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Jewish Exponent March 16, 2017

Jewish Exponent March 16, 2017

MARCH 16, 2017 / ADAR 18, 5777
One-man show recounts lengthy
struggle to perform.




OF NOTE Talk on Cohens Take
Reins as
LGOLOCABAL L Antiquity Jewish
RHaebabdiliLnoerd of Mount Campaign
JHoenaadtlhinaen Sacks Co-ChairsDAVID L. AND RHONDA COHEN
BHreiandglsinMeessage Carmel
Ecompbyrace life’s LIZ SPIKOL | JE STAFF main reason for taking on the important
dcoifpfeyrences, he says. Illuminates fundraising role as campaign co-chairs.  
Cemetery’s Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s chief “Naomi has been a breath of fresh air,”
Page 00 development officer, why the organization David Cohen said. “She’s been an outstand-
LOCAL History chose Rhonda and David L. Cohen as its ing leader. She came in not wanting to blow
new campaign co-chairs, and she chuck- up the world; she wanted to listen and
PLIFeEnSTnYLSEt&uCdUeLTnURtsE MARISSA STERN | JE STAFF les: “More the question is why they chose understand and reach out and talk to people.
AHcecaedplitnFeailure to accept our invitation!” She’s exactly the kind of leader that people
WHeaalldolfinReejection HARRY D. BOONIN has done a lot of like Rhonda and me — who were looking for
scofptyens associated research in his 80 years. David L. Cohen has an answer to that: new leadership and a different approach to
sctoipgyma. “Naomi [Adler] asked.” [Jewish] Federation — were looking for.”
Pcaogpey5. He researched his own family history
after his mother got a book for her birth- He and Rhonda Cohen shared that She was also the first Jewish Federation
Page 00 day called Finding Our Fathers: A Guide- answer, along with other thoughts about CEO who reached out to speak with
LOCAL book to Jewish Genealogy, which piqued their new gig, in a glass-walled conference Rhonda Cohen directly rather than simply
Boonin’s interest. room on the 52nd floor of the Comcast calling David Cohen.
VFOaOnDdalism building last week. David is Comcast’s
VHieeawdelidneon High That eventually led him to serve as the senior executive vice president and chief “We’re anything but millennials, but in
SHueravdeylinpienpoints first president of the Jewish Genealogical diversity officer. Rhonda was a partner in the millennial world, you got to be kidding
dcoapmyages at Mount Society of Greater Philadelphia, which was the law firm of Ballard Spahr LLP until her me,” said David Cohen of that old-fash-
Ccoaprymel Cemetery. founded in 1979 and has since grown to retirement; she now serves on many civic ioned approach. “Talk about a disconnec-
Pcaogpey6. more than 250 members. and nonprofit boards. tion. The notion that you can get to the
family by going through the husband … ”
Page 00 He spent 24 years doing research for The couple, who have been married for
three books he wrote about South 40 years, sat across from each other as the It was a good move, too, because as it
Volume 203080 Philadelphia Jewish history. city glittered below, and spoke about their turned out, Rhonda Cohen and Adler had
Number 1002 mutual respect and affection for Jewish a lot to talk about.
Now, he’s turned his research to more Federation CEO Adler, who was their
Published Weekly Since 1887 recent events, namely the vandalism at See Cohen, Page 14
Mount Carmel Cemetery.

On March 15, he gave a talk at the Big
Blue Marble Bookstore about the history
of the cemetery as he has found thus far,

See History, Page 14

Width: 5.389" HARDWOOD
Color: 5B5l5aSc.kHepnlduerssoonneRoad
CommeKnint:gJoefwPirsuhssEiax, PpAonent *see store for details

10 YEARS IN 610.757.4000

Name: Aaron Dobrinsky Dinner Event
Width: 9.25"
Depth: 11"
Color: Black plus one
Comment: JE 4/16
Ad Number: 00072446


THIS WEEK “Grandfather W L HESTName: West Laurel Hill ILL
of Google”
IN THIS ISSUE dies at 91. Width: 4.501"
12 DCeoplotWrh::B7el.’a3rc7ek5Up" lunsioqnue e. Come Out and See Why!

Comment: Jewish Exponent

Ad Number: 00072387


Chester County checks in with rally Miriam’s
against hate. Advice Well


National A Jewish woman marrying a
Catholic man wonders how she’ll ex-
Global plain to her mother that the children
won’t be raised the same way she
16 OPINION was. Miriam notes that no one raises
their kids exactly the way that they
Editorial were raised. She counsels the reader
Columns to “learn from your past and hers,
Kvetch ’n Kvell and combine that with your current
The View reality,” also suggesting the reader
from Here speak with other interfaith families
about what works and what doesn’t.
19 LIFESTYLE Join Us For The Behind Closed Doors Tour
planned-interfaith-marriage-raises- April 22, 2017 - 10am
& CULTURE questions-raising-children/
Join us for a rare behind-the-scenes look at some of
Arts Online Extra West Laurel Hill’s unique mausoleums! This Cemetery stroll
will highlight famous notables, showcase the grounds as well
Food Dieting doesn’t UNREST
IN ISRAEL as make stops to see the interiors of various mausoleums.
26 TORAH have to be bland.
COMMENTARY Our online team 610.668.9900
23 will be regularly
27 COMMUNITY with the latest 225 Belmont Avenue
on what is happening in Israel — and
Jewish Federation the response in the United States Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
Calendar and around the world.
Mazel Tov William A. Sickel, F.D., Supervisor, West Laurel Hill Funeral Home, Inc.
Deaths headlines



March 17 6:52 p.m.

March 24 6:59 p.m.

2100 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103


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Rabbi Sacks Returns to Kohelet Yeshiva
With Message of Embracing Difference

LOCAL And the message couldn’t be Judaism, Christianity and It has had a bigger impact than He urges the community to
more timely. Islam — and why that rela- any other book I ever wrote.” be alert, though he is “not
MARISSA STERN | JE STAFF tionship has been such a vio- remotely surprised” by the
His most recent book, Not lent and tragic one, and it’s a The reaction to his book, recent events.
RABBI LORD Jonathan Sacks in God’s Name: Confronting book that makes you think which he rewrote four times
wants people to get along. Religious Violence, looks at the again,” Sacks said from Lon- before its 2015 publication, has “This is part of a massive
rise of religious extremism and don in a phone interview. been a resoundingly positive assault on the state of Israel,
The author of more than 30 violence as well as the relation- and rewarding one. essentially. We are suffering col-
books, former chief rabbi of ship between Judaism, Christi- “And it’s a book that I want- lateral damage in the assault on
Great Britain and the winner of anity and Islam. ed to be read not just by Jews, To Sacks, who will be visit- the state of Israel,” he said. “This
the 2016 Templeton Prize has but by Christians and Muslims ing Kohelet Yeshiva High is not the 1930s all over again, it
written and spoken for years on “It’s a very strong state- and it has been very widely read School and spending a Shabbat really isn’t, and the real assault
the importance of interfaith ment about the historic rela- by Christians and Muslims with the wider community actually is on the liberal democ-
relationships. tionship between the three both in the states and in Britain. from March 17 to 18, one of the racies of the West. Jews just hap-
Abrahamic monotheisms — biggest challenges the Western pen to be, as they have so often
world faces right now is a sort been, the first target, but we are
‫ב״ה‬ of “battle of ideas.” by no means the only target.”
Please join Rabbi Yosef Lipsker and The Jewish Recovery Network
“I do believe we are all being Today’s world has also seen
as we celebrate The Power of Hope at our asked to think again as to what rapid advancement in technol-
it is to be a Jew or Christian or ogy, which Sacks himself has
20th Anniversary Muslim in the 21st century,” he taken advantage of with a video
said. “Can we make space for series and a social media presence.
the people whose faith is differ-
ent from ours? That is the fun- At the end of February, he

Gala Dinner

Sunday, March 26, 2017 // Adar 28 5777

Fea red Guest Speaker

▲ Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks will be speaking at Kohelet Yeshiva High
School March 17 and 18. 

The Office of Rabbi Sacks

damental question we face. released an animated video

We’ve always faced it, but never explaining the boycott, divest-

Dennis Prager as acutely as now.” ment and sanctions (BDS)

Reception at four o’clock in the evening // Dinner at five o’clock He’s taken his message and movement and the dangers
The Chabad Center of Berks County
the ideas of his book to the behind it. It’s been shared wide-
2320 Hampden Blvd ∙ Reading, Pennsylvania
Couvert $180 | Formal Attire wider community through ly on Facebook and has more

Please RSVP by Wednesday, March 18, 2017 speaking at such events as the than 40,000 views on YouTube.
online at or call us at 610.334.3218
National Prayer Breakfast in “I’ve realized for some time
As a Rabbi and Substance Abuse Counselor, Yosef Lipsker seeks to ignite
the spark of consciousness embedded within each Jewish soul, thereby February 2017 (where President that the internet is being used to
assisting in the recovery of addicted persons, and providing them with a
Trump called for a prayer for the spread hatred, so we have to use
springboard for enthusiasm towards a meaningful life.
ratings of Celebrity Apprentice). the internet to counter that,” he

“And if religion is part of the explained of the inspiration for

problem, for heaven’s sake, let the video, which has been trans-

religion be part of the solution,” lated into about 10 languages.

Sacks said in his speech. A core audience of the video

His upcoming visit to is college students, and he

Kohelet comes in the wake of hopes this video will serve as

the recent bomb threats to JCCs support for them.

across the country and acts of “Students feel that number

vandalism in Jewish cemeteries. one, we’re there for them, and

See Sacks, Page 18


Name: Jewish Fed. of Greater Phila. ( HEADLINES
Width: 3.625"
Depth: 9.12" Mapping Survey Pinpoints
Color: Black plus one 553 Disturbed Headstones
Comment: JE-Coalition for Hunger at Mount Carmel Cemetery
Ad Number: 00072397

LOCAL would not define

JON MARKS | JE STAFF as normal.

RONEN RYBOWSKI heard “This is a rela-
the news and knew he had to
do something. tively small

He had friends here, some of cemetery, about 5
whom may have had loved ones
buried in Mount Carmel acres. We wanted
Cemetery. He knew the anguish
of the local Jewish community. to use the same

So he reached out. technology and
After speaking with Mount
Carmel caretaker Richard Levy, tools we use for
the president of Behar Mapping
in East Rutherford, N.J., hired bigger cemeteries
Keystone Aerial Surveys to
determine just how much dam- to help Mount
age there was.
“After my conversation with Carmel quantify
Mr. Levy, I got one of my ven-
dors to fly over the cemetery the damage and
and take high resolution
imagery,” said Rybowski, who’s get back in
been running the 50-year-old
company for about three years. order.”
“The first step we did was to get
the algorithm that marks all the That’s why he
headstones and identify the
ones that aren’t in position the called Keystone.
way they should be.”
The report by Keystone, a “We do aerial
national company with a local
operation at Northeast Philadel- data acquisition,
phia Airport, showed 553 of the
headstones had been disturbed. mostly mapping
While that number is signif-
icantly higher than anything survey and engi-
previously reported, it’s also
misleading. neering surveys,”
That’s because they’re draw-
ing no conclusions in terms of said David Day,
whether those disturbances
were caused by vandalism, wear executive vice
and tear or other forces.
“We don’t try to get into a president of Key-
police issue and determine which
were vandalized,” said the 33-year- stone. “We get
old Rybowski, a native of Israel. laser imagery ▲ An aerial photograph of Mount Carmel
“Disturbed means something is
on the ground or not standing on used for accura- Cemetery helped pinpoint which headstones were
the footing as it should be.
“We create a density map, cy in measuring, damaged, whether by vandals or other causes.
which breaks down the extent
of the damage. I visited the site which is precise
as well. I couldn’t get inside, but
from what I could see from the up to a few centimeters. turbed headstones. You can’t
road, the amount of damage I
“We get about five to 10 calls always know unless you go

a year for emergencies. We do through the process of mapping.”

tornado response all over the While the mapping was

country. We responded to the underway, Philadelphia City

[2015] Amtrak derailment in Councilman Kenyatta Johnson

the middle of the night. We announced that he is introducing

were aware of the news report, legislation to increase the penal-

and I thought of Ronen. I fig- ties for those who vandalize

ured he’d want to do something. cemeteries to $2,000 per grave.

“A lot of folks were surprised Under Philadelphia’s Ethnic

how close it was to us — we’re Intimidation and Institutional

about 4 miles away. We’re glad Vandalism current code, mass

we were able to help out.” vandalism, such as what

Thanks to those images — occurred at Mount Carmel, is

taken by a high-powered cam- considered a single offense.

era from the floor of a seven- Johnson’s bill would make each

seat plane — Behar Mapping “disturbance” a separate offense

What’s going on in was able to pinpoint the extent and would cover any such act,
Jewish Philadelphia?
of the damage, breaking it regardless of the motive. A
Submit an event or browse our online calendar to
find out what’s happening at local synagogues, down by color coding. third offense could lead to up to
community organizations and venues!
“I didn’t do a count, but I’d say 30 days of imprisonment. l
as a rule of thumb each acre usu-

ally has about 1,000 graves,” Contact:

Rybowski said. “With this, you;

can count how many have dis- 215-832-0729


HEADLINES Name: JEVS Human Services*
Width: 5.5"
Color: Black plus one
Foxman Torah Institute Pilot Program for Teens Comment: JE 2/16 & 23; 3/16 GalaAds PG7
Raises $500,000 During Ad Number: 00071577
24-hour Campaign Melds Technology,
The Foxman Torah Institute, a Past Events OUR PAST.
Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva High INVEST IN
School in Cherry Hill, N.J., said A pilot program called Eitanim OUR FUTURE.
it raised more than $500,000 in is “encouraging teenagers to use
a 24-hour campaign March 7-8 technology in a novel way to For 75 years, JEVS has given gifts of empowerment, independence
conducted on crowd funding share what happened in the and opportunity to individuals in the Jewish community and beyond.
website Charidy. past to deepen connections to On March 27, Broadway award winners Benj Pasek and Ben Platt
Israel in the future.”
More than 1,000 donors will share their gifts with us, performing numbers from recent
participated, and the $500,000 Sponsored by the Israeli works including the Broadway smash Dear Evan Hansen, as we
goal was reached with 14 min- American Council (IAC), the commemorate 75 years of service and look forward to many more.
utes to spare. program is named after an
Israeli soldier who died in a BENJ PASEK BEN PLATT
Matching gifts of $375,000 conflict with Hezbollah.
were secured in advance of the Honoring Vivian & Oscar (Ossie) Lasko and Family
campaign and students, teach- The program is designed to Visit to get your tickets today.
ers, rebbeim, parents, alumni, preserve for future generations
board members and volunteers via interactive technology the
all participated. stories and memories of Holo-
caust victims, survivors, veter-
There also were student- an and fallen Israel Defense
produced videos filmed during Forces (IDF) soldiers.
the campaign.
Teens will present their pro-
Wilmington Jewish Day gram designs on April 4, with a
School Runs 24-hour winner named in June.
Albert Einstein Academy of In addition, Harriet and
Wilmington, Del., was slated to Michael Levin, the parents of
hold a 24-hour fundraiser start- Michael Levin, a 22-year-old
ing at 6 p.m. on March 13 and American paratrooper who was
running through March 14 — fighting for Israel and was
Pi Day — which also was the killed in the Second Lebanon
birthdate of the Jewish day War, will speak to students
school’s namesake. from 6 to 9 p.m. on March 23 at
Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Acad-
The goal was to raise emy in Bryn Mawr.
Other Eitanim programs
Because four families made are underway in a dozen other
challenge grants, the school U.S. cities.
offered to more than quadruple
every donation. JFCS to Open Bala

The event was considered a Cynwyd Enrichment
virtual fundraiser because most
of it occurred via social media Center on April 3
and email. Activities and cele-
brations at the school were Jewish Family and Children
scheduled to be live streamed Services (JFCS) will open the
on Facebook. Barbara and Harvey Brodsky
Enrichment Center on April 3
Walk for Peace at 345 Montgomery Ave. in
Organized Around Bala Cynwyd.
Wissinoming Park
The Wissinoming Walk for The $8 million project cov-
Peace: Keeping UNITY in Our ers 18,000 square feet and will
CommUNITY was held March be the fifth branch of JFCS in
12 at Wissinoming Park in the the Philadelphia area.
wake of February’s desecration of
Mount Carmel Cemetery, where The building is designed to
about 100 gravestones were top- meet the needs and program-
pled and/or damaged by vandals. ming for a wide range of
clients. Social services will
The candlelight walk was range from foster care and
organized by the Wissinom- adoption, to family support
ing Civic Association and fea- and education, to financial
tured Rabbi Robyn Frisch of assistance to health care.
Temple Menorah Keneseth
Chai providing opening and The lobby will feature
closing reflections. large black-and-white por-
traits of 18 Holocaust sur-
vivors — some of them JFCS
clients — with a supportive
educational program on an
iPad that will detail the histo-
ry of each survivor. l



Rally Attendees in Chester County Show
They’re Involved in the Fight Against Hate




wanted to be heard, too.

It was fine if similar rallies

had been held at Independence

Mall and in Montgomery Coun-

ty. They believed their voices

were just as loud and their sup-

port just as meaningful.

Shortly before it turned dark

on March 8, 200 to 300 people

arrived at the steps of the ▲ Gathered at the March 8 Kehillah of Chester County's multifaith Stand Against Hate solidarity gathering was a large contingent from Kesher Israel

Chester County Courthouse in Congregation in West Chester. Above left: Joining Kesher Israel’s Rabbi Lawrence Troster (second from right) are synagogue members Susan Grumer,

West Chester, many carrying Rhona Paskow, Stew Feinberg and Rabbi Sue Greenberg. Above right: Rabbi Jeff Sultar of Congregation B’nai Jacob addresses the crowd.

signs. They wanted to make it Photos provided

clear that they, too — Jews, “In the light of what’s going on. For us, this is a follow-up to The turnout also sent a clear based on religious tolerance and

Christians, Muslims, blacks, on in the United States, it’s the women’s march. It continues message, according to the the welcoming of all people.

whites, Hispanics and more — important to show solidarity,” the dialogue in our house.” Kehillah of Chester County, “Love, tolerance and accept-

stood against hate. said Elizabeth Munz, a Unitari- “[It’s] just to have them which organized the rally. ance of each and every human

And some of them brought an who brought her 3-, 6- and 8- understand some of the chal- “We wanted to bring this to being should be and must be

their children to pass the mes- year-olds. “There’s a lot of hate lenges our society is facing,” Chester County because we’ve our very essence, the very soul

sage along. crimes and discrimination going added Langdon Kane, who came had a lot of unity among syna- of what Chester County repre-

with her 7- and 2-year-old daugh- gogues, churches and sents and who we are.”

“FUNNY...DELICIOUS...A GEM” ters. “We do talk about that at home. mosques,” said Kehillah chair Moments after it was over,
I want to them to see these ideals are Dave Gold. “This was impor- West Chester Mayor Carolyn

Ť;OL5L^@VYR;PTLZ not unique to our family.” tant to bring to our locale.” Comitta, who also serves as the

Tradition is a funny thing... That was a universal theme. “It’s important to speak up 156th District state representa-

While streams of traffic for everyone,” added Rabbi Jeff tive, emphasized that point.

passed by — some honking

their horns in support — a suc-

cession of rabbis, ministers and Coming together to express our solidarity
political officials stepped to the

podium to deliver that message. with all our neighbors is the right thing to do.”
Among those listening

intently in the crowd were a CAROLYN COMITTA

man and two women holding

up papier-mâché “pole pup-

pets” with doves at the top. Sultar of Congregation B’nai “West Chester is a diverse,

“We used to go to Vermont Jacob in Phoenixville. “For each multifaceted community, and

when my kids were little,” community to stand and we stand together to make

explained Linda Glaum, who express its solidarity.” sure all people feel welcome

spent nearly eight hours put- That’s especially true in and safe,” she said. “We all

A New Comedy ting them together. “This Chester County, where one feel part of the human family
Written by & Starring organization would put on speaker recalled the time 25 and wanted to do something.
shows with puppets sometimes years ago when the Ku Klux Coming together to express
Monica two stories high. Apparently, Klan held a march nearby. our solidarity with all our
Piper they were used a lot in differ- neighbors is the right thing
ent European countries for “We have a very special duty, to do.” l
a special obligation to remember

Directed by religious marches, but also for why this county was formed in

Mark political purposes. the first place,” 19th District state Contact:
Photo by Carol Rosegg “So I made these with doves Sen. Andrew E. Dinniman said.;

and puts hearts on them for love.” “This county was established 215-832-0729

“ENDEARING & WITTY! Piper turns laughter and w w w. j e w i s h ex p o n e n t . c o m

tears into a memorable theater experience.”


TELECHARGE.COM • 212.239.6200 • GROUPS (10+) 212.265.8500

NEW WORLD STAGES 340 W. 50th St.



Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia to be
Renamed in Honor of Morris and Rose Caskey

LOCAL anonymous donor has agreed to campus. There already is a Gan lobby and classrooms; an exclu- Aside from the security
match any new pledges con- Israel day camp named in his sive beit midrash; a state-of-the- changes, most of the work
ANDY GOTLIEB | JE MANAGING EDITOR tributed in the next three weeks. parents’ honor. art science lab, library and done won’t be visible. The
The campaign — the first of its music room; air conditioning; work will also include changes
THE TORAH ACADEMY of kind in many years — began in Large donors listed include and new mechanical, electrical so the building complies with
Greater Philadelphia is being February 2016. Amir and Stacey Goldman, and plumbing systems. the Americans with Disabili-
renamed in honor of Morris who gave $500,000 for a new ties Act and other codes,
and Rose Caskey, two longtime “We’ve made significant addition; Jonathan and Hili The building updates are Mazurek said.
proponents of the Wynnewood inroads into our fundraising,” Zimbalist, who contributed tentatively scheduled to begin
institution. Founded in West Philadel-
Our boiler’s really, really old. We don’t have air conditioning in many of phia in 1964 as the Wynnefield
The school announced the our classrooms.” Hebrew Day School with nine
change at a banquet on Feb. 26 kindergarten students, the
attended by more than 440 peo- RACHEL MAZUREK school was renamed the Torah
ple. At the banquet, “we were Academy of Greater Philadel-
privileged to hear Dr. Herb said Rachel Mazurek, director $100,000 for an administrative in the summer, Mazurek said. phia in 1970. It moved to its
Caskey’s story and honored to of communication and com- wing; and $100,000 from “Our boiler’s really, really present home in Wynnewood
memorialize the legacy of his munity relations. Menashe Kohn for a grand foy- in 1979. More than 300 stu-
parents by renaming our school er entrance. old,” she said, noting that the dents from nursery school
The Morris and Rose Caskey It’s not clear how much was change will lead to an environ- through eighth grade are
Torah Academy,” according to a donated in the Caskeys’ name, The capital campaign is slat- ment more conducive to learn- enrolled. l
letter to supporters. although a page on the school’s ed for use on building renova- ing. “We don’t have air
website lists $2.5 million as the tions and improvements conditioning in many of our Contact:
About $7.5 million of the $10 naming opportunity for the including a secure entrance, classrooms.”
million goal has been pledged;
thus far, and the school said an

Name: yeshiva 2

Width: 9.25" YU was out

“ I thoughtDepth: 5.5"
Color: Black plus one
of reachComment: -
Ad Number: -
I couldn’t have

been more wrong.

“ When my son was looking at colleges, I knew Yeshiva University LEARN MORE.
was a great option and YU worked with us to make it possible.
MARCH 16, 2017 11
At YU, I know my son is getting an exceptional education in an
environment that promotes our values and traditions.
Today, he’s in his second year on campus and I couldn’t be
happier. After his morning shiur, he’s studying computer science
and will be interning in New York City this summer.
I’m so grateful to Yeshiva University and I want other parents
to know that if you can’t afford it, YU will help. It’s an education
you can’t get anywhere else.”

Isaac Stern, YU Parent | 646.592.4440 |



Eugene Garfield, Pioneer of Scientific
Indexing, ‘Grandfather of Google,’ Dies at 91

OBITUARY Garfield founded the Insti- Columbia University in 1949 as Garfield also EUGENE GARFIELD
tute for Scientific Information well as a master’s in library sci- served as a mem-
RACHEL KURLAND | JE STAFF (ISI) in Philadelphia, a science ence in 1954, and later a Ph.D.
division of Thomson Reuters in structural linguistics from ber of Penn
EUGENE GARFIELD, known Corporation, which is now the University of Pennsylvania
for his scientific knowledge owned by Clarivate Analytics. in 1961. Libraries’ Board of
indexing system, died Feb. 26 at
the age of 91 at Lankenau Med- The institute provides He created the journal Overseers.
ical Center after complications research and solution platforms impact factor, which calculates
from a prior fall. to conclude a “comprehensive the annual average number of “Before [ISI’s]
coverage of the world’s most citations in relation to recently
Originally from New York important and influential jour- published articles. It was used Web of Science,
City and more recently a resi- nals and research results,” for “quantifying the reach of a
dent of Bryn Mawr, Garfield according to its website. particular journal in the scien- scientists and
created the worldwide indexing tific community based on cita-
system in 1955, which allowed Garfield also launched sev- tions of its publications,” researchers had
scientists to easily find informa- eral scientific journals, such according to The Scientist.
tion rather than sifting through as Current Contents and Sci- very inefficient
pages and pages in a library. ence Citation Index. He was “He was an amazing charac-
the founding editor and pub- ter whose influence on infor- methods for find-
His index system con- lisher of a magazine geared mation science, writ large, can’t
tributed to data analytics by toward scientists, aptly named be underestimated,” H. Carton ing and tracing
using chart connections The Scientist, which he creat- Rogers III, vice provost and
between pieces of scientific lit- ed in 1984. director of libraries at the Uni- other scientific
erature, which later became versity of Pennsylvania, told
electronically available. Garfield received a Bachelor The Scientist. documents,” said
of Science in chemistry from
C. Sean Burns, an

assistant professor Wikimedia Commons

of information sci-

ence at the Univer-

sity of Kentucky.

His Ph.D. research

was partially fund-

ed by a scholarship

in Garfield’s name. because he had this incredible

“The citation database was imagination and brain, but he

not just an intellectual achieve- had incredible tenacity and

ment, but also an engineering courage.”

FREE achievement,” Burns continued Garfield was also an avid

LARGE PRINT HAGGADAHS to The Scientist. “His work supporter of Project HOME, a

FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED OR READING DISABLED enabled information retrieval to local advocacy group that helps

scale up. … This created, basi- families end homelessness and

cally, the entire information sci- poverty.

ence field as we know it today.” Garfield is survived by his

Garfield’s work also extend- wife, Meher, five children, two

ed to the basic form of research grandchildren and two great-

tools that we all use every day: grandchildren.

Google. “No matter how important

everybody in so many ways. He was a genius of a
Ö½›ƒÝ› ‘ƒ½½ 㫛 JBI L®ÙƒÙù very special type.”

›¥Êٛ AÖÙ®½ 3, 2017 VITEK TRACZ

800-999-6476 According to Annual he became, he always had time
Reviews — of which Garfield for everybody,” Meher told The
DOWNLOAD OR ORDER ONLINE served on the board of directors Scientist. “He always thought of
— Google co-founders Larry his employees as his extended Page and Sergey Brin credited family.
Garfield for PageRank, an algo-
JBI International rithm that essentially runs the “He never lost touch with
site’s search engine. The co- his humble beginnings. He nev-
110 East 30 Street New York, NY 10016 founders duly described him as er became arrogant with his
Established as The Jewish Braille Institute in 1931 “the grandfather of Google.” success,” she added. “I do miss
him a lot.”
“Everything he did, he was
ahead of everybody in so many Garfield requested no funer-
ways,” said Vitek Tracz to The al service. Donations can be
Scientist, publisher of Faculty of made to Project HOME. l
1000 and a former co-owner of
The Scientist. “He was a genius Contact:
of a very special type. Not only;




Is It Possible to Stay Young?

SENIORS ers lack statistical validity. treatments and advice on ways to Image Source Pink/Image Source/
Despite these efforts, the search appear younger and increase
MARCY SHOEMAKER | JE FEATURE for ways to stay young continues. longevity. However, many critics The possibility of living to 100 is greater than ever
of the cosmetic industry contin- due to quality preventive care, enhanced research
SINCE THE BEGINNING of Scientists have taken this ue to question these efforts by and new ways to manage previously deadly
time, men and women have quest to reverse aging to a new reinforcing the belief that aging diseases.
struggled to find the formula to level. An experiment carried out is related to genetics and lifestyle.
beat the cycle of aging. in California showed that als can live to 120 with the the Gerontological Society of
researchers are able to reverse the In addition to the cosmetics quality of life of a 45-year-old if America and other aging experts,
Explorers have searched for aging process in mice, and trials industry, the health and well- they make changes in lifestyle, rebuke many of his claims, more
the Fountain of Youth, and cos- in humans could start in 10 years. ness industry has reinforced the including exercise, diet and people are becoming centenari-
metic companies have devel- use of exercise to increase maintaining a positive mood. ans than ever before.
oped lotions and treatments to Scientists from the Salk longevity, improve strength,
reduce the signs of aging. Institute for Biological Studies enhance appearance, reduce He also claims that within However, living longer does
in California made older mice chronic diseases and preserve the next 15 years, people may have some detractors.
Psychologists have empha- more youthful by using a tech- cognitive ability. be able to live until 150 or 160.
sized a focus on positive nique that takes adult cells back Ethicist Ezekiel Emanuel,
thoughts, and nutritionists have to an embryonic status. As a Michael Roizen, the Cleve- Even though critics, including who is both a physician and
recommended certain foods and result, mice looked younger land Clinic’s chief wellness offi-
vitamins in our diets to reduce and lived 30 percent longer cer, author and speaker, has
inflammation and to prevent than mice in the control group. dedicated the past 20 years to
chronic illnesses that may accel- study the science of longevity.
erate the aging process. Since the beginning of
time, civilizations have used The possibility of living to 100
Researchers continue to various forms of cosmetics to is greater than ever due to quality
develop medications to fight enhance beauty and to pro- preventative care, enhanced
the effects of aging. mote good health. research and new ways to man-
age previously deadly diseases.
Some of these recommenda- Today, the cosmetic industry
tions may have merit, while oth- continues to develop creams, Roizen claims that individu-

See Young, Page 18

Name: yeshiva 3 NOWHERE
Width: 9.25" BUT HERE
Depth: 5.5"
Color: Black plus one
Comment: -
Ad Number: -

Yeshiva University’s commitment to ensuring that all students can enjoy an uplifting
Torah education and a fulfilling college experience includes distributing $42 million
in scholarships and financial assistance, benefiting 80% of students. Unlike most
universities, YU’s financial aid office considers parents’ obligations to pay yeshiva
tuition for siblings.

Achieving their academic and spiritual goals is why YU students meet with outstanding
success. Applying to graduate programs and entering their chosen careers, 94%
(44 students) were admitted to medical school, 96% (27 students) to dental school
and 100% (60 students) to law school in the past year.




EDITORIAL WBC Team Typifies Israeli Success

Serious About in Face of Ongoing Challenges

Acts Against BY STEVEN ROSENBERG the Israel Association of Base- I was hearing a lot from Jew-
ball and one of the most avid ish friends at home who were
Jewish Institutions “AMERICA HAS ROLLED by supporters of making baseball excited — by the team’s success
like an army of steamrollers. It relevant in Israel. The current and by its mascot — the Men-
IT IS A rare day when the entire U.S. Senate speaks with one has been erased like a black- president, Peter Kurz, is travel- sch on the Bench.
voice. That day was March 6, when a sixth wave of bomb threats board, rebuilt and erased again. ling with the team in Korea as it
were phoned in and emailed to Jewish institutions across the But baseball has marked the participates in the WBC. Perhaps more excitement
country. In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Department time. This field, this game: It’s a would have been generated had
of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and FBI director part of our past, Ray. It reminds Haim told us of the goals of the announcers talked about a
James Comey, all 100 senators called for “swift action with regard us of all that once was good and the IAB and how proud many “two-field solution,” or if Israel
to the deeply troubling series of anonymous bomb threats.” that could be again. Oh ... people Israelis are of this team’s partic- would have faced a combined
will come Ray. People will most ipation. Israel is known for soc- team of Egypt-Syria-Lebanon-
The senators reflected the anxiety of those who have watched definitely come.” cer and for great basketball. Tal Jordan-Iran as they do each and
the threats made again and again, seemingly with impunity: “We Brody and Omri Caspi are every day of its existence. Can
are concerned that the number of incidents is accelerating and you imagine the result of that
failure to address and deter these threats will place innocent peo- Ben-Schonewille/iStock/ game? After Israel won, the
ple at risk and threaten the financial viability of JCCs,” they said. combined team would have
There is no silver medal for Israel in anything it complained about the playing
The letter called on the men responsible for keeping Ameri- does, and there are certainly no participation field being unfair and demand-
cans safe to help “JCCs, Jewish day schools and synagogues trophies. ed that Team Israel give back all
improve their physical security, deterring threats from being of the runs it scored.
made, and investigating and prosecuting those making these This famous quote from Ter- household basketball names,
threats or who may seek to act on these threats on the future.” ence Mann (played by James but few can name any Israeli Who knows, but hopefully
Earl Jones) in the movie, Field baseball players. the continued success of the
We applaud the statement. It brings the seriousness of the of Dreams really sums up the team will ignite the excitement
threats front and center without parsing, denying, changing the game of baseball. However, in Haim got our group excited to of the World Baseball Classic
subject or trying to score political points. And we hope that simi- Israel that isn’t the case. follow team Israel over the course onto the Israeli people.
lar, forthright support will come when other faith or ethnic of the next few days of our trip.
groups are threatened in these or more violent ways. I just returned from a week The Israel Association of
in Israel leading the Ira Salig- There wasn’t much opti- Baseball is a wonderful grass-
But we also hope that the senators’ unifying declaration isn’t a man z”l Men’s Mission with mism as the first game was roots organization looking to
signal for everyone to go home, simply because the threats have the Jewish Federation of against a good South Korea build additional fields and grow
been denounced. What is needed now is concrete, visible action Greater Philadelphia. In addi- team in its home stadium. The the great sport of baseball in
to match the words and the sentiment in the statement. We will tion to seeing this great coun- Israelis won 2-1 in an epic Israel. It seeks to leverage the
not know who is committing these crimes until they are caught. try and meeting wonderful extra-inning game. That win success of Team Israel in the
And we need to know that the pursuit of the offenders is vigorous people along the way, I was was followed with two more WBC and to raise much needed
and unrelenting. excited to see the impact of victories — 15-7 over Taiwan money to develop homegrown
Israel’s participation in the and 4-2 over the Netherlands, talent like Shlomo Lipetz, the
Hate and anti-Semitism are nothing new. Rather, it is the fre- World Baseball Classic might giving Israel the top spot in lone Israeli on the team, and
quency and visibility of what we have been witnessing since Janu- be having on this proud Pool A and a game against a less on former Major League
ary that is so alarming. Juan Thompson’s goal may not have been nation. I was hoping to see powerful Cuban team. The Baseball players.
to terrorize Jews when he allegedly called in eight bomb threats to what I saw in 2006 when I was Israeli team shocked the world
JCCs and the ADL, but he is accused of using the cover of earlier in Italy and the Italians won by beating the Cubans 4 -1. Israel is a winner — from
bomb threats to harass an ex-girlfriend. the World Cup — the country start-up nation to a strong mil-
was in a frenzy, the likes of What was fascinating was to itary. There is no silver medal
Although the focus of our discussion has been the Jewish com- which I haven’t seen since. talk to Israelis about baseball for Israel in anything it does,
munity, the response needed is much broader. We need our lead- during our journey across the and there are certainly no par-
ers to denounce hate at all levels and to address the security of all On the day of our arrival, we country. Few people knew the ticipation trophies. There is no
minorities, including our Jewish community. And while they are had a group dinner and I invited games were taking place and, reason to think the team won’t
at it, it wouldn’t hurt for our leaders to express acceptance of my friend, Haim Katz, to join us sadly, many didn’t seem to care. win the gold medal in the
minorities and the vulnerable, no matter their ethnicity. Because and give some remarks. Katz is The pride in Team Israel was WBC, carry the momentum
even when those who are making bomb threats are caught, this the immediate past president of not anywhere close to what I’d home and build a great success
last need will still be just as strong. l hoped or imagined. in baseball as they have in so
many other industries.
Join the
I know there are 20 Ameri-
conversation! cans from the Ira Saligman Men’s
Mission who are rooting for
Tell us what you’re thinking and interact with Team Israel, and I hope every one
of you will find this story as com-
the community at pelling as so many of us do. l

Connect with us on Steven Rosenberg is the chief market-

ing officer of the Jewish Federation of

Greater Philadelphia and the publish-

er’s representative of the Jewish Pub-

lishing Group, which publishes the

Jewish Exponent.


Name: Jewish Fed. of Greater Phila. ( Ken Roshko holds a carrot from Kibbutz Saad, steps away
Width: 9.25" from the Gaza Border in Sedot Negev.
Depth: 11"
Color: Black plus one
Comment: JE-Mens Mission
Ad Number: 00072461

The Men’s Mission group in front of Ilan Ramon’s Plane at the Nevatim Air Force Base.

Ken Roshko , Steve Kramer, Josh Verne and Rob Odell in front Josh Verne celebrates his birthday at the new, Ira Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia wreath laying at the
of the Liberty Bell in Netivot. Saligman KindergarWen at the Nevatim Airforce Base. grave of Shimon Peres.

The Men’s Mission group with Shlomi Avni, founder of Nirim. The Men’s Mission group visits with a Druze family in Rame.

The Men’s Mission group overlooking the Kotel in Jerusalem. Ira Saligman Men’s Mission Chair, Ben Kirshner and Steve Kramer at the Kotel.



Continued from Page 19

My Son the Waiter showcases poor self-image, all these things “‘If all goes well, I think Brad is He began work on My Son is a waiter, in fact he can carry
what he’s learned along the way, have been a journey and to get going to buy a bookcase.’” the Waiter in 2005 and contin- four plates now and he’s learn-
and it’s a story that — despite its to that point where you really ued working on it and perform- ing how to use a tray.’”
specific callout to Jews — res- believe in what you’re doing and But there are also moments ing it periodically until 2013
onates with a wide audience. the product,” he said. “Self- of poignancy and reflection. when he was doing a three- But ultimately it’s a success
improvement is one of the week run in Florida — which story any mother — Jewish or
“I chronicled my journey, greatest natural highs in the Amid the lessons learned of turned into four months — and not — would be happy with.
which was a real struggle, into world. Not itsy bitsy paying the price to achieve suc- the owner of the theater called
this hybrid — part theater, part self-improvement, but really cess and finding the drive to in two producers to see the As he plans to look into doing
stand-up. It’s not just funny, it’s pronounced where you’re creat- pursue what you love, he also show. They bought the touring more TV and film work while
very poignant. A lot of people ing something that’s unique and learned more about himself and rights for seven years. working on his sequel, he hopes
find it very inspiring, and it’s kind of stands on its own, and I his own ambitions. that the audience will learn, as he
not just for Jews. It’s a universal Originally, the show had a has, that “it is within each person
These are lessons he’s taking different title until the theater to achieve excellence.”
with him as he continues to owner gave him a suggestion.
“Being creative is huge in
I wouldn’t have waited tables for 29 years if for some reason I didn’t “He said, ‘Put Jewish in the any capacity. It doesn’t mean to
think I had something.” title; it’s a great selling point in make money at it but the
Florida.’ And some guy who notion of being creative is huge
BRAD ZIMMERMAN worked with him came up with in life. Find whatever it is —
this title and I go, ‘My God,’” he knitting, it doesn’t matter what
piece,” he said. “There’s the Jew- think that’s what I’ve done. I work on a sequel, My Rise to said, adding with a laugh that it is, painting, pottery — it’s
ish mother, of course, who think it’s a one-of-a-kind kind the Middle. the one who came up with the very important, a creative life.
plays this huge role in the of thing and very original.” title was not Jewish. … It’s not a dumbed-down
struggle and that kind of thing, “I wouldn’t have waited piece, it’s a provocative piece
but it’s a universal piece.” The show offers plenty of tables for 29 years if for some The name of the piece illus- and it will make people think if
laughs. reason I didn’t think I had trates Zimmerman’s struggle they want to.
By sharing his struggles, something,” he said. “At that but with a comedic twist.
he’s been able to connect with “I hear success stories that time, it was thinking I had “It’s, ‘What is the meaning of
people who understand the are mind boggling,” he says in a something in the comedic “You know as well as I do, your life? Are you living that
challenges he faced, even if clip on the show’s website. arena. So that’s probably why the whole thing is ‘my son the life?’” he added. “So I think that
their challenges were different “This one’s the top headache I never gave up because deep doctor,’ ‘my son the lawyer’ — my show addresses that.”
than his. doctor in the world. This one’s down underneath the self- when your son is a waiter for 29
building a home in Florida, doubt and all that was a years, I mean, you know, let’s Tickets and showtimes
“That’s been the journey. It’s 125,000 square feet. Can you belief system that I did have face it, it’s not something you’re for My Son the Waiter, A
been about overcoming myself, imagine what [my mother] tells something, so it became a bragging about, and that’s the Jewish Tragedy are available at
my own issues, all sorts of her friends about me?” — don- challenge.” whole thing with the Jewish l
things — lack of confidence, ning an exaggerated accent — mothers. They want to say, ‘my
son the doctor,’” he said. Contact:
“Nobody has ever said, ‘My son;



ARTISTS, LIVE! the BeSt reCIPeS FrOm 2016
MAY , of the best recipes

•Exciting Demos MARCH 17, 18, 19, 2017 featured in the
•Tasty Treats Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Jewish Exponent

•Shopping Fun Oaks, PA • Off Rt 422 (Oaks Exit) in 2016.
•Kids’ Entertainment
Admission $8 online, $10 at the door - good all 3 days PUBLISHES
DISCOUNT TICKETS, show info, Children under 12 and parking are FREE May 4, 2017
exhibitor lists, directions and more at: Fri. & Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5 (Ad deadline Apr. 14) TO RESERVE YOUR AD contact Sharon Schmuckler
call 215-832-0753 or email

visit us at



DIETING AntonioGuillem/CiStock/




AS WE PONDER the approaching spring and then
summer, some of us may wish to shed some of our
winter insulation. I can hear the groans, the lamen-
tations of imagined deprivation, traumatic memo-
ries of the grapefruit diet and the boiled egg diet.

But fear not, for simple and healthy does not
have to be tasteless. Consider the following menu,
which delivers a healthy, sustaining duo of dishes
with a variety of flavors and textures.

See Food, Page 24

Name: Weis Markets
Width: 9.25"

weisDepth: 5.5"

Happy PassoverCowlori:sBhlaeckspyluosuonea
Comment: Jewish Exponent

AKd oNsuhmebreFr:re00s0h7C2h29ic6ken Items

Fresh Kosher Boneless
Chicken Breast Fillets W


49 2 $ $ 99 5 1U W 2 $ U W $ 99
3 36$

Fresh Kosher Cut Up 4HUPZJOL^P[a4H[aVZ 4$ 99
Chicken Fryers W WV\UK
Fresh Kosher Whole 4H[aVZ
Broiler Chickens W 3 62 $ 2 $ 1$ 99 UW SI^P[OHU`W\YJOHZL3PTP[WLY[YHUZHJ[PVU"

We have a selection of Kosher for Passover cakes and cookies made by Lilly’s Bakery Shop.

Weis Proudly Accepts

Prices Effective through Wednesday April 19, 2017 weis

We also carry many of your favorite Kosher for Passover
deli, dairy, frozen and grocery products.

We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not responsible for typographical or pictorial errors.


Name: La Cena Restaurant LIFESTYLES/CULTURE
Width: 5.5"

Fine Dining and EntertainmentDepth:9.12"

Comment: JE

La CenaAd Number:00072272 Extensive


Join Us for



Express Service Ideal for Your Business Lunch!




Wednesday: BILLY & DARREN
Thursday: SWAY




Continued from Page 23
Now taking reservations for that special gathering! 1 pound salmon filets
I used salmon filets, but any ½ cup chopped fresh dill
OFF-SITE CATERING HAPPY HOUR fish will work. Depending on ¼ cup chopped fresh chives
AVAILABLE thickness, you may have to 1 tablespoon butter or
MONDAY-FRIDAY adjust the cooking time. And
Call for Details 5:00PM-6:30PM more delicate fish, such as floun- butter substitute
der, may need less of the topping 1 lemon, sliced thinly, pits
Discounted Food & Drinks so as not to overwhelm it.
215-639-9969 The beauty of both these dish- Salt and pepper to taste
es is the variety within each bite. ⅓ cup dry white wine
FAX: 215-639-9181 • LACENARISTORANTE@GMAIL.COM The tenderness of the fish, Heat your oven to 400
LUNCH: MON.-FRI. 11:30AM-3PM • DINNER: MON.-SAT. 3PM-CLOSING the freshness of the herbs and degrees and place the salmon in
the sharpness and crunch of the a shallow baking dish.
THE BEST OF THE lemon slices obliterate the
notion of a low-calorie, low-fat Place the dill and chives on
IN YOUR EMAIL INBOX ONCE A WEEK. meal. And the cabbage, despite top of the salmon and dot it
its simplicity, delivers a diversi- with bits of butter. Top with the
Sign up at the bottom left hand side of our homepage. ty of textures and tastes — the lemon slices, and sprinkle with outer, more delicate leaves wilt salt and pepper.
and take on a slightly sweet fla-
vor; the interior bits remain Pour the wine into the bot-
firm and crunchy. tom of the pan around the
salmon, and roast for about 20
Diet? What diet? minutes until the fish is cooked
through, the lemon rings are
crisp and the herbs are wilted.
Serve immediately.

Serves 2 to 4 depending on
portion size



Opening Space for Holiness CANDLE LIGHTING

March 17 6:52 p.m.

When we contribute from a build for their journey from March 24 6:59 p.m.
true and open heart, we receive Mitzrayim/narrowness to free-
BY RABBI SHELLY BARNATHAN back in equal or even greater dom. So why do we find this And, in order for
abundance. challenging narrative of the
Parashat Ki Tisa Golden Calf placed amid these G-d to dwell among the people, our Etzem, our essence, creat-
Parashat Ki Tisa also con- Torah texts describing the build-
THIS WEEK’S PARASHA — tains the Friday night V’shamru ing of the holy Mishkan? the Israelites needed to make ing a holy space in which G-d
Ki Tisa, Exodus 30:11 —34:35 prayer (Exodus 31:16-17), the
—is filled with many gems. famous expression “Panim el Back in Parashat Terumah, space for G-d. The holiest part can dwell?
Panim” (Exodus 33:11), refer- in which Moshe first receives
The Parasha opens with the ring to Moshe speaking “face to instructions for building the of the Mishkan was its As humans, we are each bar-
concept of the half-shekel — face” with G-d, the 13 attributes Mishkan, Moshe is told of the
Machatzit ha’Shekel (Exodus of G-d (Exodus 34:6) (Adonay, purpose of the Mishkan. In interior space.  raged with so many details in
30:13) — the equal contribu- Adonay, El Rachum V’chanun Exodus 25:8, G-d says to
tion of silver from both rich … ), and the expression “Karan Moshe:  “V’asu Li Mikdash In contrast to the holy space our lives — being human often
and poor that Moshe will use Or Panav” (Exodus 34:29), “the V’shachanti B’tocham.”
for taking a census of the radiance of the skin of Moshe’s within the Mishkan, the Golden means attending to outward
Israelites. face” from which the mistaken “They shall make me a holy
image of Moshe’s “horns” was place, and I will rest/dwell calf had no interior space at all. form — to appearance, to repu-
How interesting that the derived. And also within among them.”
command is for a half-shekel, Parashat Ki Tisa, of course, is This calf, created out of fear tation, to possessions — but for
rather than a whole shekel, the central narrative of the Egel The Mishkan, this sanctuary,
highlighting the concept that Hazahav, the golden calf. was about holy space. Yes, and anxiety when the Israelites each of us, there is the danger
we are each incomplete until we Torah provides many physical
join in holy community with For three Torah portions, details regarding its construc- were without their leader, that, when we are feeling anxious
one another. And the Hebrew Terumah, Tetzeveh and now Ki tion — its “form” was very
word used to command this Tisa, the main theme has been important, but the primary Moshe, was made of solid gold. or insecure, just like the Israelites
equal giving — (V’natnu) is a the construction of the Mishkan, purpose for the building of the
palindrome, spelled the same the portable sanctuary that the Mishkan was so that G-d could When Moshe sees the golden were when Moshe was not pres-
way forward and backward Israelites were instructed to dwell in holiness within and
indicating that holy giving is a among the people. calf and confronts his brother ent, these outer forms can
reciprocal process.
Aaron about the creation of this become our Golden Calves, our

idol, Aaron explains the false gods. They can take on a life

appearance of the golden calf in of their own, leaving no room for

this way, (Exodus 32:24), “Va’y- that which is essential and holy. 

itnu Li —V’ash’licheyhu Va’eysh, So, instead we must try, as

Vaytze Ha’egel Hazeh”  best we can, to build holy com-

“They gave it [the gold] to munity, each one of us con-

me and I threw it into the fire, tributing our Machatzit

and out came this calf!” ha’shekel — our half shekel,

It is as if this calf, made of making time and space in our

solid gold, created itself! Rabbi lives to return to our essence in

Shefa Gold, author of the book an effort to create holiness. 

Torah Journeys describes this May our Kavanah/intention

calf as “full of itself, represent- for this Shabbat of Parashat Ki

ing the most dangerous hin- Tisa be that each one of us can

drance in the life of spiritual find the Koach, the strength, to

HOMESICK FOR PHILLY? practice: that of worshiping and turn aside from the temptation

DO YOU HAVE A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER WHO staying attached to forms, of the Golden Calves in our
rather than allowing those lives, each one of us becoming
*3-MONTH FREE SUBSCRIPTION forms to send us inward to the holy vessels from which we can

to former Philadelphians who Etzem, the essence, the holiness speak, act and contribute with
want to keep tabs on
WHAT IT MEANS TO BE within the forms.” open hearts, therefore making

JEWISH IN PHILADELPHIA. As we know from Torah, the this world a holy Mishkan in

PLEASE SEND US A NAME holy Mishkan did have a specif- which G-d can dwell. l
SOMEONE CONTACT US ic form, but the Etzem, the
essence, of the Mishkan was the Rabbi Shelly Barnathan is a Recon-

holy space within it. In con- structionist rabbi and morah

trast, the Golden Calf was only ruchanit/spiritual educator of adults

a form, so full of itself, that it and children. The Board of Rabbis of

had no space at all for holiness. Greater Philadelphia is proud to pro-

So, perhaps this is the spiri- vide the Torah commentary for the

tual challenge of Parashat Ki Jewish Exponent.

Tisa. How do we resist creating

a Golden Calf in our lives,

instead building a holy

Mishkan? How do we live from


or call us at 215.832.0710. PUBLISHES

*This o er is only valid for those living outside the Philadelphia region March 30


March 17

MISSING MATZAH — contact your
sales representative
PAULA SHOYER’S or call 215-832-0753.





The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
mobilizes financial and volunteer resources to
address the communities' most critical priorities
locally, in Israel and around the world.

Jewish Federation Seeks Additional Volunteers
to Address Desecration of Mount Carmel Cemetery

THE JEWISH FEDERATION of Greater Philadelphia is
grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who have already
stepped up to repair the world after recent criminal, anti-
Semitic acts in Greater Philadelphia. To date, Jewish Fed-
eration staff and volunteers have completed a major
spring cleanup of Mount Carmel Cemetery and begun the
mapping and inventory of each stone.

Additionally, the Jewish Federation fielded calls from
almost 100 families around the country who need help
determining the condition of their family members’
stones, and raised $220,928 from 2,984 gifts to support
the cleanup, repair and security costs at Mount Carmel
Cemetery, as well as the Jewish community’s growing
security needs.

Now, the Jewish Federation is looking for additional
volunteers to keep this momentum going:

• 10 to 15 people are needed to type up the mapping
and inventory data collected at Mount Carmel
Cemetery a few hours per week at home, plus partic-
ipate in a weekly online team meeting. To volunteer,
please email Addie Klein, director of community
engagement, at

• Five volunteers are needed to come to the Jewish
Federation offices to call people who have inquired
about their family members’ graves. To volunteer,
please email Addie at

• To extend this same care to other historic cemeteries
requiring similar cleanups, volunteers are needed
to spruce up Har Nebo, just a mile from Mount
Carmel. Volunteer dates: Sunday, March 19, from
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.,  and  Monday, March 20, from
10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 12 to 2 p.m. This cleanup will
be in cooperation with Repair The World. RSVPs are
strongly encouraged. To register yourself, visit; to register a group,

These ongoing community-wide efforts are establishing Restoring the headstones at Mount Carmel Cemetery. Photos provided
the groundwork to accomplish even more in the future at
Mount Carmel Cemetery. The fencing at the cemetery
will be repaired soon. A rabbinic advisory group will
oversee the restoration of stones, scheduled to begin late
March in cooperation with the National Park Service, an
expert in cemetery restoration and a growing group of
skilled volunteers and a community of preservationists.
Additionally, a rededication of the cemetery is being
planned for the High Holidays.

For additional information, please email


COMMUNITY / calendar

▼THURSDAY, understanding of the first book of at a screen? Do you text and When the 53-foot-long double Shabbat Services.
MARCH 16 the Bible. Led by Rabbi Rosenberg drive? Have you noticed that expandable trailer is parked and
at Har Zion Temple at 10 a.m. For you have less patience than you open on both sides, it provides Congregation Beth El hosts services
Mommy and Me. more information, 610-667-5000. used to? Do you have Facebook nearly 1,000 square feet of interior at 8 p.m. in the small chapel. This
1500 Hagys Ford Road, Penn Valley. FOMO (fear of missing out)? space to take participants on a event is open to the whole
Sherrie Turetsky, director of the How careful are you with what two-part journey: to understand community and is not limited to
School of Early Learning at Old York Conversation Series. you click on? Led by Norman the stark reality of hunger in single people. There is no cost or
Road Temple-Beth Am, will lead a Einhorn. Free. For more information, America and to take action to end reservations. An oneg follows
weekly one-hour “Mommy & Me” In the second session of the Katz 610-667-5000. 1500 Hagys Ford hunger once and for all. Sign up at the services. For more information,
class at 9:30 a.m. For more Center Conversation Series at the Road, Penn Valley. 615 N. Broad St., contact Norma Kamis at
information, call 215-886-0650. Gershman Y at 12:30 p.m., join Philadelphia. 856-662-7916 or email
971 Old York Road, Abington. Philipp von Wussow, Katz Center Find Your Roots.
and Goethe University, for “Culture Jeopardy Rashi Style. 8000 Main St., Voorhees, N.J.
Temple Tots. Wars.” The flourishing of intellectual, Explore free internet genealogy sites
artistic and scientific life during the at Reform Congregation Keneseth Join Har Zion Temple at 7:30 a.m. Darkaynu Service.
Come stay and play with your Weimar period was accompanied by Israel with Jack Myers, KI’s resident for Men’s Club Minyannaires —
parent/caregiver. Join Temple a new type of conflict, in which genealogist at 7 p.m. Bring your Jeopardy Rashi Style. Rabbi Darkaynu, a small Jewish
Sholom in Broomall for a weekly political issues were inextricably family tree, laptop computer and Rosenberg will examine the congregation on Street Road
session of songs, storytelling, and linked with claims about culture and questions. Space is limited. commentary of in Warrington, warmly welcomes
more. Temple membership is not religion. Jews and Judaism played a Advanced registration required. Rashi on the Torah to deepen our the community to its next service
required. Every Thursday, Feb. 3 to particular role in these “culture For more information, email appreciation of the issues Rashi saw at 7:30 p.m. Its new religious
March 23, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. wars” on the eve of the Holocaust, or call in the text, and to understand how leader, Rabbi Rayzel Raphael
Contact preschool director and this conversation will explore 215-887-8700, ext. 122. The Meyers his commentary maintains relevance will lead the service featuring
Brooke Zeitz with questions, those dynamics and ask what is Library, 2nd Floor, 8339 Old York today. For more information, song, spirit and great enthusiasm. or different today. $10. Free with a valid Road, Elkins Park. 610-667-5000. 1500 Hagys Ford Contact 267-528-7212 or at
610-886-2065. 55 N. Church Lane, University of Pennsylvania PennCard Road, Penn Valley. The facility is
Broomall. ID. 401 S. Broad St., Philadelphia. ▼FRIDAY, MARCH 17 also handicapped accessible.
Kabbalat Shabbat.
Commentaries on Genesis. Har Zion Yeshiva. Learn About Hunger. ▼SATURDAY,
Join Old York Road Temple-Beth MARCH 18
Study the popular commentaries Be careful what you click on will be Join Congregation Rodeph Shalom Am for Kabbalat Shabbat services
found in the Hertz Chumash, the hot topic at Har Zion Yeshiva at and MAZON for “This Is Hunger” beginning at 6 p.m. in the Temple Torah, Coffee, Bagels.
the Etz Hayim Chumash and the 6:30 p.m. at Har Zion Temple. Have from March 17 to 19, a high-impact, Beth Torah Chapel, with kiddush
commentaries of modern biblical you ever been called out for not experiential installation on wheels. and motzi to follow. For more Begin Shabbat morning at Old York
scholars to deepen our listening because you were looking information, call 215-886-8000. Road Temple-Beth Am with an
971 Old York Road, Abington. interactive, engaging discussion of
JFCS’ 33rd ANNUAL BENEFIT the weekly portion including bagels
Friday Speaker Series. and coffee at 9 a.m. followed by
OpTheenTent a peer-led Shabbat service at
The popular Friday Night Speakers 10:15 a.m. Casual dress is
Thursday, April 27, 2017 | 23rd Street Armory Series at Congregation Or appropriate, and everyone is
Shalom continues at 7:30 p.m. welcome. For more information,
Purchase an ad in the tribute book, make your with a focus on foster care and call 215-886-8000. 971 Old York
reservation, or donate to mitzvahs in the making! adoption with Rachel Buxbaum- Road, Abington.
Levy of JAFCO (Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options). Torah Study.
According to Buxbaum-Levy,
HONORING EVENT CHAIRS JAFCO is serving more than 500 Begin Shabbat morning at 9 a.m.
children and their families in at Reform Congregation Keneseth
Amy and Randy Stein Anna and Mike Boni the Philadelphia and south Israel with an engaging discussion
Florida communities through of the weekly Torah portion.
Isa and Mitchell Welsch Rhona and Lou Fromm their complete continuum of For more information, call
services. She will discuss how 215-887-8700. 8339 Old York Road,
COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD to get involved in JAFCO as a Elkins Park.
foster/adoptive parent, volunteer
Silver Lining Home Health Care or committee member. For more Praying in the Round.
information, call 610-644-9086.
FOR MORE INFO: ȇȌȍȐȇȋȌȐȇȆȈȆˏȼˏ!*!˛ˏ0Ȳ&"/,$%((5Ȑ+.# 835 Darby Paoli Road, Berwyn. Come be a part of creating a new
Shabbat prayer experience with | 866.JFCS.NOW | Kabbalat Shabbat. Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel and
Rabbi Goldman from 9:30 to 11 a.m.
JFCS partners with The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia Join Or Hadash at a Kabbalat People of all backgrounds are
Shabbat service, with a performance welcome to join this informal service
of its Makaylah choir. After the in the round, full of song and
service, speakers will be Val Arkoosh, conversation, and a creative Torah
chair of the Montgomery County service. 300 S. 18th St., Philadelphia.
Board of Commissioners, and Ken
Lawrence, who serves as vice-chair. Torah and Yoga.
They will address issues in
Montgomery County and ways to Join Torah and yoga with Leah
take actions on the local level to Weisman, a student and practitioner
create change on the national level. of yoga and holistic healing, at
No RSVP required. For more 10 a.m. followed by a healing service
information, call 215-283-0276. with a Beth Sholom Congregation
190 Camp Hill Road, Fort Washington. rabbi at 11 a.m. Weave a yoga
practice that will tap into your inner


COMMUNITY / calendar

observance. It will also contain an Art of Interfaith open house event at our Stern 215-898-6654. 201 Fisher-Bennett puritanical community begrudgingly
exploration of how the themes of Understanding. Center in Melrose Park. Register for Hall, 3340 Walnut St., University of let her in, providing her with shelter
the Passover story relate to modern this event at or by Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. and work. But after the town
times. To sign up, visit Join InterfaithFamily Philadelphia contacting Amy Warmflash, patriarch passes away and Babette to see Remembrance and Liberation: associate director of admissions, at Talking Genetics. insists on preparing a feast in his
Images of Passover and Holy Week 215-635-3130, ext. 210. 7601 Old York honor, a magical world of sensory
Active Adult Club. at Philadelphia Museum of Art at Road, Melrose Park. The Gershman Y and the Einstein revelations is thrown open to the
6:15 p.m. As we tour the museum’s Victor Center for the Prevention of villagers, changing their lives
Join Har Zion Active Adult Club rich collection of artworks, we will Commentaries on Genesis. Jewish Genetic Diseases invite you forever. Free and open to the
(HAZAAC) at 11:30 a.m. at Har Zion be introduced to the basic themes to “Get Your Inside Story” at 6 p.m. public. For more information, call
Temple for a new series of luncheon and practices associated with Study the popular commentaries Learn about preconceptions 215-887-8700. The Meyers Library,
programs entitled “Everyone Has a Judaism’s observance of Passover found in the Hertz Chumash, surrounding genetic screening and 2nd Floor, 8339 Old York Road,
Story.” Together we will share our and Christianity’s observance of Holy the Etz Hayim Chumash and the counseling and how these practices Elkins Park.
personal, professional and Week. Participants will be invited to commentaries of modern biblical can help individuals, couples and
synagogue experiences. Come reflect on the meanings of their own scholars to deepen our families have healthy children. Israeli Dancing.
socialize. Come connect. Come eat. observances, with the goals of understanding of the first book of Einstein staff will also discuss the
Open to the community. $5 per identifying how Passover and the Bible. Led by Rabbi Rosenberg process of being screened and the Israeli dance class at Katz JCC
person, includes deli lunch. RSVP to Holy Week are related to each at Har Zion Temple at 10 a.m. For impact of genetic diseases on those beginning March 23 (free trial class).
Harriet at 610-667-5000. other and discovering their more information, 610-667-5000. of Jewish descent. $10. Register Beginner instruction 7:45 to 8:45
1500 Hagys Ford Road, Penn Valley. significance for issues we face today. 1500 Hagys Ford Road, Penn Valley. or call 215-545- p.m., open dancing 8:45 to 9:45 p.m.
$10. For more information, email 4400. 401 S. Broad St., Philadelphia. Join us for old classics and new
Lunch and Learn. Passover Prep. favorites. First six-week session,
2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Jewish Film Series. March 30 to May 4. Cost: $30 JCC full
Join Andrew Zalewski, a physician Philadelphia. Join Gratz College for “What’s on facility members, $42 basic
and former professor of medicine at Your Plate this Passover? Make Your Join Reform Congregation members and guests. Drop-ins:
Jefferson University Philadelphia, to Mahjong. Seder Meaningful,” a three-week Keneseth Israel Jewish Film Series $7/class JCC full facility members,
learn how the Jews of Galicia thrive class at 10 a.m. with Dr. Saul Wachs. for Babette’s Feast at 7 p.m. When $10 basic members and guests. 1301
and prosper during a wave of Jewish Enjoy an evening of mahjong with The seder is a great time for telling Babette, a beautiful and mysterious Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, N.J l
Enlightenment. The community the sisterhood of Old York Road stories and that is only one way to French refugee, arrives in a remote
comes alive: professionals, pious Temple-Beth Am at 7 p.m. Call create an amazing inter- Danish town, the tight-knit,
traditionalists, self-assured 215-886-8000. 971 Old York Road, generational) experience and to
reformers, and dwellers of shtetls Abington. pacify “Uncle Herman” (the one who w w w. j e w i s h ex p o n e n t . c o m
and cities are heard in this narrative. comes with only one question:
The story of Galician Jews is the End-of-Life Discussion. “when do we eat?”) This mini-
story of many contrasts: poverty course will discuss some of the great
mixing with opportunities and Join Temple Beth Am Israel at 7 themes of the Haggadah. $95.
separateness with acculturation. p.m. for “L’Chaim — Jewish Wisdom Register at 7605 Old York
Program begins at noon at Gratz for the End-of-Life Journey.” Road, Melrose Park.
College. $18. Kosher lunch provided. Exploring Jewish perspectives on
7605 Old York Road, Melrose Park. aging, death, bereavement and the Temple Tots.
process of healing. For questions,
Mahjong. call 484-679-6402. 1301 Hagys Ford Come stay and play with your
Road, Penn Valley. parent/caregiver. Join Temple
Congregation Mikveh Israel hosts Sholom in Broomall for a weekly
mahjong lessons and games Amerita Chamber Players. session of songs, storytelling, and
Wednesday afternoons, March 8, 15, more. Temple membership is not
22 and 29 at 2 p.m. Call us at 215- The America-Italy Society sponsors required. Every Thursday, Feb. 3 to
922-5446 with the names of your a classical concert by the critically March 23, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
players. There is room for lots of acclaimed Amerita Chamber Players Contact preschool director
tables so don’t hesitate to call at 8 p.m. at Temple Beth Zion-Beth Brooke Zeitz with questions,
and make your reservation at Israel. This unique musical ensemble or
215-922-5446. Free of charge. specializes in the work of Italian 610-886-2065. 55 N. Church Lane,
44 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia. composers of the 17th and 18th Broomall.
centuries and performs music
Gallery Opening Reception. carefully researched by the music On and Off the Derech.
directors. This concert is free.
“Where We Find Ourselves” is an 300 S. 18th St., Philadelphia. Join Prof. Donald Weber for “On and
exhibition at the Gershman Y that Off the Derech: Turning Towards and
explores the at-times unexpected ▼THURSDAY, Away from Ultra-Orthodox Judaism:
ways in which queerness intersects MARCH 23 A Family Story” at 5 p.m. “On and
with the everyday and how queer Off the Derech [path, or way]”
individuals see themselves in the Mommy and Me. explores an emerging literary genre:
mirror of mainstream culture, often stories of Jewish turning away from
through inference and Sherrie Turetsky, director of the strict religious subcultures, as well as
interpretation. The exhibition School of Early Learning at Old York stories of return to the ultra-
originated at the Penn State Road Temple-Beth Am, will lead a orthodox fold. Drawing on recent
Abington Art Gallery and is weekly one-hour “Mommy & Me” novels, memoirs and film
presented at the Open Lens Gallery class at 9:30 a.m. For more documentaries, the presentation
by the University of the Arts, information, call 215-886-0650. situates this rich zone of
through support from its LGBTQ 971 Old York Road, Abington. contemporary Jewish American
Committee and Office of Enrollment expressive culture through personal
Management. Join an opening Open House Event. narrative and cultural analysis. Free
reception from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and open to the public. No RSVP
401 S. Broad St., Philadelphia. We invite you to visit Perelman necessary. For more information,
Jewish Day School and attend an email or call


HOUSEHOLD CEASED. Late of Philadelphia RELLO, JR. Late of Abington Twp., PA. MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your
Late of Philadelphia LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the DECEASED LETTERS TESTAMENTARY GREAT DISCOUNTS!! own bandmill – Cut lumber any di-
PROFESSIONALS LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the above Estate have been granted to LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION on on the above estate have been IRMA • 215-938-1440 mension. In stock ready to ship!
INC. above Estate have been granted to the undersigned, who request all the above Estate have been gran- granted to the undersigned, who FREE Info/DVD: www.Norwood-
♥ the undersigned, who request all persons having claims or demands ted to the undersigned, who re- bequest all persons having claims To place an 1-800-578-1363
persons having claims or demands against the estate of the decedent quest all persons having claims or or demands against the estate of ad in the Ext.300N
NANNIES against the estate of the decedent to make known the same and all demands against the estate of the the decedent to make known the Real Estate Vacation Rentals:
HOUSEKEEPERS to make known the same and all persons indebted to the decedent decedent to make known the same, same, and all persons indebted to OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best se-
persons indebted to the decedent to make payment without delay to and all persons indebted to the de- the decedent to make payment Section, call lection of affordable rentals. Full/
SENIOR CARE to make payment without delay to BRUCE S. PENZUR, EXECUTOR, cedent to make payment without without delay, to Gary A. Zlotnick, 215.832.0749 partial weeks. Call for FREE bro-
FAMILY RUTH ANN DUBB and JEFFREY c/o Roy Yaffe, Esq., 1818 Market delay to JOSEPH P. DELBORREL- Esq., Executor, Zarwin Baum De- chure. Open daily. Holiday Resort
DUBB, Executors, c/o James M. Or- St., 13th Fl., Philadelphia, PA LO A/K/A JOSEPH P. DELBORREL- Vito Kaplan Schaer & Toddy, PC, Services. 1-800-638-2102. Online
SUBSTITUTES man, Esq., 1600 Market St., Ste. 19103-3608, LO, SR., Administrator c/o Attor- 1818 Market St., 13th Fl., Phil-
♥ 3305, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Or to his Attorney: ney Debra G. Speyer, Two Bala adelphia, PA 19103 or to their at- Real Estate Auctions:
Or to their Attorney: ROY YAFFE Plaza Suite 300 Bala Cynwyd, PA torneys, Scranton Auction March 25:
LEADER SINCE JAMES M. ORMAN GOULD YAFFE and GOLDEN 19004 Gary A. Zlotnick, Esq. 3BD/1BA, fenced yard. Suggested
1992 1600 Market St., Ste. 3305 1818 Market St., 13th Fl. ESTATE OF LUCY MAE KING a/k/a Zarwin Baum DeVito Opening Bid $15,000. See All Auc-
Philadelphia, PA 19103 Philadelphia, PA 19103-3608 LUCY KING, DECEASED. Kaplan Schaer & Toddy, PC tions: 570-499-8883
STAFFING ALL ESTATE OF GUSSIE SPECTOR, DE- Late of Philadelphia 1818 Market St., 13th Fl. #AU002923L
HOUSEHOLD Estate of Barbara Goldberg De- CEASED. LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the Philadelphia, PA 19103
POSITIONS ceased Late of Philadelphia above Estate have been granted to LEGAL SERVICES
Late of Philadelphia, PA. LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the the undersigned, who request all ESTATE OF VINCENT F. FONTANA,
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FT OR PT same, and all persons indebted to to make payment without delay to KING, JR., EXECUTORS, c/o against the estate of the decedent AND LEGAL SERVICES
the decedent to make payment KENNETH R. FROHLICH, EXECUT- Howard M. Soloman, Esq., 1760 to make known the same and all
♥ without delay, to Allen H. Tollen Ex- OR, 551 W. Lancaster Ave., Ste. Market St., Ste. 601, Philadelphia, persons indebted to the decedent ATTN: CLASSIFIED DEPT
IN PERSON ecutor, c/o Allen H. Tollen, Esq., or 210, Haverford, PA 19041, PA 19103, to make payment without delay to
INTERVIEWS to his attorney, Or to his Attorney: Or to their Attorney: Larry Yustin, EXECUTOR, 500 Ash- E-MAIL:
IDENTITY SEARCH Allen H. Tollen Esquire KENNETH R. FROHLICH Howard M. Soloman land Ave,. Folcraft, PA 19032,
CRIMINAL ( PAR 41 E. Front Street 551 W. Lancaster Ave., Ste. 210 1760 Market St., Ste. 601 Or to his Attorney:
Media, PA 19063 Haverford, PA 19041 Philadelphia, PA 19103 Michael A. Cohen FAX: 215-832-0785
FBI ) Estate of Harry Williams ESTATE OF MARY JANE HAZEL, 2113 Snyder Ave.
DRUG (10 PANEL) ESTATE OF BERTHA M. BROWN, Williams, Harry late of Philadelphia, a/k/a MARYJANE HAZEL, DE- Philadelphia, PA 19145 OUR RATES ARE
Late of Philadelphia Hark, Esq., Goldsmith Hark & Hor- Late of Philadelphia CORPORATE NOTICES
above Estate have been granted to adelphia, PA 19152, Executor. above Estate have been granted to is hereby given that Sutaner, LLC, a TRI-STATE AREA (PA, NJ, DE)
610-668-1111 the undersigned, who request all Goldsmith Hark & Hornak, PC the undersigned, who request all foreign limited liability company
www. persons having claims or demands 7716 Castor Ave. persons having claims or demands formed under the laws of the State CALL CLASSIFIED FOR DETAILS
against the estate of the decedent Philadelphia, PA 19152 against the estate of the decedent of NY where its principal office is to make known the same and all Estate of Helen Brinson, Deceased. to make known the same and all located at 229-19 Merrick Blvd., 215-832-0749 or 215-832-0750
persons indebted to the decedent Late of Philadelphia, PA. persons indebted to the decedent Laurelton, NY 11413, has or will re-
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20 yrs exp., Excellent References! JAY E. KIVITZ, EXECUTOR, 7901 on the above estate have been SANDRA T. HAZEL, EXECUTRIX, Pennsylvania with the Department
Ogontz Ave., Philadelphia, PA granted to the undersigned, who 3309 Disston St., Philadelphia, PA of State of the Commonwealth of IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF CENTRE COUNTY,
267-679-3946 19150, bequest all persons having claims 19149. Pennsylvania, at Harrisburg, PA, on PENNSYLVANIA
House Cleaning Services/Nurses Or to his Attorney: or demands against the estate of ESTATE OF Regina G Abrams, De- 3/6/17, under the provisions of the ORPHANS' COURT DIVISION
Aide will care for sick/elderly exp. JAY E. KIVITZ the decedent to make known the ceased Pennsylvania foreign limited liabil-
w/refs. 215-470-9825 KIVITZ & KIVITZ, P.C. same, and all persons indebted to Late of Montgomery County, ity company law. The registered of- IN RE: ADOPTION OF )
7901 Ogontz Ave. the decedent to make payment Pennsylvania LETTERS OF ADMIN- fice in Pennsylvania will be located M.J.G. ) No. 4197
House Cleaning/Spring Cleaning- Philadelphia, PA 19150 without delay, to Bernice Perry, Ad- ISTRATION on the above Estate 325-41 Chestnut St., Ste. 800, )
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tom! I do windows! Reas. rates and Estate of Brenda Pilotti, Deceased. stein, Esq. 1819 JFK Blvd., Suite signed, who request all persons Burns & Kasmen, Solicitors NOTICE OF HEARING
exc. refs. 215-479-3343 Late of Philadelphia, PA. 400, Philadelphia, PA 19103. having claims or demands against Two Bala Plaza, Ste. 718
LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION Arnold L. Wainstein, Esq. the estate of the decedent to make Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 To: "Robert" all Putative Fathers
HOUSEKEEPER/NANNY on the above estate have been 1819 JFK Blvd. known the same and all persons in-
AVAILABLE Reliable, Trustworthy, granted to the undersigned, who Suite 400 debted to the decedent to make ROSANNS MARKET INC. has been A Petition has been filed asking the Court to put an end to all rights
Exp. Refs. Call Susan Jacobs 215- bequest all persons having claims Philadelphia, PA 19103 payment without delay to Alice A. incorporated under the provisions you have to your child, who was born on November 11, 2016, in Lang-
657-8771 or demands against the estate of ESTATE OF JEAN BROADLY Carson and Sandra Wolfe, Adminis- of the Pennsylvania Business Cor- horne, PA. The Court has set a hearing to consider ending rights to your
the decedent to make known the DECEASED tratrix c/o Michael E. Eisenberg, Es- poration Law of 1988. child. That hearing will be held in the Centre County Courthouse Annex,
Laundry and errands. Companion same, and all persons indebted to LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the quire 2935 Byberry Road, Suite Stein & Silverman before Judge Grine, Bellefonte,PA 16823, on March 29, 2017, at 1:30 p.m.
for elderly, 25 yrs exp. Excell refs. the decedent to make payment above Estate have been granted to 107 Hatboro, PA 19040 Or to Attor- 230 South Broad St. Your presence is required at the hearing. You are warned that even if you
856-240-0929 without delay, to Steven Pilotti, Ad- the undersigned, who request all ney: Suite 304 fail to appear at the scheduled hearing, the hearing will go on without you
Main Line Babysitting Service- ministrator, c/o Gary A. Zlotnick, persons having claims or demands Michael E. Eisenberg, Esquire Philadelphia, PA 19102 and your rights to your child may be ended by the Court without your be-
Love children, refs. available Esq., Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan against the estate of the decedent 2935 Byberry Road, Suite 107 ing present. You have a right to be represented at the hearing by a lawyer.
610-896-2153 Schaer & Toddy, PC, 1818 Market to make known the same, and all Hatboro, PA 19040 FICTITIOUS NAME You should take this paper to your lawyer at once. If you do not have a
St., 13th Fl., Philadelphia, PA persons indebted to the decedent ESTATE OF ROBERT A. WEINBER- FICTITIOUS NAME REGISTRATION lawyer or cannot afford one, go to or telephone the office set forth below
PHYILLIS JEAN will make your 19103 or to their attorneys, to make payment without delay to GER a/k/a ROBERT ANDREW An application for registration of to find out where you can get legal help.
HOUSE SUPER CLEAN. Old school Gary A. Zlotnick, Esq. Debra G. Speyer, Executrix. WEINBERGER and ROBERT WEIN- the fictitious name Recycling of
Italian ethics, many happy refs., Zarwin Baum DeVito Attorney BERGER, DECEASED. Urban Materials for Profit, 4633 COURT ADMINISTRATOR’S OFFICE
you’ll think its new Kaplan Schaer & Toddy, PC Debra G. Speyer, Late of the Township of Abington, Walnut St., Phila., PA 19143, was CENTRE COUNTY COURTHOUSE
1818 Market St., 13th Fl. Two Bala Plaza Suite 300 Montgomery County, PA filed in the Department of State at BELLEFONTE, PA 16823
Call me 215-888-8267 Philadelphia, PA 19103 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the Harrisburg, PA, February 28, 2017, (814) 355-6727
ESTATE OF JENETTE MORRIS, above Estate have been granted to pursuant to the Fictitious Names Respectfully submitted,
WOMAN desires housecleaning. Estate of Elaine Segal aka Elaine J. a/k/a JENETTE D. MORRIS, DE- the undersigned, who request all Act, Act 1982-295. The names and BIERLY & RABUCK
Own car, honest & reliable. Good Segal, Deceased. CEASED. persons having claims or demands addresses of the persons who are
refs. 215-626-3943 Late of Philadelphia, PA. Letters Late of Philadelphia against the estate of the decedent parties to the registration are Rus- By:
Testamentary on the above estate LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on to make known the same and all sell Moritz, 5150 Cedar Ave., Phila., Denise M. Bierly, Esquire
ESTATE NOTICES have been granted to the under- the above Estate have been gran- persons indebted to the decedent PA 19143, Reuben Kramer, 1516 Attorney I.D. No. 58860
Estate of Adamantia D. Zevris signed. All persons having claims ted to the undersigned, who re- to make payment without delay to Mansion Pl., #3, Swissvale, PA 486 Nimitz Avenue
Zevris, Adamantia D. late of Phil- against or indebted to the estate quest all persons having claims or EDWARD H. WEINBERGER, EX- 15218 and David Magliato, 85 Per- State College, PA 16801
adelphia, PA. Evangelia Vlahos, c/o should make claims known or for- demands against the estate of the ECUTOR, c/o Jennifer L. Damelio, kinsville Rd., Highland, NY 12528. (814) 237-7900
Anthony J. Beldecos, Esq., Lundy ward payment to Joy Rodgers, Ex- decedent to make known the same Esq., 101 Greenwood Ave., 5th Fl., Drew Salaman, Esquire
Beldecos & Milby, PC, 450 N. ecutrix, c/o Joseph J. Marinaro, and all persons indebted to the de- Jenkintown, PA 19046, Salaman/Henry, PC
Narberth Ave., Suite 200, Narberth, Esq., 421 Bustleton Pike, cedent to make payment without Or to his Attorney: 100 S. Broad St.
PA 19072, Administratrix. Feasterville, PA 19053 delay to KEEYA EASLEY, ADMINIS- JENNIFER L. DAMELIO Suite 650
Lundy Beldecos & Milby, PC TRATRIX, c/o Amy H. Besser, Esq., FRIEDMAN SCHUMAN Philadelphia, PA 19110
450 N. Narberth Ave. ESTATE OF EUGENE O’NEILL a/k/a 1701 Walnut St., 6th Fl., Phil- 101 Greenwood Ave., 5th Fl.
Suite 200 EUGENE S. O’NEILL, DECEASED. adelphia, PA 19103, Jenkintown, PA 19046 FICTITIOUS NAME REGISTRATION
Narberth, PA 19072 Late of Philadelphia Or to her Attorney: ESTATE OF ROSE FENUTO, a/k/a Notice is hereby given that an Ap-
LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the AMY H. BESSER ROSE M. FENUTO, DECEASED. plication for Registration of Ficti-
above Estate have been granted to LAW OFFICES OF PETER L. KLENK Late of Philadelphia tious Name was filed in the Depart-
the undersigned, who request all & ASSOCIATES LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the ment of State of the Common-
persons having claims or demands 1701 Walnut St., 6th Fl. above Estate have been granted to wealth of Pennsylvania on Decem-
against the estate of the decedent Philadelphia, PA 19103 the undersigned, who request all ber 23 2016 for Camp Candle loc-
to make known the same and all persons having claims or demands ated at 512 E Vernon Road Phil-
persons indebted to the decedent against the estate of the decedent adelphia PA 19119. The name and
to make payment without delay to to make known the same and all address of each individual inter-
HELENA BOYLE, EXECUTRIX, 250 persons indebted to the decedent ested in the business is Briana Ash-
Kalos St., Philadelphia, PA 19128, to make payment without delay to ley Mills and Mark Darnell Cave
Or to her Attorney: MARIE CHENOWETH, EXECUTRIX, 512 E Vernon Road Philadelphia PA
MICHAEL VanBUSKIRK c/o Adam S. Bernick, Esq., 2047 19119. This was filed in accord-
6510 Ridge Ave. Locust St., Philadelphia, PA 19103, ance with 54 PaC.S. 311.
Philadelphia, PA 19128 Or to her Attorney:
To place an ad in the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, PC
Real Estate Section 2047 Locust St.
call 215.832.0749 Philadelphia, PA 19103


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