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Stories of Hope and restoration. Featuring Juanita Williams.

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About Midnight. February 2020

Stories of Hope and restoration. Featuring Juanita Williams.

Keywords: Juanita Williams,Hope,Abuse,Healing,About Midnight,Mia Koehne,Sherri Grotelueschen,Cancer Survivor


Witnessing the Power of Prayer & Praise

Living Beyond Pain FEBRUARY 2020
A Journey to Wholeness



"About Midnight

Paul and Silas
were praying and
singing hymns to

God, and the
other prisoners
were listening to
them. Suddenly
there was such a
violent earthquake

that the
foundations of
the prison were
shaken. At once all
the prison doors
flew open, and
everyone’s chains

came loose."

Acts 16:25-26

A publication of Mia Koehne LLC




A note from Mia Koehne



"Lessons I've learned
from being BALD!"



"Adoring From the Pew"
By Annie Wolf



By Juanita Williams



"Mercy" By Mia Koehne

A publication of Mia Koehne LLC

This month brings us more stories of hope, inspiration and time in
God's word! Speaking of Words, I picked one for 2020. My One Word
this year is Vision. I desire to see situations and people the way the
Lord does so that I can love more deeply and trust more quickly.

When I first started sharing songs (and still to this day) it was focused
around Acts 16:25-26 and the belief that praying and singing hymns,
just as Paul and Silas did in prison, still has the same power to loose
the chains of bondage and sin because of the power of Jesus Christ.

May you be reminded that God never leaves, He always loves and He
delights in redeeming the lost. Thanks for reading along.

Mia Koehne

A publication of Mia Koehne LLC

Coming in 2020 from Mia Koehne Music

We are getting closer each day. I'm excited to get back into the
studio to bring you more original music and something I love...
you guessed it,  HYMNS!!

We will be working with a phenominal audio and recording
engineer, Eric Hebert of EJH Productions. Can't wait!

Stay in touch and subscribe to my newsletter to hear of the latest
news, releases and events at:

Mia Koehne



Lessons I've learned
from being BALD!

Losing my hair due to breast cancer treatment was
one of the most traumatic events of my life! I cried

when I "washed my hair off." But..

*You save money.
*You save time.
*Since God knows the numbers of hairs on your head, He
saves time too because He has less to count. :)
*If your open, it's a great icebreaker.
*It's a great excuse to rock cool scarves and hats.
*So much of a women's identity and self worth is wrapped
up in her hair. THE REALITY's not about our hair, it's
about our hearts.
A heart washed by the blood of Jesus is forever clean.
A heart conditioned by trust in Jesus produces love, faith
and hope.
A heart brushed with the presence of God will be more
amazing each day.
A heart styled with His radiance creates a glow and shine
that NO ONE and NO THING can ever take away!

Sherri Grotelueschen

Breast Cancer survivor


Kristin’s clean, sharp, and occasionally alternative approach to
comedy has brought her all across the United States and

Canada where she has performed at conferences, churches, in
popular clubs, on cruise ships and more.

Check out the website For booking information:

Kristin has worked with
comics such as Tim Hawkins,
Michael Jr., and Ken Davis, and

has headlined numerous
events including The Circuit,
a week-long comedy tour in

Toronto, Canada.

Most recently, Kristin opened
for The Mike Huckabee Show

at TBN Studios and she is
currently on tour with

Aspire Women’s Events,
a one-night Event for women

held at churches all across
the United States. 

Adoring From the Pew

In the pew we pause, a time of worship, a time of prayer.
Forgiveness and blessings offered, to nothing in this world it compares. 

Fills our cup with holy water of unending amazing grace.
Encouraged to take deep breaths and continue running our anchor of the race. 

A community of believers, surround us with their storms and pain.
To sisters and brothers we greet with a hand, gifts of smiles we gain. 

Our words confess the belief in our heart, of the Father, Spirit and Son.
We stand as a church, a body, claiming Three in One. 

We sing out every hurt, every joy, from the depth of our soul.
Without hesitation we clap, multiple hands made into a whole. 

Old Testament verses remind us He keeps promises from history.
New Testament gospels strengthen us to stay within our boundaries. 

A sermon from the Word comes to life and gently cleanses.
The chisel digs out buried sin and new becomes our looking lenses. 

A portion we give back from what He has joyfully and abundantly given.
Oh if we could ever be so grateful for this indescribable living!

 One by one we get fortitude from His bread, from His wine, from His provision.
Reminded of His power, moving inside us, guiding each and every decision. 

We look around, faces changed, hearts turned in the waltz of another Sunday morn.
One day our joy will be fully complete, for now from the pew, Jesus we adore!

Annie Wolf



A publication of Mia Koehne LLC

Testimony of Healing
by Juanita Williams

My story is a memoir which takes you Thanksgiving in 1967, she got out of
on a journey of loss, abuse and bed but never returned.  That night she
humiliation to finding healing, went home to be with the Lord. The
wholeness and purpose. Join me in the only vivid memory I have of my mother
story of living beyond pain and finding was from that fateful night.
my true identity in God.
My Dad was determined to keep his
My journey was filled with a lot of twists children together, so he raised us by
and turns, tornados, and earthquakes, himself for three years.  He got married
but God kept me through them all. again in 1971 to my step-mother who
Navigation was key. From youth to had six children of her own. After they
maturity, we are finding our place, our were married life for me would never
pace, and ourselves. Some journeys are be the same.
pleasant; some are not. What is most
important is what we learn from it. Soon after that the bullying began. On
any given day, I would get threatened
My mother and father had seven or shunned.  I guess that’s when I
children: six sons and one daughter. became a conformer. I don’t like chaos
My father used to tell his testimony of or confusion, so to keep the peace, I
how he and my mother prayed for a would comply or avoid.
daughter.  I am the result of their
prayer. I was their last child. Growing up in a large family was a
struggle.  Although there were seven of
Unfortunately, my mother’s time with us before my father married again,
me was cut short. The Saturday after there seemed to be less chaos, more

freedom, and more love shown at that did not help with my self-esteem or
time. That seemed to all but dissipate self-worth.  I was teased a lot as a child
after my father married again. I longed about my "five-finger" forehead and my
for love and attention, but I never got big eyes.  Even though some of it was
what I needed. done in jest, it planted a seed in my
mind that something was wrong with
I was molested from the age of 12 the way I looked. To this day, I always
years old until I was 17 years old. I was want to cover my forehead. 
also raped at the age of 17.  I don't
understand why it happened, and I Over time I came to love my big
never questioned it. I just wanted it beautiful eyes; they are just the right
to stop. Although I wanted to, I never shape for my face.

I never even
exposed the perpetrators. I told myself considered that I was made in the
if I allowed them to molest me, maybe image of God, and that everything He
they would like me. I know, it sounds created was good. Essentially I was
weird.  But I now understand I was telling myself God made something
searching for affection, attention and bad, and that was me.
just wanted to be loved.
While reading a daily devotional written
Although I was a believer since I was a by Sarah Young, I ran across this
child, I was immature and still on the statement, "Above all, stop comparing
milk of the word.  I was a broken little yourself with other people." It went on to
girl living in a grown woman's body. On say; comparison is wrong and
some days, I was the three-year-old, meaningless.  Comparing leads to pride
longing for her mother or the broken or inferiority or both. Stop judging and
seven-year-old wanting attention. On evaluating yourself because it's not
other days I was the 12-year-old trying your role to do so. It took many years
to fit in or the 15-year-old who just before I was able to see the beautiful
wanted to be left alone. Still other days woman God created.
the 17-year-old wishing the molestation
and rape would finally end. I literally had to tell myself: "I am
beautiful. I am fearfully and wonderfully
It didn't matter how often I was told made" just about every day until I
that I was beautiful, I never believed it.  started believing it. God reminded me
I would always find flaws and point every time I looked in the mirror that
them out.  Being called ugly as a child He did not make a mistake when He

About Midnight. February 2020

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