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Club HEAL Annual Report 2018-19

Club HEAL Annual Report 2018-19


FY2018/2019 Annual Report

1 April 2018 - 31 March 2019

Registered with the Registry of Societies · 13 February 2012 ·
UEN T12SS0028K · Institution of a Public Character (IPC) ·
1 November 2017 - 30 April 2020

Patron-in-Chief Contents
Mdm Halimah Yacob, President of Singapore
Patrons 3 Quote by Patron-in-Chief
Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Member of Parliament 4 President’s Message
for Chua Chu Kang GRC 5 Milestones
Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, Member of 6 About Club HEAL
Parliament for Jurong GRC 8 Programmes & Services
Dr Radiah Salim Centre-based Rehabilitation
Vice-President Programme
Dr Zuraimi Mohd Dahlan Empowerment Programme
Hon. Treasurer Support Groups
Ms Fauziah Mohd Hussein Home Visits & Counselling
Hon. Asst. Treasurer Community Outreach &
Ms Maimunah Jumat Training
Hon. Secretary 10 Events
Ms Noorunnisa d/o PK Ibrahim Kutty Public Events
Hon. Asst. Secretary Booths
Ms Rohizan Talib Community Partner Events
Hon. Members 15 Fundraising & Publicity
Dr Bibi Jan Ayyub Fundraising
Ms Tazrinah Hussein Publications
Ms Siti Hawa Sulaiman Press Release
Ms Deena Abdul Aziz Bajrai Radio
Ms Siti Aishah Jaafar 21 Organisation Chart
Ms Dewani Abbas 22 Sincere & Heartfelt Thanks
Ms Siti Noor Baizura Rahmatullah
Hon. Legal Counsel Blk 244 Bukit Batok East Ave 5 #01-02
Ms Roslina Baba Singapore 650244
Hon. Expert Advisors +65 6899 3463
Dr Habeebul Rahman
Dr Joseph Leong Jern-Yi [email protected]
Dr Norhisham Main
Dr Sharifah Mariam Aljunied


“Persons with mental health
issues face many challenges,
prejudices and barriers.
I am glad that Club HEAL
has been supporting
them in their recovery
and reintegration

President Halimah Yacob
Patron-in-Chief of Club HEAL


President’s Message

‘Empowerment through art work of our clients, and through women with addiction issues called
change and innovation’ the ‘Our Healing Voice’ (OHV) ‘A Healing Space’ took shape in
Programme. October – helmed by our first
In this financial year ending 31st addictions counsellor, Sis Mazirah.
March 2019, Club HEAL continues “All our dreams can come With the support of the Singapore
to forge onwards through many true – if we have the Prison Service, we hope to augment
necessary changes and innovations. courage to pursue them.” national efforts to be rid of the drug
Firstly, we impacted the madrasah – Walt Disney menace.
and asatizah communities through Last but not least, Club HEAL have
our madrasah counselling service In celebration of World Mental also strengthened our management
and our MOU with PERGAS, under Health Day 2018, ‘Landscapes of team. Sis Maznah Masop joined us
which we conducted training on Our Mind’ was staged at the as our first CEO, having previously
mental health topics for a group of Esplanade. Launched on 5th served in Club HEAL’s Management
asatizahs. More madrasah students October by Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, Committee since 2016. She aims to
have come forward to seek help it was a shining tribute to the strengthen our corporate services
earlier, while the asatizah training creativity of our clients in drawing, team and set the strategic direction
has benefited the latter in painting and pottery. Indeed, it for the staff, in addition to cleaning
counselling people with various provided a platform for them to up our processes to improve our
mental health challenges such as share their recovery journeys governance.
mental illness, addiction issues or through art. Club HEAL continues to fill in service
dementia. OHV aims to develop advocates of gaps in the community through the
Secondly, we expanded our mental health from among the collective and earnest efforts of our
programmes for the elderly by persons in recovery (peers), as well staff and EXCO, and with great
reaching out to the mosque as to help groom them to become support from donors and volunteers
community through our ‘Keluarga mentors to other peers. This is the alike.
Syifa’ Programme, where we trained first solely-peer-run programme in 2019 marks the beginning of a new
mosque staff and volunteers so that Singapore, and Club HEAL has era for Club HEAL.
they are able to plan and conduct started to reap the benefits. We “...Indeed, Allah will not change the
activities at the mosque for the now have peers ready to voice out condition of a people until they
elderly, especially those with mental in support of mental health, and change what is in themselves...”
health challenges such as they do this in different ways: in [13:11]
depression and dementia. We also their speech, their writings,
built upon our base of volunteers handicrafts and works of art. Dr Radiah Salim
specialised in befriending our Certainly, the programme has President, Club HEAL
elderly clients through the ‘Silver helped them gain confidence in
Volunteers’ Training Programme. themselves and others in their
Thirdly, this year has seen two firsts recovery journeys towards
for our clients - through Club community reintegration – which is
HEAL’s first public exhibition of the Club HEAL’s main mission.
Fourthly, a new programme to help

“Club HEAL continues to fill in service gaps
in the community through the collective and
earnest efforts of our staff and EXCO, and
with great support from donors and

volunteers alike.”



Launch of support
programme for women
drug addicts
Appointment of new CEO

Landscapes of our Mind -
Club HEAL’s first art
exhibition at Articulture,
Esplanade, showcasing
artwork by beneficiaries

Program Keluarga Syifa' to Our Healing Voice - a six
uplift the lives of month programme where
vulnerable seniors in the participants learn to take
community care of their mental
well-being through
self-expression and mutual

OHV Programme



Club HEAL is a non-profit organisation formed by
a group of like-minded individuals who are
committed and have a strong passion in helping
people with mental health issues lead a fulfilling
and purposeful life that is stigma-free.

Our Mission

To assist and empower persons with mental illness to regain
confidence in themselves and others in their journey towards
community reintegration.

Our Vision

To eradicate the stigma surrounding persons with mental
illness thereby breaking unnecessary barriers to their recovery

Club HEAL’s approach is a 3-tier programme aimed at:

1 Persons with mental health issues (peers)
2 Caregivers
3 Promotion of mental health among the general public

Programmes & Serv

Centre-based Rehabilitation Programme

107 participants have taken part in the Day Reha

Club HEAL’s day rehabilitation programme operates from
Activities and programmes at our Mental Wellness Centr
1. Imparting knowledge on essentials such as medication

illnesses and symptoms management
2. Developing life skills such as communication skills, bas

pottery, gardening, music, art and craft sessions
3. Fostering healthy attitudes through motivational sessio

participation in events with other community partners

Empowerment Programme

14 The Empowerment Programme is conducted by Club HEAL’s Peer
Support Specialist/ Programme Coordinator, Mdm Junainah Eusope.
selected participants took The group is focused on empowering themselves even as they heal
through support group sessions, development of their handicraft
part in the Empowerment skills, operation of pushcarts and participation in empowerment

Support Groups Community Outreach and Trainin

62 24 Caregivers’ support group sessions 61 22

Support Conducted every: Public talks at various Booths at
Group - first Friday of the month at Pasir Ris East centre institutions such as public even
sessions - second Friday of the month at Bukit Batok East centre schools, mosques and
- third Friday of the month at Marsiling centre community centres

38 Support group sessions for peers

- 12 Youth support group sessions
- 2 ‘Let’s Talk’ sessions
- 24 Our Healing Voice sessions



abilitation Programme 30 participants

m 9am to 4pm on weekdays. Club HEAL @ Bukit Batok East
es focus on three aspects:
n management, nature of 41 participants

sic computer skills, cooking, Club HEAL @ Pasir Ris East

ons, empowerment camps and 36 participants

Club HEAL @ Marsiling

Home Visits 572 Counselling

948 Home visits by CREST 2538

Home visits by COMIT Counselling sessions by


6 9 Public events organised
Healing Friends Training Iftar with Club HEAL with GOH President Halimah - 22 May 2018
Long-Stay Raya @ IMH - 28 June 2018
nts (HFT) sessions conducted Hari Raya Lunch with Club HEAL - 7 July 2018
- attracted 171 participants Bukit Batok Anglican Care Centre Hari Raya and National Day 2018

over 6 sessions Celebration - 19 July 2018

Fundraising @ Mosques nationwide - 20 July 2018
Art Exhibition: Landscapes of Our Mind - 5 to 10 Oct 2018
Art Exhibition for World Mental Health Month - 10 Oct to 11 Nov 2018
Book Launch: You can be Your Best - 20 Oct 2018


Events Talks/Forums/Workshops

Date Event Name Category Organiser Participants
3 Apr 18 Yale-NUS Mental Health Panel Information: Visiting Talk NUS Mass
panelists for Religion & Mental Health panel
4 Apr 18 Anxiety Talk Orange Valley - Mass
Woodlands Peak SAC
6 Apr 18 Health is Wealth Talk PPIS 9
7 Apr 18 Healing Friends Training @ PRE Training Club HEAL 21
15 Apr 18 Marsiling Welfare Care Workshop: Sharing Session Training Marsiling Welfare 72
Committee and Marsiling
19 Apr 18 As Syafaah Mosque Befriender Training: Dementia Training CCC 13
6 May 18 Managing Stress and Building Resilience  Talk As Syafaah Mosque 25
SASA - Singles and
2 Jun 18 Workshop on Ageing and Dementia Awareness Training Singles Again Mass
2 Jun 18 Mental Health For muslims in todays context Talk & Booth Perdaus Youths and AIC Mass
Ramadhan Rescues
27 Jun 18 Mental Health Awareness & Caregiver Syndrome Talk Committee, MUIS, Fitree 50
AIC (For HDB Branch
27 Jun 18 Introduction to Mental health Talk O ce Managers) 70
27 Jun 18 Mental Health Awareness Talk PERGAS 20
AIC (For Min Law
28 Jun 18 Long-Stay Raya @ IMH Event Services Centre) 100
7 Jul 18 Hari Raya Lunch with Club HEAL Event Club HEAL 120
17 Jul 18 Basic Counselling Skills Talk Club HEAL 48
20 Jul 18 SG Cares Community Network @ Woodlands Networking Madrasah Al-Maarif 10
20 Jul 18 Friday Mosque Collection Event MSF SSO @ Woodlands Mass
21 Jul 18 Talk: Dementia & Early signs of Mental Health  Talk & Booth Club HEAL 40
Challenges AIC, Yuso Ishak Mosque
28 Jul 18 Healing Friends Training @ PRE Training and Club HEAL 27
28 Jul 18 NTUMS Pulse OK Run 2018: Talk & Booth Talk & Booth Club HEAL 25
2 Aug 18 "Target ZERO Domestic Violence" (Mental Health: Its Talk & Booth NTU Muslim Society 100
Impact on Family) Casa Raudha Women
7 Aug 18 Mental Health Discussion: Tamu Sensasi Talk Home (CRWH) Media-Radio
14 Jul 18 Mental Health Discussion: Tamu Sensasi Talk Mediacorp-Warna Media-Radio
15 Aug 18 Keeping Fit program for MUIS o cers Talk: Talk Mediacorp-Warna 35
Introduction to Mental Health (English) MUIS
15 Aug 18 Mental Health Awareness Talk
16 Aug 18 Persiapan Menghadapi Peperiksaan dan Cara Talk Fuchun Sec 76
Menangani Stress Madrasah Aljunied 420
17 Aug 18 Understanding Mental Illness, Treatment of Mental Training Al-Islamiah
Illness PERGAS (For Asatizah) 40
24 Aug 18 Rehabilitation and Recovery, Crisis Intervention Training
(Suicide) PERGAS (For Asatizah) 27
25 Aug 18 Sihat Oh Sihat (SOS) (Recording) COMMS
7 Sep 18 Mental Health Conditions in the Elderly Talk Mediacorp Suria Mass
14 Sep 18 Addictions Training PERGAS (For Asatizah) 40
15 Sep 18 Healing Friends Training @ PRE Training PERGAS (For Asatizah) 40
19 Sep 18 Dementia Awareness Talk Club HEAL 29
21 Sep 18 Dementia Forum (Malay) Forum Perdaus (For Sta ) 15
21 Sep 18 Developmental Disorder Training AIC 80
29 Sep 18 Demential Training for MHPA [email protected] Training PERGAS (For Asatizah) 40
2 Oct 18 Tamu Sensasi Radio Warna: Art HEALs (Seni Talk/Outreach Club HEAL 10
Memulihkan) Mediacorp Mass


Events Talks/Forums/Workshops

Date Event Name Category Organiser Participants
4 Oct 18 1st Global Summit for Mental Health Advocates - Panelist
Breakout Session 11 – Mental Health, Rehabilitation Silver Ribbon (Singapore) 14
4 Oct 18 & Reintegration Talk
5 Oct 18 Mental Health Issues speci c to Women Exhibition & Henderson CC 40
6 Oct 18 Art Exhibition: Landscapes of Our Minds COMMS Club HEAL Mass
9 Oct 18 Panelist
10 Oct 18 Forum Pembangunan Kesihatan Keluarga: Bukan Al Istiqamah Mosque 40
12 Oct 18 Kemahuan Ku Untuk Lupa Talk Jabatan Dakwah Mass
Tamu Sensasi Radio Warna: On Caregivers (Berke- Mediacorp
naan Para Penjaga) Outreach
Launch of Art Exhibition for World Mental Health NLB & Club HEAL Mass
Month Talk
Mental Health Dow Chemical Paci c  22
(Singapore) Pte Ltd
12 Oct 18 Work in Progress 2.0: Is mental illness a failure? Talk Community Health 40
Assessment Team (CHAT) 
13 Oct 18 Art therapy (with demo by artists) Talk NLB & Club HEAL 10
13 Oct 18 Adult Islamic Learning (ADIL) Knowledge Retreat: Talk MUIS, Youth & 500
Between Ridha & Seeking Help: Correcting the Community Education
16 Oct 18 Misconception Discussion Strategic Unit Mass
18 Oct 18 Tamu Sensasi Radio Warna: Recovery (Baik Pulih) Sharing Mediacorp 12
Introduction of Club HEAL to North Zone School North Zone School
19 Oct 18 Counsellor Event Counsellors Mass
20 Oct 18 Art Exhibition: Castles in the Air Book Launch Janssen 60
20 Oct 18 Book Launch - You Can Be Your Best Talk Club HEAL & NLB Mass
20 Oct 18 Q&A on mental issues Talk NLB & Club HEAL 30
23 Oct 18 Parenting Talk for Madrasah Parents Talk/Discussion Club HEAL Mass
Tamu Sensasi Radio Warna: On employment of Mediacorp
3 Nov 18 PMHA/ Menyokong PMHA dalam alam pekerjaan Talk/Discussion
3 Nov 18 Interactive Forum - Play on Mental Health (Panelist) Sharing Youths of Darul Arqam 40
9 Nov 18 Book Sharing by Club HEAL Sharing NLB & Club HEAL 10
10 Nov 18 ARS Learning Journey @ PRE Training PERGAS 35
11 Nov 18 Healing Friends Training @ PRE Talk Club HEAL 33
Cara Menangani Tekanan (Stress) dalam pembelaja- Al-Amin Mosque 55
13 Nov 18 ran dan hubungan kekeluargaan Talk/Discussion
Tamu Sensasi Radio Warna: Mental health issues in Mediacorp Mass
17 Nov 18 the elderly (Masalah Kesihatan Mental di Kalangan Talk
Warga Emas) ADA 40
20 Nov 18 Cara-cara untuk Menangani Tekanan dalam Talk/Discussion Mediacorp Mass
20 Nov 18 Tamu Sensasi Radio Warna: Masalah Kesihatan Talk PERGAS 35
20 Nov 18 Mental di Kalangan Remaja (Mental Health Issues Networking COMnet Senior Services Mass
among Youth) AMKFSC Community
ARS Learning Journey @ PRE Services Ltd Mass
Pasir Ris Networking Session Mediacorp

27 Nov 18 Tamu Sensasi Radio Warna: Addiction Issues among Talk/Discussion Quantum Storage
12 Dec 18 Women (Masalah Ketagihan di Kalangan Kaum Talk Singapore Pte Ltd
Mental Health Awareness



Events Talks/Forums/Workshops

Date Event Name Category Organiser Participants
14 Dec 18 Lunch & tour of psychiatric services at Sengkang Networking Mass
General Hospital Head of Psychiatry
27 Dec 18 Talk Sengkang General 40
30 Dec 18 Talk for Teachers: Penyakit Mental - Memahami Hospital 40
Murid Anda Talk Madrasah Aljunied
Relationship and Emotions Management Al-Islamiah 60
Talk/Club HEAL Mosque Manager cum
5 Jan 19 Our HEALing Voice Graduation: Shine On! Event aLIVE Administrator | Haji
Talk Yuso Mosque
8 Jan 19 How to deal with suicidal thoughts Club HEAL
12 Jan 19 Healing Friends Training @ PRE Talk/Sharing Nur Zhafeerah Kamal 100
18 Jan 19 AIC Community Mental Health Learning and Sa nah Institute
Sharing Sessions Talk/Panelist Club HEAL 23
30 Jan 19 SMHC Opening Ceremony: Opening Ceremony & AIC 150
Booth Talk/Discussion
31 Jan 19 Simposium Emas: Kesihatan Mental Talk IMH, AIC, NCSS, HPB Mass
8 Feb 19 Mental Health
Talk Unit Bahasa Melayu, MOE 140
9 Feb 19 Depression: Facts & Myths SP Malay Language 40
Training Society
13 Feb 19 Corporate Engagement Service: Roleplay Talk Al-Mawaddah Mosque 60-80
14 Feb 2019 Mental Health Talk Family Development
21 Feb 2019 6th Engaging Hearts and Minds Seminar (EHMS) O cer 10
2019 Talk/Workshop Jessica Lee SATS Ltd 1600
23 Feb 19 Identifying Dementia and Caregiving for the Loved RGS Mass
One with Dementia Talk/Panelist Raihan Ismail EHMS 2019
23 Feb 19 Singapore Mental Health Film Festival: THE GIRL, Organising Team 60
THE MOTHER AND THE DEMONS Talk/Guest Speaker Social Development
23 Feb 19 Conversations about Mental Health: Seeing the En-Naeem Mosque 150
World through a Grain of Sand Training Singapore Mental Health
2 Mar 19 Healing Friends [email protected] Talk/Sharing/Net- Film Festival 2019 30
9 Mar 19 Learning Journey with Club2Care working Interact Coordinating
Talk Committee (ICC) 38
Club HEAL 17
Talk Club HEAL

9 Mar 19 Mental Health Talk Indian Muslim Social 50
Talk Service Association
15 Mar 19 Mental Health Issues in the Elderly Community: (IMSSA) 30
Forum (Understanding Unseen Issues faced by the Talk NUS Muslim Society's
elderly in Singapore) Elderly Ad-Hoc; Project 40
Training Link 2019 300
16 Mar 19 Dementia and Depression/Anxiety Forum/Seminar Masjid Kassim
23 Mar 2019 Golden Life Elder Suicide Prevention Seminar: SAGE Counselling Centre

Panelist Madrasah Aljunied 330
27 Mar 19 Introduction to Mental Health Al-Islamiah
City Gas 27
28 Mar 19 Mental Health SuChi Success Initiatives 27
30 Mar 19 The physical, mental and metaphysical aspects of Pte Ltd


Events Booths

Date Event Name Organiser Participants
Narpani Pearavai Youth Committee Mass
29 Apr 18 Narpani Pearavai Youth Committee Run: Booth Sembawang GRC MAECs Mass

17-19 May 18 Woodlands Bazaar Raya Utara 2018 partnership: NHS Kids Committee Mass
NHS Kids Committee Mass
Booth Titanium Ribbon Project Mass
30 Jun 18 Neighbourhood Health Service: Booth & Screening Project REdiscover (students) 8

1 Jul 18 Neighbourhood Health Service: Booth & Screening Asyafaah Mosque Mass
4 Aug 18 Health is Wealth Symposium - Booth & 30 other partners
[email protected] Batok Mass
26 Sep 18 Active Ageing for Caregivers Seminar: Booth
29 Sep 18 MIND Matters discussion group: Caring for your Club HEAL SAMH CRSS Mass

mental health Pasir Ris Family Service Centre Mass
BBE SCEC & AAC Seniors Mass
30 Sep 18 Assyafaah Family Fiesta 2018
14 Oct 18 WMHD Event @ AMK Central Stage (Central) Silver Ribbon (Singapore) Mass
iMH, Psychiatric Nurse's Chapter Mass
18 Oct 18 Invitation to SG Cares Community Network @ Bukit NTU Welfare Services Club Regular Service Mass
Batok on Thursday, 18 October 2018 Project (Mental Health)
28 Oct 18 Happy Minds, Happy Lives – Resilience across the IMH, NUS 20
ages (BBE Mental Health Day)
10 Nov 18 Family Wellness Roadshow: Booth
10 Nov 18 BBE SCEC and AAC Seniors' Week health fair: Booth
& Human Library (TBC)
24 Nov 18 Celebrate Life, Celebrate Wellness
25 Nov 18 PNC Mental Health Carnival
18 Feb 19 NTU Mental Health Week: Outreach Booth

23 Feb19 OCD Public Talk


Events Community Partner Events

Date Event Name Organiser Participants
22 May 18 Club HEAL Mass
26 May 18 Iftar with Club HEAL with GOH President Halimah Bukit Batok East CC MAEC,  (YEC) Youth Mass
Harmony Iftar 2018 Executive  Committee and IRCC
1 Jun 18 Madrasah Alsago Al-Arabiah Mass
2 Jun 18 Iftar Jamai' Majlis Pelajar Pergas (MPP) 40
Ihya Ramadhan - Project Reconnect: Talk - Depres-
10 Jun 18 sion/Mental Health Wellness PA, RC, IRCC, North West CDC, An Nur Mass
Iftar [email protected] Mosque, IMSSA
19 Jun 18 Institute of Policy  Studies Mass
7 Jul 18 IPS Community Forum 2018 BBE MAEC Mass
8 Jul 18 Hari Raya Dinner: Salam Mesra Aidil tri Mdm Rahayu Mass
8 Jul 18 Mdm Rahayu's Hari Raya Reception Marsiling CC Mass
14 Jul 18 Hari Raya Gathering with Mr Zaqy Mohamad Singapore Bikerz Inc Mass
Singapore Bikerz Inc Perjumpaan Hari Raya 2018 :
14 Jul 18 Introduction Pasir Ris East Zone 10 Mass
19 Jul 18 Pasir Ris East Zone 10 Perjumpaan Hari Raya Club HEAL Mass
Bukit Batok Anglican Care Centre Hari Raya and
23 Jul 18 National Day 2018 Celebration Advanced Practice Nurse (ADON) Mass
4 Aug 18 HMDP expert's discussion (Prof Michael Rise) PCF, PA, NorthWest CDC Mass
9 Aug 18 Marsiling National Day Dinner Celebration Marsiling CC Mass
Marsiling CC National Day Observance Ceremony:
8 Sep 18 Booth IMH Mass
8 Sep 18 Mental health Festival (IMH 90 anniversary) NCSS Mass
7 Oct 18 Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign Silver Ribbon (Singapore) Mass
WMHD Event @ Wisma Geylang Serai (East) Cermin
7 Oct 18 Kehidupan - Ketenangan Dalam Kehidupan BBECC MAEC Mass
Senamria & Sembang Pagi Bersama Puan Rahayu
9 Oct 18 Mahzam NCSS Mass
25 Oct 18 Community Chest Awards 2018 AIC Mass
Launch of the Dementia Friends mobile application
26 Oct 18 at the "Healthy Mind, Better Life Seminar" Silver Generation Embassador Mass
27 Oct 18 Silver Generation Embassadors Appreciation Dinner Clarity Mass
3 Nov 18 WMHD Event @ Kampong Admiralty (North) MHA Mass
13 Dec 18 Minister's Appreciation Lunch Bukit Batok East C2E (Community Emergen- Mass
Bukit Batok East SGSecure Training & Appreciation cy and Engagement) Committee
16 Dec 18 Night 2018 Akar Education (Singapore) Mass
Pesta Wira Melayu Singapura 2018: Hari Melayu
10 Jan 19 Sedunia: Award Presentation and Booth HOPE Alliance Mass
12 Jan 19 HOPE Alliance 1st Anniversary Celebrations SSI Mass
Social Service Institute’s (SSI) Graduation and
18 Jan 19 Awards Ceremony 2019 See Yen Theng (Ms) AIC Mass
Invitation to a Dialogue Session with MOH & Media
25 Jan 19 Interview MINDSET Care Limited • A Jardine Matheson Mass
[Partners] Invitation to JAs Appreciation & Appoint- Charity
26 Jan 19 ment Ceremony People's Association Mass
9 Feb 19 Wisma Geylang Serai O cial Opening Marsiling Citizens' Consultative Committee Mass
Marsiling Chinese New Year Celebrations 2019 (CCC)
10 Feb 19 The Necessary Stage 9
14 Feb 19 Necessary Stage: O Centre - Triangle Project Elsie Kan (Ms) Mass
Invitation To Community Mental Health Divsion's
16 Feb 19 CNY “Lo Hei” Lunch with Partners Tan Chin Tuan Mass
Tan Chin Tuan Foundation (TCTF) CNY 2019
16 Feb 19 get-together People's Association Mass
Bukit Batok East Chinese New Year Dinner 2019


Fundraising & Publicity


FY 19 Sources of Donations

22% 1%


General Wakaf
Friday Mosque Collection Zakat
Street Collection


Fundraising & Publicity


HEAL Newsletter

HEAL Newsletter issues 20 to 23 were published on April-June
2018, July-September 2018, October-December 2018 and

January-March 2019 respectively.
The newsletters are available at Club HEAL centres and online:


Press Release

Kemurungan boleh jejas sesiapa (Depression can affect
– Berita Harian 20 June 2018
Kaunseling, program pemulihan bantu atasi kemurungan
(Counselling, rehab program help overcome depression)
– Berita Harian 13 July 2018
Lukisan bantu redakan masalah mental (Art helps reduce
mental health challenges)
– Berita Harian 15 August 2018
‘I don’t want to be Eugene Tan with bipolar’ : People with mental
health issues face workplace discrimination
– CNA news 8 September 2018
Not feeling they are alone helps the recovery process
– Sunday Times 9 September 2018

Mental Health: Looking beyond the label
– Straits Times 10 September 2018
Forum kongsi ilmu, kupas isu demensia (Forum shares
knowledge and discusses the issue of dementia)
– Berita Harian 25 September 2018


Press Release

Hari Kesihatan Mental Sedunia: Kelab HEAL anjur pameran seni
(World Mental Health Day: Club HEAL organised art exhibition)
– Berita Harian 27 September 2018
Sokongan padu keluarga, rakan bantu pulihkan kemurungan,
skizofrenia (Support from family and friends helps healing from
depression and schizophrenia)
– Berita Harian 27 September 2018
Penderita skizofrenia paranoid berjaya lawan stigma terhadap
diri (Schizophrenia su erer successfully overcomes self-stigma)
– Berita Harian 27 September 2018
Pameran "Landskap Minda Kita" tampil karya peserta sakit
mental (Exhibition “Landscapes of Our Mind” featured the works
of people with metal illnesses)
– Berita MediaCorp 5 October 2018
Lukisan cerminkan perjuangan terhadap kemurungan,
kebimbangan (Painting re ects the struggle of facing
depression, anxiety)
– Berita Harian 9 October 2018
40 ustaz, ustazah jalani kursus kemahiran kenali, bantu isu
masalah mental (40 religious educators undergo course to
understand and help mental health issues)
– BERITA MediaCorp 9 October 2018
3 kategori baru diperkenalkan bagi Anugerah Dana Masyarakat
(3 new categories introduced into the Community Fund Award)
– BERITA MediaCorp 9 October 2018


Press Release

Latih minda kawal kiran (Training your mind to take control of
your thoughts)
– Berita Harian 19 October 2018
14% penduduk Singapura pernah alami masalah mental
(14% of Singaporeans experience mental health issues)
– Berita Mediacorp 11 December 2018
Causes Week 2018: Plugging the gap in mental health support
– The Straits Times 19 December 2018
Kes masalah mental yang dikendalikan Club HEAL melonjak
lebih 400% tahun ini (Mental health cases handled by Club
HEAL jumped to 400% this year)
– Berita Mediacorp 22 December 2018
Jerih payah hidup dijadikan iktibar, penawar (Lessons in healing
from life’s challenges)
– Berita Minggu 3 February 2019
Program pemulihan ubati patah hati kehilangan suami
(Rehabilitative program healed a heart broken from the loss of
her husband)
– Berita Minggu 3 February 2019
Tekanan silam dorong usaha membantu (Past stresses motivate
giving-back e orts)
– Berita Minggu 3 February 2019



Seni Memulihkan (Art HEALs) – Tamu Sensasi on Radio Warna 94.2FM – 2 October 2018
with Art Instructor Nhawfal Juma’at and Dr Radiah Salim from Club HEAL
On Caregivers (Berkenaan Para Penjaga) – Tamu Sensasi on Radio Warna 94.2FM – 9 October 2018
with Senior Counsellor Hamidah Bahashwan and Caregiver, Mdm Zaiton Bee from Club HEAL
Baik Pulih (Recovery) – Tamu Sensasi on Radio Warna94.FM – 16 October 2018
with Ms Heryani Jamaludin, Senior Case Manager and author of book “You can be your best” and
Sumaiyah Mohamed, Programme Coordinator from Club HEAL
Isu Kesihatan Mental dan alam Pekerjaan (Employment of persons in receovery from mental health
issues) – Tamu Sensasi on Radio Warna94.FM – 23 October 2018
with Dr Radiah Salim and peer, Mdm Rushsidah from Club HEAL
Masalah Kesihatan Mental di Kalangan Warga Emas (Mental health issues in the elderly) – Tamu Sensasi
on Radio Warna94.FM – 13 November 2018
with Mental Health Nurse, Fazeeda Mohamed and caregiver, Mdm Sarimah Sahid
Masalah Kesihatan Mental di Kalangan Remaja (Mental health issues amongst the youths) – Tamu
Sensasi on Radio Warna94.FM – 20 November 2018
with Senior Counsellor, Noraini Wahab and peer, “Maya”
Masalah Ketagihan Dadah di Kalangan Kaum Hawa (Addiction issues amongst the women) – Tamu
Sensasi on Radio Warna94.FM – 27 November 2018
with Dr Radiah Salim, Counsellor, Mazirah Abd Rahman and Peer Mentor, Kamisah Mohamed


Organisation Chart

Club HEAL’s Organisation Chart

MaMnaagneamgeemnet nTteam

Programme Training Corporate Services

Case Management Support Group Rehab Healing Friends Secretariat
Training (HFT) HR/Admin/
COMIT Caregivers Centre Facility Mgt
Rehab Silver Volunteers Finance/IT
CREST Young Female Training Corp Comms/
Peers (YFP) Our Healing Voice Mar Comm
Youth (OHV) Customised Fundraising
(Madrasah) Addiction Training
(Women) Volunteer Mgt
Research &


Sincere & Heartfelt Thanks

Platinum Donors Club HEAL extends our heartfelt thanks
Mr Richyal Nudgem to our Donors for believing in our mis-
Sheng Siong Group sion and for generously supporting us
Binjai Tree from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

Gold Donors Your generosity helps our mental health
Dr Lubna Bte Ahmad Harharah bene ciaries to improve their lives.
Dr Radiah Binti Salim
Mr Azmoon Bin Ahmad Mdm Halimah Binte Yacob
Lee Foundation Lord John Edgecumbe Shazell
Ms Julia Binte Johari
Silver Donors Ms Lim Seow Leng
Ishk Tolaram Foundation Mr Moeez H Nakhoda
Mr Noor Mohamed K. Imambeck Mr Mohamed Nasim s/o Abdul Rahim
Dr Elly Sabrina Binte Ismail Second Chance Properties Ltd
Mr Mohd Alami Musa
Bronze Donors Hj Rahim Bin Amin
Mr Hatim Fidahusein Nakhoda Spurwing Communications PTE Ltd
Mr Luk Yi Ping Ms Stella Tan Peck Hoon
Mr Mohamed Rafi Medina Medical Centre
Ms See Mee Lee Ms Swapna K Verma
Mellford Pte Ltd LPM Al-Ansar
SSA Culinary Institute P/L Mr Zainal Bin Sapari
Cikgu Sarinah Binte Haji Hanif
Dr Zuraimi Bin Mohamed Dahlan Friends of Club HEAL
Ms Deena Binte Abdul Aziz Bajrai Mr Wang Chee Cheng Adrian
Datin Dr Maimunah Othman Mr Adris Bin Isnin
Pertapis Mr Asharaff Ali s/o S M
Mr Abdul Hamid Bin Abdullah Arab Network @ Singapore Ltd
Mdm Arfat BeeBee Bte N M A Latiff Mdm M Sainava Bte Buang
Mr Fareed Husain Yusuf Kagda Ms Najiha Hayati Binte Hashim
Ms Jenni Lau Mdm Norlinda Bte Buang
LPM Al Falah Mr Sheikh Ahmad Rifaí Bin Munir
Mr Luc Mongeon Mdm Rahmah Binte Ahmad
Loyang Tua Pek Kong Mr Leong Min Kee
Mr Mansoor s/o H. M. Hassanbhai Mr Lokman Bin Abu Hassan
Dr Shahul Hameed Ms Maleha Binte Maarof
Mr Tan Gim Guan Mr Mohamed B Abdullah Harharah
Mr Wang Yat Yee Mark Thinkplate Pte Ltd
Gynae Consultancy Pte Ltd Dr Nooraisha Binte Abdul Quddoos
Mdm Zainah Bt Mustafa Ms Mohamed Nasim s/o Abdul Rahim
Mr Mohamed Yousoof Bin Abdul Majeed Ms Nur Nasyitah Binte Aminnudin
Ms Norlinda Binte Kamsan Dr Parveen Kaur
Dr Yahaya bin Sanusi Dr Saleha Bt Johari
Stirling Enrichment Services Dr Sharifah Munirah bte Abdullah Alhamid
Mr Muhamed Usaf Ansari Ms Siti Kalsom Salamat
Sallim Talib Family Settlement Assyakirin Mosque
Mdm Rohizan Binte Talib The Arab Association Singapore
Mdm Loo Chun Choo Mr Tan Weng Mooi
Ms Masrurah Binti Buang
Mrs Salmah Bte Roslan 22
Prof Daniel Fung Shuen Sheng

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