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● Unlikely marriage or Secret love? (Benedick and Beatrice)

Benedick, the so-called “bachelor for life,” abruptly decided to marry Beatrice. The
rivalry of Benedick and Beatrice, was well-known throughout Messina, and a few
months back, it was unthinkable that the two would dare stand beside each other, let

alone marry each other. Although all is
well, and Benedick is now a
happily-married life. In a recent
interview with Benedick, he said that
“when he said he didn’t want to marry,”
he simply meant that “he didn’t expect
to live long enough to marry.” A
reasonable expectation, for a person in
his profession of war. He also refused
to tell us of his history with Beatrice
before their marriage, save his
narrations of their banter. Although both
Benedick and Beatrice argue that they
didn’t have much of a history, and they requited love for each other, without ever having
the intention to do so, we firmly believe that it was in fact a secret love. A love, kept
hidden from the eyes of Messina. This seems to be clearly conveyed by their so-called
banter, not to mention the secret letters which were revealed at their weddings, by
Claudio and Hero respectively(See picture above) .

● The Shaming and death of Hero

The death of Hero, daughter of Leonato, has
wreaked havoc, upon the people of Messina.
Her death, occurred on the 6th of May, 1666.
When investigated, the cause of Hero’s death
was revealed to be the vulgar language,
mockery and shaming, directed towards her by

“Claudio shamed my sister, and revenge must
be had,” said an angry, and emotionally unstable Beatrice, upon asking her what she
thinks of the situation. Beatrice also proceeded to talk about how cruel Claudio is, and
how sad she felt for her sister. There have also been some rumours, that Beatrice also

said to Benedick, afterwards to “Kill Claudio.” It is not an opinion, but a fact, that what
was given to Hero was completely wrong, and that Claudio’s actions were totally
unjustified, however, even Benedick agreed to fight Claudio, like a man, in order to right

In an interview with Leonato, our reporters were told that “What Claudio did, was
completely wrong. Not only did he use such language, on a holy day, Claudio dared to
accuse Hero, my daughter, of being in bed, with men other than himself,” Leonato
continued on to say that if Claudio did not want to marry Hero, he could have simply
said so, instead of hurting Hero the extent that she died from the emotional wounds
inflicted upon her, by Claudio.

What is Cuckoldry?

Cuckoldry, is when a rich man’s wife cheats on him. The term was coined sometime in
between the year 1000 and 2000. Cuckoldry basically means, when a man, unaware
that the child is not his own, raises a child, and provides for that child. It is said, that
such as man also ends up having horns on his head, which though invisible to himself,
are for the world to mock and laugh about.


Scorpio: Something you have long desired seems to be coming true, but be careful
Scorpio, for things are not what they seem.

Taurus: You have been putting something you need to do off, for a long time. Anything
you do today, will not be in vain.

Libra: There is an illusion of betrayal in your mind. This seed was planted by an
ill-wisher, and if you do not look past it, you will do something truly terrible.

Gemini: Lately, there has been a sudden change in your behaviour, caused by some
information you have heard. While this is not true, acting upon it will be fruitful.

Aquarius: Someone close to you will be very hurt today. As an Aquarius, your skills with
calming people down are good, and you shall need it direly today.

Cancer: Today will be a very bad day for you. You will be very depressed, it would be
best to postpone important things, for a few days.

Capricorn: It is your lucky day today. You shall find out something, that will be of great
use, and you will be rewarded for this.

Pisces: Nothing like a good day’s rest. Take today to relax and recharge, difficult times
have just passed, and you have earned some rest.

Sagittarius: Beware, today you will be in imminent danger, a person who you believe is
supposed to help you, will betray you.

Leo: You have been wanting to do something, for many days now. The obstacle
blocking you has finally been removed, charge straight ahead!

Virgo: You might find yourself with empty pockets. Stay away from gambling to gain
money fast, and instead earn it.


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