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Jewish Exponent Aug. 15, 2019

Jewish Exponent Aug. 15, 2019

AUGUST 15, 2019 / 14 AV 5779
Tel Aviv on Fire mixes soap opera
elements into romantic spy satire.





OF NOTE Locals Urge
Feds to
LOCAL Reconsider
Refugee Cuts
Latin American
Face Challenges
Struggles occur on ON AUG. 7 — the same day that mass U.S. Tisha B’Av rally attendees display signs Aug. 11 at Independence National Historic Park. Eric Schucht
a regular basis. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
raids took place across the country — 167 Jews Honor Tisha B’Av
Page 5 Jewish organizations nationwide sent a With Activism
letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
LOCAL ERIC SCHUCHT | JE STAFF were held in support of refugees and immi-
“On behalf of the 167 undersigned grants on Aug. 11, the day of Tisha B’Av.
Bar Mitzvah Boy national, state and local Jewish organiza- ALREADY A TIME for reflection and
Raises Money tions and institutions below, we write to mourning for Jews, Tisha B’Av turned Locally, a rally called For These We
With Global Team express our shared grave concern about into a backdrop this year for some Jews to Cry Out: A Tisha B’Av Vigil for Refugees,
Team of five raises recent reports that the administration is shine light on the suffering of others. was held at the Independence National
more than $18,000. considering resettling zero refugees in Historical Park. The event was orga-
the United States in FY2020,” the letter Across the country — in D.C., New nized by the Board of Rabbis of Greater
Page 6 begins. “As Jewish organizations, we do York, Houston, Salt Lake City, Boston, Philadelphia and built on the momen-
not write today to convey our collective Baltimore and many other cities — rallies tum behind a similar rally last year that
LOCAL views on broader immigration policy, but
we are committed to welcoming those
Unplugging on fleeing violence, persecution, and war.
Shabbat Proves to We urge the United States to meet the
be a Challenge resettlement admissions goal of 30,000
Some say turning this fiscal year and return the Presidential
off provides relief. Determination to historic norms for fiscal
year 2020.”
Page 8
There were a substantial number of
Volume 203090 national organizations represented on the
Number 700 letter — Orthodox Union, the Union for

Published Weekly Since 1887

See Cuts, Page 12 See Activism, Page 13


THE amenities. THE serenity.

• Abington’s premier Considering our amenities, it makes sense that Rydal Park
Life Plan Community is an outstanding place. But what sets us apart is
something bigger than the sum of those parts. There’s
• Maintenance-free living a comfortable, relaxed feeling that you’ll notice from
and the promise of future the first visit on. Come by and see our serene setting.
care, if ever needed Come by and experience our welcoming atmosphere.
Come by and feel what we mean.
• Spacious, customizable
apartments Exceptional. Without Exception.

• Greenhouse and
individual garden areas

• Fitness center, indoor
pool, personal trainer

• Multiple dining options

• On-campus cultural

• And so much more

Join us for a Rydal Park open house and learn about exclusive savings.
Wednesday, August 21, 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

For more information about exceptional living for people 62 and better,
visit To learn more about the latest construction
progress on our exciting cottage expansion, visit

1515 The Fairway, Rydal, PA 19046 | 215-814-0420



Teen bucks trends, sings folk music.
for the people
19 you love!


Little-known holiday akin to Miriam’s Advice Well PA State Licensed / All caregivers are bonded and insured
Valentine’s Day in August.

4 HEADLINES A reader trying to line up a babysitter
realizes just how insular her life is, as
Local nearly all of her friends are also obser-
vant Jews. She asks Miriam how she
Israel can expand her social circles. Miriam
responds that most social circles include
National similar kinds of people, but recommends
seeking out activities that have a wider
Global community base to meet a broader
cross-section of society. From dating
14 OPINION to parenting, Miriam welcomes all
questions. Email yours to [email protected]
Columns and put “Advice
Kvetch ’n Kvell Well Question” in the subject line.
17 LIFESTYLE ask-miriam-babysitting-blues/

& CULTURE Philacatessen

Food Kofta kebabs are CAKE: STELLAR BAKERY AND
Arts a great alternative
Food columnist Keri White’s always on
20 TORAH to hamburgers. the lookout for good eateries and writes
favorably this week about Cake, a bakery
17COMMENTARY and café in Chestnut Hill. Both the lunch
21 COMMUNITY menu and bakery selections receive posi-
tive reviews and o er plenty of selections
Jewish Federation for kosher-style diners. Visit Philacates-
sen, our online-only food blog, for the
Calendar review, as well as content not normally
found in the printed edition, including
Deaths recipes, gift ideas and food news from
around the Delaware Valley.

Aug. 16 7:38 p.m.
Aug. 23 7:28 p.m.

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Wish Your Friends & Family

in the Jewish Exponent
Be a part of our September 26th holiday edition.


$95 $75 $45
‫טושנבהה‬ May you be inscribed L’SHANA
A in the Book of Life TOVA
MAY THED for a happy and
NEW YEAR D Greetings
healthy year. and best
BE EVER D wishes for
New Year.
$45 L’Shana
May this be a
year of peace

for all.


– Personal Greetings Only –

in the Jewish
I WOULD LIKE AD circle one here A, B, C, D, E, F.
community a very
Name _______________________________________________Phone Number __________________________________ Happy & Healthy

Street Address ________________________________________ City ________________________ZIP _______________ New Year.

e name(s) on the message should read:__________________________________________________________________ YOUR NAME

I am enclosing a check for $ _________________________________________ (All greetings must be paid for in advance.) ESIGN
OR email your information and credit card number to: classi [email protected]

If you have any questions, contact the Jewish Exponent at 215.832.0750 or 215 832-0749 classi [email protected]


Headlines NAME: HOT FOOT;PWrIDTeH-: S3.6e2a5 sINo; DnEPTH:

Latin American Jewish 5.5 IN; COLOR: BLACK PLUS ONE; AD NUM-
Immigrants Look for Safety
SALEBER: 00086016
LOCAL for ransom money. New Fall Selection!
RACHEL WINICOV | JE FEATURE ”Some families had
THOUGH THE JEWISH resources for ransom,” she
community has a long history said. “We did not.” 20%
of resettlement in the U.S., in Off*
2019 most new immigrants in Fearing for their daughter’s
our country are not Jewish. Israela Haor-Friedman safety, Haor-Friedman’s par- ALL
Courtesy of Israela Haor-Friedman ents “put me in a car, and I
And while Jewish migrants went to the States.” Today, 75%Clearance
are now uncommon at the survived a labor camp and is Haor-Friedman has three OFF*
Mexican border, where most memorialized at Yad Vashem. children and lives in Merion,
of the immigration debate is “They had nothing. So they went where she belongs to Lower Justa Farm Shopping Center
currently centered, they are not looking at the boats. One said Merion Synagogue.
unheard of. Venezuela.” 1966 County Line Rd, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
Philadelphia’s Ronit
Take Diego, for example, Her mother knew a distant Treatman, who was born in 215-969-9626 • HOT-FOOT-BOUTIQUE.SHOPTIQUES.COM
a Jewish teenager from uncle had fled to Venezuela Israel but grew up in Venezuela,
Guatemala who immigrated also fled the unrest there. **SSoommee eexxcclluussiioonnss aappppllyy.. In-Store Boutique
unaccompanied to Philadelphia EExxcclluuddeess pprriioorr ssaalleess,, llaayyaawwaayyss
a few years ago. His case work- “If you follow the situation aanndd ssppeecciiaall oorrddeerrss..
ers at HIAS Pennsylvania said in Venezuela, what is happen-
they could not offer in-depth ing today began to happen in
commentary on Diego’s case the late 1980s. ... It was already
bad,” said Treatman, the
founder of Hands-On Jewish

I know people from the Jewish community who were caught in tragic circumstances. They stayed in Venezuela because
their grandmother was hospitalized. She couldn’t leave. Then, they didn’t have the right equipment, the right medicine, and
she died from something preventable because they couldn’t provide her with what she needed.”


for legal reasons, but they did before the war, so that’s where In the mid-’80s, Treatman employable. They found not targeted directly, members
cite him as one example of Jews she went to start her new returned to Israel to serve in the white-collar jobs.” of the religious community are
fleeing dangers abroad. life, and that’s where Haor- army. The crisis in Venezuela endangered by the rampant
Friedman grew up. But by complicated her enlistment. Jews who remain in street violence.
Another example is Israela the turn of the 21st century, Venezuela continue to struggle.
Haor-Friedman, who fled because of governmental and “I wasn’t able to return to “I know people from the Jewish HIAS Pennsylvania
Venezuela. At one time, that cultural upheaval, the peace Israel when I was supposed to. community who were caught continues to help Latin
country was home to a Jewish the family had known in their There was unrest, so they shut in tragic circumstances,” she American Jewish immigrants
population of around 20,000. adopted country was gone, down the airport. The embassy said, recalling the death of a like Diego, Haor-Friedman and
Now, just 5,000 Jews remain, Haor-Friedman said. had to call my commander. friend’s sick relative. “They Treatman, though as Director of
mostly in the capital city of There were armored vehicles stayed in Venezuela because Development Daniella Nahmias
Caracas. “I keep kosher,” she said, rolling down the boulevard. It their grandmother was hos- Scruggs notes, “We’re lucky
but at the height of the fami- was becoming clear we couldn’t pitalized. She couldn’t leave. enough to be in a world right
Leaving Venezuela was ly’s struggle in Venezuela, “you remain there anymore.” Then, they didn’t have the right now where Jews aren’t fleeing
especially difficult for Haor- forgot about keeping kosher. equipment, the right medicine, persecution for the most part.”
Friedman. Her parents and We did not have bread or Jewish Venezuelen immi- and she died from something Quoting HIAS President and
her in-laws were Holocaust meals.” grants, Treatman said, tend preventable because they CEO Mark Hetfield, she added,
survivors who found safety in to be well-educated, which couldn’t provide her with what “We used to help immigrants
Caracas after liberation. In 2002, kidnappers makes their journey a bit eas- she needed.” because they were Jewish. Now
almost captured the then-22- ier. “Even if they lost their we help immigrants because we
“They needed to go some- year-old. It was common then money, they still have their As of January, 16 Jews had are Jewish.” l
where,” said Haor-Friedman, for young women to be taken education,” she said. “They’re been shot in Venezuela. While
whose Hungarian-born mother



Joint Bar Mitzvah Project Aids African Villages

LOCAL an estimated 1.3 million people raise money for Innovation: Jack and Jordanna Ufberg Courtesy of Jordanna Ufberg
ERIC SCHUCHT | JE STAFF with more than 220 completed Africa. The group consisted of
projects in 10 African countries. Levi Don of Arizona, Evyatar The project helped me learn about how these
LIKE MANY OTHER teens Solomon of Los Angeles and small things like water and electricity are so basic
preparing for their Bar or Bat Innovation: Africa was cousins Yontan Berman and to me, but they’re much harder to get in other
Mitzvah, Jack Ufberg, 12, of founded in 2008 by Israeli-born Shaiya Gersch of Israel. Soon, places.”
Penn Valley is raising money Sivan Ya’ari. In an email, Ya’ari Jack was brought on board.
for the less fortunate. wrote of the organization’s mis- JACK UFBERG
sion to share Israeli-developed The goal was to raise a total
The goal of his project is to technology with those living of $18,000, with each boy con-
help Innovation: Africa, a New in rural villages across sub- tributing $3,600. Jack was able
York-based nonprofit bring- Saharan Africa, Eastern Africa to reach his goal through a
ing Israeli solar technology to and Southern Africa. The pro- GoFundMe. He said working
off-the-grid villages in Africa. vision of solar energy and water on the project has been reward-
has helped communities in ing and helped put things into
What makes Jack’s proj- those areas become healthier. perspective.
ect a bit different is that he’s
joining forces with four other Jordanna Uf berg was “I really did like the idea of
boys around the world. inspired by presentations at the being able to have a project where
retreat. I could help somebody that is
Jack’s mother, Jordanna less fortunate than I am,” Jack
Uf berg, first heard of “It really spoke to me,” she said. “The project helped me learn
Innovation: Africa at a presen- said of Innovation: Africa. “It about how these small things like
tation during a womens retreat was amazing.” water and electricity are so basic
hosted by their family syna- to me, but they’re much harder to
gogue, Aish Chaim. She learned Upon returning home, she get in other places.”
how the nonprofit has helped ran into a friend who told her
about a group of four moth- The nonprofit’s most
ers and their sons working to





ONE; AD NUMBER: 00086188
common project is installing
solar-powered water pumps The Wealth Planners Advisory Group of the Jewish Federation of
and applying Israeli agricul- Greater Philadelphia invites you to attend the 24th Annual
tural practices, such as drip
irrigation, in drought-af- Solomon and Sylvia Bronstein
fected areas. These pumps Seminar for Professionals
tap into underground water
and pump up to 10,000 gal- Protecting Client Data in the Digital Age:
lons per day into large tanks, Professional Ethics Rules and Practical Security
from which the water is dis- Considerations for Estate Planners
tributed throughout a village.
The electricity generated from Featuring Lisa D. McLaughlin, Esq, Ronald Gula and Geoff Hopkins, and the
the Israeli solar panels is also presentation of the Edward N. Polisher Award to Scott A. Isdaner, CPA, JD, AEP
used to help power schools and
medical centers. Thursday, September 5, 2019 | 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Ya’ari said via email that The Bellevue Hotel
the benefits in the investment 200 South Broad Street
in energy infrastructure come Philadelphia, PA 19102
back tenfold to the villages and
families. All money donated to Continuing Education credits available
Innovation: Africa goes directly
toward helping the villages Register online at
the nonprofit works with as
all of their overhead costs are Thank you to our sponsors:
supported by private donors.
Since he’s reached his goal,
Jack plans to use additional BRONZE The Haverford Trust Company
money raised to help him travel Isdaner and Company, LLC
to Uganda in January to see the AB Bernstein Kreischer Miller
unveiling of the solar panels he Abbot Downing Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life
helped fund. He’ll also use the Alex.Brown Premier Brokerage Services, Inc.
trip to bring school and kitchen Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel, LLP Rose Glen Advisors, LLC
supplies to those in need. Bala Law Group, LLC RSM US LLP
Feldman & Feldman, LLP Savran Benson, LLP
“It’s going to be a great Fox Rothschild, LLP Wilmington Trust, an M&T Bank Company
chance to see other parts of Fuhrman Management Associates
the world and to be able to help Gadsden, Schneider & Woodward, LLP
them,” Jack said.
Sponsors as of August 2, 2019
He’s now raised more than
$4,600, with a goal of $6,000.
In the meantime, Jack is study-
ing in preparation for his Sept.
21 Bar Mitzvah.

Ya’ari wrote that it’s an
amazing experience to see their
projects in action for the first time.

“It is priceless when a Bar
Mitzvah boy sees the eyes of chil-
dren looking at a light bulb for
the first time, and it is priceless
seeing the reaction of mothers
and children opening a tap with
water, clean water, flowing out.
Their joy and disbelief are so
rewarding,” she wrote. “I don’t
think people fully understand
the extent of their donations
and how these young boys and
girls are helping to change the
destinies of so many people.” l

[email protected];



Facing the Challenge of Unplugging on Shabbat

LOCAL Ariel Arbely Courtesy of Ariel Arbely Marni Jo Snyder Saturday evening,” he explained. Shabbat is a blessing.”
ERICA SILVERMAN | JE STAFF Courtesy of Marni Jo Snyder Marni Jo Snyder, a crim- Though it can be difficult for
using my phone on Shabbat,”
JEWS HAVE KEPT Shabbat said Arbely, who lives in of productivity and meaning, inal defense attorney in people who aren’t used to going
over history, just as Shabbat Cherry Hill, New Jersey. and many try to achieve that Philadelphia who works offline for Shabbat, Arbely
has kept the Jews, poet and feeling by focusing on work six days a week, also makes encourages people to try it.
philosopher Asher Zvi Hirsch Sometimes he works extra and their online persona. every effort to disconnect on
Ginsberg wrote. hours during the week if he Shabbat. “Take a Saturday and turn
needs to leave early on Friday or “Putting my device in the off your phone, and spend time
Those words are increasingly to take time off for the holidays. drawer is a sense of relief — to “I do not work, but I will with your friends and family,
relevant today, as Shabbat offers be able to turn it off and say I am answer emergency calls because and see how meaningful it can
21st-century Jews a reprieve “The work environment has done,” Arbely said. “Once you I am concerned about the urgent be,” he said.
from the constant demands of evolved to the point that we are get the opportunity to detach, needs that affect my clients,”
technology. expected to be available all the you have the opportunity to con- said Snyder, 38, a former public Abby Frank, 48, director
time,” Arbely said. “It is really nect to your true self through defender. “As a Jew, I feel obli- of program operations at the
According to the first-quar- important in this high-speed prayer and your community.” gated to look out for the welfare Jewish Federation of Greater
ter 2018 Nielsen Total Audience world to have the opportunity of my clients, especially if they Philadelphia, had trouble
Report, American adults spend to detach from your device and Arbely’s outlook about are deprived of their freedom. entirely disconnecting at a
more than 11 hours per day your career.” Shabbat and tech has changed Other kinds of lawyers can leave prior job.
listening to, watching, reading since he was in college. an out-of-the-office message, but
or generally interacting with It is just as important to step in criminal defense, that is not “Disconnecting needed
media on a screen. That means away from identifying your- “When Shabbat ended, going to happen.” an explanation, somewhat
when people choose to take a self through your work and I used to run to turn on my for Shabbat, but more for the
break, often on Shabbat, it’s a social media, he said. People are device to check my messages and Aside from emergency calls, weekday holidays,” Frank said.
significant transition. always striving to have a feeling Facebook, but now I am not so though, she does not allow “It was difficult for supervisors
obsessed. Now I slowly reconnect electronics to interfere with and colleagues to understand
Ariel Arbely, 27, works as her interactions on Shabbat. you are out of touch for 24 to
a cybersecurity analyst for TD “I want to make sure the day 48 hours during the week.”
Bank and is active in the Chevra is connected to other peo-
and Chabad Young Philly. ple and not connected to the That’s not an issue as a
internet.” Federation employee, of course,
“I am very open with but Frank thinks the culture
employers, previous and cur- It’s a marked contrast from is shifting away from constant
rent and, fortunately, they her usual daily schedule. connection anyway. She thinks
have been very respectful and “Sometimes I am on my PC, my that’s a good thing. Not being
understanding of the restric- phone and my office phone at on devices “creates a time and
tions that prohibit me from the same time,” she said. “The space to connect face-to-face in
opportunity to disconnect on a deeper way,” said Frank. “It’s
liberating.” l

Matchmakers Give Advice for Tu B’Av

LOCAL proud of himself.” hold its annual Festival Ahava at least in the 20- to 30-some- Courtesy of Rachel Waxman
ERIC SCHUCHT | JE STAFF Tu B’Av is an ancient holiday when Tu B’Av starts the evening thing secular community,”
of Aug. 15. This year, the rock Selber said. “Summertime, in Because part of Tu B’Av in the
DREW SEID AND Rachel that marked the beginning of concert will be at World Cafe general, is just a sort of a sound past was like that. The women
Waxman were walking down the grape harvest in Jerusalem. Live due to the February fire at time that people feel like they would go out into the fields
the street last year when he got For the occasion, women would Chevra’s Center City building. may have a little more time to wearing white dresses, and the
down on one knee to propose dress in white and dance in go dating anyway.” men would come out and try to
(pictured at right). Fortunately, vineyards to attract potential And with love in the air, court them, and that was one
she said yes. partners. In the Talmud, Rabbi making matches is certainly on While Selber hasn’t heard of the traditions. So, in a way,
Shimon Ben Gamliel is quoted many attendee’s minds. of any matches coming out of it’s sort of putting yourself out
The moment was even more as saying, “There are no better Festival Ahava, it’s common there and seeing who comes
special for the Jewish couple as days in Israel than Tu B’Av and Danielle Selber is the assis- for people to seek out her ser- around and then giving them
it fell on Tu B’Av, which many Yom Kippur.” tant director at Tribe 12, one vices after meeting her there. a chance to whichever suitor
describe as the Jewish version of of the dance’s co-sponsors, and One year, she walked away comes knocking.”
Valentine’s Day. While Waxman Today, it’s common for Jews head of its matchmaking pro- with about 20 new clients.
was aware of the date’s signifi- in Israel to exchange tokens gram. She said there are many See Matchmakers, Page 20
cance, Seid was not. Whether it of affection on the holiday. people seeking out her services And when it comes to dat-
was dumb luck or fate, Waxman While it hasn’t caught on in this time of year. ing, she encourages people to
was happy regardless. the United States like other put themselves out there.
celebrations, several local orga- “It’s funny: I have seen a
“It’s funny and nice that nizations are taking part in the bit of an uptick lately in peo- “When in doubt, go out.
we got engaged on Tu B’Av,” spirit of the occasion. ple reaching out. I don’t know Maybe taking the energy of this
Waxman said. “He was really if I can attribute that to Tu time of year, the Tu B’Av sea-
Chevra, which hosts programs B’Av coming around because I son, to make like our ancestors
aimed at young professionals, will don’t think it’s so well-known, and give some people a shot.



How to Keep That Summer Feeling

SENIORS foods that remind us of sum- including mindfulness, med- an elaborate vacation, a long that occurs in a warm climate.

mer. Why not eat a frozen fruit itation, walks, baths, reading, weekend or simply a few hours Theme party. Plan a party
pop or water ice? Certain fruits getting a massage, manicure, where you take a break from with a summer theme that cel-

and vegetables can be bought pedicure or watching your the pressures of everyday life. ebrates summer. You can wear
SUMMER IS A magic time for throughout the year. Specialty favorite movie are all per- Television and movies. bright clothing and flip-flops
people of all ages: It brings back stores in vacation spots even sonal activities that give you Today’s world offers us many even if it is cold outside. Why
memories of freedom from mail order some of our favorite a break from the pressure of channels with television shows not integrate summer food and
homework and cold weather. summer snacks and treats. everyday life. and movies. Why not take a décor to reinforce the summer
It is a time of hopes and Self-soothing. Summer Vacation or time out. Many break from everyday life and theme and make summertime
dreams. It is a time for spe- tends to be when we take time people tend to take vacations watch your favorite TV show or come alive for one day or night?
cial activities, favorite foods and for ourselves and relax from in the summer. Why not do movie? You could also travel to a Spend time outside. You
vacations from routines. People’s our busy schedules. Engaging the same thing during other distant land or return to the sum-
moods are often improved when in self-soothing things times of the year? It could be mer months by choosing a movie
summer arrives and may deteri- See Seniors, Page 20 MON
orate as fall approaches.
How do we find ways to W0N0AE0ME8EK6:2EFC2ANN9aMlEDlOFXUDoTSr EDDDLEeAtLIaIYVi/lSsETREVIEESSTEIsNt; eW2iIDn1TsH5Of: a7-r.3dm67e57roINO3u; Dns-EldP6iTneH0el: i70..3c80oINm; COLMORO:NBS-LFAARTCI7K7HA;:MA3ou0D-rA6sN:M:3U0-M6P:BM3E0RP:M
keep the feelings of summer SUN 7AM-6PM
throughout the year? Here are
some ways:
Memory box. Find a container
or shoe box to store summer
objects that will help bring back
the summer feeling. Some objects
may include flip-flops, calendars,
candy, suntan lotion, a bottle of Grant Plaza II: 1619 Grant Ave., Phila., PA 19115
sand and pictures/videos of some ph: 215-673-600 • fax: 215-676-5927 • email: [email protected]
of your favorite summer memo-
ries. When you have a down or SPECIALS
cold day, this memory box will Wednesday, August 14 - Tuesday August 20
help bring joy and the summer
feeling into your life. Look for our specials on our website & by email
Imagery. Close your eyes,
inhale and exhale. Say a word NESWCETETAJRERISNEYES
that becomes your mantra. Now
imagine that you are at your ¢
people think about sitting on
the beach and hearing the sound ¢ ¢ $ 59 ¢
of birds and even feel the wind
blowing in their face. Imagery is 89 79 1 89 89EA. STALK EA. - LG. SIZE LB. LB.
a powerful tool to fight anxiety,
a depressed mood and improve CAMHEEREICSAEN $399 $699 $599FRESHLY SLICED
your overall wellbeing. OUR OWN HOMEMADE PURE WHITE MEAT
Music. Listen to the songs of ROAST
the summer from the 1970s to the LB. BEEF LB. BREAST LB.
present. They may include Carole BY THE LB. BY THE LB. BY THE LB.
King’s “I Feel the Earth Move,”


and Roll to Me” by Billy Joel, BUNS BTEHSET! DOZEN BETSHTE! DONUTS
“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, “I
Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas or
“In My Feelings” by Drake. 99 1¢ 39$JEWISH EXPONENT $199AUGUST 15, 2019 9

Food. There are foods that we
associate with different seasons.
Just because the summer ends
doesn’t mean that we can’t eat




University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Offers Nazi persecution — gave Ancestry access to publish Bronx-based Fordham had declined to recognize
Online Jewish Studies Major the digital images of the documents. Ancestry then the SPJ chapter in 2016 with Dean of Students Keith
THE UNIVERSITY OF Wisconsin-Milwaukee digitized millions of names and other information Eldredge saying, “I cannot support an organization
announced it has established an entirely online Jewish found in the records, which are now searchable whose sole purpose is advocating political goals of a
studies undergraduate degree program — contending online. specific group, and against a specific country, when
that it’s the first public university in the United States these goals clearly conflict with and run contrary to
to do so. One collection of records is called “Africa, Asia the mission and values of the university.”
and Europe Passenger Lists of Displaced Persons
“We want to help people looking to learn for (1946-1971)” and tracks people relocated by the war, But Justice Nancy Bannon said the university
personal enrichment, or who see a Jewish studies including displaced persons leaving Germany and didn’t abide by its own rules about clubs.
major as a way to enhance their resumes to advance other European ports and airports. Most of those
their careers or change jobs,” said Joel Berkowitz, listed are Holocaust survivors, former concentration She wrote that Eldredge “does not provide a
director of the Sam & Helen Stahl Center for Jewish camp inmates and forced laborers, as well as refugees rational basis for concluding that SJP might encour-
Studies at UW-Milwaukee. from Central and Eastern European countries and age violence, disruption of the university, suppression
certain non-European countries. of speech, or any sort of discrimination against
Online students living outside Wisconsin will have any member of the Fordham community based on
the chance to pay a fee that keeps the cost similar to There also is a collection called “Europe, religion, race, sex or ethnicity.”
in-state tuition. Registration of Foreigners and German Individuals ‘Mrs. Maisel’ Exhibit Opens in NYC
Persecuted (1939-1947).” This includes registers of The Paley Center for Media in New York City
The major will have two tracks: Jewish cultural those living in Germany and German-occupied announced the opening of an exhibit about the hit
studies and Hebrew. The program’s roots date to territories with non-German citizenship, stateless TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, JTA reported.
a 1960 visit to Milwaukee by then-Israeli Foreign persons and German Jews.
Minister Golda Meir, who grew up in the city. The interactive exhibit, which will be open through
Judge Rules That Fordham Must Sept. 6, will allow visitors to immerse themselves in
Two Sets of Holocaust Records Released Recognize SPJ Chapter as Approved Club Midge Maisel’s Jewish 1950s New York with sets,
to Public by Website A New York judge ruled Aug. 6 that Fordham makeup and costumes from the show. It will also
Ancestry announced that is making two collections University must recognize a chapter of Students for show how episodes of the show were created.
of Holocaust records accessible to the public via its Justice in Palestine as a university-approved club, reported. The Amazon show is about a Jewish homemaker
who becomes a stand-up comedian. l
The Arolsen Archives — an international center on



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Centenarian Survivor and 400 of Her Kin warehouse in Tel Aviv after a disappearance of 70 the plant’s tissue. Infested pads turn yellow before
Gather at Western Wall years, reported. collapsing.
A 104-YEAR-OLD HOLOCAUST survivor and 400
descendants gathered Aug. 8 at the Western Wall in The ornamental curtain disappeared in 1949 after But a team under entomologist Zvika Mendel at the
Jerusalem, reported. Herzl was reinterred in Israel. Volcani Center Agricultural Research Organization
imported from Mexico two insect predators known
The family of Shoshana Ovitz was brought The gray cloth, which will go on permanent to feed exclusively on the damaging bug — trident
together after she made a birthday wish that the display at JNF headquarters, was found folded lady beetles and aphid flies. The beetles and flies were
whole family convene by the Kotel. During the day, underneath a closet in the warehouse. tested on the target and other insects before being
she got up on a platform in her wheelchair to view dispatched.
her descendants and prayed that “everyone gets “We have the great privilege of finding this
everything they need.” important historical item that links us to the father Gun Planted During Reality Show Leads
of Zionism, and reminds us of the fact that without Arab Resident to File Lawsuit
“We do not have an exact number, but there Zionism, there would be no JNF, and without the JNF Eastern Jerusalem Arab resident Samer Sleiman filed
are probably 400 grandchildren and descendants,” there would be no Zionism,” JNF Chairman Danny suit against Israeli police, claiming they planted a gun
Shoshana’s oldest granddaughter, Panini Friedman, Atar said. at his home while filming an episode of Jerusalem
told Israeli news site Walla. District, JTA reported.
Scientists Working to Save Prickly Pear
Friedman said about 10 percent of Ovitz’s Cactus From Destructive Insect The episode showed officers finding a rifle, which
descendants were unable to attend. A team of Israeli scientists has introduced pred- surprised Sleiman, who had been told nothing was
atory beetles and flies to eat a destructive insect found.
Ovitz is an Auschwitz survivor and saw her mother called Dactylopius opuntiae that is destroying prickly
handed over to Nazi doctor and war criminal Josef pear cactus in northern Israel, The Times of Israel It was later determined police planted the weapon
Mengele, reported. After her liberation, she reported. after nothing was found during a search — an idea
met and married fellow survivor Dov Ovitz. They suggested by the production staff and approved by a
married and lived in Austria before moving to Haifa. Israelis have adopted the Indian fig prickly pear senior police officer.
(Hebrew name sabra) “as the symbol of the typical
Seventy Years Later, Herzl’s Parochet local persona of the Jewish tribe — tough on the out- The police have since apologized.
Found in Tel Aviv Warehouse side, but sweet inside,” the Times said. Haaretz reported that someone claiming to be a
The parochet placed over Zionist visionary Theodor police officer called Sleiman and threatened him if he
Herzl’s coffin was found in a Jewish National Fund The Dactylopius opuntiae live in the pads of the spoke with the media. l
prickly pear, removing juices and nutrients from




Cuts decision to sign the letter as a Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Flickr
simple extension of its long-
Continued from Page 1 held values; as she said, JEVS These actions — turning our backs on people fleeing for their lives —
Humans Services has “been defy the proud promise indelibly inscribed on the Statute of Liberty.
Reform Judaism and the Jewish in the business of serving As Jews, we know all too well what happens when people fleeing for
Federations of North America, refugees since our founding their lives have nowhere to turn.”
for example — but local orga- in 1941.”
nizations were encouraged to CATHRYN MILLER-WILSON
add their names as well. “We proudly continue to do
that up to this day,” she said. Miller-Wilson. “The program peoples and communities.” fleeing for their lives have
In the Philadelphia area, has been a strongly bipartisan The decision to reduce nowhere to turn. Our parents
the National Council of Jewish Rantanen noted that what one since its legal creation in or grandparents, neighbors
Women-Greater Philadelphia concerns them most over the 1980 and even before then, as admissions, she continued, or community members once
Section authorized its state proposed cuts to the number of part of the efforts made by all “not only ignores human faced a similarly callous and
policy advocacy chair to arrivals is that, whether refugees allied nations to learn from the suffering but also is adding unwelcoming world, with fatal
sign the letter on its behalf. will be allowed to enter the U.S. mistakes made during World fuel to a conflagration that is consequences,” the letter reads.
NCJW-Greater Philadelphia or not, the conflicts in their home War II. It was agreed at that spreading.” The Jewish community has a
was joined by JEVS Human countries are ongoing. There are time that banding together to particular moral responsibility
Services. (HIAS Pennsylvania, “ten of thousands of people being ensure the safety and reset- “These actions — turning that compels our commitment
although it did not sign the persecuted for religious or politi- tlement of persecuted peoples our backs on people fleeing for to welcoming refugees.” l
letter, expressed its support for cal reasons,” she said. was a moral obligation and their lives — defy the proud
the message via email.) also the most effective way to promise indelibly inscribed [email protected]
Still, she can’t help but ensure the revival of decimated on the Statute of Liberty. As com;215-832-0740
Lynne Jacobs, the Penn- anticipate further reductions Jews, we know all too well
sylvania state policy advocacy to both the admissions target what happens when people
chair for NCJW, wrote via and actual admissions.
email that the organization’s
coalition partners — HIAS She also pointed out that,
Pennsylvania and Nationalities in the time between when
Service Center — would the letter was sent and when
be “severely impacted if she spoke with the Jewish
refugees already in the ‘pipeline’ Exponent, the Trump admin-
are blocked from entering” the istration had announced that
United States. legal immigrants, if they have
claimed public benefits in
“NCJW believes that we the past, would now find it
have a responsibility to wel- much harder to remain in the
come the stranger and, as an U.S. legally.
organization, we have spoken
out on behalf of immigrants “We do think America
and refugees for more than 125 is still a place where people
years,” Jacobs said. should be welcomed,” she said.

As the letter to Pompeo Though HIAS Pennsylvania
notes, the global refugee pop- did not sign on to the letter,
ulation reached a record 25.9 Cathryn Miller-Wilson, execu-
million in 2018, which qualifies tive director, said that it “is one,
this era as being the “worst obviously, that we agree with.”
global refugee crisis since
WWII.” “We are extremely con-
cerned, as is stated in the
Kristen Rantanen, senior letter, about the administra-
vice president of communica- tion’s failure to understand
tions and public and affairs the critical role that refugee
at JEVS Human Services, resettlement plays in address-
explained her organization’s ing the problem of displaced
persons and persecution,” said

A Tradition of Caring Together WE’RE A twitter

Opening Soon! Ask About our Founders Club. ABOUT JEWISH PHILADELPHIA.

1424 Dreshertown Road, Dresher, PA 19025 Follow us @jewishexponent
215.667.8774 |
12 AUGUST 15, 2019



Continued from Page 1

was held in front of the ICE Aug. 11 rally attendees Photos by Eric Schucht Rally attendees brandish signs. many community partners
Enforcement and Removal came out to honor the victims
field office in Philadelphia. being done in our community asylum-seekers and refugees in not paying attention to how to of gun violence, commit to
and our city is responsible. response to the attack in El Paso. love each other without reason action and pledge to disarm
“Last year, for the first time, We are here as Jews and as as opposed to hate each other hate,” Goodman said. “Together,
we felt that we needed to have Americans, and it’s our respon- “There’s a straight line with reason.” we will make it impossible for
some kind of response as a sibility to speak and act.” between the shootings in El Harrisburg and D.C. to ignore
community,” said Rabbi Joshua Paso and the closure of the Jewish Federation Board the voices calling for change.” l
Waxman, the Board of Rabbis HIAS Pennsylvania Executive refugee resettlement program, of Trustees member Shira
president, referring to stories Director Cathryn Miller-Wilson which is imminent because Goodman, executive director [email protected];
in the news about family sep- spoke of the importance of of the hate, anti-immigrant, of CeaseFirePA, which orga- 215-832-0751
aration at the southern border. supporting all immigrants. anti-refugee rhetoric which is nized the event on Aug. 6, was
“People were horrified across coming from our federal gov- pleased with the turnout.
the country about what was “I can’t say this strongly ernment,” she said. “It is not
going on. And while there were enough — I’m not trying to be “We were honored that so
protests in Philadelphia, there
wasn’t really an opportunity
for the Jewish community to
come together as a community
to raise our voice.”

This year, thanks in part
to Waxman’s organizing, the
Jewish community had that

Several leaders from the
local Jewish community spoke

We are here as Jews and as Americans, and it’s our responsibility to Change Your Address
speak and act.” Not Your Lifestyle!


at the Aug. 11 event, as did alarmist — there are 70 million tolerable. We’re here to say that DEER MEADOWS
Blanca Pacheco, co-director displaced people. We cannot we support any measure that
of New Sanctuary Movement turn our backs, and we cannot leaves us, as a people, more safe Retirement Community
of Philadelphia, who talked be the leaders amongst other and more secure.”
about how the treatment of countries in turning our backs,” • Spacious Studio, 1, and • Library
immigrants has impacted her she said. “We have to be part At the same rally, Rabbi 2 Bedroom Apartments • Memory Care Unit
community. of the solution, not part of the Shawn Zevit of Mishkan • Beautiful Gardens and
problem. So make your calls, Shalom, a member of the inter- • 24 Hour Security
“The pain that we feel, the process your grief and gain hope faith organization POWER • Engaging Activities/Events Courtyards
fear that we feel when we walk from the work we’re all doing – Philadelphia Organized • Wellness Center • Private Parking
on the streets, how alert we are collectively and know that you to Witness, Empower and
as people of color, walking on are making a difference.” Rebuild, spoke of the two Move In By August 31st to Qualify
the street is not normal,” she tragedies in connection to for Our Summer Incentive
said. “We feel frozen, but we This was the second time in Tisha B’Av.
still have to take action.” a week that Miller-Wilson pub- 215-624-7575
licly spoke about immigration “And so the sages on the
Rabbi Batya Glazer, who issues at a local rally with sig- ashes of such an endeavor
heads the Jewish Community nificant Jewish representation. were left to understand how
Relations Council of the this could have happened to 8301 Roosevelt Blvd,
Jewish Federation of Greater On Aug. 6, she spoke at a us. And the conclusion they Philadelphia, PA 19152
Philadelphia, spoke of Jewish gathering in LOVE Park called came to was not that some
responsibility. Love Over Hate: Addressing bad luck had happened, but
America’s Gun Problem, which rather basic hatred between
“The Talmud teaches us that was held in response to the people,” Zevit said. “And the
every person who knows of a mass shootings in El Paso, Roman army and their might
wrong being done by a mem- Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, that was simply the instrument that
ber of our family and doesn’t left 31 dead. pointed out where there had
speak out is responsible for that already been corruption and
wrong,” Glazer said. “Every Miller-Wilson urged peo- decay, because people were
person who knows of a wrong ple at that rally to welcome



The Time to Act Is Now

websites of these hate groups common-sense gun legislation. this year alone. The House has
blame the Jews generally and The GOP is complicit in what passed two common-sense
individually call out figures has transpired due to their anti-gun violence bills that
such as George Soros, Tom inaction. Their silence has been now languish in the Senate as
Steyer and Michael Bloomberg deafening. Senate Majority Leader Mitch
for assisting in the destruction McConnell has refused to act.
of the white race. Trump mir- The GOP points the fin-
rors their language when he ger at Democrats on the issue In the Pennsylvania House,
uses words like “infestation” of anti-Semitism but seems there has not yet been a sin-
to describe immigrants and to ignore the hate emanating gle hearing on the Extreme
those seeking asylum in this from within their own party. It Risk Protection Order Bill that
country. The GOP, through the is time for them to take a close would keep guns out of the
Republication Congressional look in the mirror; the hatred hands of those who present a
Campaign Committee, that is ignored or even worse danger to themselves or others.
them back,” echoing the words asserted in a letter dated March permitted is now morphing
BY JILL ZIPIN AND BURT SIEGEL of Trump. He also spoke about 8, 2019, that these three Jews into violence that cannot be We as Jews know what can
a “Hispanic invasion” and “bought control of Congress.” contained due to our nation’s happen when hatred and vio-
EASY ACCESS TO guns, called on immigrants to “return This is a classic anti-Semitic weak and nonexistent gun lence go unchecked. It is well
combined with racism and to their home countries.” It is stereotype that easily could laws. past time for our elected offi-
xenophobia emanating from Trump’s rhetoric that has rad- be found on any hate group’s cials, particularly those in the
the highest office in the land, icalized the white nationalist webpage. We at Democratic Jewish GOP, to speak out, to speak up
has created a toxic brew in terrorists in our midst. We All elected officials must Outreach PA were horrified and to act. How many more
our nation. saw it in Pittsburgh where our speak out against intolerance, and deeply saddened by the will have to die before the GOP
community was targeted and even when it comes from the 29 deaths that resulted from decides enough is enough? l
President Donald Trump, we have seen it in Charleston, president of the United States. the domestic terror shootings
through his words and deeds, Gilroy, Christchurch and Poway. The GOP has been silent in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Jill Zipin is the chair and Burt Siegel
has enabled white national- with respect to Trump’s rac- Ohio. Gun violence is a public is the vice chair of Democratic
ist violence. He gives comfort We as Jews are blamed ist screeds and has, as well, health epidemic that can be Jewish Outreach PA, a political
and support to those who hate. by white nationalists for the refused to enact much needed solved by our elected officials action committee that supports
The El Paso killer was a white immigrant “invasion.” The if they take action. There have Democratic candidates for federal
supremacist who wrote “send been over 250 mass shootings office in Pennsylvania.

Coming Together to Solve Gun Violence

people. An apt moment, falling desperately needed solution to worship and in their commu- law enforcement, investment
as it does a week after back-to- gun violence, we must confront nities. We have never fought in communities, develop new
back mass shootings inspired by the problem honestly. Here’s the for ourselves alone, and we technologies, and economic and
hate and racism. We close the truth: Our gun violence prob- can’t start now. cultural changes that ensure that
week with Tu B’av, the Jewish lem is at base a gun problem. Some in our community picking up a gun is never the bet-
holiday of love, the force we need We tolerate — if not promote claim the right to self-defense ter option. Most of all, it requires
to motivate us in this work to political will regardless of politi-
disarm hate. We Jews demand the right to feel safe and be cal party. And that’s what’s been
safe in our synagogues, our community centers, most lacking in the past.
Gun violence presents a our workplaces and schools. That right is shared
challenge to our morality: by all people. But that’s changing. Voters
Forty-thousand people die every are making gun violence
BY SHIRA GOODMAN year because of guns — homi- — such easy access to guns that is all that will protect us. I dis- prevention an issue on the cam-
cide, suicide and unintentional those who should not have them agree, and the evidence bears paign trail and in the voting
THIS WEEK IS a fitting time shootings. In Pennsylvania, can easily get them. We have out that armed worshippers in booth. Candidates, regardless
to consider what our role is as more than 1,600 people died seen the consequences: From shul won’t make us safer. But of party, need to have plans
Jews in the national fight to solve because of guns last year, more the shooting at the Los Angeles we can find common ground as to address this problem. The
America’s gun violence problem. than in car accidents. The mass JCC 20 years ago to Tree of Life we together define safety and voices calling for change are
Too often, we Jews complain that shootings grip our collective and Poway in the last year. take action that will not overly only getting louder.
holidays are too early or too late. attention, but every day in We Jews demand the right burden gun owners who are
But everything this week seems America 100 people die from to feel safe and be safe in our lawful and responsible. Jewish voices must be
just right: This week began with gunshots, and many more are synagogues, our community Solving our gun vio- among those voices. America’s
the mournful Tisha B’av, a day wounded. As Jews, we should centers, our workplaces and lence problem requires work, gun violence problem is our
when we mark the anniversa- be ashamed of those numbers. schools. That right is shared innovation, money and com- gun violence problem. We
ries of so many tragedies of our We should count them among by all people, in their houses of mitment — to policy change, have suffered the consequences
the tragedies we mourned on of the ongoing failure of our
Tisha B’av. elected officials to act. We

If we are to be part of the See Goodman, Page 16



Don’t Use Tragedy to Win KVETCH ’N KVELL

Political Points What About Klal ?
REGARDING THE OP-ED about millennials (“Outside the
BY JACK ELBAUM he murdered nine people. sponsibly and disingenu- Box,” Aug. 8), while I understand the author’s personal style of
Just because the shooter in ously smear tens of millions of commitment to being Jewish, I have major issues with the con-
LAST WEEK, The Forward Dayton supported gun con- Americans as “irredeemable clusion about millennials.
published a piece by CJ trol and Elizabeth Warren ‘deplorable[s]’” for the grave sin
Werleman titled, “The El Paso and proudly proclaimed, of supporting Donald Trump. How will they educate their children if they do not
Killer Loved Trump. Do You? “F— John McCain” after his To underscore his point, he cites become part of a synagogue? Will they have a Bar or Bat
Then You’re Responsible, Too.” death does not mean that the a study that he asserts shows Mitzvah ceremony? (By the way, Bar Mitzvah is not a verb).
The article contended that Democrats are responsible for the true motives of those evil Will they only go to a tutor for Torah and Haftorah train-
President Donald Trump’s the shooting. Americans who support Trump. ing, then focus on the party, and skip the rich ethical and
rhetoric was directly respon- The only issue with the study values-based lessons? Will they home-school the children in
sible for the horrific white An even more obvious is that it only studies former Jewish history and tradition, or is that education not needed,
supremacist terror attack in El example is when, a few years Democrats in certain counties of so long as the parents teach morals and values? Do they send
Paso that resulted in 22 inno- ago, a Bernie Sanders sup- Iowa. Is that really sufficient evi- their children to public, private or prep schools, or do they
cent lives being cut short in an porter shot up a Republican dence to come to the conclusion home-school them?
act of pure evil. Congressional baseball game that a vast number of Trump
where Steve Scalise, a member supporters are racist and sexist The author cites the many community-based organizations
Werleman did not stop at of the Republican House lead- bigots? I don’t think so. that helped to mold his Jewish identity. Will their children
blaming Trump, however, as ership, nearly died due to his understand the importance of having a klal, a community of kin-
he also targeted his support- injuries. In that situation, the The truth is that Trump is dred minds and thoughts for support in times of both celebration
ers. Werleman claims if you proper reaction was not to blame not responsible for this attack, and need? I know of many of my contemporaries whose parents
support Trump, then you, too, Sanders because he said things Democrats were not respon- did not think it necessary to instill a Jewish education in their
are responsible for a shooting that demonize Republicans, of sible for the Congressional children. Therefore, they grew up with neither knowledge nor
that any decent person would course, and the same standard baseball shooting and all impetus to pass anything along to their children. These become
unequivocally and vociferously should be applied when a right- Trump supporters are not a lost generation to Judaism.
condemn. wing terrorist commits an evil nefarious racists. We should
act as well. all be on the same side when Marvin Fellner | Coral Springs, Florida
The claim that Donald it comes to national tragedies
Trump is directly responsible Werleman’s claim that such as this, but the instant Millennial Style Embraced By Dad
for the shooting in El Paso Trump supporters are to blame jump by so many to clock My dad, Robert Brodsky (who thinks I’m a 50-year-old millen-
is simply false. The idea that is equally baseless. Werleman the other side on the head nial), mailed me the article about millennials and says he’s not
because an evil person sup- writes, “If you still support with accusations is highly going to shul on Yom Kippur. He’s going to a park with some
ported a certain public figure Trump after all this, then you disappointing and not a pro- Rambam and Rashi. Tell the writer, Max Weisman, good work!
that public figure is responsi- have demonstrated you’re ductive way to make a better
ble for the actions of that evil totally down with his brand country. Adam Brodsky | Fishtown
person is clearly motivated by of racist, sexist, xenophobic
a unique inclination to target hatred.” National tragedies are a Focus on Omar, BDS Misplaced
Trump. How do I know this? time when we should all be This 76-year-old leftist wonders why so much energy is directed
Because there has been no such While I would not consider coming together, not spreading in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s direction (“Don’t Counter Racism With
reaction when comparable sit- myself a staunch Trump sup- further apart. And the truth is Racism,” Aug. 1). It only magnifies her opinions. It does nothing
uations arose on the other side porter, I can assure you that that until we begin to under- to change anything. BDS has been blown all out of proportion
of the aisle. very few people who “love stand this, we should not be to their influence. As to views about Israel by college students
Trump” agree with everything surprised when the same thing and others, they see the union of Trump and Netanyahu. Our
On the same day as the El he has ever said. Our duty as continues to happen over and focus needs to be on getting rid of the racist, anti-Semitic Trump,
Paso shooting, a Democrat- Americans is to call out bigotry over until we finally do some- someone who has power.
loving terrorist shot up a and racism wherever we see thing. l
bar in Dayton, Ohio, where it, so I want to make it crystal Myron Bassman | Center City
clear that I, in no way, condone Jack Elbaum is a student at
the bigoted things our presi- Highland Park High School in Religion and Reality Shows Don’t Mix
dent has said — and I am sure Highland Park, Illinois. He has writ- I’m a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, and have zero
others who support Trump ten for the Washington Examiner, interest hearing the contestants discuss their faith (“My Final
would agree. Chicago Tribune and Daily Wire. Rose,” Aug. 8). Jews are less than 3% of the U.S. population, and
those with active faith lives less than that. There are plenty of
Werleman tried to irre- online resources for Jews discussing their faith and practices. The
last place I want to see it is on The Bachelorette. l
Statement From the Publisher
Moriah Levin | South Philadelphia
We are a diverse community. The views expressed in the opinion columns and letters

published in the Jewish Exponent are those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect

the views of the officers and boards of the Jewish Publishing Group and/or the Jewish
Federation of Greater Philadelphia. Send letters to [email protected] or fax to
215-569-3389. Letters should be a maximum of 200 words and may be edited for clarity
and brevity. Unsigned letters will not be published.



Building Understanding and Connections

BY JAY SPECTOR AND NANCY ASTOR FOX Elwyn (IE) professional from Lesser known, and per- about helping the most vulnera- the culture, the architecture
Israel to spend a week learning haps unexpected, is the effect ble members of our community and, especially, to the religious
WHEN THE Samuel P. about programs of excellence this exchange has on the par- achieve gainful employment. center of my beliefs. A visit to
Mandell Professional exchange in the Philadelphia area. Each ticipants themselves. The Before flying to Israel, I decided Israel is not a vacation; it is
was started over 16 years ago, IE and JEVS professional is following is a letter written to to put aside all fears or worries. an emotional and educational
the goal was to bring together accompanied by a representa- the JEVS board of directors I wanted this experience not experience I will never forget.
two Jewish agencies, one in tive from local, state or national from Souleymane Fall, director to be tainted by preconceptions
Israel and one in Philadelphia, government or an organi- of employer services at JEVS and other people’s views. I did I have not been the same
to learn from each other and zation with which we work. Human services, who recently not want to form a view on a after returning from Israel.
to enhance their work to help In total, 65 Mandell Fellows returned from his visit to Israel culture before experiencing it. Before, when reading the Bible,
individuals with disabilities — American and Israeli pro- Elwyn experience. It was a trip of a lifetime. I am I could not envision where each
in their own communities. fessionals — learned about sure there many facets I can story took place. Now, I feel as if
Although separated by thou- colleagues’ support services for To the JEVS board of directors, learn about Israel. I am a participant in the events
sands of miles, we recognized individuals with disabilities and Please accept this letter as a instead of just reading about
the joint challenges our agen- had the unique opportunity From the beginning of my trip, them. I was deeply affected by
cies face. We saw this as an to network with professionals token of my gratitude for being I was treated with kindness and what I saw and learned, and
opportunity to build connec- from another country. selected to participate in the respect. Our Israel Elwyn hosts those memories are so precious
tions and best practices to Samuel P. Mandell Fellowship, shared their experiences develop- to me.
better help those we serve. We know that these annual Having recently returned from ing and operating a wide range of
professional exchanges have my visit abroad to Israel Elwyn, supports and tools for individuals With deepest gratitude,
Each year, the Mandell impacted the services each I would like to take this oppor- with disabilities, while my col- Souleymane Fall
Fellowship as it is now known, agency delivers. The sharing of tunity to share my reflections league and I shared our insights
enables a JEVS professional best practices, the development with the board. from JEVS Human Services. Just We can only hope that more
from Philadelphia to spend a innovative program design and like JEVS, the Elwyn staff care international exchange pro-
week learning about programs the promotion of joint advocacy Growing up as a Muslim, so much about the participants grams will take place so that
of excellence in the field of dis- efforts are but a few examples of I was taught that Christians they serve. They strive to find we can increase understand-
ability in Israel, and an Israel the impact of this program. and Jews were considered resources that lead their partici- ing and acceptance. Much too
“People of the Book,” part of pants to self-sufficiency, providing often, we focus on what divides
the same Abrahamic tradition excellent service and supporting a us. This program reminds us
as Muslims. Despite this, my just society. of what we can accomplish
childhood was also marked by together. We are grateful for
horror stories about Israel relat- More importantly, however, the Mandell family for believ-
ing to the treatment of Muslims I felt safe while in Israel. I met ing in this program and for
and the longstanding discord people — many of whom I now the investment in bringing
between people who share a consider friends — from dif- together our agencies. We
religious foundation. ferent faiths and backgrounds. know that countless individ-
I also learned that more than uals have benefited from their
Having been touched by 20% of Israel’s population is generosity and caring. l
years of warm relationships Muslim. I have been to some
as part of the JEVS Human of the most magnificent places Jay Spector is CEO and Nancy
Services family, I saw the oppor- around the world and none of Astor Fox is chief development
tunity to visit Israel as a chance them compares to the history, officer at JEVS Human Services.
to learn and share experiences

Goodman expecting of them. Make clear Join the
that this is a voting issue for you, conversation!
Continued from Page 14 and that you are watching what
they do. Take action so that when Tell us what you’re thinking
cannot afford further inaction. asked what you did this time, and interact with the community
In Genesis, God says to Cain, you can stand up and be counted at
among those who mourned on Connect with us on
following the murder of his Tisha B’av and committed to take
brother Abel, “the blood of your action rooted in love on Tu B’av. l
brother is crying to me from the
ground.” This is where we are Shira Goodman, who serves on
right now; we cannot stand idly by. the board of trustees of Jewish
So get to work. Visit your elected Federation of Greater Philadelphia,
officials here at home before they is the executive director of
return to Washington, D.C., or CeaseFirePA, whose mission is to
Harrisburg. Tell them why you end the epidemic of gun violence in
are engaged in this fight against Pennsylvania.
gun violence and what you are



Kofta Kebabs: Forget the Burger

FOOD potatoes, quinoa or bread garlic, parsley and mint, but Repeat this process with the superior and, in a salad like
KERI WHITE | JE FOOD COLUMNIST would round out this repast. any type of onion, shallot, remaining meat. this, you want the best ingre-
For dessert, sorbet, seasonal herb and spice can be used. dients to shine. And whatever
ONE DAY LAST week I was fruit with a splash of liqueur • When you form the koftas, Refrigerate the skewers for you do, please don’t refrig-
noodling around the fridge (peaches and Frangelico) or be sure they are of equal about 30 minutes; this helps erate these beauties. If they
in search of inspiration, and cookies would punctuate this thickness so that they cook them hold their shape. are moving past ripeness, just
I pulled out a pound of summer supper well. thoroughly and evenly. eat them.
ground beef. • To “flip” the koftas, simply Heat a grill and, before
A few tips I picked up as I roll them ¼ over and repeat placing the kebabs on the Making this salad about
Burgers were the obvious created this recipe: this for each side; there is grates, spray them with oil to 30 minutes before serving
move, but I knew my crew • If using wooden skewers, no need to use a spatula to prevent sticking. optimizes the flavor.
would push back — at this scrape underneath them.
point in the summer they are soaking them for an hour or • Ground beef, lamb, veal, Place the kebabs on the 2 large or 4 small ripe
sick of the typical hot dogs and two before loading them up chicken or turkey may be grill, and cook for a total of heirloom tomatoes
hamburgers barbecue and, self prevents burning. (I did not used. If using poultry, be 8-10 minutes, rolling each one
aside, my family is always lim- have time for this step so sure the kebabs are com- ¼ turn every 2 minutes or so Generous pinch of kosher salt
iting its carb intake so the bun my skewers were scorched, pletely cooked through to until cooked through. Remove and a generous grinding
was going to be a hard sell. but the dish still turned out the center; other meats can the kebabs from the heat, allow of fresh cracked pepper
fine.) have a slightly rare center them to rest under foil for
Many of the other typi- • Use a mixer to blend the without risking foodborne about 5 minutes and serve. 2 tablespoons best-quality
cal ground beef dinners that meat; this emulsifies the fat illness. extra-virgin olive oil
occurred to me lean more and spreads the ingredients TOMATO SALAD
toward hearty winter fare evenly, which makes for a KOFTA KEBABS Serves 2-4 Cut the tomatoes into large
— meatballs, chili, meatloaf, better texture and flavor. Makes 4 kebabs bite-sized chunks. Sprinkle
Bolognese sauce — and then I Also, distributing the fat This uber-simple salad show- them with salt and pepper.
had a brainwave: kofta kebabs. enhances even cooking. These are a fantastic, lower cases tomatoes at their peak.
They have plenty of flavor, • Before placing the kebabs carb option to a burger on If you can get your hands on Drizzle with olive oil and toss.
are cooked on the grill so no on the grill, heat it thor- a bun. The small amount of heirlooms, spring for the extra Allow the salad to sit at
steaming up the kitchen and oughly and be sure the bread crumbs helps bind the cost. The flavor and texture are room temperature for about 30
there’s no starchy bun needed. grates are hot. This ensures kebabs together; you can omit minutes and serve. l
a good “sear” and prevents it but may sacrifice texture.
The tomato salad is as sim- sticking. NAME: AUTHENTIC KOSHER CHINESE ; WIDTH:
ple as it gets; with tomatoes at • Seasonings can be swapped 1 pound ground beef 3.625 IN; DEPTH: 5.5 IN; COLOR: BLACK PLUS
their peak, this is the best way out according to preference; ⅓ cup finely chopped red ONE; AD NUMBER: 00085659
to enjoy them. Because we were I used red onions, jalapeños,
aiming for a low-carb lean onion Now offering Kosher catering in the Northeast,
meal, we stuck with the kebabs Keri White 1 teaspoon finely chopped South Jersey and surrounding counties
and the salad, but rice, pasta,
jalapeño or other hot Don’t lift a finger, we’ve got you covered with a
Kofta Kebabs pepper large variety to meet your needs!
2 cloves garlic, crushed
⅓ cup chopped fresh parsley Various cuisine options including Chinese, European,
1 tablespoon chopped fresh American, Jewish and more. We offer Gluten Free,
1 egg Children’s, Dessert and separate lunch & dinner menus
⅓ cup seasoned bread
crumbs • Call us to customize a package for YOUR special event
• Free delivery for orders over $500
If you’re using wooden • No MSG in any of our food
skewers, soak them in water • KCL Kosher Certified
for 1-2 hours before preparing
the kebabs. Yacov Holland • 732-886-8818
[email protected] •
Place all the ingredients in
a mixing bowl, and blend them
with an electric mixer.

Using your hands, scoop ¼
of the meat mixture and form a
sausage shape around a skewer
— it will be about 6 inches
long. Pack it firmly so it doesn’t
fall off. Place the kebab on a
cooking tray or oblong plate.



‘Tel Aviv on Fire’ a Romantic Spy Satire

FILM Hebrew, or know what Israelis A scene from ‘Tel Aviv on Fire’ chooses Gen. Edelman over her Photo courtesy of Cohen Media Group
JESSE BERNSTEIN | JE STAFF — let alone Israeli soldiers — are Palestinian lover.
like in their private moments. for Palestinian hummus and an with the old characters and
SAMEH ZOABI’S Tel Aviv on Salam, bumbling, but with a increasingly insistent say over On the other end, the the old storylines? At a certain
Fire, which opened last week good, beaten-down Elliot Gould the direction of the plot. funders of the soap opera are point, venerating them with
at Ritz at the Bourse, tells the kind of look, is only able to be becomingly increasingly angry the goal of inspiration actually
story of Salam (Kais Nashif), a on the show as a PA because his Salam is hoping that his over the more-humanized works against you, because,
production assistant who wea- uncle, Bassam (Nadim Sawalha), success on the show will help Israeli characters, and declare in reality, what you’ve done is
sels his way into writing for a is the producer. him win back an old flame, that under no circumstances occlude the possibility that you
Palestinian soap opera. Mariam (Maisa Abd Elhadi); will Rachel and the general might do something different.
What spurs Salam’s promo- Assi wants to show his wife end up together. In fact, at
The soap opera is a romantic tion to writer is that he seems to (Shifi Aloni) that he has some their wedding, Ashkenazi will A compromise is reached
spy story in the run-up to the be the only one on set who has a clout with the creators of the blow them both up in act of that makes everyone momen-
Six-Day War, as a Palestinian proper understanding of Hebrew, show, which he’ll be able to martyrdom. tarily happy. A ceasefire, if
spy (Lubna Azabel) finds her- as is made clear by his insistence prove by telling her plot points you will.
self caught in a love triangle that Edelman would not compli- before they happen. Salam pleads with Bassam
between her handler, Marwan ment Ashkenazi by telling her to allow the wedding to hap- Tel Aviv on Fire is a funda-
(Ashraf Farah), who knows her that she looks “explosive.” It goes predictably from pen unimpeded. Part of it is mentally sweet and mostly funny
true identity, and the Israeli gen- there. Assi, who seems to self-preservation, but the bulk movie that, at moments, imag-
eral that she’s meant to seduce What keeps him in the remember more each day the of his case is also the case that ines itself to be a bit more. More
and drain of his secrets, who job beyond his initial save is power he holds over Salam, the movie makes about the often that not, it simply wonders
knows her by her Jewish nom a chance encounter with a eventually kidnaps Salam and conflict between Israelis and why we can’t just try to get along.
de guerre — Rachel Ashkenazi. checkpoint guard named Assi takes the ID that allows him to Palestinians more generally: Your guess is as good as mine. l
(Yaniv Biton). Each day, Salam move through the checkpoint, Why must we entomb ourselves
Will Rachel be able to passes through the check- with the promise that it will only [email protected];
choose between her handler point to get from his home be returned if Rachel Ashkenazi 215-832-0740
and Gen. Yehuda Edelman in East Jerusalem to the set
(Yousef Sweid)? Will she be in Ramallah, with varying
found out by Edelman or by degrees of harassment.
others before it’s too late? And
can she stop the coming strike After Salam is pulled out of
by the Israel Defense Forces? line because of some suspicious
material in his bag — it turns out
Of course, the premise is as to be scripts for the show, which
ridiculous as that of any soap, Assi’s wife happens to love — the
with the added factor that few two men strike a deal: Assi will
of the producers, actors or writ- help Salam write more believ-
ers speak particularly strong able and humanizing scenes
with the general in exchange

NAME: WWDB AM 860; WIDTH: 3.625 IN;

What’s going on in Jewish Philadelphia?

Submit an event or browse our online calendar to find out what’s happening
at local synagogues, community organizations and venues!

Submit: [email protected] • Online:



Teen Bucks Trends, Pursues Folk Music Career

MUSIC making music just to make Jesse Moldovsky in a quiet moment, above, and performing onstage Photos courtesy of Jesse Moldovsky
ERIC SCHUCHT | JE STAFF music because I love it. That’s
just what I do.” Moldovsky typically per- Within the next four a sustainable living in music,
IT WAS A COUPLE years forms solo, where its not months, Moldovsky plans on with his dream job working as a
ago when musician Jesse Moldovsky thinks of him- uncommon for him to tell sto- releasing his second album, songwriter at major music label.
Moldovsky, 19, started per- self as a poet first, musician ries and jokes between songs. Cobalt, named after his car.
forming at open mic nights. second, explaining “the words But for the past year he’s He said it’ll be a bigger sound, “No matter what I do, I hope
Though paid gigs slowly fol- are the most important part been able to cobble together more mature and more emotive to be doing something that I’m
lowed, a lot of them paid on the to me.” He first started writing a band out of friends from compared to his previous work. proud of,” Moldovsky said.
low end due to his young age. poetry and song lyrics at 7, not- Drexel. Many of them special- “I will always keep my roots
But Moldovsky appreciated ing that, “I was a little bit weird ize in other genres, such as Starting this fall Moldovsky in folk, but I’m not afraid to
any work he could get. On one in that way.” At 12, he started grunge rock or neo-soul jazz, will attend the Clive Davis switch around and try out new
occasion, a couple hired him to to play guitar and soon merged so Moldovsky said it’s been Institute of Recorded Music at things.” l
play along the side of a road. the two crafts. a unique experience playing New York University to con-
alongside them. tinue his study of the music [email protected];
“I got paid pretty well for When it comes to his Jewish industry. His goal is to make 215-832-0751
that,” Moldovsky said. “It was background, Moldovsky said
cold, cold outside. I couldn’t rabbis singing at his synagogue
feel my fingers.” left a big impression.

The Jewish teen from “Judaism, in general, has had
Washington Crossing is now a great impact on my everyday
set to play at the 58th annual life, just with who I identify as
Philadelphia Folk Festival, the and how I act. And I would say
oldest continuously run out- it definitely impacts my music
door music festival in North in a similar way,” he said.
America. It’s rare for some-
one of his age to apply and Last year, Moldovsky moved
be accepted into the festival, to Philadelphia to attend the
according to Justin Nordell, Antoinette Westphal College of
the executive director of the Media Arts and Design at Drexel
Philadelphia Folksong Society, University. He also self-pub-
which runs the festival. lished his first album, Nocturne,
which can be heard online at his
The singer-songwriter will website and on Spotify.
perform on guitar at the festival’s
Tank Stage at 11 a.m. on Aug. 17 This year will mark
and the next day at the Front Moldovsky’s second performance
Porch stage at 1:50 p.m. and at at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.
the Culture Tent at 5 p.m. The He first got involved with the
four-day festival will feature 101 show after getting accepted into
music acts at the Old Pool Farm the Philadelphia Music Co-op,
in Upper Salford Township. a professional development pro-
gram for musicians run by the
Performing under the name festival’s organizers. Nordell said
j solomon — his first initial and Moldovsky was one of the young-
middle name — Moldovsky est members and has shown
draws influence from genres significant growth in talent.
like folk, neo-soul, mellow
rock and laid-back acoustic for “What’s great about Jesse is
his original tracks. Moldovsky that lyrically he is able to paint
said he never specifically set these deep, sometimes dark,
out to perform under the folk verbal portraits with broad
music umbrella, but it was sim- strokes of wit and authenticity
ply a matter of his music fitting that belie his years,” Nordell
the label. said. “He’s incredibly char-
ismatic, and then, when he
“Kids my age, in gen- goes into his songs, he goes
eral, aren’t into folk music. into another place and really
This is just what I’ve always embodies his performance and
made,” he said. “I’m definitely imbues it with his talent. And
an artistic kind of person, it’s definitely a signature talent
where I’m always going to be that we are happy to be work-
ing with and keeping our eyes
on for years to come.”


Torah Portion


Yetzer Hara Vs. Yetzer Hatov Aug. 16 7:38 p.m.
Aug. 23 7:28 p.m.

BY RABBI FRED V. DAVIDOW rules of the Torah. two chambers in the heart, others. I think of Adam I as the The grandfather simply
Having internalized these so to speak, that have com- paradigm for yetzer hara. By replied, “The one you feed.”
Parashat Va-etchanan peting powers. Levav, the less contrast, Adam II is a hum-
THE TERMS ID and superego rules of socially acceptable common spelling for Lev, is a ble creature. He does not seek The Babylonian sage
became well known in the late behavior, the conscious self reference to yetzer hara and to exercise mastery according Abbaye (278-338) altered the
19th and early 20th centuries can channel the urges of the yetzer hatov. How to find ben- to his own desires but wants plain meaning of “v´ahavta —
through the psychoanalytic yetzer hara into constructive eficial outlets for yetzer hara is to cultivate his moral virtues you shall love” and read it as
work of Sigmund Freud. The activities. Among these would the task of yetzer hatov. and to live harmoniously with v´íhavta, making the verb into
concepts themselves fit neatly be, the rabbis said, building his community. Adam II is the a causative form, “you shall
into a traditional Jewish view a house, marrying and being Another verse in Torah paradigm for yetzer hatov. Our cause to be beloved.” The lesson
of the human psyche. faithful, begetting children (Genesis 2:7) was also inter- lives are like a dance with our he drew was that “the Name of
and modeling for them a life of preted to support the idea contradictory qualities. Heaven [God] should be loved
The id, the part of the per- Torah study and good deeds, that human beings are cre- on account of you.”
sonality that is comprised of and conducting business ated with contradictory forces The dichotomy in human
instinctual drives, is considered affairs honestly. pulling away from each other. nature is also seen in an old When one studies Torah,
to be present from birth. The “Rav Nachman bar Rav Hisda Cherokee tale about life. “is honest in his business
superego, developed at a later The point of connection expounded: Why is the word dealings and speaks gently to
stage of life, reflects the internal- between this view of human Va-yitzer et ha-adam (God Grandfather says to his people,” God says about him,
izing of moral rules inculcated nature and Parashat Va-etchanan formed the human being) grandson, “Boy, a fight is going so to speak, “you are my ser-
by parents and teachers. The is the verse Deuteronomy 6:5: spelled with two yods? Because on inside me. It is a terrible fight vant by whom I am glorified”
superego is intended to act like “V´ahavta et Adonai Elohekha the Holy One created two and it is between two wolves. (Yoma 86a). In other words,
the conscience that keeps the id b´khol l´vavkha…” You shall yetzers (“impulses”) in the One is evil. He is anger, envy, that person is acting on his
in check. love the Eternal your God with human being — the impulse to sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, good impulse, feeding his soul
all your heart…” The word for good and the impulse to evil” self-pity, guilt, resentment, with love, humility, kindness,
In the rabbinic understand- your heart — l´vavkha — is writ- (T.B. Berakhot 61a). There are inferiority, lies, false pride, generosity and compassion.
ing of human nature, the yetzer ten with two bets instead of the also two accounts in Genesis for superiority and ego.”
hara, the evil impulse, is anal- usual one. the creation of human beings. Rabbi Fred V. Davidow, author of
ogous to the id, because it, He continued. “The other Guardians of the City: Stories for
too, is present from birth and, The rabbis pondered the Thus Rabbi Joseph B. wolf is good. He is joy, peace, Shaping Moral Character, teaches
misdirected and unchecked, twinning of the letter bet Soloveitchik, the towering love, hope, serenity, humility, in a number of venues in metro
results in antisocial behavior. and drew a lesson from it. At figure of Modern Orthodoxy kindness, benevolence, empathy, Philadelphia. The Board of Rabbis
Analogous to the superego Mishnah Berakhot 9:5 we read, (1903-1993), posited that there generosity, truth, compassion of Greater Philadelphia is proud to
is the yetzer hatov, the good “One must bless [God] for the are two different qualities in and faith. The same fight is going provide the Torah commentary for
impulse, born at the age of evil in the same way as one human beings, which he called on inside you — and inside every the Jewish Exponent.
13, according to Avot d’Rabbi blesses for the good. …`With Adam I and Adam II. This is other person too.”
Natan Chapter 16. It is the all your heart’ (l´vavkha), how I understand Adam I. He
outcome of learning the moral with your two impulses, the is brazen, focuses on satisfying The grandson thought about
evil impulse as well as the his needs and seeks to dominate it for a minute and then asked
good impulse.’” There are the grandfather, “Which wolf
will win?”

Matchmakers sweet time of year,” she said. “All holidays. Tu B’Av not quite as Seniors what you most enjoyed about
I tell people is find one person often to be honest. But I am the summer. Remember how
Continued from Page 8 to connect with who you would open,” Naisteter wrote via text Continued from Page 9 excited you were when school
like, would get along with, and message. “It is a great date to ended and summer began.
Meeting “the one” is like win- even if you don’t meet the right have a wedding. Maybe yours can take a walk. Just because Remember the sheer excite-
ning the lottery, according to person, maybe that person can will be in 2020.” summer is over doesn’t mean ment of eating ice cream,
Aleeza Ben Shalom a dating coach lead you to the right person.” that you need to hibernate. putting your feet in the sand
and owner of Marriage Minded As for those already in Sunblock is still important to and ocean and chasing a bird
Mentor. She said with the summer Being opened-minded and relationships, like Waxman, wear to avoid the sun’s rays. on the beach.
and sunshine come many events willing to step outside comfort the day is just something to The smell of sunblock will also
and opportunities to meet people. zones is something that Michal smile at while looking forward bring back the summer feeling. Do things you won’t usually
Her advice is to not despair when Naisteter, a senior matchmaker to her special day scheduled for Why not barbecue and make have done during other sea-
going to an event and not walking with Three Day Rule, also the month of Elul. some of your favorite foods? sons. Have a picnic even if it is
away with a match. Simply mak- encourages. She said the holidays There is no reason to put away cold outside. Play board games
ing friends is a win that can help are a great motivator for meeting “The fact that our wedding is the barbecue just because the that you haven’t played since
in the long term. new people. happening around all of these summer is over. you were a kid. Think of things
important Jewish calendar that you haven’t done since you
“I always say, summer lovin’, “Holidays are times where moments, it’s a good sign our Be a kid again. One of were a kid and explore them
it’s a good time of year to find people often reflect and get the marriage will be about Judaism the best ways to keep sum- again. l
somebody and make something push to shake something up in a relevant way,” she said. l mer alive is to bring the kid
happen. A lot of people’s energy in their dating life. So yes, I out of you. Think about what Marcy Shoemaker, Psy.D., is a staff
is brighter, more hopeful; it’s a see an uptick in people who [email protected]; you were like as a kid and psychologist at Abramson Center.
contact me around all sorts of 215-832-0751



The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
mobilizes financial and volunteer resources to
address the communities’ most critical priorities
locally, in Israel and around the world.

Join Women’s Philanthropy for an Unforgettable
Jewish Journey That Mirrors Our History

JEWISH LIFE IN Berlin today is thriving and a visit to the deceptively glamorous House of will be able to explore the painful history of Jews in
diverse, though facing a rising tide of anti-Semitism the Wannsee Conference, where the Nazis’ Final Berlin during the reign of the Nazis, yet will also be
that bears unsettling echoes of the past. In contrast, Solution was planned. inspired by the thriving young Jewish community
modern Israel is a place that doesn’t merely exist — that exists there today,” Miller explained. “In Israel,
itself a daily miracle — but has rapidly evolved from The group will take a step into the shoes of we will have an opportunity to reflect on the tran-
a pioneer state to a global research and development Germany’s Jewish history by standing on Gruenwald sition from the Holocaust to the birth of the Jewish
tech hub, driven by powerful female leadership. station’s Platform 17, where Berlin’s Jews were homeland, and deepen our understanding of the
deported, and will then step into the future, with outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship in
And now, there is a unique opportunity to wit- the opportunity to enjoy dinner with Berlin’s cur- Israel today.”
ness the impact of the Jewish Federation’s work in rent and flourishing Jewish community.
Israel and overseas, and meet inspiring women who Due to the distinctive content of this mission,
have led Israel into the 21st century. The group will then travel on to Israel, with Women’s Philanthropy will be hosting two upcom-
highlights including VIP meetings with Israel ing parlor meetings for those interested in learning
“The Women’s Philanthropy affinity group of dignitaries and a visit to the Ayalon Institute, more about the trip. The first will be held at a private
the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia has which was once a secret ammunition factory. The home in Dresher on Sept. 12 at 7:30 p.m., and the
been bringing women on missions across the world group will have the chance to seek inspiration second will take place at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El
for 15 years. Women’s Philanthropy programming from serial entrepreneur Merav Oren, founder of in Wynnewood on Sept. 19 at 1:30 p.m.
is thoughtfully created to engage women from the Open Restaurants and WMN, a community for
Greater Philadelphia area to connect with their local female tech founders and will also spend a day Contact Marni Davis, director of Women’s
Jewish communities, and one another, in a collabo- in the Jewish Federation’s partnership region of Philanthropy, at [email protected] to
rative mission to build and support Jewish life for Netivot and Sdot Negev to see firsthand how Jewish learn more.
today and for generations to come. These inter- Federation programs are increasing local vitality,
national missions encourage further engagement, entrepreneurship and public health. To learn more about the Women’s Philanthropy
and allow participants to connect with their Jewish Mission to Berlin and Israel and to register, visit
identity on a deeper level, while also building and “This will be a meaningful mission where we
sustaining new bonds and friendships.”

This March, Women’s Philanthropy will lead an
unforgettable eight-day mission to Berlin and Israel.
Chaired by Lisa Schoenberg and Amy Wittenstein,
mission participants will have the chance to both
honor the memories of Jews lost and be inspired by
the hope of a vibrant future. The trip will depart for
Berlin on March 12, 2020 and return to Philadelphia
from Tel Aviv on March 20.

“I had the privilege of participating on a National
Young Leadership Cabinet mission to Berlin and
Israel a few years ago that was incredibly inspiring,”
Women’s Philanthropy Chair Jodi Miller said. “I felt
it was important to create and share a comparable
mission here for our Philadelphia women.”

Few things spark a passion for Israel more than a
life-changing Jewish Federation mission: Our trips
are an immersive experience that allows partici-
pants to expand their worlds while also deepening
their connections to both Israel and their local
Jewish communities. This inimitably crafted mis-
sion will give participants a firsthand look at both
the tragic history of Germany’s Jews as well as their
vibrant present.

Upon arrival in Germany, the group will tour
Berlin’s historic Jewish Quarter, the golden-
domed Neue Synagogue and its largest shul, the
Rykestrasse Synagogue. The trip will also include


COMMUNITY / calendar

THURSDAY, AUG. Casual Kabbalat Shabbat. THURSDAY, AUG.
Join us every Friday evening in
Bible Study. August for an informal, casual About the Art Museum.
We will study the commentaries found Kabbalat Shabbat Service. Begins at History professor Alice Price discusses the beautiful structure of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and
in the Hertz Chumash, the Etz Hayim 6 p.m. Followed by Kiddush in the what makes it so wonderful besides the art inside of it. 10:15-11:15 a.m. Free. KleinLife: Montgomery
Chumash and the commentaries of Saltzman Biblical Garden. For more County. 7763 Old York Road, Elkins Park.
modern biblical scholars to deepen our information, call 215-886-8000.
understanding of the first book of Old York Road Temple–Beth Am. fernandogarciaesteban / iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus
the Bible. For more information, call 971 Old York Road,
610-667-5000. 10-11 a.m. Har Zion Abington.
Temple. 1500 Hagys Ford Road,
Penn Valley. Evening Shabbat.
Shabbat evening service at Reform
Torah Study. Congregation Keneseth Israel.
Midday Torah study with Rabbi 8 p.m. 8339 Old York Road,
Eric Lazar at noon. All are welcome. Elkins Park.
Temple Brith Achim. 481 S. Gulph
Road, King of Prussia. Shabbat LaLev.
For those who have been feeling
Canasta Open Play. brokenhearted about recent current
Canasta walk-in friendly game. events or personal challenges.
1-3 p.m. Social hall at Ohev Shalom of Come with an open heart and leave
Bucks County. Weekly open play for with an uplifted spirit. Led by
$2. To register, call 215-968-6755. Rabbi Stacy Rigler and the LaLevites.
944 Second Street Pike, Richboro. 6:30 p.m. Reform Congregation
Keneseth Israel. 8339 Old York Road,
FRIDAY, AUG. Elkins Park.

Shabbat Playdate. New Member Shabbat. SATURDAY, AUG. Taylor for more than 36 years by MONDAY, AUG.
We hope you will join us for an You and your family are cordially touring clubs and colleges with his
evening of fun and learn about the invited as we welcome our Torah, Bagels and Co ee. show “Fire and Rain.” Tickets $20 per Cello Concert.
opportunities Reform Congregation prospective and newest members. Begin Shabbat morning at Old York person. Includes wine and cheese Bob Cafaro is the author of
Keneseth Israel and our religious Join us for a Temple Sholom in Road Temple-Beth Am with an reception. All proceeds benefit When the Music Stopped: My Battle
school have to o er. Families with Broomall Shabbat at 7:30 p.m. interactive and engaging discussion JFCS and Temple Sholom Financial and Victory against MS. The cellist
young children (grades K-2+) can meet Stay with us for our oneg after of the weekly portion including bagels Assistance. 7:30 p.m. Temple Sholom will be performing at Reform
Rabbi-Educator Stacy Rigler, director services in your honor. RSVP to and co ee at 9 a.m. followed by a in Broomall. 55 N. Church Lane, Congregation Keneseth Israel.
of JQuest B’Yachad. 5 p.m. on the 610-356-5165 or [email protected] peer-led Shabbat service at 10:15 Broomall. 10:30 a.m. 8339 Old York Road,
playscape. 8339 Old York Road, a.m. Casual dress is appropriate Elkins Park.
Elkins Park. 55 N. Church Lane, Broomall. and everyone is welcome. For more SUNDAY, AUG.
information, call 215-886-8000. Mahjong.
ATasteWIDTH: 3.625 IN; DEPTH: 3.62 IN; COLOR: 971 Old York Road, Abington. Swim Trip. Join the Sisterhood of Melrose B’nai
NAME: MELROSE B’NAI ISRAEL EMANU-EL; Bring a bathing suit, towel and Israel Emanu-El for our weekly
Shabbhakti Yoga. sunscreen and join the Mosaic friendly mahjong game. Open to the
ofMelroseBLACK; AD NUMBER: 00086118 A A yoga practice steeped in the Outdoor Club of Philadelphia for a entire kehillah. No charge for MBIEE
Tradition teaching of Torah. It is prayer in swim trip to Nockamixon State Park in sisterhood members. One-time charge
motion. This is a mixed-level class Quakertown. The group will carpool of $36 which includes membership to
Friday Evening, August 23 • 7pm open to all. Free. 10 a.m. Temple at 10 a.m. from in front of the Target the MBIEE Sisterhood. Contact
Beth Zion-Beth Israel. store at Bustleton Avenue and Bleigh 215-635-1505 or [email protected]
•A Joyous Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv Service Followed by 300 S. 18th St., Philadelphia. Street in Northeast Philadelphia. for more information.
a Lavish Champagne Dessert Reception. We will have dinner afterward. 7 p.m. 8339 Old York Road, Elkins
Bask in our warmth, Summer Lecture. For more information, call Janet at Park.
“the Little Shul with the Big Heart” and Join Rabbi Lance Sussman for a 267-205-6651. 1542 Mountainview
be inspired by our Rabbi Charles Sherman sermon in his summer series titled Drive, Quakertown. TUESDAY, AUG.
(author, best-seller, The Broken and the “Comfort My People: The Story
Whole: Discovering Joy After Heartbreak) of the Kotel.” 10:30 a.m. Reform Museum Trip. Cooking Workshop.
and Cantor Stephen Freedman, Congregation Keneseth Israel. Northeast NORC trip to Join Alycia Larson for an interactive
(formerly of Temple Sinai, Dresher, PA) 8339 Old York Road, National Liberty Museum. 1 p.m. learning experience exploring India
•Rabbi Cantor Elkins Park. Call 215-320-0351 to register. Cost and Thailand. From maps, pictures,
Charles Sherman We are especially excited to welcome Stephen Freedman is $14 and includes admission and language and poetry to music,
•Cantor Freedman for the High Holydays James Taylor Tribute. transportation from NORC o ce crafts and festivals. Following this
Dave Binder, a note-for-note tribute located at 8546B Bustleton Ave., presentation, participants will join
and select Shabbatot/Festivals throughout the year! singer, has been honoring James Philadelphia. Drew Gold, JFCS kitchen educator,
Reservations requested by August 19 • Call 215-635-1505

Melrose B’nai israel eManu-el
8339 old York road 215-635-1505
elkins Park, PennsYlvania 19027-1515 WeBsite:


Community / calendar

in the Weinberg Teaching Kitchen with Rabbi Lance Sussman of Reform in the Hertz Chumash, the Etz Hayim NORC. 8101 Bustleton Ave., tops all offers for your
to cook specialty dishes. $18. 10:30 Congregation Keneseth Israel, on Chumash and the commentaries of Philadelphia. diamonds & jewelry.
a.m. to 1 p.m. Barbara and Harvey exploring the connection of the Ten modern biblical scholars to deepen
Brodsky Enrichment Center at Commandments to American law, our understanding of the first book of Torah Study. We can pay more because
JFCS. 345 Montgomery Ave., legal ethics and Jewish tradition. the Bible. For more information, call Midday Torah study with Rabbi Eric we know the true value.
Bala Cynwyd. For more information and to register, 610-667-5000. 10-11 a.m. Har Zion Lazar at noon. All are welcome. Immediate cash for one
contact Mindy Cohen at 215-635-7300, Temple. 1500 Hagys Ford Road, Temple Brith Achim. 481 S. Gulph piece or an entire
Lunch and Learn. ext. 155 or [email protected] Penn Valley. Road, King of Prussia. collection.
Discussion of the parshah of the week. $150. 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Gratz College.
This session will be led by Rabbi 7605 Old York Road, Melrose Park. Lunch and Learn. Canasta Open Play. 201 Old York Road • Jenkintown, PA
Charles Kraus. All are welcome. Noon. Lunch at 11:30 a.m. and program Canasta walk-in friendly game.
Congregation Adath Jeshurun library. Lunch and Learn. starts at 12:30 p.m. Topics include 1-3 p.m. Social hall at Ohev Shalom (215) 885-7070
7763 Old York Road, Elkins Park. Discussion of the parshah of the week. health issues and solutions concerning of Bucks County. Weekly open play
This session will be led by Rabbi seniors. Blood pressure reading is for $2. To register, call 215-968-6755. Open Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat.
Mahjong. Gary Charlestein. All are welcome. available. For more information, 944 Second Street Pike, 11am - 4:00pm
Our mahjong group meets at 1 p.m. 12:30 p.m. 1710 Romano Drive, call 215-320-0351. Northeast Richboro. l
in the Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel Norristown. Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
synagogue chapel, to play the game,
have fun and raise money for tikkun Bereavement Group.
olam. Have you heard of mahjong and For the post-bereaved, held at
want to learn to play? Are you new in Northeast NORC, from 1-2:30 p.m.
town looking for the game? Have you Free. Email [email protected]
lived in town and want a new group or call 215-320-0351 to register. 8546B
to play with? We’re always looking Bustleton Ave., Philadelphia.
for new players. We ask for a $4
donation per session. 300 S. 18th St., jkidphilly Musical.
Philadelphia. Join jkidphilly for our Musical Summer
Series with Chana Rothman and
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 21 friends. This summer, our theme is
B’tzelem Elohim; join us in celebrating
Coffee and Conversation. everybody’s individuality and
After morning minyan, enjoy coffee uniqueness through PJ Library stories
and an open forum for learning at and music with local Jewish women
8 a.m. Rabbi Andrew Markowitz musicians. Bring your own picnic dinner
will teach and answer your Jewish and we will bring the Popsicles for
questions. Coffee and Conversation dessert. Free. 5:30-7 p.m. Clark Park.
is free and open to the community. 4300-4398 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia.
Adath Israel on the Main Line.
250 N. Highland Ave., Merion Mahjong.
Station. Old York Road Temple-Beth Am will
host a drop-in mahjong game at 7
Legal Workshop. p.m. Bring your cards. Mahjong sets
Gratz College President Paul Finkelman and cards will be for sale. For more
was the chief expert witness in the information, call 215-886-8000.
federal suit that forced then-Chief 971 Old York Road, Abington.
Justice Roy Moore of Alabama to
take down a 5,500-pound monument THURSDAY, AUG. 22
to the Ten Commandments in the
Alabama Supreme Court building. Bible Study.
He’ll be leading this workshop, along We will study the commentaries found

NUMBER: 00085749

Amazing shows with Comedy & Magic
for ages 13+ / Shows BYOB 21+ / Discount 25% off JE25

If you can’t come to us, we can send our entertainers to you!
2840 Pine Rd, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 | (267) 626-1366




Court: Friends’ Central Discrimination Photos courtesy of Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Case Can Proceed
A FEDERAL COURT ruled that a lawsuit alleging Lauren Danneman Stu Goodman Ben Kirshner
Friends’ Central School wrongfully fired two teachers
who invited a Palestinian professor to speak to students Jewish Federation Announces Young Susan and Evan Krisch Photo courtesy of American Friends of Magen David Adom
in 2017 can move forward, reported. Leadership Awards
The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia ambulance will be sent to Kfar Chabad, a community
The school’s motion to dismiss the discrimination announced this year’s Young Leadership Awards that represents both the Zionistic pioneer spirit that
case was rejected by the U.S. Eastern District Court — bestowed upon three young Jewish community inspired our parents and the Chabad community that
of Pennsylvania. members who represent the best of Jewish values in supported our entire family,” the Krischs said.
their professional careers and in their contributions Businessman, Jewish Philanthropist
Former Friends’ Central English teacher Ariel to the Jewish community. Ira M. Ingerman Dies at 81
Eure and history teacher Layla Helwa contend their Jewish philanthropist and businessman Ira M.
civil rights were violated after they were fired for Lauren Danneman received the Mrs. Isadore Kohn Ingerman died Aug. 4 from pancreas and lung cancer,
scheduling a pro-Palestinian talk with Swarthmore Young Leadership Award, Stu Goodman won the according to his family. He was 81.
College professor Sa’ed Atshan. They said the disci- Jack Goldenberg Young Leadership Award and Ben
plinary backlash against them was more than white Kirshner received the Myer and Rosaline Feinstein After graduating from Temple University in 1959,
teachers experienced and also allege that school Young Leadership Award. he practiced as a CPA, then formed a business part-
officials smeared their reputations after the firing. nership with Stanley Ginsburg in 1969. He served as
Danneman serves on the Commission for Jewish Life president of Arrow Display Co. and Sparks, as well
Although the suit can proceed on the racial and Learning and Women’s Philanthropy Board. At the as Magic Marker Corp. Later, he was involved in
discrimination claims, the court did dismiss Jewish Federation of Delaware, she has for the past eight real estate development and management through
discrimination claims of a religious and sexual years served on the Israel and Overseas Committee and Equivest Development Inc.
nature. Both teachers are gay and Eure is African previously co-chaired the Ben Gurion Society.
American, while Helwa is a Muslim of Egyptian and Ingerman was a longtime supporter of Ben Gurion
Puerto Rican descent. Goodman is a member of both the Jewish University of the Negev, served on the board as trea-
Challah for Hunger CEO to Depart Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s Board of surer for the American Associates of Ben Gurion
Challah for Hunger announced that CEO Carly Trustees and its Committee for Israel and Global University and was a member of the university’s
Zimmerman will leave the organization on Aug. 19 Strategy. On a national level, he is a member of board of governors. He and his wife Eileen were bene-
after six years to become BBYO’s senior relationship the Jewish Federation of North America’s National factors of the Ginsburg-Ingerman Overseas Student
director. Young Leadership Cabinet. Program (OSP), an immersive study abroad program.

While the board forms a CEO search committee, Kirshner is the founder and chairman of Tinuiti, He also was a contributor to a number of other
Chief Operations Officer Loren Shatten will serve as a 600-person digital performance marketing agency. Jewish charities, namely Jewish Federation of Greater
interim CEO. He serves as a board member at Tivity Health, the Philadelphia, as well as a longtime supporter of other
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Perelman educational and health care-related causes. l
During her tenure, Zimmerman doubled the Jewish Day School and the Children’s Hospital of
number of local chapters and oversaw significant Philadelphia Corporate Council.
growth in the organization’s revenue and budget,
according to a Challah for Hunger press release. The The award ceremony will take place on Sept. 11.
growth allowed her to lead the development of new
programs like the Campus Hunger Project. Couple Sponsors Ambulance for
Magen David Adom
“I am excited to see the organization grow and Susan and Evan Krisch of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, donated
continue mobilizing communities across the country an ambulance for Magen David Adom, Israel’s national
to take action against hunger,” Zimmerman said. EMS, blood services and disaster relief organization.

SHARE The ambulance was donated at an Aug. 5 cere-
mony at the Chabad Lubavitch of Camden County.
your engagement,
wedding birth, The ambulance will be used in Kfar Chabad, a
Bar/Bat Mitzvah community in central Israel.
and any other “It is particularly meaningful to us that this
simcha on both
and the weekly
Jewish Exponent
newspaper for ...




COMMUNITY / deaths



Arlene Altus (nee Concors) on August 3, Edward Donald on August 4, 2019. He was Earl Fleegler, a retired hand surgeon and res- Ira M. Ingerman, age 81, of Boca Raton, FL Barbara Miller (nee Block), 72, of Colmar,
2019. Wife of the late Samuel Altus; Mother 92 yrs. old and born in Phila., PA. Uncle of ident of Plymouth, MA, died on August 3, and Philadelphia, passed away peacefully at passed away on August 3, 2019 at her home,
of Richard (Beth) Altus and Stuart Altus; Sis- Sandra (Neil) Orkin and Joseph Donald. He 2019 at the age of 79 while surrounded by his home in Philadelphia on August 4th, surrounded by family. Barbara was born in
ter of Earl (Elaine) Concors; Grandmother of served in the Army during WWII. A graduate his family. Earl is survived by his son Eric, 2019, after a battle with cancer of the pan- Philadelphia, daughter of the late Byron and
Ryan and Haley. Contributions may be made of Temple Univ. in 1959 and earned a daughter-in-law Marisa, brother Harvey, creas and lung. A native of Philadelphia, Ira Helen Block. She graduated from the Uni-
to Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, 515 South Master’s degree in Engineering. He worked grandchildren Joshua, Naomi and Sonia, and grew up in Wynnefield and attended Over- versity of Pittsburgh with a BA in secondary
St., Waltham, MA 02453. for RCA until he retired in 1989. Contribu- wife Nancy Cetlin. He is predeceased by his brook High School. He graduated from education. After college she became a sales
tions in his memory may be made to Americ- first wife Kathy and his son Michael. Earl was Temple University in 1959 with a degree in engineer at IBM, then worked at the family
GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S an Cancer Society, 1626 Locust St., Phila., born in Philadelphia on October 29, 1939 to accounting and went on to practice as a CPA business, Block Distributors, as an office
RAPHAEL-SACKS PA 19103. Harry and Florence Fleegler. He graduated with Bernstein & Salkind until he formed a manager. While raising their family, she and
from Franklin and Marshall College in 1961 business partnership with Stanley Ginsburg her husband were owners/operators of Party
BELITSKY GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S with a degree in Biology and then attended in 1969. Through this relationship, Ira served Time USA. She then worked for Builders
RAPHAEL-SACKS medical school at Jefferson Medical College, as President of Arrow Display Company and Prime as a bookkeeper. Barbara was a de-
Irwin "Sonny" Belitsky, age 86, died peace- graduating in 1965. He trained in general Sparks as well as Magic Marker Corporation. voted member of Tiferet Bet Israel in Blue
fully surrounded by his family on August 2, FARBER surgery at Temple University and then pur- Later in his career, he was involved in real es- Bell, PA, serving as president of the congreg-
2019. He was a retired salesman who sued a fellowship in plastic surgery at Al- tate development and management through ation and president of the Women’s League.
resided in Ventnor, New Jersey. Beloved Nadalee Farber passed away on August 6, legheny General Hospital and further training their company, Equivest Develop-ment Inc. She tutored many b’nai mitzvot students and
husband of Shirley (nee Greenbaum) for 57 2019. She will be missed, mourned, celeb- in hand surgery in Arizona. He practiced his Although quite successful professionally, she was an active member of the choir. Bar-
years; loving father of Dr. Marc (Janet) Belit- rated and loved in perpetuity. She was a lov- profession in Cleveland, OH from 1973 to Ira's greatest accomplishment was as a hus- bara also enjoyed being a gabbai and helping
sky; Larry Belitsky and Susan Belitsky; de- ing wife, a caring mother, a doting grand- 1995 initially in private practice and then at band, father and grandfather to his large and out in the TBI kitchen. Barbara loved cooking,
voted grandfather of Mi, Joshua, Jacob, mother and great grandmother. She was the Cleveland Clinic, where he was the divi- very close-knit family. Known to his 14 baking, and hosting large family dinners. She
Molly, and Dylan. Contributions in his married to the love of her life, Irvin, for 62 sion chief of hand surgery. In 1995 he and grandchildren as Poppop, he traveled was an avid Philly sports fan, she enjoyed
memory may be made to the Jewish Federa- years and they built a life of love – rich with Kathy moved to Ambler, PA where he contin- between Boston, New York and Philadelphia going on cruises, and reading a good book in
tion of Greater Philadelphia, 2100 Arch St., five children, ten grandchildren and one great ued to practice hand surgery in private prac- frequently and hosted many gatherings so he the sun. Barbara is survived by her loving
Phila., PA 19103 or to a charity of the grandchild. She is survived by her husband, tice and as a Professor and faculty member could spend time with the people that meant husband of 47 years, Robert; and her three
donor's choice. Irvin, her children Andrea (Michael) Silton, of the Department of Surgery at Rutgers Uni- the most to him. Ira was a longtime support- children, Jennifer Toomey, Jordan (Elise),
Miriam (Larry) Hogan, Beth Taylor, Joel versity and the Newark VA. He was a world- er of Ben Gurion University of the Negev and and Corey (Maggy). She will be missed by
GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S (Kimberly) Farber and Joy (Jeffrey) Kolo, her renowned surgeon with an unparalleled ex- served on the Board as Treasurer for the her eight grandchildren: Evan, Marshall, Lily,
RAPHAEL-SACKS grandchildren Shari (Alex), Robyn (John), perience in the treatment of hand tumors and American Associates of Ben Gurion Uni- Hannah, Audrey, Pearl, Otis, and Jacob. She
Callie, Jamie (Hector), Mikey, Rachey, Nicole, complex hand surgery. During his career he versity and was a member of the Board of is also survived by her brother Richard and a
BORTNER Alex, Jacob and Isaiah and her great grand- edited the definitive book “Tumors of the Governors of the university. He and his wife large extended family. In lieu of flowers, me-
son Calvin. Contributions in her memory may Hand and Upper Limb” and wrote several Eileen were benefactors of the Ginsburg-In- morial contributions may be made in her
Selma Rebecca Bortner (nee Dudnik), Au- be made to a charity of the donor's choice. journal articles and book chapters on a vari- german Overseas Student Program (OSP) for name to The Leonard & Madlyn Abramson
gust 4, 2019; of Langhorne, PA; beloved wife ety of topics in hand surgery. He was also the last 40 years with his partner Stanley ECEC at Tiferet Bet Israel. To share a thought
of the late Oscar Solomon Bortner; loving GOLDSTEINS’ ROSENBERG’S recognized as a patient teacher of several Ginsburg and his wife. This immersive study or a memory of Barbara, please visit lifecel-
mother of Jody Bortner (John Strawn), Heidi RAPHAEL-SACKS generations of plastic surgery residents. He abroad program brought students to Ben
Bortner and Amy Gialuco (The late John); retired in 2014. Early was a devoted father, Gurion University of the Negev to deepen
cherished grandmother of Chloe Strawn, GARRISON husband and grandfather who enjoyed his their knowledge and exposure to Israel and BOYD-HORROX-GIVNISH
Hitchens, Pablo and Coco. Contributions in life-long passion of fly fishing – one sparked its people while studying a variety of challen- of EAST NORRITON
her memory may be made to TASK Leon Garrison, on August 7, 2019. Husband by a course given to him by Kathy. He spent ging academic subjects. He also established of the late Sylvia; father of Cheryl (Barry) Na- a lifetime designing and tying his own flies, a separate endow-ment for scholarships for PAUL
gel and Sharon (Crispino) Pastore; brother of building bamboo fly rods, traveling around Israeli students. Ira was also a major contrib-
JOSEPH LEVINE and SONS Lena Wallack; grandfather of Jason Ryan Na- the country and the world on fishing expedi- utor to a number of other Jewish charities, Mildred L. Paul (nee Stein), past peacefully at
gel, Ava Jade Pastore and Ilana Sylvia tions, painting his catches in vibrant water- namely Jewish Federation of Greater Phil- age 97 on August 2, 2019; of Wynnewood,
BOXMAN Pastore; companion of Arlyne Knight. Contri- colors, and writing articles about the subject adelphia as well as a longtime supporter of PA; beloved wife of the late Samuel; loving
butions in his memory may be made to Bnai for fishing magazines. He was a naturalist other educational and health care related mother of Alan Paul (Cheryl) and Kenneth
Isabel “Izzy” Boxman passed peacefully on Chaim Social, 10100 Jamison Ave., Room who loved spending time outdoors. He was causes. His desire to give back will continue Paul (Debra); cherished grandmother of
Sunday, August 4, 2019. She was 92. Isabel 207, Phila., PA 19116, or to Alzheimer's As- an observant Jew who delighted in learning through the programs he has so generously Rustin, Jared, Chelsea and Melanie; adored
was preceded in death by her husband sociation 399 Market Street, Suite 102, Phila, about Jewish history and the Kabbalah. In his established. Ira is survived by his wife of 42 great-grandmother of Koby, Maysen, Baiden,
Jerome Boxman, married for 66 years and PA 19106. retirement, Earl greatly enjoyed spending years, Eileen Ingerman (nee Gross), his chil- Eden and Evangeline. Graveside services
her son, Arthur Boxman. She is survived by time with his three beloved grandchildren. dren Randi Ingerman (husband Richard Clev- were held on Monday, August 5, 2019, at
her daughter, Carol (Eric) Cherson, grand- GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S He will be deeply missed by his friends, fam- eland), Cindy Ingerman Balick, Elliott Inger- Montefiore Cemetery, Jenkintown, PA. Shiva
daughter, Mollie (Ben) Recenes, and great RAPHAEL-SACKS ily, and all who knew him. Donations and man (wife Linda Ingerman), Gregory Stein was observed at the residence of Debra and
grandson, Jacob Arthur Recenes. Along with condolences may be made in Earl’s memory (wife Brooke Stein) and Amy Wood (hus- Kenneth. In lieu of flowers, contributions in
her many loving nieces, nephews, and cous- GOLLIS to either the Catskill Flyfishing Center & Mu- band Travis Wood); his 14 grand-children, her memory may be made to a charity of the
ins. Isabel was a devoted wife, mother, seum or Project Healing Waters FlyFishing. Michelle Cleveland, Matthew Balick (Nicole donor’s choice.
grandmother, and great grandmother. She Marcia “Marcie” Gollis (nee Wagner), on Au- Goroshovsky), Bryan Cleveland, Jack Balick,
held all of her friendships dear and prided gust 2, 2019. Beloved wife of the late Morris BREZNIAK FUNERAL DIRECTORS Chase Balick, Max Ingerman, Jesse Inger- JOSEPH LEVINE and SONS
herself on having friends since she was a “Marty”. Loving mother of Frannie (Scott) man, Jonah Stein, Remi Ingerman, Dylan
young child. She will be missed. Contribu- Gordon and Alan Gollis. Dear grandmother GREEN Stein, Charlie Stein, Zachary Wood and Zoe ROSE
tions in her name may be made to Newtown of Ilissa (Phil) Hochman, Carly (Brad) Gell- Wood. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests
Hadassah, 83 Cypress Circle, Richboro, PA man, and Blair Gordon. Dear great grand- Gail Sherry Green, (nee Dickerman) January donations be directed to: AABGU, P.O. Box Barbara Rose (nee Weisberg), on August 6,
18954 or Congregation Shir Ami, 101 Rich- mother of Bennett and Ezra. Contributions in 13, 1946 - August 5, 2019, of Philadelphia, 1128, Jenkintown, PA 19046, Checks should 2019, of Phoenixville and Wynnewood. Be-
boro Road, Newtown PA 1894. her memory may be made to the Janie Perl- PA. Wife of Ronald Green. Mother of Beth be payable to AABGU and Ginsburg-Inger- loved companion of the late Elmer Glick,
stein fund at Ohev Shalom of Bucks County, (Matthew) Cohen, Jeffrey Green, Melissa Zer- man Overseas Student Program should be mother of Donna Kalt, Sheryl Rose and
GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S 944 2nd Street Pike, Richboro, PA 18954. umsky and Erica (Jeffrey) Schmidt. Grand- noted in the memo section. Alternatively, Robert Rose (Debra), sister of Sheila Weis-
RAPHAEL-SACKS mother of Hannah, Raffi, Maya, Jacob, Elliot, donations can be called in to 215-884-4510. berg, grandmother of Ryan, Julie, Isaac, Aus-
GOLDSTEINS' ROSENBERG'S Jace, Sadie and Harrison. Sister of Marilyn tin, Allie and Rachel. Also survived by the
RAPHAEL-SACKS Stark and Steve Dickerman. Interment Mt. JOSEPH LEVINE & SONS Burke and Glick extended families. Contribu-
Sharon Cemetery, Springfield, PA. Contribu- tions in her memory may be made to Har
Solving Elder Care Law Issues with Respect and Compassion tions may be made to ACCT Philly. A Community Zion Temple or The American Heart Associ-
Remembers ation.
(856) 616-2923 | (215) 546-5800 PLATT MEMORIAL CHAPELS, Inc.
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ROTHKOFFLAW.COM Death Notices are available online. are available online.
Elaine "Laney" Sokolow (nee Weiss) on July
REQUEST A FREE SENIOR GUIDE 31, 2019. Beloved wife of Dr. Stephen L.
Sokolow. Loving mother of Brett (Cori) Soko- low and Brian (Barbara) Sokolow. Adoring
grandmother of Gabrielle, Sebastien, Lyla and
Jonah. Dear Sister of David (Susan) Weiss.
Contributions in her memory may be made to
No Kid Hungry or Trenton Soup Kitchen.



Mark L. Spector, on July 31, 2019. Loving
father of Parri Spector (Anya) and Shayne
Spector-Smith (Lucas). Adoring grandfather
of Max Spector and Ozzie Spector-Smith. De-
voted companion of Linda Fischer. Contribu-
tions in his memory may be made to Veter-
ans Community Project (https://www.veter-




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SERVICES BY AbyPAPppTt..OOnlyNLY AVAILABLE liner incl. Today's cost $8300 per
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215-832-0749 renovated 9th flr., 1 BD(2 BD), Valley Forge Towers 2 bd, ONE OFF THE MASTER. AMAZ-
classifi[email protected] 1.5 BA, eat in kitchen, lots of 1.5 ba Avail. Immediately. ING OCEAN VIEWS FROM ALL SITUATION WANTED
closets, sunny corner balcony Newly renovated, W/D, full LIVING AREAS & BEDRMS. NO
TERRACES-SPECIAL 1 BD, club/pool pass includ. 917- OFFERED AT: $3,750,000
215-832-0753 den/bedroom, 3rd floor, mod. 582-7822 DOWNSIZING EXPERIENCED COMPANION
kit., lots of closets, W/D, across MARGATE OR CLEANING OUT? Personal Assistant -
DEADLINES: from elevator. REDUCED SEASHORE SALE SUNDAY, AUGUST 18th Licensed driver to as-
LINE CLASSIFIED: 12 p.m. Mondays $169,900 1 man's trash/another man's sist with errands,
DISPLAY ADVERTISING: 12 p.m. Fridays ESTATES-Available immedi- MAXINE GREENBERG 11:00AM to 1:00PM treasure shopping, appts., read-
ately! Top Fl. 1 BD, 1.5 BA, liv. WHEN ONLY THE 109 N. FRONTENAC AVE. ing, walking, food
HOMES FOR SALE room w/fireplace, modern kit., BEST WILL DO! SPACIOUS 3 BEDRM, 3 BATH Call Joel 215-947-2817 prep., socializing and
NEW CARPETS, W/D, lrg. sunny HOME WITH RECENT UP- daily activities
HOMES FOR SALE balcony $169,900 or RENT Marvelous Ocean Front Condo GRADES INCLUDES BEAUTIFUL CASH IN YOUR CLOSET INC. inside/outside of your
$1695 5000 Boardwalk, with million NEW KITCHEN & 2 LOVELY Licensed and Bonded home. Will help you
Damon Michels The DeSouzas are TOWER- Designer 2 BD, 2BA dollar views! Complete custom NEW BATHS, NEW WINDOWS & understand your bills,
Associate Broker Back on Bustleton! W/D, modern kitchen, new car- renovation, 2/3 bd, 2.5 ba. Ab- ROOF. GORGEOUS HARDWD ESTATE SALES do paperwork.and also
610-668-3400 pets, large balcony, lots of solutely stunning. Enjoy care- FLRS., HUGE DEN AND SO make telephone Catch the Summer Sizzle! Now closets!! $195,000 free shore living at its best. MUCH MORE. LIGHT & BRIGHT CEMETERY LOTS FOR SALE calls.for you. Support
really is the Time to List with Us! TOWER-All new 2 BD, 2 BA De- WITH FABULOUS YARD. Services - Refs Call
FFFFF signer kit. adn bath, all new car- Asking $839,000 $559,000 Montefiore Cemetery-1 space in Phyllis 215-886-4040
Property values are still pets, W/D. $199,900 or RENT COMING SOON! Sensational Azalea Mausoleum, sec. 30A.
Bala Cynwyd appreciating and you might be $1995 Margate Beachblock Townhome, LONGPORT Value $7,000 asking $3,500 obo Caring & Reliable
surprised at How Much We Can TERRACES-HANDICAP AC- move in ready. Elevator to all NEW LISTING! 2 BLKS TO THE text 215-740-5057
190 Presidential Blvd CESSIBLE, Professionally ren- floors. Rare 3 car garage. Steps BEACH! LOVELY & SPACIOUS 5 Experienced & Trained
Unit# 415 Obtain for You! ovated, 2 BD, 2 BA, modified to the beach. Walking distance BEDRM HOME WITH WRAP ROOSEVELT CEMETERY BONDED & LICENSED
Call Andi or Rick DeSouza for an custom kit., counters, hallways, to fine restaurants and shop- AROUND PORCH, DECK, 1ST 2 spaces in the Family Estate
2 Bed/2.1 Bath; 1,970 Sq Ft appointment & we will deliver: baths, closets. w/d hook ups. ping. FLR. MASTER, GARAGE AND SO Sec. Sec M1; lot FE 103; Available 24/7
Meticulously maintained & Reduced $199,900 MUCH MORE! LOW REAL ES- Sites 1,2 Bench, shrubs, 20 Years Experience
updated unit at The Corinthian. Results, Not Promises! TERRACES-Top floor. Designer, $1,295,000 TATE TAXES! $1,295,000 markers inc,
This home features Juliet balcony 2BD, 2BA, redesigned open kit- By Appointment Only Very Affordable
RE/MAX chen w/breakfast room. W/D MAXINE GREENBERG VENTNOR 609-332-8906 Best Offer 215-477-1050
and comes with two car Eastern, Inc. $214,900 CLOSE TO BEACH IN LOWER
$625,000 Eric DeSouza Move in ready, just painted, [email protected] BEDRM, 3 BATH WITH HUGE Section Y, Lot 222, Sites 2, 3, and contractor seeks work with
FFFFF Associate Broker 2BD, 2 BA, full gourmet kit., full FAMILY ROOM. BEDRM AND 4 and Lot 223, Sites 1, 2, 3 and 4. elderly. Over 20 years exp.,
Andrea DeSouza size W/D, sunny balcony RE- BATH ON 1st. FLR. LARGE Value estimate of $21,000, ask- exc. resume. 267-701-0552
Penn Valley Sales Associate DUCED $199,900 ROOMS THROUGHOUT, DR, & ing $18,550 for all seven and will
TERRACES-1st fl. Renovated 2 609-822-4200 EIK. MASTER BEDRM WITH consider selling separately. CNA Part time, drives, references
717 Conshohocken St Rd Eric Cell BD, 2 BA. Open gran. kit. SOAKING TUB & LARGE DECK, Email [email protected] or avail. Also does housekeeping
6 Bed/6 Bath; 6,508 Sq Ft w/breakfast bar. large patio, SEASHORE RENT ADDITIONAL 2ND FLR. DECK text/cell 914-380-0936. Please call 267-269-7265
Two year old stunning Colonial 215-431-8300/8304 new carpets and paint. RE- OFF BEDRM. EXTERIOR HAS
home on a flat .71 acres. Features Bus 215-953-8800 DUCED $207,500 6800 BOARDWALK FABULOUS DECK & ENCLOSED Place an ad in the
4 floors of style and sophistication ESTATES- 1st floor 2 BD, 2 BA, H/C SHOWER, 2 ZONED C/A, REAL ESTATE
and boasts a backyard oasis w/ [email protected] new heater, new a/c, mondern OCEANFRONT w/deck. 2BD GARAGE AND SO MUCH MORE Section
kit., fireplace, W/D, sunny patio, w/den (sleep sofa), 2BA. Thru $510,000
heated pool. prkg. by your door. $244,900 August 29th. 561-846-0087 CALL:
$1,849,000 TERRACES-Special Spacious 3 Beautiful NEW 3 Bed/2 Full Bath ATLANTIC CITY
Follow us on BD, 2.5 BA, modern kit., wood open-concept, LUXURY condo STUNNING BAY VIEWS FROM NICOLE MCNALLY 215.832.0749
FFFFF flrs., W/D, sunny tiled balcony on historic block in St. Leonard's EVERY ROOM! SPACIOUS 2 or JESSICA COOK 215.832.0750
William Penn House $283,900 Tract for summer rental 2020. BEDRM CONDO WITH GOR-
Rittenhouse Square TERRACES-Designer 3 BD, 2 Granite counters, marble tile, GEOUS BAY VIEWS! GRANITE
BA, Corner near elev., all new central AC! Less than 2 blocks to KITCHEN, RENOVATED BATHS,
1919 Chestnut St. kit., baths, ww carpets, full size beach, boardwalk, ice cream, MARBLE WET BAR IN MASTER
Studio, 1, 2, & 3 w/d, sunny balcony. Avail. im- restaurants, Wawa, yoga, bike BEDROM & SO MUCH MORE!
mediately! $369,900 shop, park. Kid friendly. Beach SIT BACK & RELAX ON THE
bed available chairs, cart and linens provided. HUGE DECK & WATCH THE
$200,000-$600,000 610-667-9999 SUNSET OVER THE BAY!
Exclusive Listing Agent Realtor® Emeritus. [email protected] CORNER PROPERTY NEAR
EVERYTHING! $124,900
@jewishexponent 5 Star winner,
JEWISH EXPONENT www.oakhillcondominiums VISIT US AT
www. [email protected]

BHHS Fox & Roach Realtors




8017 Ventnor Avenue, Margate


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2 BRs, 2 Baths
$789,000Angel DiPentino
The Jerome DiPentino

Sales Associate8 Premier Team Broker Associate
Cell: 609-457-0777 Cell: 609-432-5588
Classic [email protected] [email protected]
Cedar Grove Condo Ocean Plaza

V$V$V$5Ve$5e5n,e5n,e77n,tn,75tVVn$75$tn5t0VVn$55o0e$5eno0,5on,0re50n,eor70,7n,rt0n,0tr7500VV75n$n$t00t500VV50n$o5n$5eoe00,0,o5nr,5n,eoe0r077,,nr,1n,0tr0t0017575nn16t00t00165050nnoo60060B,0,SoBror00SB,,SteBr1r00100Steedte16e001600dtepedpr6e060drBpsBSoSprsorBsBSotoeSt11esooteoedtoemt1d616eoomtpeopedmrd66ortmpBBtsspSsShorosrthBBtssSsShootet–eeosoh–eeooddomtet–eeom–eB1ppeoodBd1mrrmttB16ppsssehBo1o6rhrtet6.sssaehooo6–ot.eht3–aee3.ooacom–omt.et3–aecB13B1ohoBcmmhBcttB16Bs16shBehhehaBtt6a.s6s.aehahe–e–e3at3at..achac–e–e3t3hBB11thBchhBcshsBB1616hBeheBsaas6.6.aaee3at3at..acahch3t3thBhcBhcshs$hBhB$ssaaL$1L$1atatL1,oLhh1,2tot2,onhhs,s27on$27$ngss75ngL$17L5$1gp5,gLp1L,510,oop20o,2po,0,0onon270o0r27$o$r00ngntg750r075LLt$1$r10gptgp50,5,LLt1,1,0oo0p2op2,o,,,00ono0n02o72r7or00nn00ggt7r575tr030gpgpt5,5t,3003ppoo,,3B0000BororB0000eBttrred00e33ttdedr3O3drBOBorOorBOBcoeoecooecdeomd33eecomaedmrda33erOOmBBansoranosrOOBBnsfcooce–enoosf–refcedrdocme–eomfo–r2aeaoedrdm2rmOOon2ansanosno2rrBOOnBtnsfncscnfooto–oB–arBtreefccafomt–om–oart2oara2eeatmmhont2onhanas2stBhBsntnhnstsff––BBsarrtatsff––ooatrr22athhonont22tBBhshnsnttBBsasatt ata$t$Lhht$t2L$2Lhhsso2L,o2,9sso9n,on,99$9n9$gng9L5L$295$2gpgLp5,Lo2,5o20,po90p,9oon,on0,0or990099or$n$gn00tgr9L500Lt95r$2$2gp0tgpL50,Lt5,o2o,2,0p0opo99,,ono,n,000o0ror9999nng0g0t0r0tr595955gpg0pt0t55,5,5B0p0pooB,,B0000ororeBe0000ttrdrOe55dOe00ttdOr55dOrcBBocrorecBBeooceeoaoeaedOoemd5O5eaonmandOmrd5O5rnmcBBscnorVosreVcBeBscooe-eVosoa-eVaieddOiomeO-eoem6an-anei6ddOimOwrrem6.nwnecc6.s5soowrVr5V.weescc.s5ssooo-oV-5VBaaeesiiBsom-ome-6eB6ananiiaBmwmeaw6.e6.nnsats55wVVatw..hsssts5h5-V-VtBhBsiishs--ee66BBisiaaswwee6.6.at55atww..hshst55tBBhsshsBBssaaatathhtthhss ss
Longport Ocean Views Ventnor Boardwalk Longport Ocean Views
2 BRs, 2 Baths #817 #307
$789,000 2 Bedrooms, 3 Baths 2 Bedr$o5o9m9,s0,020BatMhs argA$a2tt9lae9n,0ti0c0City
$449,000 2 BedNreo2womBPesrdi-cre2oBomatshs– 2 Bath$L1so,3n9g5p,o0r0t0 3 LBSeodennrgospaootmirostn–al2V.5ieBwasths M$42a9rB9g,e0ad0te0rooms2- B2eBOdarcotehoasmn svi-e2wBs aths
3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths

$799,000 Large Deck $499,000 Ocean Views $599,000 Ocean Views

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Margate Ocean Views Atlantic City Boardwalk Margate Ocean Views
#203 #919
Margate Ocean Views2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths #20-G Jr. 2 Bedroom, 2 Baths
$499,0002 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
$299,000 $499A,000tlantic City Boardwalk Margate Ocean Views

#2“ 0W3e Cover the Island ” #20-G #919
2 Bed$A$A4$rA$3A$t3o9t35lA$t35lato9520alt50lan9lA$0A,$anm,a0,90nt0A$3n0A,$3n,t,it000tti3500lc035ltis0cit00acai500lc50l0,0CcC0ananAC$A$0,0,C20in0tnAC$tA3i$3,t,tit0y0iL00tt3i535lclcyotiBt00iaya00nt5050lc2lcygC40Caynan0p0,00,aoC100Cnnt26rti,,i2tA0tiit0,000t9t2itcNic2y-hlByiita80000tBen2ccwyBOyCC2t00seBOi-eJcO3CCdeeO23A2ciidre3cstvtdr29ee2ciideryeyyBcBnttoraeu0orayeyB2OBO8eoeoane4ooanOBO0deomd2n2ec3comneVdmrdB22eVrcedcmBBsVooraorseVraieBOiBOsaoeooeeanoosainro-OiOwedd-omeenwodmcmnc-wVVdw2d-mrrwmeescc2sssVsV2aooraraeesii-2BslsesBeooooanakn2iiB-w-ewaBeomomnnBFa-w-VVwat2mm2rsaatshsVsVot2th2siitshBnhBsseehsisitB--Bwsweeaas--wwat22atsshht22tssBBhshsBBssaaatat$LhhL$tt$L1hhosL$s12o1,osns1,5on$L5,nB,g557nogL$55L$9gp5n0g$Lp150L$19eS$ogop0,o,7ep1,0o1p0,0donona509,5oro,0or0v,09ngn5500tgr5r5ri0$$L,$Ltre000tgp500tgpw50oL$1$L01t02oop0,op00,oH1,1,o00onon955,or,or,a,0000nmng5g555trrt9r400b004gpg5p05t0t4o,004Bsprp0,0,oo0B00B,,,ororeB100000e1ttrdr2e144d0000e01B4ttdBr44d00rBNBBBBolBrolroeBeBool4e1e1wdoloocadocemB1d4r4e1omkCcBBotkdcmerd44rmokoBBdsBhkolroltsmrnrtoBBosoloe-se11oltososs-tococoddome-e1r1om-3Bk-cBmkB33ucddmrrm3O.BckBkB3.sBe5ssololrtrte5t.piooaa.s-e5osooolool-oatee-5tBt3ococnaBohnoom-omac-3.BB3kBkchsc5aBLhmmca3.B3.kBkhseats5Be5ahtatt..haysetas5aohoe5--tSttBohtBsacaoc$hoehs-u-33BBBaB1shcahsctasv,3.3.BB3hatehie55ate.9.hhawatee55t5BBhshac,ascH0BBshhcsac0aa0hrhL$atatL$bhh$Lt1too$L1hhorss1,on1,4onss4,n,g495ngL$4$L9L$gp9B57g$Lpo195L$1o9oep5S,onp1,5o1d0,9ontong40,4oru,r,or0,0p0ngn4o900tng49r$L$Lto0r00ongp9500tgp95r0mL$1L$1ti0Jootpn50,op5,o1,1,s00ognon4r4,or,or-,,0000nVng4g949t.rt5r500005i.gpg9p59t5te552005wBpp5,5,ooBB00sB,,ororeaBB0000etttrdre5h5d0000eettdsr55$d00rBBdorSor4SBBoeoeSorooSL$o9deomd55eou1omooou4dmrd,595rnu4mtBBsuotBorgoh2SsrS,thBBsp5teooe0me–ohoSssoSo–,hods0ddomee–iomrso0urou–i03dstddm3ordirm,0utuit03.dsoesoo3r.drhS5Seht2m5t.sesooo–o.hS5–SeshoWosB5sBom–omi–isouoBusB53d–a3daBmmiiauutttB3.ds33.sedateeah5h5attetrh.s.seBteh–d–h5hfs5sttBhBsrarh–i–ishssooBtO3B3ddsahainiso3s.3d.cdesemattat55eh..heetast55BBhnshs-BBs3Vsaa.i5atatehhwBtthhsssatsshs


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ESTATE OF BROOKSY JOHNSON, Estate of Estate of Bonnie C. Groch; ESTATE OF JOAN DONNELLY, DE- ESTATE OF SALOME ALEXIS ESTATE OF WILLIAM T. BRITT, Pursuant to the requirements of Notice is hereby given that a Regis-
DECEASED. Groch, Bonnie C., Deceased CEASED. BROWN, DECEASED. JR., DECEASED. section 4129 of the Pennsylvania tration of Fictitious Name was filed
Late of Philadelphia Late of Philadelphia, PA. Late of Philadelphia Late of Philadelphia Late of Philadelphia Business Corporation Law of 1988, on August 8, 2019 in the Common-
above Estate have been granted to on the above estate have been above Estate have been granted to the above Estate have been gran- above Estate have been granted to JERSEY MANAGEMENT CORPOR- CVS/pharmacy #2170 with a prin-
the undersigned, who request all granted to the undersigned, who the undersigned, who request all ted to the undersigned, who re- the undersigned, who request all ATION, a New Jersey corporation, ciple place of business located at
persons having claims or demands request all persons having claims persons having claims or demands quest all persons having claims or persons having claims or demands transacting business in 3331 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia,
against the estate of the decedent or demands against the estate of against the estate of the decedent demands against the estate of the against the estate of the decedent Pennsylvania with its registered of- PA 19114 in Philadelphia County.
to make known the same and all the decedent to make known the to make known the same and all decedent to make known the same to make known the same and all fice in the Commonwealth at c/o The entity interested in this busi-
persons indebted to the decedent same, and all persons indebted to persons indebted to the decedent and all persons indebted to the de- persons indebted to the decedent 2021 Arch St., Phila., PA 19103 ness is Pennsylvania CVS Phar-
to make payment without delay to the decedent to make payment to make payment without delay to cedent to make payment without to make payment without delay to and the principal office address in macy, L.L.C. located at One CVS
KEITH HAMMOND, EXECUTOR, c/o without delay, to Anthony F. Groch, FRANCIS C. DONNELLY, JR., EX- delay to JOSEPH THOMAS SHAW, WILLIAM T. BRITT, III, EXECUTOR, New Jersey is at 701 Cooper Rd., Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895 with
Flora M. Novick, Esq., 1701 Wal- 1211 Herschel Rd., Philadelphia, ECUTOR, c/o David V. Bogdan, ADMINISTRATOR, c/o Charles A. J. c/o Harvey Abramson, Esq., 86 Ste. 7, Voorhees, NJ 08043 will file a commercial registered office pro-
nut St., 6th Fl., Philadelphia, PA PA 19116, Administrator. Esq., 100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1520, Halpin, III, Esq., The Land Title Buck Rd., Holland, PA 18966. a Statement of Withdrawal termin- vider in care of CT Corporation
19103, Edward J. Campanella, Esq. Philadelphia, PA 19110. Bldg., 100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1830, Or to his Attorney: ating its registration as a foreign System in Philadelphia County.
Or to his Attorney: 477 West Valley Rd. Or to his Attorney: Philadelphia, PA 19110, HARVEY ABRAMSON association. This is filed in compliance with 54
THE LAW OFFICES OF PETER L. Estate of Estate of BOSCO HTOO; 100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1520 CHARLES A. J. HALPIN, III RAMSON, P.C. MUNITY has been incorporated un-
KLENK & ASSOCIATES HTOO, BOSCO, Deceased Philadelphia, PA 19110 The Land Title Bldg. 86 Buck Rd. der the provisions of the PA Non- FICTITIOUS NAME REGISTRATION
1701 Walnut St., 6th Fl. Late of Philadelphia, PA. ESTATE OF JOAN LOUISE WEIS- 100 S. Broad St., Ste. 1830 Holland, PA 18966 profit Corporation Law of 1988. - Notice is hereby given, pursuant
Philadelphia, PA 19103 LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION GERBER a/k/a JOAN L. WEISGER- Philadelphia, PA 19110 ESTATE OF Teen Vision has been incorporated to the provisions of Act of As-
ESTATE OF DAVID A. RICCI, DE- on the above estate have been BER, JOAN WEISGERBER, DE- ESTATE OF SANDRA RUGGIERI GEORGE J. KNAUTH JR. under the provisions of the PA sembly, No. 295, effective March
CEASED. granted to the undersigned, who CEASED. a/k/a SANDRA RUGGIERO, Late of BUCKS County Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988. 16, 1983, of the filing in the office
Late of the Township of Upper request all persons having claims Late of Philadelphia SANDRY RUGGIERI, SANDRA LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION on Cheshire Law Group of the Department of State, of the
Dublin, Montgomery County, PA. or demands against the estate of LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on NOVICK, DECEASED. the above estate have been gran- Clarkson-Watson House Commonwealth of PA, at Harris-
LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the the decedent to make known the the above Estate have been gran- Late of Philadelphia ted to the undersigned, who re- 5275 Germantown Ave. burg, PA on 8/1/2019, for an Ap-
above Estate have been granted to same, and all persons indebted to ted to the undersigned, who re- LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on quests that all persons having First Floor plication for the conduct of busi-
the undersigned, who request all the decedent to make payment quest all persons having claims or the above Estate have been gran- claims or demands against the es- Philadelphia, PA 19144 ness in Phila. County, PA, under
persons having claims or demands without delay, to Thay Kaw Paw, demands against the estate of the ted to the undersigned, who re- tate of the decedent to make known Thassos Corp. a statutory close the assumed or fictitious name,
against the estate of the decedent 2129 S. 7th St., 2nd Fl., Phil- decedent to make known the same quest all persons having claims or the same, and all persons indebted corporation has been incorporated style or designation of Frankford
to make known the same and all adelphia, PA 19148, Adminstratrix. and all persons indebted to the de- demands against the estate of the to the decedent to make payment under the provisions of the Busi- Exceptional Shade, with the re-
persons indebted to the decedent Edward J. Campanella, Esq. cedent to make payment without decedent to make known the same without delay, to Joy Dickstein ness Corporation Law of 1988. gistered office at 1635 Market St.,
to make payment without delay to 477 West Valley Rd. delay to FRED L. WEISGERBER, and all persons indebted to the de- Finkel (aka Joy Dickstein), Adminis- Harry J. Karapalides, Esq. 7th Fl., Phila., PA 19103. The name
KATHLEEN M. RICCI, EXECUTRIX, Wayne, PA 19087 ADMINISTRATOR, c/o Bess M. Col- cedent to make payment without trator c/o Joy Dickstein, Esquire 42 Copley Road and address of the entity inter-
133 N. Landmark Ln., Ft. Washing- ESTATE OF FRED DORMAN a/k/a lier, Esq., 820 Homestead Rd., Jen- delay to RONALD MCCAFFERTY, 668 Woodbourne Road Suite 101 Upper Darby, PA 19082 ested in said business is S. Frank-
ton, PA 19034. FREDERICK JOHN DORMAN, DE- kintown, PA 19046. ADMINISTRATOR, c/o Laura M. Langhorne, PA 19047 or to her at- TKJR Restaurant Associates Inc ford & Sons, Inc., 110 Gaither Dr.,
Or to her Attorney: CEASED. Or to her Attorney: Tobey, Esq., 229 W. Wayne Ave., torney: has been incorporated under the Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. SPECTOR
MARK SOBEL Late of Philadelphia BESS M. COLLIER Wayne, PA 19087. JOY DICKSTEIN, ESQUIRE provisions of the Pennsylvania GADON ROSEN VINCI, P.C., Solicit-
DRUCKER BECKMAN SOBEL LLP LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the FELDMAN & FELDMAN, LLP Or to his Attorney: 668 Woodbourne Road Business Corporation Law of 1988. ors, 1635 Market St., 7th Fl., Phila.,
1600 Market St., Ste. 3305 above Estate have been granted to 820 Homestead Rd. LAURA M. TOBEY Suite 101 Lundy Beldecos & Milby, PC PA 19103.
Philadelphia, PA 19103 the undersigned, who request all Jenkintown, PA 19046 REIDENBACH & ASSOCIATES, LLC Langhorne, PA 19047 450 N. Narberth Ave.
Estate of Edith Kanter a/k/a Edith S. persons having claims or demands ESTATE OF KAREN M. RICHIE, DE- 229 W. Wayne Ave. Suite 200 FICTITIOUS NAME - Notice is
Kanter, Phila. Reg of Wills No. against the estate of the decedent CEASED. Wayne, PA 19087 CORPORATE NOTICES Narberth, PA 19072 hereby given, pursuant to the pro-
W3253-2019 as follows: to make known the same and all Late of Philadelphia Estate of Sonia A. Loigman; 1940 N. 6th Street Condominium Pursuant to the requirements of visions of Act of Assembly, No.
LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the persons indebted to the decedent LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on Loigman, Sonia A., Deceased Association has been incorporated section 4129 of the Pennsylvania 295, effective March 16, 1983, of
Estate of Edith Kanter a/k/a Edith S. to make payment without delay to the above Estate have been gran- Late of Philadelphia, PA. under the provisions of the PA Business Corporation Law of 1988, the filing in the office of the Depart-
Kanter have been granted to the PAUL HOFFMAYER, EXECUTOR, ted to the undersigned, who re- LETTERS TESTAMENTARY Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988. notice is hereby given that, TROC ment of State, of the Common-
undersigned, who requests all per- c/o Harry Metka, Esq., 4802 Ne- quest all persons having claims or on the above estate have been 1948 N. 6th Street Condominium MANAGEMENT CORPORATION, a wealth of PA, at Harrisburg, PA on
sons having claims or demands shaminy Blvd., Ste. 9, Bensalem, demands against the estate of the granted to the undersigned, who Association has been incorporated New Jersey corporation, transact- 8/1/2019, for an Application for the
against the estate of the decedent, PA 19020. decedent to make known the same request all persons having claims under the provisions of the PA ing business in Pennsylvania with conduct of business in Phila.
to make known the same, and all Or to his Attorney: and all persons indebted to the de- or demands against the estate of Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988. its registered office in the Com- County, PA, under the assumed or
persons indebted to the decedent HARRY METKA cedent to make payment without the decedent to make known the 1950 N. 6th Street Condominium monwealth at c/o 2021 Arch St., fictitious name, style or designa-
to make payment without delay to 4802 Neshaminy Blvd., Ste. 9 delay to RAYMOND GRASSO, AD- same, and all persons indebted to Association has been incorporated Phila., PA 19103 and the principal tion of Frankford Umbrellas, with
Craig Myers, Executor, or to his at- Bensalem, PA 19020 MINISTRATOR, c/o Howard M. So- the decedent to make payment under the provisions of the PA office address in New Jersey is at the registered office at 1635 Mar-
torney c/o Ellen S. Fischer, Esquire Estate of Grace Verdi, Deceased loman, Esq., 1760 Market St., Ste. without delay, to Bruce Loigman, Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988. 701 Cooper Rd., Ste. 7, Voorhees, ket St., 7th Fl., Phila., PA 19103.
Fenningham, Dempster & Coval Late of Philadelphia, PA. 404, Philadelphia, PA 19103, c/o Edward Benoff, Esq., Benoff 1952 N. 6th Street Condominium NJ 08043 will file a Statement of The name and address of the entity
LLP, 5 Neshaminy Interplex, Suite LETTERS TESTAMENTARY Or to his Attorney: Law Firm, 5 Neshaminy Interplex, Association has been incorporated Withdrawal terminating its registra- interested in said business is S.
315 Trevose, PA 19053. on the above estate have been HOWARD M. SOLOMAN Suite 205, Trevose, PA 19053, Ex- under the provisions of the PA tion as a foreign association. Frankford & Sons, Inc., 110 Gaith-
ESTATE OF EDWARD FIELDS, DE- granted to the undersigned, who 1760 Market St., Ste. 404 ecutor. Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988. er Dr., Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054.
CEASED. request all persons having claims Philadelphia, PA 19103 Benoff Law Firm 2616-18 Federal Street Condomini- FICTITIOUS NAME SPECTOR GADON ROSEN VINCI,
Late of Philadelphia or demands against the estate of ESTATE OF Katherine M. Kernicky, 5 Neshaminy Interplex um Association has been incorpor- Notice is hereby given that a Regis- P.C., Solicitors, 1635 Market St.,
LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION on the decedent to make known the DECEASED. Suite 205 ated under the provisions of the PA tration of Fictitious Name was filed 7th Fl., Phila., PA 19103.
the above Estate have been gran- same, and all persons indebted to Late of Yeadon, Delaware County, Trevose, PA 19053 Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988. on August 8, 2019 in the Common-
ted to the undersigned, who re- the decedent to make payment PA. ESTATE OF THERESA H. BROWN, Arkas Corp. a statutory close cor- wealth of Pennsylvania for FICTITIOUS NAME REGISTRATION
quest all persons having claims or without delay, to Rose DiJoseph, LETTERS OF TESTAMENTARY on DECEASED. poration has been incorporated un- CVS/pharmacy #11177 with a prin- - Notice is hereby given, pursuant
demands against the estate of the Executrix, c/o Gary A. Zlotnick, the above estate have been gran- Late of Philadelphia der the provisions of the Business cipal place of business located at to the provisions of Act of As-
decedent to make known the same Esq., Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan ted to the undersigned, who re- LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the Corporation Law of 1988. 490 North Broad St., Ste. 100, Phil- sembly, No. 295, effective March
and all persons indebted to the de- Schaer & Toddy, PC, 1818 Market quest all persons having claims or above Estate have been granted to Harry J. Karapalides, Esq. adelphia, PA 19130 in Philadelphia 16, 1983, of the filing in the office
cedent to make payment without St., 13th Fl., Philadelphia, PA demands against the estate of the the undersigned, who request all 42 Copley Road County. The entity interested in this of the Department of State, of the
delay to LOIS HARRIS, ADMINIS- 19103 or to their attorneys, decedent to make known the same persons having claims or demands Upper Darby, PA 19082 business is Pennsylvania CVS Commonwealth of PA, at Harris-
TRATRIX, c/o Neal G. Wiley, Esq., Gary A. Zlotnick, Esq. and all persons indebted to the de- against the estate of the decedent Pursuant to the requirements of Pharmacy, L.L.C. located at One burg, PA on 5/28/2019, for an Ap-
1608 Walnut St., Ste. 900, Phil- Zarwin Baum DeVito cedent to make payment without to make known the same and all section 4129 of the Pennsylvania CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895 plication for the conduct of busi-
adelphia, PA 19103. Kaplan Schaer & Toddy, PC delay to Rosalie Anne Modzelewski, persons indebted to the decedent Business Corporation Law of 1988, with a commercial registered office ness in Phila. County, PA, under
Or to her Attorney: 1818 Market St., 13th Fl. Executrix. c/o Anthony E. Tabasso to make payment without delay to notice is hereby given that, provider in care of CT Corporation the assumed or fictitious name,
NEAL G. WILEY Philadelphia, PA 19103 Esq., 2534 South 22nd Street, Phil- STEPHEN G. BROWN, EXECUTOR, BROADSTREET MANAGEMENT System in Philadelphia County. style or designation of National
ALEXANDER & PELLI, LLC ESTATE OF JANICE HILLMAN, DE- adelphia, Pennsylvania 19145. 15 Lakewood Dr., Media, PA CORPORATION, a New Jersey cor- This is filed in compliance with 54 Foundry Products, with a principal
1608 Walnut St., Ste. 900 CEASED. Or to her attorney: 19063, poration, transacting business in Pa. C.S. 311. place of business at 111 W. Mount
Philadelphia, PA 19103 Late of Philadelphia County, PA. Anthony E. Tabasso Esq. Or to his Attorney: Pennsylvania with its registered of- FICTITIOUS NAME REGISTRATION Airy Ave., Phila., PA 19119. The
Estate of Estate of ANNA MARIE LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION on 2534 South 22 nd Street STEPHEN G. BROWN fice in the Commonwealth at c/o Notice is hereby given that a Regis- name and address of the individual
BURNETT; BURNETT ANNA MARIE the above Estate have been gran- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19145 15 Lakewood Dr. 2021 Arch St., Phila., PA 19103 tration of Fictitious Name was filed interested in said business is
Deceased ted to the undersigned, who re- ESTATE OF MARLENE KAUFMAN Media, PA 19063 and the principal office address in on August 8, 2019 in the Common- Stephen Weinberg, 111 W. Mount
Late of Philadelphia, PA. quest all persons having claims or SALL, DECEASED. ESTATE OF THOMAS J. SMITH New Jersey is at 701 Cooper Rd., wealth of Pennsylvania for Airy Ave., Phila., PA 19119.
LETTERS of ADMINISTRATION demands against the estate of the Late of Philadelphia, PA. a/k/a THOMAS J. SMITH, SR., DE- Ste. 7, Voorhees, NJ 08043 will file CVS/pharmacy #11371 with a prin-
on the above estate have been decedent to make known the same LETTERS TESTAMENTARY CEASED. a Statement of Withdrawal termin- cipal place of business located at STATEWIDE ADS
granted to the undersigned, who and all persons indebted to the de- on the above estate have been Late of Philadelphia ating its registration as a foreign 1717 North 12th Street, Unit F,
request all persons having claims cedent to make payment without granted to the undersigned, who LETTERS TESTAMENTARY on the association. Philadelphia, PA 19130 in Phil- STATEWIDE ADS
or demands against the estate of delay to GEORGE HILLMAN, AD- request all persons having claims above Estate have been granted to FRANKLIN MILLS GAS MART, IN- adelphia County. The entity inter- Miscellaneous:
the decedent to make known the MINISTRATOR, care of Nathan or demands against the estate of the undersigned, who request all CORPORATED has been incorpor- ested in this business in Dental Insurance: Call Physicians
same, and all persons indebted to Snyder, Esquire, 3070 Bristol Pike, the decedent to make known the persons having claims or demands ated under the provisions of the Pennsylvania CVS Pharmacy, L.L.C. Mutual Insurance company for
the decedent to make payment Building 2, Suite 204, Bensalem, same and all persons indebted to against the estate of the decedent Pennsylvania Business Corpora- located at One CVS Drive, Woon- details. NOT just a discount plan,
without delay, to Henry J. PA 19020, the decedent to make payment to make known the same and all tion Law of 1988. socket, RI 02895 with a commer- REAL coverage for 350 proced-
Schireson, Esq., Bedford & Or to his Attorney: without delay, to Robyn Shulman, persons indebted to the decedent cial registered office provider in ures. 855-890-4914 or
Schireson, 333 E. Lancaster Ave., NATHAN SNYDER Executrix, of Norristown. Or to her to make payment without delay to care of CT Corporation System in
Suite 200, Wynnewood, PA 19096, LAW OFFICE OF NATHAN SNYDER attorney: JAMES W. SMITH, EXECUTOR, Philadelphia County. This is filed in nn Ad# 6118
Administrator-CTA. 3070 Bristol Pike, Building 2 Margaret Boyce Furey, Esq. 3205 Holly Rd., Philadelphia, PA compliance with 54 PaC.S. 311. Miscellaneous:
Bedford & Schireson Suite 204 600 W. Germantown Pike 19154. A PLACE FOR MOM: The nation’s
333 E. Lancaster Ave. Bensalem, PA 19020 Suite 400 Or to his Attorney: Largest senior living referral ser-
Suite 200 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 MARK D. FREEMAN vice. Contact our trusted, local
Wynnewood, PA 19096 Estate of Paul W. Snyder; Snyder, P.O. Box 457 experts today! Our service is
Paul W., Deceased Media, PA 19063 FREE/no obligation. CALL 1-855-
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granted to the undersigned, who LeafFilter, the most advanced
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the decedent to make payment Senior & Military Discounts. Call
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NEWSMAKERS The Jewish Residents’ Council of Ann’s Choice
Community in Bucks County hosted the Israel
Marvin Domsky, the founder and developer of the former Willow Scouts Friendship Caravan. There were approx-
Grove Day Camp and Tall Pines Day Camp in Williamstown, imately 250 residents and guests in attendance
New Jersey, was honored posthumously with the National as the caravan performed in both Hebrew and
Caring for Children Award, given by AMSkier Insurance in English.
Hawley, Pennsylvania.

An Ann’s Choice resident brought up onstage
Photos by Bernie Roseman

The Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan

From left: Henry M. Skier, president of AMSkier, who presented the
award; Carole Domsky; Sam Domsky; and Andrew Yankowitz, director and
owner of Tall Pines Day Camp

Photo courtesy of AMSkier Insurance

The participants of this year’s Honeymoon Israel trip gathered at
the Jewish Community Services Building on Aug. 6 to learn more
about the trip and hear from past participants.

From left: Marilyn Goodman, Jonathan Goodman, Jake Solms and Grace

Shim Photos by Andrea Cantor

From left: Neil Patel, Jason Freedman, Judith Trevino and Josh Isenberg


Community On Aug. 3, NextGen hosted a Birthright Alumni and Community
Bar Night at Maynard’s Cafe in Margate, New Jersey.
On Aug. 4, NextGen and
Jewish Learning Venture
hosted annual Boker Tov
at the Shore festivities,
featuring a live performance
from Roots with Ruark.

Roots by Ruark performs.

Children participate in arts
and crafts at the biggest Boker
Tov at the Shore event.

Photos by Andrea Cantor

Pine Forest Camp campers presented a check for $1,500 to the Wallenpaupack Area High School
Kids Food Pantry. The money was raised in the camp’s Challah for Hunger campaign.

Birthright alumni and NextGen community members gather at

Maynard’s Cafe for a drink down the shore. Photos by Andrea Cantor

On July 16, Gratz College hosted a reception of college alumni
who graduated between 1951 and 2019. The alumni joined
current masters and doctoral students participating in Summer
Institute for a festive dinner.

Gratz College alumni Photo courtesy of

Pine Forest Camp campers Photo by Elly Wallace

PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT Published weekly since 1887 with a special issue in September (ISSN 0021-6437) ©2019 Jewish Exponent (all rights reserved) Any funds realized from the operation of
the Jewish Exponent exceeding expenses are required to be made available to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, a nonprofit corporation with offices at 2100 Arch St., Philadelphia,

PA 19103. 215-832-0700. Periodical postage paid in Philadelphia, PA, and additional offices. Postmaster: All address changes should be sent to Jewish Exponent Circulation Dept., 2100 Arch St.,

Philadelphia, PA 19103. A one-year subscription is $50, 2 years, $100. Foreign rates on request.





Class 1: HISTORY

The Middle East Today: 10:00 AM
Whose Land is it Anyway? -


Lawrence Hajioff
Yeshiva University

“Professor of the Year” award

Class 2: MUSIC

Nobody Does it Better: 11:45 AM
Jewish Musicians Who -
Influenced Pop Culture
1:15 PM

Orin Grossman
Fairfield University

Undergraduate Teaching Award

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DATE: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 | 10:00 AM – 1:15 PM


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