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Jewish Exponent June 20, 2019

Jewish Exponent June 20, 2019

JUNE 20, 2019 / 17 SIVAN 5779
Harrison Greenbaum is the latest in a
long line of Jewish magicians.




OF NOTE Case Shines
Light on
NATIONAL Elder Abuse,
American Hebrew
Only non-Orthodox
boarding school in A CRIMINAL CASE related to the death Lew and Janet Klein in an undated photo Jewish Exponent archive
the nation bows out. of an elderly Jewish woman in Delaware
County is shining light on the issue of Broadcast Legend
Page 5 elder abuse and neglect. Lew Klein Dies at 91

LOCAL Ellyn Beth Gottlieb, 58, has been JESSE BERNSTEIN | JE STAFF and Communication (a school that would
charged with neglect of a care-dependent later be rededicated as the Lew Klein
Author Revisits person, aggravated assault, involuntary LEW KLEIN, a legend of broadcast media College of Media and Communication).
Judaism and manslaughter, theft by unlawful taking who helped bring American Bandstand While teaching, he was also working as
the Afterlife and theft by deception in the death of her to the airwaves and taught at Temple an executive at WFIL-TV (now WPVI) in
After 25 years, book 83-year-old mother, Patricia Gottlieb, who University for 67 years, died on June 12. Philadelphia. When he became program
in third edition. died last year. Prosecutors allege Ellyn He was 91. director in 1970, he created the Action
Gottlieb stole money from her mother and News format that made the channel what
Page 6 failed to provide her with care. Klein began teaching TV courses at it is today.
Temple in 1952 in the School of Media
LOCAL Patricia Gottlieb died March 12, 2018.
An autopsy found her cause of death was
What’s New bacteremia, with probable sepsis due to
Down the Shore? multiple ulcers, according to the affidavit
Less controversy of probable cause.
likely this summer.
“This is a tragic case where a mother
Page 7 was inhumanely treated by her daughter,
the person entrusted with her care, ulti-
Volume 203090 mately resulting in the victim’s death,”
Number 602 Delaware County District Attorney
Katayoun M. Copeland said at a press
Published Weekly Since 1887 conference, according to the Daily Times.

See Case, Page 12 See Klein, Page 13



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IN THIS ISSUE 0N0U0M8B5E3R2:900083987

Kosher BBQ competition
returns for third year.



Promoter wants to feed you Miriam’s NOW OPEN UNTIL 7PM
a knuckle sandwich. Advice Well DURING THE SPRING AND SUMMER SEASONS!


Local The start of summer has thrown a loop to
one of advice columnist Miriam Steinberg-
Israel Egeth’s readers, who worries that the
unstructured time is going to make it dif-
National ficult for her family to gather for dinner.
Miriam encourages the reader to em-
Global brace the additional freedom, while also
o ering advice on how to make sure the
14 OPINION family gets some healthy meals (and time
together) over the next few months. From
Columns dating to parenting, Miriam welcomes all
Kvetch ’n’ Kvell questions. Email yours to [email protected] and put “Advice
17 LIFESTYLE Well Question” in the subject line.
& CULTURE family-dinners-summer-break/
Arts Try a Mexican
twist on American Philacatessen
classic tomato SUSHI ON CITY LINE
soup and Food columnist Keri White’s always on
COMMENTARY the prowl for good restaurants, and she
grilled reports favorably on her visit to B2 from
chef Yong Kim, who’s known for the
24 COMMUNITY cheese. renowned Bluefin in East Norriton.
Visit Philacatessen, our online-only food
Jewish Federation 17 blog, for a review of the restaurant, as
Calendar well as content not normally found in the
print edition, including recipes, gift ideas
Mazel Tov and food news from around the
Delaware Valley.


June 21 8:15 p.m.
June 28 8:15 p.m.

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Boxer Turns to Bare-Knuckle Promoting

SPORTS Malignaggi, Feldman is ready David Feldman doesn’t like promoting qua Photo by Kenny Ludwig
JESSE BERNSTEIN | JE STAFF for everything to take another promoting. So what does he
step forward. And then gym since he was young, watch- like about it? “The challenge.” You just can’t do that.”
THE LATE SEN. John another. ing his father train world-class at was in 2011.
McCain was known for many “Now, of course, the end
things — his service and “It’s the climb for me,” ghters, but he didn’t have his game is I want to make a lot of It took seven years for
subsequent imprisonment in Feldman said. “It’s not really rst professional ght until money, right, but who doesn’t?” Feldman to convince one state,
Vietnam, his long career as getting there; it’s the climb.” he was 23. One of his father’s he said. Wyoming, to legally sanc-
a legislator, his presidential ghters had dropped out at the tion and apply regulations to
campaigns and so on. Feldman is the son of Marty last minute, and he volunteered But he’s always loved a bare-knuckle ght and, on
Feldman, a widely respected to step in; wish granted, he ghting, from the inherent June 2, 2018, Bare Knuckle
What he is most remem- boxing trainer and member knocked out his opponent in 90 narratives to the way it can Fighting Championship 1: e
bered for in the world of mixed of the Philadelphia Jewish seconds, he said. change people’s lives to the Beginning featured 12 ghts.
martial arts, especially to fans Sports Hall of Fame. e elder “science of boxing,” as he put it.
of the major promotion com- Feldman was a middleweight It was an auspicious And any chance to bring more e event on June 22, which
panies that grow in popularity boxer who went on to train beginning to a career that of that into the world is one he is available on pay-per-view,
each year, is a comment he popular Philadelphia ghters, ended a er just ve ghts (4-1). wants to take. will feature 10 ghts, though
made in 1996. Mixed mar- including “Prince” Charles His son, David Jr., had just with bigger names than in the
tial arts, he said, was akin Williams, who held the IBF been born a er the h, and Which brings us to bare- past. Feldman is excited by
to “human cock ghting,” an light-heavyweight belt from the dynamic between him and knuckle ghting. the possibilities — Lobov has
o -repeated refrain that was 1987 to 1993. his father had deteriorated. an MMA background, while
part of his (and others’) e ort He always believed that his Feldman rst learned about Malignaggi is a boxer — but
to regulate the sport out of His brother, Damon brother was the favorite, and bare-knuckle ghting when he’s just as excited to further
existence. McCain eventu- Feldman, is as colorful a a er “some things” happened he was promoting ghts in cement bare knuckle’s place in
ally recanted — the sport had character as they come in in the gym, he was nished. Arizona, and met a ghter American combat sport.
“cleaned up,” he said — but the boxing, known best for his named Bobby Gunn. Gunn
phrase remained. celebrity stunt fights: Rodney “I was just done,” Feldman is a Canadian from an Irish He knows the brutality of
King vs. a police officer, and said. “I said, ‘Look, I don’t want Traveller family, an itinerant the sport isn’t for everyone, but
One wonders what he would fights featuring everyone this anymore.’” His last ght people within Ireland who that’s just ne with him.
make of David Feldman’s from Danny Bonaduce to Jose was in 2003. have a long history of bare-
venture. Canseco and Tonya Harding knuckle ghting. When Gunn “Every time I get a nasty
(Damon also pleaded guilty So what does a ghter, one described the ghting style to email, or a Facebook message,
David Feldman, part of to assaulting his girlfriend who saw the seediest side of Feldman, he was fascinated. people saying, ‘ is isn’t going
the alternately notorious and last year, just one of several the business his whole life and to last, it’s a gimmick,’ this and
legendary Feldman ghting legal entanglements). found himself disgusted by it, “I started researching it, that, it just drives me more
clan in the Philadelphia area, do when he’s done ghting? and I was like, ‘Wow, this and more to make it something
is the founder and president Growing up with his father stu is really cool, man,’” he more legitimate,” he said. “I
of the Bare Knuckle Fighting and brother, Feldman said, Get into promoting ghts, said. “You can’t get any more couldn’t be happier.” ●
Championship. Bare-knuckle plus the coterie of boxers who of course. pure than two guys hitting
were in and out of the house, each other with bare knuckles. [email protected];
ghting has long been an he “had no choice” but to at’s been the bulk of his 215-832-0740
underground hit, but until get involved with ghting in life since then. He didn’t expect
last March, when Wyoming some way. to like promoting, and he still
got into the game, no state or
federal body had legally sanc- He graduated from Marple-
tioned it. Newtown High School, and
attended Delaware County
Now, with Bare Knuckle 6 Community College and
approaching on June 22, fea- Temple University both in the
turing brand-name ghters midst of his professional ght-
like Artem Lobov and Paulie ing career.

Feldman had been in the


A Tradition of Caring Together

Opening Soon! Ask About our Founders Club.

1424 Dreshertown Road, Dresher, PA 19025
215.667.8774 |



American Hebrew Academy to Close

N AT I O N A L the only non-Orthodox board- internationally, and recruited tuition: $42,000). said of the closing.
JESSE BERNSTEIN | JE STAFF ing school in the country shut significant numbers of Jewish “There’s not a day or a week As of now, the school’s web-
down, leaving alumni, parents, students from Mexico City
ABBIE HIRSCH HAD “never student, faculty and more in the and countries of the former that goes by that I don’t have site now leads to just one landing
been the school type” when she lurch — remains unchanged. Soviet Union. But it was not some encounter in my life that page. “The American Hebrew
began at the American Hebrew enough. reminds me of AHA, or that Academy will be closed for the
Academy during her sophomore “We imagined our kids going I have AHA to thank for,” 2019-2020 school year,” it reads.
year of high school in 2012. to this school together,” Hirsch Alex Kay, a Ph.D. candi- Kay said.
said of her and her friends. date in physical therapy from The administrator of the
She’d had a tough time Forked River, New Jersey, She believes that the school’s school’s alumni Facebook page
the year before at the public “The American Hebrew graduated in 2015. Her financial problems were more could not be reached for com-
high school she attended in Academy began as a dream, grandparents were Holocaust or less common knowledge, ment. All AHA social media
Longport, New Jersey — the it was a dream fulfilled for 18 survivors and prioritized even if the extent was not. accounts seem to have shut
classes were too big, she didn’t years, and it is a dream that Jewish education for their fam- down as well. l
feel like she could ask all the must, unfortunately, come to ily, helping Kay’s parents send “A lot of people were dis-
questions she wanted to and an end,” read an email sent to her to AHA (boarding school traught, upset and feel like a [email protected];
she found it hard to forge the faculty and staff on June whole part of their life was 215-832-0740
lasting friendships. She was 11. just ripped out from them,” she
looking for a change.
According to the email, the NAME: BRIGHTVIEW OF EAST NORRITON; WIDTH: 5.5 IN; DEPTH: 7.38 IN;
That change came in the closing was due to “insufficient COLOR: BLACK PLUS ONE; AD NUMBER: 00084560
form of AHA, a pluralistic growth in enrollment and our
Jewish boarding school in inability to secure adequate Let Your Bright Life Shine
Greensboro, North Carolina, funding to cover future school
that was founded in 2001. expenses.” at Montgomery County’s Premier Senior Living Community

The 100-acre campus was “Declining interest in and Independent Living:
designed by Frank Lloyd philanthropic support for the
Wright’s associate architect, Academy specifically and Jewish It’s the carefree lifestyle you deserve – chef-prepared meals,
and featured a 22-acre lake, 32 education generally, has made superior amenities, concierge, and transportation service
buildings and a state-of-the-art it impossible to sustain the
athletic center. She’d already Academy’s operations,” the email Personal Care:
visited two schools during her continued. “Unfortunately, this
search for a fresh start, but was is true for many Jewish schools Highly trained associates provide the 24/7 support you need
unenthused by both. Then she worldwide. These circumstances
stumbled on a Facebook ad can no longer be overcome. It is Wellspring Village®:
for AHA, and a plan was set to unfortunate that we must now
tour the school. The students share this news with you. We are Compassionate caregivers deliver our highly specialized dementia
she met during her tour and truly sorry. The Academy sim- care program in a safe and secure neighborhood
overnight stay were enthralled ply lacks the financial resources
with the school, its mission and to continue as a viable concern Call Devon or Lindsay
its structure. Hirsch knew then given rising school costs and low to schedule a visit.
it was the place for her. enrollment growth.” 610.601.2996

“Everybody was so welcom- Responding to a request for 300 East Germantown Pike | East Norriton, PA 19401
ing,” she said. comment, AHA CEO Glenn
Drew wrote: “For now our
On June 11, AHA unex- responsibilities and priorities
pectedly announced that the are to focus on and assist our
school would be closed for the former employees, students
2019-2020 school year, and for and families in their transition
the foreseeable future. Students to other schools as expedi-
were left without a school for tiously as possible.”
the upcoming fall, and teach-
ers and administrators found Enrollment never quite rose
themselves out of work. to the level that its founders
envisioned. The vision for
The Ben Gamla Preparatory AHA when it was founded was
Academy in Hollywood, that it would serve as proof
Florida, offered admission to that Jewish life and education
current AHA students, and the could flourish outside of its
Greensboro Jewish Federation traditional American hotbeds,
is working with Jewish Family and that Jewish leaders could
Services to support laid-off staff, be developed there, too. As
but the essential fact — that enrollment never rose to full
capacity, the school looked



Kosher BBQ Festival Returns for Year Three

LOCAL have Jews of all different Competition trophy. “It’s fabulous,” native is famous for his kosher Photo courtesy of Stuart Gordon
ERIC SCHUCHT | JE STAFF groups who are com- “This is not a hamburg- Schneiman said. “I Texas-style roadside smoke-
ing. It’s like the lobby really love the fact that house barbecue.
IMAGINE ENTERING a of the United Nations, er-hot dog barbecue,” Gordon everybody gets the same
photography competition and and they’re having fun. said. “This is not like a back- things. There’s both Jeff Klein of Jake’s Kosher
not being able to use your own Food is really a universal yard grill; this is the real Texas professional cooks and Smoked Meats will be serving
camera: That’s how Stuart magnetic for building Memphis-style, Kansas ity- backyard cooks, but we brisket, chicken wings and sau-
Gordon describes the challenge friendships and bonds.” style, that’s what we do.” all have the same stuff. sages with his custom Kansas
of Hava NaGrilla Smoke BBQ So it’s not like the profes- City-made mega-smoker using
Festival, one of the largest Gordon expects The meat is ranked by 24 sionals are going out to oak and fruit woods.
kosher barbecue competitions 4,500 people to attend, judges under Kansas City their food purveyors and
in the United States. with a higher turn- Barbecue Society guidelines, getting something really And be on the lookout
out this year because evaluated for texture, appear- special that a backyard for grub from Star of David
Twenty teams from as far as admission is free for the ance and taste. One of this year’s cook can’t have. It gives Kosher Grill, Judd’s Memphis
New York, Florida, Missouri, first time. competitors, Erik Schneiman of everybody a chance.” BBQ and vegetarian and vegan
North Carolina and Illinois will Center City, said he appreci- Visitors can partake in dishes from Nana’s Kitchen.
converge at Temple Beth Hillel- Kosher barbecue ates the level playing field the the food and other activities,
Beth El in Wynnewood for the competitions are less common competition creates with the including a watermelon-eating A parking shuttle from the
third annual cook-off from noon than their non-kosher counter- standardization of materials. contest, a monster truck bounce Kaiserman JCC at the cor-
to 4 p.m. on June 23. All net pro- parts, Gordon said, due to the Whether you’re an expert or an house, beer garden, premium ner of City Line Avenue and
ceeds will go to the nonprofits difficulty. All food, grills and amateur, he said everyone has scotch and bourbon table, a Haverford Road will transport
Support Homeless Veterans and cooking utensils have to be pro- an opportunity to do well. chili cook-off, obstacle course, visitors to the event starting at
the Jewish Relief Agency. vided by event organizers to a trampoline ride and mechan- 11:40 a.m.
competitors, ensuring kashrut ical bull riding. Live music will
Gordon has staged the event with certification by Keystone-K. be played, with Gabriel Boxer of While a large number of
will the help of the synagogue’s Kosher Guru serving as master event attendees are members of
men’s club annually since 2017. The only thing cooking of ceremonies. Oh, and don’t the Jewish community, Gordon
His motivation is to bring Jews of teams can use of their own are a miss the chance to meet the said he expects about half to be
all different backgrounds together handful of spices. Competitors event’s mascot, Mooshe. non-Jews.
for a day of fun under the sun. are given four types of meats One of the vendors will be
to cook — beef ribs, turkey, Ari White, pit boss and owner at “This is not a Temple Beth
“The idea, my mission, is to chicken thighs and smoked Wandering Que in Hackensack, Hillel event — this is an event
try to bring people together,” brisket. With a standardized New Jersey. In 2016, he won the for our region,” he said. “Think
Gordon said. “[Jewish people playing field, cooks have to rely top prize from the Brisket King big or go home. The more
of] all sects will come. And we on their knowledge of smoke, NYC competition. The Texas people we reach, the more who
have non-Jews, people of color, fire and spice to come out on can enjoy this event. That’s our
black Jews, Ethiopian Jews, we top and walk away with the mission.” l
2019 Mid-Atlantic Kosher BBQ
[email protected];

Q&A: Simcha Raphael on Jewish Views of the Afterlife

LOCAL Simcha Raphael in “death awareness, advocacy little-known teachings on the a common theme. At 21, my
ERICA SILVERMAN | JE STAFF Photo courtesy of Simcha Raphael and training,” Raphael speaks afterlife that can help individ- closest friend was killed in a car
widely about dying, bereavement uals and families deal with accident. He appeared to me
JUDAISM IS NOTABLY 25th-anniversary edition was and the afterlife; he’s leading dying, bereavement and end- in a dream, and I struggled to
ambiguous about the afterlife. recently published by Rowman a lunchtime talk on the subject of-life issues. I am working to explain the experience of feel-
& Littlefield. The founder of the at Gratz College in August. help revitalize an understand- ing his presence after he died.
Jewish law instructs Jews Da’at Institute, which specializes ing of traditional Jewish values
on specific practices, such as A fellow of the Rabbis Without around death and dying; the I began researching life after
funeral and burial rites, and Borders network, Raphael is an idea that death is inherently death in Judaism, with appli-
shiva, but concepts like the adjunct professor of religion and part of life; simplicity in death cations for working with the
immortality of the soul, the theology at La Salle University and burial; the spiritual efficacy dying and bereaved for my psy-
world to come and the resur- and provides personal counsel- of honoring Jewish mourn- chology dissertation.
rection of the dead are largely ing and training for rabbis and ing rituals; and the notion
left up to interpretation. health professionals dealing with that death is a transition to a What type of counseling and
issues like miscarriage, funeral world beyond. instruction do you offer at
Ordained as a rabbinic and burial, kaddish, shiva, the Da’at Institute?
pastor by Rabbi Zalman yizkor and yahrzeit. In the modern period, Jews
Schachter-Shalomi, Mt. Airy have lost touch with our beliefs I offer bereavement coun-
psychotherapist Simcha Raphael What is at the heart of the about life after death, but in seling, and transpersonal
is author of the classic Jewish work you do? the era of Jewish mysticism psychotherapy, a clinical
Views of the Afterlife, whose (12th to 16th centuries), it was
Judaism has extensive but See Afterlife, Page 23



What’s New Down the Shore This Summer?

Ryan Fagan / iStock / Getty Images Plus LOCAL completion in 2017. And ani- standpoint. The economy has also kosher certified. acts throughout the summer.
ERIC SCHUCHT | JE STAFF mosity toward the dunes has recovered from it, at least with For activities, Congo Falls A free musical tribute to Nat
died down as their presence has mine and a few others.”
AS THE ANNUAL migration become the new norm. Adventure Golf opened a King Cole to commemorate his
of Philadelphians “going down Speaking of businesses, sev- new location in Margate last 100th birthday will take place
the shore” hastens, travelers Randy Young is the owner eral new kosher eateries have summer. The new 18-hole jun- at noon on July 11. The pro-
should be aware of all that’s of the Heritage Surf and Sport sprung up in the area in the gle-themed mini golf is full gram, titled “Unforgettable,”
new at the beaches. in Margate, about a block away past few years. of waterfalls and ponds to will feature Dave Damiani
from the beach. He said he maneuver around. and the No Vacancy Orchestra
Many new businesses and hasn’t heard any complaints Ventnor’s kosher-certified from California. The event,
events have come to the coastal about the dunes from local res- Shalom Pita has opened for the On the entertainment side,
towns along the Jersey shore, idents lately, but speculated that season to scratch that summer Milton & Betty Katz JCC in See Shore, Page 10
aiming to draw tourists from people with beachfront prop- itch for burgers, hot dogs and Margate will host various musical
both within and outside the erty are probably still upset. falafel. Ventnor is also home to
Jewish community. The dunes ended up making Poppy’s Cafe and Commissary,
the beach wider, causing people a kosher burger and chicken
One of the main topics of to walk a bit farther to get to the deli a block from the board-
conversation in Margate and water. Businesses in the area walk, opened in 2016. The
Longport in recent years was took a bit of a dive the year the convenience store is a place for
the construction of dunes and dune was constructed, but have vacationing Jews to stock up on
an outflow pipe along the beach. since returned to prior levels. kosher provisions.

Controversy swelled at the “From what we can tell, For something a bit newer,
start of the Army Corps of business is pretty much back there’s Shari’s Bistro in Somers
Engineers’ installation, with 100 percent,” Young said. “The Point. The kosher restaurant
several lawsuits and protests beaches do seem to be back, peo- opened in November inside
springing up to stop the project, ple are coming and going to the an 1884 Victorian mansion,
all proving ineffective with its beach, and that’s from a business home to the bed and break-
fast Tavern on the Bay Resort,


154 years old Philadelphia’s oldest retirement
community has come a long, long way.
• The Cornerstone Expansion – brand new,
modern Independent Living apartments with all
the features and amenities you’re looking for.

• Newly renovated Personal Care apartments
including spacious one bedroom apartments.

• Located in a peaceful setting across
from Fairmount Park, only two blocks from
City Avenue and 15 minutes from Center City

2101 Belmont Avenue l Philadelphia, PA 19131
215-878-3600 l

Independent Living l Personal Care l Memory Care
5-Star Rated Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation




Tenth NYC Orthodox School Closed legendary Detroit Tigers outfielder Hank Greenberg referred to him using anti-Semitic language.
Because of Measles Outbreak as Major League Baseball’s all-time Jewish home run “Before, during, and after Randy Halprin’s trial,
CENTRAL UTA SATMAR School for Boys in leader when he hit his 332nd career homer on June 7,
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, became the 10th school in New JTA reported. Judge Cunningham harbored deep-seated animus
York City to be closed because of unvaccinated students towards and prejudices about non-white, non-
and the ongoing measles outbreak, reported. Braun, 35, has spent his entire career with the Christian people,” Halprin’s attorneys wrote. “He
Brewers, but his legacy was tarnished in 2012 expressed these views frequently in private and they
Nine of the closed schools are in Williamsburg, when he tested positive for banned performance- informed his thinking about his public service in the
and the other is in Queens. enhancing drugs. law. Judge Cunningham had a duty not to preside
over a case in which he considered the defendant
Before the city will allow the schools to reopen, Braun is not religious, but his father is Israeli a … ‘[expletive] Jew.’”
they must create a plan prohibiting students that and he has said he is proud of his Jewish heritage. Jews Honored at Tony Awards
don’t comply with vaccination orders — and have that Jewish directors Rachel Chavkin and Sam Mendes
plan approved by local authorities. Jewish Death Row Inmate Claims in won best director Tony Awards on June 9 for
Appeal That Judge Was Anti-Semitic Hadestown and The Ferryman, respectively.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Texas death row inmate Randy Halprin filed an
Prevention said the measles outbreak in the United appeal in May that the judge in his case was anti- Chavkin won for best musical, while Mendes
States is the worst in more than 25 years. Semitic and should have recused himself, JTA won for best play. In addition, Elaine May won
reported. her first Tony as best leading actress in a play
In a June 10 report, the CDS said 41 new measles in Kenneth Lonergan’s semi-autobiographical The
cases had been confirmed, including in Idaho and Halprin was part of the “Texas 7” who escaped Waverly Gallery. Bryan Cranston — whose father is
Virginia — measles reports have popped up in 28 states. from a facility in Kenedy, Texas, on Dec. 13, 2000. of Austrian Jewish descent — won a Tony Award for
Six of the prisoners were caught more than a month best leading man in a play in Network.
Between Jan. 1 and June 6, 1,022 cases have been later, while another died by suicide. The prisoners
reported nationwide, mostly in and around New were convicted of murdering a police officer who Sound designer Nevin Steinberg received a Tony
York City. On June 13, New York lawmakers voted to responded to a robbery they committed while on the with Jessica Paz for Hadestown, while Jamie deRoy,
require school children to be vaccinated, even if their lam and were sentenced to death in 2003. producer of six of this year’s nominated shows, won a
parents have religious objections. statue when The Ferryman scored best play. l
Four of the six have since been executed.
Ryan Braun Becomes Jewish Home Run Leader Halprin, 41, said Judge Vickers Cunningham
Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun surpassed



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FREE PFFeRRrEsEoEEnaPPleePrrlsasnoonnnianagll PPGlluaaindnnen.iinngg GGuuiiddee..



8 JUNE 20, 2019

Headlines MON-

Israeli Divorce Rate Climbs 5% in 2018 SPECIALS
DIVORCES INCREASED 5% in Israel in 2018, according to
data from the nation’s Chief Rabbinate, but statistics varied Wednesday, June 19 - Tuesday June 25
sharply by city, reported.
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There were 11,145 couples divorcing in Jewish religious
courts in 2018, compared to 10,661 a year earlier. That data $599SKAOLSAHEMRI
doesn’t include civil marriages conducted abroad or divorces HEBREW NATIONAL SKAOLSAHEMRI
involving non-Jews — it only counts Jewish citizens married by
state-sanctioned rabbis. LB.
While the divorce rate fell 7% in Jerusalem, it rose by 16% in Tel
Aviv. And in the Orthodox city of Beitar Illit in Judea, divorce fell $399CHEESE CHEESEAMERICAN
by 49%, but it rose 86% in Gedera. FRESHLY SLICED AMERICAN

Other data showed that 149 women were issued papers LB.
allowing them to remarry when their husbands disappeared after BY THE LB.
refusing them divorces. In addition, the rabbinate issued 117
bank, driving and travel restrictions to men and 39 to women $699GARLIC GARLICOUR OWN HOMEMADE
who refused to grant their spouse a divorce. ROAST BEEF LB. ROAST BEEF
Ford Opens Tel Aviv Research Center
Ford Motor Co. on June 12 opened a research center in Tel Aviv, TBURREKAESYT $699PURE BREAST TBURREKAESYT reported. LB.
The company said in a statement that the center will be a hub for its
global research and advanced engineering team. It also will support LNOOVXA -SCLOOTXIA $499CHEESE SPECIAL LOREXG-ULLAORX
automotive and mobility ventures through scouting technologies LB.
and startup companies pertaining to sensors, connectivity, in-vehicle BY THE LB.
monitoring, automated-systems research and cybersecurity.
Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford — whose great-grand- BY T1H/2E L1B/2. LB.
father was founder Henry Ford, a purveyor of anti-Semitic OUR OWN SALADHOMEMADECHICKEN
journalism — was present at the ceremony. $599SCHAICLKAEDN LB.
“This new center is not only an expansion of our existing
research and innovation centers, but provides an opportunity to Grant Plaza II: 1619 Grant Ave., Phila., PA 19115
join a growing innovation community in Israel,” he said. ph: 215-673-6000 fax: 215-676-5927
email: [email protected]
Ford invested $12.5 million in 2018 to its subsidiary, SAIPS
AC Ltd., with a goal of creating a decision-making structure for
autonomous vehicles.

Fortnite Game Feature Irks Israeli Power Company
Government-owned Israel Electricity Corp. has asked the devel-
oper of video game hit Fortnite to stop allowing game characters
to climb electric poles, JTA reported.

Reuters said climbing electricity poles is a relatively common
stunt in Israel — a practice the electricity company wants to prevent.

“You are responsible for the personal safety of your
consumers,” Israel Electricity said in a letter to Epic Games. “We
therefore ask you to take action to remove dangerous content that
encourages life-risking situations related to the use of electricity.”

Epic Games didn’t immediately respond.

US Embassy Branch Office in Tel Aviv Decorates
for Pride Parade
A U.S. Embassy branch office on June 13 ignored a Trump
administration decree banning the flying of the Pride flag at
diplomatic missions and decorated the Tel Aviv building with
rainbow flag banners, JTA reported.

The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem’s official Twitter account
published a photo of the display. “The U.S. Embassy Branch
Office in Tel Aviv is ready for the PRIDE parade tomorrow!” the
tweet said.

Before the start of Pride Month, U.S. embassies in Israel,
Germany, Brazil and Latvia reported they were explicitly denied
permission to fly the flag. l



Deferred Compensation and Your Business

FINANCE taxes can o en be deferred that will be included under the of the life insurance proceeds compensation until a later date
DOUGLAS L. HALL | JE FEATURE until retirement, when the plan plan (retirement income, dis- can be used to reimburse the — in most cases retirement.
participant might be in a lower ability bene ts, death bene ts, employer for premiums and/or
INSURANCE CAN BE a tax bracket. etc.) and the events that will bene ts paid. is type of plan is o en called
tedious subject, especially when trigger the payment of bene ts. a supplemental executive
it deals with more complex And because it is a nonqual- ere is more than one type retirement plan (SERP).
issues like deferred compensa- i ed plan, a business can select Deciding where the salary of deferred compensation plan.
tion plans (o en funded with any employee from its executive deferrals will come from — Here are a few from which to ere are many additional
di erent types of life insur- or management ranks to partic- paid from current salary or paid choose: details that go into developing a
ance) for select employees. ipate. ere are no contribution from current salary but deferred deferred compensation plan. But
limits and no signi cant l- until a later date (salary reduc- De ned contribution plan: we promised you an article, not
But it can be a valuable tool ing or reporting requirements. tion or salary continuation). e amount contributed each a seminar. And the hope is that
for business owners. Review this However, note that contribu- year on behalf of participants you now want to learn more.
article to help you boil down to tions are not tax deductible Selecting the funding vehicle is established under the plan
the essentials, and maybe you can until bene ts are paid out to — if life insurance, the purchase agreement. Deferred compensation
skip the introductory seminar. participants and bene ts may of a cash value life insurance De ned bene t plan: is plans bene t your organization
be taxable to participants when policy on each plan participant. speci es the amount each as well as the key employees
A deferred compensation they have the right to receive participant will collect at you select. Your business can
plan can help reduce current them — not necessarily when Paying benefits after a retirement. gain some tax advantages
income taxes and supplement they are actually paid. “trigger” event — usually Salary reduction plan: and help you keep your most
future retirement income for retirement, disability or death. Participants agree to defer a valued executives and manage-
select employees, as well as ere are four basic steps to portion of their current salary ment members. Your business/
yourself. is plan is o en used establishing a deferred com- Deferred compensation plan (or bonus) to a future point professional adviser will work
to attract, motivate and retain pensation plan: bene t payments become a tax in time — usually retirement through the many details with
high-quality employees. It’s deduction for the employer and — allowing them to postpone you when you are ready.
especially appealing because Choosing the employees are taxed as ordinary income paying taxes on that income
who will be included in the to the participant (or his or her until they are likely to be in a So, why not get started?
plan and selecting the bene ts bene ciary if a death bene t). If lower tax bracket. Now that you know the basics,
properly structured, a portion Salary continuation plan: it might be time to discover if
e employer agrees to provide a deferred compensation plan
NAME: GRATZ COLLEGE*; WIDTH: 5.5 IN; DEPTH: 5.5 IN; COLOR: BLACK participants with additional can add tremendous value to
PLUS ONE; AD NUMBER: 00085374 compensation over and above your business. ●
their future salary, but defers
payment of that additional Douglas L. Hall is a partner in
the Conshohocken o ce of

Free* Shore into a variety of characters
from Barbra Streisand to Elton
Calling ALL College Alumni Continued from Page 7 John.

Tuesday, July 16 sponsored by the Schultz-Hill Josh Cutler, program
Foundation, will be the second director at the JCC, said the
5:45 pm Party with your Gratz family! in its Music & Memories series. summer is a time to bring peo-
RSVPs are required. ple together, both locals and
Join faculty, staff, current students, alumni, and friends at a visitors, for a season of fun
delicious outdoor barbecue dinner. Bring your pictures, In addition, folk, country and under the sun.
rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter
yearbooks and stories. Come early for a President’s Reception and Grammy Award winner “I always joke that commu-
and presentation with Dr. Paul Finkelman at 4:30 p.m. Judy Collins will perform at 7 nity is our middle name, and
p.m. on July 18 at the JCC. center is our last name,” he said.
For more information and to reserve your seat: “So obviously we aim to be the
Dodi Klimoff, [email protected], 215-635-7300 x133 Next, Sandy Hackett’s Rat center of the Jewish community.
Pack Show takes the stage And, in doing so, we like to
*Free to all Gratz College BHL, Masters and Doctoral alumni. Kosher laws observed. at 7 p.m. on July 25 to bring think that every denomination
audiences back to when Frank is welcome here with open arms,
Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy and we try our hardest to create
Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop ruled a sense of openness and inclu-
the Las Vegas Strip. sion to be a part of our program.
It’s a fun place to be.” ●
And celebrity impersonators
Eddie Edwards and Anthony [email protected];
Edwards come to the JCC at 7 215-832-0751
p.m. on Aug. 8. Audience mem-
bers will see them transform



The Challenges of Commencement

SENIORS It may not be easy for grad-
MARCY SHOEMAKER | JE FEATURE uates to be themselves as they
are figuring their way out
EVERY YEAR, usually in through new careers. But it is
May and June, young men and an important step to take and
women participate in com- strive toward. In doing this
mencement exercises. you should:

The graduates are begin- 1. Accentuate your positives.
ning a new chapter in their 2. Don’t concentrate on your
lives. Many are continuing
their education, some are negatives.
entering the professional world 3. Don’t be afraid to ask for
and others are uncertain of
their future. help.
4. Realize that this is a new
Some may experience
post-commencement stress. chapter in your life that
takes time to evolve.
As you attend graduation 5. Never give up on yourself.
ceremonies and hear words of 6. Network and surround
advice from the student and key- yourself with like-minded
note speakers, think about ways individuals.
that you can guide and assist
these graduates as they enter this support system of friends, pro- change jobs multiple times Don’t be ashamed to reach out As you receive your diploma
new chapter in their lives. This is fessors, living quarters and throughout their careers. for support and help if you are and throw your cap in the air,
a time for celebration but also a college surroundings. Many adults return to school experiencing these symptoms realize that this is a wonderful
time for stress and uncertainty. to learn new skills and per- Be Yourself time in your life. It is a time
Freedom from Fear It is important to reach out fect previously learned ones. “I stopped pretending to myself of anticipation, excitement and
“It was so important for me to to these graduates and offer Additional opportunities may that I was anything other than uncertainty. Your feelings are
lose everything because I found them the following advice: create anxiety and stress. It is what I was, and began to direct not unusual.
out what the most important 1. It may take time to find the not unusual to experience: all my energy into finishing
thing is, is to be true to your- 1. Sleepless nights the only work that mattered Remember to face fear,
self. Ultimately, that’s what’s right direction in life. 2. Feeling irritable to me.” strive for what brings you pas-
gotten me to this place. I don’t 2. Life has ups and down follow- 3. Avoidance of previously sion and be yourself. These
live in fear. I am free.” — J.K. Rowling, Harvard three steps will help you on the
ing graduation. Share some enjoyed activities University, 2008 road to success. l
— Ellen DeGeneres, Tulane examples from your life.
University, 2009 3. Be honest about how you Marcy Shoemaker, Psy.D., is a staff
felt after graduation. psychologist at Abramson Center.
Commencement speeches 4. Explain how it is helpful to
are usually positive words that have a supportive network NAME: DUNWOODY VILLAGE; WIDTH: 5.5 IN; DEPTH: 3.62 IN; COLOR:
extol the importance of educa- and encourage the graduate BLACK PLUS ONE; AD NUMBER: 00085330 For most people the decision
tion. These positive words are to reach out for advice and to move into a retirement com-
well received by those gradu- support, especially during munity is a complicated one.
ates who have a clear direction times of fear and doubt. That’s why Dunwoody Village
and plan. But positive speeches Love What You Do encourages potential residents
may not be well received by “I’m convinced that the only to plan ahead and get peace
graduates who don’t know what thing that kept me going was of mind now. Visit our pictur-
to do after they receive their that I loved what I did. The esque Newtown Square campus,
Mike Watson Images / moodboard / Getty Images Plus diploma or may have accepted only way to be truly satisfied is meet our welcoming residents
a job that doesn’t match their to do what you believe is great and sign up on the priority list
passions or career direction. work. If you haven’t found it so we’ll have a home with your
yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” Limited number of newly renovated 1 Bedroom Apartments available. name on it when the moment is
Straightforward advice, — Steve Jobs, Stanford *OIN



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“Ellyn Gottlieb clearly had living conditions, which Bryn Mawr Hospital evaluated Patricia Gottlieb and found she had a clear history of dementia.
no regard for human decency included “hoarding, structural Google Maps screenshot
and life, as she stole from her damage, animal and human
mother and left her to die due feces, flies and moths.” Patricia When anybody is dependent on another person for care and support,
to lack of basic care.” Gottlieb was in pain, so they they’re vulnerable, and sadly, these populations can be taken advantage of
transported her to Bryn Mawr in a variety of ways.”
According to the affida- Hospital.
vit, on Jan. 10, 2018, County of BRENDA EDELMAN
Delaware Services for the Aging The hospital, according to
went to Patricia Gottlieb’s resi- the affidavit, evaluated her medication. She also said she Thomas Kidd Ellixson of JFCS does not investigate
dence to check on her. But when and found “so many wounds had a hard time cleaning her the Public Defender’s Office, older adult abuse. However, if
they arrived, Ellyn Gottlieb, who and sores all over her body mother because she was too named as representing Ellyn a concerned bystander, such as
was her mother’s power of attor- they couldn’t count them all.” heavy for her to lift, though she Gottlieb in her criminal a neighbor, calls, JFCS would
ney, wouldn’t let them enter, so She also had bruises, as well did clean her after she urinated docket, did not respond to provide that bystander with
they returned the next day with as an ulcer that prompted the or defecated. requests for comment. the information to contact the
Haverford Township police. hospital to initiate sepsis pro- proper agency, such as the coun-
tocol and required surgery. She Investigation by the police About one in 10 adults ty’s adult protective services.
Though she didn’t allow smelled of urine and was cov- found that Patricia Gottlieb over the age of 60 are abused,
COSA to enter, Ellyn Gottlieb ered in feces and was hungry. had been living at Broomall neglected or financially JFCS care managers and
allowed the police into the resi- Manor nursing home, where exploited, according to the social worker also do home
dence. The police reported that The hospital also said that she received occupational and National Institute on Aging. visits with older adult clients,
they found the house “in com- a psychological assessment physical therapy and “was Victims are often women, lack during which they evaluate the
plete shambles with significant showed she had a clear history clean and well attended.” In nearby friends or family and clients for their level of func-
hoarding present. There was an of dementia. Patricia Gottlieb September of 2017, when the have a history of disabilities, tioning. Sometimes, the care
apparent water leak from the was unable to say what her nursing home attempted to memory problems or dementia. managers and social work-
second floor and a strong odor medications were for; she collect outstanding payments ers may spot potential abuse,
of urine and feces throughout couldn’t remember how she of $22,972.71, Ellyn Gottlieb “As children are considered which they are required to
the home.” got to and from the bathroom. took her mother out of the a vulnerable population, older report. Depending on the situ-
She lacked an ability to make nursing home and brought her adults are also vulnerable because ation, JFCS may reach out to or
When the police spoke to decisions, she didn’t believe she to the home in Havertown. of older age, decreased pro- connect a client with another
Patricia Gottlieb, “she rejected had wounds and she couldn’t cessing,” said Brenda Edelman, agency or service, such as legal
the need for medical attention consent on wound care. A financial analysis con- assistant director of older adults, services in the case of financial
and confirmed that her daugh- ducted on Patricia Gottlieb’s individuals and family services exploitation or public benefits
ter was caring for her.” Ellyn Gottlieb told police accounts from August 2016 at Jewish Family and Children’s such as utility discounts or
she was unaware of ulcers or to September 2017 — the Service of Greater Philadelphia. food stamps.
A week later, on Jan. 17, 2018, wounds on her mother’s body, period when she was in the “They could have a diagnosis
police and Narberth Ambulance according to the affidavit. nursing home — found more of some form of a dementia. Anyone concerned about an
returned for lifting assis- She said she fed her mother than $88,000 in unauthorized When anybody is dependent older adult can make an anony-
tance from a fall. While there, four times a day and gave her purchases, including 83 pur- on another person for care and mous report to the statewide elder
EMS noted the “deplorable” chases from online auction support, they’re vulnerable, and abuse hotline (1-800-490-8505). l
site Tophatter, 19 purchases sadly, these populations can be
from QVC and multiple cash taken advantage of in a variety [email protected];
withdrawals. of ways.” 215-832-0729




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Klein helped launch the was a caring and thoughtful e orts and e ect on American deeply,” Boardman said in a man who accomplished so
careers of hundreds of media member of the Temple family, media, Boardman was pleased separate statement. much and helped so many.”
luminaries — like actor and and we all mourn his loss,” with the Temple school
comedian Bob Saget, and CBS university president Richard renaming while he was still Melissa Greenberg, chief “Lew will be missed,” Leib
News Executive Editor Steve Englert said in a statement. alive. Sitting across from him development o cer of the added, “but his legacy will
Capus — but none of them was at lunch one day, Boardman Jewish Federation of Greater never fade.”
as famous as Dick Clark. Klein David Boardman, former told him: “ ere’s only one Philadelphia, worked at Temple
was an executive producer on editor-in-chief of the Seattle person for whom the school for eight years as the associate Of his father, Stephen Klein
American Bandstand, one of Times and the dean of the Klein should be named, and I’m vice president for campaign said that he will miss more
the seminal television shows College, rst met Klein during looking at him.” programs, as well the chief of than anything, perhaps, is
in American broadcast his- the hiring process in the spring sta of the o ce of the pres- his wisdom, and his ability to
tory, originally developed and translate it into sage counsel.
produced in Philadelphia. He Over his 67 years at Temple, Lew had a profound impact on thousands
also produced the Philadelphia of careers, including my own. I could not be more proud to have our “If you had any kind of a
Phillies telecasts for 15 years, college graced with the name of this creative, generous and honorable question of what was right and
recruiting beloved fan favorites man. We will miss him deeply.” was wrong to do, you could ask
like Richie Ashburn and Tim him, and he could give you the
McCarver into sportscasting. DAVID BOARDMAN answer,” Klein said. His father
believed in “treating people
Klein was also, at one of 2013. Seated next to him Klein’s impact was perhaps ident. During that time, she honestly” above all else.
point, president of Gateway at a dinner, they “hit it o ,” most deeply felt, he said, by those worked closely with Klein, and
Communications, which owned Boardman said, and found that who saw his passion for “helping came to see his impact as a He and his wife, Janet,
four TV stations on the East they had much in common. others do their best work.” “beloved and respected” men- lled their lives with friends,
Coast. tor to his students. attracted to them for Janet’s
“He struck me as an incred- “Over his 67 years at Temple, smile, according to Stephen
In addition to renaming a ible person,” Boardman said, Lew had a profound impact on “He was just such an extraor- Klein, and to Lew’s stories. He
school in his honor, Temple who was “obviously deeply thousands of careers, includ- dinary person in every way,” she was full of stories, his son said,
created the Lew Klein Alumni committed to education and to ing my own. I could not be said. “An all-around great guy.” “and he never repeated ... well,
in the Media Awards in 1997, the community and to quality more proud to have our college some of the favorite ones, I
honoring alumni like former journalism.” graced with the name of this Bryan Leib, a former heard a few times.”
Electric Factory head Larry creative, generous and honor- Republican congressional can-
Magid, musician John Oates Because Klein was not par- able man. We will miss him didate and a cousin of Klein’s, Lew Klein is survived by his
and others. ticularly well known for his said Klein was a “remarkable wife, Janet; his children, Ellen
and Stephen; granddaughter
“I want to extend my sincere Anna and her husband John;
condolences to Janet and the and great-grandchildren Oscar
entire Klein family, who are in and Miriam. ●
our thoughts and prayers. Lew
[email protected];

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A Call to Action

BY NAOMI ADLER and to take action. The time to responding to urgent calls to living survivors, we are com- again, we are equally resolved
help this precious population provide funds to over 60 orga- mitted to honoring the memory to find as many ways as pos-
I AM SO proud to have just is running out, and each one of nizations who currently assist and the legacy of the millions sible to support those who
shared the news of what we hope us has the ability right now to nearly 4,000 Holocaust survivors of Jews who perished. There are survived one of humanity’s
to be an additional impact- make a difference in the lives of both in the U.S. and in Israel. In still too many people in the greatest nightmares. We are
ful initiative and partnership these communities’ most cou- addition to a strong partnership world who are unfamiliar with grateful to all of our communities’
to provide a new lifeline for rageous members. with JFCS, we have also priori- the horrors of the Holocaust volunteers and professionals
our local Holocaust survivors tized additional support to local and the dangers of anti-Semi- who are similarly focused on
(“New Resources Available for The services provided agencies who provide service tism and bigotry. We work to this vital work.
Area Holocaust Survivors,” through the Kavod SHEF pro- to survivors. The Jewish Relief educate our neighbors every
Jewish Exponent, June 13). gram couldn’t be more needed, Agency connects volunteers to day, and I am grateful to the Thank you in advance for
Since the conclusion of World as the day-to-day realities of service opportunities, such as hundreds of survivors who have ensuring survivors can access the
War II, the Jewish Federation Holocaust survivors living in preparing and delivering nour- joined our efforts to inform the new resources available through
of Greater Philadelphia has the United States are very dis- ishing meals, taking survivors public and spread the message Kavod SHEF by making this
been honored to partner with concerting. One-third of our to their medical appointments of tolerance and inclusion. outreach a priority today.
many organizations to ensure country’s 10,000 survivors live in and connecting them with their
the security and well-being of poverty, and many of the more community. We also support the Every year, we connect Please encourage all survi-
survivors of the Shoah living than 500 survivors living in the work of the KleinLife community dozens of local survivors vors and their loved ones to
in our region. This new collab- Greater Philadelphia region are center, which provides essential directly with mostly non-Jewish call the Kavod SHEF hotline
oration with Jewish Family and struggling to make their basic social, educational and cultural students from local public and (720-295-8484) so we can help
Children’s Service of Greater ends meet. Much like our other programs, as well as vital health, parochial schools through our them with any and all of their
Philadelphia, Kavod and Seed senior community members, the wellness and social services. Our youth symposiums. It is an day-to-day needs. The hotline
the Dream will be a vital mech- majority of our local survivors Jewish Federation Real Estate overwhelming experience for will connect to a representa-
anism to help local survivors wish to remain in their homes, affinity group recently joined many of these children, and for tive from JFCS, who in turn
cope with emergencies associ- near the places and people that the cause, funding an energy our survivors it can be a ther- will distribute funds directly
ated with life’s most important are familiar to them. It’s a wish cost savings program that will apeutic outlet to share their to survivors in the form of
necessities: medical bills, rent, that must be granted, in order allow for additional funds to be stories and forge new relation- gift cards or by directly paying
food and home repairs. I am to prevent additional retrauma- directed to KleinLife’s health ships. Our annual Holocaust their bills.
humbled by the incredible tization or PTSD that can come and wellness program for sur- memorial ceremony, this year
generosity of our Jewish com- from a housing change. Kavod vivors from the former Soviet held just a day after the tragic I hope you will join us in
munity and these partners, SHEF will be a vital mechanism Union. And in Israel, the work shooting at the Chabad syn- sharing the news wide and far.
without whom this program to expand this work we do every of programs such as Latet and agogue in Poway, California, For as we learn in Proverbs
would not have been possible. day to ensure the well-being of Project Leket are ensuring that convened hundreds of people 31:8, it is our duty to “speak up
However, the support to birth our local Holocaust survivors. the needs of survivors living in throughout the region to stand for those who cannot speak. ...
this program is not enough. our beloved Jewish homeland side by side with our commu- Speak up and judge fairly, and
It may be surprising to you are always met. nity of survivors. champion the poor and the
Today I am imploring you that there is still such a great need needy.” l
to read the information below for this assistance. However, In addition to our work to aid As determined as we are to
your Jewish Federation is still never let the Holocaust happen Naomi Adler is the CEO of Jewish
Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

Jewish Education for Ambivalent People

BY ARIELLE LEVITES education to engage with Jews like prayer. Interestingly, among In a recent study, sociologist receiving a difficult medical
who do not describe themselves American Jews of no religion, Michael Hout found that many diagnosis. One might choose
THE FASTEST GROWING as religious, yet seek sacred the 2013 Pew study found that Americans are what he calls reli- to seek a second opinion from
religious group among meaning and connection? almost half (46%) believe in God gious “liminals,” that is, moving a top medical specialist, exper-
American adults today is or a higher power. between the categories of religious iment with a New Age wellness
“Religious Nones.” Yet, at the To start, it’s important to and not religious. As far back as practice or pray to God. It’s cer-
same time that Americans understand that people of “no Further, while research in 1994, the sociologist of religion tainly not hard to imagine all
increasingly describe them- religion” are not without reli- American religion often classi- José Cassanova argued “that the three of these activities within
selves as having “no religion,” gious beliefs, feelings or interests. fies people into distinct boxes majority of Americans tend to be the repertoire of response of
they also increasingly describe They are people who do not of “religious” and “secular,” humanists, who are simultane- one person.
themselves as “spiritual.” affiliate with a particular reli- sometimes human beings are ously religious and secular.”
gion, church or denomination. more complicated than these In my own studies of
How can we make sense of Having “no religion” is primarily dichotomous categories allow. We are not always consistent American Jewish education,
this apparent paradox? What a claim about formal member- Increasingly scholars are in our approach to the world. which has been primarily of
might it mean for American ship. Thus, “Religious Nones” marking the ways in which Different events and challenges educational programs that
Jews, the American Jewish com- may still have religious beliefs individuals may be ambivalent, require different strategies for
munity and the field of Jewish or engage in religious activities ambiguous and changeable. action. As an example, consider See Levites, Page 16



What We Can’t Forget When We KVETCH ’N’ KVELL

Remember Anne Frank Not Enough Shavuot Coverage
SHAVUOT IS A major Jewish holiday. It is one of the three
BY RAFAEL MEDOFF why the Roosevelt administra- The quotas for immigrants yearly pilgrimage and agricultural festivals, along with Passover
tion refused to open America’s from Germany and (later) Axis- and Sukkot, and on Shavuot we celebrate the giving of the Ten
ON GROCERY STORE check- doors to Anne Frank or count- occupied countries were filled Commandments.
out lines around the country less other Jewish children. Just in only one of Roosevelt’s 12
this month, amid the candy the one vague allusion to Otto’s years in office. In most of those You wouldn’t know this from the June 6 issue. On the
bars and zany tabloids, shop- “hope,” and then quickly back years, the quotas were less than front page there was a panel which listed for Shavuot “Ice
pers will find a glossy 96-page to the famous story of Anne 25% full. A total of 190,000 Cream, Cheesecake and Milkshakes — Choices abound for the
magazine called “Anne Frank: hiding in the Amsterdam attic quota places that could have dairy-centric holiday” and referred people to page 12.
Her Life and Legacy.” The pub- and writing entries in her diary. saved lives were never used
lication, compiled by the staff at all. On page 12, there was a paragraph on the connection of dairy
of Life magazine, is filled with Here’s the part of the story foods to Shavuot near the beginning of a two-page spread on
photographs of Anne and her that Life left out. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, places to buy dessert (“The Great Dairy Investigation of 2019”)
family, and a breezy overview filled out the small moun- in the Philadelphia area. There was no other article on Shavuot
of her childhood, tragically cut Laws enacted by the U.S. tain of required application in this issue or the previous one, and Shavuot was not mentioned
short by the Nazi Holocaust. Congress in the 1920s created a forms and obtained the nec- in the community calendar.
June 9 would have been her quota system to severely restrict essary supporting affidavits
90th birthday. immigration. Roosevelt wrote from the Franks’ relatives in There is a lot more to Shavuot than dessert.
at the time that immigration Massachusetts. But that was
Unfortunately, it fails to should be sharply restricted for not enough for those who zeal- Finley Shapiro | Wynnewood
explain one of the most import- “a good many years to come” ously guarded America’s gates
ant but little-known aspects so there would be time to against refugees. No, Trump Is Not Great
of the Anne Frank story — “digest” those who had already Oy vey. We can go back and forth over the merits of Donald
how her life could have been been admitted. He argued that Anne’s mother, Edith, wrote
saved by President Franklin D. future immigration should to a friend in 1939: “I believe Trump from here to your neighborhood deli and back. You can
Roosevelt. be limited to those who had that all Germany’s Jews are have your opinion, and I will have mine. But when someone once
“blood of the right sort” — they looking around the world, but again says Trump is wonderful because his daughter married a
Jew and converted to Judaism, I must respond. The letter writer
Otto Frank, Anne’s father, filled out the small mountain of required on June 13 (“Trump is Great”) also tells us he is 92 years old. I
application forms and obtained the necessary supporting affidavits from suppose his age is supposed to impart wisdom. I am 73 years old,
the Franks’ relatives in Massachusetts. But that was not enough for those and I do not believe that Trump is a “breath of fresh air” as the
who zealously guarded America’s gates against refugees. writer suggests. I do not believe that putting children in cages or
saying that white supremacists are “fine” people are the actions
Little Anne, “thin as a wisp, were the ones who could be can find nowhere to go.” of someone to be admired. l
curious, mercurial, and a know- most quickly and easily assim- That same year, refugee
it-all” at first enjoyed an idyllic ilated, he contended. Sheryl Kalick | Philadelphia
life, “but outside the family cir- advocates in Congress intro-
cle, the world was changing,” As president (beginning in duced the Wagner-Rogers bill, Statement From the Publisher
Life recounts. Economic and 1933), Roosevelt took a harsh which would have admitted
social crises in Germany pro- immigration system and made 20,000 refugee children from We are a diverse community. The views expressed in the opinion columns and letters
pelled Adolf Hitler to power in it much worse. His adminis- Germany outside the quota published in the Jewish Exponent are those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect
1933, and Anne’s father, Otto, tration went above and beyond system. Anne Frank and her the views of the officers and boards of the Jewish Publishing Group and/or the Jewish
quickly moved the family to the existing law, to ensure sister Margot were German cit- Federation of Greater Philadelphia. Send letters to [email protected] or fax to
neighboring Holland for safety. that even those meager quota izens, so they could have been 215-569-3389. Letters should be a maximum of 200 words and may be edited for clarity
allotments were almost always among those children. and brevity. Unsigned letters will not be published.
When World War II underfilled. American con-
erupted in 1939, Life reports, sular officials abroad made sure Supporters of the bill Join the
Otto “frantically searched for to “postpone and postpone and assembled a broad, ecumeni- conversation!
ways to get his family away postpone the granting of the cal coalition — including His
from the growing conflict” and visas” to refugees, as one senior Eminence George Cardinal Tell us what you’re thinking
“he hoped to emigrate to the U.S. official put it in a memo to Mundelein, one of the coun- and interact with the community
United States.” his colleagues. They piled on try’s most important Catholic
extra requirements and created leaders; New York City Mayor at
That’s all. No accounting of a bureaucratic maze to keep Fiorello La Guardia; Hollywood Connect with us on
what happened when the Franks refugees like the Franks far celebrities such as Henry Fonda
sought to emigrate to the United from America’s shores.
States. No explanation as to See Medoff, Page 16



Levites can be secular and religious to ensure that our learners I recently read a poem on can provide learners with not
and spiritual, sometimes all in gain some sense of the scope the subway that brought that just one key to open one famil-
Continued from Page 14 the same day. of the universe of Jewish story to mind. In “Notes on iar door, but multiple keys that
ideas and communities of Longing,” the poet Tina Chang open multiple doors.
foreground spirituality and The primary lens through practice that are available as writes, “On the corner, there
alternative communities of which they want to orient to sources of meaning and con- is a shop / that makes keys, Those who work with children
meaning outside of synagogue the world often depends on nection. Educators will have keys that open / human doors, and teens — even as they
and other traditional Jewish life stage, social networks, rela- their own preferred ideolo- doors that lead / to rooms that promote their own preferred
institutions, I have come to tionships, institutional settings gies and practices that they hold families.” ideologies and practice, facil-
appreciate how people seek and transient circumstances. (rightfully) want to empha- itating entry to one particular
different forms of connection People are complex and flex- I love this image of the door — may want to consider
and expression at different whether the curriculum they
points in their lives, often Given that American Jews may be ambivalent, ambiguous and changeable offer gestures toward alterna-
while still wanting to maintain in terms of how they connect to being Jewish, let’s consider how Jewish tive visions of Jewishness and
an overarching self-concept of education, rather than trying to find just one key, can be like that little key multiple entry points.
being “Jewish.” shop on the corner, making many keys, that open many doors, leading to
many connections and possibilities. Given that American Jews
Among the many and may be ambivalent, ambigu-
varied orientations, one may ible, and different needs and size and promote. At the shop that is occupied all day ous and changeable in terms
foreground religious ritual, concerns may come to the fore same time, educators must with making keys and how of how they connect to being
spiritual practices, intellectual in the different contexts in hold in the front of their these keys lead ultimately to Jewish, let’s consider how
understandings, cultural pro- which they find themselves. minds that at various junc- people and human connec- Jewish education, rather than
duction, politics or ethnic ties. tures in life people may seek tion. There can be so many trying to find just one key, can
Some may emphasize just one Fortunately, the corpus new on-ramps to Jewish liv- barriers to participation in be like that little key shop on
element or a combination of a of the Jewish imagination is ing and diverging paths of Jewish life. While we always the corner, making many keys,
few, and we may see different vast and diverse. There is vir- exploration. But these will be yearn for the possibility of that open many doors, lead-
expressions ebb and flow over tually no feature of human difficult to find if they don’t one key, a silver bullet, no one ing to many connections and
the lifespan. experience or orientation to know they exist. perfect method that unlocks possibilities. l
the natural and supernatural the heart of every learner has
In particular, in a recently universe, that Jews, past and There is a famous Chasidic yet been identified in Jewish Arielle Levites is the Golda Och
completed study of American present, have not tried to make story, attributed to the Baal education. Postdoctoral Fellow at Jewish
Jewish teens, I was struck by sense of and connect to. Shem Tov, in which we learn of Theological Seminary. She is work-
how teens wanted to explain a “master key” that opens every Perhaps, as we await the dis- ing on a book about contemporary
that they can be both secular As a result, one challenge chamber in the Divine Palace. covery of the master key, we American Jewish spirituality. This
and religious, and sometimes for Jewish educators today is article was originally published in
have spiritual experiences and Gleanings, the ejournal of the William
feelings. What is true for teens Davidson Graduate School of Jewish
may be true for older genera- Education of the JTS.
tions as well. American Jews

Medoff many opponents when she significant number of Jews. But Nazis. But President Roosevelt Life magazine’s tribute to
remarked at a dinner party that FDR rejected the plan. He and did not shy away from using Anne Frank is touching. The
Continued from Page 15 “20,000 charming children his aides feared that refugees such fear-mongering in order photos fill our hearts with pity.
would all too soon grow up would be able to use the islands to justify slamming shut But by failing to acknowledge
and Helen Hayes; and 1936 into 20,000 ugly adults.” FDR as a jumping-off point to enter America’s doors. what the Roosevelt administra-
Republican presidential nomi- himself refused to support the United States itself. tion did to keep the Jews out,
nee Alf Landon and his running the bill. By the spring of 1939, The following year, the Life’s version of history misses
mate, Frank Knox. Former Wagner-Rogers was dead. At a press conference on administration officially a point that future generations
First Lady Grace Coolidge June 5, 1940, the president decreed that no refugee with need to remember: Pity is not
announced that she and her But Wagner-Rogers was not warned of the “horrible” danger close relatives in Europe could enough to help people who are
neighbors in Northampton, the only way to help Jewish that Jewish refugees coming to come to the United States. trying to escape genocide. l
Massachusetts, would person- refugees. Just a few months ear- America might actually serve
ally care for 25 of the children. lier, in the wake of Germany’s the Nazis. They might begin Anne and Margot Frank, Rafael Medoff is founding director
Kristallnacht pogrom, the gov- “spying under compulsion” for and countless other German of The David S. Wyman Institute for
Even though there was no ernor and legislative assembly Hitler, he said, out of fear that Jewish refugee children, were Holocaust Studies, and the author
danger that the children would of the U.S. Virgin Islands if they refused, their elderly kept out because they were con- of The Jews Should Keep Quiet:
take jobs away from American offered to open their territory relatives back in Europe “might sidered undesirable. They didn’t President Franklin D. Roosevelt,
citizens, anti-immigration to Jews fleeing Hitler. Treasury be taken out and shot.” have what FDR once called Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, and the
activists lobbied hard against Secretary Henry Morgenthau “blood of the right sort.” One Holocaust, forthcoming from The
the Wagner-Rogers bill. Jr. endorsed the proposal. That’s right: Anne Frank, year after the defeat of Wagner- Jewish Publication Society in 2019.
President Roosevelt’s cousin, Nazi spy. Rogers, Roosevelt opened This article was originally published
Laura Delano Houghteling, That one tiny gesture by America’s doors to British chil- by the History News Network. It is
who was the wife of the U.S. President Roosevelt — accept- In fact, not a single instance dren to keep them safe from the reprinted by permission of the author.
Commissioner of Immigration, ing the Virgin Islands leaders’ was ever discovered of a Jewish German blitz. Those were the
articulated the sentiment of offer — could have saved a refugee entering the United kind of foreigners he preferred.
States and spying for the



Mexican Twist on American Comfort Classic

FOOD In the hot days of sum- Monterey Jack, mild cheddar, Photo by Keri White
mer, this could also be served colby or the Mexican cheese
KERI WHITE | JE FOOD COLUMNIST chilled, like gazpacho or blend sold in stores all work
vichyssoise. fine. If you are serving these
CINCO DE MAYO caught me to a big group, place a cook-
off guard this year. We skipped dessert, but ing sheet in the oven on 300
chocolate ice cream sprinkled degrees to keep the quesadillas
Normally, I do something with cinnamon and a bit of warm while you produce the
festive for the day: Despite chili pepper would continue larger batch.
having no Mexican ethnicity, the Mexican theme nicely. If,
I love the country, the culture come fall, there’s a chill in the These are great plain or, for
and, most especially, the food, air, forego the ice cream, and this meal, dipped in the tomato
so I always make an effort to make hot chocolate with the soup, but you can also serve
observe it, yet I had to impro- same flavors. Alternatively, a them with a variety of salsas to
vise this year. lime sorbet garnished with spice things up.
cilantro or mint would be a
And why limit yourself to a nice way to end this meal. 6 corn tortillas
single day in May anyhow? 1½ cups grated cheese
1 tablespoon oil Cooking spray
Recently, I came up with 2 small onions, chopped
a Mexican twist on the Heat a large skillet, and
American classic combo of finely spray it with cooking oil.
tomato soup and grilled cheese 2 cloves garlic, minced
sandwiches, switching it up to 1 jalapeño, minced very Place the tortillas in a
a spicy soup and quesadillas. skillet, two or three at a time
Given the reception the meal finely
received and the simplicity of 1 teaspoon ground cumin See Food, Page 21 Mexican tomato soup
it, this will definitely join the 1 teaspoon salt
regular rotation. 2 large (28 ounces) cans Shop The House,NAME: HOUSE OF KOSHER SUPERMARKET; WIDTH: 5.5 IN; DEPTH: 5.5 IN;

We kept things simple with crushed tomatoes COLOR: BLACK PLUS ONE; AD NUMBER: 00085408
just the salad and the recipes 1 quart vegetable stock
below, but you could get as cre- ¼ cup cilantro, chopped From Your Home. #
ative as you like with a variety S
of salsa, chips and guacamole. finely
¾ cup heavy cream H
In a large stock pot, heat the O
MEXICAN TOMATO SOUP oil and sauté the onion, gar-
Serves 6 lic, jalapeño, salt and cumin. P
Depending on your family’s Continue cooking for about 5
interest in spiciness, consider minutes until the onions are T
reducing (or increasing) the soft and the spices are fragrant.
amount of jalapeño. Removing H
the seeds cuts the heat, if you Add the tomatoes and stock,
want some, but not a ton of and bring it to a boil. Lower the E
spice. heat, cover and simmer for 30
minutes. H
If you prefer to lighten
this up, you can swap milk or Add the heavy cream and HOUSEOFKOSHER.COM O
yogurt, or a lower fat product cilantro, heat and serve. online shopping website K
for the heavy cream. The con-
sistency of the soup will be a QUESADILLAS IS NOW LIVE!
little thinner with milk, and Serves 6 as a side dish or 2-3 as
yogurt may “break” giving it a main Servicing Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware and surrounding areas.
a less-smooth texture, but it
should not affect flavor. I prefer corn tortillas for my Groceries • Fresh Fish • Fresh Butcher • Sushi • Deli • Takeout • Catering • Bakery • Pizza • Grab & Go • Dairy • Platters • Delivery
quesadillas; they offer more
You can also eliminate the flavor and texture than flour. FULLY KOSHER SUPERMARKET Under the Keystone K Hashgacha
dairy altogether, but some peo- Plus, with more and more peo- 9806 Bustleton Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19115 Full-time Mashgiach on Premises
ple find the soup a trifle too ple avoiding wheat and gluten,
acidic. To combat this, add a they are sometimes a safer
cup of cooked rice or a finely bet for a crowd. I used grated
minced potato in the initial sharp cheddar for these, but
stage of prep.



Legacy Society

“Just like my fathers planted for me, so too I will plant for my children.” — Talmud

In a vibrant community, each generation plans and builds for the next.
The Legacy Society honors those generous community members who have helped ensure a strong and thriving
future by creating endowments now or through estate planning.
Join the Legacy Society and be welcomed officially during our Annual Reception on October 3, 2019.
Please contact Rachel Gross to discuss how you can plan your legacy: [email protected] or 215.832.0572.

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Alan and Debbie Casnoff



Magic-Comedy Show Upholds Jewish Heritage
Dating to Era of Harry Houdini

ARTS among other programs. His Greenbaum studied psy- When it came to creating levitated the art to thrilling
show “Harrison Greenbaum: chology at Harvard University a hybrid magic-comedy show, new heights.
ERIC SCHUCHT AND TOBY TABACHNICK What Just Happened?” sold out and started performing Greenbaum mostly started out
| JE STAFF the Upright Citizens Brigade stand-up, veering away from with ideas for jokes and worked Allan Zola Kronzek, a Jewish
his old tricks. Now he’s rein- to connect them to one of his magician, author and educator,
HOUDINI, COPPERFIELD, eater and ran o -Broadway corporated magic into his act. magic tricks in a way that felt has given lectures on “Magical
Uri Geller — the Jewish world for two months. organic. If you take away the Jews: e Life and Times of Great
has a long line of performers “It was a long road, but smoke and mirrors, Greenbaum Jewish Magicians” at Jewish
who focused on magic. Greenbaum grew up in my unique journey has led could still perform the entire Community Centers and other
Lawrence, New York, the to a unique act,” Greenbaum show as a typical stand-up rou- venues. In his book, Grandpa
This fact isn’t lost on grandson of a Holocaust survi- wrote via email. “Each trick tine. So, as he puts it, he’s not a Magic: 116 Easy Tricks, Amazing
Harrison Greenbaum, a vor. He was 5 when his interest in my show plays to a di erent “magician with comedy” but a Brainteasers, and Simple Stunts
Jewish comedian and magi- in magic rst sparked. A er strength, so I love exercising all “comedian with magic.” to Wow the Grandkids, Kronzek
cian coming to perform his father showed him a card my comedy and magic muscles compiled a list of the top 100
June 21-22 at the Smoke and trick and refused to tell him over the course of the show. I e tradition of magic — in American magicians of the 20th
Mirrors Magic eater in how it was done, Greenbaum built a show that requires 100 Philadelphia and beyond — century shows, of which 20 per-
Huntingdon Valley. e New said he became obsessed. At 14, percent of me in every capacity. has been largely dependent on cent were Jews, despite the fact
York native has appeared on he started attending Tannen’s So I’m a sweaty, exhausted mess Jews, who not only have been that Jews comprised only about
America’s Got Talent, Last Magic Camp in New York City, at the end of it, and I wouldn’t disproportionately represented 2 percent of the total U.S. popu-
Comic Standing and Conan, where his passion for the cra have it any other way.” in the eld historically, but also lation at the time.

Harrison Greenbaum performs
a card trick with an audience

Todd Seidenberg



Harrison Greenbaum performs a bit about The Price is Right. Mark Wartell the field may be connected “The history of the Jewish
to the intellectual curiosity people is one of adversity and
One of the greatest Jewish America was Horace Goldin. attracted to the field of magic emphasized by their traditions. survival; there have been a lot
magic “superstars,” according Born Hymie Goldstein, he might be explained by some of moments throughout his-
to Kronzek, was Erik Weisz, became famous for sawing a of the same reasons Jews were “Many of the greats of magic tory when a bigger, larger or
better known by his stage name, person in half. Although he did attracted to other performance were Jewish,” Greenberg said. more powerful group tried to
Harry Houdini. Born in 1874 not invent the effect, “he cer- genres. “I suspect our faith encourages kick out or exterminate the
in Hungary to a father who was tainly exploited it, and he had investigation, curiosity, resolu- Jews. As a result, an art form
a rabbi, Houdini immigrated wonderful versions of doing it. “They did so, I guess, tion of puzzles and problems. like magic — in which you
to the United States with his He was a very colorful charac- because they couldn’t become It goes back to the Talmudic can at least give the illusion
family when he was a child, ter,” Kronzek said. doctors or lawyers — or they scholars who spent their time of having power, the illusion
first to Wisconsin, and then to were just very talented — but interpreting and arguing with of having supernatural abili-
New York. He developed into a Many other Jewish magi- certainly the door was open,” one another. This is built into ties that transcends the normal
top athlete as well as a “pretty cians took to the vaudeville Kronzek surmised. our faith — we’re raised to be — is very appealing to mem-
good magician,” Kronzek circuit, which “was often curious and ask questions and bers of a group like the Jewish
said. Jewish-owned, so there was Jack Greenberg of try to resolve them. And that’s people, both in terms of per-
networking going on and they Pittsburgh, a member of the a part of magic. The art of forming magic and enjoying
Another renowned Jewish could get jobs,” he explained. Jewish community who has magic relies significantly upon the performance of magic. Add
magician in early 20th-century Why Jewish immigrants were practiced magic for 80 years, that feature.” to that how supportive Jewish
said many Jews’ attraction to parents can be and you have a
Magic, he added, is an recipe for a lot of Jewish enter-
inclusive pursuit, which could tainers, including magicians.”
help explain why so many Jews
are drawn to it. Greenbaum said his goal is to
leave audience members laugh-
“Birds of [a] feather flock ing hard. And the magic is his
together,” he said. “There is unique twist on classic stand-up.
some grouping involved here.
There’s no rejection as you “The show is built to make
find in other pursuits. There’s you laugh so hard you cry, or
encouragement of people of all even pee a little, and astonish
faiths, of all colors, of all origins you so much your brain hurts,”
to get involved with magic.” he said. “So be prepared for
fluids to leak from somewhere
For Greenbaum, his Jewish- — towel not included.” l
identity has influenced his
show. As a performer, he strives Toby Tabachnick is the senior staff
to present himself as authen- writer of the Pittsburgh Jewish
tically as possible, and being Chronicle, an Exponent-affiliated
Jewish is a part of that identity. publication.
When it comes to the draw
of Jews to magic, Greenbaum eschucht[email protected];
believes it has to do with living 215-832-0751
in a world that has historically
persecuted them.

Food MEXICAN FLAG SALAD 1 package baby lettuce, In a small bowl, mix the lime, Toss the dressing over the
Serves 4 or 1 head lettuce, rinsed, salt, cayenne, cumin and oil. salad and serve immediately. l
Continued from Page 17 spun and torn into small
Inspired by the green/red/ pieces Cheese cheese quesadillas MSPhotographic / iStock / Getty Images Plus
(do not overlap) and place white of the Mexican flag,
grated cheese on one half of I threw this salad together 1 pint cherry or grape
the tortilla. Do not fold until and dressed it with a lime tomatoes, cut in half
heated and pliant or the torti- vinaigrette that evoked the
llas will break. flavors of Mexico. Using ½ cup cheese “ribbons” cut
a vegetable peeler to pre- with a vegetable peeler
When the tortillas heat up, pare the cheese delivers
fold over the top of the tortilla. longer, larger pieces than a 1 avocado, cubed
box grater, and this adds Juice of ½ lime
As the cheese melts, flip the more color and texture to ½ teaspoon salt
tortilla, and continue cooking, the salad. If you can’t get ¼ teaspoon ground cumin
flipping occasionally, until the your hands on Cotija cheese, Dash cayenne pepper
cheese is completely melted mozzarella or Monterey Jack 2 tablespoons olive oil
and the tortillas are crisp. Serve (pepper or plain) work well.
immediately or keep warm in In a large salad bowl, mix
the oven until the meal is ready. the lettuce, tomato, avocado
and cheese.



Documentary Chronicles IDF Soldiers With PTSD

ARTS fun to watch, but never delved which adds energy and
ERIC SCHUCHT | JE STAFF into the complex reality of a drama to the inter-
life of military service. viewee’s voiceovers.
I ALWAYS THOUGHT it was The film’s cinematic
weird when cinemas started air- When the Smoke Clears: A score also adds to the
ing regular commercials before Story of Brotherhood, Resilience intensity, although it
the movie. An advertisement and Hope, newly available for can be a bit intrusive at
for a Honda Civic seemed out Amazon Prime viewing, delves some points.
of place when mixed in with into that reality, telling the
trailers for the latest Spiderman story of former Israeli Defense When the Smoke
or Transformers flick. Forces soldiers Gil, Ofer and Clears does great work at
Elad. We learn of their reasons humanizing the trio with
A staple was U.S. military for enlisting, the struggle of photos of them grow-
recruitment ads. They’d show being injured in the line of ing up and interviews
soldiers jumping out of heli- duty and how they readjust to with their friends and
copters and rescuing people civilian life. family. By the film’s end,
from floods — real action- you come to really care
packed stuff. One of them Gil is shot while trying to about them, but much
showed a group of militiamen apprehend an enemy combatant of what is learned of
charging a line of British sol- during the Second Intifada, Ofer their stories feels super-
diers during the Revolutionary loses sight in his right eye after ficial. And because we
War with rock music blasting fighting in the Second Lebanon have three subjects with
in the background. These zeal- War and Elad gets shot in the fairly similar stories, the
ous short films had a pretty head while participating in film comes across as a
simple message — join the mil- Operation Protective Edge. bit of a retread. They all
itary, become a hero. They were enlist out of patriotism
Each of these combat and have identical views
moments is illustrated via reflecting on their time
black-and-white cartoons, in the service.

Snowbirds It would have been
interesting to see more of
Please let the Jewish Exponent know in advance when a variety of backgrounds he was injured. be proud of?
you are leaving and when you are returning. Often several and perspectives among Part of the problem is try- Like those Army recruit-
papers are sent to your “old” address before we are notified the subjects — such as
by the Post O ce. Each time a paper is sent back to us, you a veteran from a much ing to tell three stories in 80 ment commercials I saw before
miss the Jewish Exponent and we are charged. older generation. That minutes. Each of the three nar- the new Star Wars, When the
would have created ratives is compelling enough to Smoke Clears sets out to put its
Please call us at 215.832.0710 or opportunities to com- carry a feature-length movie. subjects on a pedestal without
email us at [email protected] pare and contrast the subjects’ asking bigger questions.
experiences, adding in the fac- At the end of the film, we
tor of showing how aspects of hear Ofer explaining how he If you’re looking for a
life in the Israeli military have isn’t a hero, all while surging feel-good, patriotic film that
either remained the same or music plays in the background. glorifies the Israeli military,
changed over time. Earlier, there’s a scene where you’ll enjoy this; after all, it did
Ofer is being interviewed in win Best Documentary Feature
But none of this detracts his home about a medal he at the 2018 San Diego GI Film
from the value of the film. received, which he explained Festival. But if you’re looking
While it goes over similar he had to look for, finding it in for something deeper, some-
points multiple times, it’s all his parent’s basement. We then thing that really examines why
interesting and enhanced by hear the interviewer speak a man like Ofer doesn’t see
fast editing and quick pacing. (the only time in the movie) himself as a hero in a society
telling him how he should be that paints him as one, you’ll
Some of the interviewed proud of his accomplishment. be left wanting more. l
parents mention how the mil- Ofer remarks that several of
itary changed their sons, but his friends died in the con- [email protected];
the audience is never shown flict, so what does he have to 215-832-0751
this change. For example,
there’s a short clip of Elad
struggling to play a song on
the piano. This moment would
have been more impactful if
the audience had been shown
Elad’s relation to music before


Torah Portion


Negativity a Scourge to Be Fought June 21 8:15 p.m.
June 28 8:15 p.m.

BY RABBI DANIEL LEVITT people join in the complain- successfully got himself out of prophesying in the camp with- It’s important to note that
ing and say, “It was better for a rut by actively sharing pos- out sanction, concerned about extreme negative feelings can
Parshat Beha’alotcha us as slaves in Egypt, if only itivity with other influential the impact on Moses’s author- also be a symptom of clinical
THIS WEEK’S TORAH por- someone would serve us some people, God turns his message ity, Joshua runs to complain depression caused by chemicals
tion, Beha’alotcha, begins by meat!” (Perhaps it was the first, to those leaders to spread the about this to Moses. in our brain, not just by negative
describing a general murmur- but not the last time Jews com- positivity to a wider commu- thought patterns. In the case of
ing of complaints and negativity plained about the catering!) nity and instruct them to, as it Instead of being caught depression, a person will not
against God, which resulted in says in the verse (11:18), “Get in the complaining trap and be able to remove themselves
God causing a fire to begin to The negativity was infec- yourselves ready, for tomorrow causing a domino effect of from the negative thought pat-
devour the edge of the camp. tious. It was so infectious that it you will eat meat.” negativity, Moses spins the sit- terns. It is important that they
impacted Moses as well. After uation with a positive outlook, seek external help from experts
Viewed from a literal Moses heard their complaints, he But meat wasn’t going to just saying, “Are you jealous for when they see a constant pat-
perspective, it is hard to started complaining to God that appear; they had to get ready. me, if only all of God’s people tern of negativity in their lives
understand the reason for the dealing with these people was too Similarly, negativity doesn’t could prophet.” that they are not able to remove.
devouring fire as a punish- much of a burden for him. The just go away — it requires a
ment for some complaining. I overall picture is of a community choice to act by the people It would’ve been easy for Left unchecked, negativity
would like to suggest a more whose culture of negativity had most effected by the negativity. Moses to get upset — most festers and begets more negativ-
metaphorical interpretation in infected the entire group. From Moses to the elders to the people would have — and ity — and it hurts us. We owe
which they were being con- people, the cycle needed to be then reacted negatively and it to ourselves and the people
sumed by their negativity. It is not uncommon for reversed. God said, “Moses you spread the negativity around around us, to do whatever it takes
individuals, families, groups, need to snap out of it. Instead some more. Moses identifies to actively make a point to inject
At first, it was only on the organizations, communities of wallowing in complaints and the beginning of a negative more positivity in our lives. l
outskirts of the camp — or (perhaps entire societies), etc., self-pity, be proactive.” thought pattern and chooses to
their consciousness — but to get caught in similar neg- take a more positive approach. Rabbi Daniel Levitt is the
left unchecked, negativity has ative ruts. This narrative in The simple lesson for us is, executive director of Hillel at
the potential to become like a the Torah becomes important if we are stuck in a rut, we Negativity and complain- Temple University: The Edward
devouring fire. advice on how an individual must choose to see things dif- ing are a part of life. Everyone H. Rosen Center for Jewish Life.
or a group should deal with ferently; we need to create an has ups and downs. But left The Board of Rabbis of Greater
Immediately following this the negativity that often infects environment for positivity to unchecked they can have real Philadelphia is proud to provide
introduction, the negativity and then radiates outward. take root and grow. repercussions on ourselves, the Torah commentary for the
rears its head again, this time our loved ones and our com- Jewish Exponent.
in a literal way. A few outliers In response to this situa- To drive this message home, munities both physically and
started to complain about the tion, God told Moses to gather in the very next episode of the emotionally.
lack of variety in their diet; a community of positivity parshah, we see another com-
only once they started com- around him and share some plaint and we see how to handle For some of us, this advice
plaining did the rest of the of the positive forces in his life the situation in a positive man- will hopefully add positivity in
with that community. After he ner. There are two men who are our lives and minimize unnec-
essary complaining.

Afterlife text presents a historical over- death, and my work is reclaim- deceased in dreams or around of any unresolved emotions,
view of Jewish ideas about life ing these lost traditions of the cemeteries. What we learn often described as painful, but
Continued from Page 6 after death from biblical times afterlife. from these kinds of teachings you may have help from loved
to the modern period. It also is that people often feel the ones who are still alive, offering
practice that integrates both has a description of the renewal Tell us about the new chapter presence of deceased loved prayers on your behalf.
psychological and spiritual of Jewish death rituals, and how “Spirits, Ghosts and Dybbuks ones in dreams, prayers and in
experiences into its frame- that impacts the Jewish psy- (evil spirits) in Yiddish other ways. There is a window The third stage is called
work, using resources such as chology of experiencing death. Literature.” between the world of the dead the heavenly Garden of Eden,
prayer and meditation. and the living, not a wall. where one merits divine
The new edition further In the earlier edition, I main- What happens after we die? reward, and there are said to be
I help people realize that addresses the question of tained that ideas of the afterlife seven realms that correspond
the trauma of grief is normal. Jewish beliefs about reincar- in Judaism diminished after the In Judaism, the afterlife is a to the level of one’s spiritual
When you retell your story, nation and Kabbalah. Jewish period of the Enlightenment. multistaged journey of trans- development upon their death.
you are releasing parts of the teachings on reincarnation say The new edition has a whole formation. In the first stage, the In some cases, this is the end of
trauma from the body, which that if we have not fulfilled chapter exploring spirits and person releases attachments to journey, or one may prepare for
can lead to recovery. all of the mitzvot in our life- ghosts that present in the writ- their physical body. One may reincarnation.
time, then we will come back ings of Shalom Aleichem, Issac see deceased loved ones as they
The third edition of Jewish in another life to fulfill them. Bashevis Singer and elsewhere leave their body, welcoming There is no eternal dam-
Views of the Afterlife was Reincarnation can also be a in Yiddish literature, from them into the world beyond, nation, only a process of
released on the 25th anni- punishment, and some souls the later Medieval period to and one many have a vision of a purification. Although, there are
versary of the book’s first reincarnate to help other souls modern times. review of their life’s deeds. no final answers on the mystery
publication. What new infor- in their life journey. of life and death. l
mation can readers expect? It was common in the In the second phase, one goes
Today, people want a spir- Eastern European shtetl for through a purification process [email protected];
First published in 1994, the itual approach to dying and people to see spirits of the 215-832-0737



The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
mobilizes financial and volunteer resources to
address the communities’ most critical priorities
locally, in Israel and around the world.

The ‘Israel Peace Corps’: A Dispatch from Ghana

WHAT CAN SOCCER-LOVING between Israel and Ghana.
children from Ghana do when they “As Israelis, we’re used to getting
don’t possess the equipment to play
their nation’s treasured sport? things done, but here people behave
differently,” she explained. “The attitude
With touches of resourcefulness to time is different. Schedules are seen
and tikkun olam, a Jewish Federation- as recommendations only, which can
supported The Jewish Agency for Israel make working here a bit trying. The
program found the solution. moment I let myself learn and experi-
ence the culture, I let go. I also learned
“One of our enrichment activities for that being on the go all the time doesn’t
children is a sports project that serves necessarily lead to better results. The
as a way for developing life skills,” said relaxed approach allowed me to enjoy
Rachel Shaya, 31, of The Jewish Agency’s the process much more and open myself
Project TEN center in Ghana. “At one of to real cultural learning.”
our meetings, the children told us they
had no soccer goals, so we brainstormed Then why not stay in Ghana?
together and decided to build them using “I’ve learned about myself and other
water bags and other recycled materials. people. I’ve learned a different culture,
They’ve learned a way of using available and the meaning of partnership and
materials that are in abundant supply.” sustainability. But I want to continue
putting all that to work in the place I call home — Israel,” Shaya said. “I’m
Project TEN: Global Tikkun Olam is a Jewish Agency service-learning connected to the land and am excited and eager to put all I’ve learned into
program that brings young Jewish adults from Israel and around the world to practice in whatever new direction I go.”
volunteer, study and travel together in Israel or other developing regions across Indeed, Shaya’s work in Ghana has come full circle. In the course of pursuing
the globe. The program’s work is rooted in the central Jewish value of tikkun shared goals with Project TEN volunteers and locals alike, she empowered them
olam — translated from Hebrew as “repairing the world.” to become leaders in their own right.
“Now they’ll be able to build goals by themselves,” she said of the soccer
Throughout her 1½ year-long appointment in Ghana, Shaya was on a journey equipment. “They’ve experienced teamwork and learned that in order to create
beyond her wildest imagination. something they want or need, they have to assume responsibility and be
proactive. We left them something tangible on the soccer field that will serve
“I run a house with 15 Jewish volunteers — a diverse but united team from all them for many years to come, but more importantly we left them with a way of
over the world,” Shaya said. “I also run the partnerships with visionary locals. thinking and working that will last them a lifetime.”
We work together with existing local NGOs and provide them with informal
education tools to help them function independently. Our main goal is to — Omer Kalderon
generate social and environmental change in the community.”

Throughout her time in Ghana, Shaya experienced cultural differences

Jewish Philly Podcast
Episode 16:
Jennifer Weiner

IT’S SUMMER 2019, and we’re talking about the renewed debate over
abortion through a Jewish and Israeli lens, followed by a conversation on the
new upcoming Israeli elections with Jewish Exponent reporter Jesse Bernstein,
and we’re sharing the story of Haym Salomon, financial hero of the American

We also had the chance to sit down with one of Philadelphia’s most famous
authors, Jennifer Weiner, to talk about her new book Mrs. Everything, why
it’s important for her to write Jewish characters and share their stories in her
books, and the moment she realized she had become a Philadelphian.

The Jewish Philly podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play
and at


Community / calendar information. 8000 Main St., Voorhees, NAME: SACK’S JEW-
New Jersey. ELERS; WIDTH: 1.75
Leonard Bernstein Discussion.
Temple Beth Sholom Hazak’s closing luncheon tNopUsMaBllEoRf:fe0r0s 0fo8r4y8o6u7r
will be at noon and feature Moylan Mills giving diamonds & jewelry.
a presentation on the life and music of Leonard
Bernstein. The afternoon celebrates Hazak Torah, Bagels and Coffee. We can pay more because
and is open to the entire community. The cost Begin Shabbat morning at Old York we know the true value.
is $7 for members and $12 for non-members. Road Temple-Beth Am with an Immediate cash for one
For information, contact Zelda Greenberg at interactive and engaging discussion of piece or an entire
856-812-7317 or [email protected] 1901 the weekly portion including bagels and collection.
Kresson Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. coffee at 9 a.m. followed by a peer-led
Shabbat service at 10:15 a.m. Casual 201 Old York Road • Jenkintown, PA
Jack Mitchell / wikipedia dress is appropriate and everyone is
welcome. For more information, call 215- (215) 885-7070
THURSDAY, JUNE 20 swimming pool, a large lake with the review with pharmacist Allan Katz 886-8000. 971 Old York Road, Abington.
option for kayaking, hiking, cabins (RSVP and bring your medications), Open Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.
Bible Study. with AC, camping, basketball courts, Kabbalat Shabbat at 10:30 a.m., hot Hazak Shabbat. 11am - 4:00pm
We will study the commentaries found soccer, football and baseball fields. kosher lunch with birthday cake for Join your Hazak friends and
in the Hertz Chumash, the Etz Hayim Glatt kosher catered meals throughout June birthdays at 11:30 a.m. and a congregants in honoring the Sabbath Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
Chumash and the commentaries of the whole weekend, live music before presentation by Katz at 12:15 p.m. at 9:30 a.m. Luncheon to follow.
modern biblical scholars to deepen our and after Shabbat and interactive RSVP by phone at 215-832-0539. Temple Sinai Dresher. 1401 Limekiln at
understanding of the first book of the workshops. For more information, KleinLife: Center City. 2100 Arch St., Pike, Dresher. For any questions, contact Ryan Jones
Bible. For more information, call 610- visit or call 215-432-4035. Philadelphia. at [email protected]
667-5000. 10-11 a.m. Har Zion Temple. SUNDAY, JUNE 23
1500 Hagys Ford Road, Penn Valley. FRIDAY, JUNE 21 Shabbat BBQ. Hazak Brunch.
Melrose B’nai Israel Emanu-El invites Farmland Bicycle Ride. You don’t want to miss this celebration
Torah Study. PRIDE Shabbat. the community to join us at 5:45 p.m. Join us for our second annual Farmland of Cantor Stephen Freedman’s time at
Midday Torah study with Rabbi Eric Join us as we celebrate PRIDE BBQ, high-energy Shabbat evening, Ride bicycle event at 7:30 a.m. Bike Temple Sinai. Come join us and thank
Lazar at noon. All are welcome. Shabbat at 6 p.m. This will be a installation of officers and board of through Hunterdon County’s picturesque him for his music and great work.
Temple Brith Achim. 481 S. Gulph special Kabbalat Shabbat service directors and a festive Oneg Shabbat. farmlands. Choose from one of three Includes fish brunch and $18 per person.
Road, King of Prussia. in which we celebrate the seventh Summer casual dress. For more routes (15, 30 or 60 miles), designed 10 a.m. 1401 Limekiln Pike, Dresher.
day and our community’s values of information, call 215-635-1505. for all cycling abilities. The routes are
Book Club. inclusion, belonging and safety. For 8339 Old York Road, Elkins Park. marked and fully supported. Rest stops Music for the Mind.
Come join a lively program when more information, call 215-886-8000. offer snacks, drinks and fresh fruit. Program for those living with
The Book Discussion Group with Old York Road Temple–Beth Am. Shabbat Services. Enjoy lunch provided by Bluefish Grill. To dementia and their caregivers led by
Rita and MaryAnn, a joint venture 971 Old York Road, Abington. Join us at 8 p.m. in the Small Chapel register and for more information, go to Rabbi Beth Janus on June 23, July
program by Northeast NORC and the of Congregation Beth El for Beth El The rides 14 and July 21. 11 a.m. Beth Sholom
Congregations of Shaare Shamayim, Adult Activities. singles Shabbat services. This event begin and end at the Flemington Jewish Congregation. 8321 Old York Road,
meets at noon. The book selected A full day of activities for active is open to the community. Not limited Community Center. 5 Sergeantsville Elkins Park.
for discussion this month is Leaving adults. Coffee, tea and snacks at to single people. No reservations. Road, Flemington, New Jersey.
Time by Jodi Picoult. A $2 donation 8:30 a.m., chair exercise, current Free. Contact Norma at 856-220-5597 HaMotzi Dinner.
is required. Light refreshments are events or one-on-one medication or [email protected] for more Maccabi FunRun. HaMotzi dinner at 5 p.m. To
served. Call 215-677-1600 for details. This summer, more than 25 volunteer at the dinner and or
Transportation is available through international cities are hosting to donate food, contact Sue Fried
Northeast NORC at 215-320-0351. Maccabi FunRuns, the largest at [email protected] or 215-327-
9768 Verree Road, Philadelphia. international Jewish sports and 8065, or Paulette Sterman-Soroko
community day in the world. Join at [email protected] or
the global Maccabi movement by 215-646-7997. Reform Congregation
coming with friends for a fun run or Keneseth Israel. 8339 Old York Road,
walk. $20. 9 a.m. to noon. Register Elkins Park.

See Calendar, Page 26

Be heard. NAME: SMOKE & MIRRORS; WIDTH: 3.625 IN;
Sababa Music Festival. Email your letters NUMBER: 00085375
A four-day Shabbat experience and to the editor.
music festival happening June 20-23 A fun-filled afternoon show for
in Honesdale. Sababa Fest will be [email protected] Family audiences ages 5 -105
taking over a sleepaway camp nestled Ask about our Birthday Party Shows at the theater or your location
in the Pocono Mountains. Amenities 2840 Pine Rd, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 | (267) 626-1366
and activities include a private heated


COMMUNITY / calendar

Calendar Robert Alpert. All are welcome. Noon. SUNDAY, JUNE
Congregation Adath Jeshurun library,
Continued from Page 25 7763 Old York Road, Elkins Park. Hava NaGrilla.
The Men’s Club of Temple Beth
MONDAY, JUNE Lunch and Learn. Hillel-Beth El will host its third
Discussion of the parshah of the week. annual Charity BBQ Festival in the
Mahjong. This session will be led by Rabbi Mid-Atlantic region. Twenty cooking
Play and learn from 12:30-2 p.m. with Ira Flax. All are welcome. Noon. 1801 teams will compete under the
the Sisterhood of Har Zion Temple Market St., 17th floor, Philadelphia. competition guidelines of the Kansas
in weekly community open mahjong City Barbeque Society, as well as the
play. You may bring a kosher dairy Mahjong. scrutiny of the kosher supervisors
lunch or dairy/pareve kosher snacks. Our mahjong group meets at 1 p.m. Keystone-K. Mechanical bull riding,
Call 610-667-500 for information. in the Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel kids obstacle course, watermelon
1500 Hagys Ford Road, Penn Valley. synagogue chapel, to play the game, eating contest, a children’s
have fun and raise money for tikkun playground and plenty of delicious
Mahjong. olam. Have you heard of mahjong and food. Noon to 4 p.m. 1001 Remington
Join the Sisterhood of Melrose B’nai want to learn to play? Are you new in Road, Wynnewood.
Israel Emanu-El for our weekly town looking for the game? Have you
friendly mahjong game at 7 p.m. Open lived in town and want a new group No charge. Email [email protected] modern biblical scholars to deepen Shalom of Bucks County. From 1-3
to the entire kehillah. No charge for to play with? We’re always looking com or call 215-320-0351 to register. our understanding of the first book of p.m. Weekly open play in social hall
MBIEE sisterhood members. One-time for new players. We ask for a $4 8546B Bustleton Ave., Philadelphia. the Bible. For more information, call for $2 on Thursdays. To register, call
charge of $36 includes membership donation per session. 300 S. 18th St., 610-667-5000. 10-11 a.m. Har Zion 215-968-6755. 944 Second St. Pike,
to the MBIEE Sisterhood. Contact Philadelphia. Mahjong. Temple. 1500 Hagys Ford Road, Richboro.
215-635-1505 or [email protected] Old York Road Temple-Beth Am will Penn Valley. for further information. WEDNESDAY, JUNE host a drop-in mahjong game at Meet the Author.
8339 Old York Road, Elkins Park. 7 p.m.. Bring your cards. Mahjong sets Torah Study. Join authors Isaac Mizrahi, Maira
Co ee and Conversation. and cards will be for sale. For more Midday Torah study with Rabbi Eric Kalman and Alex Kalman for an
TUESDAY, JUNE After morning minyan, enjoy co ee information, call 215-886-8000. Lazar at noon. All are welcome. onstage conversation where they
and an open forum for learning at 971 Old York Road, Abington. Temple Brith Achim. 481 S. Gulph chat about their books, friendship,
Science vs. Society. 8 a.m. Rabbi Andrew Markowitz Road, King of Prussia. their mothers, living authentically and
Penn State history professor Natalie will teach and answer your Jewish THURSDAY, JUNE more. Book signing to follow. Held
Isser gets into how scientific notions questions. Co ee and Conversation Canasta Strategies Class. in conjunction with “Sara Berman’s
have a ected our everyday lives. is free and open to the community. Bible Study. For experienced players. Learn Closet.” 7 p.m. National Museum
11 a.m. to noon. KleinLife: Adath Israel. 250 N. Highland Ave., We will study the commentaries found defensive strategies and special of American Jewish History.
Montgomery County. 7763 Old York Merion Station. in the Hertz Chumash, the Etz Hayim hands. Improve your canasta skills. $5 101 S. Independence Mall East,
Road, Elkins Park. Chumash and the commentaries of donation to the Sisterhood of Ohev Philadelphia. ●
Bereavement Group.
Lunch and Learn. For the post-bereaved, held at
Discussion of the parshah of the week. Northeast NORC, from 1-2:30 p.m.
This session will be led by Rabbi

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Community / mazel tovs MILES SAMSON ENGLAND

BIRTHS Courtney (née Soloff) and Josh England, along with
JESSE DAVID STRAUSS big sister Layla Jules and big brother Benjamin Sawyer
of Warrington, announce the birth of their son, Miles
Melissa and Josh Strauss of Philadelphia Samson (Melech Rafi), on May 3.
announce the birth of their son, Jesse
David Strauss, Yacov Avram Chaim. Sharing in their happiness are great-grandmother
Joining in welcoming Jesse are grand- Rita Rhodes; grandparents Andi and Ron Soloff and
parents Shelly and Morris Hochbaum Lisa and Levi England; Aunt Heather and Uncle Adam
of Lafayette Hill and Nancy Strauss of Soloff, Aunt Kim and Uncle Michael Kushner, Aunt
Delray Beach, Florida. Also welcoming Danielle and Uncle Matt Soloff, and Aunt Sydney England; and cousins Ava, Abbey,
Jesse are Uncles Adam Strauss and Dan Justin, Marley, Max, Andrew, Remi and Samantha.
Hochbaum, and Aunt Casey Cutler.
Miles Samson is named in loving memory of his maternal grandmother, Millie
Jesse is named in loving memory Barash, and his paternal grandfather, Sanford Rhodes. Miles’ Hebrew name is in
of his maternal great-grandfather, loving memory of his paternal grandmother, Rose Soloff.
Jack Licht, and paternal grandfather
David Strauss.


Two Area Teens among 26 Bronfman Fellows — from a cartoon action figure named Wrath Hover Philadelphia One of Four US Cities
THE BRONFMAN FELLOWSHIP’S 33rd group of Ginsbot to renderings of Ginsburg’s likeness on Hosting Maccabi FunRun
intellectually curious North American 11th-graders T-shirts, nail decals and tattoos. Twenty-five Maccabi FunRuns — billed as the largest,
includes two Philadelphia-area teens. international Jewish sports, community and char-
“Justice Ginsburg’s life and career are an essential ity day — are slated for June 23 around the world,
The 26 fellows chosen from more than 230 appli- reminder that the freedoms promised here in including in Philadelphia.
cants will participate in a five-week program of study Philadelphia are the right of every person in the coun-
and travel in Israel, followed by a year of program- try,” said Josh Perelman, the museum’s chief curator The local event starts at 9 a.m. at Schuylkill River
ming centered around pluralism, social responsibility and director of exhibitions and interpretation. Park (300 S. 25th St.) and includes both a 5K and 1K
and Jewish texts. They also will interact with Israeli race/walk.
peers chosen through a parallel selection process. The exhibit will be on display from Oct. 4 through
Jan. 12, 2020. The early bird entry fee is $20 and day-of-race entry
One of the local teens is Ross Armon, a member is $36. Register at
of Congregation Adath Jeshurun and a junior at Three High School Seniors Awarded 100K
Abington Senior High School. He is the sports editor in Total for Higher Education Local Rabbi Publishes Nonfiction Book
of his school’s newspaper, a setter on the varsity Avoda, which was originally formed in 1928 to finan- Rabbi Maurice Harris, the associate director for
volleyball team, the founder of Abington High cially assist young Jewish men in Atlantic County, thriving communities and an Israel affairs specialist at
School’s Jewish Student Union and a member of the New Jersey, pursue higher education, named three Reconstructing Judaism in Wyncote, recently published
Future Business Leaders of America club. winners of its 2019 awards, which total $100,000. the nonfiction book The Forgotten Sage: Rabbi Joshua
ben Hananiah and the Birth of Judaism as We Know It.
The other is Samantha Deutsch of Wyndmoor, From left: Estelle Richardson, Sara Strenger and Emily
who is a junior at Germantown Friends School and The book details the life and impact of Joshua ben
a member of Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel. Locke Photos courtesy of Avoda Hananiah, a “poor and ugly nail-maker” who lived
At school, she leads the Jewish Affinity Club, is a in the era after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem
student council grade representative and a member The organization, which has since increased in 70 C.E.
of the Model United Nations club. She is also a Penn eligibility to women and students in Cape May County,
Young Scholar and takes courses at the University of announced the winners at an awards dinner on June 5. “Through his humanity, humility and occasional
Pennsylvania. audacity, Joshua helped set Judaism on its course
RBG Exhibit Planned at NMAJH The primary award winner is Estelle Richardson towards becoming the decentralized, multi-opin-
The National Museum of American Jewish History of Ocean City High School, who will attend Johns ionated, exile-surviving, other-religion-respecting,
announced that it will be the first East Coast venue Hopkins University and major in chemistry. pragmatic-yet-altruistic, wounded-yet-hopeful religion
for the “Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth that it is at its best,” according to the press materials. l
Bader Ginsburg” exhibit. The secondary winners are Sara Strenger of Mainland
Regional High School, who will attend the University of SHARE
The exhibit is based on The New York Times book Washington and study computer science, and Emily
and created in partnership with its authors, Irin Locke of Atlantic City High School, who will major in your engagement, wedding birth, Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Carmon and Shana Knizhnik. It will take a look at animal science in Delaware Valley University. announcement and any other simcha on both
the life of the Supreme Court justice and her roles as and the weekly
a student, life partner, mother, lawyer, judge, women’s Jewish Exponent newspaper for FREE!
rights pioneer and pop culture icon.
The exhibition is narrated via Ginsburg’s writings,
opinions and interviews. There also will be an explo-
ration of Notorious RBG memes, fan art and parody


Community / deaths



Dr. Stuart Cobert Baer, on June 10, 2019 at Bernice Helen Brooks (nee Blumberg) of Rye,
the age of 86; loving husband of Elaine (nee N.Y. and formerly of Philadelphia and Haver-
Wyman); beloved father of Doug Baer (Dr. town, PA., died on Tuesday, November 6,
Joan Lit) and Dr. Seth Baer (the late Karen); 2018 at the age of 94. Devoted wife, mother,
stepfather of Cindy Band (Jeff) and the late grandmother, and friend, she is missed every
Andrea Tessler; devoted brother to the late day. Bernice loved nature—flowers, sunsets,
Marian Goldberg; adoring grandfather of Ad- and the moon in the night sky brought her
rienne and Ross Baer, Sophie and Madeline joy and a sense of serenity. Bernice loved
Baer, Dylan Band and Darby Silverman. Dr. music, dancing, theater and the visual
Baer was a graduate of Central High School; arts—and she shared her passion for the arts
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School with others. Most of all, Bernice loved her
and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic friends and family—to be in the company of
Medicine. He was an Army veteran. Dr Baer those who mattered most was her greatest
was a general practitioner who served the NE pleasure and source of comfort. Bernice be-
Philadelphia community for over 45 years. He lieved in lucky pennies, writing SWAK on en-
was well loved by his patients and respected velopes and saying, “so long,” never good-
by his peers. He was extremely philanthropic bye. She believed in the healing touch of an-
donating to numerous and various charities. other’s hand, a kiss on the cheek, and the
He loved nature, the arts and music. He en- love we show from simply showing up. Every
joyed gardening, was a member of the Phil- meal she created was “made with love and
adelphia Horticultural Society and main- kisses.” Bernice is survived by her husband
tained his own greenhouse. Most of all he of 70 years, Max, her children Ellen (Mar-
loved his family. In lieu of flowers, contribu- shall Cohen) and Craig, and grandchildren
tions in his memory may be made to a char- Lizzie, Rob, Julia and Sara. The funeral was
ity of the donor’s choice. held on Thursday, November 8 at Larchmont
Temple, Larchmont, NY, with interment at
JOSEPH LEVINE & SONS Roosevelt Cemetery. Condolences can be
sent to Max Brooks at 3212 Theall Road, Rye,
NY 10580.


MARIAN FRIEDMAN(nee Pressman), June 7,
2019. Wife of the late Albert Friedman; Moth-
er of Stephen Siegel and Rick (Janet) Siegel;
Step Mother of Robert (Shin Aoki) Friedman:
Grandmother of Amanda and Sam. Contribu-
tions in her memory may be made to ORT
America, 75 Maiden Ln., 10th FL, New York,
NY 10038


of your DR. THEODORE J. BLINDER, on June 8, Philip Gerstenfeld, age 85, June 8,2019. Be-
loved one … 2019 of New Port Richey, FL formerly of loved husband of Marian (nee Madnikoff).
Havertown, PA; husband of the late Barbara Loving father of Howard (Hope) Gerstenfeld,
CALL 215-832-0749 Lee (nee Wollin); father of Dr. Russell (Ellen) Dr. Eric Gerstenfeld, and Rina (Keith) Linden-
TO PLACE YOUR YAHRTZEIT AD. Blinder, Elizabeth (Steven) Glass, and Mi- baum. Adoring grandfather of Lauren and
chael (Robin) Blinder; grandfather of Joshua David, Diane and Rachel, and Jessica and
[email protected] (Tamar) Runyan, Elise (Katie), Justin Drew. Great-grandfather of Maddie. Dear
(Celina), Collin, and Haven Blinder. Also sur- brother of Helene (Harold) Rosen, Pauline
vived by 11 great-grandchildren. In lieu of Abramson, Marlyn “Cookie” (Jay) Forman,
flowers, contributions in his memory may be Lynda (Philip) Waxman and the late Jean
made to a charity of the donor's choice. (late Leonard) Klevansky. Contributions in his
memory may be made to Jewish War Veter-
JOSEPH LEVINE & SONS ans 1811 R. Street NW, Washington DC
[email protected]


REMEMBERS LOUISE GILBERT (nee Bowser), of Merion
and Delray Beach, FL. Wife of the late Alfred.
MONTHLY ARCHIVES Mother of Alfred Harrison (Linda), Roland
OF JEWISH EXPONENT Harrison and the late Andrew Harrison
(Pam). Stepmother of Beth Reisboard (Dr.
DEATH NOTICES Richard), Valarie Swarbrick and William Gil-
ARE AVAILABLE bert (Gudi). Sister of June Moore (the late
Henry). Grand-mother of Chrissy (Travis),
ONLINE. Lauren (Doreen), Adam (Lisa), Dana (Arthur),
Jeremy (Jenn), Marc (Amanda), and Amy. Great grandmother of Jonah, Ethan, Gabi,
James, Jordyn, Max, Lilah, Gabe, Owen,
Jocelyn, Izzy, Jaden, Bodhi, Andrew, Emily
and Quinn. Contributions in her memory may
be made to AVP of Phila.


Honor the memory
of your loved one...

Call 215.832.0749 to
place your memorial.


Community / deaths



Merrill M. Glickstein, on June 10, 2019. Fath- Sonia A. Loigman (nee Spielberg) June 11, Erwin (Sheik) Novak, 93, of Delray Beach, Morris Powers, June 12, 2019. Beloved hus- Jack Rubin, 98, of Pompano Beach, FL,
er of Melissa Matuch (Peter), Suzanne Glick- 2019. Wife of the late Darwin; mother of An- FL., formerly of Philadelphia, died April 11, band of the late Pearl (nee Berkowitz); loving formerly of Bala Cynwyd, PA, passed away at
stein (Paul Williams); brother of Mike Glick- drea Loigman (Stewart Riley) and Bruce (De- 2019. Beloved husband of the late Penny father of David (Hope) Powers, Andrea (Gary) home on May 17, 2019.Devoted husband of
stein, Deana Glickstein and the late Robert borah) Loigman. Contributions in her (Krusen). Brother of the late Rose Skaroff, Bruell and Ellen (Sanh) Le; devoted grand- Harriet (Nee Greenspan), brother of Asher
Glickstein; grandfather of Mia and Cedar. memory may be made to Reform Cong. Ida Ball, Anne Schwartz and Eve Skolnik. father of Eric (Elizabeth), Julie (Daniel) and Rubin (Harriet), Howard Rubin (Sandie) of
Contributions in his memory may be made to Keneseth Israel, 8339 Old York Rd., Elkins Survived by loving nieces and nephews and Alexandra (David); adoring great-grandfather blessed memory and brother-in -law of Amy
the National Kidney Fdn., 1500 Walnut St., Park PA 19027 or Hearing Loss Assoc. of great nieces and nephews. of Skylar, Samuel, Rebecca and Rachel. Con- Greenspan Maltzman. Beloved father of Mar-
Ste 301, Philadelphia, PA 19102. America tributions in his memory may be made to sha Zidel Bourak (Moshe), Barbara Ayes (Mi-
PODGUR Lymphoma Society, PO Box 6236, New York, chael), and Lee Scott Rubin, of blessed
GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S GOLDSTEINS’ ROSENBERG’S NY 10128 or Multiple Sclerosis Society, 30 S. memory. Loving Poppy of David Zidel
RAPHAEL SACKS RAPHAEL-SACKS Asna Podgur (nee Feldman) on June 10, 17th St., Ste 800, Phila., PA 19103. (Marnie), Lyle Ayes (Anna), Jennifer Zidel,
2019 in Boca Raton, Florida. Wife of the late Leslee Schneider (Peter), Lauren Rose (Alex),
GREENBERG LONDON Julian. Mother of Herschel (Robin) Podgur, GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S Jared Ayes (Michelle). Cherished great
Lisa (Michael) Cuscuna and Vicki (Robert) RAPHAEL-SACKS grandfather of eleven great grandchildren.
William Baer Greenberg, June 11, 2019, of Norman London, on June 8, 2019. Husband Hoof. Grandmother of Max (Jacki) Cuscuna Contributions in his memory may be made to
Bryn Mawr. Beloved husband of the late Lois of Barbara (nee Polinsky). Father of Amy and Lauren Cuscuna, Great-grandmother of RICHMAN the Lee Scott Rubin Memorial Scholarship
Greenberg (nee Nicholas); loving father of London and Chad (Wendy) London. Brother Nicholas. Contributions in her memory may Fund, C/O Lee Scott Rubin Memorial Fund,
Fran Greenberg and the late Wendy Green- in law of Howard (Barbara) Polinsky. Grand- be made to the Parkinson’s Foundation HELEN RICHMAN (nee Polokoff), on June 13, 430 Sprague Road, Penn Valley, PA 19072 or
berg. William, an engineer, was very intelli- father of Casey, Toni, Olivia, William and or American Diabetes As- 2019. Wife of the late Benjamin; Mother of any charity of the donor’s choice.
gent and a good and loving husband and Penny. Contributions in his memory may be sociation, 150 Momument Ave, Ste 100, Bala David (Diane), Bruce (Lois), Craig and Glenn
father. He never retired working up to his last made to Autism Speaks, 1 East 33rd St., 4th Cynwyd PA 19004. (Yoriko); Grandmother of Leonard (Jennifer), JOSEPH LEVINE and SONS
days. Contributions in her memory may be Fl., New York, NY 10016 or Parkinson Coun- Leena, Jamie (Lee) and Jill (Oded). Also sur-
made to the American Cancer Society cil, 111 Presidential Blvd., Suite 141, Bala GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERGS' vived by 7 great grand-children. Contribu- HONOR THE MEMORY Cynwyd, PA 19004. RAPHAEL-SACKS tions in her memory may be made to a char- OF YOUR LOVED ONE...
ity of donor's choice.

Bernard (Bud) H. Labov, 93, of Elkins Park, Eleanore Levin Machlowitz, June 9, 2019.
PA, passed away on the early morning of Sat- Age 96. Predeceased by her loving husband,
urday, June 8, 2019 at the Abramson Center, Roy. Beloved mother of Marilyn (Edward
North Wales after a valiant fight with Parkin- Katz) and David (Sheryl Steinberg Machlow-
son’s Disease. He was born October 2, 1925 itz). Cherished grandmother of Jennifer, Kar-
in Philadelphia to Morris and Rose Labov. en, and Kevin. Innovative, imaginative edu-
He was married to Arlene A. Frank who pre- cator and traveler, she published quizzes in
deceased him. Surviving are his daughter this paper in the 1960’s. Contributions
Marci Kenny (Daniel), sons Steven Labov
(Lisa), Dr. Joel Greenhill (Janet); grand-
daughters, Jaime, Jaclyn, Shannon and GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S
Paula; niece, Roberta; nephew, Kenny. Pre- RAPHAEL-SACKS
deceasing Bernard was his sister, Florence.
Wanting to serve his Country, Bud joined the MAITIN
armed forces (US Navy) at the age of 17 with
his father’s consent. He served aboard the Dr. Ellen C. Maitin, on June 7, 2019. She is
destroyer USS Winslow at war-time. He was survived by her husband, Dr. David Behar,
most proud of his involvement in defense of three daughters and son-in-law's, Dr. Brit-
his Country when he was assigned to secur- tany Behar and Nicholas Morelli, Courtney
ity forces off the coast of NJ on May 14, and Andrew Kaplin, and Danielle Behar and
1945. During this assignment he was in- Dr. Casey Anderson; and by her sister and
volved in the capture of a German submarine brother-in-law, Karin and Gary Schnoll and
and its crew who were subsequently trans- brother and sister-in-law, Dr. Roger Behar
ferred to Fort Dupont, DE. Subsequent to the and Ann Behar. She was preceded in death
Navy, Bud joined the Philadelphia Police De- by her parents and her sister Gail Maitin. The
partment following in his father Morris’ foot- family asks that any donations be made in El-
steps. After twelve years of service he was len's honor to either the National Kidney
critically injured in the line of duty in an ex- Foundation or Pancreatic Cancer Action Net-
plosion necessitating his retirement as a po- work.
lice officer. While on the police department
he was a member of the association of Jew- GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S
ish police officers ‘Shomrim of Philadelphia’ RAPHAEL-SACKS
with his father. He served in patrol as well as
driver and security to Sergeant and then Cap- MEIL
tain Frank Rizzo. Bernard was the second of
three generations of law enforcement (Mor- Nettie Meil (nee Paul), on June 9, 2019. Wife
ris, Bernard, Steven; 1914 through 2018). of the late Stanley Meil. Mother of Hank Meil,
During his military service he was awarded Barbara Hobson (Joseph DePierre) and
several medals including the World War II Pamela Meil (Thomas Reuding). Grandmoth-
Victory Medal followed by an honorable dis- er of Jason, Gabriel, Ari and Jenny.
charge. During his law enforcement service,
he was awarded the Purple Heart from the GOLDSTEINS’ ROSENBERG’S
American Police Hall of Fame for his critical RAPHAEL-SACKS
injury on-duty necessitating surgery, four
months of hospitalization followed by an ex- NEIGUT
tensive recovery. Following the police depart-
ment, he worked for a prominent Phil- Dorothea Emma Neigut, also lovingly known
adelphia private detective agency as a detect- as Dolly, a true woman of valor, passed away
ive rising over the years to the position of ex- on June 7, 2019 at Abramson Center for Jew-
ecutive vice president of the 150-officer firm. ish Living. She was active in the Jewish com-
He was an active member in excess of 50 munity, multiple charity affairs and president
years of both the American Legion and the of The Sisterhood of Tiferes Israel of Norris-
Fraternal Order of Police. In his retirement he town for an unprecedented 8 years. Stanley
volunteered for Abington Memorial Hospital and Dolly shared their 71st wedding an-
while taking care of his ill wife Arlene. Contri- niversary this past April 17th. She leaves be-
butions in his memory may be made to: The hind a loving, caring husband Stanley Joel
Chapel of Four Chaplains, Philadelphia Navy Neigut, daughters Linda Neigut Millis and
Yard, 1201 Constitution Avenue, #649, Phil- Heidi Tulish, son Erik Neigut, grandchildren
adelphia, PA 19112. Nicole, Ashley, Alexandra and Alana and great
grandchildren Ryan and Jason. She was
JOSEPH LEVINE and SONS loved and beloved by every person who knew
her. A private graveside service will be held
for immediate family only. Donations in her
memory may be made to the American Heart



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Linda “Z” Eric DeSouza REDUCED $219,000 ROOMS THROUGHOUT, DR & Value $10,000 asking $5,000
Associate Broker ESTATES-NEW LISTING! 2nd EIK, MASTER BEDROOM WITH obo 267-261-5584 pls leave
THE Realtor Andrea DeSouza floor 2BD 2BA expanded open SOAKING TUB & LARGE DECK, message.
Direct: 610-520-0455 Sales Associate kitchen, open living room, gran- ADDITIONAL 2ND FLOOR DECK
Main: 610-896-7400 ite counters, full size W/D. cus- OFF BEDROOM. EXTERIOR HAS SHALOM MEMORIAL PARK
Eric Cell tom lighting and closets, park- FABULOUS DECK & ENCLOSED HUNTINGDON VALLEY
ing by your front door. H/C SHOWER. 2 ZONED C/A,
215-431-8300/8304 $239,900 GARAGE AND SO MUCH MORE! Sec. GABRIEL II, 2 plots. Asking
Bus 215-953-8800 ESTATES- 1st floor 2 BD, 2 BA, $529,000 $1900 ea. 215-534-2640
new heater, new a/c, mondern
[email protected] kit., fireplace, W/D, sunny patio, MARGATE PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD
prkg. by your door. $249,900
CALL 215.832.0749 floors, W/D, sunny balcony HOME WITH RECENT UP-
cial Spacious 3 BD, 2.5 BA, NEW BATHS, NEW WINDOWS &
modern kit., wood flrs., W/D, ROOD. GORGEOUS HARDWD
sunny tiled balcony $284,900 FLRS., HUGE DEN AND SO
BA, Corner near elev., all new WITH FABULOUS YARD.
kit., baths, ww carpets, full size $579,000
w/d, sunny balcony. Avail. im-
mediately! $349,900 VISIT US AT
OTHERS AVAILABLE [email protected]
Realtor® Emeritus.
5 Star winner,
Philly Mag 800-333-7045x120 Call NICOLE MCNALLY 215.832.0749
or JESSICA COOK 215.832.0750
www.oakhillcondominiums To place an
.com ad in the
Real Estate
CALL 215.832.0749 Section, call






MARGATE $875,000 MARGATE $1,225,000 MARGATE $899,000 MARGATE $1,950,000 *OPMENAHORUSGE ASATT/ESUN 10AM-12P$M849,000 MA*ROPGENAHOTUSEE SUN 12P$M-22P,M100,000

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Jerome DiPentino

Broker Associate
Cell: 609-432-5588
[email protected]

Berkley Square Bay Front Cedar Grove

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Atlantic City 2 Bedrooms - 2 Baths LongA$p2to9lar9nt,0ti0c0City 2 BedN3reoBwoemdPrsroi-coe2mBsa–th2s.5 Bath$Ls1o,3n9g5p,o0r0t0 3 MBSeadernrgosaaottmieosn–al2V.5ieBwasths M$42a9Br9g,e0ad0tre0ooms 2- 2BeBOdarctoehoasmn svi-e2wBs aths
$299,000 New Price $1, 395, 0 0 0 Sensational Views $499,000 Ocean views

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CALL JUDY OR AKIVA BLANCA SANTIAGO, DECEASED. aka Madeline A. Huber; Huber, Notice is hereby given that the Indoor Antique & Vintage Market
215-342-4536 Late of Philadelphia Madeline Agnes aka Huber, shareholders and Directors of M.
LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on Madeline A. late of Philadelphia, Finkel Sales, Inc., a Pennsylvania Keneseth Israel (K I)
WILL BUY ANTIQUES the above Estate have been gran- PA. Corporation with prior address of 8339 Old York Road
ted to the undersigned, who re- LETTERS of TESTAMENTARY on 5038 Overbrook Ave., Philadelphia
INLAID & CARVED PIECES quest all persons having claims or the above estate have been gran- PA 19131, have approved a pro- Elkins Park, PA
Oriental Rugs•Old Paintings demands against the estate of the ted to the undersigned, who re- posal that the corporation dissolve (Corner Of Rt. 611 & 73)
Jewelry•Silver & Silverplated decedent to make known the same quest all persons having claims or voluntarily, and that the Board of
Watches•Clocks•Porcelain and all persons indebted to the de- demands against the estate of the Directors is now engaged in wind- Sunday, June 30th
WE PAY GOOD PRICES IN CASH cedent to make payment without decedent to make known the same, ing up and settling the affairs of the 8AM - 4PM But Early Birds Are Welcome
delay to CHARLES A. HALPIN, AD- and all persons indebted to the de- corporation under the provisions of
CALL ANYTIME MINISTRATOR, Land Title Bldg., cedent to make payment without Section 1975 of the Pennsylvania Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Jewelry & Clothing,
100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1830, Phil- delay, to Jacqueline Kochis, c/o Business Corporation Law of 1988, Pottery, Primitives, Art Work and So Much More!
SITUATION WANTED adelphia, PA 19110, Scott D. Bloom, Esq., 1033A Mill as amended.
Or to his Attorney: Creek Dr., Feasterville, PA 19053, Renaissance Education Foundation Free Admission & Free Parking
SENIORS, NEED HELP? CHARLES A. J. HALPIN, III Executrix. has been incorporated under the 215-625-3532
Land Title Bldg. Scott D. Bloom, Esq. provisions of the PA Nonprofit Cor-
EXPERIENCED COMPANION 100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1830 1033A Mill Creek Dr. poration Law of 1988. WANTED TO BUY
Personal Assistant - Philadelphia, PA 19110 Feasterville, PA 19053 Scott E. Goldstein, Esq.
sist with errands, CEASED. DECEASED. Schaer & Toddy, PC
shopping, appts., read- Late of Philadelphia Late of Philadelphia 1818 Market St., 13th Fl. ATTORNEYS!
ing, walking, food LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on Philadelphia, PA 19103
prep., socializing and above Estate have been granted to the above Estate have been gran- Notice is hereby given that, pursu- ADVERTISE YOUR LEGAL NOTICES
daily activities the undersigned, who request all ted to the undersigned, who re- ant to the Business Corporation AND LEGAL SERVICES
inside/outside of your persons having claims or demands quest all persons having claims or Law of 1988, Richard A. Sapp Inc.,
home. Will help you against the estate of the decedent demands against the estate of the a corporation incorporated under WE GUARANTEE THE BEST RATES!
understand your bills, to make known the same and all decedent to make known the same the laws of the State of Delaware,
do paperwork.and also persons indebted to the decedent and all persons indebted to the de- intends to withdraw from doing WE CIRCULATE THROUGHOUT THE TRI-STATE AREA (PA, NJ, DE)
make telephone to make payment without delay to cedent to make payment without business in Pennsylvania. The ad- CALL THE CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT FOR DETAILS
calls.for you. Support RONALD WARREN, EXECUTOR, delay to Bertha M. Lovelace and dress of its principal office in its
Services - Refs Call c/o Aaron I. Rappeport, Esq., 1515 Eric N. Lance, Administrators, jurisdiction of incorporation is 215-832-0749
Phyllis 215-886-4040 Market St., Ste. 1200, Philadelphia, 20775 Farnsleigh Rd., Shaker 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, classifi[email protected] • FAX: 215-832-0785
PA 19102, Or to his Attorney: Heights, OH 44122 County of New Castle, DE 19801
Caring & Reliable AARON I. RAPPEPORT Estate of Mary Harris, Deceased, and the name of its commercial re-
1515 Market St., Ste. 1200 late of Philadelphia. gistered office provider in
Experienced & Trained Philadelphia, PA 19102 LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION on Pennsylvania is CT Corporation
BONDED & LICENSED ESTATE OF DONNA F. HUGHES the above estate having been gran- System.
a/k/a DONNA T. HUGHES, DE- ted to the undersigned, all persons Notice is hereby given that, pursu-
Available 24/7 CEASED. indebted to the estate are reques- ant to the Business Corporation
20 Years Experience Late of Philadelphia ted to make payment and those Law of 1988, RPAI Stroud Com-
LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on having claims to present same mons DST, a trust incorporated un-
Very Affordable the above Estate have been gran- without delay to: der the laws of the State of
215-477-1050 ted to the undersigned, who re- Rochelle Johnson, Administratrix Delaware, intends to withdraw from
quest all persons having claims or c/o Elliott Goldberg, Esq. doing business in Pennsylvania.
CAREGIVER With 22 years exp. to demands against the estate of the 1231 Lancaster Avenue The address of its principal office in
care for sick or elderly. Own car, decedent to make known the same Berwyn, PA 19312 its jurisdiction of incorporation is
exc. refs. Live in or out 215-409- and all persons indebted to the de- (610)296-0900 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington,
5022 cedent to make payment without Estate of Mona May; May, Mona DE, 19801 and the name of its
delay to CHARLES A. HALPIN, AD- late of Philadelphia, PA. commercial registered office pro-
HOUSE CLEANING MINISTRATOR, Land Title Bldg., LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on vider in Pennsylvania is CT Corpor-
100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1830, Phil- the above estate have been gran- ation System.
Camila Silva adelphia, PA 19110. ted to the undersigned, who re- Wise Realty Investments Inc. has
267-307-7792 Or to his Attorney: quest all persons having claims or been incorporated under the provi-
Licensed, bonded, insured Home CHARLES A. J. HALPIN, III demands against the estate of the sions of the Pennsylvania Business
Health Aide. We accept private Land Title Bldg. decedent to make known the same, Corporation Law of 1988.
pay and medicare. 100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1830 and all persons indebted to the de-
Call 267-242-6185 Philadelphia, PA 19110 cedent to make payment without PETITION NAME CHANGE
Loving companion with ESTATE OF EUGENE OLIVER delay, to David Irvin May, c/o Scott Notice is hereby given that on
experience in assistance for JOHNSON, DECEASED. D. Bloom, Esq., 1033A Mill Creek March 20, 2019, the petition of
special needs children, petsitting Late of Philadelphia Dr., Feasterville, PA 19053, Admin- KORY MAYFIELD was filed, pray-
and housesitting. LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on istrator. ing for a decree to change their
Call 267-235-7847 the above Estate have been gran- Scott D. Bloom, Esq. name to KORY ELLIOTT The Court
EXPERIENCED CAREGIVER ted to the undersigned, who re- 1033A Mill Creek Dr. has fixed June 11, 2019 at 1 P.M.,
NURSING ASSISTANT, quest all persons having claims or Feasterville, PA 19053 in Room No. 691 City Hall, Phil-
COMPANION, SEEKING IN-HOME demands against the estate of the Estate of Peter J. Verderame adelphia, PA for hearing. All per-
decedent to make known the same Late of Lower Makefield Township, sons interested may appear and
POSITION and all persons indebted to the de- Bucks County, PA; Deceased. show cause if any they have, why
10 years experience providing cedent to make payment without Letters of TESTAMENTARY on the the prayer of the said petition
non-medical in home care includ- delay to GENIO A. JOHNSON, AD- above estate having been granted should not be granted.
ing: Helping seniors with daily MINISTRATOR, c/o Charles A. J. the undersigned, all persons in-
living activities, Bathing, dressing, Halpin, III, Esq., 1830 Land Title debted to said estate are requested STATEWIDE ADS
cooking, & laundry, running Bldg., 100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1830, to make immediate payment, and
errands, light housekeeping, Philadelphia, PA 19110. those having legal claims to STATEWIDE ADS
transportation & more Or to his Attorney: present the same without delay to Miscellaneous:
Contact Abraham 484-844-0151 CHARLES A. J. HALPIN, III Christine Walton Executrix, 501 Dental Insurance: Call Physicians
1830 Land Title Bldg. High Street Hatboro, PA 19040 Mutual Insurance company for
LEGAL NOTICES 100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1830 or to her attorney: details. NOT just a discount plan,
Chaverim Realty Partners LLC has Philadelphia, PA 19110 Liberato P. Verderame, Esquire REAL coverage for 350 proced-
been formed under the provisions ESTATE OF JILL P. GRAYSON, DE- 3 Terry Drive ures. 855-890-4914 or
of the Pennsylvania Limited Liabil- CEASED. Suite 205 Ad#
ity Company Act of 1994. Late of Philadelphia Newtown, PA 18940 6118
Estate of Joseph C. Brenman LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on Miscellaneous:
Brenman, Joseph C. late of Phil- the above Estate have been gran- CORPORATE NOTICES A PLACE FOR MOM: The nation’s
adelphia, PA. ted to the undersigned, who re- Notice is hereby given that the Art- Largest senior living referral ser-
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quest all persons having claims or and all persons indebted to the de- Pennsylvania on June 4, 2019. The 400-1032
demands against the estate of the cedent to make payment without name of the corporation's re- Miscellaneous:
decedent to make known the same, delay to RICHARD GRAYSON, AD- gistered office is 249 South 24th Eliminate gutter cleaning forever!
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20 S. Valley Road above Estate have been granted to incorporated under the provisions 1-855-569-3087
Suite 100 the undersigned, who request all of Chapter 29 of the Business Cor- Notices or Announcements:
Paoli, PA 19301 persons having claims or demands poration law of 1988 as a Profes- Pursuant to §128.85 of the
against the estate of the decedent sional Corporation. Pennsylvania Department of Agri-
to make known the same and all Joseph Edward Best, Esquire culture Title 7 regulations,
persons indebted to the decedent Best Law Associates PC GROWMARK FS, LLC. hereby
to make payment without delay to 915 Sping Garden Street gives notice of ground applica-
MARYANN JULIE MCMAHON, EX- Suite 206 tion of "Restricted Use Pesticides"
ECUTRIX, c/o Harry Metka, Esq., Philadelphia, PA 19123 for the protection of agricultural
4802 Neshaminy Blvd., Ste. 9, Ben- Lydian Place Owners' Association crops in municipalities in
salem, PA 19020. has been incorporated under the Pennsylvania during the next 45
Or to her Attorney: provisions of the Pennsylvania days. Residents of contiguous
HARRY METKA Business Corporations Law of property to our application sites
4802 Neshaminy Blvd., Ste. 9 1988. should contact your local GROW-
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5835 L & K INC has been incorpor- tional information. Concerned Cit-
ated under the provisions of the izens should contact: Michael
Pennsylvania Business Corpora- Layton, MGR. Safety & Environ-
tion Law of 1988. ment, [email protected]
McCreesh, McCreesh, McCreesh & GROWMARK FS, LLC. 308 N.E.
Cannon Front Street, Milford, DE 19963.
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Upper Darby, PA 19082



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For consultation call 490 NORRISTOWN RD, SUITE 151 Must pass criminal background Classified Dept.
215-517-5566 or checks & health screenings. CNA 2100 Arch Street 4th Floor
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Website: If you would like meaningful work as a caregiver, please call 215-233-0676 DEADLINE -
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NEWSMAKERS Abrams Hebrew Academy celebrated the graduation of its eighth-grade class on June 5. Israeli
Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon called in to the ceremony and delivered a
Scott A. Isdaner was elected president of the Philadelphia Estate message about staying connected to Jewish traditions and the land of Israel.
Planning Council for a one-year term starting Sept 1. Isdaner is
the managing member of accounting firm Isdaner & Company,
LLC, and a frequent speaker on tax topics.

Scott A. Isdaner Photo by Bob Pagni

Avi Willis of Scranton spent a week volunteering at the Trudi Rabbi Ira Budow speaks at the graduation ceremony. Photo courtesy of Abrams Hebrew Academy
Birger Dental Clinic in Jerusalem through a program called
Dental Volunteers for Israel. DVI provides free dental care At a Volunteer Recognition Brunch on June 3, Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater
and oral health education to thousands of needy children in Philadelphia recognized volunteers who have dedicated five or more years of service.
Jerusalem every year, regardless of race or religion.

Avi Willis and Ma’ayan Vinet Photo courtesy of Dental Volunteers for Israel

Entertainer John Hadfield brought his variety show to Federation
Housing’s Rieder/Tabas/CenterPark III.

Resident Ethel From left: Arthur Feinberg (five years, Silver Wheels Program), Nora Mahoney (five years, Challah Mitzvah
Greenberg joined
John Hadfield in Program), Ilene Cetlin Lipow (five years, Challah Mitzvah Program), Marty Goldis (10 years, Silver Wheels
a plate-spinning
routine. Program) and Sandi Wasserman (15 years, Challah Mitzvah Program) Photo by Claire Moyer

Photo courtesy PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT Published weekly since 1887 with a special issue in September (ISSN 0021-6437)
of Debra Ross of ©2019 Jewish Exponent (all rights reserved) Any funds realized from the operation of the Jewish Exponent
Golden Slipper Gems exceeding expenses are required to be made available to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, a
nonprofit corporation with offices at 2100 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103. 215-832-0700. Periodical postage paid
34 JUNE 20, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA, and additional offices. Postmaster: All address changes should be sent to Jewish Exponent
Circulation Dept., 2100 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103. A one-year subscription is $50, 2 years, $100. Foreign
rates on request.



American Jewish Committee Philadelphia hosted Pjer Šimunović, ambas- Rabbis Anne Lewis and Eric Yanoff were named the new co-presidents of the Board of
sador of Croatia to the United States, at an AJC Ambassador Speaker Series Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia for 5780.
Marshall Society luncheon on June 7 at the Pyramid Club. Šimunović
provided an insider’s perspec tive on the Jewish community’s history in
Croatia, Croatia-Israel relations and the resurgence of anti-Semitism in
cities throughout Europe.

From left: Rabbi Eric Yanoff and
Ambassador Rabbi Anne Lewis
Pjer Šimunović and
Stanley Ginsburg From left: Incoming Board of
Rabbi co-presidents Rabbi
From left: Arlene Anne Lewis and Rabbi Eric Yanoff
Fickler, Matt Sall, with outgoing president Rabbi
David Smith, Marcel Joshua Waxman and immediate
Groen, Ambassador past co-president Rabbi
Pjer Šimunović, Jill Maderer
Peter Longstreth and
Jennifer Steinberg Photos courtesy of
Yael Pachino Photography
Photos by
Christopher Brown

The National Council of Jewish Women Greater Philadelphia Section held its closing
luncheon and installation of 2019-2020 officers on June 4. The group also celebrated the
126th anniversary of the national organization’s founding in 1893, making it the oldest
Jewish women’s organization in the United States.

From left: Charlotte Schwartz, Joyce Eveloff, Charlene Kurland, Margie Zukerman, Donna Bader,

Officials of KleinLife in Northeast Philadelphia joined with representa- Barbara Nussbaum, Cindy Pasceri, Harriet Winokur, Pearl Tragash, Joan Sax, Linda Lempert, Ellen
tives of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging and the commonwealth of
Pennsylvania to mark the refurbishing of KleinLife’s theater with a ribbon Mirbach, Donna Spector, Linda Abrams, Patti First and Bobbie Berman Photo courtesy of NCJW
cutting and dedication program.
Past and present members of National Young Leadership Cabinet got together for a
reunion on June 11 hosted by Michele and Robert Levin. Throughout the evening, the
group shared stories about their experiences that led them around the world learning
together, making lifelong friendships and developing the skills to lead in all areas of the
Jewish community.
Photo courtesy of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

From left: State Rep. Martina White, Andrew Krug, state Sen. John Sabatina Jr.,

Holly Lange and Sue Aistrop Photo by Stephanie Hampson


New Beach Front Luxury Apartment Summer
Rentals, NOW open at the Showboat Atlantic City

An icon on the Boardwalk for 21 years, the Showboat Atlantic City is back and be er than ever. This
much-loved landmark hotel welcomes a new generation of visitors (and their furry friends) with ocean
front views, and access to AC Boardwalk; Ventnor, Margate & Longport’s world-class a ractions.

A playground for all seasons; enjoy 2 spas, 50 restaurants and endless entertainment options all
without walking outdoors.

Why lift a finger when you can
enjoy first-class amenities including

• 24hour access to Matrxx Gym

• Complimentary parking

• Fully stocked kitchen (dishwasher, oven, stove top, refrigerator, microwave)

• Fully furnished, linens and towels included

• Housekeeping Service

• On-site maintenance and laundry facilities

• 24hr concierge service Weekly Rental Rates:
• Bike rental and bike rack storage Studios- $1,300 • One bedrooms - $1,800/ Two bedrooms - $2,400
• And much more…
Monthly and 2-Day Rentals also available.
Call for pricing.

For immediate assistance, please call or email directly
[email protected]


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