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Published by Tecnoglass, 2017-02-07 15:12:37

BrochureTECNO_2016_R6digital_collage cover_LR

BrochureTECNO_2016_R6digital_collage cover_LR

The Power of Quality

Enhancing the Skyline
with Quality

Single Source Warranty
Single Source Supplier
TecnoAir Glass Heat Treating
TecnoBend Bent Glass
Low-E Coatings
New Oversize Glass Coater

As an industry leader we follow one vision: quality. FEATURED NEW PRODUCTS
Since 1984 we have strived to constantly improve our
glass’ optical quality. We remain committed to investing TECNOAIRAir otation technology by Tecnoglass
in new technologies, increasing our capabilities and
creating new partnerships. TECNOBENDBent Glass byTecnoglass
Our brands, Tecnoglass, ESWindows and Alutions, are
fully integrated in a state-of-the-art 3 million-square-foot R&N-Series
facility on the northern tip of South America where we Solar Control Low-E Glass
employ more than 5,000 people. We sell to more than 25 Energy E ciency
countries under a single-source warranty.
Our record-breaking technologies, quality control JUMBO SIZES
processes and commitment to growth as an industry
leader allow us to supply glass for every use, including 130” x 236”*
tempered, laminated, insulating, screen-printed,
bullet-resistant and curved glass. Our heat-treated glass MAXIMUM SIZE CAPABILITIES
is processed under the PPG Skyline Quality Program,
which limits heat-treated glass’ atness to a new *Call us for exact maximum size capabilities.
We are answering the demand for jumbo-sized glass,
more e cient Low-E coatings and glass that makes new
architectural designs possible. All of these capabilities
are supported by a professional team that ensures
on-time deliveries and competitive prices.



High-performance laminated glass provides durability in State-of-the-art heat-treated glass—whether heat-strength-
meeting multi-functional applications such as safety, ened or fully tempered—is a Tecnoglass specialty. Our
security, sound control, solar energy performance and heat-treated glass is fabricated using the latest technology
ultraviolet screening, as well as hurricane, earthquake and and is known for its minimum roll wave (lower than ASTM
bomb blast resistance. Our laminated glass achieves all this standard) and its excellent optical qualities. This allows our
while preserving the aesthetic appearance of the glass. customers to display and enjoy the highest quality glass with
Because it exceeds the quality standards in today’s market, the least distortion possible.
our laminated glass has become our star product. We are the
preferred supplier of laminated glass for high-rise construc- Heat-treated glass is able to support higher mechanical or
tion in South Florida, where we have prevailed despite its thermal stresses than glass that is not heat treated. The result
strict building codes. We are certi ed by the SGCC and PVB is reduced breakage risk from external agents or temperature
fabricators to provide all types of hurricane-resistant glass change.
(large missile or small missile impact).
We can provide several layers of lamination reaching up to 4 Applications
inches in thickness, in sizes up to 129” by 236” .
Heat-treated glass is commonly used in the construction
INSULATING industry when maximum safety products are required.
Used in:
Insulating glass is ideal for buildings that require e cient - Floating facades
climate control. Inherently, insulating glass increases a - Building lobbies
window’s thermal performance by reducing the heat gain - O ces
or loss. Thus it results in window and door systems that are - Shower enclosures
more energy-e cient and buildings that are more cost-ef- - Sliding doors
fective. This type of glass can also reduce noise transmission - Project out windows
while protecting building occupants from the weather. - Fixed windows
In order to o er a multi-functional product that can meet - Storefronts
most any customer demand, curved, laminated, - Partitions
silk-screened and spandrel glass can all be insulated - Handrails
following standard fabrication processes.


Our monolithic glass consists of a single lite of glass that is
formed using the oat glass manufacturing process. Mono-
lithic glass can be enhanced through additional fabrication
processes for insulating capabilities, design enhancements
and added strength.


TECNOAIRAir otation technology by Tecnoglass TECNOBENDBent Glass byTecnoglass

TecnoAir glass surpasses all existing quality standards by Curved glass makes buildings ow
breaking records both in terms of glass distortion and The sleek and sophisticated appearance of glass o ers
iridescence. Thanks to Glaston and its air otation unparalleled style, keeping it among the top material
technology, which replaces the traditional roller-type choices for everything from buildings to trophy cases.
tempering furnaces, TecnoAir glass achieves quality that However, the newest glass design trend takes the
has been beyond reach until now. modern appeal of glass and adds a twist. Curved glass is
increasingly used to add movement and dimension to
TecnoAir is the result of a completely new approach to traditionally static structures, and is among the fastest
glass heat treatment. It is not just an improved tempered growing glass trends across the globe.

at glass, but a revolutionary innovation that changes Every year, the demand for custom glass grows as
some of the orthodox rules of glass tempering, taking architects and designers specify more curved or bent
glass quality to a new level and creating completely new glass for more dramatic design solutions. Such applica-
products. tions include spiral staircases, skylights, elevators,
stadiums, zoos, bridges, curtain walls and hundreds of
KEY ADVANTAGES others uses. Bent glass can make great architecture
- Record-breaking quality. extraordinary.
- No rollers – no roller marks.
- Practically wave-free glass, for both clear Superior capability, high Low-E tempering
TecnoBEND bent glass is available with Low-E and
and Low-E glass. tempering in architectural glass sizes. It is also possible to
- The best iridescence values in the industry provide a bend and temper a glass coating against the rollers.
quantum leap in architectural glass quality. Bending is performed through gravity bending processes
- The rst true opportunity to produce the thinnest safety or by pressing the glass against rollers to assure high
glass in the world. optical glass quality. We process at glass in the bending
- Highest surface compression levels for thicker glass section of the tempering line or with a separate chiller.
(4 mm over 200MPa!).
- 15-50% energy savings in thin glass production Beyond new fabrication methods, curved glass also has
(2-4 mm glass). bene ted from availability of more robust coatings and
interlayers. While at one time coatings would warp when
TecnoAir is the absolute leading technology in the market glass was bent, new proprietary technology allows us to
when it comes to glass with low distortion and irides- curve glass while still maintaining its patterns and e ects.
cence values, achieving optical quality that is similar to The coatings and interlayers now available open up a
that of oat glass. One of the greatest advantages of number of new options for curved glass.
TecnoAir is that there are no roller marks on the glass,
thanks to the use of air otation technology.

0-50%: 50-70%: Ø 118 7⁄64 in
visible marks 50 marks can be easily seen

70 Ø 196 27⁄32 in


normal market 165 23⁄64 in
96 1⁄16 in



VERY GOOD 95-100%:

Isotropy value

Glaston IriControLTM Maximum Glass Sizes - four pieces, full circle.

Solar Control
with the latest Low-E

LGoLwA-SES R-Series
Solar Control Low-E Glass
Energy E ciency Energy E ciency

Our solar control Low-E coatings o er big energy saving The R-series is a full range high-performance REFLECTIVE
bene ts to any architectural project. These coatings control Insulating Low-E glass that o ers low to high re ectivity and
the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes visibility, and a low Solar Heat Gain Coe cient. This coating
through glass, while transmitting a similar amount of visible has a neutral brightness that enhances the appearance of
light as uncoated glass. This means building occupants low-iron glass as well as various tinted glasses.
bene t from controlled heat gain, which reduces heating
and cooling loads and, ultimately, energy costs. Low-E N-Series
coatings improve the overall performance of glass or Solar Control Low-E Glass
windows because they limit heat—not light—transmit- Energy E ciency
The N-Series is a full range high-performance NEUTRAL
Insulating Low-E glass developed to enhance solar control
and energy e ciency while o ering neutral aesthetics. This
new coating o ers high levels of transparency, which allows
the natural daylight to pass through even as it reduces glare
and UV transmittance.

Solar Control for N70/38
summer and winter. Solar Control Low-E Glass
Energy E ciency

Tecnoglass o ers the perfect Solar Control Low-E glass for
summer and winter. Tecnoglass N70/38 is an ideal glass
combination as it o ers the utmost visual clarity and trans-
parency with the energy-saving bene ts of Low-E. This
coating reduces a building’s overall energy costs.

ENHANCEMENTS / Design Without Limits

Tecnoglass lead-free ceramic frit paints are perfect for your building’s
glass needs due to their consistent color, durability, cost e ectiveness,
and environmental friendliness. We also o er translucent and opaque
(when viewed in re ection with an opaque uniform background)
ceramic frit color options for silk-screening.
Pick from a variety of standard design patterns or customize the face of
the building with your very own original design.
The possibilities for architectural design are endless thanks to TECNO
PRINTING. We’ve combined the durability of ceramic inks with the
versatility of digital printing into one proven solution for all glass-print-
ing applications. It’s a revolutionary step in glass fabrication that
perfectly combines form with function.
There’s more than one way to get your glass edgework with Tecnoglass.
You can choose from: Seamed, Flat Belt Ground, Flat Belt Seamed, Flat
Ground, Flat Polished or Mitered Edges. Incorporating a mitered edge
or silk-screened pattern must be approved before application.
Tecnoglass can supply you with more options for custom enhance-
ments to monolithic glass with hole-drilling capabilities starting at
1/4” thickness.

Wgfolhraysjswuamitbo size

when you can have it now?

Larger buildings need larger glass and Tecnoglass is ready to supply up to MAXIMUM SIZE CAPABILITIES
130” x 236”* jumbo-sized sheets of coated, laminated, tempered and
insulating glass. 130” x 236”A v a i l a b l e N o w
Our commitment to quality, through continuous investments in new *Call us for exact maximum size capabilities.
technologies and the expansion of our facilities, allow us to answer the
demands of new architectural designs. The future is now.

Anthony J Celebrezze Federal Building
Cleveland, Ohio Washington, DC
Brickell City Centre
Miami, Florida Houston, Texas

New York, New York

The Power of Quality


The Tecnoglass group (Tecnoglass, Alutions and ESWindows) is a fully integrated supplier strategically located on the
northern end of South America on the Colombian Caribbean coast. Because we control the manufacturing process
from beginning to end, we are able to o er a single-source warranty. We don’t perform random quality control on our
products—we inspect every single one of them.


Our Quality Control program is proof of our constant commitment to surpass accepted quality standards. We are
certi ed by the top companies in the industry to ensure that our products and services stay up to date and comply
with the stringent rules and regulations of the industry. Our heat-treated glass is processed under the PPG Skyline
Quality Program that limits heat-treated glass atness to a new standard. TGLS

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