~


 Did you meet any difficulty during being a volunteer?
What I was doing was what I like to do, so I felt very happy. In addition, I
could also read during they were in church or doing habilitation, so there
was no difficulty. Because I am sick, I can only publish books to share
with others. Now, my body is the weakest but my mind is the strongest in
my life. Teacher is just a role so I regard myself as a student and keep

 Did you get any feedback after doing many meaningful things?
When you help others, your mind grows and helps you to think. You will
promote the harmony of the society, find the value of yourself and

 Do you have any words to encourage others?
You don’t need to be successful but you must go after mental growth.
View incidents as your asset of growing. In the beginning, you are a
victim but you will become a beneficiary. For instance, if you don’t study
hard, you will realize how important studying is and be determined to
study hard right now. If you fail in an exam , you can review your
studying attitude and benefit from it. I don’t care about interpersonal
relationship but value humanitarian exchange, which is a spiritual
exchange between people.

~ 63 ~



1. Philosophy n. 哲學
2. minivan n. 休旅車
3. suffer v. 患病(+from)
4. Dementia n. 癡呆症
5. Spinal Cord Injury Association n. 脊髓損傷協會
6. Junior College of Health Care and Management

n. 護理專科學校
7. undergraduate n. 大學生
8. manifest v. 顯示
9. Tainan Association of Handicapped People

n. 台南身障人士協會

~ 64 ~


A Rainbow Angel to Children-
Shiang-shin Shen

“Take heart to change heart.” Shen, 28 years old, insists on the way of
being a volunteer. At the first grade of senior school, she suspended her
schooling for one year because of an erroneous diagnosis1. That caused the
cornea2 of her right eye to fester3. Her right eye could scarcely see anything.
At that time, she got the chance to take the training course of Rainbow
Family4 and then became the youngest volunteer of Rainbow Life Education5.

In the first grade
of college, Shen invited
her college fellows to
participate in the
training of Rainbow
Tale Telling Mama6.
For several years, she
has travelled through
mountain regions of
Taiwan, some islands

~ 65 ~


offshore and even North Thailand, to tell stories to children and accompany
them to do their homework. In the final summer vacation, she held camps and
modern dramas for children from remote areas of Taiwan, including Pingtung,
Taitung, Lanyu, and Peng-hu. Because of her devotion to the career of
volunteer, Shen got numerous prizes such as the medal of the Competition of
Service in College.

~ 66 ~



 You had a temporary suspension of schooling in your first grade of
senior high so you had a chance to join the Rainbow Family. And
what made you want to enter this association?
At that time, Rainbow Family was holding its first activity in Pingtung.
My teacher knew that I had the temporary suspension of schooling; she
called me and asked if I can join the training of story-telling. At first, I
didn’t even want this training. I told the teacher that I needed to think it
over. One day, the teacher called me again and said that she had signed up
for me. So, I entered. What made me feel a little interested is the second
class when Rainbow Family invited a leading role of Dreaming Village7,
Huei-Lan, a story-telling sister. In
reality, I love kids very much, so I’m
also interested in story-telling. I thought
it seemed to attract me to enter this

 So, the real time when you want to help others was from the second
Actually, I didn’t think of helping others. I just feel that I can

~ 67 ~


provide something. The real idea of the service is when I was a freshman
in college. When I got into college, I felt lots of things were coincident. I
seldom surf the Internet, but after entering college, I discovered the
website of CommonWealth Magazine8 was drafting the volunteer of
hopeful reading. I thought that I really like kids very much and had been
well-trained in Rainbow Family about story-telling. And I considered that
I had lots of spare time in college. So, I signed up on the Internet. It is the
first motivation for my service.

 We would like to know more about the activities that you lead
mountain area kids to do. Can you give us deeper description?
Because we had been trained by Rainbow Family, we knew that the life
education courses of Rainbow Family are complete and systematic. And,
we do not only do life education through story-telling. As CommonWealth
Magazine focused on volunteer of reading rather than life education, we
even had to communicate with Principal of Ching-Ye to allow us to use
the materials of life education. The Principal rejected at first because he
just wanted to promote reading. But I told him that reading our painting
books was also a kind of reading. It simply incorporated some activities.
Since aboriginal kids cannot sit for a long time, if you only tell stories,
they wouldn’t follow you. So we told the teacher what we want to do, and

~ 68 ~


had a talk with the Principal. We sang first, then had an activity, then tell
the story, and ask questions.

 Then if there was any kids that are hard to get close to?
I remember there was a kid, called Shiau-shiau.
He let me know more about aboriginal culture and the
learning situation of kids. At the first stage I accompanied him. I
discovered that no matter how hard I taught, he could not learn at all.
That’s really frustrating. You cannot understand why he just could not
remember the phonetic symbols which are so easy! So I asked the teacher
if he had any family problems because his emotion seemed not so
balanced. Sometimes he told me that he didn’t want to learn, and he
would learn in other places anyway. Teacher said that his parents just
divorced. And his mother married another man, so he always thought that
his mother will bring him to another tribe. So he thought he was studying
here temporarily. In addition, his father has a bad liver, and needed to be
taken care of. After knowing that, I
accompanied him and realized him
Actually, I got enough frustration
when I taught him.
Sometimes I really wanted to beat him,

~ 69 ~


but after several times, I know he just lacked the feeling of love. So I
gave him more love. It is true. If you realize him more and more, you will
find when is the best time for him, and we can know how to accompany

 So, do you have any difficulty in your service time?
A large part is the team at that time. The members are all classmates
invited by us, so it’s difficult to increase the number. At last, we just have
two people. Another problem is the courses. We don’t have any teaching
experience, so when we have trouble, we don’t know where to ask for
help. Then we must early to bed early to
rise, this is so difficult to us. You know, we
have to wake up at 6 a.m. and arrive by 7
a.m. On some winter days, our eyebrows
almost got frozen when we rode on the
mountain road. No matter it’s typhoon or
rainy day, if the class was not suspended,
we still had to go. There are many
difficulties. In reality, we not only did
life education, we also had drama in it. That must involve the process of
costume, cost of delivery, etc. To us, that was beyond our capability. We
also didn’t have the concept of a team. But I got the chance because of

~ 70 ~


the extracurricular activities in winter vocation of my first grade. They
knew that we were doing this event, and knew that I was a volunteer of
life education for the reading plan. At that time, Ministry of Education9
was promoting the reading plan. Because the subsidies for the reading
plan are much more than that of the educational camp, the teacher hoped
to apply by using the reading plan. We also got to know classmates of
other clubs through that team. So there were more boys, and we got more
and more members. However, there is a difficulty if we got more people.
The problem is that we have different courses at different time and it’s
hard to find a time to meet. However, when we got more people, then we
got problems of people, and had to deal with the problems.

 Have you ever thought of giving up in such a busy and tiring
Actually, I don’t ever think of giving up because I clearly understand
what I want to do. And I do more than before. But getting tired and busy
is true. I even don’t want to go to school. I set a high standard for myself.
I ask myself not to get a score under 90. My partners all know
that I love kids very much. If I cannot stand the fatigue anymore, they
would tell me to go up to mountain to have a look at the kids. It is true.
They are my source of power or painkiller. It is really incredible.

~ 71 ~


 Have you ever met someone or something interesting in the
Shiau-shiau is the one. At the time we did the Christmas drama, the
rehearsal was toilsome. We had to go up every day and got there at night.
Almost all of them were scared of darkness, so they always sang
Christmas songs and grabbled to go back. Sometimes when I had
conversation with them, they even used the lines in a drama to talk with
me. It was so surprising. There was also one child in Ching-Shan called
Chiang-chiang. He has painting talent. His family is also special. His
father was unknown. On weekends, he brought his younger brother and
sister to rehearse the play. If his two-year-old sister wants to drink milk,
he will put her on the desk, and other kids would help him. Even the year
before that, on my birthday, someone called me and played the guitar for
me and said happy birthday to me. I’m so touched. These kids are so
thoughtful and innocent.

 Do you have any vision for the future?
I clearly know what I will do in

the future. I’m sure that I will give
my helping hand to the
disadvantaged. I have my ultimate
way and that is the so-called motto.
That is to use your heart to treat
others, use life to serve

~ 72 ~


others, use love to get more time. When you do service, you have to teach
students in accordance with their aptitude because every kid’s growing
environment is different. If you don’t treat them with your heart or listen
to what they say, you will misunderstand them. Sometimes we use our
feeling to read others’ mind. I think we have to realize what they really
need, and to realize their culture. Only creatures influence creatures.
Because we are engaged in the education, we often encounter such

~ 73 ~



1. erroneous diagnosis n. 眼角膜潰爛
2. cornea n. 角膜
3. fester v. 潰爛
4. Rainbow Family n. 彩虹愛家
5. Rainbow Life Education n.
6. Rainbow Tale Telling Mama n. 彩虹故事媽媽
7. Dreaming Village n. 睡夢鄉
8. CommonWealth Magazine n. 天下雜誌
9. Ministry of Education n. 教育部

~ 74 ~


Uncle Tofu Pudding- Wen-Jin Huang

Wen-Jin Huang
was born to a humble
family in 1955 in Xi-Hu
town of Zhanghua city
and from a humble
family. Because his
parents are physically
challenged, he knows
how difficult it is for the
disabled to make a
living in the society.
Therefore, it pushes him to empathize others and help them. Mr. Huang
sells pudding tofu to make a living. In April 2007, he set the first Monday
of each month as the charity day and donated all the earnings of that day
to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation1 since then. If his financial
condition is better off, he also donates to the Taiwan Foundation for the
Blind2. In addition, he ever treated 200 elder people with tofu pudding in
Ci-En Nursing Home3 on Double Ninth Festival.

~ 75 ~



 Could you describe the process of doing benevolent deeds? When did
you start and what have you done?
We have thought of doing it since long time ago. When we paid off the
debt, I told my wife, “Although we work hard to make a living, there
must be some people who live a harder life than us. ” Therefore, we
wanted to help others who are in need. In the meantime, my neighbor
asked me whether I wanted to help any charity organization. Though they
gave me many choices, I chose Eden Social Welfare Foundation, whose
main goal is to help handicapped people, as my priority. I realize these
people’s difficulty. This foundation helps
disadvantaged people. It really does something
for people. I have joined the foundation since
2007. What’s more, I donate all the money
earned on the first Monday of each Month and
regard it as our charity day. However, our
fundraised become less than before. It is
because that everyone enthusiastically
spent time and money on it at first. As time
went by, fewer people take part in it because of
the recession of economy. Previously, the fundraised was about NT$6000
to NT$7000 per day, and now about NT$3000 to NT$4000 is normal.

~ 76 ~


 Why did you help vagrants in the beginning? Have something
inspired you? Or someone influenced you?
Some people asked me why I chose Eden. I replied that my mom is also a
physically challenged person. I can understand if there is one handicapped
person in a family, the family member would be spending lots of time and
effort taking care of him or her
and I can understand their
hardship. Some people asked me
why didn’t I choose Tzu Chi
Culture and Communication
Foundation? I answered,
“Tzu-Chi4 is a large-scale
organization and my donation of
thousands of dollars means not much to them.
However, Eden is a foundation which would really appreciate for the
donation.” That’s why I chose it.

 Did you encounter any difficulties when doing good deeds? Did you
want to give up? Or what belief helps you to continue?
A: I will never forget this day forever until I can’t work to donate and I
will do it until retirement. It is a blessing that I can work. My wife and
children support me.

~ 77 ~


 Did you encounter anything impressive when doing good deeds? Or
did you meet any special person?
A: I felt a little bit bothered for many found-raising people asked me to
donate. What’s more, some poor people would ask me to give them
money, so I put away the banner. A memorable person is a woman, in her
sixties. She came to eat pudding
tofu together with her
grandchild without paying at
first time. But I thought it were
okay if you directly went out
without paying, and I would not
forcefully ask you to pay for it. For the second time she came by herself.
After she finished one bowl, she continued for the second one. Then she
said she had no money to pay. I felt it was not okay to have the second
bowl if you did not have money. It was not about money, it’s about your
attitude. For the third time she came by, she came here to borrow some
money from me. I said, “I had no money.” The woman said, “You
donate to the Eden, why don’t you help me?” I replied, “ You can ask our
mayor or legislator for help. ” And she bothered me for about 30 minutes
until I almost wanted to call the police. I told her if she had not talked
with the bad attitude, I would have helped her for sure as it was only a
small amount of money.

~ 78 ~


 What is the meaning of doing good deeds for you? What do you feel
for it? Do you learn something or gain enjoyment from it?
I thought everyone should try their best in their life. In addition, help as
possible as you can. Some people wanted to help others like me; however,
I replied, “ My children have grown up to make a living by themselves
but yours have not.” I also entertained orphans of Xi-Le Orphanage and
people in nursing home on double ninth festival. I was so satisfied with
seeing their joyful smiles. In addition, I donated more than 10,000 dollars
for the victims in August 8th flood. My children also did it.

 Do you have any prospects for this good deed you are doing? Is there
anything you think you have not done yet? Or what objective would
you like to achieve?
I will do as possible as I can till I can’t work to donate.

~ 79 ~



1. Eden Social Welfare Foundation n. 伊甸基金會
2. Taiwan Foundation for the Blind n. 財團法人愛盲基金會
3. Ci-En Nursing Home n. 慈恩安養院
4. Tzu-Chi n. 慈濟

~ 80 ~


The kind man with charity mirror -for the
Sing Shin Community people

Chi-Tian Xu was born
in Pingtung in 1943. In his
childhood, his parents were
farmers and were not rich.
After graduating from junior
high school, he has been
working at Ping Tung Air
Base for 32 years. He is in
charge of fuel supplies. Now,
there are three sons and a
daughter and they have
become soldiers, too.

In the Sing Shin
Community1, people call Xu
“Uncle Longevity”; He
claimed, “as long as I

~ 81 ~


can offer, I will try my best to do it.” In 1995, Xu planted many Alstonia
scholaris (blackboard trees) 2, and now they have become a green tunnel. In
addition, he contributes thirty thousand to Kung Cheng Junior High School
3every year. He thinks that he was too poor to study and realizes the
impoverished experience. For this reason, he wants to support these poor
students to finish their studies. Moreover, because there were too many
accidents in the intersection of Sing Shin Community, he has decided to install
100 reverberator4 to reduce the number of accidents. So far he has installed
80 of them. In 2000, he got the award of “Good people Good Deeds” from the
President; he also received the award of morality from Kaohsiung mayor.

~ 82 ~



 What motivated you to do benevolent deeds?
Because my children have grown up, I don’t need to worry about them.
My salary is enough for my meals and cost of living.
I think if I can help others, I should try my best to do it. Don’t regret
for the thing that you haven’t done before.
One day, when I took my pumpkins to
the markets, a migrant worker wanted
to buy one. In the end, I did not take
her money; I just give her for free. This
behavior is a little thing but the
meaning of the behavior is more
profound than a pumpkin.
Helping others is a meaningful thing
and it would last forever. One person
did a good thing and the other will do,
too. I often watch negative news on TV,
I think the society attends to the superficial and neglect the essentials
I hope good behaviors would influence others and change their
thoughts. Maybe it would change the social minds. And when I watch
the news, and see the earthquake or flood happen and destroy the
village or house, I feel miserable. I would want to help them and
rebuild their family. That is why I help my community or others.

~ 83 ~


 Do these good things connect with your childhood or experience?
When I was young, my parents couldn’t support me to be educated.
When I stopped going to school, I cried for long and stayed at home.
Afterward, I devoted myself to the air force5.
I brought my children up and they can go to college and then graduate
school without any difficulties. In recent years, I contribute 10,000 to
Pintung Family Helper6 annually. Next, I also donate 30,000 to Kung
Cheng Junior High School as scholarship every year. By doing these
things is to fill my dreams that I couldn’t study in the childhood.
Although I didn’t have perfect education background, I also can bring
my children up and let them study without anxiety.
One time, my child went abroad to study in England. While he was in
the customs, he didn’t have enough
money to pay the fare to pass. The
officer paid the fare of 34 dollars for
him and said that maybe you would
not come back after graduation. In
the meantime, I found that no matter
what ethnic you are, people would
help others. It is the feeling of
warmth that pushes me to keep
helping others. In the 1990 years, the government built a station. As

~ 84 ~


my community was a village, there were many paths, so there were
always car accidents. Because I saw many accidents, I decided to
install 100 wide-angle lenses. If there are some roadblocks or wrong
signal, I will remove or fix it. That is why I want to install some
wide-angle lenses7.

 When you do benevolent deeds, do you want some feedback?
If I want to help others, I would help them immediately. I won’t
request any feedback; I just want to influence others’ thoughts. Push
everybody to help others and it would be a chain reaction. That will be
the biggest feedback for me. If you do good things, in order to have
some kind of feedback, frankly, it won’t make you happy. I only hope
to create an atmosphere to influence others to contribute

 What the faith do you keep when you help others?
I wish that when someone needs help, I can help them and give them a
hand immediately. Even though I am not wealth, I have a pure and
cherish heart. I think “Whatever you take from the society, use them
for the society.”, so I want to help some people who are inflicted by
impoverishment. I believe good people and deeds should be enhanced
and glorified.

~ 85 ~


 What special feeling do you have after you do these good
“When you perform good deeds, don not request any feedback.”
Where there is love, there is happiness.”
When your good deeds are recognized by others, you would feel
positive power. As the cost of living has been surging recently, I think
the price of wide-angle lenses may increase one to two thousand.
However, the makers of the lenses said that I just help to reduce car
accidents. It’s a donation so he sells me at the price as he did ten years
ago. In my opinion, there are many kind people in the world. The
news just shows the bad side, ignoring some good and honest issues.
Moreover, helping others is not a privilege of the wealth. It exists in
your kind heart. If you don’t have much money, don’t worry about it.
Just do it!! 。

 Do you have some impressing experience when you do good
One time, a famous host
Shen-Wen Cheng came here for
a fishing program, so I brought
some rice dumplings for them
because they never came here
and it’s a hard work. I think I

~ 86 ~


have an appropriate opportunity to do something special. Maybe this
good chance won’t be pump up twice. There is another experience.
My neighborhood’s factory was struck by lightning. The next day I
help them to rebuild the factory with ten thousand dollars. In fact, I
think this money is not enough, but it would make them feel nice and
overcome these difficulties. I just want to see a smell. Their happiness
will be my happiness. That’s all!!

 What is your motto?
I always say “If I have a chance to help people, I would try my best to
do it.” I always encourage myself with the motto, and it will remind
me to help others all the time. I want to do some meaningful things
rather than fooling around all the time. Because I was impoverished in
youth, I want everyone to live with a happy and carefree mind.
I often encourage young students that you need to have a dream, and
study hard. I think if you are hard-working, you will succeed one day.
I also tell my children, “don’t be lack confidence even you are down
and out.

~ 87 ~



1. Sing Shin Community n .新興社區
2. Alstonia scholaris n. 黑板樹
3. Kung Cheng Junior High School n. 中正國中
4. Reverberator n. 反光鏡
5. Air Force n. 空軍
6. Pintung Family Helper n. 屏東家扶中心

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