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Published by Harmonia Norah, 2019-07-15 11:49:21

WW28 2019

Woman's weekly magazine


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THELMAAND KEEP 15th July 2019

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July 15, 2019 ContentsI can draw (I think) and I can picture - we’ll print it. think about this week’s
Vol.56 Issue 28 sort of paint but when it comes Also in this week’s magazine, features. Share any advice or
to crochet and knitting, I am a give us your tips for our letters
COVER IMAGE: novice. But even I am tempted we have competitions for a page. We create the magazine
Hazel Coonagh to take up a more crafty break in Kelly’s Resort, Russell only with our readers in mind,
pastime when reading this Hobbs’ kettles and toasters, so anything we can do to boost
week’s collection of patterns. beauty, skincare, books and your enjoyment is our priority.
a Just Eat voucher. Want to
e crochet baseball boots are see other competitions and Have a lovely week from
super cute and I hope someone giveaways in Woman’s Way? the Woman’s Way team - we
gets a treat when presented Let me know what you’d hope hope you get to experience
with them. If you have to win at [email protected] some of the
completed any of our patterns, warm(ish)
please do consider sending in a As always, we love to hear weather!
from you. Tell us what you

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Issue 25 (June 24)

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Iconic broadcaster
elma Mansfield talks

about losing her beloved

Talking sisterandfinding

to T helmapeaceinhergarden
It’s been a tough couple of months for get some exercise.
elma Mansfield when we catch up with with their dogs and stopping to chat.” “I feel that I
Everyone knows of elma’s love
her. Very sadly the artist and broadcaster just need to get my
has been dealt numerous blows. Her and passion for painting and as an heart rate up because
husband John took ill in March and her accomplished artist, I ask her how she when I’m walking with
sister Louise passed away late last year. feels when someone buys a painting. the dogs – one of them is a pug – pugs
haven’t got great energy, so you don’t
“Unfortunately my husband had a “It’s so rewarding when you sell walk very fast,” she says.
massive illness in March and is still in something that you’ve created yourself.
hospital. Years ago, myself and my sister It gives you a great sense of importance “I am cooking good food for myself.
Louise, elma and Louise, we were on the that you’re doing something that is liked. Everybody says, ‘Take care of yourself,
front cover of Woman’s Way. take care of yourself,’ it’s easier said than
ey’re not liking you for your looks or done. Even sleep doesn’t necessarily
“Louise was a TV star before me and your voice on television, it’s about your refresh me. It’s funny what stress can
then a model and actress and a painter. talent and that does something for your do to you, you know? e things in your
She was diagnosed with oesophageal brain. So for as long as I can I will paint body don’t work as well as they should
cancer just before Christmas. She died and I will exhibit, and it’s a great buzz – with stress. It is a very anxious time.”
on Christmas week and was buried on that’s important in your life too.”
Christmas Eve,” says elma. We start to talk about work and
Another thing that elma is doing to elma’s incredible career in television.
“It was a lovely photograph of me and help herself is getting her blood pumping. I ask her what her favourite decade in
Louise and on the front cover. She was her career has been and she tells me it’s
very famous before me, very beautiful, “I got myself an exercise bike, one difficult to pick just one.
very tall, gorgeous legs, a magnificent of these ones that is rigid. I only just “My career started once I joined RTÉ
model – she was on the front cover of got somebody to put it together for me because that was my very first hob. I was
every magazine in Ireland for years, she yesterday because I do need to try and just only 16 going on 17 so my first decade,
was such a top model. She was a brilliant I was interested in the opposite sex and
actress. She became an amazing painter.” enjoying myself. I was doing quite a busy
schedule. Usually around the six days a
During this difficult time, elma tells week mark and every weekend. I think
me that she’s been leaning on the things the schedulers took advantage of my
that bring her happiness: her dogs and her youth and it was quite difficult for me to
garden. She’s also finding solace in visiting have a good social life. I suppose also the
the Sunday art market that takes place in fact that once you’re on TV, people are a
Dublin’s Merrion Square. little bit nervous if you go to a dance or
anything like that,” she laughs.
“I am on Merrion Square on Sundays
and it’s every Sunday, 50 weeks of the elma says that another favourite
year. We all go there, the east side, the decade in her life (not work-related) was
north side, the west side. e artists are getting married and starting a family.
wonderful and there’s great camaraderie.
“Getting married and we didn’t have
“But at this time of the year it’s children for about four years, so having
wonderful because it’s bright and it’s my first child was amazing but that’s not
sunny and the flowers are blooming and really part of my career as such but it was
the trees are covered in leaves. e birds part of my life and a very important part
are singing and you’ve got wonderful
people in their Sunday best walking past



BByy AAmmyy WWaallll of my life. I always put my home life way “I’ve always had an for yourself, your lighting in your home
up there. extremely positive is always going to be subtle because you
attitude. e only work under bright lights. Your garden
“I didn’t hang around in television much thing that would is going to be peaceful and tranquil.
longer after my work, whether it was a stop me from doing It’s going to be [full of] restful colours,
programme or whether it was continuity. something is if I had a nothing too garish,” she says.
I got out of there pretty quickly and went physical ailment”
home to my other life. My real life. It’s clear from speaking to elma
opportunity to continue to grow. elma that she’s very deliberate in what she
“ at was the one that was the most says that it’s “very important” for us to has around her both within her home
important to me – my home, my family continue to learn new things. and in her garden. I ask her if she likes
and my surroundings and my friends. to surround herself with things that are
“I listen to the radio as I’m painting pleasing to her.
at was the most important thing to me. [and] I’m learning about new philosophies,
Having children and getting married – books that can help you do this or that or “Yes, well of course! Of course. ere’s
that was great. I’d always wanted to marry the other and get involved in them. nothing too elaborate and there’s nothing
and I’d always wanted two sons and that’s that costs an absolute arm and a leg. I do
exactly what I got.” “It’s lovely to meet people, throw have expensive tastes in some things… I
yourself into things. If there’s charity love cars. I used to do motor sport and I
elma says that she did find it difficult work that you need to do or if you need loved it. Absolutely loved it,” she says.
when her sons turned into teenagers and to start a group in your area, get to know
it was hard “trying to keep the balance your neighbours. You get new neighbours “I take pride, obviously, in my
right” between home life and work life. all the time so your surroundings are surroundings. Some of them are a little
But it all worked out. changing somewhat. old fashioned because it pleases my
husband, but my kitchen is relatively
“I was never ambitious about my career. “I have a lovely band of friends and with contemporary with lovely subtle colours
My career happened by accident. It wasn’t my band of friends, it’s a small band, but and quite feminine and yet it’s a simplistic
something that I necessarily chose. I just with them we’re always exchanging ideas design because it’s Shaker design.
went with it because I do tend to work and getting involved in new things which
hard at whatever I do,” she says. is great. It keeps you fresh.” “But that gives me great pleasure and
I’m passionate about having [my home]
We chat a little about the Woman’s Way And as well as learning new things, it’s looking really nice and you know, even
50 Over 50 initiative and how important it so important to have passions as you get my wardrobe and what I wear. I would go
is to show that age truly is just a number. older. Two of elma’s biggest passions are to trouble.”
I ask elma if she ever found it hard to her garden and her art. When asked about
make changes over the age of 50. her garden she gets excited and tells me a I say to elma that she seems very
lovely story. in tune with the things that make her
“I don’t even think of age. Goodness happy, which is refreshing given that a
gracious me! I’ve always had an extremely “I love nature. Do you know what lot of people don’t even know what would
positive attitude. e only thing that I photographed this morning? I make them happy.
would stop me from doing something is if photographed a little family of bullfinches.
I had a physical ailment. I do have a sore I had baby bullfinches and their parents. She says she’s very surprised at the
knee so that stops me doing certain things My son had given me a beautiful porcelain, thought that people wouldn’t know what
but I can walk on the flat and I love to it’s like a little globe with a hole front and makes them happy.
walk with my dogs. I could turn my hand back and there’s a hollow in it. You put
to anything if I wanted to but I already sunflower seeds into the hollow and it “I’m surprised by that. I know people
have a fabulous career as a painter which hangs on an invisible string from one of who would have different ideas to me.
I absolutely love and that was something I my olive trees.
knew I could always do because I had won ey’re probably happy in working like
many accolades as a young girl. “ ey were hopping in to it and feeding maniacs and making masses of money
the babies. I took a video of it… I’m looking and that probably makes them happy in
“Up to the age of 16 I won the top prizes out the door at my garden as I’m talking to their own way. eir idea of happiness
in national competitions. I always knew you and I’m seeing, on the north side, all wouldn’t be my idea of happiness.” WW
I could go back to it if I wanted to. So it the trees ferns and the pale green of these
wasn’t a difficult decision when I retired magnificent tree ferns.” For more information about Thelma’s
from RTÉ to go straight back into art.” artwork log on to
elma’s garden is something she’s very
When it comes to age, elma says it’s proud of and you can tell how much it CREDITS
something that shouldn’t cross your mind. means to her when you speak about it. Hair: Barry Kane from Peter Mark, 74 Gra on Street,
Dublin 2, tel: 01 671 4136;
“I don’t think it should even come up. “I’m passionate about my garden. It is Make-up: T Elliott, tel: 087 271 5852;
It shouldn’t even be a question that enters an oasis. When you work on television
your mind. I mean it, really and truly, I and you’re well-known, you create oasis Photographer: Hazel Coonagh, tel: 086 175 0061;
do everything that I used to do. at’s not
going to change unless I’m stricken with Stylist: Roxanne Parker, tel: 087 668 9981;
something dreadful,” she says.

“I drive a Range Rover. I had a sports
car; the only reason I got rid of it was
because it was a bit tricky because it was
so low down with my bad knee!”

One of the things that’s essential as
we get older is giving ourselves the



‘WE HAVE was like, ‘Who should it be?’,
TO BE ABLE the only person that everyone
agreed on was Jessica Alba.
as women’TOBETHERE It’s a matter of, ‘Can you get
Jessica Alba?’ So that was the
There’s now another new TV series only question mark. There’s no
boasting Hollywood stars in the lead roles point in me getting a seat at the
table and then slamming the
After Bad Boys 2, Gabrielle the support of the studio?” ON THEIR CHARACTERS’ door shut and locking it behind By Georgia Humphreys
Union felt her character, In the show, Syd now works FRIENDSHIP... me and standing in front of it
Syd Burnett, deserved a like, ‘No more women’ - I want
second chance. The 2003 as a detective, skirting the Jessica: That just allows for to hold it open for as long as
comedy action sequel, from rules, alongside her partner so much play. If we knew possible and empower as many
renowned producer Jerry Nancy McKenna, played by everything about each other, if people from marginalised
Bruckheimer, followed Miami Jessica Alba. Here, the duo tell we’ve been working together communities. That’s what real
Police Detective Marcus us what we need to know. for years, it’s like ‘same old, change is, that’s what actual
Burnett and his partner, Mike same old’ a little bit. It was fun inclusion looks like, that’s
Lowrey. Syd - Marcus’ little ON THEIR ROLES... that we got to pull at each other what intersectional feminism
sister and Mike Lowrey’s and reveal things about each actually is.
lover - had a job at the Drug Gabrielle: We last saw Syd other as we are going along in
Enforcement Administration in Bad Boys 2, kissing Mike the series. ON STRIVING FOR
[DEA] that she “clearly had to Lowrey on the beach all those EQUALITY...
be capable enough to get, but years ago, but now she’s in LA. ON THE BENEFITS OF TV
then magically she can’t save We have no idea how she went OVER FILM... Jessica: It won’t be fair
herself, and her brother and from the DEA to LAPD; it’s a until the other half of the
her lover have to come save mystery which we will slowly Jessica: With film you can’t population, not just women,
her,” quips Union, jokingly unravel throughout the series. always unpack and explore all are championing women. Men
rolling her eyes. She’s really mysterious, to the of the characters in the same need to also be comfortable
point where her colleagues way that you can in television, with women coming in and
So, for the Nebraska-born are constantly placing bets on and I think that’s what’s so sharing in the dialogue, in
star, new Universal spin-off what her real story is. But she’s great. You don’t have to spoon- the power, and having a seat
series L.A.’s Finest was the super-capable, she’s got a feed the audience every single at the table and a voice. I
chance to explore more about sense of humour, a sense of reason why everything is actually think the younger
her character - plus this time, fun, she’s sexually fluid... happening, and remind them generation is much more
she gets to do the saving. Jessica: Nancy is a new step- where you were before and comfortable with it than the
mum to a teenager and she where you’re going, especially older generation.
“Can Syd be capable?” is a bit more by-the-book on a show like ours that is
the bubbly actress. “Can she and disciplined, where Syd being shown on a streaming ON WOMEN SUPPORTING
actually use her brain and interprets the law as she will service - it really is about the OTHER WOMEN...
her brawn in the same way on the day, in the moment. We binge-watching of it.
that the guys can? Can she don’t always see eye to eye, Gabrielle: We have to be able
get an equally kick-ass huge but I think it’s cool to see two ON MAKING SURE SYD HAD A to be truly there as women and
superstar partner? Can we get people who have values and FEMALE PARTNER... as co-workers for each other,
a dope big budget? Can we get morals, but are approaching and not look at maternity leave
their morality differently. Gabrielle: That was just a as, ‘Someone’s getting to stay
non-starter. When everyone home while everyone else has
to pick up the slack.’ It’s, ‘No,
we are all going to through
things in life and these things
should be celebrated and we
just pick each other up.’ That’s
what real teamwork is, that’s
what a real partnership is.
They ended up giving me more
time off than what we’d agreed
to and when I came back to
work, they didn’t throw it all
on me, they slowly introduced
me back into the fold and she
[Jessica] held that down. That’s
why you choose a woman like
Jessica Alba. WW

L.A.’s Finest premieres on
Universal on Wednesday, July 10


50 and thriving
Celebrating experience and talent with our 2019 initiative

To highlight our commitment to empowering all why living your best life can happen at any stage.
ages, we’re launched 50 Over 50, an initiative Our interviewees are those who strive in their
that will honour the incredible, vital and necessary
work and achievements undertaken by so many professions, who make a di erence to those around
living in Ireland. them and who aren’t letting something as trivial as
age be a barrier in achieving goals.
Each week, the magazine will showcase an Irish
person who is continuing to make their mark in their We believe that everyone, no matter their age,
chosen field and in public life. We are speaking to can e ect change and truly, make a di erence
men and women from the arts, literature, sport, to others. Because you can be a trail blazer no
television, science and more, about their lives and matter your decade. And why should young
people have all the fun?

#50over50 is to be celebrated – and that’s what Woman’s Way intends on doing


Know someone who deserves our 50 Over 50 recognition? Email
[email protected] with all the details

For sponsorship queries, email [email protected]

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You may have seen Sharon GEARED and mentally draining,” she
Percival hurtling through TO HELP says.
traffic on her motorbike, lights
flashing and the clock ticking, Sharon is the only female volunteer “You can’t switch off
as she delivers emergency with Blood Bike Leinster for a second when you’re
blood supplies between on a motorbike. There is
various hospitals and labs. Sharon is pictured at the launch of the 2019 no room for error and you
Hidden Hearing Hidden Heroes Awards with are constantly assessing
The highly-trained Sophie Pheen (4) and Samuel Barrett (4) from car drivers’ behaviour for
advanced rider is the only Junior Genius Forest School in Baldonnell, Co potential danger. Although
female volunteer with Blood Dublin dressed as their favourite superheroes most motorists are very good
Bike Leinster, a charity that at getting out of the way when
transports blood products, that track days at Mondello had the best training possible. they see our flashing lights.” By Moira Hannon
donor breast milk and organ – when bikers race one “Other parents do share
donation tissue to hospitals another – can bring out the Blood Bikers are certainly
and other medical facilities more competitive side of the their fears with me and I kept busy while on duty.
around the greater Dublin stronger sex. always suggest that they
area, totally free of charge. educate themselves about “As well as covering a lot of
“Men won’t admit it, but motorbikes. It’s all about miles – I could go from Naas to
Sharon (47) has been they don’t like to get outpaced getting the right gear, Tallaght to Mullingar – you’re
“crazy” about bikes since she by a woman,” she laughs. equipment and instruction.” thinking about safety checks,
was a young girl. “My mother filling in the log books,
was worried sick when I “Even when I’m acting as a As well as volunteering making sure there’s enough
bought my first Honda 250 marshall on track day, I notice for Blood Bike Leinster for petrol in the tank and so on,”
aged 19,” she says. “I needed some men picking up their the past three years, caring explains Sharon.
her to go guarantor for the speed when they see me in Sharon is a devoted foster
insurance and I had to bully the outside lane. I’m not even parent. Blood Bikes operates eight
her into doing it. She was not racing but they still want to go groups across Ireland and
happy!” faster than me!” “We’ve welcomed 56 receives no Government
different children into our funding. Volunteer riders not
Fortunately, the Co Laois Daughter Krystal (24) is home since 2005,” she only give up their free time to
mum-of-two has enjoyed staying clear of two wheels reveals. “Some of them have transport supplies, but they
three decades of motorcycling but Sharon’s husband Derek special needs so my nursing also help raise money to keep
without any serious accidents. shares her love of motorbiking experience has been helpful.” the group on the road.
as does their son Aaron (20).
“I was knocked off my bike Sharon is on the road as “We have no staff,” Sharon
twice in 1993 by motorists “We bought Aaron his first a Blood Biker about two points out. “Every cent goes
who came off side roads and bike age 16. Was I scared he weekends a month. into making sure our vehicles
did not see me but I wasn’t would have an accident? No,” continue to operate.
badly hurt. It certainly did not she insists. “We made sure he “My longest shift was 16
put me off getting back in the hours. It can be exhausting “People do come up to us
saddle.” at fundraising events and
thank us for saving their lives
Sharon reckons there is – it’s so wonderful to get that
more pressure on female feedback as we don’t actually
riders not to make mistakes. meet patients while on duty.”

“Certainly when I was A poignant reminder of the
starting out, I wanted to prove Blood Bikers’ efforts are the
to guys that I was just as names Leah and Aoibheann
capable of handling a bike as etched onto two of their bikes.
they were,” she recalls.
The little girls attended
“I do consider myself to St John’s Ward in Crumlin
be an excellent rider, having Hospital, Dublin, where
completed several advanced blood samples are regularly
skills courses.” delivered by Sharon and her
fellow volunteers. Tragically,
A nurse by profession, Leah and Aoibheann passed
Sharon is president of the away from a rare form of
Buckled Wheelz motorbike cancer but their names live on
club and also the sole woman at Blood Bike Leinster. WW
Sharon is promoting this year’s
She rides a Honda Fireblade Hidden Hearing Hidden Heroes
and a BMW R 1200 RT-P. Awards — nominate someone
you believe has gone out of
“I’m so glad the lads in their way to help others at
the club do not treat me any
differently. I definitely feel like before August 9.
my gender is unimportant.”

However, Sharon admits


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I’M 22 AND LONELY Columnistandtrained
counsellor Fiona Caine

AND DON’T KNOW offersadvice

I am 22-years-old and I don’t FIONA SAYS: COULD YOU And what about people from lesson group (or whatever)
know what’s the matter with BE HOLDING BACK? earlier in your life? When you and would anyone like to go
me. I’m really lonely and were at school, did you have with you? Chances are, there
so confused about why. All I find your email a little friends? Are you no longer in is someone thinking they
the people I know of my age confusing. You say it’s “not touch with them? might try something similar
seem to belong to a group of like you’re shy” and that - as long as you don’t pick
friends and have full social you can cope with social I get the impression you anything too outlandish.
lives, but I have no friends situations, but then you have avoided getting involved
at all. say you wouldn’t have the with people and you’ve got Even if the other person
confidence to join a club of yourself trapped in a negative doesn’t last the course, once
I have work colleagues that I any kind. If you can cope mindset where you think you you’ve been going for a week
get along with but, apart from with social situations, why can’t do things. I also think or two, you’ll have met new
them, I have very little contact do you think you wouldn’t you may be using this as a way people and won’t feel so
with other people. It’s not like be able to cope with some of avoiding getting involved. awkward. And just asking
I’m shy and I can cope okay kind of club? If you are could help open doors with
with social situations, but I comfortable with social Have you considered other your work colleagues.
never get invited to any! When situations, why not simply options to clubs, such as
people around me are making think of a club as one of volunteering, reading groups, Finally, I don’t know why it
plans, I never seem to get these? adult education classes, taking might be that you’re finding
included and I don’t know why up a team sport? it hard to attract friends, but
I don’t get asked. Leaving that aside for you might like to try reading
a moment, it seems you Any and all of these are any of Dr Windy Dryden’s
My very small world feels get along with your work going to bring you into contact books on the subject. For
like a trap and something I’m colleagues, so why have with other people. It’s just a example, either 10 Steps to
desperate to break out of. you not looked at ways case of taking the first step Positive Living, or, Think Your
to become more friendly - and if you can’t do that on Way to Happiness, may help
I’m sure you’re going with them? Have you ever your own why not ask one of you to understand yourself
to suggest I join a club or suggested an after-work your work colleagues if they’d better and find ways to move
something, but please don’t drink? Or have you ever like to go with you? forward. You just need to take
because I don’t have the asked any of them around those first steps and realise
confidence to do that on my to your home or even You just need to suggest that the only thing holding
own. So, what else can I do? organised a party? to a group of people that you you back is yourself.
G. B. are, for example, thinking
of going along to a Spanish


MIRSEYLMADETISFISOFIINNCSUGHLUTIPPPAMSYT If you really want a second Contact your girlfriend and WHY HAS MY
chance, you need to convince tell her you realise you’ve HUSBAND SUDDENLY
I’ve been living with my her that you’re prepared to been taking out your past BECOME DISTANT?
girlfriend for the past two change. hurt on her but that you’re
years and I really love her. prepared to do something My husband and I have
You’ve had a rotten deal about it. It may be enough been married for eight
Yet, for some reason, she’s in life where your father to convince her to give you a years and have two
the one I end up hurting. My is concerned, but you are second chance - it may not. children together. We
childhood was really messed not him and you are not were loving and happy
up and my father physically your past. You may need Either way, seek help and couple until about nine
abused me for years - the last help to change, so go and seek to change, because at months ago, when he
time I saw him was eight years see your doctor and explain the end of that process you started to change.
ago when I ended up in hospital that you need help and stand a much better chance
after he beat me up. why. Counselling and/or of forming a loving, happy He’s no longer
psychotherapy will probably relationship - either with her affectionate with me
As a result, I’ve always found be what is suggested. or with someone else. and never seems to have
it difficult to trust people and time for our children. We
my girlfriend has helped me have occasional sex but
enormously but, when things it’s without much love
get on top of me, she’s the one on his part, and although
I yell at. I’ve tried to talk to him,
he ducks the question or
I suppose I was taking her gets angry if I push him.
understanding for granted, but I need to sort his out but
last week she decided she’d have no idea how to do it.
had enough and she’s left me. D. E.
I wish I could have a second
chance, but I don’t know how FIONA SAYS: TELL HIM
to convince her to come back. HOW MUCH IMPACT

FIONA SAYS: I THINK IT’S If your husband’s
behaviour changed
I am genuinely sorry that
about nine months ago,
you have had to deal with
then try and think what
so much pain and it’s no
might have happened
wonder that your behaviour
them that might have
has been affected. But why
triggered this change.
would your girlfriend want
If he won’t open up
to come back to someone
about what is wrong,
who is going to behave the
then you might have to
same way towards her again?
be a lot more assertive
RIFT WITH MY BROTHER? BUT MANAGE YOUR I’m sure that if you’re and insist that either
Ever since we were children, prepared to try you could he talks with you or he
my brother and I haven’t got People say blood is thicker improve the situation
along and I regret this now. than water, but I’ve never between the two of you and talks with a counsellor.
I’m now in my early-30s and been convinced by that as perhaps become friendly -
see how well my boyfriend some families simply don’t even if you are never close. He needs to
gets along with his sister like one another. When they
and brother, and I wish my genuinely do get along, as in Give him a call and ask understand that you
relationship were the same. your boyfriend’s case, then if he’ll meet up with you.
it’s a bonus and one to be Tell him you’d like to put and your children are
I resented him at school treasured. the past bad feelings behind
because he was popular, you and try and find more suffering because of
whereas I was the swot. Our To have as good a common ground.
paths rarely cross, unless our relationship with your his behaviour and that
parents insist on a family get brother as they have may be I’d like to think he will
together for some reason. I expecting too much. appreciate the chance for it’s not fair for it to
believe it is time we got over a fresh start but, even if
this but, is it too late? You resented his things are not as amicable as continue. Something is
T. B. popularity at school, but it’s you might wish, you will at
possible he resented your least have tried. clearly wrong - it could

be stress or anxiety,

it could be money

worries, it could be

anything or next to

nothing. If he lets his

feelings fester for much

longer though, he is

risking your marriage

and it will be difficult to

save your relationship.



Advice from the Competition and
Consumer Protection Commission

Carrying credit card debt than the minimum by even a balance, every cent you “It might make
can be stressful, and taking small amount will reduce the pay will reduce your debt, better financial
control of it may seem time it takes you to get debt as you won’t be paying any sense to take out
impossible. Using a credit free and will save you money interest for that period of a personal loan to
card is the one of the most in interest. time. Check out the CCPC’s pay off your credit
expensive ways to borrow credit card comparison tool
money, and high interest The CCPC’s website has a to see the cards and interest card debt”
rates and charges if you miss credit card calculator which rates that are on offer and the
payments can make it difficult shows you how long it will introductory offers available. and ensure that your credit
to reduce your balance. take you to clear your debt rating is not affected. Firstly,
if you continue to make the STEP 4 Consider taking try to keep your credit limit
If you dread the arrival same repayments, and how out a personal loan low and don’t view it as a
of your credit card bill and long it would take if you spending target. Consider
want to know how best to increased your repayments. Although you may feel reducing the credit limit to an
tackle this debt, follow these reluctant to take on more amount you can comfortably
steps from the Competition For example if you have debt, it might actually make afford to repay every month
and Consumer Protection credit card debt of €1,000 and better financial sense to take so you are not able to run
Commission (CCPC, the interest - known as APR out a personal loan to pay off up debt you cannot repay.
- on your card is 17 per cent, your credit card debt. Interest Don’t use your card for
STEP 1 Don’t ignore it will take you two years to rates on personal loans are cash withdrawals except in
the problem clear your debt if you pay off generally lower than on credit emergencies, as you will be
€50 a month and you stop cards, so you will pay less in charged a high rate of interest
Do you find that you are using the card completely. If interest. If you do this, make (usually higher than the
always running out of money, you increase your repayments sure you stop spending on interest rate for purchases)
missing repayments or to €100 per month, you your credit card or else you often from the day you take
relying on credit cards for could clear your balance in 11 will be faced with both the out the money, as well as a
your day-to-day spending? months. So, the debt is paid loan repayments and credit cash advance fee. Set up a
It is never too late to start off 13 months earlier and you card repayments. Take a look monthly standing order or
taking control of your save in interest repayments. at the CCPC personal loans direct debit for the minimum
finances. Addressing money comparison to compare the monthly repayment, or
problems is daunting and it’s Once you’ve made your costs of loans and to work out more if you can afford it, to
natural to want to bury your repayment every month, what your repayments would avoid late payments. Late
head in the sand, but the first don’t stop there. Any spare be. The tool will show you the payments can also appear on
step is to try to stop using cash, no matter how small, different interest rates and your credit history and may
your credit card. Resist the that you can use to pay off terms on all the personal loan impact your ability to borrow
temptation by leaving your your debt will help you get products currently on offer. in the future. WW
card at home. debt-free faster.
STEP 5 Get into good habits
STEP 2 Figure out how long it STEP 3 Can you get a better
will take you to clear your debt rate on your credit card? If you have a credit card
there are some small steps
Start by figuring out how Have you checked to see if you can take to help you keep
much you can pay each there is a better rate out there your debt to a minimum
month and how long it will for you? Credit card interest
take you to clear your debt. rates currently range from
It is important that you pay 13.8 per cent to 26.6 per cent
as much as you can afford so it really pays to compare.
every month, and not just the Some providers also offer
minimum. Even if you can’t an introductory 0 per cent
afford to repay your debt in interest deal on transferred
full each month, paying more balances if you switch. This
means that if you move your


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By Tara Corristine

Parenting news LOVE

Ask THE EXPERT Science of Skin Stretch
My friend has just had a miscarriage she may want to grieve privately - ask
after trying for a baby for years, about her feelings of loss, and be Mark Defence (€26.99)
and I don’t know what to say to her. curious about what her baby meant
What advice do you have for talking to her: Maybe he or she had a name, Designed for mums-to-
to women who’ve lost a baby? or an earmarked school. Know that be, Stretch Mark Defence
is suitable for use
YOUR Psychotherapist and counsellor miscarriage can also hit a woman’s throughout pregnancy.
ROUND-UP Julia Bueno, author of The Brink Of self-worth hard, and guilt and anger Packed full of active
OF ALL Being: Talking About Miscarriage are common responses too. ingredients including
THINGS (Virago), says: “A miscarriage refers green tea, vitamin E
CHILD to a pregnancy spontaneously “Miscarriage is also an inescapably and super-hydrating
FOCUSED ending in the first 24 weeks, and it’s physical experience, and women plant extracts it
possible it’s described as something often need to talk through the helps relieve the
other than the loss of a ‘baby’. It frightening, and sometimes traumatic, signs and symptoms
may be a ‘lost pregnancy’ or a process their bodies went through. of stretching skin – such as
‘bump in the reproductive road’ to An early miscarriage (during the tightness, dryness and irritation.
a woman. Whenever you talk to a first trimester) doesn’t necessarily Available from Boots stores and
woman about her miscarriage, it’s mean it was pain-free or quick - far
important to tune into the language from it. It may have needed medical
and meanings she uses. intervention, via drugs to promote READ IT
the process, or surgery.
“But hearing your friend had been “Hospitals are often overstretched Evie And e
trying to conceive for years suggests and under-resourced and miscarriage
how much she wanted to be a care is patchy - so it may be that her Animals by
mother, and it’s highly likely her medical experience compounded her
miscarriage involved a significant upset. Matt Haig
loss, causing significant grief. “A late miscarriage is more likely to
have happened in hospital. If so, a (Canongate)
“Her baby may have never woman may have washed, dressed
breathed life, but it would have and held her tiny baby. Matt Haig, winner
nestled in her mind for the years she “And at whatever stage of gestation, of the Blue Peter
tried to conceive, along with myriad she may well be considering a funeral Book of the Year and the Nestle
hopes and dreams for her future or other ritual to say goodbye. Talking Childrens book prize, asks some
family. Bear in mind the enormity of about these little-known aspects big philosophical questions
this potential lost future, which has of loss are important too: They in this eco-adventure. Evie
no correlation to the gestation of the underscore the truth for many that a has a special talent - she can
pregnancy. child-to-be has died.” understand what is going on in
“If your friend is willing to talk - the minds of animals. But her
dad tells her she should bury
INTRODUCING… Little Aurelia her gi and not talk about it or
use it. But Evie has been having
Bio-organic skincare for your little ones, you can dreams, worrying dreams. Then
expect a blend of botanical ingredients and soothing one day at school she hears the
essential oils to calm and settled at bath time and pet rabbit, fed up with being in
just before bedtime. The range includes Sleep Time a cage, and frees him and the
Top to Toe Wash and Cream and Comfort & Calm knock-on e ects put her and
Rescue Cream for any itchy, sore areas. It’s gorgeously her dad and grandma’s lives at
packaged too, and would make a great gi we imagine. risk. The book touches lightly on
issues ranging from friendships,
blogging and bullying, to our
impact on the natural world and
each individual’s role in doing
what is right. But most of all,
you want to know what happens
to Evie and how she copes with
the challenges she faces, from
missing pets to growing up
without a mum and finally to
overcoming the person Evie’s
dad calls ‘the worst man who
ever lived’.



Five minutes

Declan Hannon, Limerick hurling captain,
The Laureate na nÓg, Sarah R - RED APPLES
Crossan’s new book, Toffee, follows the rule of the rainbow to maintain O - ORANGES
explores mental health and friendship – and asks Y- PEPPERS
what is the real definition of family. Allison has his balanced diet – this is a great tip for G - BROCCOLI
run away from home and with nowhere to live parents and a good way to make eating fruit B - BLUEBERRIES
finds herself hiding out in the shed of what she and vegetables exciting for children. I - BLACKBERRIES
thinks is an abandoned house. But the house isn’t V - PURPLE GRAPES
empty. An elderly woman named Marla, with dementia, lives We think this is a great way to encourage
there – and she mistakes Allison for an old friend from her past little eaters to ensure their diet is healthy
called Toffee.
and balanced. Declan is teaming up with
three other GAA stars – Michael Murphy, Sinead Ahern and Sarah
The book started with a character, Toffee, and I thought about
what the name meant, a girl who could break teeth. I then started Dervan – to promote Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps, Ireland’s biggest
to wonder why she would be the way she is, why would she have
this very sweet exterior and then a very tough interior. That was children’s summer camp. As well as a healthy and balanced diet,
how the issue of domestic violence came about. I had written a
book, Apple and Rain, which came out in 2014 and that was about exercise and time outdoors are also very important for children. A
a girl who had lived with her grandmother, and I hadn’t finished
writing about the relationships between younger people and older recent survey, carried out by Kellogg’s GAA Cúl Camps among 1,000
people. I wondered how it would be if there was a friendship
quality with these two groups, which is where Marla came from. parents, revealed that 74 per cent want to increase their children’s
I did a lot of research into dementia and thought it would be
interesting if Marla thought Toffee was a peer, if she didn’t realise exercise intake, 56 per cent want them to spend more time outdoors,
the inequality in the relationship.
and more than half recognise that playing sport on a regular basis
will help with the mental health and wellbeing.
The book I really drew on was Somebody I Used to Know by
Wendy Mitchell who lived with dementia and had written a For more information see
memoir about what that’s like. That was such an interesting book
to read. All the other research I had come across was from doctors booking/online/
or people who had lived with their grandparents, for example,
or parents who had died from the disease. It was so interesting Five of the bestActivity toys fro…m Mothercare
to read from the perspective of someone who was living it, who
knew how joyful life can be, as well as how difficult. Hopper with
LEDs €15.99
Sticky Pour&Play €17.99
I like verse as an author as I can miss out the boring bits, I can get dartboard
to the emotional landscape of the story, I don’t have to say how
a character got to a particular place. I think you can read a verse €7.99
novel in two hours and get the same sort of emotional connection
to the characters as you would from reading a prose novel in ten Slide €44.99
hours. As a reader, you can have this experience of art but in a Wheelbarrow set €20.99
more condensed way.


My theme is #WeAreThePoets, to inspire young people to say how
they feel through verse. What we found when we did our think
tanks is that young people feel that poetry doesn’t belong
to them. At about 12 or 13 when they start to be examined,
there’s very little poetry for pleasure on the curriculum.
Just being able to go out and remind them that poetry is for them
in the same way as visual arts are and that they feel they can find
their voice, that’s been really exciting

To ee (Bloomsbury) is out now. We have three copies of To ee to
give away. Simply answer this question: Who wrote To ee? Place
your answer on the competition form on page 49.


1 - Incrementing; elevating (7)
Once a month, we will be o ering readers (and crossword fans) a super puzzle to test 5 - Long strips of cloth (6)
your skills. This month, you could win a Kelly’s Resort break 8 - Force; vigour (6)
11 - Not seen very o en (4)
WIN! A break at Kelly’s Resort 12 - Unchallenged (9)
13 - Mischievous sprite (3)
Enjoy an upli ing midweek overnight stay with breakfast for 14 - Monetary unit of South Africa (4)
two at the multi-award winning Kelly’s Resort Hotel, Rosslare. 15 - Roller coaster (3,6)
Kelly’s Resort o ers a choice of interesting, informative 16 - ___ Cuthbert: Kim Bauer in 24 (6)
and exciting midweek breaks at no extra cost. This resort is 17 - Of recent origin (3)
uniquely situated along five miles of safe sandy beach and 18 - Stone block (4)
o ers an easy atmosphere that encourages relaxation and 19 - Strong co ee (8)
fun. For guests requiring a more active holiday, Kelly’s o ers a 21 - Considers in detail (8)
host of activities such as tennis, golf, swimming pools, gym, 23 - ___ Lendl: former number one tennis
jogging track plus much more. The Gastronomic experience in player (4)
Beaches Restaurant is not to be missed, as those visitors who 24 - Not on purpose; inadvertently (12)
return repeatedly will testify. Locally produced food, specially 30 - 17th Greek letter (3)
selected wines and nightly entertainment are very much part of 31 - Additional; excess (5)
the tradition at Kelly’s, a complete destination. 32 - Passageway (5)
33 - These grow on your head (5)
T&Cs: Prize based on two adults sharing. Prize includes overnight midweek stay 34 - Female relation (5)
with breakfast for two. Scheduled daily mid-week activities. Subject to availability. 35 - Obtained (3)
Can be redeemed October-December 2019 36 - Conflict of opinion (12)
24 WOMANSWAY.IE 40 - Examine quickly (4)
41 - Circuitous (8)
42 - Substantial; not elusive (8)
45 - Cow meat (4)
46 - Self-esteem (3)
47 - Slight earthquake (6)
48 - O cer of the papal court (9)
49 - Coalition of countries (4)
50 - Gone by (of time) (3)
51 - Creative ability (9)
53 - Eager; keen (4)
54 - African fly (6)
55 - Rule with authority (6)
56 - An oral communication (7)
2 - Amino acid (7)
3 - Accelerate (5,2)
4 - Snare or trap (3)
5 - Exploding star (9)
6 - Obstruct a process (9)
7 - Very funny (13)
8 - Andrew Lloyd Webber musical (5)
9 - Art movement (13)
10 - British actress who became an MP (6,7)
12 - Unparalleled (13)
20 - Intentionally so written (3)
22 - The Duchess of York (5,8)
25 - Bland and dull (13)
26 - Petty (13)
27 - Advertising by telephone (13)
28 - Cherished (5)
29 - Abominable snowmen (5)
37 - Mediate; come between (9)
38 - Robot (9)
39 - Snake-like fish (3)
43 - Mendicants (7)
44 - Wearing away (7)
47 - Store of hoarded wealth (5)
52 - Unit of resistance (3)

Simply post the completed crossword
with the competition form on page 49
to Competitions 28, Woman’s Way,
Rosemount House, Dundrum Road,
Dublin 14. Closes July 22, 2019.


Every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number, the MEDIUM SUDOKU
same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle

I’ve come a long way HARD SUDOKU
from Co Cork but I’ve
always been Holding
on to my home

I’m on half of a 5 LETTER WORDS: Ashes; Aunts; Equal; Exact; Music; Opera; Pedal; ISSUE 27
cooking duo – you Pitch. 7 LETTER WORDS: Baskets; Darkest; Excused; Extreme; SOLUTIONS
could call me a Master Flowers; Good-bye; Grandma; Handles; Hostile; Imitate; Improve; MEDIUM SUDOKU
Chef if you like Letters; Predict; Project; Pronoun; Someone. 9 LETTER WORDS:
Amazement; Coastline; Collected; Hopefully; Imaginary; Inspected; HARD SUDOKU
I worked a lot for The Introduce; Ownership.
70s, showing up,
and so did my acting WORDWISE PUZZLES
The word may sound familiar, but do you know what it means?

A Colour blindness A Silk-like cloth
B School of painting B To eat hastily
C Law of physics related to C Genus of sea-fans
EXIGENT A Horse used for heavy work
A Urgent B Scolding old woman
B Leaving quickly C Dog used for hunting hares
C Take out of the ground
FASCICLE A To break in
A To bewitch B To make void
B Organised political group C To stimulate
C Bundle or bunch of branches,
roots or fibres

ANSWERS: 1A. 2A. 3C. 4B. 5B. 6A


FOUR WS will test your knowledge of Who, What, Where and When. WORDSEARCH: TOOLS

FOUR WS 3 Find all the words from the list (ignore spaces and dashes). This
is a zigzag wordsearch puzzle. Words go le , right, up, down, not
1 WHO... was the Kent-born diagonally, and can bend at a right angle. There are no unused letters
statesman who discovered the in the grid, every letter is used only once.
WHO... wrote A Passage to India? Babington Plot?
WHAT... other name is given to WHAT... was developed by Sir
Whitsunday? Charles Algernon Parsons?
WHERE... is the most prestigious WHERE... is St. Moritz?
court at Wimbledon? WHEN... was the century in which
WHEN... did British naval o cer French mathematician Pierre de
George Vancouver die? Fermat lived?


WHO... was Labour leader before
John Smith?
WHAT... does a Manx cat lack?
WHERE... are the two countries
between which Kashmir is divided?
WHEN... was the decade in which
punk rock emerged?

1:Sheet 32 cm long, fold 30 cm. 2: Fred took 18 stamps. 3: JackAXENAIL PULLER VISE
ANSWERS 1 1 E M Forster; Pentecost; Centre Court; 1798. 2 HACKSAW SHARPENING STONE
WORDSEARCH: ALCOHOLNeil Kinnock; A tail; India and Pakistan; The 1970s. 3 Sir FrancisHAMMERSHOWEL
Walsingham; Steam turbine; Switzerland; 17th.

1 “Look, Dad,” Stan said. “I four dozen of them.”
folded this sheet of paper so that “Fred’s taken one and a half times
one corner is exactly on top of the as many as Carol,” cried Wendy.
opposite corner. Can you figure “It’s not fair.” “Why not, I’m the
out how long the paper is?” oldest,” her brother declared. “And
Tom looked. “Is it a rectangular anyway you’ve taken half as many
sheet?” as Carol and I together.”
The boy nodded. “Sure. The How many had Fred taken?
short side is 24 centimetres,
and both the fold and the long 3 “Lend me two pounds,” said Jill.
side are exact numbers of “I’ll pay it back.”
centimetres.” “But I haven’t got that much,” Jack
Well? replied, checking his cash. “I’ll let
you have what I’ve got if you guess
2 “Your Uncle Andy sent these how much it is. If I added half the
for you three kids,” said John, square of half of it in pence I would
putting some stamps down on get an exact number of pounds.”
the table. “Between three and How much did he have?

ANISE KIR PERNOD ACROSS: 1 Cold hearted; 9 Rue; 10 Automaton; 11 Dodge; 13 Carrier;
BAILEYS KUMMEL RATAFIA 14 Mu e; 16 Depart; 18 Non-stop; 19 Event; 20 Nobleness; 21 Hid;
CALVADOS MALIBU STREGA 22 Lease-holder. DOWN: 2 Ode; 3 Drape; 4 Entice; 5 Remorse; 6
CURACAO MARASCHINO TIA MARIA Extricate; 7 Predominant; 8 Ingratitude; 12 Definable; 15 Letters; 17
DRAMBUIE MIDORI Speech; 19 Easel; 21 Hue.



The following events all Can you place the pieces below into their correct places
occurred in a year in living
memory. Can you guess the SPOT THE DIFFERENCE SCHOOL MAZE
Can you find the 10 differences? Can you find your way to the school bus?

1. Actress Reese Witherspoon
was born
2. Tina Charles had a U.K. No.1
single with I Love To Love
3. Dustin Hoffman and Robert
Redford starred in All The
President’s Men
4. British Rail launched its Inter-
City 125 service


1. Indira Gandhi was elected for
her fourth term as India’s Prime
2. Actress Christina Ricci was
3. Olivia Newton-John and ELO
had a U.K. No.1 single with
4. John Hurt starred in The
Elephant Man


1. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd
starred in Trading Places
2. Men At Work had a U.K. No.1
single with Down Under
3. Dennis Nilsen was sentenced
to life imprisonment
4. Beach Boy Dennis Wilson died


1. My Fair Lady made its London
stage debut
2. Perry Como had his Magic
Moments at the top of the U.K.
singles chart
3. Subscriber trunk dialling was
4. James Stewart starred in

ANSWERS: 1 1976 2 1980
3 983 4 1958


COMPETITION €ew1aoc1rh0th



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FREE Craft magazine








Crochet away
is giant blanket will come together in no time

DIFFICULTY: * ROUND 2: Turn, with next ROUNDS 5-31 (Or Desired WHAT YOU’LL NEED
color, join with sl st to any Size): Rep Rnd 4, changing
To me this project can be ch-2 sp, ch 3, 2dc in same color each round. › DMC Natura Just Cotton XL
characterized as “Easy sp, *skip next 3 dc, (3 dc, ch
pattern”, “A joy to crochet”, 2, 3 dc) in next ch-2 sp; rep Designer’s Hint: e Round Various Colors – 22 balls in total
and “Great and quick result”. from * twice more, skip next number is the same number Designer’s Note: I used the
Crocheting this cheerful, 3 dc, 3 dc in same first ch-2 of dc-groups between two following colors:
warm blanket - that as sp (as ch-3 & 2 dc), ch 2; join corner ch-2 spaces! It’s a #10 (2 balls), #81 (2 balls), #92,
you can see, would work with sl st to first dc. Fasten good idea to keep checking #07, #83, #71, #11, #12, #03 (2
extremely well as a rug too off. that you have the same balls), #05, #41, #06 (2 balls),
- was a very pleasurable Designer’s Tip: When number of dc-groups along #43, #32, #111, #73, #42, #09
ride. Adding the tassels starting with a new color, all four sides – to keep Hook: Size N/15 (10 mm)
to the mix, with all the instead of joining and everything square. Yarn Needle
wonderful colors, gives the working a ch-3 for the first PATTERN NOTES
“Giant Granny” a somewhat dc, use a standing stitch TASSELS
quirky charm, I think. e with the new color (see › Turn your work a er each
key to crocheting a “square” Techniques). Cut strands of yarn, about
granny is to turn your work ROUND 3: Turn, with next 16” (40 cm) long, in all the round (to work in wrong side
after each round. is means color, join with sl st to any colors you used (you’ll need of stitches on previous round)
working on the ‘wrong’ side corner ch-2 sp, ch 3, 2 dc in about 512 strands.)
every other round. same sp, skip next 3 dc, 3 dc *Holding 4 different colored › Fasten o a er each color
in sp between dc-groups, strands together, fold in half.
Not only does it prevent *skip next 3 dc, (3 dc, ch 2, Working in last round, insert change
your granny square ending 3 dc) in next ch-2 sp, skip hook from back to front
up leaning to one side, next 3 dc, 3 dc in sp between through any space between › Weave in all ends as you go
it also means that your dc-groups; rep from * twice dc-groups.
blanket is reversible. Rather more, skip next 3 dc, 3 dc in Place the folded ends on Finished Size
stubbornly, I started mine same first ch-2 sp; ch 2; join hook and pull them halfway Blanket measures about 47”
not turning, but noticed the with sl st to first dc. through to form a loop. Place (120 cm) square
“lean” after only ten rounds. Fasten off. all eight ends on the hook (excluding tassels)
I very swiftly started anew, Designer’s Tip: When joining and pull them through the
and this time turned my the next color on a new loop. Tug to tighten. DIAGRAM
work after every row. All round, start in a different Repeat from * around,
the twisting, twirling and corner each time (so that the putting a tassel in each space = chain
turning was avoided. I like joins do not lie on a diagonal between dc-groups and in = slip stitch
seeing the perfectly straight – they are randomly placed). each corner ch-2 sp. WW = double crochet
sides on my Giant Granny ROUND 4: Turn, with next
Square! color, join with sl st to any Extracted from Colourful Crochet
corner ch-2 sp, ch 3, 2 dc in by Marianne Dekkers-Roos (Tuva
GIANT GRANNY same sp, work 3 dc in each Publishing) which is out now
sp around, working (3 dc, ch
ROUND 1: Starting with 2, 3 dc) in each corner ch-2
any color, ch 4, join with sp, ending with 3 dc in same
sl st to first ch to form a first corner ch-2 sp, ch 2; join
ring (or start with a Magic with sl st to first dc. Fasten
Ring - see Techniques), ch 3 off.
(counts as first dc, now and
throughout), 2 dc in ring, Designer’s Tip: From here
ch 2, *3 dc in ring, ch 2; rep on, you work (3 dc, ch 2, 3
from * twice more; join with dc) in each corner, and 3
sl st to first dc (3rd ch of beg dc between each group of 3
ch-3). dc-sts.
Fasten off.



with a

myriad of


Sneaking up DROPS Design:
Super cute crochet trainers for around the house Pattern no ne-244
Yarn group C or A + A
SLIPPER: in each of the next 2 stitches, 1 slip stitch in the first chain
2 double crochets in the next stitch. Continue working back Sizes: 35/37 - 38/40 - 41/43
e piece is started by working stitch *, repeat from *-* a total of and forth - READ CROCHET Foot length: 22 - 24 - 27 cm
in the round from the sole, 2 times, work 1 double crochet INFO-2!
bottom up. en it is worked in each double crochet the rest ROW 1: Work 6 double crochets Materials:
back and forth. of the round = 8 double crochets around the ring. DROPS NEPAL from Garnstudio
increased. ROW 2: Work 2 double crochets (belongs to yarn group C)
SOLE: ROUND 5 AND ONWARDS: in each double crochet = 12-12- 150 g for all sizes in colour 8908,
Work as for round 4, 2-2-1 12 double crochets. aqua blue
ROUND1: Work a row of 21-25- times then work as for round 2, ROW 3: Work 1 double crochet 100 g for all sizes in colour 8911,
29 chain stitches (including 1 1-1-3 times = 80-88-96 double in each double crochet. sea blue
chain stitch to turn with) with crochets. Cut and fasten the ROW 4: Work 1 double crochet 50 g for all sizes in colour 0100,
hook size 4 mm and sea blue. strand. in each of the first 2 stitches, * o white
Work 4 double crochets in Use only the first marker from 2 double crochets in the next
the 2nd chain stitch from the here. NOTE: If the marker has stitch, 1 double crochet in each DROPS CROCHET HOOK SIZE
hook, insert the first marker moved, it must be adjusted so of the next 2 stitches *, repeat 4 MM– or the size needed to get
in the middle of these 4 double that it sits mid front of the toe. from *-* a total of 3 times, 17 double crochets and 20 rows
crochets, work 1 double crochet work 2 double crochets in the on 10 cm in width and 10 cm in
in each of the next 18-22-26 EDGE OF SOLE: last stitch = 16-16-16 double height.
chain stitches, work 4 double crochets.
crochets in the last chain stitch, Start the next round in the ROW 5: Work 1 double crochet CROCHET INFO-1 (when
insert the second marker in middle of the one side, in other in the first double crochet, * working in the round):
the middle of these 4 double words, start in the 21st-23rd- 2 double crochets in the next Each round starts with 1 chain
crochets, continue working 25th double crochet before the double crochet, 1 double crochet stitch which replaces the first
around on the other side of the marker. Work towards the toe in each of the next 3 double double crochet and each round
chain-stitch row, work 1 double with off white as follows: crochets *, repeat from *-* a finishes with 1 slip stitch in the
crochet in each of the 18-22- ROUND 1: Work 1 double total of 3 times, work 2 double first chain stitch at the beginning
26 stitches, finish with 1 slip crochet in the back loop of each crochets in the next double of the round.
stitch in the first double crochet double crochet. crochet, 1 double crochet in
= 44-52-60 double crochets. ROUNDS 2-3: Now work each of the last 2 stitches = 20- CROCHET INFO-2 (when
REMEMBER THE CROCHET normal double crochets 20-20 double crochets. working back and forth):
TENSION! through both loops - work 1 ROW 6: Work 1 double crochet Each row starts with 1 chain
ROUND 2: READ CROCHET double crochet in each double in each of the first 2 double stitch, the chain stitch does not
INFO-1. Work * 1 double crochet crochet. crochets, * 2 double crochets replace the first double crochet.
in each stitch until there is 1 ROUND 4: Now work a half in the next double crochet, 1
stitch left before the marker, stripe at the end of the round double crochet in each of the COLOUR CHANGE:
work 2 double crochets in on the heel as follows: Work 1 next 4 double crochets *, repeat To get a neat transition when
each of the next 2 stitches (the double crochet in each of the from *-* a total of 3 times, changing colours, work the last
marker will continue to sit first 40-44-48 double crochets, work 2 double crochets in the double crochet before the colour
between these stitches) *, repeat change to sea blue – READ next double crochet, work 1 change as follows: Insert the
from *-* a total of 2 times, work COLOUR CHANGE and work double crochet in each of the hook into the last stitch, pick up
1 double crochet in each stitch 1 double crochet in each of the last 2 stitches = 24-24-24 double the strand, make a yarn over with
the rest of the round = 4 double last 40-44-48 double crochets. crochets – do not cut the strand! the new colour and pull it through
crochets increased. ROUNDS 5-6: Change to off Sizes 35/37 and 38/40 are all the loops on the hook.
ROUND 3: Work as for round 2 = white. Work 1 double crochet in continued from ALL SIZES. Continue with the new colour.
52-60-68 double crochets. each double crochet = 80-88-96
ROUND 4: Work * 1 double double crochets. Cut and fasten SIZES 41/43: 2 DOUBLE CROCHETS
crochet in each stitch until the strand. Lay the piece to one TOGETHER:
there are 4 stitches left before side. ROW 7: Work 1 double crochet * Insert the hook in to the next
the marker, 2 double crochets in each of the first 3 double stitch, pick up the strand *,
in the next stitch, 1 double TOP OF TOE SEMI crochets, * 2 double crochets repeat from *-* one more time,
crochet in each of the next 2 CIRCLE: in the next double crochet, 1 make a yarn over and pull the
stitches, 2 double crochets in double crochet in each of the yarn over through all 3 loops
each of the next 2 stitches (the Work 4 chain stitches with next 5 double crochets *, repeat on the hook (= 1 double crochet
marker sits in the middle of hook size 4 mm and off white from *-* a total of 3 times, work decreased).
these stitches), 1 double crochet and form them to a ring with
2 double crochets in the next
double crochet, work 1 double
crochet in each of the last 2
stitches = 28 double crochets –
do not cut the strand!


Work another row across,
starting from the right side, i.e.
around each row (= 6-6-7 rows
on each side of the chain-stitch



ring). Work back and forth as double crochet in each of the 7-9-9 more times = 30-34-38 crochets which were worked
follows: remaining 56-64-68 double double crochets on the last row. across on top of the semi-circle.
ROW 1: Skip the first row, work crochets. Work with aqua blue.
1 double crochet around each ROW 2 (= wrong side): Work en work 6-6-6 rows with 1 ROW 1: Remember CROCHET
of the next 5-5-6 rows, work 1 2 DOUBLE CROCHETS double crochet in each double INFO-2! Work 2 double crochets
half treble crochet around the TOGETHER – see description crochet = a total of 18-20-20 in the first double crochet, 1
chain-stitch ring, work 1 double above, 1 double crochet in each rows. double crochet in each of the
crochet around each of the next double crochet until there are 2 next 9-9-11 stitches, work
5-5-6 rows, skip the last row, double crochets left on the row, e last row is worked together 2 double crochets in the last
finish with 1 slip stitch in the work 2 double crochets together with the band from the right double crochet = 13-13-15
start of the previous row = 11- (= 2 double crochets decreased). side as follows: Work 1 double double crochets.
11-13 stitches. ROW 3: Work 2 double crochets crochet in each of the first 13- ROW 2: Work 1 double crochet
ROWS 2-5: Work 1 double together, 1 double crochet in 15-17 double crochets, fold the in each double crochet.
crochet in each double crochet. each of the next 21-25-27 double band in 2 and work 1 double Repeat row 2, 17-19-19 more
Change to sea blue – the next crochets, 2 double crochets crochet in each of the next 4 times, then work as follows: *
round for assembly starts here – together, 1 double crochet double crochets through all Work 1 double crochet in each
from the right side! in each of the next 4 double 3 layers, then work 1 double double crochet, turn and work
crochets, 2 double crochets crochet in each of the last 13-15- 2 double crochets together, 1
ASSEMBLY (the edge of the sole together, 1 double crochet in 17 double crochets. Do not cut double crochet in each double
and the semi-circle): each of the next 21-25-27 double the strand! crochet until there are 2 double
Lay the semi-circle on top of crochets, finish with 2 double crochets left, work 2 double
the edge of the sole, the middle crochets together (= 4 double FRONT EDGE FOR crochets together (= 2 double
of the semi-circle (= 12-12-14 crochets decreased) = 50-58-62 SHOE LACES: crochets decreased) *, repeat
double crochets on each side) double crochets. from *-* a total of 3-3-4 times =
should meet the marker mid ROW 4: Repeat row 2 = 48-56- Work 1 edge down the rows 7-7-7 double crochets. Cut and
front of the edge. Work 1 round 60 double crochets. which were decreased as fasten the strand.
with sea blue in the round as ROW 5: Work 2 double crochets follows: Work * 2 chain stitches,
follows: Remember CROCHET together, 1 double crochet in skip 1 row, work 1 double DECORATION:
INFO-1! Work 1 double crochet each of the next 18-22-24 double crochet around the next row *,
in each double crochet/around crochets, 2 double crochets repeat from *-* along the whole Work 3 chain stitches with off
every row through both layers = together, 1 double crochet of the slanted edge, finish with white and form them to a ring
80-88-96 double crochets. Cut in each of the next 4 double 1 slip stitch in the last row = with 1 slip stitch in the first
and fasten the strand. Lay the crochets, 2 double crochets 9-10-10 chain-spaces. Cut and chain stitch.
piece to one side. together, 1 double crochet in fasten the strand. Work 1 edge ROUND 1: Work 3 chain stitches
each of the next 18-22-24 double on the other side in the same (= 1 treble crochet), work 11
BAND: crochets, finish with 2 double way, but in reverse, i.e. start at treble crochets around the ring,
crochets together (= 4 double the bottom with 1 slip stitch in finish with 1 slip stitch in the
Work a small band which will crochets decreased) = 44-52-56 the first row, finish with 1 slip 3rd chain stitch, change to sea
later be worked together with double crochets. stitch in the top. blue.
the last row of the side piece. Continue by repeating row 2, ROUND 2: Remember
Work back and forth with off FLAP: CROCHET INFO-1. Work 2
white as follows: double crochets in each treble
ROW 1: Work 5 chain stitches, Work a flap, continuing back crochet = 24 double crochets.
turn and work 1 double crochet and forth in the 11-11-13 double Sew the decoration with small,
in the 2nd chain stitch from the neat stitches, to the middle of
hook, work 1 double crochet in one side of the side piece.
each of the next 3 chain stitches
= 4 double crochets. CORD:
ROWS 2-11: Remember
CROCHET INFO-2! Work 1 Work a twisted cord as follows:
double crochet in each double Cut 2 strands off white of 4
crochet. metres. Twist them together
Cut and fasten the strand. Lay until they resist, fold them
the band to one side. double and they will continue
to twist. Tie a knot in each end.
read the cord through the
Work a side piece back and row of chain stitches (every
forth from the last round on the other chain-space) in the same
edge. You no longer work over way as you thread a shoe lace.
the 24-24-28 double crochets
mid front. Work 1 more slipper in the same
ROW 1 (= right side): Work way, but sew the decoration
with aqua blue. Work 1 on the opposite side of the side
piece. WW


flared isistheperfect

summer knit
FLARED TOP 81 86 91 97 102 107 cm
To fit bust 32 34 36 38 40 42 in
16 sts and 15 rows to 10cm/4in Bust 87.5 92.5 97.5 102.5 107.5 112.5 cm
square over herringbone half 36½ 38½ 40¼ 42¼ 44¼ in
treble pattern using 5.5mm 34½
(US I-9) hook. 53 54 54 55 55 cm
NOTE Length 53 20¾ 21¼ 21¼ 21¾ 21¾ in
Turning chains at beginning of 20¾
rows do not count as a stitch 34.5 34.5 36 36 36 cm
throughout the instructions. Sleeve 34.5 13½ 13½ 14¼ 14¼ 14¼) in
HINTS AND TIPS length 13½
This two-colour simple top is
perfect on its own or under a MATERIALS
jacket. As with most of
the other patterns in this MillaMia Naturally So Aran is exclusively available at
collection it
is equally at home in the o ce • 6(6:7:7:7:8) 50g/1 ¾oz balls in Damson (233) (A)
as it is on an evening out. • 8(9:10:11:12:13) 50g/1 ¾oz balls in Dusk (220) (B)
Play with colour to create • 5.5mm (US I-9) crochet hook
multiple options.
hbhtr - (herringbone half
treble) – yarn over hook, (both alike)
insert hook into stitch, pull With 5.5mm (US I-9) hook and
a loop through this stitch Yarn A, make
and first loop on hook, yarn 85(89:93:97:101:105) ch.
over hook and pull through Foundation row (wrong side)
remaining 2 loops on hook. 1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1dc
ABBREVIATIONS in each ch to end, turn.
beg beginning ch chain ch-sp 84(88:92:96:100:104) sts.
chain space cm centimetres Work in crossed treble pattern
cont continue dec decrease dc as follows:
double crochet dc2tog (insert Row 1 (right side) 3ch, 1tr in first
hook as indicated, yoh and st, *miss next st, 1tr in next st,
draw loop through) twice, yoh 1tr in missed st, rep from * to
and draw through all 3 loops last st, 1tr in last st, turn.
on hook in inches inc increase Row 2 1ch, 1dc in each st to end,
lps loops mm millimetres turn.
rep repeat ss slip stitch st(s)
stitch(es) tr treble yoh yarn ese 2 rows form crossed
over hook yrh yarn round hook treble pattern.
Rep these 2 rows once more,
Pattern courtesy of LoveCra, then Row 1 again, ending
wool exclusively available on the with wrong side facing for next
Love Cra s site row.
Keeping crossed treble pattern


correct, dec 1 st at each end of “Mix up CRAFT SPECIAL
next and 6 foll alt rows, ending colours to
with right side facing for next match your WOMANSWAY.IE 35
row. 70(74:78:82:86:90) sts.
Break off Yarn A. outfit”
Join in Yarn B and work in
herringbone half treble Place a marker at each
pattern as follows: end of last row.
Row 1 2ch, 1hbhtr in each st to Work a further 2 rows.
end, turn. Fasten off yarn.

is row forms herringbone MAKING UP
half treble pattern.
Continue straight in Join shoulder
herringbone half treble seams, leaving
pattern until work measures 30cm/11¾in free
35.5(35:35:34:34:33) at centre for
cm/14(13¾:13¾:13½:13½:13)in neck opening.
from beginning.
Neck Edging
SHAPE ARMHOLES With right side
facing and
Next row Ss in each of first 3 sts 5.5mm (US I-9)
– 3 sts decreased, 2ch, hook, join Yarn
1hbhtr in each st to last 3 sts and A to
turn, leaving last 3 sts left shoulder
unworked – 3 sts decreased. seam, 1ch, work
64(68:72:76:80:84) sts. in dc all around
Continue straight in neck, ss in first dc.
herringbone half treble Fasten off yarn.
pattern until work measures Sew Sleeves into
53(53:54:54:55:55)cm/ armholes, sewing last 2 rows
20¾(20¾:21¼:21¼:21¾:21¾)in above markers
from beginning. to sts decreased at armholes.
Fasten off yarn. Join side and sleeve seams.
Weave in all ends and block
SLEEVES lightly to measurements. WW

With 5.5mm (US I-9) hook and
Yarn A, make
73(75:79:81:85:87) ch.
Foundation row (wrong side)
1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1dc in
each ch to end, turn.
72(74:78:80:84:86) sts.
Work in crossed treble pattern
as given for Back and Front as
Work 3 rows, ending with
wrong side facing for next row.
Keeping crossed treble pattern
correct, dec 1 st at each end of
next and 7 foll alt rows, ending
with right side facing for next
row. 56(58:62:64:68:70) sts.
Break off Yarn A.
Join in Yarn B and work in
herringbone half treble pattern
as given for Back and Front
until Sleeve measures
in from beginning.

Shrimpy, shrimpy

Often referred to as a prawn, you’ll find this little
pink creature on every seafood menu around the world

SHRIMP Row 13: Ch 1, turn, sc in each of each of next 6 sts, TECHNIQUES
first 5 sts, hdc in each sc2tog. (8 sc) Decreases
Using Color A, leave a tail of of next 4 sts, sc in each of next 5 Row 27: Ch 1, turn, [sc2tog] 4 Sewing beads
approximately 1” sts. (14 sts) times. (4 sc) Do not
(2.5 cm), make 16 ch. Fasten Row 14: Ch 1, turn, sc in each of fasten off. MATERIALS
off leaving a 1” (2.5 cm) first 4 sts, hdc in each DMC Cotton Perle No.5 (10g
tail. Skip first 7 chs and join of next 6 sts, sc in each of next 4 TAIL ball):
yarn with sl st to 8th ch, ch sts. (14 sts) Color A: Salmon Light (760)
1, sc in same st as joining, sc Row 15: Ch 1, turn, working in Row 28: Ch 1, turn, 2 sc in each Color B: Peach Flesh (353)
in next ch. (2 sc) back loops only, sc in of first 2 sts. (4 sc) Toy stu ng
Row 1 (RS): Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across. (14 sc) Leave rem 2 sts unworked. 2 small glass beads, black
each of the 2 sc. (2 sc) Rows 16-18: Ch 1, turn, sc in Row 29: Ch 3 (counts as first dc, Tapestry needle
Row 2: Ch 1, turn, 2 sc in each of first 4 sts, hdc in now and throughout), Fine needle and thread
each st across. (4 sc) each of next 6 sts, sc in each of turn, 2 dc in each of next 2 sts,
Row 3: Ch 1, turn, 2 sc in next 4 sts. (14 sts) dc in last st. (6 dc) HOOK
each st across. (8 sc) Rows 19-22: Repeat Rows 15-18 Row 30: Ch 3, turn, 2 dc in each Size B-1 (2.25mm)
Row 4: Ch 1, turn. 2 sc in first once. of next 4 sts, dc in last
st, sc in each of next 6 sts, Row 23: Repeat Row 15 once st. (10 dc) MEASUREMENTS
2 sc in last st. (10 sc) more. Fasten off. The shrimp is approximately
Rows 5-6: Ch 1, turn, sc in Row 24: Ch 1, turn, sc2tog, sc in Rejoin yarn with sl st to first 4” (10cm) long
each st across. (10 sc) each of next 10 sts, unworked st on Row 27.
Row 7: Ch 1, turn, 2 sc in first sc2tog. (12 sc) Row 28: Ch 1, 2 sc in each of the LEGS (Make 3)
st, sc in each of next 8 sts, Row 25: Ch 1, turn, sc2tog, sc in unworked 2 sts. (4 sc)
2 sc in last st. (12 sc) each of next 8 sts, Rows 29-30: Repeat Rows 29- Using Color B, make 20 ch.
Rows 8-10: Ch 1, turn, sc in sc2tog. (10 sc) 30 above. Fasten off.
each st across. (12 sc) Row 26: Ch 1, turn, sc2tog, sc in Fasten off.
Row 11: Ch 1, turn, working FINISHING
in back loops only, sc in
each st across. (12 sc) Fold the shrimp in half
Row 12: Ch 1, turn, 2 sc in lengthways with right sides
first st, sc in each of next out.
4 sts, hdc in each of next 2 Whip-stitch edges together
sts, sc in each of next 4 sts, all along the underside of
2 sc in last st. (14 sts) the head and belly, adding
stuffing as you go; do not
stitch the tail but wrap yarn
tightly around base of tail
to neaten the shape. read a
length of Color B into
the tapestry needle and
thread through each stitch
loop in turn around the
ridges on the body.
Place the legs together and
bind a piece of yarn
around the center to form a
bundle, then stitch to the
underside of the shrimp.
Stitch beads in place for eyes.

Extracted from Tiny Trinkets
to Crochet by Susie Johns
(Tuva Publishing)




How garden rosemary can be used to help your memory

Renowned for being the herb “Clinical studies
for memory, both to enhance show rosemary
personal memory function and extract strengthens
as a symbol of remembrance,
this Mediterranean native attention and
is a perennial woody plant memory in healthy
with uniquely fragrant,
evergreen, needle-like leaves students”
and pale pink or blue flowers.
Preferring sun and well- What scientists say Remember a face and antidepressant (via our
drained soil, rosemary thrives serotonin signals). In fruit
in pots and can reach 1.5m In humans, clinical studies Hunt out a plant that you like flies, it also extends life span.
(5ft) in height. It is reasonably show rosemary extract the look of in the garden,
frosthardy and responds strengthens attention and park or nearby garden Key ingredients
well to being pruned back memory in healthy students, centre. Study it closely,
regularly. Its tough, waxy adults and the elderly. noting its leaf and petal Its distinguishing phenolic
leaves are insect-resistant Used with lemon, orange formation, how many sepals diterpenes such as carnosic
and it may also protect nearby and lavender it improves there are, what its pollen and rosmarinic acids are
plants from pests. cognitive function in people looks like, and the colour and important antioxidants and
with Alzheimer’s. Research patterns of each part. neuroprotective agents. Its
History and folklore at Northumbria University in volatile oil contains camphor,
England has shown that the Use a macro lens if you cineole and borneol, which
It is said that when the Virgin essential oil helps memory can – it’s a whole new world! increase the memory signal
Mary spread her blue cloak by 15 per cent in the over 65s Then put it aside and sketch acetylcholine in the lab and
over a white-blossomed and improves recall of events or paint it from your memory. can reach the brain easily on
rosemary bush while she was in the future (remembering inhalation.
resting the flowers turned to remember) by 70 per Each time you do it, what
blue. The shrub then became cent. There are also clinical you remember should improve How to take it
known as the “Rose of Mary”. studies for its use in blood a little. This is an e ective
The ancient Greeks gave the pressure control, anxiety, way to enhance those Sip a tea of leaves and using
herb to students to improve fatigue and depression, and memory signals. flowers both fresh (4-6g) and
their memory and students as an adjunct therapy to dried (2-3g) per 240ml water
of Shakespeare’s Hamlet will help with addictive drug acetylcholine and acts three times a day. Rosemary
remember Ophelia saying withdrawal. Recently its on nicotine-like signals is the ingredient in many
“There’s rosemary, that’s long-held traditional use that increase attention. dishes and makes an excellent
for remembrance,” which for promoting hair growth It’s also anti-amyloid infused oil for cooking. WW
may reference the bard’s has also been proven. In (reducing the brain protein
neighbour, the 16th-century the lab. Studies show that plaques in Alzheimer’s), Extracted from
herbalist John Gerard. rosemary enhances blood neuroprotective, pain- Botanical Brain Balms
capillary flow, which may relieving (serotonin and by Nicolette Perry and
In the early 17th century, account for the beneficial opioid receptors), acts Elaine Perry Filbert
celebrated Doctor of Divinity, effects from brain function on well-being signals Press, €19.60) which is
Roger Hacket, said in a to hair growth. It boosts (dopamine and serotonin) out now. Illustrations
sermon, “It overtoppeth all the memory signal and is a key antioxidant by Clover Robin
the flowers in the garden,
boasting man’s rule. It helpeth
the brain, strengtheneth
the memorie, and is very
medicinable for the head.”

It is used in herbal medicine
to improve mood, alleviate
headaches and neuralgia and
treat palpitations; the essential
oil is used as a stimulant.



your home
It’s easy to never give the electrics identify the source, turn can mitigate
a second thought, but potentially off the power at the circuit the risk of
dangerous warning signs should and contact an electrician a potential
never be ignored immediately. The odour, accident”
warns Allen, is the
By Lisa Salmon Electricity is something take around a week, with “distinctive smell of an 5. Electric shocks
most of us take for granted, redecorating after that. electrical burn which is similar
without giving much thought to that of fish.” If you’ve got an electric shock,
to its awesome power. But However, ESF points out however small, when plugging
if your home is in need of that if your home does need 2. Scorched or discoloured an electrical appliance into a
rewiring, that awesome power rewiring, there’s an alternative sockets or switches socket, then it needs checking
may become worryingly or way to improve the safety of urgently. Similarly, if there’s a
even dangerously obvious, your electrics. Replacing the Brown marks on electrical buzzing sound from a socket,
potentially leading to electric consumer unit or fuse box with sockets can be the result of get it checked.
shocks or fires. a modern one that will include tiny fires caused by loose
RCDs (residual current device, connections inside the sockets, 6. Hanging sockets
“Rewiring your home can a life-saving unit designed to which can create little arcs of
mitigate the risk of a potential prevent fatal electric shocks if electricity and fire. And just If one or more wall sockets are
electrical accident occurring something live is touched) will because there’s no scorch hanging off the wall, exposing
as a result of old and poor or protect homeowners from the marks doesn’t necessarily the wires behind them, it
damaged wiring,” says Martyn dangers of mains electricity. mean there’s no problem, as can be very dangerous -
Allen, technical director at the arcing could occur in the particularly if you have children
the campaigning charity, Allen says installing such wiring within the walls. Don’t or pets. Get an electrician to
Electrical Safety First (ESF; a unit will take around ignore any discolouration, as mend the socket and check the half a day and set you back the problem could become whole system quickly.
approximately €557, and more dangerous.
“Home owners should be adds: “If homeowners wish 7. An old house
wary of the warning signs that to go about having their 3. Fuses blow repeatedly
the property’s wiring may need wiring checked in the home, If your house is more than
replacing.” we recommend only ever If the fuses blow regularly and 30 years old and you don’t
using a competent, registered randomly, it could be a sign know if it’s been rewired, or
The cost of rewiring can be electrician to undertake this your house needs rewiring, the switches, sockets and fuse
quite shocking - Allen says work.” although it could simply be box look old, you should get
it can set homeowners back a faulty appliance causing an electrician to have a look at
anything from €3,350-€5,574 But how can you tell if your the problem. But if it keeps your electrical system.
for an average house. And cost home needs rewiring or a new happening and you can’t
isn’t the only consideration fuse box? Here are some of the identify an appliance that could It’s recommended that your
- he warns that rewiring a warning signs... be behind it, get an electrician electrical installation is tested
property will inevitably cause to check your wiring. every 10 years if you own your
some disruption, including 1. Persistent burning smell home, and every five years if
the need to replaster and 4. Flickering or dimming lights you rent. Older houses also
re-paper walls after the work If you haven’t burned your tend to have fewer electrical
is complete. Then there’s dinner and there’s a burning One flickering or dimming sockets, meaning extension
the length of time it takes - smell that won’t go away, your light is probably just a fault leads are more likely to be used,
the electrical work should house may need rewiring. If with a bulb, but if you notice and sockets can sometimes be
you smell burning and can’t regular flickering lights in dangerously overloaded. WW
several rooms, it could be a
sign of electrical problems and
should be checked out.



MY LIFE IN BOOKS: What’s the best book to
start a book club?
MURIEL BOLGER The Riviera Set by Mary
S. Lovell. This will inspire
What’s your favourite they are all books I read much lively discussion. It’s Carroll – it was the first book I
book of all time? in childhood, Nesta’s New a first-hand account into a ever read without illustrations.
The Oxford English School by Angela Brazil, and playground for the rich and Is there a book you wished
Dictionary! I keep one on my the What Katie Did series famous on the Côte d’Azur, you’d written?
co ee table and love dipping by Susan Coolidge. I loved where non-stop partying and The Picture of Dorian Gray by
randomly into it. them. debauchery were the norm. Oscar Wilde, or anything by
My favourite book is... Name a book you would Who is your favourite
This is like asking me if I recommend to people author? A Degree of Truth
have a favourite child! It’s The Fishing Fleet: Husband- Arthur Hailey’s brilliantly by Muriel Bolger
not always the same one. hunting in the Raj by Anne researched page-turners have (Hachette Books
I’m hugely enjoying A de Courcy. With so many given me endless pleasure. He Ireland) is
Gentleman in Moscow by British men serving in India, wrote Hotel, Airport, Wheels, available now
Amor Towles. the ‘eligible young ladies’ The Moneychanger and
who followed them, seeking Overload.
What’s the book that a suitable husband were
made you be a writer? given the name ‘the fishing What’s your favourite
There are several, and fleet.’ classic book?
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis

RREEVAIDEEWRS held responsible. is is the occult book - e Fractured a young woman. Detective By Áine Toner
12th book in the series and Atlas - the use of which could Lottie Parker is called in to
KNIFE with a terrific translation have cataclysmic effects on investigate. As the body has
from Norwegian by Neil the world. e mixture of only been there for a few days,
by Jo Nesbo Smith the novel moves along detective and occult fiction Lottie wonders if it might be
(Harvill Secker) apace without neglecting the has become synonymous that of Elizabeth Bryne, who
minor characters, all of whom with the Parker books and had vanished shortly before.
After the are well drawn and credible. the narrative slows only As the investigation continues
conclusion of I wholly recommend this enough to allow the reader bodies of other young women
his previous book to everyone as a great to draw breath. Gruesome, are discovered and this
Harry Hole example of Scandinavia Noir. ritual murders and sinister resonates with a case 10 years
novel, having been excluded Quayle allies keep the action earlier, which was never
by his wife, Hole wakens up OA FBOOK moving forward swiftly and, solved. Lottie is under pressure
from a drunken stupor and BONES in my opinion, will keep to solve the murders since she’s
finds his hands and clothes you on the edge of your seat. working for a new boss, who
covered in blood which is not by John Connolly All the characters are very seems keen to put her down at
his own. He learns of a tragic (Hodder & well described and, though every turn. A gripping novel
event for which he appears Stoughton) the book itself is weighty, it from start to finish. I read
to be the culprit and in his never lacks interest. I found it at one sitting and It keeps
grief he returns to solace in is is the 18th book in the this, as with all the books in you guessing until the end. A
alcohol. However, he soon Charlie Parker series and has this series, super reading and brilliant read.
realises he must confront a lost none of its strength and wholly recommend it.
very dangerous adversary interest. Parker, a private WIN
from his past. Fine, his detective from Maine in NO
nemesis, whose son Hole shot America, is in pursuit of SAFE Every week, we’ll be
to death, is determined that his mysterious and highly PLACE sending one reader three
his genes will live on and dangerous nemesis, Qualye books from the WW book
proves to be a real handful and his deadly associate, by Patricia cupboard. To enter, all
for the policeman. Although Pallida Mors. With his two Gibney (Sphere) you need to do is answer
suspended (again!) Harry, friends and an interested this question: Who wrote
with the help of his friends in bibliophile, Parker travels As the silent Knife? Write your answer on
the force, can investigate the initially to Holland and mourners stand in Ragmullin the competition entry form
crime for which he is being thereafter to England trying cemetery awaiting the on page 49 or email in. Best
to prevent Quayle from interment, a piercing scream of luck!
completing the recovery of an is heard. Lying at the bottom
of the grave is the body of



Midnight visitor

Sinead woke, looking at the clock, it at the bottom of the lane. Sleep finally Full moon again, it always lit up
read four thirty. She wondered what came. Sinead woke at six. She decided to the cottage. Looking out the window
woke her. Dixie lifted her head and make an early start. Two very disgruntled she saw the same shadow at the tree.
whimpered. Scooby was fast asleep dogs followed her to the kitchen, they Startled, she stood back. Scooby had
across the bedroom door, like a would like to have stayed asleep. After followed her giving out a low growl.
century, guarding the room so no one breakfast, with both dogs now wide Don’t be silly, she told herself, the
could enter. Sinead stood out of bed awake, she decided to head to the village. moon’s creating shadows.
and went to the window. She could
see a shadow by tree, but thought She needed groceries. The dogs ran Just then the shadow moved in the
it was only the moon’s reflection. ahead, stopping to sniff and bark as they direction of the cottage. Scooby barked
How beautiful, she thought. She had went. As she passed the vacant house, in earnest now, Dixie came running to
not long moved in; she was happy she saw smoke. She hoped someone had join in. The figure was that of a man,
with the peace, her dogs, loving the moved in. At the store, she was greeted by in the shadow’s it appeared as if he was
freedom to run, or swimming in the Ann. Sinead mentioned the house, “There carrying something over his shoulder.
lake and retrieving the stick she had seems to be someone in it,” Ann told her The barking made the man leave.
thrown. Running back to her, waiting someone had bought the house recently.
for her to throw again as they shook “He has been in the shop already, the He was soon out of sight. Sinead’s
the water from their coats. She got day they moved in, almost bought us out heart was thumping. She was so glad
back into bed, but a few seconds later of everything, nice man married two she had her dogs.
Scooby gave out a low growl. Dixie, a children.” She was glad to hear it was
more placid dog, just raised her head occupied, and not by some squatter, as The next day, Scooby went to the
to look at Scooby, probably wondering thoughts of the other night came to her. door, giving his usual low growl, which
why he was fussing. At the same time turned into barking as the doorbell
both dogs put their heads down. She Sinead stayed up late that evening, sounded. On opening the door Sinead
wondered what Scooby had growled putting the final touches to her novel. was confronted by a man around own
at. A cat perhaps. She fell asleep. It would be finished before its due date. age. He was carrying a camera and
She looked around her, Dixie had already other pieces of equipment to do with
Sinead, a novelist, had three weeks made her way into the bedroom, Scooby, photography.
to finish her fourth book. She was lay by the fire, with glowing embers from
under pressure. She sat at the kitchen the wood she had been burning. She made She looked at his green check coat
table, laptop open, a pile of post, a hot drink. and saw a missing gold button. There
unopened. The dogs were outside, were two young boys by his side.
she could see them from the kitchen.
Scooby was sniffing around the tree “Hello, my name is Michael. I’m
barking. She went out to see what was here to apologise, I came last night
upsetting him. He ran to her and back to take photos, I should have asked
to the tree, following him she picked first, I needed to catch the cottage in
up a gold button. Force of habit made full moonlight, and as I don’t know
her put it into her pocket. She liked when there will be another full moon,
collecting them. I decided to come up uninvited.” He
looked at her sheepishly. So, this was
Later that evening she wondered her prowler, with his two boys looking
where it had come from. All summer every bit like their father. They patted
she had sat under that tree to work. the dogs who were overjoyed with the
She would have noticed it. It was attention. The old house at the end of
almost new. Someone must have the lane had new life, and hopefully no
dropped it recently. She thought of more midnight visitors to her cottage.
the shadow under the tree. She found
it hard to sleep since. Her cottage was
isolated, apart from the empty house

By Olga Maughan Want to be published in Woman’s Way?

We are always looking for reader fiction! To get involved, simply email a short story of approximately 800 words to Áine at
[email protected] If you require the submission requirements, she’ll email them back to you. Happy writing.



RMeaagl-icworldCatherine Doyle on how a
place reawoke her creativity

e cliffs of Arranmore peer north-west coast of Ireland. “I walked the during world wars, sailors Arranmore Island photo credit: Mary McCauley
out over the Atlantic Ocean It was once the home of my winding road recused from the jaws of
as it rolls away towards maternal grandparents, where towards the the ocean, invasions and
America. Two years ago, they were born, grew up and famine, heroes and rebels.
I walked this windswept fell in love. In the late 1950s, lighthouse,
path for the first time and it they emigrated to Chicago in explored sea at week on Arranmore
changed my life. search of employment and caves and glassy Island was the closest to real
ended up having their children magic I have ever been. It
Some say you don’t know there. When my mother was a lakes” reminded me how big and
who you are until you figure teenager, they moved back to beautiful the world is, and
out where you come from. mainland Ireland and settled Arranmore. As the island how much of it I was losing
Until recently, I never gave in Galway. eir beloved rose up from the waves, by forgetting to look up
that idea much thought. I Arranmore, once the centre of the coverage on my phone from my phone.
was only interested in my their universe, became a more receded and without WiFi, I
online identity – how I remote place, though it was became instantly, accidently, By the time I left the
existed in this filtered space, never far from the stories they disconnected from my online island, a new book was
and what it had to offer told me as a child. world. In its place, I found a bubbling away inside me.
me. I looked at the world wild and beautiful island that I wrote feverishly from
through the prism of social Now, at 27-years-old, I seemed to open its arms and morning to night, the words
media, often spending had a chance to visit it. My envelope me. I picked my way pouring out of me for the
hours mindlessly scrolling cousin had invited me to teach through the beaches where first time in my writing life.
through Twitter and creative writing in the local my grandmother played as a
Instagram and Facebook. secondary school for a week. young girl, enjoyed a pint in e result is the story of a
By the time I reached my the pub where my grandad magical island full of rugged
mid-twenties, I was living e timing felt fateful. e was born, clinking glasses beauty and wild adventure
more on the internet than final book in my young adult with cousins who had the same – an homage to Arranmore,
in the real world. It was an trilogy had just come out, my sea-blue eyes as him. I walked its people and those ancient,
attempt to feel connected, contract was officially over the winding road towards the unconquerable cliffs. WW
but it wasn’t making me and I was at a crossroads in my lighthouse, explored sea caves
happy. It was making me career. I didn’t know what to and glassy lakes. Arranmore is Catherine is the
feel empty, and lost. write about or where to look a place that never forgets – its author of the Storm
for inspiration. I wasn’t finding stories, like its cliffs, endure. Keeper quartet.
en, just over two it online. I wasn’t finding it in In the evenings, my cousins The Storm Keeper’s
years ago, an unexpected my head, either. told me tales of my ancestors, Island and book
invitation arrived from ones of bravery and adventure, two The Lost Tide
Arranmore. I grew up I packed a suitcase and soldiers washed up and hidden Warriors, published
listening to stories of the drove five hours north to by Bloomsbury
island, a place of rugged Donegal, then boarded a Children’s Books, are out now.
beauty floating just off the ferry, crossing the slip of sea Follow her on Twitter: @Doyle_
between the mainland and Cat or Instagram: @Cat_Doyle0



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(RTÉ One, 9.35pm) July 10 (Netflix, from July 12)
Rugby is one of few sports on
the island of Ireland where both Thankfully nobody has been silly
north and south play under the enough to remake John Boorman’s
same banner. Despite a long classic 1967 thriller of the same
history of political and religious division, when it comes name. Instead, this new o ering is a
to rugby Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are revamp of the 2010 French movie A
one – Ireland. It is a fine example of how communities on Bout Portant, and it stars two actors who should be very familiar
either side of an ideological divide can come together in a thanks to their contributions to the Marvel Universe - Anthony
common cause. That cause is sport. Now, fi y years on Mackie and Frank Grillo, aka Avenger Falcon and the assassin
from the start of The Troubles, a conflict which claimed Crossbones respectively. Here Mackie plays Paul, an ER nurse
more than 3,500 lives, Brian O’Driscoll relives those dark who discovers his pregnant wife is in grave danger. In order to
times. He speaks to many of those who were there and save both their lives, he must join forces with his latest patient,
discovers how rugby played a redemptive role in the midst injured career criminal and murder suspect Abe (Grillo). Together
of all the horror, violence and su ering. O’Driscoll focuses they pit their wits against rival gangs and corrupt cops, putting
on several key events that have shaped our political and their lives on the line in the process. Marcia Gay Harden and
cultural landscape over the past 30 years. Teyonah Parris co-star.

‘IT’S ABOUT But Ba a-nominated We learn Sam has never child, and the impact of that.”
POWER, IT’S writer Levi David Addai, who been quite as excited as, say, A er watching the clip,
ABOUT CONTROL’ also penned Damilola, Our her husband Manny - played
Loved Boy, actually came up by Babou Ceesay - was by the there’s no doubt in the
In light of the MeToo with the idea for the show idea of their son heading to pair’s minds as to what has
movement, new BBC long before the allegations Hollywood and entering the happened to their son.
drama Dark Money feels of sexual misconduct against film industry.
undeniably timely. The four- Hollywood producer Harvey Halfpenny describes her
part series tells the fictional Weinstein first emerged “She’s not against it, but character’s reaction as “just
story of a working class in late 2017. What unfolds it doesn’t sit well with her,” pure devastation”.
couple from north London throughout Addai’s script is says Halfpenny.
whose world is shattered an exploration of the damage “I think if your child was
when youngest son Isaac that runs deep in the Mensah “She doesn’t really like the to tell you something like
heads to LA to shoot a family, especially a er they fact that her son has to be that had happened, you’d be
movie and, on his return, decide to accept a substantial away from home.” mortified. You mainly hear
reveals he was abused by a pay-o to keep silent about audio, but you do see a bit of
renowned filmmaker. the abuse. His parents know that in-vision stu on the video,
something is wrong once so it’s just a huge burden.
It was a story that Jill Isaac gets back, a er he hides And a huge amount of shame
Halfpenny, who plays Isaac’s away in his bedroom during is just immediately within
mum Sam, felt invested in as his welcome-home party. Sam, and it really just gets
soon as she read the script. worse from there.”
“He builds up the courage
“It was about what to give us his phone, which When Manny and Sam are
happens to the small people has a recording of him being o ered a cheque in return
in the world of the big people, abused by the producer of for them signing a non-
and that’s what we are,” the film, the person who disclosure agreement (NDA)
suggests the actress. owns the company that about the abuse, they weigh
makes this film - a high net up that taking the money will
“It’s about power, it’s worth individual,” explains enable them to start a new
about control, it’s about 40-year-old Ceesay. life, plus it means avoiding
coercion. It’s about regret the publicity hell of pressing
and sadness, and healing. “What Levi had done charges against a celebrity.
I’m attracted to the human, fantastically is taking that
emotional process of things.” massive ideological dilemma Watch Dark Money on BBC
and putting it into a bedroom One from Monday, July 8
with two parents and their



WHY CAN’T WE SLEEP? Best of the rest

(ITV, 9pm) Wednesday July 10 FOR THE PEOPLE
(SKY Witness and NOWTV, 10pm)
If you’re thinking of going to bed Tina faces legal consequences as she
early because you didn’t sleep well, defiantly insists on protecting a young boy
it might be in your best interests to a er his father, a witness in Leonard’s case,
stay up until at least 10pm as this has a run-in with ICE agents that could lead
documentary is looking at why so many people to his deportation. Kate is determined to
are struggling to get rest. It’s estimated that around a third establish her worth to Roger and takes on
of adults aren’t getting enough sleep. at may not be much a murder case involving a prominent New
consolation though, as narrator Ranvir Singh explores the York criminal defence attorney.
impact that a lack of shut-eye is having. e programme
will look at some of the reasons we’re not nodding off, Thursday July 11 WHO DO YOU THINK YOU
while people who have struggled with insomnia and related ARE? (RTÉ One, 10.15pm)
problems visit one of the world’s leading sleep centres for help. Emma Willis is at a point in her life where
she wants to know more about her family
CELEBRITY CRYSTAL MAZE history so she heads back to Birmingham.

(C4, 8pm) Friday July 12 AGATHA RAISIN:
Richard Ayoade guides ONE and NOWTV, 9pm)
Returning to the quaint hamlet a er a
five more well-known spell away, Agatha in embroiled in another
mystery when her arrogant but brilliant hair
faces around the four stylist, dubbed “The Wizard of Evesham,”
becomes the centre of a maelstrom
zones of the Maze, involving blackmail, conspiracy and murder.

tackling a range of skill, Saturday July 13 POMS (Netflix)
In the movie Book Club, Diane Keaton
mystery, physical and plays a widowed mother whose grown-
up daughters are desperately trying to
mental challenges in JU1L2Y persuade her to live in a retirement home,
a bid to secure elusive and in Poms, her character, Martha, is
crystals as rewards for taking up residence in one.
success. Actor Sunetra
Sunday July 14 POLDARK (BBC One, 9pm)
Sarker pilots plucky broadcaster Matthew The Poldarks look forward to life together
in peace, but a plea from Ross’s old Army
Wright, seasoned politician Ann Widdecombe, Hollyoaks Colonel, Ned Despard compels him to
the capital to help. As Demelza manages
actor Nikki Sanderson and reality TV personality Wes their a airs in Cornwall she encounters
disenchantment and a new opponent, Tess.
Nelson. The outcome can only be described as one of the
Monday July 15 DIVORCE (SKY Atlantic
most breakaway entertaining - not to mention surreal - and NOWTV, 10.10pm)
As Robert begins a new future with new
Crystal-based Maze outings to date. partner Jackie, and Frances embraces being
alone for the first time in a long time, it
By Áine Toner Wild Bill remains to be seen what fate has in store
for the two exes.
(ITV, 9pm) July 10
Tuesday July 16 DARK MONEY
Suspicion falls on members of (BBC One, 9pm)
the immigrant workforce a er With Isaac in hospital, Manny and Sam are
a suitcase containing the body threatened by Jotham’s lawyer. Both decide
of farm owner Darren Bailey to seek justice, but in di erent ways.
is pulled from the river. Bill
discovers that the farm had been WOMANSWAY.IE 45
used to launder criminal proceeds
through the clever accounting of the victim’s much younger
Slovenian girlfriend, Lubica, who has been made sole owner of
the farm’s assets. This makes her a key suspect, particularly
a er it’s revealed that her and Darren had an argument on
the night he went missing. However, with many of Darren’s
employees seeming happy at the news of his demise, and
stories coming to light about how he squeezed them at every
opportunity, it isn’t an open and shut case. Starring Rob Lowe,
Rachael Stirling and Angela Gri n.


Gary’s getting rattled

As tension builds, could some residents finally be getting payback?

Coronation Street fall in on their world? Also this week
Audrey wants to set Maria up with a
Gary’s rattled to meet Kelly, Rick’s › Why is Evelyn so unimpressed?
daughter, who’s wondering where her lovely man called Bob. is isn’t going › Who disappoints Maria?
dad is. He pretends he doesn’t know to end terribly well, is it? Later, Maria › Who plays her co-workers?
(the liar) but doesn’t realise that Kelly is meets up with Rex, an internet date.
watching him when he returns home. However, Rex likes to dress as a dog (I
Not a particularly nice person at the am being serious). Sigh. If only there was
moment, Gary tells Kelly exactly what someone on the Street who fancied Mary
her father was like. and wanted to make a move.

When Paula recognises Jan, Eileen’s Roy has to vacate the café when there’s
curiousity is piqued. Liz then Googles a bang and a spark. Cue him and Carla
Jan (which anyone could have done moving in too No 1 and No 9. It doesn’t go
weeks before) but what does she down too well, resulting in one resident
discover? Mind you, there’s something getting an ultimatum.
about Jan that we can’t put our finger on.
Sarah gives the factory employees
Nick tries to make amends with Sarah a stake in the business but they’re
but to no avail. He finds a photograph unhappy with their working conditions.
that he thinks will help his case - but Canny Sarah has a plan.
will it? Speaking of Sarah, she begins to
put the pieces together and has a hunch. Chesney shows Gemma his plans to
A slightly scary hunch. Someone is taken extend No5 ahead of the babies’ births
in for questioning... Is the roof about to but will it be large enough? Not to put too
fine a point on it, four babies = a need for
a lot of space.



Emmerdale EastEnders Fair City

Robert’s interest is piqued when he learns Max starts to crumble under the pressure Tessa is irritated when Dean and Eoghan
a villager is wanting money. is sparks but is Jack able to offer some hope? try to change her mind. Dean enjoys
an idea. e words ‘honey’ and ‘trap’ Speaking of Jack, he’s touched when Dearbhla and Eoghan locking horns.
spring to mind... Denise offers advice about his woes.
Heather wants the old Hughie back,
Another villager feigns excitement at Phil spots Stacey with a new phone but he’s busy struggling with temptation.
what should be a great time. Will they get leaving him suspicious while Shirley An old face is back and stunned when
through this or will doubts sink in? warns Phil about his son’s behaviour. Heather refuses their suggestion.

Lydia explains she still plans to leave, Keegan talks to Gray about his career Hayley wonders what she’s let herself
but Sam refuses to let her. Will she be and a suggestion is made. back in for by living at home once again.
allowed to leave or not?
After an incident with Arthur, Kush Ray tells Mondo that being Nora’s
David worries about his hospital results suggests to Stacey they put the past friend will have to be enough (sob).
when Jacob arrives to support him. behind them. Will she agree? Would you?
With Ruth and Jack going to the same
Nicola and Bernice are stunned by a bit Kathy is touched when Bobby offers camp, Carol and Fiona get competitive.
of a gruesome find in a briefcase while some advice about the bar and Sharon Melanie warns Paul and Fiona not to
Doug and Liv share a secret. attends her midwife appointment. badmouth Carol in front of Ruth.

Holby City Mikey North (Corrie’s Gary Windass) said there SOAPCONFIDENTIAL
was a mental toll from the violent scenes he shared
with co-star Tina O’Brien. In recent scenes, Gary
was physically violent to ex Sarah Platt. ‘Sarah

is definitely the love of Gary’s life. Those scenes

when I had to throw her around, they weren’t easy.

It took me a while to get my head around it and I was in tears,’ he told the Daily

Star on Sunday. ‘‘I’ve loved working with Tina, and credit her with really turning

around my enjoyment of the place. It gave me a new lease of life. ‘So when it

was the end of us, it got to us both a little bit. It was a strange one.’ Gary is fast

becoming the next Weatherfield villain - and we’re not sure how we feel about

that really.

By Áine Toner As her loved ones continue to worry Staying on Coronation Street, Samia Longchambon
about her, Chloe starts to learn more has signed a new contract to play Maria Connor
about Evan. Will she be rocked by more for another year. Rumours have it that Maria will
family revelations? And will she find the be at the centre of some major
strength to be able to handle them? storylines over the next
12 months. It’s hard to
Cameron wants to prove himself as a believe she’s been a
doctor, and get out from under Bernie’s Street regular for close
shadow. But he receives some devastating to two decades and
news... Well, this is Holby, so devastating we’re excited to see
news comes fairly often. what she’ll be involved
in next. Hopefully
Hanssen learns that his grandson is not something juicy.
the only one who believes in the tooth
fairy. Awh, we’ve a bit of a soft spot for
Hanssen, it has to be said.



is week... JUNE 8 - 15

Brush up on history Set sail DMOISNS’!T

e Normans first arrived The 2019 Volvo Dún Laoghaire Regatta returns this weekend. While most Absolute showstopper
in Ireland on Bannow Bay of the action will be happening in the water with over 2,500 sailors and
in Co Wexford in 1169. 500 boats taking part, on land there will be plenty of entertainment to A programme of events
keep you entertained. Highlights this year include face painting and a presented in the Ballymaloe
is year, throughout the ‘selfie wall.’ There will also be a delicious food market in the People’s Park Grainstore, East Cork, is
summer, a series of expert on Sunday, July 14. It’s set to be an incredible weekend and if you’re in kicking off this month.
guided walks and talks the area, it’s so worth a visit. The Volvo Dún Laoghaire Regatta runs from Under the direction of
will be taking place across Thursday July 11 until Sunday July 14. Rory Allen, the Grainstore
the model county to mark For more information log on to is offering a wide range of
the 850th anniversary of performances to audiences.
their arrival. Just two of Snap happy Sa taeral
the events on offer include e search is on for Ireland’s e line-up includes Irish
a talk on ‘Early Castles in The Sexton Single Malt next music star. ‘Star Nation’ is vocal artists, a renowned
Ireland’ led by Dr Michael Irish Whiskey is hosting the brainchild of Irish-owned classical pianist, a wildlife
Potteron at the Wexford an inspiring photography pizza chain Four Star Pizza, and lecture and more. e event
library on July 18, and on exhibition in the Project Arts is a new all-Ireland competition season kicks off on Friday,
July 26, visitors can step Centre, Dublin, On Thursday launched to give songwriters July 19 with Seán Keane.
back in time at an open day July 18. Part performance, and musicians the chance to Tickets for all events are
at the Carrick Archaeology part cultural reportage and win a host of prizes to help on sale now and pre-show
Site at the Irish National part photo challenge, The them achieve their dreams. dinner in Ballymaloe House
Heritage park. Sexton ‘Own the Night’ is available before most
For details on the many photography exhibition will e winner will receive €3,000 performances.
other events taking place log allow guests to witness worth of music gear, a recording For more information
on to the night unfolding across session in one of Ireland’s most log on to www.
norman850 multiple cities. The Sexton famous studios and the chance
has opened up the event to to play a showcase gig at a top
BRILLIANT BORÚ other photographers with an Irish venue. ink you have Get curious
online photo competition. what it takes to win? Star Nation
Féile Brian Ború The successful competition is free to enter, all you have to do The Festival of Curiosity returns
celebrates the life and photos will be included in is submit your track to Four Star to Dublin this year. Running
legacy of Ireland’s the exhibition. Pizza online before the closing from July 18-21, the festival
greatest High King. See date on Wednesday, July 31. offers four days of science,
Taking place in the Terms and conditions apply. arts, design and technology for
historic towns (and For details or to enter log on to all ages. Taking place across By Amy Wall
birthplace of Brian Ború) Dublin City, highlights include a
Killaloe and Ballina, the cardboard carnival for children,
festival runs from July outdoor stargazing at the
17-21. Offering a host Dunsink Observatory, digging
of events throughout for dinosaurs with Jurassic Park
the five days, there’s science advisor Jack Horner and
something for everyone. so much more.
Highlights include For full festival details log on to
a natural skincare
workshop, talks on Brian
Ború, guided walks and
much more.


Over to you GET IN TOUCH

Win a prize or a dip in
our beauty cupboard

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MORE LOOS! cubicles to women? It is outrageous that Star le er
we have to ensure long toilet queues
I read with interest the letter from a
reader about the lack of public toilets simply because of bad planning. I volunteered in many shops across
when out and about (Letters page, ANNOYED, VIA EMAIL Cork city centre and have build
Woman’s Way, Issue 25). I agree that it
is getting increasingly harder to find POOR BRIDAL WOES: I’M NOT SURE I WANT TO GET MA€RO1R.N6IEL9DY confidence through volunteering. I
useable toilets MEGHAN would recommend volunteering to
when out in YOUR LIFE YOUR WEEK YOUR READ anyone. I have volunteered in NCBI
town. But I have where I gained a lot of new skills,
another bugbear I wanted to write Enable Ireland, Cancer Shop Cork
– the fact that City. I wasn’t very confidence but
many premises in and express NAONMDINWAITNE be“KiInArgeVaoAlNvlyNeIrAeA5nMG0joHH”y it built my confidence more and
just don’t have how sorry I feel HELPWCHINONOESRES2019 this has been a great achievement.
enough toilets for for Meghan I always support friends and
women patrons. I was recently at a Markle. The MEGHAN BUMPER family… Well done Woman’s Way
show in Dublin, in a very well-known poor woman COMPS! on the amazing work you do on the
theatre, and I was absolutely shocked had just given .T.h..e...c.l.o.s..e.l.y..g..uarded magazine. Well done to everyone in
when intermission came and I saw the birth to little ≈ SNTKkreiilitwlnaocsnbahorseeohekobswreerak Woman’s Way for making my read an
line for the women’s toilets. When a Archie and Yum! ≈ absolutely amazing and brilliant one.
passing staff member was asked if there was expected ≈ SARAH FAUGHNAN, VIA EMAIL
were any more toilets, we were told ≈
no! The women’s bathroom only had
three cubicles. I understand that the BSTEEAAULTYSTAR TLSOOTFAIFCFEKEY
building is old, but surely they should
put some extra toilets in somewhere? It CGAERTPNEITCOLLOEO’KS RED
was ridiculous. I ended up leaving the
premises with some other women and 9 HAPPINESS HABITS FOR KIDS 13t¤h1M.ay620199
using a pub next door, whose bartender (NI stg £1.59)
commented that this was a regular
occurrence. And this isn’t just limited to to parade him
this particular premises. I see the same
problem in huge department stores, off in front of the press. She is
restaurants etc. Why are businesses so
lacking when it comes to giving more also constantly being compared to Kate

and the tabloids keep saying that the

two of them are fighting and then the to give her break and just let her be. Does

talk about her own family is absolutely anyone else agree?
disgraceful. I think that the media need NAME AND ADDRESS WITH THE EDITOR


Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is a brand new body care product from
the makers of Bio-Oil Skincare Oil, the world’s best-selling

scar and stretch mark oil. Containing substantially higher levels

of oil than most other dry skin treatments, it’s easily absorbed with a

little going a long way, and is clinically proven to significantly improve

dry, dehydrated skin. The star letter winner receives a gi hamper,

containing Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel and Bio-Oil Skincare Oil.

Competition entry form YOUR DETAILS

Page 23 Copy of To ee Page 56 JustEat voucher Name:
Your answer: Your answer: Address:

Page 28 Russell Hobbs appliances Page 60 goodie bag Contact number:
Your answer: Your answer: A winner will be selected at random. Closing
date: Midday, Monday, July 22, 2019. Terms and
Page 40 Three new books Page 62 Woman’s Way beauty goody bag Conditions apply. Photocopied competition entry
Your answer: Your answer: forms are not allowed.

Page 50 Ziaja SenSitive skin products
Your answer:

Complete and post to Woman’s Way Competitions, Issue 28, Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14 or email [email protected]



What’s in your stars this week?

Cancer Leo

June 21 - July 22 July 23 - August 22

In a week of quiet is seems the perfect time
progress there is to get your social life in gear.
satisfaction. Something As you tend to be the life
that you have tried to and soul of the party, others
achieve slips into place. are probably waiting for
Your efforts here were invitations. is weekend,
never wasted but there romance flares. You need to be
is a perfect time for out and about yourself to make
everything. the most of this time.

Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius

Aug 23 - Sept 21 Sept 22 - Oct 23 Oct 24 - Nov 21 Nov 22 - Dec 21

A sudden emphasis on work High energy and a fresh Although your social life Sometimes it is hard for you to
could mean some exciting outlook see you shooting may be in full flow, a sudden admit that you have talents. It
changes are about to come. Be ahead. Something that you opportunity may arise from is not a bad thing to show what
aware that every change can have wanted to do for a long work. Business can be good you are capable of. Being far
be the start of an opportunity. time now seems right on. A and even those in part-time too modest at the moment sees
Showing an interest in what certain feeling of freedom runs work could receive a boost. you coasting along. Get that
is happening around you can through the whole month and Keep an enthusiastic and engine started. Just think how
make a big difference to your certainly affects your mood. interested attitude to keep the success could add to both your
bank balance. Keep those ideas flowing. spotlight on ambitions. social and love life.

Capricorn Aquarius Pisces COMPETITION

Dec 22 - Jan 19 Jan 20 - Feb 18 Feb 19 - Mar 20 If your skin is easily
irritated, prone to
In a highly-rated family Take your pleasures as they In a week when you really redness and reacts
time, opportunities need to come this week. In a great feel the affection all around to every little thing
be taken. Something that social atmosphere it is easy you, smiling is essential. You then get to know
can boost your finances and to make new friends and have a way of being somewhat ziaja SenSitive Skin.
your confidence needs to contacts. One of those brings deadpan at times and others This line of products
be jumped at! How many of a chance to boost your find you very hard to read. provides relief,
your talents are unused at the finances in the future. Keep Many doors will be open to calms redness and
moment? is is a time to live those ears and eyes open for you if you try to help others to delivers gentle hydration for
life to the full. what is on offer. help you. sensitive skin. Everything
has been developed to be
Aries Taurus Gemini mild, gentle, hypoallergenic,
paraben and fragrance free
Mar 21 - April 19 April 20 - May 20 May 21 - June 20 but also e ective. We have a
ziaja goat’s milk day cream
With family matters reaching Socially it is a bright time, with Being your charming self will (€6.99), goat’s milk night
a peak, lots of energy is needed many plans running around see you well through this week. cream (€6.99) and silk
to keep up. It is not possible to in your head. Any awkward It is not a time to push others to protein hair mask (€4.99)
please everyone, but socially it customers can be charmed by agree with your needs. Indeed, to give away. To win, answer
is a pretty smooth ride. News a smile and a sincere approach. making them think that an this question using the entry
from younger relatives may be Although it is not a good week idea was theirs could be the form on page 49: What
unexpected but welcome. Keep for important decisions, it does best way forward. Some low- zodiac sign is represented by
a sharp eye on finances. Aim to give you a chance to look into energy days should not stop the twins? Good luck!
keep to a healthy diet. any propositions. holiday or work plans.


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