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Senior Planet Magazine

Senior Planet

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Senior Planet is a magazine for With progress in medicine and
the over 50 who intensely technology, we are aware of the fact
live this beautiful period of that we still have plenty of time to
life. live and we want to use our
retirement to enjoy a second life, in
Because in our modern society, we a more intense and meaningful way!
are considered as seniors from the
age of 45 onwards at work and from Welcome to Senior Planet, the
slightly older generally speaking, we youngest of magazines dedicated to
always feel young in our mind, but senior citizens; we hope that our
our concerns change: we care more advice will help you enjoy your time
about our health, our well-being and and retirement!
our family.
Senior Planet is a new magazine
Senior citizens and retirement. dedicated to dynamic and active
seniors with a positive outlook on

Dating After 50

It is not easy, after a certain age, In some big cities or towns, there are
to meet new people, either to also clubs for seniors. They offer
find new friends or find love, numerous activities like day-trips,
while our old circle of friends and dancing, parlour games and special
acquaintances shrinks more and interest groups or hobbies, but the
more, and we live longer and longer number of people frequenting them
and so become more isolated, is limited. On the internet, you can
feeling lonely more often than in the have access to thousands of single
past. people who, like you, want to
rebuild their lives. Yes, you have to
The world changes rapidly and we be careful, as there are also many
must adapt. Therefore, why not to people using these platforms to
try meeting new people over the merely find others for a quick
internet, when we are 50 years old or adventure, and you can even fall
more? Obviously, we could sit back prey to criminals, so you have to
and wait for things to happen on remain alert and not give away your
their own, but, in big cities, we don’t address or other details until you are
talk that much anymore to 100% sure that it is safe to meet or
neighbours or people in get involved. There are many
supermarkets and most of us feel too guidelines available how to stay safe
old to go to a disco or nightclub on on the internet and with dating
our ow websites.

Life Certainly Begins At 50

We no longer travel the during our stay; where destinations
same way as when we are carefully selected to suit our
were 20 or even 40 years style, our needs for culture or where
old. Then we had less money, but we can even meet the locals. Such
more energy and sense of adventure. travelling options also include being
We were prepared to put up with able to make new friends. We like to
discomforts and did not mind be able to choose travels that allow
walking for hours, sleeping in make- us to choose between remaining on
shift beds or even under the stars. our own or meeting other active
Now that we are in our 50s or 60s, seniors. In an ideal situation, the
our requirements are different, we choice has no limits and all sorts of
need more comfort, more services options exist. Cruises allow one to
and insurances. And we have more travel easily from one country to
money to spend on ourselves. another without having to pack up
every day, while meeting people
Travels for seniors during relaxed get-togethers, while
preserving some independence, like
Isn’t it lovely that we can now insist well-organised circuits or club
on an all-inclusive holiday or hotels.
travelling options, where somebody
takes charge of all arrangements

Travel and retirement Family travel

The time of retirement is often the Family travels are an occasion when
ideal time to start travelling and several generations plan their
because retired people can travel out holidays together. If you are going
of season, the advantages are on holiday together with your
numerous: there are fewer people, children and grandchildren, it is
less crowds, prices are lower, the important to find suitable options
chances to meet peoples of the same and structures, so that the entire
age group are more important. family has a pleasant holiday:
Numerous retired people use the activities for children and teenagers,
months of June and September to sport activities, fitness centres,
plan their trips, either solo or as part entertainment and shows. An
of a group in organised trips. Travel increasing number of hotels or
options are far more numerous and, holiday clubs are adapting to now
as life expectancy increases, the offer holidays suitable for the entire
seniors reach retirement in better family, in South Africa and abroad.
health than 50 years ago. Time-share is often an alternative
that guarantees independence and
relaxed holiday travel.

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