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Season Program of the Washington Little Capitals Tier 1 Hockey Program

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Little Caps Magazine 2017-18

Season Program of the Washington Little Capitals Tier 1 Hockey Program



TIE R 1 H O CK E Y 2 0 17- 18 s e a s o n p r o g r a m



o n h is l it t l e c a ps day s







Welcome to the 2017-18 Little Caps season program.
The Little Caps philosophy is simple: We are committed to helping every Little Cap reach their full potential as Tier 1 hockey players.
We believe this focus on player development is the key to building a competitive program. To this end, the Washington Little Capitals
provide the best coaching available in the Washington, DC area. We offer our players well-organized, intense, and competitive
practice sessions each and every day. Players improve by being pushed out of their comfort zones. We will offer the latest skill
training techniques that are proven to enhance performance.
Once players become Little Caps, we are committed to continuously evaluating and supporting them, so that they know where they
are making progress and where they still need to improve. We will show patience and commitment to the players we select for our
teams. In turn, we expect our players to demonstrate hard work, commitment and dedication to excellence at every practice and
every game. With that each and every player will be able to show tangible progress over the course of the season.
Our goal is to develop not just elite hockey players, but young men and women of character. As an elite sports program, we expect
our players to maintain high standards both on the ice and in the classroom.

We want to help our kids become the best hockey players they can be. We will provide our players with a great hockey experience,
but also a great environment that promotes values of discipline and hard work. We will develop our players, and give them exposure
opportunities so they can advance beyond our program. And we will instill habits of excellence in our players that will help them to
be successful not just in hockey, but in life. We want our players and our program to develop the reputation so that coaches at any
level ? from juniors to college ? know that when you recruit a Little Caps you are not only going to get a great player, but a great kid as
well -- so that when a scout in a showcase watches one of our kids on the ice, see their habits, fundamentals and character, they can
say: ?That?s a Little Cap. ?



John ?Osi? Osidach (1944 ? 2016) inspired competitive
hockey players from the Washington, DC area for over
40 years. A tough but fair coach, his teams embodied
his attributes: gritty, innovative, hard working, smart
and team oriented.
Established in 2016, The John Osidach Memorial Grant
is awarded annually to a Washington Little Caps player
with the enthusiasm and esteem for hockey that would
win Coach Osidach's respect.
The candidates should be:
- Receptive to coaching;
- Passionate about hockey;
- Dedicated to team goals;
- Respectful of hockey rules and traditions; and
- Able to demonstrate exceptional
sportsmanship on and off the ice.
We hope that John Osidach?s legacy will live on in the
hearts of the many players he influenced and through
the John Osidach Memorial Grant.
About Coach Osidach
John began playing hockey in elementary school,
toting his stick and skates on the streetcars of Toronto,
Ontario. He played during his high school years at
Humberside Collegiate and later at St. Mary?s University in Halifax,
Nova Scotia. After moving to Washington DC, John?s knowledge
and enthusiasm for the game of hockey led him to a coaching ?For when the One Great Scorer
position at the Chevy Chase Club in the Capital Beltway League.
comes to write against your
As the Washington hockey scene developed, Osi recognized the
need for a select/travel team and co- founded what would become name, he marks not that you won
the nationally recognized Washington Metros Hockey Club (1978).
The Metros? accomplishments, headed by Osi?s recruiting and
coaching, led to the establishment of the Washington Little or lost, but how you played the
Capitals (1983) in the Atlantic Youth Hockey League (AYHL). With
Gary Sampson (USA Olympian in 1984 and retired Washington game.?
Capital), Paul Mulvey (retired Washington Capital), and Bob Siblo
(Boston College '56), Osi guided select teams to Vancouver,
Chicago, Toronto, and to the respected Quebec PeeWee - Grantland Rice
tournament. John was also selected twice to coach the
Southeastern District U16 team at the USA Hockey Development
Camp in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
Many of Osi?s players went on to play both collegiately and
professionally. Notables include Steve Scheifle (1st DC area player
drafted - Boston College '90 and the Philadelphia Flyers) and Jeff
Halpern (Princeton '99 and the Washington Capitals). Osi?s lasting
mark on the game is seen in the grit, determination, love, and
sportsmanship that his athletes display ? both on the ice and
throughout their lives. He was proud that his players and
colleagues continue to coach at many levels, sharing his passion
for the game with today?s players.



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HIS LITTLE CAPS DAYS Drafted by ushl Anneheim ducks camp

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2005 little caps ARE lacey eden is showing OHL STEELHEADS SIGN
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hotels and entertainment

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MEET THE 2017-18 LITtle caps
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PLAYERS and coaching staff






IN the early 1980s, Matt Mallgrave was the up to tryout at Fort DuPont ice rink. ?He and I would score four or five goals per
star center for the Washington Metros, the was very small, he could barely see over the game. We were on it. We were a tough team
team that became the Washington Little boards.? But as soon as Ryan saw Roenick to beat.?
Capitals, and arguably the best youth hockey skate, he says, ?I was like ?Holy moly.?
?Jeremy?s father Wally was the assistant
player south of New York.
Roenick made the team and he Mallgrave coach,? Mallgrave recalls. ?I remember him
Then, before the start of his pee wee season, quickly became best friends ? and a force to chain smoking cigarettes on the bench. It
Mallgrave recalls, ?We heard that there?s be reckoned with on the ice. Mallgrave was a different era. Bob Siblo was the head
supposedly this hot shot coming down from recalls the first time they faced off against coach. My dad was the president of the
Connecticut.? each other in a scrimmage. organization.?

The hotshot?s name was Jeremy Roenick. ?I was the center, he was the center. I Mallgrave?s father saved the score sheet from
remember it like it was yesterday. Fairfax, their first pee wee season in Washington.
"My dad was an executive with Mobil Oil
1982. He scored six goals.? Mallgrave scored an unbelievable 200 points
and his headquarters was there in Fairfax,? in 77 games (101 goals and 91 assists).
Roenick recalls. ?So that?s where we went ?Between him and I, we were a That?s an average of 2.6 points a game.
and I was looking for places to play and we powerhouse,? Roenick says. ?We had him on
found a nice team ? at the time it was called one line and me on another line and we But even with those stunning totals, he came
the Washington Metros.? shook up a lot of teams that didn?t take us in second in scoring on the team. Roenick
seriously. We beat teams because we had put up 292 points that season (201 goals and
One of his coaches, Tony Ryan, recalls the
two lines and a great goaltender, Chris 91 assists) ? an average of 3.79 points a
first time he saw Roenick when he showed
Nickerson, to keep us in the game. Matty game.


The 82-82 Washington Metros. Matt Mallgrave (C) & Jeremy Roenick (A) in front row. Coaches: Wally Roenick, Bob Siblo, Pete Ottman, Paul Marchant
"He was always that good,? Mallgrave hockey. We played incredible amounts of put together the team to go as the Little
recalls. ?And he was a little pipsqueak too. bubble hockey.? Capitals.," Roenick recalls.
He was tiny. He didn?t play rough the way Playing real hockey, they would dominate They were not taken seriously when they
he did in the NHL. We would go to these the competition. ?We would go up to arrived. ?When we got to Quebec City, they
five game tournaments, where you play Boston and get into the finals. And they were like ?Washington? We?re gonna blow
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And he were like, who is this team from you out.?? Mallgrave says. ?And we?d go
would score 30 points. In a single Washington?? Mallgrave says. ?We were out there and kick their ass. We were
playing against Tony Amonte and Marty good.?
They traveled to all the games together. ?We ?In one game, I scored eight goals,?
would drive everywhere,? Roenick recalls. "it doesn't matter Roenick remembers. ?The tournament
?Me and Matt in the backseat, my dad and
Frank Mallgrave in the front. Our closest where you are from if record was nine goals, set by some kid
team was Philadelphia. Most of the time you want it bad named Wayne Gretzky. It was a very cool
experience, especially for kids from
we?re driving up to New York, up to Washington, because that was as close to
Massachusetts. It was some crazy times.?
enough you will find a the craziness of being a pro at that age.?
?We?d fill the well of the back window with What stood out to Tony Ryan at the time
pillows,? Mallgrave says. ?One of us would way to get better." was Roenick?s work ethic. ?He was always
sleep on the floor, and one would sleep in the first kid on the ice, ready to go,
the window well. And then Jeremey would - Jeremy roenick completely focused. He was just the hardest
listen to awful music. He was a disco guy working kid out there.?
and he?d sing. The music would be on and McIness. These are name guys in the NHL
we?d all be like ?Shut up. All you do is sing and we would play in this 12-year-old They also had a lot of fun. ?It was a warm
the whole way.? We?d play cards the whole tournament. Fast forward ten years, and I climate [in Washington] and we were
way up in the backseat. We?d try to punch would say 40 percent of the kids made the always trying to skate on ponds,? Mallgrave
each other as hard as we could in the arm NHL. It was nuts. This is a team from remembers. ?I lived on Henderson avenue,
and we what kind of bruise we can give Washington, competing with these guys.? which dead ended into Wheaton Regional
each other.? Park. There was a lake there. So we were
Their best memories were playing in the always testing the limits of ?Can we skate
The two families would share hotel rooms Quebec Pee Wee tournament. When he was on this?? And there were some shady times
on the road, Mallgrave recalls. ?Jeremy and still in Connecticut, Roenick had gone to when we probably should have fallen in.?
I would sleep with our parents in the same Quebec with the Hartford Jr. Whalers. ?So
bed. We were 12-year-olds playing knee when we went down to Washington, my dad CONTINUED NEXT PAGE


Both players went to prep school ? Roenick
played for Thayer Academy, while
Mallgrave played at St. Paul?s. Roenick
was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks,
and skipped college for the NHL.
Mallgrave played four seasons at Harvard,
where he scored 95 points (47 goals and 48
assists) in 111 games, before being drafted
by the Toronto Maple Leafs. He spent
several years in the AHL and today, he is a
successful executive with J.P.
Roenick played 18 NHL seasons with the
Blackhawks, Phoenix Coyotes, Philadelphia
Flyers, Los Angeles Kings and San Jose
Sharks. Today, he is a commentator for
NBC, and during the 2015 Winter Classic
between the Caps and Blackhawks, Roenick
interviewed the Little Caps on the NBC
Both he and Mallgrave remember their pee
wee years in Washington as some of the
best of their careers. ?Those were my most
memorable times,? Roenick says. ?Matty
and I have become lifelong best friends. We
talk at least once a week and see each other
as much as we possibly can. I still have a
lot of friends from those days that I still Roenick interviews the Little Caps at the 2015 NHL Winter Classic
keep in touch with. I talk to Tony Ryan
quite often.? commitment. Everything is easy for these much anymore. No pick-up games on the
kids today because of technology, and also court or field just between friends. Lots of
His advice to today?s Little Caps? ?I think
the advanced video game era. Kids don't go kids won't just go practice to get better. Too
kids today need to learn hard work and
outside and play sports with their friends as lazy or distracted. It's known that to be a
pro at anything it's 10,000 hours of practice
and sometimes you need to practice even
when you don't want to or are too tired. It
doesn?t matter where you are from if you
want it bad enough you will find a way to
get better.?
Mallgrave?s advice is to work hard, but also
keep hockey in perspective. ?The
probability of anyone making it to the level
Jeremy Roenick did, it's so slight. But the
probability of having an incredible
experience in youth hockey and learning all
the life lessons that hockey gives you, is
very high. Just go out there and have fun. If
you have these life experiences through
these people, and you grow up with them,
you'll still be friends years from now.
Enjoy it, because before you know it, it's
?When you turn pro it's a job,? he says.
?And it's a hard job. It's a really tough job.
You wake up in cities and you have no idea
where you are. You look back so fondly on,
going to these tournaments and having a
A 1980s-era scoresheet shows Roenick with 292 points blast. I'm glad that I had so much fun"



"Learn hard work and commitment. Everything is so easy for kids
today. It takes 10,000 hours to be a pro and you need to practice
even when you don't want to or are too tired. It doesn't matter
where you are from, if you want it bad enough you will find a way
to get better."

JEFF H ALPERN, Washington Capitals
"The standard answer is always have fun, but the more work you
put in the more fun it will be.?

SAM ANAS M innesota Wild

"Never give up. Never forget the people who doubted you so you
can use that as motivation to prove people wrong. Keep working
hard. It really only takes one opportunity to get noticed."

M ATT M ALGRAVE, St. John's M aple Leafs

"Just go out there and have fun. Enjoy it because before you
know it it's gone. When you turn pro it's a job, and it's a really
tough job. You'll look back so fondly on all these tournaments
and having a blast. I'm glad I had so much fun [as a Little Cap]."

ALEX LI M OGES, Penn State Univer sity
"You need to be willing to make sacrifices at some point in your
career. But most important is to just have fun and love the game
because after that, all the hard work, sacrifices and stuff like that
come easy and make it all worth it ."
JAM ES SI XSM I TH Lør enskog, Nor way

"Hockey is about fun, especially when you are young. Don't
always be in a rush to be the best player. If you love the game
and keep working at it eventually you will become good enough
to play at a very high level. "

NI CK PETERSEN Eisbär en Ber lin

"For me hard work was a big part in making it to be a pro hockey
player. I can tell any young Little Cap player it doesn't matter how
you make it to the next level, you just have to believe you can."
M I KE CLEM ENTE M anchester , UK

"Thank your parents! They make everything that you do and will do
with hockey possible. Let hockey open doors for you. I have been
to many places around the country and Europe that I would have
never seen and I got a fantastic education because of hockey. [But]
do not let hockey define who you are, it is important to have other
interests and hobbies because you will not always be a
competitive hockey player.".




W hen Tri-City Storm forward Alex Limoges games ? ranking him fourth in points in the league for
a rookie. His Tri-City coach, Bill Muckalt, says of
raised the United States Hockey League (USHL)
Clark Cup last year, the former Little Cap says Limoges ?His play exemplifies what we want from
one thought went through his mind: ?It was our players. He?s a great teammate and person that our
heavy!? younger players can look to for answers.?
?When I was lifting it up, it felt good for 10 seconds, Limoges impressive first-year performance in the
after I kissed it a couple times,? he says. ?Then after USHL landed him a spot on Team USA in the
that, my arms were burning like crazy. It was a fun Under-20 World Junior A championships in
time. I'll never forget it for sure.? Bonnyville, Alberta. He was named an assistant
captain and a first-line center for the U.S. team.
Limoges had good reason to be tired. During the
Storm?s 2016 playoff run, he stacked up 14 points in It was an amazing, and challenging, experience. ?I
11 games, including had four multi-point games. He thought I was in good shape going into it, but those
delivered the game-winning goal in three of Tri-City?s practices were on a whole other level,? he said.
nine playoff victories ? including in the championship He helped lead the U.S to a gold medal, defeating
game, where he scored twice.
Canada East 4-0 in the championship game. He was
During the regular season ? his first in the USHL ? named the most valuable player on the U.S. squad.
Limoges had 39 points (14 goals, 25 assists) in 43


"It was a huge honor, because a lot of age 10 through U16. He lived an hour and going ice fishing and playing
guys deserved it,? Limoges said. ?But I and a half away from Kettler, in hockey outside.?
felt like I created a lot of [scoring] Winchester, Virginia, he says, ?so I
He loved sharing a rink with the NHL
chances, and I played sound learned how to sleep in car rides pretty
Washington Capitals.
defensively. I played the right way, ?Sometimes when we have an
and that made me feel like I could early Saturday practice or a
get the MVP.?
Saturday or Sunday game, and
With two championships under his we?d go the other side of the
belt, he was named captain of the rink to the Caps skating,? he
Storm in his second USHL season, recalls.
and played the first 36 games of In his final Little Caps season,
the season with them before being he scored 54 points (28 goals
traded to the Waterloo
and 26 assists) in the AYHL
Blackhawks. He scored 56 points
and Tier 1 Elite League, and
(22 goals and 34 assists) in 55 led his team to the AYHL
games with both teams ? seventh finals, before he was drafted
in the league ? and established the by Tri-City.
Storm?s record for consecutive
games with a goal in six straight ?I have a lot of great
contests. memories of my Little Caps
days, and I still talk to a
He also caught the attention of bunch of the guys and skate
NHL scouts. He was one of just with them in the summer,? he
40 players in the league selected to
says. ?We'll coordinate one
play in the USHL/NHL Top
day and go out for Stick and
Prospects Game in Sioux Falls, Shoot or Pick Up game. It?s
South Dakota, and earned an fun to keep up life-long
invitation to the Anaheim Ducks friendships are still going four
NHL development camp this
or five years after we left. It's
a lot of fun seeing where
Alex Limoges at Anaheim
?It was pretty exciting,? he says. ?I everybody ends up.?
had a lot of fun there and learned a Ducks Development Camp He still trains in Washington
lot too. A lot of big time names with his former Little Caps
there coaching and being around
well.? coach, Tim Graham, and does power
us evaluating us. It was nerve-racking, skating with ColdRush instructor
but at the same time, it was fun.? His favorite memories were the bus
trips to tournaments. ?It was good to Wendy Marco.
In March, he His advice for
committed to today?s Little
Penn State and Caps? ?You need
will begin " You need to be w illing to mak e to be willing to
playing for the sacrifices, but most important is just make sacrifices,?
Nittany Lions he says. He
this season. have fun an love the game, because learned from his
?Alex is a very after that all the hard w ork s comes coaches that
smart player who ?Great habits will
makes a lot of easy." lead to great
plays in traffic,? results.? But, he
head coach Guy - ALEX LIM OGES adds, ?most
Gadowsky says. important is to just
?He is a complete hockey player, who is just get away and just spend a couple have fun and love the game because
also good on faceoffs. He will hours on the bus with my teammates after that, all the hard work, sacrifices
contribute in all aspects of our game.? talking, goofing around. We went to and stuff like that come easy and make
Minnesota for a tournament up there. It
Limoges played for the Little Caps from it all worth it.?
was my first time being in Minnesota








The 15U Little Caps arrived in Scottsdale Colorado scored in the second to go ahead
f the 189 teams across America
O playing at the 15U and 14U the No. 12 seed, after sweeping the 3-2, then pulled ahead 4-2 in the third. With
levels, only 16 teams at each level Southeast District championships in time running out, the Caps pulled goalie
Huntsville, Alabama. Connor Leslie (24 saves) but Colorado
advanced to the USA Hockey Tier
scored on the empty net to finish the game
1 National Championships. So it was a Right out of the box they faced the No. 5
huge accomplishment for the Little Caps to seed, and eventual finalist, Colorado 5-2.
send not one, but two teams to the 2017 Evolution. Colorado scored two quick goals On day two, the Caps faced No. 4 seed
championships in Scottsdale, Arizona. Buffalo Jr. Sabres and played what was
?Having the chance to play in the National " Having tw o teams arguably their best game of the season.
Championship was an amazing experience at Nationals, Buffalo struck first, but the Little Caps
for our players,? said Little Caps Hockey responded with a goal from Varga, assisted
Director Dan Jablonic. ?And for two of our show ing that they by defenseman Victor Hugo.
teams to not only make it to Nationals, but can play w ith the The game went back and forth, until Buffalo
have competitive games with the top teams scored a fluke goal on a shot from the point
in the country speaks to the progress our best teams in the that hit a Buffalo player and fluttered over
program is making.? goalie Andrew Owens? shoulder.
country, they?re
?Our players brought pride to our whole coming back w ith With a minute left in the third, the Caps
organization,? Jablonic says. ?Our focus on pulled their goalie in search of the equalizer
player development is making our players new found but Buffalo took advantage of the empty net
better, and as our players get better our confidence" to put the game out of reach 3-1.
teams are getting more competitive. We are
?That was a statement game for our
developing our kids the right way.?
to start the game. But the Caps regained program,? Jablonic says. ?I told the kids
It was the first time in five seasons that the after the game that, yes, we lost, but you just
their composure and responded with goals
Little Caps have made it to Nationals, and went toe to toe with one of the best teams in
from Owen Morgan and Adam Varga to tie
the first time in memory that the the country. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE
the game at the end of the first period.
organization sent not one, but two teams.

"It showed that we can play with these top and Busters, and several players hiked the assisted by Farrell Dinn. But South Shore
teams. Other Little Caps teams coming up Grand Canyon together on their final day in pulled away with three goals in the third to
are going to see that. The U15 team is Arizona. win 1-4.
paving the way for the whole organization.
The 14U Little Caps also had a strong ?In the third game, the team really came
This is the team that set the bar ? to get to
tournament. They opened against the No. 7 together and played as a
Nationals, and compete with the best team
ranked Westchester Express. Goaltender unit,? Jablonic said. ?That group can come
in their bracket, is a huge accomplishment.
Lincoln Crosby stopped 17 of 21 shots, but back next year, learn from that experience,
They came up a little bit short, but at the
the team fell behind 0-2 in the first, 0-3 in and take it to the next level.?
same they put in a performance that was so
the second, and lost 0-4.
respectable and played the right way. I?m Jablonic says both teams? performance at
proud of the kids for that.? In their second game they faced the No. 2 Nationals experience exceeded
team in the country, Little Caesar?s, with expectations. ?Having two teams there,
The U15s were determined not to leave
much the same result ? 0-2 in the first, 0-3 having that experience, showing that they
Arizona without a win under their belts.
in the second and 0-4 (on an empty net can play with the best teams in the country,
And on Saturday, they had their final
they?re coming back
chance against the No.
with newfound
13 seed Neponset
confidence,? he said.
River Rats.
?I think that?s
Max Thiessen opened
invaluable for our
the scoring on a
program. These kids
give-and-go goal,
can come back and say
assisted by Michael
?We?re Southeastern
Kramer. Varga scored
District champions, we
next (assisted by Mac
earned our way to USA
Robertson) and
Hockey Nationals, and
Reid Liebold scored in
we competed with the
the final seconds on
best teams.? Hockey is
the first period to put
a game of confidence,
the Caps ahead 3-0.
and they can build on
But the River Rats that.?
stormed back in the
?Now we?ve got the
second, scoring two
bug of being there,
goals quick to nearly
we?re not satisfied
even the game. They
necessarily with just
nearly tied it on a
power play, but
there,? Jablonic says.
defenseman Matthew
?We want to make it
Perryman intercepted
back next season, and
the pick and scored a
make it to that next
shorthanded goal
round -- and beyond.
(assisted by Varga) to
That?s the goal. It?s a
put the Little Caps
great motivational tool
ahead 4-2 after two.
for our coaches. They
The River Rats scored have a carrot to put in
at the start of the third 15U forward Mark Sangster celebrates a goal at USA Hockey Nationals front of these kids and
to put it within one goal) in the third. Goalie Aidan Rudolf say ?you got a taste of
again. Mark Sangster scored to make it 5-3, stopped 22 of 26 shots on goal to keep the it. Now how bad do you want it???
but the two-goal lead didn?t last long, as the team in the game. ?For this group of kids, 14s and 15s, it?s a
River Rats scored 17 seconds later to make
?We were able to compete with that lifetime memory. Wherever their hockey
it a one goal game again.
team,? Jablonic says. ?They out played us, careers and lives take them, they?re going to
The Caps held off the final barrage, but 0-4 against the second ranked team in look back and say ?Remember when we got
winning it 5-4 on Sangster?s game winning the country, where it was 0-2 after two, we to go to Scottsdale and play the best teams
goal. can live with that.? in the country?? And for next year, we can
build on that experience and make even
In addition to playing great, competitive On day three, the Little Caps faced No. 17 better memories.?
hockey against the top teams in the country, ranked South Shore Kings. They hung in it
the 15Us had amazing team experiences off for the first two periods, ending the second ?We?re really, really proud of our kids and
the ice. The team went go-kart racing at period tied 1-1 on a goal by Tyler Mercier, how they represented our program,? he
Octane Raceway, had a team dinner at Dave said.

2017 USA HOCKEY NATi o n a l s


She has competed in the USA Track &
Field (USATF) and Amateur Athletic Union
(AAU) Junior Olympic games, running the
1500m and 3000m. During the 2017 Junior
Olympics in Detroit, she placed 2nd in the
1500 meter and became the AAU National
Champion for the 3000 meter in the girls'
15-16 year old age group. She is also the
2017 National AAU Indoor 1500 meter and
3000 meter champion in her age group.
This past fall, she also won the
Interscholastic Athletic Association of
Maryland high school cross country
championship as a freshman.
Her ultimate goal is to compete in both the
Winter Olympics in hockey and the
Summer Olympics in track and field. She
took a step toward her hockey goal summer,
when she attended the USA Hockey Girls
15 National Player Development Camp in
St. Cloud, Minnesota. ?National camp was
a great experience,? she says. ?I met many
talented female hockey players as well as
LACEY EDEN IS SHOWING many women's college and USA Hockey
coaches. I enjoyed the camaraderie and am
inspired to continue to improve my game.?
"She excels on and off the ice" Jablonic
says. "She does well in school, she's a
multi-sport athlete, and has the passion and
discipline and compete level we want to see
as a Little Cap. We're thrilled to have her in
W H E N the Little Caps bantam age 4, ?I have been playing boys hockey our program."
major team traveled to Huntsville, Alabama ever since. Some of the things that I like Her advice for other girl players? ?If you
for the USA Hockey Southeast District the best about playing boys hockey are the have a passion for the game and a desire to
Championships, they drew national speed of the game and the compete level. get better, it doesn't matter what path you
attention not only for their thrilling, come Also, the boys on my team are really take to get to the next level. Strive to play
from behind overtime victory in the accepting and fun to be around.?
with the highest level of competition. For
championship game. As USA Hockey ?Little Caps has brought my game to the me, the Washington Little Caps has
noted, among the elite boys on the ice there next level. The coaches have helped me to provided this opportunity.?
?was one girl, center Lacey Eden of the refine my skills. I love being surrounded by
14U Washington Little Capitals, a top talent a team of talented players who push me to
in her own right, competing for a USA work harder. Playing for the Little Caps has
Hockey Model Association.? helped me gain the skills to stand out
A few weeks later, Eden was also the only when playing with girls."
girl on the ice at the boys USA Hockey Tier At 14, she already has colleges knocking on
1 Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona. her door. ?I have visited about six schools
?Nationals was an amazing experience,? so far. I am enjoying learning about what
Eden says. ?Our team played against some each college has to offer,? she says.
of the best teams in the country. It was an
honor to represent to Southeast District. "She embodies what it means to be a Little
Being the only girl playing there was a cool Cap," says Little Caps hockey director Dan
experience.? Jablonic. "She's a smart competitor on the
ice. You can see she's thinking the game the
And at an age when many elite girls make right way. She trains hard and is always
the switch from boys hockey, Eden is working on her skills and loves to be
returning to the Little Caps for the 2017-18 around her teammates."
season ? one of just a handful of female
athletes in the country playing boys midget Eden is not only a star hockey player, she is Eden is not only an elite hockey player, she
hockey. She started playing boys hockey at also ranked nationally in track and field. is nationally ranked in track & field





I t was a big day for the Little Caps organization last
spring when three of its current and former players
were selected in the 2017 United States Hockey
League (USHL) draft. What made the day even
more remarkable was that two of them were brothers: U15
forward Reid Leibold and former U18 forward Ryan Liebold.

The USHL is the only Tier 1 junior hockey league in the
United States.

Ryan was selected by the Sioux City Musketeers, in the 14th
round, 227th overall. Ryan?s stellar performance with the
U18 Little Caps during the 2015-16 season won him a tender
offer from the Springfield Jr. Blues of the North American
Hockey League (NAHL). Ryan played 60 games for the Jr.
Blues last season, racking up 32 points (13 goals and 19
assists) while securing a Division 1 college commitment from
the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Reid was selected by the Waterloo Black Hawks in the 15th
round, 242nd overall, in the Phase 2 draft which is open to
players of all ages eligible to play junior hockey. He has
since committed to play Division 1 college hockey with
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

?It?s a big day for the Leibold family with two USHL draft
picks,? said Little Caps executive director Doug Plocki. ?The
top junior hockey league in the United States has identified
Reid and Ryan as elite players. We?re very proud of them. "
"They?ve worked hard to get to this point," Plocki said. "Now
there is more hard work to come, but both players are up to
the challenge, and they have teammates who can push them
to excel.?

Also drafted was U15 forward Adam Varga, who later signed
with the Ontario Hockey League?s (OHL) Mississauga
Steelheads (see accompanying article).
Ried?s selection capped off an amazing season for the U15
Little Caps. The team won the North American Prospects
Hockey League (NAPHL) Dixon Cup and the USA Hockey
Southeastern District Championship, and earned a ticket to
the USA Hockey Tier 1 National Championships in
Scottsdale, Arizona where they were seeded 12th. Reid Leibold at 2016-17 USA Hockey Nationals

Reid had a remarkable season, with 38 points (17 goals and
21 assists) in 28 games in the AYHL and 27 points (6 goals
and 21 assists) in 16 games in the NAPHL. VARGA SIGNS WITH

?Being drafted means a lot especially because it shows that
my hard work and dedication are starting to pay off,? Reid

?We?re extremely excited for these players,? said Little Caps
hockey director Dan Jablonic. ?It?s great to see their names
being selected in such a prestigious league. In addition to
being terrific hockey players, they are three fantastic kids STEELHEADS

?We?re are also very proud of what their selection says about
our program,? Jablonic said. ?Our goal is to be the best

"Thi s show s that

pl ayer s can stay i n DC,

devel op w i thi n the

pr ogr am , an d get

r ecogn i zed."

developmental hockey program, so that we can give local
players a local option that can put them on a national stage.?

?This shows that players can stay here in DC, develop within
the program, and get recognized. It shows that what we are
doing here is working. These players made a choice to stick Little Caps forward Adam Varga has signed with the Ontario
with our program, and had faith in our coaches and our Hockey League (OHL) Mississauga Steelheads.
philosophy. So as we celebrate their accomplishment, we also
The OHL is one of the three Major Junior ice hockey leagues
celebrate the fantastic coaches and players who helped them
which constitute the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), the highest
get there,? Jablonic said. level of junior hockey in Canada. The OHL is a professional
hockey league made up of 16-21 year old players, and competes
with the NCAA for top talent in the U.S. and Canada.
Varga was selected by the Steelheads in the 7th round of the 2017
OHL Priority Selection draft, 121st overall.
?We are extremely proud of Adam,? said Little Caps hockey
director Dan Jablonic. ?He was not only drafted, he was drafted
high. They had 15 rounds in that draft. It shows they really want
him. His selection is a great testament to Adam?s skill and hard
work,? Jablonic said. ?And it?s also a testament to his teammates.
Success doesn?t just happen with one player, you have to have
great guys to play with.?
?We are thrilled that Adam has committed and will be joining our
Steelheads family,? said Steelheads? general manager, and head
coach, James Richmond. ?Adam is an elite player who had an
impressive season with the Little Capitals. He has continued to
impress in the first few days of training camp, and we look
Ryan Leibold played last season with the Springfield Jr.
forward to seeing him in a Steelheads jersey this season.?
Blues in the North American Hockey League (NAHL)



M ac Robertson scored two goals The Little Caps were undefeated in the league in assists with 9, and with 5th in
overall points with 13. In January, Connor
to lead the Washington Little
playoffs, beating the Northern Cyclones
Capitals to a 3-1 win over the 4-1, the Arizona Bobcats 10-1, the Rocky Leslie was named the NAPHL?s goaltender
Colorado Springs Tigers in the Mountain Roughriders 8-1 and the Esmark peak performer. Varga, Robertson and
first ever NAPHL 15U Dixon Cup Stars 5-0 to make it to the championship Owens were named to the All-NAPHL
Championship Game. game. Adam Varga led the league with 16 15U 1st Team.
points during the playoffs (11 goals and 5
The Little Caps were strong from the The 16U Little Caps also won the
assists) followed by Mac Robertson with
get-go as Robertson opened the scoring NAPHL?s Silver Division Consolation
15 points (6 goals, 9 assists), Reid Leibold
just 1:48 into the contest. The lead Championship, defeating the Arizona
with 14 points (2 goals, 12 assists), Frankie
increased to 2-0 thanks to another goal in Bobcats 1-0 in a thrilling double overtime
Megan with 7 points (2 goals, 5 assists)
the 2nd period from Robertson. Adam game. Drake Voell made 34 saves as the
and Owen Morgan with 6 points (2 goals, 4
Varga then added his first goal of the Little Caps claimed the 16U consolation
contest early in the 3rd period to make the title. The winning goal came at the tail end
score 3-0 with the Little Caps in control. The Little Caps finished the regular season of a 4 on 3 power play in the 2nd overtime
Andrew Owens shutout bid was spoiled in second place with 8 wins and 2 losses. as William Eden got the puck down low
with just seconds left in regulation as Varga and Robertson led the league in and sent a shot to the net that Morgan got a
Alexander Enegren scored the lone Tigers regular season points with 16 and 14 points piece of, but the puck trickled over the line
goal. Owens made 19 saves in the win. respectively, while Reid Leibold led the for the game-winner.

February 13-24, 2019
49t h and 50t h annual

February 12-23, 2020


f r om AAA t o h ouse t eams

Netherlands, SWITZERLAND, GERmany & italy
Categories split on 2 week-ends, 5 days max tournament for external teams
Mario Lemieux / Luc Robitaille
Steve Yzerman / Mike Modano For mor e inf or mat ion e- mail
Jeremy Roenick / Patrice Bergeron

& many more NHL stars! or PHONE (450) 775- 2253





Teams from 15 countries will compete before 200,000

spectators in the "Pee Wee World Championships"

he 2005 Washington Little against a local pee wee team then going working hard to raise funds for their
T Capitals have been invited to a QMJHL game on one of the nights. Quest for Quebec. The players will hold
to play in the 59th Quebec
bake sales and Taco Night at Kettler, and
The billet experience was great, I got to
Peewee International play pond hockey every night at the will also be selling special Little Caps
Hockey Tournament, the neighborhood rink and playing the home merchandise, including Little Caps
most prestigious minor of the Nordiques (yes they still were blankets and other items, as well as
hockey tournament in the world. Last around) was unbelievable. I am so happy Christmas wreaths for the holidays. We
year, more than 210,000 spectators came and grateful that I get to participate as a encourage everyone to support the team
to watch teams from 15 countries coach in the tournament, but also that the in this incredible experience.
compete over 12 days in what is widely players that I have worked with over the
known as the ?Pee Wee World past two years also get to have this
Championships.? experience.?
?I am extremely excited that our 2005 Some of the greatest players in NHL
team was selected to participate,? said history have competed in the
Little Caps hockey director Dan Jablonic. tournament, including current super stars
?This Auston Matthews,
tournament Connor McDavid,
goes far beyond and Sidney
a handful of Crosby, as well as
hockey games legends such as
over the course Wayne Gretzky,
of 11 days. It is Patrick Roy, Mario
an enriching Lemieux, Doug
cultural Weight, Guy
experience Lafleur and
which includes former Little Cap
billeting with a Jeremy Roenick.
local family for
the entire visit, Indeed, Roenick
interacting and recalls fondly his
socializing with time in Quebec.
peers from all ?In one game, I
over the world, exploring and absorbing scored eight
all Quebec City has to offer including goals,? Roenick remembers. ?The
their own CARNAVAL and playing hockey tournament record was nine goals, set by
games in front of crowds of 5,000-10,000 some kid named Wayne Gretzky. It was a
very cool experience, especially for kids
spectators. This experience will provide
memories that will last a lifetime.? from Washington, because that was as
close to the craziness of being a pro at
Coach Nick Carso played in the that age.?
tournament when he was a pee wee Little
Cap, and is excited to return for the first Now, the 2005 Little Caps get to
time as a coach. ?As a former WLC player, experience that same craziness.
it was one of the best youth experiences The cost of attending the Quebec
of my life. I remember stopping in tournament is enormous, so in the
Drummondville and playing two games coming weeks the 2005 players will be


Gonzaga Hockey congratulates

ITS Little Cap players on their

championship season

MAPHL 'AA' and 'A' 2016-17 Champions

One Team, One Family

For information on Gonzaga Hockey

please contact Coach Bill Slater

?We are extremely proud of the entire Little
Capitals organization,? AYHL
commissioner Gene Palecco said. ?We
congratulate them on their accomplishment
and we know that the Little Capitals will be
great ambassadors for the AYHL at their
national championship events.?
The U16 team battled hard in their
championship game against the Tampa
Scorpions, to whom they had lost 5-4 in a
shootout in the round robin. The Caps
were leading 2-1 with 13 minutes left, but
could not hold off the Tampa onslaught in
the final period, losing 5-2.

The U18 team was down 4-2 to the Tampa
Scorpions in the third period, but fought
back to tie it up 4-4 and force the game into
overtime. It took two extra fames to decide
the championship. Tampa finally broke the
14U A ND 15U WIN stalemate and scored in the second OT to
seal the heartbreaking 5-4 defeat. ?It could
SOUTHEA ST DISTRICT have gone either way,? Jablonic said. ?Our
goalie Jeremy Skaife played incredible
game. The shots were 2-1 in their favor. He
CHA M PIONSHIPS was fantastic.?
He said that best part of the weekend was
seeing the camaraderie between the four
he Washington Little Capitals just 18 second into overtime, Brandon Little Caps teams. ?It was great to see all
T put in dominant performances Davis scored to win the championship 3-2. the kids from different teams pulling for
at the Southeast District each other,? he said. ?We?re building a
?They never gave up,? said Dan Jablonic,
playoffs in Huntsville, community here.?
Little Caps Hockey director. ?They showed
Alabama this spring, with all four teams
what it means to be a Little Cap. Each ?This will be a lifetime memory,? Jablonic
(14U, 15U, 16U and 18U) making it to the
player?s compete level, mental toughness says. ?How many kids can say they went
championship game and the 14U and 15U
and character propelled them to victory.? to nationals? Very few. They can count
teams winning Southeast District titles.
themselves among the best of the best.
The 15U team was undefeated in Rocket
The Little Caps teams combined for an
City, beating Team Maryland (3-2), ?This is also a great chance to showcase
11-5 record over the course of the
Thunder Hockey (3-0) and the Carolina Jr. our program, and let people know what the
tournament and outscoring their opponents
Hurricanes (6-3) in the round robin. In the Little Caps are all about,? he added. ?Our
championship game against the Hurricanes, philosophy of building a competitive
?To get to Sunday and have all your teams the Little Caps out-chanced Carolina 18-9 program by focusing on long-term player
play, that was a good day for us,? said Little and outshot them 34 to 25. Owen Morgan development is working. We are growing
Caps Hockey Director Dan Jablonic. ?It?s a scored two goals while Michael Kramer in the right way, with teams that are more
great moment for our program. You can and Reid Leibold added one apiece, for a and more competitive every year at every
look back and say, all the hard work and the 4-2 win. level.?
kids doing the right thing paid off.?
The 14U championship game was a
nail-biting thriller, as the Caps faced a
rematch with a Thunder Hockey team that
beat them 3-1 in the round robin. Thunder
dominated a good portion of the game, but
goalie Lincoln Crosby put on an incredible
performance to keep the Little Caps in it.

Down 2-1 with just 20 seconds left in the
game, Brad Freyberger got the puck to
Tyler Mercier who scored the equalizer ?
putting the game into sudden death. Then,



Traditional Boys Summer
Camp in the Poconos

75 years operated by one family

Flexible Sessions, Well-Rounded
Instructional Program including:
Competitive Sports / Arts / Outdoor
Adventure / Watersports /
Communications and Technology




The Melting Pot, 1110 N Glebe Rd, Regal Cinema Ballston, Downstairs
Arlington, VA 22201 COACH NAME
from the rink in Ballston Common Mall
BUZZ Bakeshop, 818 N Quincy St, Rebounderz, 22400 Davis Dr #180,
Arlington, VA 22203 Sterling, VA 20164
FRONT PAGE, 4201 Wils COACH TEAMon Blvd, Flight Trampoline Park Springfield,
Arlington, VA 22203 7200 Fullerton Rd, Springfield, VA
Dunkin Donuts, 4201 Wilson Blvd
#130, Arlington, VA 22203 ShadowLand Laser Adventures,
5508 Franconia Rd, Alexandria, VA
Mike?s Café, 900 N Stuart St, 22310
Arlington, VA 22203
International Spy Museum, 800 F St
Sweetgreen, 4075 Wilson Blvd, NW, Washington, DC 20004
Arlington, VA 22203 COACH NAME
Chipotle Mexican Grill, 4300 Wilson Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20001
Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203 COACH TEAM
Taylor Gourmet Sandwich, 4000 Escape the Oval Office, 1322B H
Street E Washington, DC 20002
Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203
Kapnos Taverna, 4000 Wilson Blvd,
Arlington, VA 22203 The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania
Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500
Rustico Restaurant & Bar ? Ballston,
4075 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203 United States Capitol Visitor Center,
Starbucks, 901 N Stuart St, Arlington, First St NE, Washington, DC 20515
VA 22203
Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Supreme Court, 1 First St NE,
Washington, DC 20543
4250 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203
Air and Space Museum, 6 th &
Cosi, 4250 Fairfax Dr #1, Arlington, VA Independence Avenue, Southwest,
22203 Washington, DC
Sweet Leaf on Glebe, 800 N Glebe Air & Space Musem's Udvar-Hazy
Rd #100, Arlington, VA 22203 Center located near Dulles Airport at:
14390 Air and Space Museum
Jimmy John's, 550 N Quincy St, Parkway, Chantilly, VA 205151
Arlington, VA 22203 COACH NAME
Pepita Cantina, 4000 Wilson Blvd, American History Museum 1400
Suite D, Entrance on North Quincy St, Constitution Avenue, Northwest,
Washington, DC
Arlington, VA 22203 COACH TEAM
National Zoo 3001 Connecticut
Subway, 801 N Quincy St #1A,
Arlington, VA 22203 Avenue, Northwest, Washington, DC
NKD Pizza, 933 N Quincy St, Natural History Museum 10th St. &
Constitution Avenue, Northwest,
Arlington, VA 22203
Washington, DC
First Down Sports Bar & Grill, Smithsonian Castle 1000 Jefferson
4213 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203 Drive, Southwest, Washington, DC
A-Town Bar & Grill, 4100 Fairfax Dr, George Washington's Mount
Arlington, VA 22203 Vernon, 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial
Uncle Julio's Arlington, 4301 Fairfax Hwy., Alexandria, VA 22121
Dr #100, Arlington, VA 22203
Lincoln Memorial, 23rd Street NW
Tropical Smoothie Café Arlington, and West Potomac Park, Washington,
3811 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203 DC 20242
Big Buns Damn Good Burgers + Ford's Theater, 511 10th St NW,
Beer, 4401 Wilson Blvd #104, Washington, DC 20004
Arlington, VA 22203 Jefferson Memorial, Tidal Basin
El Ranchero Bar & Grill, 4617 Wilson South End, Washington, DC 20024
Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203
Washington Monument,15th Street
Buffalo Wild Wings, 950 N Glebe Rd and Constitution Avenue NW,
Washington, DC 20560
#130, Arlington, VA 22203 COACH TEAM
FDR Memorial, 400 W. Basin Dr.
PF Chang 901 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, SWWashington, DC 20024
VA 22203
National World War II Memorial, 17th
IHOP, 935 N Stafford St, Arlington, VA St. & Independence Ave. NW,
22203 Washington, DC 20001

Jimmy Johns, 550 N Quincy St, AIr Force Memorial, 1 Air Force
Arlington, VA 22203 Memorial Dr, Arlington, VA 22204





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To day

become t he

Leader s of

Delicious Organic Beef Burgers Tomor r ow

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4 Malcolm Baar
16 Nate Baltas
5 Caden Clarke

25 James Gan
44 Brendan Henneberry
34 Trey Knott
6 Samuel Malm
83 Hamilton Nordwind
23 Connor O'Sullivan
11 Bryan Rice
35 Collin Rynkowski
91 Talin Sidhu
74 Zachary Skowronek
87 Caden Travis


1 Aiden Hopewell
2 Patrick McNeice
5 Adam Urbancic
6 Teagen Pratt
7 Ethan Skowronek
11 John Cook
13 Braden Pohlman
18 Roberto Cisneros
23 Jack Koester
42 Logan Hay
44 Kameron Khazai
63 John "Jack" Bainbridge

70 Benjamin Skowronek
77 Iain Mirilovich
87 Aleksander "Kai" Behrens
92 Lucy Thiessen
97 Bryan Wigginsms



2 Colton Gehrt
5 Joshua Stoner
12 Dylan Thorn

18 Tim Glenmark-Wallen
19 Jeremy Wilson
21 Colin Leahey
25 Kyle Wilson
29 Garrett Cole
32 Mady Cipolla
44 Charlie Baar
66 Tyler Rothermund
74 Kareem Alazem
92 Reese Judson
94 Tyler Iles
97 Ethan Boyagian
98 Chase Hornbeckermso


2 Owen Grainger
9 Troy Pratt
11 Will Schaller
12 Kelijah McElroy
13 Anthony Simons
18 Ethan Goins
19 Ethan Ruggeri
22 Connor Eady
27 Trevor Neeb
29 Maksim Watton
30 Daniel Crowe
32 Matthew McCarey

55 Anthony Domina
72 Michael Urgo
77 Jack Mowrey
91 Anderson Grennnan
92 Leon Le Bohellec



1 Will Hopewell
4 Matthew Danziger
12 Lacey Eden
16 Gavin Glaubitz

22 Farrell Dinn
33 Lincoln Crosby
43 Michael Blot
47 Joshuah Park
52 Zachary Stoner
54 Benji Harris
74 Connor Dubberly
77 Jaret Fritts
80 John Sterling
88 Jack Rose
90 Alex Vouras
91 Brandon Davis
97 Wesley Crofoot


7 Colin Hogan
9 Owen Morgan
10 Reese Goetz
14 Ryan Lenaghan
15 Mark Sangster
16 Reid Leibold
19 Mac Robertson
20 Andrew Owens
21 Aidan Robbins
23 Zachary Murray
28 Ethan Privman
30 Connor Leslie

34 Victor Musoke
47 Victor Hugo
82 Kyle Golden
89 Martin Le Bohellec
91 Austin Pick
92 Max Thiessen




Dan Jablonic brings a wealth of experience as both a
Hockey Director and a Professional Hockey Coach
Dan played for NCAA Div I University of Minnesota,
Duluth before playing professionally and finally
pursuing a career in coaching. Dan spent 5 years as
a Hockey Director in Wisconsin followed by 5 years
coaching in Sweden. He spent from 2005-2010
coaching Junior A as well as the Swedish Elite
League (SEL). During his time in Sweden Dan was
fortunate to have assisted in the development of 7
first round NHL draft picks including Ottawa's Erik
Karlsson, Montreal's Lars Eller, and Toronto's Tim
Erixon during his time in Sweden. Dan has also
been a USA Hockey Select National Development
Camp Coach since 2004 and has been invited again
for the 2016 USA Hockey National Development


Doug Plocki is a Pittsburgh native who began
coaching in 1991 as the State College Youth Ice
Hockey Association Pee Wee Head Coach. He then
moved on to coach at his high school alma mater
and worked with the Pittsburgh Stars Tier-1 youth
hockey program as a goaltending instructor. Plocki
began coaching in the DC area in 2006 with the
Kettler Capitals Iceplex youth program. He helped
coach Kettler's Tier-1 Development Camps
beginning in 2008 before joining the Little Caps
2009. In the past eight seasons, Plocki has helped
win the Tier-1 Elite Hockey League Atlantic Division
Title, 6 consecutive PVAHA titles, 3 S.E District
Titles, and advanced to the USA Hockey National
Championships three times. His 2015-16 U16
National squad finished third in its debut season in
the North American Prospects Hockey League. In
2016-17 Plocki led the U15 Little Caps to their first
NAPHL Dixon Cup Championship, the USA Hockey
Southeast District Championship and a berth at the
USA Hockey Tier 1 Nationals. Plocki is a USA Hockey
Level-5 certified coach.



2005 Head Coach: Nick Carso 2006 Head Coach: Alec Shappert

Asst.Coach: Scott Kozlak Assistant Coach: Rej Sidhu

2004 Head Coach: Lyon Messier 2003 Head Coach: Jeff Frost

Assistant Coach: Ryan Yoon Asst. Coach: Clark Mowrey

U16 National Head Coach: Doug Plocki U15 National Head Coach: Lyon Messier

Assistant Coach: Vic Hugo Assistant Coach: Derek Sanborn

Goaltending Coaches:

Athletic Trainer: Ify Achebe Brent Johnson & Travis Russell







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