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A publication of Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association

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CMFCAA Focus eMag - Winter 20

A publication of Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association

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Winter 2020


Annual Gala Recap

Grand Openings!

Family Development Program

Upcoming Events

To RSVP, go to click on Event RSVP

January 10 Laclede Odyssey
January 14 Cole County Roots
January 16 Laclede County Roots
January 19 Pulaski County Roots
January 21 Phelps County Roots
January 23 Boone County Roots
January 24 Boone County Odyssey

February 7 Laclede County Odyssey
February 11 Cole County Roots
February 15 Callaway County Odyssey
February 16 Pulaski County Roots
February 20 Laclede County Roots
February 21 Boone County Odyssey
February 25 Phelps County Roots
February 27 Boone County Roots

March 10 Cole County Roots
March 14 Laclede County Odyssey
March 15 Pulaski County Roots
March 19 Laclede County Roots
March 20 Boone County Odyssey
March 24 Phelps County Roots
March 26 Boone County Roots

2020 Family Development Training (Location details coming soon)

Class Name/Location: Dates: Time:

Spaulding - Boone County Jan 2 and 3 9am - 4pm

Spaulding - Phelps County Feb 21 and 22 9am - 4pm

Sibling Bond - Boone County Jan 7 and 8 5pm-8:30pm

Sibling Bond - Cole County Feb 1 9am-5:30pm

CPR/First Aid - Phelps County Jan 10 9am-5pm

CPR/First Aid - Boone County Jan 24 9am-5pm

CPR/First Aid - Callaway County Jan 25 9am-5pm

CPR/First Aid - Laclede County Jan 31 9am-5pm

CPR/First Aid - Morgan County Feb 10 9am-5pm

STARS - Boone County Jan 21 - Feb 19 5:30pm-8:30pm

STARS - Callaway/Audrain County March 14, 21, 28 and April 4 9am-4:30pm

YEN - Pulaski County Feb 27 5:30pm-8:30pm

Feb 28 5:30pm-8:30pm

Feb 29 8am-4pm

Schedules subject to change due to the addition of a new program. Please check our website for updated schedules.

2 To register, go to

DeAnna’s Thoughts

From the desk of DeAnna Alonso,
President and CEO

Gratitude comes to mind as I reflect back on the permanency until 2010. It was hard and at times our
past year. Our organization grew tremendously. We hearts were burdened with worry and concern. This
have been truly blessed by first time supporters year, we are almost empty nesters. Our final kiddo
and long-time friends as they continue to stand up graduates from High School in May. We are going
for our most vulnerable children. Please visit one to be grandparents for the first time and we will
of our new offices in Osage Beach, Rolla, Columbia be part of a beautiful ceremony of marriage in the
or our Headquarters in Jefferson City, MO. Have fall. It all works out but while you’re in the thick of
a cup of coffee with one of our seasoned or new it—the journey can be daunting and overwhelming.
professional team members and learn about ways Stay connected and use the resources in our Kinship
you can connect with other families, volunteer for an Navigator department to build concrete supports.
hour or four and perhaps learn the ways youth are You will need them!
stomping the statistics through our new Community
Connections Youth Program or CCYP. As I close, I want to recognize a
dear friend who through the first
This year, we implemented the Kinship Navigator years of caring for our new family
program. Our team traveled to learn from other members was instrumental in
kinship providers and professionals over the summer walking the road with Anibal
in sunny Portland. They brought back valuable and I. Sandy Kaver passed away
information for grandparents and other relatives this year unexpectedly. Sandy
caring for their family members. Kinship caregivers was primarily responsible for the
have a unique set of challenges and I want to devout clothing closet many of you used
this article to them. As most of you know, back in the formidable years of CMFCAA.
in 2006 my husband and I took in our nieces and She and her adoptive daughter, Tiffany
nephew from the and good friend Betty Chestnut folded, washed
Kentucky foster and hung tons of clothes for almost 8 years. Sandy
care system. We devoted her time and energy in giving back to the
were notified kinship, foster and adoptive community through
they were going the Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption
to be separated Association. We will be forever grateful for her
and basically farmed out to residential treatment, unselfish heart, compassion and contagious laugh.
another foster home and the youngest was going Thank you, Sandy for giving me the courage and
to be adopted. We stepped right in to start the strength to continue forging a path for all those who
process of caring for our family. We picked up the need us. We will never forget your wisdom and love.
kiddos in an overnight whirlwind (Kentucky called
us the night before to pick the kids up at 11 a.m. the Walking with you,
next morning) after eight months of taking courses,
buying a home, passing background checks and DeAnna Alonso, CEO
more. It wasn’t easy! Even more, we brought the
children home in 2006 and wasn’t able to provide

CMFCAA Kinship Navigator:
Family Focused Treatment Association Conference:


Staff Spotlights:

Resource Coordinator: Eryn Pruitt

Eryn Pruitt is a Eryn started at CMFCAA a few around her. Trauma and Trauma-
20-year-old weeks after graduating college Informed Care are both topics
local from as an AmeriCorps Summer Vista, that are very close to her heart
the Jefferson and quickly wanted to be involved and she is anxious to jump in
City Area. with CMFCAA in whatever feet first and learn more as she
Eryn recently capacity possible. After hearing helps foster, adoptive and kinship
graduated from about the position of Resource families.
College of the Coordinator, she was excited to
apply and be part of the team “I am blessed to serve families
Ozarks in Branson long term! and children and have an
where she obtained her degree opportunity to give back to my
in Family Studies and Social Families and Children is community and learn valuable
Services with a double emphasis something Eryn is very passionate skills in the non profit arena. I am
in Social Work and Marriage and about and excited to give back so excited to join CMFCAA!”
Family Therapy. and support the community

30 Days to Family® : Dave Gibson:

I have spent My personal life is a motivator fishing, and roughing it, a clear
the last few in that same ilk, as 95 % of my departure from our winter time
years working home life is spent with my 3 kids sloth.
in the mental and my wife. When it’s cold we
health field huddle up in the living room and No matter the adventure we do it
at The Arthur move the Televisions and Xboxes together. My family life is a daily
around the couch and vegetate reminder of my luck, and a prod
Center primarily on the most recent co-op that pushes me to help someone
with youth. While adventure we can experience. else feel the way I do. The other
this can be stressful work, I like time is spent with our two
to think this has only enriched my In the warmer months we venture massive Irish wolfhounds.
passion for child advocacy and out from our cave, dust off the
the dream that every kid can be Kayaks, and explore the beautiful As a person, I believe I am kind,
safe and secure when they close rivers of Missouri: usually the confident, generous, and always
their eyes at night. Missouri, Gasconade, or Osage. willing to help. I enjoy new things,
We like to spend numerous nights new experiences, and especially
out on the rivers setting up tents, new people so feel free to say hi
when you see me.”


Family Development Trainer: Gus Nash

I was born in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society In 2017 I was appointed as a Mid-
St. Louis, from Keiser University with my Ozark CASA volunteer where
Missouri, Associates Degree in Paralegal I’ve had the opportunity to help
but grew up Studies. Almost immediately after children in state care, along with
south of Rolla, graduating, I joined a local law their foster families, and earned
Missouri in firm working as a Paralegal where my way to a Coordinator position
a small local my main areas of concentration that I held for a period of time.
were Criminal Defense, Civil I love the opportunity to give
community. At a Litigation, and Family Law. It was back, not only to the children, but
young age, I began working in the legal field where I also to be a support line for the
ministering in my local church’s began to see some of the many families.
children’s ministry and would challenges families face in the
often find myself working with legal system and knew exactly When at home, I really enjoy
the parents in ways I could be of how I could apply my newly found spending time with Jack my dog,
support for them. At that point, I legal experience and passion for and Reggie my cat. I also enjoy
knew I had a passion for working advocacy. photography, cooking, working
with children and their families in with computers, and watching
helping them to get the support Over the next couple of years, good movies.
they needed. I dedicated myself to gaining
as much experience as possible I am truly honored to be a part
In 2010, I graduated with my working with children and of the CMFCAA family. I look
Associates Degree in Business families, all the while working as forward to helping families reach
from Southwest Baptist an intern with the Dent County their goals, as well as giving back
University, and in 2014, I made Prosecutors Office to further my to the community.
the decision to further my legal knowledge.
education graduating with a
4.0 GPA as a member of the

Communications & Marketing VISTA:
Jarod Powell

I’m a writer by of real people in my own Central Missouri
trade. I believe community who deserve access Foster Care
that life is to one of the most fundamental & Adoption
best told in aspects of child development: a Association
stories. Only happy home. is Seeking
through the
context of Through my volunteer work, I’m Candidates
a story can a learning skills I can use to enrich
my own life, as well as the lives To apply and get started
person grasp of my neighbors. I’m now able click here: https://
the nuance necessary to make to explore an exciting new world
positive changes. where I use my skills to promote
equity, as well as advocate for my
I chose to volunteer at CMFCAA community.
because of their commitment to
shaping those stories—stories


Respite Our Callaway County Odyssey is an event that is
relatively new to the county. In late November,
6 it reminded us what Odyssey is all about. At the
Fulton Bowling Center we were grateful to open up
a couple lanes for families as well as have activities
like ornament decorating to give the kids and families
an activity they may not do on their own. There was
a specific instance we got to experience why exactly
we hold events like Odyssey. There was a child
with significant behavioral issues that was breaking
ornaments, spilling glitter, etc. But within the mess
and chaos, there was a moment where a kid about
the similar age came over helped the child clean
up the mess, and they began making an ornament
together. This was an exciting moment, not only did
the child make a friend and was able to spend the rest
of the time playing and creating together, they also
helped each other feel part of something bigger. They
may have came from troubling situations and have
complicated home lives, but it didn’t matter when they
had the opportunity to let go and have fun.

It sounds crazy that a single volunteer, hour doing a
craft, or playing outside can change the life of a child
but Odyssey is much more than that. A volunteer
turns into a constant reliable figure, a craft turns
into a hobby, and playing with others can turn into
lifelong friendships. Odyssey strives to enrich the lives
of a child who participates in our child enrichment
program. For children who have been taken into
protective custody, Odyssey is an experience
for children in care to have a unique opportunity
for peer to peer bonding which is imperative for
the developmental process of children who have
experienced trauma from abuse and neglect. What
you may not know is that this time not only aims to
enhance their life and social skills but it is critical for
foster/adoptive parents to rest to better support and
provide for the children in their care. We have heard
from the parents time after time comments such as;
“now we can have a date night”, “the kids have been
talking about coming all month”, “I am so excited to
take a nap”. Odyssey is so much more than four-hour
respite, it is a time to self-charge, have fun, and overall
have four hours to experience new and exciting things.

It’s been a privilege to serve the youth and families
over our 13-counties and we are so excited and ready
to make Odyssey bigger and better for 2020.

Support & Training

Roots is a new event that just started in August of this • CONNECTION • TRAINING SUPPORT •
year. Although Roots may be new, we are already proud
and excited about all the pay off we have seen! Roots is
designed to double as a support group as well as time
for resource parents to get their training hours. During
this time we also house child care and strive to have the
same support environment open for the kids.

We’ve been able to invite speakers into these events to
share their wealth of knowledge with resource parents.
In November, Phelps County had an Occupational
Therapist come in and talk about the specifics of
Sensory and Trauma. This topic went into how sensory
and behavior is sometimes tied into each other. This is
just an example of a Roots event topic but this event
showed how meaningful it is to talk about things that
might be present in your kids’ lives. In that crowd we
had many parents with questions about their child’s
senses and how Occupational Therapy is important
with foster children. It was very eye opening to see the
conversations and the ah-ha moments happening with
these parents.

With the kids, we want to do the same thing but on a
different level. Working with the kids as a group to do
activities that strengthen sibling bonds, teach them new
things about their experience and overall give them a
peace of mind for beyond those two hours.

Roots might just be starting up, but has already made
a noticeable impact into the lives of our families and we
are eager to continue this in 2020.


Join Family Development Update:
the FOR
Club! Carol L. Montie, Family Development Supervisor

Consider donating Family Development has hired
$12 for 12 months a new trainer for our Rolla
office. We’re very excited to
By making a monthly financial gift, welcome Gus Nash, you can
you are “adopting” hundreds of read more about Gus on pg 5.
kids we serve all year long. Your
monthly commitment provides Our southern counties started
continuous support to child abuse a pre-service resource parent
prevention, crisis intervention, and pilot program, STRONG, in-lieu
post-adoption services. It is this of STARS. Our trainers will
kind of support that offers greater soon be trained to facilitate
stability to our base funding and trainings. Our northern
is vital to providing services to the counties will continue STARS
foster and adoptive community. pre-service training.

Your donation is tax-deductible. Family Development has
trained 107 new resource
$12/month Begin Again parents in the last six months, 685 hours of training. We
Backpack have completed 14 assessments for new families to have
their homes licensed.
$25/month Respite for 35 kids
We have added two new educational trainings, Sibling
$50/month Child enrichment Bond and CPR/First Aid. Our trainers including myself
programming for are now CPR/First Aid instructors and will be training in
10 children the 13 counties we serve.

$ 100/month One year of Through our education trainings, we have built a
support for resource provider community which has allowed the
Transitions Student parents to co-parent and support each other. They
arrange to participate in the trainings together to utilize
To join the 12 for 12 club, call the the strategies they learn.
Resource Center at 573-298-0258
or visit the “Give” page on our Our community partners, Children’s Division, Great
website: Circle, Circuit Judges, Rolla Chamber of Commerce,
Columbia College, just to mention a few, have been
amazing in the support they show Central Missouri
Foster Care & Adoption Association.


The 4th Annual JOURNEY
HOME™ Missouri Bus Tour
at the Lake of the Ozarks
on November 25th. It was
an eye opening and heart
wrenching experience
to give politicians and
community leaders a small
glimpse into what children
go through entering the
foster care system.


Begin Again Backpacks

Christal Jones, Family Finding Supervisor

This year, Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption ensure that more children can be served and the
Association has given out over 150 Begin Again turnaround time for these children to receive their
Backpacks to youth in central Missouri. The aim of back pack will be even less.
Begin Again Backpack program is to present every
child that comes into foster care in the Central Recently, a request for backpacks for a sibling group
Missouri area with a backpack filled with toiletry, of 5 came into the office. This sibling group was
school, and personal items that will help ease the going to be split between three foster homes that
transition process that they experience when moving were working together to keep the sibling bond
from their biological home to a new foster home. It strong. The oldest sibling came into the office with
is our goal to alleviate the trauma and provide each her foster parent to pick up these backpacks. She
foster child with a sense of belonging, stability, and was amazed at all the supplies that each of her
ownership. This program supports the competency siblings would be receiving. She expressed a sense of
of protecting and nurturing the children. relief that her each of her siblings would be receiving
their own personal backpack and would not have to
Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption share hygiene products with a fear of running out.
Association has always relied on donations to keep She was extremely excited to see that each of these
our backpack room fully stocked. This year, thanks siblings were getting a new set of pajamas and a
to our Resource Coordinator Eryn Pruitt, we have new item of clothing. She was also excited to be able
secured a monetary donation that will help keep to take a tour of our backpack room to see how the
our backpack room full and made it possible for us process worked. The Begin Again Backpack program
to expand to a fully stocked backpack room in our provides a sense of security and ownership for those
Osage Beach location and Rolla location. This will children going through this transition.


(Top photo) The Association wants to send a huge
thank you to Remax, Trickey-Cotten Team, Learfield
and Kaity’s family for the AMAZING donation of
Pajamas and costumes for next year. Our hearts are so
(Middle photo) Central Missouri Foster Care and
Adoption Association is so thankful for the amazing
gift from MFA Oil for kids and families. This gift is given
from employees who chose their charitable organization.
We are overjoyed and our hearts are so happy to share
this news with our community. Thank you, MFA!

Thank you


(Below) Huge thanks to Socket for the absolutely incredible gift
to the Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association!
We are so blessed by your generous heart and your compassion
and care for the kids we serve.


Jason Evans, Kinship Navigator Supervisor

The year 2019 has been an exciting year for Central grandmother by letting her know she now had
Missouri Foster Care Adoption Association. This someone in her court that was going to help her
year we saw the addition of the Kinship Navigator find resources to overcome some of her obstacles.
Program. The Kinship Navigator Program is At the end of that visit this grandmother told our
designed to help provide resources to relatives who navigator “ I don’t feel like I am all alone anymore.”
have stepped up to care for their family members This is why our Navigators do what they do. So they
and provide their younger relatives with a safe and can help provide hope for grandparents and other
secure home. These relatives may be Grandparents, relatives who are raising their younger relatives and
Aunts and Uncles or even older siblings taking on doing it without vital resources they need.
the challenges or raising children that are not their
biological children. Many times these providers are The Kinship Navigator Program is
providing homes to these children without any state designed to help provide resources
involvement and without needed resources. to relatives who have stepped up to
care for their family members and
The Kinship Navigator Program is focused on provide their younger relatives with
helping these families identify needed resources
and to help ensure they are using resources a safe and secure home.
available to them. Our Navigators meet with these
families and provide family needs assessment.
Navigators work to identify the needs of the family.
These needs can range from identifying resources
to assist with basic needs such as housing, food,
clothing or mental health services. Navigators
are here to assist families to overcome barriers to
ensure placement of the children are secure.

The Kinship Navigator Program is located in
our new Osage Beach, Missouri office. Since
our open house in August of 2019, The Kinship
Navigator Program has served 48 youth and 33
parents. Serving these families we have seen many
heartaches and have been touched by their strength
to carry on, in spite of some of their challenges.
One of our Navigator had the opportunity to serve
a grandmother who had placements of 4 of her
grandchildren. In addition to raising the 4, she also
cared for another 5 grandchildren in the evening.
This grandmother was struggling. She was living
off less than $400 a month income. Her vehicle
had broken down. She was unemployed and felt
all alone. Our navigator went to her home and
sat with her and conducted a needs assessment.
Our Navigator was able to provide hope to this


Grand Openings! 13

Osage Beach Office

This past six months have been an exciting one! In August,
Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association,
opened a new office in Osage Beach. While CMFCAA has
been serving the Lake area for years, our presence has not
been seen. Sitting across the street from Andy’s Frozen
Yogurt, staffed in our 4821 Osage Beach Parkway office, is
our new Kinship Navigator team as well as Direct Services.
The Kinship Navigator team provides kinship caregivers
assistance with understanding, navigating, and accessing
the system of out-of-home care supports and services for
children. With Direct Services, you will find a full Begin
Again Backpack room, up and
running for youth entering the
foster care system. All staff in
the Osage Beach office serve
all 13 counties, give us a call for
more information, or stop in M-F;
8 a.m.-5 p.m., to meet the team!

Rolla Office

In December, CMFCAA, also opened its doors in
Rolla! Our new space sits near the Phelps County
Court House and CASA, on 400 N. Main Street.
This office is staffed with our Family Development
Team, and our new, Community Connections Youth
Program. The Family Development team is there
to serve families interested in becoming resource
parents, as well as assist families in continuing their
training hours to maintain licensure. The Community
Connections Youth program team will be serving
young adults ages 17-26, who are currently in the
foster care system, preparing to exit or those who
have exited the foster care system in the last seven
years, in all 13 counties. We are very excited to
have the opportunity to have a physical presence
in Phelps County. There are over 300 foster youth
from Phelps Co, being one of our highest populated
counties we serve. Having a space in Rolla, now
gives us an opportunity to serve more youth and
families. Please come by, take a tour and meet our
new team members! We are open five days a week,
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


11th Annual CMFCAAGala

This November, the Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption
Association held our 11th Annual Gala, celebrating the many
successes we’ve had over the last year. Each year at the Gala, we
take the evening to celebrate the thousands of children and families
we have served through our programs, resources, and services, and
to recognize the sponsors, donors, and supporters who have helped
us along the way. On November 7, the community came together
to show an incredible support for the families and children that
CMFCAA serves across Central Missouri.

Dressed to the nines in their Hollywood best for the “Every Child
Is A Star” theme, guests at the Gala browsed more than 100 silent
auction baskets and heard wonderful music from The Royal Blues of
Capital City High School. This year, our guests had the opportunity
to hear the incredible story of keynote speaker Rodney Walker, a
former foster youth who went on to earn a Master’s degree from
Yale University. Hailing from Chicago, Rodney’s story of trauma
recovery and his journey to success reminds us that “every child is
one caring adult away from becoming a success story.” In addition
to serving as the keynote speaker for the Gala, Rodney also led
an education event with CMFCAA the following morning at the
Broadway Hotel in Columbia.

We at CMFCAA want to take this time to recognize not only the
successes that we’ve experienced this year, but also to say a very
big and very special thank you to everyone in our communities for
helping us continue to provide for the needs of families and children.
From the more than 400 guests and more than 40 sponsors at our
Gala, to the many, many individuals, businesses, and organizations
who have supported us in other ways over the years – we can’t
begin to thank you enough. Our work would not be possible without
the generosity of so many!


Gala Sponsors A HUGE Thank You to Our Sponsors!

CHILD CHAMPION SPONSOR Brydon Swearengen & England Trinity Lutheran Women’s
Diamond Pet Foods Michael and Marcia McCoy Auxiliary
Gary & Mildred Schell Scholastic Inc. Missouri Coalition for
KidsFirst Optimist Club of Children’s Agencies
CHILD ADVOCATE SPONSOR Columbia Evers & Company, CPA’s, LLC
Friends of Foster Children Bartlett &West Harper, Evans, Wade
Home State Health & Netemeyer
DIAMOND Lee’s Chicken/Fisher Family Trickey Cotton Team
Ameren MO Central Bank
SILVER Freshwater Church
PLATINUM Great Circle Schulte’s Fresh Foods
Genesis Company LLC Lincoln University Hawthorn Bank
EAG Laboratories Country Financial
Southwest Animal Hospital Compass Health Network PATRON
Missouri Alliance for Jefferson Bank
GOLD Children and Families Central Electric Power
Centene Corporation Oscars Classic Diner Cooperative
Classic Buildings Jefferson City Oil Co., Inc.
Darrell & Chris Moore Allstate Insurance - 15
Dollar General Distribution Center Chris Lueckel
Gibbs Pool & Turner PC Tim Decker
Glen Costales Cotton Walker
Missouri Employers Mutual Williams Keepers
Magical Smiles
Memorial Baptist Church BRONZE
Luebbering Insurance Dr. Roy and Ann Michael
Scott Hamblin, Attorney at Law, Heidi Lucas and Levi Maxwell

809 Swifts Hwy
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Serving Counties:

Audrain Maries
Boone Moniteau
Callaway Morgan
Camden Osage
Cole Phelps
Laclede Pulaski

Join our mailing list!

If you want to know about FREE trainings, events and resources for foster and adoptive families in Central MO,

join our mailing list! Go to

Contact Jefferson City Office- HQ Boone County Office Osage Beach Office Rolla Office
Us: 809 Swifts Hwy 105 E Ash, Suite 101 4821 Osage Beach Parkway 400 N. Main Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101 Columbia, MO 65203 Osage Beach, MO 65065 Rolla, MO 65401
573-298-0258 573-476-6039 573-693-9525 573-426-6514

All offices open Monday-Friday from 8am – 5pm

Staff President & CEO [email protected]
DeAnna Alonso CPO [email protected]
Sarah Bashore Director of Finance [email protected]
Finance: HR & Strategic Development Specialist [email protected]
Jacque Moreland Compliance Coordinator [email protected]
Support: IT & Marketing Specialist [email protected]
Leslie Jacobs Fund Development Specialist [email protected]
Elizabeth Travis Marketing Specialist [email protected]
Ben Rieke Resource Coordinator [email protected]
AmeriCorp Vistas: Family Finding Supervisor [email protected]
Morgan Johns Extreme Recruitment® Investigator [email protected]
Jarod Powell Extreme Recruitment® Recruiter [email protected]
Direct Services Department: 30 Days to Family Specialist [email protected]
Eryn Pruitt Kinship Navigator Supervisor [email protected]
Family Finding Department: Kinship Navigator Specialist [email protected]
Christal Jones Kinship Navigator Specialist [email protected]
Debra Stark Family Development Supervisor [email protected]
Kyle Peek Family Development Trainer [email protected]
Dave Gibson Family Development Trainer [email protected]
Kinship Navigator Department: Family Development Trainer [email protected]
Jason Evans
Kelscey Martin
Crystal Wilson
Family Development Department:
Carol Montie
Samantha Green
Lorenzo Scott
Gus Nash


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