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Published by michellekquick, 2019-02-25 17:06:00

GATC menu 2.25.2019

GATC menu 2.25.2019

diner and drive-thru

. orn and raised in the reat American outhwest,
aall we ever needed was a tortilla and some imagination,
aand anything could become a taco.

- hef reator, atricio Duran

-$1.00 ndividual Regular and ndividual id queso -$5.99 frozen margaritas
-$3.50 mport raft bottles and drafts -$2.00 off Frito ie
-$2.50 Domestic bottles and drafts -$5.99 reat American margaritas
-$3.99 ouse margaritas

-$1.00 off small ltimate tacos -$4.49 kinny margaritas
-$2.00 off big ltimate tacos - uy two street tacos and get a $.99
-$5.99 auza lue op helf margaritas soft drink tea or $3.99 ouse margarita
-$4.99 eer-A-Rita

online ordering available at

Factors outside our immediate control (such as suppliers, recipes, and kitchen preparation) could impact the possibility for

menu items to come in contact with other food products like gluten. Our managers routinely consult with guests to
accurately prepare meals based on allergy or dietary requests. Most of our menu is gluten safe. The following items are not

gluten free: quesadillas, flour shell tacos, jerk sauce, Mojo sauce, green chili sauce, and desserts.

brewed iced teas soft drinks
nsweet iced tea oke ero prite
weet tea Diet oke Fanta range
itrus iced tea Dr. epper Lemonade
Diet Dr. epper Limeade
16 oz. draft beers
bottle beers
ud Light
orona Light orona udweiser
Modelo special orona remier ud Light
lue Moon Dos quis Amber ud elect
Miller Lite ecate oors Light
easonal (ask your server) Modelo egra Mic ltra
Miller Lite lvd Wheat

16 oz. margaritas

Agave gold tequila, house citrus remium auza lue silver
sour mix, triple sec, ice, and fresh lime. tequila, house citrus sour mix,
Frozen version of our delicious ouse triple sec, and fresh lime.
margarita. o ice to water it down, A perfect blend of orona Light
ust the good stuff. and our frozen ouse margarita.
Low calorie citrus flavors blended - angarita
with blanco tequila and topped - trawberry
with fresh-squeezed orange uice. - sland lue
Frozen layers of angria, ouse, - Mango
and sland lue margaritas. - ineapple

hips salsa are complimentary. ick your homemade salsa below.

omatillo and agave puree, finished with a sweet corn and citrus chili sauce

loody mary roasted tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, orthern ew Mexico chili spices

A blend of fire-roasted tomatoes and corn with a slight chili kick

A combination of all our reat American aco salsas, blended to perfection

abanero paste and roasted alape os are the base of this spicy treat

Love what you tried?
ake home a 16 oz. ar for only $6.00.
(We ll throw in a free bag of chips!)

- weet alsa - Fire alsa

- Rustic alsa - hipotle Awesome
- ilantro Lime
- ltimate alsa

ucumber slices perfect for dipping
A mild, melted smooth white cheddar cheese dip
Rich cheeses blended with a hint of alape o and sweet red peppers
Diced tomato, fresh chopped cilantro, hint of chili seasonings

oblano pico de gallo, fresh chopped cilantro, squeezed lime, hint of chili seasonings

a variety of street taco MALL - 6 hard corn shell
flavors in a 6 soft corn shell - 8 hard corn shell

sst... taco bout tacos! ot sure what to order? ry two smalls.

Authentic flavorful three-chili ground othing looks sadder than a half-empty
beef, melted cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes taco, so we fill this one up with lots of
Authentic red chili steak, saut ed onions, cheese and your choice of seasoned ground
melted cheeses, pico, chopped cilantro beef R citrus chicken

itrus chicken, melted cheeses, lettuce, From homes across America seasoned
cilantro lime sauce, pico ground beef R citrus chicken, smooth
Marinated shredded pork, saut ed onions melted white cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes
and pineapple, melted cheeses, chopped
cilantro, pickled alape os, pico, lime wedge

orn flour fried shrimp, saut ed onions hili beef and beans, queso, cheeses, cilantro
and pineapple, uban Mo o sauce, melted sour cream, tomatoes, pickled alape os
cheeses, cabbage, apple sweet corn pico

orn flour fried tilapia, melted cheeses, orn flour fried chicken R fried shrimp,
cilantro lime sauce, chipotle, cucumber, pico, hot sauce, mozzarella, spicy ranch, lettuce
with coleslaw condiment

ample the best! hree mini versions of orn flour fried chicken R grilled citrus
the favorites ico de hicken, anta Fe chicken, bacon, mozzarella, ranch, lettuce

eef, and arne Asada

MALL 7.5 soft
5.5 soft flour shell
flour shell

sst... taco bout tacos! ot sure what to order? ry two smalls.

D 1 A ! easoned ground beef itrus chicken R applewood shredded
R citrus chicken, green chili sauce, pork, agave , cheese blend, coleslaw,
red chili sauce, melted white cheddar, apple sweet corn pico
lettuce, cilantro sour cream, pico

teak R citrus chicken, cheese blend, itrus chicken R corn flour fried tilapia,
peppers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole, spinach, feta, pineapple pico,
cilantro sour cream all stuffed inside balsamic glaze, cilantro sour cream
a flour shell, ready to eat
itrus chicken R seared rare ahi tuna,
itrus chicken, basil pesto, spinach, sweet chili sauce, cabbage, feta,
mozzarella, tomatoes, balsamic glaze pineapple pico, bacon, cilantro sour cream

orn flour fried chicken R grilled citrus eared rare ahi tuna, pineapple,
chicken, saut ed onions and pineapple, riracha, cilantro sour cream, feta,
erk sauce, pickled alape os, cabbage, spinach, cucumber
mozzarella, apple sweet corn pico uacamole, saut ed peppers, panish
rice, chipotle, beans, spinach, apple sweet
corn pico

All the ingredients of o shell, only
any regular taco piled the delicious
on an avocado half. goods inside.

oasted tortilla, citrus chicken, blend of melted cheeses, and hickory smoked bacon.
erved with cilantro sour cream.
oasted tortilla, citrus chicken R steak, peppers, onions, and a blend of
melted cheeses. erved with cilantro sour cream.
Red and green chili, ground beef, chili beans, queso, cheeses, cilantro sour cream,
shredded lettuce, pico, and Fritos.
mothered burrito stuffed with pico de gallo chili beef and beans, cheeses,
and chipotle rice, topped with queso, red chili sauce, mild chopped green chiles,
and our old salsa. erved on a bed of shredded lettuce.
ur famous enchilada rolled with cheeses and your choice of citrus chicken R
seasoned ground beef, topped with queso, green chili sauce, pico, lettuce,
and cilantro sour cream. erved on a bed of red chili rice.
itrus chicken R seasoned ground beef with fresh shredded lettuce, zesty ranch,
cheeses, pico de gallo, and cilantro sour cream, surrounded by chips and queso.
Avocado half with citrus chicken R seared rare ahi tuna, surrounded with lettuce,
spinach, mozzarella, cilantro lime dressing, and apple sweet corn pico.

Layers of agave and Mexican vanilla cheesecake with a cinnamon sopapilla
crust and caramel drizzle.
Dairy-free frosty, smooth lemon-lime treat blended with vanilla.

Feeding a group? Let us do it for you! Ask your server about our convenient and affordable
to-go packages. We make catering as painless as possible by including everything you need,

even the chafing dishes! Delivery and set-up available. (Restrictions apply.)

15 people $149.25
20 people $198.95
25 people $248.95

15 people $99.75
20 people $132.95
25 people $166.25

- Add Regular queso $24.95 (15 - 25 people)
- Add Americano guacamole $24.95 (15 - 25 people)
- Add gallon unsweet tea, sweet tea, or citrus tea $5.95 (6 - 8 people, includes cups and ice)
- Add gallon filtered water $2.95 (6 - 8 people, includes cups and ice)

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