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DOW Comparison flyer_R3 final

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Dickies Pants

DOW Comparison flyer_R3 final

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Dickies® Pants vs The Other Guy’s

In a Side by Side comparison, Dickies DELIVERED
Beat The Other Guy’s Inside out.

DICKIES PANTS — details make our workwear pant more durable The Other Guy’s

Waistbands. Our waistbands are heavy 1½" waistband 1¾" waistband
duty, designed to withstand wear, look crisp Heavyweight Lightweight
after washing and not fold over. Our narrow fabric lining fabric lining
waistband with a heavyweight lining just Finished edges Unfinished edges
holds up better under stress.

Belt loops. Most standard belt loops on ¾ " Wide belt loops ½" Wide belt loops
industrial pants are very thin and vulnerable D ouble bar tacking Single bar tacking
to breaking or coming loose. At Dickies, we
use belt loops that are almost twice as wide M etal tack button Sewn on button
and secured with twice the bar tacking.
Button closures. Buttons coming off are a
frequent problem in laundries. To prevent this
repair we replaced the standard melamine
button with a riveted metal tack button, just
like the kind you find on a pair of jeans. When
is the last time you lost a jeans button?

DICKIES PANTS — details make our workwear pant more durable The Other Guy’s

Pocket bags. Wearers rarely notify the Heavyweight Lightweight
laundry that there is a hole in the pocket. fabric fabric
Laundries can’t catch this repair because Fused-on Surge stitched
they can’t see the pockets as the pant travels double lining finish and chain
through the plant. What results is a very Surge stitched stitched safety
unhappy customer with holes in his pockets finished edge and stitch on pocket
that didn’t get repaired. So why not avoid holes triple-stitched bottom
in the front pockets altogether? The bottom pocket bottom
half of the pockets in our Premium Industrial 12¼" Standard
Pants have double-thick material that prevents 13" pocket length Pocket length
holes. To add even more durability, we triple- prevents items
stitch the bottom of the pocket bag. from falling out
There’s nothing more frustrating than
bending over and all your stuff falls out of
your pockets. That’s why Dickies pockets are
simply longer, measuring 13".

Seams. We finish our seams with a tight Surged with Surged without
surge stitch so no raw exposed edges are safety stitch safety stitch
visible or could possibly fray. Then we All clean U nfinished
added an extra safety stitch to prevent seam finished edges raw edges
blowouts under stress.

Pocket openings. People are constantly Reinforced with a No reinforcement
putting their hands into their pockets and 7/8" binding lining for a single needle
this area quickly starts to show wear and the pocket opening seam on an 1/8" of
tear. To keep the pants looking fresh and folded fabric
new, we reinforced our pocket openings with
a sturdy binding.

Cell phone pocket. A simple welt pocket just Simple welt pocket Welt pocket, top
looks more professional and is more durable Hidden snap stitched over a
when it’s not cut through the side seam of Durable materials side seam
the pant. We added a reinforced hidden snap Snap is reinforced Hidden snap is
closure to securely store your cell phone. The with a 5/8" binding often misaligned
concealed snap also prevents the metal from No snap reinforcement
scratching other surfaces.

Crotch. Anyone in the uniform rental Extra crotch No extra
business knows that the crotch area of work gusset crotch gusset
pants can be subject to excessive wear,
tearing or seams ripping. To prevent this
we added a crotch gusset to our Premium
Industrial Pants. This feature not only makes
the area stronger, but it also makes the pant
more comfortable to wear.

Fabric Finish. Permanent press postcured fabric with StayDark® Permanent press Touchtex™ technology —
technology is a process developed by Williamson-Dickie in 1964 postcured fabric soil release, moisture wicking,
and applied to fabric at the mill. The garment is pressed and with StayDark® color retention
then heat-set for superior shape retention, sharp creases, flat technology
seams, and a just-pressed appearance, wash after wash.

Color. StayDark® dye technology reduces fading and keeps the StayDark® Touchtex™ technology
pant looking good longer, significantly increasing its rental life. technology

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