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Stories of Hope featuring Aaron Koehne
The Importance of Community.


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About Midnight - March 2020

Stories of Hope featuring Aaron Koehne
The Importance of Community.



Witnessing the Power of Prayer & Praise

Love Magnified MARCH 2020
The Importance of Community


"About Midnight

Paul and Silas
were praying and
singing hymns to

God, and the
other prisoners
were listening to
them. Suddenly
there was such a
violent earthquake

that the
foundations of
the prison were
shaken. At once all
the prison doors
flew open, and
everyone’s chains

came loose."

Acts 16:25-26




A note from Mia Koehne



"Love Magnified"
The Importance of Community!



"Just Say Yes"
By Bob Koehne

A publication of Mia Koehne LLC


Kay Dodd has spent the better part of the last 25 years making
people laugh as a professional comedian.  Whether she is

performing for women’s groups, conferences, recovery groups
or raising funds for worthy causes, Kay Dodd will deliver the

laughs that can lift spirits, open hearts, and leave your
audience inspired.

Check out the website For booking information:

In July, 2016, the National Livin’ on
Laughter Gospel Comedy

Association awarded Kay Dodd
their "Lifetime Achievement Award."

Having previously been a club
comedian who was regularly
booked to host and emcee shows
for A-List headliners such as Jeff
Foxworthy, Shirley Hemphill, Brian
Regan, Henry Cho, and more, Kay
brings clean comedy wherever she
goes.  You may have seen Kay
Dodd on the Dove Channel or
on tour with Chonda Pierce.

Kay Dodd’s outlook and real life
experiences have helped shape who

she is. she will be the perfect fit
for your event."

Photo: Eric Hebert

Coming in 2020 from Mia Koehne Music

New CD is on its way! The vocals have been cut and the process
of mixing is underway! I have been working with a phenomenal
audio and recording engineer, Eric Hebert of EJH Productions.

Eric has an amazing ability to think outside the box and create
instrumentation beyond what I could have imagined! It's fun to
get little glimpses of the progress as the live drum tracks are
being recorded. I hope you enjoy that pic too! I'm excited,
anxious and nervous for you to hear it.

Stay in touch and subscribe to my newsletter to hear of the latest
news, releases and events at:

up Mia Koehne

As a Mom of three adult children and an extreme introvert, I tend to stand in
awe of their generation's desire to reach out and be in active, authentic
community. This is why I asked my son, Aaron, to write for this
months magazine. I want to learn, be inspired and be encouraged by
his example.

I didn't know what to expect when I asked him to write and he wasn't quite sure
what I was looking for. The result of the unknown was more than I could have
asked for. I pray it is a blessing for you as well.

To see Aaron's live Bible teaching, Click here to watch him Mia Koehne
deliver a message to the GCU students at "The Gathering"

A publication of Mia Koehne LLC



A publication of Mia Koehne LLC

Love Magnified
by Aaron Koehne

Being in community has always been a As a fourteen year old, I was so angry
priority for my wife and me. When we with my parents for making me move
first started dating, we recognized that that I refused to go with them. Well, at
one of the strengths we both least I tried to refuse, but we know how
possessed was the desire and ability to that ended up.
love those around us.
I went through my freshman year of
We agreed that if we were going to be high school without any real
in a relationship then it should result in friendships. I had people to sit with at
people feeling doubly loved when they lunch, but I didn’t feel like I had any
are with us. I wouldn’t say we have friends who knew me or cared about
always done this perfectly, but it is still me.
our goal today. Our family mission
statement reads, “We will love and I still remember my first Halloween in
serve God, and love and serve others Phoenix, which was my favorite holiday
together.” with friends back in Chicago. As many of
my friends hung out with one another, I
For me, this desire stemmed from sat at home alone. I don’t think they
understanding what it's like not being intentionally left me out of things, but
in community. The first time I really felt being forgotten didn’t make me feel any
alone was when my family picked up better. I remember trying youth group
and moved across the country to at church, but the cultural differences
Phoenix, AZ. I went from a life I loved in from Chicago to Phoenix made it hard
Chicago to feeling all alone. for me to fit in with the other kids at the

I realize now that I was so blessed to still more about my heart than having a
have people who would talk to me and a good time. This was the type of
family that loved me, because there are friendship I had desired my whole life,
so many people who don’t have that. and I realized that if I wanted these
But at the time, all I felt was loneliness. friends I needed to start being that kind
of friend.
As I fast forward to my freshman year of
college, I was back in the same place of I developed a couple of great
loneliness. I ended up meeting a lot of friendships and it was life changing.
friends, and we would stay up late every These friendships don’t just happen, but
night having a good time. Yet the very they require intentionality and
moment I was by myself, the loneliness vulnerability. I always thought I had to
crept back in. I remember when I first be perfect for people to like me, but it
heard my mom say "You can’t feel fully was through revealing my imperfections
loved unless you feel fully known," and that I felt most loved.
that is where I was.
These friendships require sacrificial love
It took me a year to realize that the that lets your friends know you are
friend I was looking for was the going to be there for them no matter
roommate I slept five feet away from. what. That’s the kind of friend I desire to
He was the first friend I had who cared be now.

My friendships look different now that I Party Themes
am out of college and married. My wife Origami
and I had spent so much time in Painting
community that we didn’t really know
what to do when we got married and it Nerf guns
was just us. Lip sync
Sleepover- build a fort, karaoke,
For example, the morning after our hide and seek
wedding we woke up and went boating Scavenger hunt
with some of our friends and then went Treasure hunt/riddles for puzzle pieces
and spent time with both of our Glamping
families. I still remember being on our Food fightP
honeymoon and having both of us feel a ampering party
bit weird that we weren’t with other Wine tasting
people. Don’t worry, we adjusted and Speed friending
now we love having time just to Jewelry making
ourselves, but we also still love being in DIY night
Olympics tournament


We bought a house about a year ago I wish I could say my wife or a child
and were so excited to be able to host came up with most of those ideas, but it
more people than we could in our was me. I just love any excuse to have
apartment. We have people over as people over and be in community.
often as we can, which tends to be
about three times a week. We know that My closest community of friends now
Mondays we are having friends over for consists of my Bible study members. We
game night and the Bachelor, Tuesday all attend different churches, yet to me,
we are free to host people for dinner, it's a glimpse of what the early church
Wednesday we host Bible study, looked like. We eat together, serve
Thursday we get home late and spend together, pray together, and support
time together, and then the weekends one another any way we can.
we are usually doing something with
friends. Having people we know we can all text
to hang out with is such a gift that we
We will come up with any excuse to don’t take for granted. These
have people over, which is why we relationships didn’t develop overnight
started a notes page of party ideas. either, but required intentionality. 
Here is an exact copy of what is
currently on that notes page:

We are an extremely diverse group of
friends that I never would have
pictured all coming together. We are all
within about 8 years of age and most of
us like dogs, but that's where the
similarities end. Some members are
married, others are dating, and others
are single. We have one member with a

We don’t look the same, sound the
same, and we don’t even share many of
the same interests. We are in all types
of professions, and the differences go
on and on. But there is something so
special about this group, and it’s that
we all desire to be in a community that
loves one another.

I don’t think there is any secret formula you. My encouragement would be to pray
to forming this type of community. It and not give up. I was fourteen when I first
started with one friend inviting people started praying for a true friend and I
over to start a Bible study. Nobody found one five years later.
knew each other very well, but
everyone acknowledged that they As I look back at the times I felt lonely, I
desired to have a deeper sense of wonder if the people around me felt the
community. same way I did as we engaged in these
shallow friendships. Could it be that we
I believe many people are capable of were all too proud to admit that we
starting this if they are willing to step wanted something more out of our
out and go for it. It may not look like friendships?
the Bible study group I have right away,
but this has been three years in the It probably didn’t have to take me five
making. Maybe you are someone who years to find a friend, but that is how long
has tried and it hasn’t worked for it took me to learn how to be a friend.

There are many people searching for
friendship and community, but not
enough people taking the steps to
make it happen. I believe that God
intended for us to be in community,
but we must be careful not to seek
community with friends over
community with Him. We can have
deep friendships and people to rely on,
but those aren’t going to satisfy the
deepest desires of our heart.

I am not suggesting that the community
I have found in my Bible study group is
the only way to be in community either.
People find community in all different

My senior year of college, it was my six If you are searching for community,
closest friends I met playing basketball. then maybe what worked for me could
I see a strong community at our local work for you too. Dietrich Bonhoeffer
dog park where people go for hours put the importance of community this
every day. They aren’t going merely for way, “Let him who cannot be alone
their dogs, but to be with the other dog beware of community. Let him who is
owners who have become their closest not in community beware of being
friends. alone.”

I see community at my barber shop
where people come by just to hangout.
People want to be known and loved,
and the important thing is to find that
identity in Jesus before looking for it in

Just Say Yes!
By Bob Koehne

Each month I have the opportunity to When speaking with the grade school
go out and speak with students at our students I've used the story from Mark
local Christian grade schools during 2 when Jesus heals the paralytic. The
their theology class. I work through characters I like to focus on are his
different themes over the course of the four friends. We don't know their
school year and I have the chance to names and they are never referenced
talk about that theme, have some of again in the Bible. But they said yes to
our student ambassadors share, and helping a friend and bringing him to
usually engage the class in some sort of Jesus. This simple act completely
related game or activity. changed the life of their friend, and is
something we still learn from 2000
The theme we are working through years later.
right now is the power of saying "Yes!"
Too often we get caught in a rut in our What opportunities do you have to say
lives. We get stuck in our routine and "Yes"? I would encourage all of us to
generally don't like it to change too look for the small, and maybe even not
much. so small, chances in our lives to say yes
to others. It can have an impact far
When we have our eyes open to new beyond what you could imagine.
opportunities, it can be a very powerful
thing. The ability to say yes to the Bob Koehne
people we come in contact with can Executive Director
change them and it can change us. It Valley Lutheran High School
can be as simple as giving someone a
ride to where they need to go, paying
for a friend's lunch, or any assortment
of things. There is great power in using
the ability to say yes to the people
around us.

For a full color paper edition magazine
packed full of hope, inspiration, passion and

beauty check out the She Heard Spring
Edition Magazine.

About Midnight - March 2020

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