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Realty Executives Southern Region October 2016 Newsletter

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Published by Realty Executives Southern Region, 2016-10-28 14:22:28

October 2016 Newsletter

Realty Executives Southern Region October 2016 Newsletter

October 2016


By Zig Ziegelman

Wow, what a great meeting at the Realty Executives

Broker/Owners Conference recently held in Scottsdale, AZ.

Many of our largest companies were represented. Realty

Executives just moved into their new corporate headquarters

across the street from True North Companies headquarters.

The new headquarters for REI has corporate space of 20,000

sq. ft. and we can grow up to 200 employees in that location. REI is rolling

out an awareness program by advertising in Realtor magazine taking the

back page, and Rismedia, where REI will be on the back cover and one front

cover. You can review the schedule in PrimeAgent under Marketing-Local PR

Generator, below is what the schedule looks like.

There will also be premium placements in Inman magazine. PR marketing

will include advertising of

Commercial and

Luxury Property. The copy

will be Clean, Simple and

Digital. National Public

Relations effort will be

made every other month.

REI wants to blanket the

entire market.

New mini-mag REI EXEC

magazine promotes our

own Executives. REI

adjusts feedback using a


Public Relations National Strategy and can make it local too! Local PR
generator is now available. You can provide stories to the PR Department on
a regular basis. The Logo for Commercial and Luxury Estates is improved
with white on blue. Below is the theme for the near future.


Congratulations Everyone!!!

Ranking is determined on “actual” gross commission closed through September
2016. Congratulations to these Outstanding Executives who achieved an Award
Level in the first nine months of 2016; especially the 147 of you who achieved
100% Club or higher in just nine months of closed business – Also, Congratulations
Sharon Bailey, Sally Love, Debra Whaley, Debaran Hughes and Tammy
Garber for achieving the Double Diamond Award. They are on their way towards
achieving the Pinnacle Award- Outstanding Job!!! Congratulations Everyone!

Double Diamond Award

1 Sharon Bailey Knoxville 4 Debaran Hughes Knoxville
2 Sally Love The Villages 5 Tammy Garber Knoxville
3 Debra Whaley Knoxville

Diamond Award

1 Kathy Abruzzo The Villages 11 David DiGioia Cornelius
2 Jon Brock Knoxville Savannah
3 Jay Blevins Knoxville 12 Scott Shippy Knoxville
4 Aaron Fowler Knoxville 13 Joe Fox Lake Mary
5 Kerry Queener Knoxville Knoxville
6 Tom Hughes Knoxville 14 Mel Bernstein The Villages
7 Carrie Dougherty Knoxville 15 Cole Edwards Knoxville
8 Kriston Wilson Knoxville 16 Cindy Wise Knoxville
9 Ashley Finney Knoxville 17 Ray Gaudet Knoxville
10 Nicholas Nicaud Knoxville 18 Sherry Paul
19 Beth Pankratz

100% Club Award

1 Daniel Parker Knoxville 35 Scott Tomlinson Clearwater

2 Wanda Hendryx Seymour 36 Leslie Rotella Knoxville

3 Jackie Mills Knoxville 37 Angie Gibson Knoxville

4 Heather Pourchot Seminole 38 Pete McClain Jr. Knoxville

5 Nancy Alley Knoxville 39 Jeff Larue Knoxville

6 Terri Kerr Knoxville 40 Emily Page Pratt-Miller Knoxville

7 Dave Moore Knoxville 41 Larry Bailey Knoxville

8 Kim & Mark Harrington Lake Mary 42 Tish Hickman Knoxville

9 Amy King Knoxville 43 Lindsay Dicus-Harrison Seminole

10 John Porta The Villages 44 Randy Susong Knoxville

11 Scott Wilson Knoxville 45 Mark Murphy Seminole

12 Ted Fisher Knoxville 46 Noel Gilbreath Knoxville

13 Jeanne Dukes Knoxville 47 Maurice Natour Knoxville

14 Quint Bourgeois Knoxville 48 Yvonnca Landes Knoxville

15 Cheryl Hatfield Knoxville 49 Ray Cooper Knoxville

16 Christine Sparks Knoxville 50 Lisa Hagerman Knoxville

17 Steve Amburgey Central Florida 51 Gidget Jackson Marathon

18 Amy Schlosser Knoxville 52 Reba Snyder Knoxville

19 Julie Haines The Villages 53 Robin Myrick Knoxville

20 Caroleanne Vorac Seminole 54 Chip Huber Knoxville

21 Vickie Ricker Greeneville 55 Michael C. Klanot Sarasota

22 Kim Miller Knoxville 56 Kara Edenfield Knoxville

23 Laura Jensen The Villages 57 Malloy Team Clearwater

24 Sherry Zirakdjou Lake Mary 58 Donna Bailey Knoxville

25 Forrest Murphy Seminole 59 Betty Cooper Knoxville

26 Vicki Everbach Knoxville 60 Theodore Ciske Clearwater

27 Timothy Hathaway Knoxville 61 Peggy Schaefer The Villages

28 Lambdin Freeman Seminole 62 Jeffrey Jones Clearwater

29 Angela Cody Knoxville 63 Pamela Owen Knoxville

30 Chris Spencer Hickory 64 Denny Koontz Knoxville

31 Julie Hedges Johnson City 65 Bo Caldwell Knoxville

32 Team LaPoint Orlando 66 Thomas Jostes Knoxville

33 Douglas Ewell Knoxville 67 Karen George Knoxville

34 Andrea Spires Johnson City 68 Lisa McCurry Knoxville


69 Andrew Sharits Knoxville 97 Tammie Hill Knoxville
98 Mary King Knoxville
70 Martha Hancock Knoxville 99 Lois Bonacci Lake Mary
100 Chris Hauck Knoxville
71 Lynn Waters Knoxville 101 Melissa Anderson Knoxville
102 Cynthia Stansberry Knoxville
72 Brian Shelby Knoxville 103 Bunky Doxsee The Villages
104 Lois Leonard Hickory
73 Kathy Caylor Knoxville 105 John Melton Knoxville
106 Jeanna Penton Knoxville
74 Dana Webb-Sims Knoxville 107 Hope Davis Knoxville
108 Elizabeth Hamil Knoxville
75 Matt Craft Knoxville 109 Lisa Vineyard Knoxville
110 Margaret McGuiness Knoxville
76 Todd Hill Cornelius 111 Beth Larson Savannah
112 Karol Clark The Villages
77 David Roberts Knoxville 113 Bev Shive The Villages
114 Darrell Biggs Seminole
78 Judy Brewton Knoxville 115 Carolyn Bolden Hickory
116 Mike Murphy Seminole
79 Linda Meese Knoxville 117 Mike Hicks Knoxville
118 Amy Goodlett Knoxville
80 Mac Tobler Knoxville 119 Furman Burt Winston-Salem
120 Megan Stansbury Knoxville
81 Barbara Lowry Knoxville 121 William Long Knoxville
122 Sandy Jones Knoxville
82 Diane Martin Clarksville 123 Travis Fuller Knoxville

83 Ryan Fogarty Knoxville Knoxville
Johnson City
84 Gary Koontz Knoxville Knoxville
85 Terry Goodson Knoxville Knoxville
The Villages
86 Mary Grant The Villages Hickory
87 Doyle Webb Knoxville The Villages
88 Dick Brower Knoxville Savannah
89 Steven Doty Knoxville Clearwater
90 Jeanne Duncan Knoxville Knoxville
Central Florida
91 Jamie Seal Knoxville Knoxville
92 Jerry Headrick Knoxville Seminole

93 Susan Calabrese Knoxville 4

94 Mary Kidwell Knoxville

95 Pam Morgan-Robertson Knoxville

96 Jim Van Ostran The Villages


1 Linda Mieczkowski Central Florida 20 Stephanie Wilson
2 Victor Adamo Seminole 21 Carol Goodwin
3 Anne Barrier Hickory 22 Barry Smith
4 Rusty Ensor Knoxville 23 Donna Tallent
5 Laura Harrison Seminole 24 Jerry Collins
6 Cal Cundiff Clearwater 25 Liz Dietrich
7 Marie Gerrick Knoxville 26 Elizabeth Frank
8 Alvin Sanders Savannah 27 Wesley Shotwell
9 Cissie Smith The Villages 28 Francis Pierce
10 Jason Fulmer Central Florida 29 Christian Merrill
11 Jackie Price Knoxville 30 Sharon Brookshire
12 Kathryn Knowles Lake Mary 31 Steven Hardison
13 Teresa Rogers Johnson City 32 Marian Henry
14 Frank Weiskopf Knoxville 33 Wendy Hoffman
15 Debbie Gibson Johnson City 34 Lisa Axley
16 Rene' Jenkins Knoxville 35 April Winters
17 Vicki Glardon Knoxville 36 Jana Webb
18 Keith Allison Knoxville 37 Gina Jenkins
19 Robin Skeen Knoxville 38 Don Taylor

39 Gary Lenderman Knoxville 46 Tammy Gerdts Kingsport
47 Daniel Green Knoxville
40 Dawn Kilby Hickory 48 Linda Weir Knoxville
49 Jennifer Honeycutt Knoxville
41 Dog Gone Good Team The Villages 50 Jill Piercy Johnson City
51 Melissa Duffy Central Florida
42 Carl Knudsen Savannah

43 Jade Isenhour Hickory

44 Eddie Perry Maynardville

45 Mary Crawford Melbourne

Silver EXECUTIVE Award

1 Sonya Dodd Knoxville 41 Russell Orlowski Knoxville
2 Tom Whitten Savannah
3 Bill Morton Knoxville 42 Pam Zachary Knoxville
4 Phyllis Edington Knoxville
5 Kay Chang Central Florida 43 Alan Long Hickory
6 Jim Umstead Central Florida
7 Kim Litton Knoxville 44 Terri Mason Knoxville
8 Donald Batho Knoxville
9 Tom Morris Knoxville 45 Charles Copenhaver Jr. Knoxville
10 Pamela Zibell Clearwater
11 Bill Cox Hickory 46 Penny Lawrence Lake Mary
12 Jennifer Gonzalez Lake Mary
13 Jeff Bales Knoxville 47 Ashley Gould Knoxville
14 Sam Daugherty Knoxville
15 Jen Dollar Lake Mary 48 Kim Oliver Hickory
16 Lynette Bell Knoxville
17 Maureen Citarello Seminole 49 Hector C. Gomez Sarasota
18 Christine DiRienzo Central Florida
19 Chris Barnes Knoxville 50 Henry Fennell Knoxville
20 Elizabeth Clark Knoxville
21 Aleex Conner Knoxville 51 Laszlo C. Kovacs Sarasota
22 Brian Howard Knoxville
23 Donna Martin Knoxville 52 Julie Hash Spivey Knoxville
24 Kelly Bolden Hickory
25 Judy Rowley The Villages 53 Michael Veri Ocala
26 Leah Woodruff Knoxville
27 Becky Hale Johnson City 54 Robert Sabrkhani Lake Mary
28 Emily Wyrick Knoxville
29 Cindy Dickerson Knoxville 55 Sandy Black Seminole
30 Janie Diggs Hinesville
31 Katherine Phelps Knoxville 56 Stephen Smith Knoxville
32 Pat Serafino The Villages
33 Pam Lovett Hinesville 57 Mandy Hembree Knoxville
34 Teresa Hensley Hickory
35 John Mansker Lake Mary 58 Mitzi Brown Seymour
36 Robert Berube The Villages
37 Charles Fethe Knoxville 59 Brad Knuth Central Florida
38 Kris Julian Lake Mary
39 Beckie Colvin Knoxville 60 Marcee Blackmon Knoxville
40 Dick Cutler Knoxville
61 Richard Crabtree Clearwater

62 Janice Loveday Knoxville

63 Gina King Hickory

64 Ginger Jarvis Central Florida

65 Mike Owens Knoxville

66 Phyllis Harrison Bristol

67 Rebecca Fritschie Knoxville

68 Doyle Hensley Knoxville

69 Adam Sharp Knoxville

70 Karla Mason The Villages

71 Ellie Howe Knoxville

72 John Mier Knoxville

73 Judy Danner Central Florida

74 Scot Prince Lake Mary

75 Carlton Purvis Watkinsville

76 Bertha Sanchez Knoxville

77 Margaret Lopez Ocala

78 John Palatinus Knoxville

79 Karen Robertson Knoxville

80 Randy Temple Knoxville


81 Victoria Duever Johnson City 94 Debra Davis-Johnson Knoxville
82 Nivia Santos Lake Mary 95 Kim Douglas Knoxville
83 Kay C. Winefordner Sarasota 96 Rodney Atkinson Lake Mary
84 Sandra Giraldo Ocala 97 Tae Harper Central Florida
85 Darrell Tipton Knoxville 98 Tom Aubry Knoxville
86 Ashley Keeton Francis Knoxville 99 Ryan Freeman Hickory
87 Susan Clouse Johnson City 100 Rhonda Lyles Knoxville
88 Janet McGlohn Knoxville 101 Matt Hearon Knoxville
89 Christine McInerney Knoxville 102 Eddie Taylor Knoxville
90 Jan Cole Knoxville 103 Steve Davis Knoxville
91 Marsha Barr Knoxville 104 Matthew Thomas Knoxville
92 Mary Butler Seminole 105 Dena Hood Knoxville
93 Glenda Wilson Lenoir


By Ken Durkee

Congratulations to those Executives who closed five or more

sides in the month of September 2016. This is remarkable!

Congratulations to all Executives who continue to do outstanding

production! Here are the names of the Executives and their
companies’ names.

Randy Rose 5 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES Kingsport
Tammy Gerdts 9 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES Johnson City
Jill Piercy

Carolyn Bolden 5 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES Lenoir
Glenda Wilson

Julie Haines 9 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES in The Villages
Sally Love 8 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES in The Villages
John Porta 9 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES in The Villages
Kathy Abruzzo 5 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES in The Villages
Bunky Doxsee 5 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES Ocala
Glenn Stein

GEORGIA 9 sides REALTY EXECUTIVES Coastal Empire-Savannah
Scott Shippy



Broker/Owners & Executives: Come drop by the Realty Executives
Hospitality Suite during the National Association of Realtors
Conference held in Orlando, Florida. Contact Zig Ziegelman CRB
CRS GRI ABR SFR SRES at (352) 801-3470 for times and

National Association of REALTORS
Industry Update Excerpts!

Pending Home Sales Edge Up in September

WASHINGTON (October 27, 2016) — Pending home sales shifted higher in September following
August's notable dip and are now at their fifth highest level over the past year, according to the
National Association of Realtors®. Increases in the South and West outgained declines in the
Northeast and Midwest.
The Pending Home Sales Index, a forward-looking indicator based on contract signings, grew 1.5
percent to 110.0 in September from a slight downward revision of 108.4 in August. With last month's
gain, the index is now 2.4 percent higher than last September (107.4) and has now risen year-over-
year for 22 of the last 25 months.
Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says a robust increase in the West and a healthy bump in the
South pushed pending sales upward in September. "Buyer demand is holding up impressively well
this fall with Realtors® reporting much stronger foot traffic compared to a year ago 1," he said.
"Although depressed inventory levels are keeping home prices elevated in most of the country,
steady job gains and growing evidence that wages are finally starting to tick up are encouraging
more households to consider buying a home."
In last week's report on September existing-home sales, according to Yun, there are many positive
indicators showing that the housing market's overall health continues to improve as we near the end
of 2016. In addition to sales matching their third highest pace (5.47 million) since February 2007
(5.79 million), distressed sales — foreclosures and short sales — fell to their lowest share since
NAR began tracking them in October 2008 (4 percent). Furthermore, sales to first-time buyers
reached 34 percent, which matched the highest share since July 2012 and was up convincingly from
September 2015 (29 percent).
"The one major predicament in the housing market is without a doubt the painfully low levels of
housing inventory in much of the country," added Yun. "It's leading to home prices outpacing wages,
properties selling a lot quicker than a year ago and the home search for many prospective buyers
being highly competitive and drawn out because of a shortage of listings at affordable prices."
The PHSI in the Northeast fell 1.6 percent to 96.5 in September, but is still 7.7 percent above a year
ago. In the Midwest the index declined modestly (0.2 percent) to 104.6 in September, and is now 1.0
percent lower than September 2015.
Pending home sales in the South rose 1.9 percent to an index of 122.1 in September and are now
1.7 percent higher than last September. The index in the West jumped 4.7 percent in September to
107.3, and is now 4.0 percent above a year ago.
National Association of Realtors®, "The Voice for Real Estate," is America's largest trade
association, representing 1.1 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and
commercial real estate industries.




REALTY EXECUTIVES Adamo & Associates, Seminole
Pam Conaway -
Kevin Boyer -
Catherine Formas -

Jacqui Norman -

REALTY EXECUTIVES LifeStyles Group, Mount Dora
Karen Murphy -

REALTY EXECUTIVES LifeStyles Group - Clermont
Elianny Ojeda-Garcia -
Alejandro Ron Garcia -

Nidia Saba -
Maria Ubillus
Rosana Parra

Jomar Lopez -
Jose Diaz

REALTY EXECUTIVES Suncoast, Clearwater
Cecia Bennett


REALTY EXECUTIVES Coastal Empire, Savannah
Ellen Champlin –


REALTY EXECUTIVES Middle Tennessee, Clarksville
Jason Martin –
Gina Dalton –


Helen Whisnant –

REALTY EXECUTIVES Unlimited, Cornelius
Heather Griffin –


October 2016 Newsletter

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