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AV mag

AV mag

In-depth analysis: UK and EMEA market maps 15
AV Interview: Audinate co-founder Aidan Williams 28
Raising the bar: Scandinavia pushes AV boundaries 33
ISE in the spotlight: reflecting industry convergence 43
Gatwick Skybridge: a sound business opportunity 56
The future’s bright: shining a light on laser projection 85

AV soars in the Game of Drones


Buyer’s Guide in association with



Last year’s AV Awards saw 1,000 people gather to celebrate audio visual
achievement. Held once again in the glamorous Grosvenor House, 2016’s
event promises to be bigger and better than ever!
With new and improved categories and the introduction of on-the-night
voting for one of our new additions, you won’t want to miss out on the biggest
night in the AV industry calendar!

Innovative Event Technology


Award categories are separated into the following CRITERIA ENTRIES IN 2015
areas: Product, Project, Company and People.
Entrants will need to submit the following information: of technological innovation and commercial success;
The awards are open to companies from anywhere in product name; date product shipped; brief explanation user assessment; client needs and how technology or
the world that are involved in the AV industry and from of the product and why it should win; evidence of services satisfied these; evidence of effectiveness &
manufacturers of any equipment or software used in technological innovation, user benefit and commercial examples of benefits delivered.
AV communication to media production companies. success.
All product launches and innovations, manufacturer’s PROJECTS
information, project and company information should Breakthrough / Start-up Company of the Year
relate to the 15-month period from 1 February 2015 until Control room Project of the Year NEW Voted for on awards night. Free to enter
1 May 2016.
Corporate Project of the Year (not events, only Reseller/Systems Integrator of the Year
PRODUCTS installations) 15-minute presentation required on judging day

Projector of the Year (under 5,000 lumens) Retail Project of the Year Distributor of the Year
NEW 15-minute presentation required on judging day
Education Project of the Year (HE, primary,
Projector of the Year (over 5,000 lumens) NEW secondary, auditorium) Manufacturer of the Year
15-minute presentation required on judging day
Display Product of the Year (videowall Training Programme of the Year
application, LFD, LED, LCD) AV Staging & Rental Company of the Year
Public Sector Project of the Year (government, NEW
Interactive Display Product of the Year healthcare)
(collaboration space, touch panels) NEW AV Production Company of the Year NEW
Transport Project of the Year NEW
Audio Product of the Year Live Event of the Year (tour or corporate events
only) Entrants will be asked to submit the following
AV Accessory of the Year information: summary of innovation and why you
Entertainment Venue of the Year (museum, should win an award; scope of your activities,
Audio and Video Management and Control theme park, casino, theatre, cinema, auditorium) objectives and overall strategy; target audience /
Product of the Year (apps and software) buyers; service levels; new product development.
Broadcast/Media Project of the Year (studio,
Audio and Video Processing and Distribution televised event) PEOPLE
Product of the Year
Leisure/Hospitality Project of the Year AV Service Team of the Year (in-house and
Digital Signage Product of the Year (houses of worship, sports and leisure facilities, contractor teams)
bars/restaurants, hotels, stadia) NEW
Production Product of the Year (includes AV Professional of the Year (including
audio) CRITERIA consultants, end users)

Collaboration Product of the Year (includes Entrants will be asked to submit the following European CTS of the Year NEW
audio, video streaming) information: project name and date of delivery;
explanation of project and why it should win; evidence


IN 2015
IN 2015


The European professional mRaapsikdsgcrhowanthge
AV market will be worth
€18.7bn in 2016, or just Pro AV markets in EMEA continue to grow faster than the economies of the
under 18 per cent of the countries in the region, but future growth forecasts are notoriously unreliable.
global pro AV market. This figure, Peter Lloyd looks at overall market performance and changes to product
forecast by American analyst Acclaro sectors. Adrian Pennington surveys user attitudes and routes to market.
in a 2014 AV Market Definition &
Strategy Study carried out with Info-
Comm International, was based on a
projected growth rate of eight per cent
a year. It’s a growth rate which would
be the envy of many industries in these
deflationary times.
We don’t yet know whether or not
this level of growth has been achieved
and it is almost impossible to tell,
given the complex and widely differ-
ing state of national markets within
EMEA. Without a detailed knowledge
of the market in each country it’s also
impossible to iron out some of the
anomalies that crop up in the statistics.

Turkey The home of Turkish football that worldwide service turnover is growth can be slowed by a whole host
team Bursaspor, known as growing at an average rate of 11 per of factors. As an example, the 2010
Take Turkey. It’s not in the EU, but the Green Crocodiles, where a cent a year. Acclaro/InfoComm research reckoned
most observers would include it in giant crocodile external layer the European market would be worth
their EMEA country count. In the last lights up for night games It appears that European service its present €18.7bn by 2012 — a figure
year or so government programmes income may be growing even faster that may now have been achieved —
have exaggerated the size of the mar- tially counter-productive, to generalise than this which is what one might and its 2012 report admitted the mar-
ket for interactive boards and flat about the overall EMEA pro AV mar- expect from a relatively mature mar- ket was worth €14.8bn that year.
screens. According to figures we’ve ket. But, of course, some commenta- ket. For example, Acclaro reckons that
seen (from a normally extremely reli- tors have managed it. installation and integration services in Products and services
able source) Turkey bought more flat Europe are growing at 12 per cent a
screens last year than the UK, Ger- Western Europe leading year and will be worth €3.16bn in Looking in more detail at the UK
many, the Netherlands, France and 2016; ‘managed services and mainte- market gives us a clearer idea of the
Italy put together. And it bought twice The last Acclaro study was helpful, nance’ will also have grown by 12 per changes taking place. We have been
as many interactive flat panel displays providing a breakdown of how the dif- cent, to €0.84bn. Helpfully, Acclaro tracking the UK market in some detail
as the UK, Netherlands, Germany, the ferent parts of the European market also shed some light on the audio mar- for 20 years, so it provides the most
UAE and Denmark when all their pur- (not necessarily including the MEA ket, saying that sound reinforcement information about product and ser-
chases were added up. bit) stack up. Western Europe is by far in Europe would grow by eight per vice segmentation and trends - infor-
the biggest sector with a forecast cent to just under €1bn. But, it warns, mation which is not available for
Inspecting the unit sales for differ- spend of €15bn this year (80 per cent sound reinforcement’s share of the other national markets within the
ent products principally serves to illus- of the whole), followed by Scandina- total AV market is falling gently (to EMEA region.
trate the fact that, although we are all via (€1.7bn, nine per cent), Central five per cent in 2016).
(or mostly all) in EMEA, every coun- Europe (€1.1bn, six per cent), and Looking at the British AV market
try is different. Eastern Europe (€0.98bn, five per Inevitably, forecasts are just that from a historical perspective, it is
cent). But this isn’t the complete pic- and the value in the work done by an remarkable how the sectors have
In projection, for example, Ger- ture, as big spends on individual prod- analyst such as Acclaro lies in the way changed, and how the overall AV mar-
many is the leading purchasing nation, uct types by countries such as Russia, it helps us look at how the different AV ket has moved away from production-
with over 450,000 units a year going Turkey and the UAE indicate. segments work within the overall mar- led turnovers to product-led revenues.
into a range of markets. It buys 30 per ketplace. It would certainly be danger-
cent more projectors than the next In terms of how some of the market ous to base business plans or sales Back in 1995, when AV Magazine
country, France. The UK follows on segments break down and are grow- projections on any of the figures, as started researching and publishing its
shortly after that, followed by the ing, Acclaro once again shines some annual ‘market maps’, production and
UAE, Russia and Italy. light on the murky proceedings. Its
2014 report stressed the fact that ser-
But if you look at another product vice revenues, rather than hardware
sector, interactive whiteboards, the sales, have already come to represent
order changes. Italy buys most, closely 33 per cent of the global market and
followed by Russia, Spain and the UK
(in that order). If you look at video
walls in signage the UK goes top by a
40 per cent margin, followed by Ger-
many, Russia, France, the UAE and

Those differences all have their
roots in local business cultures, gov-
ernment initiatives, economic perfor-
mance and the effectiveness (or
otherwise) of national marketing and
distribution. So it is hard, and poten-



CHART 1 Source: Acclaro/InfoComm MDSS 2014 CHART 2 Source: AV market maps 1995-2015

Key EuCrohpareta1n: AKVeygErourwotphesaencat-ovrgsrowth sectors SectorCchhaartn2g:eSseicntotrhcehUanKgAesVimn tahrekUeKt AV market

8,000 3,000 £2.76bn £2.84bn
€970m £2.66bn
7,000 £2.55bn
6,000 €904m £722m £1,150m
5,000 €622m

€862m 2,000 £1,700m

€ms 1,500 £1.36bn
£ms 1,000
4,000 €2.78bn £340m
€2.5bn £1,300m



£795m £860m
2,000 €2.73bn

€2.3bn £530m £550m

1,000 €2bn 2000 £450m £280m

£225m 2005 2010 2015
AInVtewraecbtcivoen,tneenwt media and

0% 2014 2016 Presentations, including projection pVridoedoucatniodneavnedntsstahgairndgware,
2012 sAeVrFvMiceand Systems and control and conferencing
Sound Displays

the sales of production hardware — strates the growing importance of seg- CHART 3 Source: AV market maps
such as cameras and video editing sys- ments which contain a large service or
tems — dominated the market. fee element rather than just being reli- PAVremseanrCckthaheaattnirotgn3es:pPirnroetsdheeuncUtatKtaiAonVndmpsraoerdkruevcittcaendchsearnvigcees in the UK
Corporate video production was worth ant on selling ever-larger quantities of
a cool £330m a year, against £160m or commoditised product. The raw num- £1.59bn £1.61bn £1.7bn
less now, while events production and bers also conceal some major changes
staging was worth £260m. Events pro- of emphasis which have taken place £1.53bn
duction and staging continued to grow, over the last five years.
topping £550m by 2000, but is now 1,500 £240m
back at or below 1995 levels. Projection is a good example.
According to analysts such as Future- £1.36bn £280m £265m
The other great production revenue source Consulting, the UK is now the
area came from what used to be called third largest projector market in Europe £305m
‘multimedia’, but is now all about the in unit terms (slightly behind France
creation of content which will be and 30 per cent behind Germany). But 1,250 £300m £240m
streamed or used online. The great hope annual sales of 300,000-plus projectors, £100m
of the industry: it grew rapidly through together with all the mounts, screens 1,000 £175m £185m £195m £220m £120m
2000-2010 but has since slumped in the and installation services that go with 750 £120m
face of reducing technology costs and them, is not enough to keep market rev- £120m £120m £130m £110m £400m
‘DIY’ content creation. enues at steady levels at a time when £100m £120m £120m
prices continue to fall. £300m £150m
This same DIY approach from users £ms £330m £360m
has powered the growth of the presen- It’s significant that UK sales of flat £120m
tation products sector which was panel displays have risen to over £260m £125m £125m
worth just £340m in 2005. Presenta- 100,000 units a year — more than 500
tion products and services are now the twice as many as are sold in Germany
dominant revenue area for AV in the and a fast enough rate of sales increase £110m
UK, representing 60 per cent of the to keep the value of the market grow-
sector’s turnover. ‘Pure’ production — ing despite very steep price erosion. 250 £410m £410m £450m
fees-based creation rather than pro- £320m
duction hardware sales — accounts for Anecdotal evidence from both user £380m
less than a third of the market. buyers, resellers and systems integra-
tors confirms the UK trend towards the 0% 2012 2013 2014 2015
Analysing the performance of the use of flat screens (including more and
different presentation product and ser- more interactive displays) rather than 2011
vice sectors in the UK shows how the projection in both corporate meeting
market is changing, but it also demon- rooms and classrooms. Projection Flat panel displays aInntderdaicstpilvaeysboards VaniddeLoEwDasllc, rseigennsage
iSnyssttaelmlastioannd Hire, service
and AVFM Conferencing and collaboration



to life

The Hitachi High
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Be sure to visit stand F70 in Hall 1 at ISE and
discover our powerful, reliable range of installation
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interchangeable lenses including the new FL-900 UST lens.

8,000 Series 9,000 Series CP-WU13K
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A time for design
and well-educated,
Scandinavians have
high expectations of
AV. But don’t be at all
surprised if they take
their time when coming
to a decision, says
Adrian Pennington.

Anyone visiting Oslo, The Helsingborg Arena features a
Copenhagen or Stockholm Crestron system to handle the AV
can’t fail to be impressed and lighting control systems for
by the fabled Scandinavian three gyms, seating areas for up to
sense of design. 5,500 spectators, and several foyers,
“Scandinavians often raise the bar bars and restaurants
when it’s a matter of quality and crea-
tive design work,” observes Daniel
Ruden, GLP’s sales manager in the
Nordic region.
“Design is the watchword,” echoes
Mads Norskov, sales director at Imago
Sonas. “The installation must look
good. The demand for minimalistic
installation is big.”
Clear-Com’s regional sales manager
Christian Eberlein reckons the popula-
tion in Scandinavia is, on average, bet-

The Cirkus Arena in Stockholm is the first Swedish venue to install Allen & ter educated than in many other parts manager, also notes a tradition of com-
Heath’s new dLive digital mixing system. Originally established as a circus in of the world “resulting in some very munal decision making which applies
the 19th Century, Cirkus is now one of the capital’s key entertainment venues large high-tech installations.” One to both creative and product devel-
such involved the company’s connec- opment. “In my experience there’s a
tivity solution, LQ, for a rocket launch strong principle of standing by what
site application in Norway. you say here,” he adds. “This honesty,
or transparency, is sometimes miscon-
There are cultural sensibilities strued as naivety.”
toward AV business which apply
across the region. For example, there While manufacturing economies
is a tendency for lengthy and thorough of scale may make Scandinavia as a
decision making. “Scandinavians whole the most logistically efficient
usually have a very pragmatic way addressable market, it would be inad-
of dealing with AV needs,” says Karl visable to lump the countries together
Kahlau, executive director at Power- from a marketing or sales perspective.
soft. “One can sometimes argue with
the length of time it takes to actually “Viewed from abroad, you will find
follow through with decisions, and the a lot of similarities and when talking
complexity of such investigations, but to partners in Sweden and Norway, I
at the end of the day most decisions see we succeed with a lot of the same
are well thought through. Technology, things,” says Norskov. “But we are
performance and reliability are factors still different, and a lot of companies
high on their lists of desires.” have failed when they treat Scandina-
via as one region. You need to have
Trond Solvold, Dataton’s sales local presence.”




Sandvik Coromant’s new global meeting place in cinema, education rooms, boardrooms, focus Crestron Fusion RV monitors and manages
Sandviken, Sweden covers 4,500m² and is one points, productivity pods, machine cameras and boardrooms and VC rooms and, using Crestron’s
of the world’s largest centres for productivity, 80in touch screens. Fusion EM, facility managers can analyse energy
application, machining and research in consumption, control lights, and set actions for
manufacturing. Designed and installed by Visuell The infrastructure uses two Crestron 128 x 128 when a room is occupied and adjust the heating
Design, the project encompasses a video wall, Digital Media switchers and a control system to or cooling.
deliver digital signage control and distribution.

Solvold agrees on this point. “When sion-making process longer and more weigh up and incorporate new trends; Trond Solvold, Dataton: “When
it comes to doing business in Scandi- time-consuming. In Norway, it has Swedes have a very open attitude to it comes to doing business in
navia, a lot of foreign companies make previously been easier to get accept- new technologies and ideas. Scandinavia, a lot of foreign
the mistake of seeing the region as a ance for prices, probably because the companies make the mistake of
single market,” he says. Norwegian economy has been strong These national differences are rep- seeing the region as a single market.”
for so long. By being aware of the dif- resented in separate trade shows and
Geographically, the market is ferences, half the battle is won.” seminars focused on local application
almost four times the size of the UK, needs such as LLB Oslo, LLB Stock-
but with just over a third of the popu- Separate trade shows holm or Monitor Expo Copenhagen.
lation, so it stands to reason that you
can’t treat it as one homogeneous A well-planned and executed event, “The existence of these events
zone. “And although the languages or an exhibition with a great narra- gives the opportunity to really spend
are similar, they are not the same. Ask tive, will always go down well across time with clients, rather than just a
the average Swede how much spoken Scandinavia, says Solvold, but there few minutes on the show floor,” says
Danish they understand!” he adds. are slight variations on this theme. Sovold. “It also reflects a tough eco-
“The Danes are well known as tough The Danish, he says, are traditionally nomic situation: instead of investing
negotiators. Swedes are strong on very strong on creative design and vis- a lump sum in a single international
consensus which can make the deci- ual thinking; Norwegians are quick to show, clients want to spread the
investment over the year and bring a


Recent exhibitions at the Museum Sydostdanmark “We wanted to captivate the audience with size and low-ceilinged space demanded ultra-short throw
in the Danish town of Koge have presented physical content, and felt projection was more pleasing to projection from below,” says AV-Huset’s Jens Ravn.
and visual challenges. Local SI AV-Huset worked with the eye than LCD,” explains exhibition designer, Carl- The Gunpowder Brothers’ show tells the story of
dnp Denmark to specify an 80in dnp Supernova STS Henrik Hansen. the 1710 Battle of Koge Bay, between Swedish and
and similarly sized dnp Supernova Blade, equipped Danish fleets, via iPads and audio clips. Both displays
with 08-85 screen material for a second exhibition. The Gifts From The Past exhibition recounts operate with Panasonic projectors.
the history of the Koge area of Denmark. “The



infrastructure, networking and 17:30 – 18:00 16:00 – 17:00 11:00
operations. As organisations AV Nation ISE day one podcast Women in AV networking event Panel session: Importance of colour
become more mobile and agile, A daily round-up of news from the Network with women in AV from Buyer-orientated, practical
they’re relying increasingly on AV ISE show floor. Come and listen live! across the globe. Keynote speaker, advice on colour in projection and
supporting new working strategies. Podcasts will also be available at Jane Hammersley, European display. Topics will include what
We discuss how strategic AV has business manager, collaboration considerations need to be made
become as it spreads throughout Host: Tim Albright, AV Nation at TDMaverick, will speak about when buying a projector so you can
the collaborative enterprise. women and leadership. match it to the application.
Chair: Clive Couldwell, editor, AV Wednesday 10 February Chair: Clive Couldwell, editor, AV
Magazine 17:00 – 19:00
09:00 – 10:00 Meet the Editor Drinks 13:00
12:00 – 15:00 AV Nation EdTech podcast Come join us to have a drink with Panel session: Why audio is critical
AV Tweetup Host: Tim Albright, AV Nation your peers and make new industry to your business (supported by
A networking event for the AV connections! Midwich)
community. You don’t have to be 11:00 What issues should you be
on Twitter, but it helps. Network Panel session: AV in retail 17:30 – 18:00 considering when implementing
with manufactures, integrators and (supported by Midwich) AV Nation ISE day two podcast audio? We examine the audio
technology managers and put a The demand for the latest Host: Tim Albright, AV Nation skills needed so you can have a
face to all those tweeters. innovations in retail has never been productive conversation with your
higher, moving from nice-to-have to Thursday 11 February client about how a better, innovative
15:30 - 16:30 must-have with retailers integrating audio solution can help you.
How can digital signage work better digital as part of their core in-store 09:00 – 10:00 Chair: Clive Couldwell, AV Magazine
in retail? strategy. But which technologies AV Nation live event and staging
Chair: Adrian Cotterill, co-founder and solutions should users be podcast 15:30 - 16:30
and editor-in-chief, DailyDOOH investing in? Host: Tim Albright, AV Nation Small, medium or large? How to
Chair: Clive Couldwell, AV Magazine choose your digital signage
Chair: Adrian Cotterill, DailyDOOH

has begun.

SPA Series Amplifiers Distributed in the UK and ROI by

Shure Distribution

For all other enquiries:

© 2016 QSC, LLC, all rights reserved. QSC, Q-SYS and the QSC logo are



17:30 – 18:00 KEVIN MCLOUGHLIN audio needed to implement AV projects and London, gearing up for another show
AV Nation ISE day three podcast visual manager at The Royal manage service provision. on 23 - 25 February – BVE 2016. BVE
Host: Tim Albright, AV Nation Society of Medicine, gives you is introducing a dedicated Live Event
the low down on what the AV The annual ISE show is an and Pro AV zone on the show floor.
Friday 12 February User Group has in store at ISE. increasingly important part of this, AVUG will have a stand presence in the
The AV User Group is a thriving with 48 AVUG members travelling zone and key members will also be
11:00 community of 430+ members, to Amsterdam as part of the annual presenting and speaking on panels,
Panel session: IoT created to further encourage the sponsored trip which includes including Owen Ellis, chairman of the
IoT is changing AV’s perception convergence of AV user managers accommodation, a canal cruise Group. Our Quarterly meeting will
of systems design, deployment and sector suppliers to benefit from dinner, invites to conferences, events also be held on site during the show.
and maintenance. The fact that knowledge exchange. Meetings take and a variety of parties to choose This development will bring more
traditional AV is catching on to IoT place via quarterly forums to bring the from - all the many benefits of free value to our members, many of whom
has changed the way products membership community together AVUG membership. will be visiting the show for the first
are conceived, engineered, and promote the effective use of time as a direct result. We’re running
manufactured, and deployed AV communications technology to The Monday prior to ISE kicks competitions via social media at
bringing a new level of interaction maintain the skills and knowledge the show off. There is a speed the stand with some great prizes, so
and connectedness. pitch meeting organised for AVUG whether you are an existing member
Chair: Clive Couldwell, AV Magazine Members – where invited sponsors or interested in joining the group drop
and guests have 10 minutes to share by and meet us.
14:00 – 15:00 a sneak preview of new product
AV Nation AVWeek podcast releases, invitations to ‘secret’ It’s free to become a member of
Host: Tim Albright, AV Nation rooms and learn why they should the AV User Group, so if you want to
visit their stand during the show. This join or receive more information on
16:00 – 16:30 provides a last minute opportunity sponsorship opportunities contact
AV Nation ISE day four podcast to revise plans for making the most us via, visit
Host: Tim Albright, AV Nation of their time with the over 1,000 or connect
exhibitors on the show floor. via Twitter @avusergroup
@AVMag #ISE2016
Before we’ve barely had a chance
to check our ISE notes and arrange
the promised on-site demos of new
products the AVUG will be back in

IT meet A-T

Introducing network Microphones
with direct Dante™ Protocol

Operating over a simple Ethernet connection, Audio-Technica’s
new Network Microphones put you in control. The programmable
user switch lets you trigger a video camera’s pan/tilt, a room’s
lighting preset or any other function of a compatible Dante-
enabled device. Each mic comes equipped with a Red/Green
LED to keep you informed of local mute status and other
processes. And, of course, you still get the clear, articulate
sound you expect from A-T. So plug it in, and introduce
your network to its new best friend.


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