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Published by Buddinghtree, 2017-07-25 17:51:50

07.25.17 Owens

07.25.17 Owens

Buddinghtree Consultancy LLC

“Balancing the Needs of Trees and People”

Tree Management and Diagnostics

Tree Maintenance recommendations

Mr. Frank Owens
10 Thompson Place
Larchmont New York

Larchmont, 26 July 2017
Dear Mr. Owens,
Thank you for using the services of Buddinghtree Consultancy LLC.
Below you will find a number of recommendations for the benefit of your trees.
Tree locations:

1. Katsura
The Katsura may have some internal decay in the base of the tree.
Since most trees root very shallow as result of thin topsoils over rock base, they are often
affected by decay patterns that start at the center base of the stem.

I tapped the tree with a hammer and found inconsistencies in the sound of the wood that most
likely indicates some form of internal decay. I do not think that at this point it jeopardizes the
stability of the tree.
If you wish to, the tree can be probed with digital equipment to assess to check if the above
observation is correct.
The cost for such an analysis is $355.00 plus tax for site visit, assessment of graphics and
The vitality of the tree appears to be good.

2. Japanese maple

This tree shows a major decay point in one of the two main stems. The prevailing active fungus
is Kretschmeria deusta. Luckily the decay pattern is very much exposed to open air slowing its
activity down. The affected stem appears to be still very solid. Spraying with a tea tree solution
will slow its activity further, but ultimately the tree may lose the affected limb.
At this point in time I recommend that dead wood is removed and vitality is boosted through a
soilcare regime.

3. Row of Japanese maples and dogwoods, right hand boundary

These trees form a lovely arch effect over the driveway. All trees appear to be in good condition.
Some smaller dead branches need to be removed.

4. Sorrel tree

The sorrel is prominent in size. It shows some dead wood that requires removal.
I also suggest a soil care regime.

5. Hemlock hedge

The hemlocks are affected by hemlock scale and hemlock woolly adelgid.
They need to be managed with an annual oil spray regime to control both insect infestations.

6. Honeylocust

Tree is in moderate to good condition.
Some dead wood pruning is required and a soilcare regime is recommended.

7. Holly

This tree is in good condition and requires no remedial work for the moment.

8. Dogwood
Some minor dead wood removal is required and I recommend a soil care regime.
Tree pruning work
For tree pruning work you may wish to contact Atlas Tree Service, Antonio Partida of New
Phone 914-497-6604
Soil and plant health care
For soil and plant health care I recommend a company called CompostWerks, Peter Schmidt,
phone 914-837-2364
Thy run organic applications for tree nutrition and have an organic care program for the
Kind regards,
Frank Buddingh’

General Waiver applicable to all consultancy work commissioned:

Plants are living organisms. We use the most up to date equipment to assess condition
and or trends of structural weakness of your trees, and advice accordingly to the best of our
However, we cannot be held liable if our findings in terms of stability, structure or general health do
not match actual conditions. Nor can we be held liable for any future calamities/damages after
implementation of our recommendations.

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