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You already know EXP Realty, a Global Brand in Real Estate. Now you can know Mike Robinson, Licensed Realtor in the State of Connecticut.

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Published by Mike Robinson, 2019-06-18 00:59:05

EXP Welcome Packet

You already know EXP Realty, a Global Brand in Real Estate. Now you can know Mike Robinson, Licensed Realtor in the State of Connecticut.

Mike Robinson - Realtor

Welcome to my Welcome Packet

Inside, you will see what I'm about, who I am and what I do to sell your home and how I do it. As you
probably already know, any Agent with a written plan, must be organized and have a history of results to
back it all up. I have all of that.
I will show you facts and details as to why you should always use a Licensed Professional, Real Estate
Agent, versus attempting to do it yourself or with someone who isn't organized, have their plan in writing
for you to review, inspect and check.
Thank you for taking the time to see why I am the Agent you need.

Mike Robinson
Team Robinson

When Hard Work, Integrity & professionalism matter


Q: Can’t we save the commission by selling yourself?
A: I agree you can save the commission by selling it yourself … are you aware that today over 15,000
homes are for sale … last month only 765 actually sold… that’s a 19+ month supply of homes … if no
other homes come on the market … and … last month 1396 homes went on the market! And what’s
worse … is the fact that only 2% of all For Sale By Owners sell themselves and 98% are listed and sold
by real estate agents. Can you afford to have only a 2% chance of selling your property?

Q: Why don’t we list high and come down later?
A: I understand you want to list high, to leave room for negotiating and have you
considered the problem that creates for you? Most people won’t even bother looking at
properties that are priced too high. Would you rather have a bidding war on your home or not have an
opportunity to negotiate any offers at all?

Q: We have a friend in the business…
A: I can appreciate that and almost everyone does. So let me ask you, do you absolutely have to sell this
house or are you just looking to do your friend a favor?

Q: The other agent said that they can help us get more money, why can’t you?
A: I can appreciate that and what you probably don’t understand is that an agent that will list your property
overpriced assumes they can take your listing now and then start
beating you up on the price, week after week after week after week. Is that what you want? Who would?
They’re afraid to tell you the truth up front.

Q: What do you do to sell homes?
A: That’s a valid concern. Let me ask you, are you aware that there are two kinds of real estate agents?
There are passive and active, I am an active agent, meaning when you list your home with me, I will
spend all of my time actively marketing your home to qualified buyers as well as the other active agents in
town. Isn’t that what you want? You want someone who will work actively and aggressively to get your
home sold right?

Mike Robinson

In 2005, National Association of Realtors 84% of Home Buyers start their search online It would be
safe to say this number is much higher today
How I Will Get Your Home Sold

1. Submit your home to our local Multiple Listing Service. (MLS)
2. Price your home competitively
3. Promote your home at the company meeting, online, social media ads,
Craigslist ads, Listing Book, and several other paid services I subscribe
to, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and a few other sites
4. Develop a list of your properties features for Brokers to use with their
5. Email a features sheet to the top agents in the marketplace for their
6. Suggest and advise you as to any changes you can make to your
property which would make it more sale-able.
7. Update you regarding changes in the marketplace.
8. Prospect for potential buyers daily.
9. Individually market your property to my buyer leads, sphere of influence,
past clients and referrals.
10. Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lock-box on
your property.
11. Whenever possible pre-qualify the prospective buyers.
12. Personally do every Open House with my wife, Licensed Agent as well,
while promoting the open house through social media and online sites
13. Encourage cooperating Brokers and agents in the area to view your
14. Follow-up with people who have viewed your home.
15. Represent you in all offer presentations to negotiate the best possible
price and terms.
16. Handle all the follow-up necessary during escrow.
17. Deliver your check at the closing.

How Do Buyers Find Homes

In closing, I trust you will find my preparedness unmatched. I am not a "sign Planter" and sit back and wait.
No, I try to create the excitement, the buzz, the interest. You've already experienced lazy agents, why would I
trust them to bring the buyer for me?
Times are tough and getting worse. interest rates are climbing... we need to find those buyers that are
fearless. We want them to buy YOUR home.
Mike Robinson
Team Robinson of EXP Realty

It's important to know how to
price your home. Emotional
value plays no part in
deciding how to price the
sale of your home.
It's a natural desire to weigh
emotional values in your
home but then you'd have to
find someone with equal
emotional ties outside of your
immediate family, and that's
a tall order.
Remove the emotion. What
are similar homes around
you selling for? Pay no mind
to what they are listed for
because nobody has paid
that yet.
Always insist on a market
analysis of your surrounding
homes. That's the only true

Mike Robinson

Mortgage Cheat Sheet

Brought to you by
Mike Robinson

Team Robinson of
EXP Realty

No upfront PMI
PMI goes away after equity reaches 22%-proven by appraisal
Need 30 days to close
Down Payment of 3-19% will have monthly MI
Must have at least 5% of own funds in transaction otherwise down payment can be a gift in
transactions less than 20% down
20% Down payment can be a gift from a family member
Rate is credit score driven
Rental income may be used to qualify if multi-family
Must be move-in ready property
45% Debt to Income ratio
Can have a non-owner occupied co-borrower if 15% down or more
Buyer must have 640 credit score or better
Must put 10% or more down for non-owner occupied property: 10% allowed only if second
home, for investment-20% SFR or 25% for Multi-Family, only exception is Homepath designated
FHA-30 Days to close/CHFA 45 Days to close
CHFA/DAP is 100% financing including closing costs and escrows
Sometimes a higher monthly payment than a conventional loan
PMI is for the life of the loan
With only a 3.5% down payment, a non owner occupied co-borrower is allowed
Rental income may be used to qualify if multi-family
Requires a more strict appraisal than a conventional loan (peeling paint, hand rails, roof, etc)
If borrower has a 640 (or better) credit score, debt to income ration can go as high as 55%
Need a 640 credit score for CHFA/DAP
Need 640 credit score for FHA/CHFA with minimum 3.5% down
CHFA/DAP requires a 42% Debt to Income Ratio
640 and under FHA to min 620 have a 42% DTI Ratio, and higher rate
1% CHFA origination fee in addition to FHA 1.35% for upfront PMI (monthly .85%)

FHA 203K Streamline Rehab loan
$35,000 Maximum for repairs and upgrades ($5,000 of that is a “cushion” or automatic budget
overage amount)
Will not allow for movement/removal of load bearing walls, pool or landscaping
Work must be completed by a licensed contractor NOT related to borrower
Minimum 60 days to close
50% of rehab money funded at closing the other half after work is complete
Must complete work within 6 months
FHA 203K (NOT Streamline)
Same as Streamline but minimum 90 days to close
Borrower has to pay approximately $800 for an FHA consultant
ANY and all Repairs & Upgrades allowed (EXCEPT for landscaping) as long as after-completion
value is in line with appraisal.
Fannie Mae Homepath (not renovation)
For Fannie Mae Homepath properties ONLY
Minimum of 5% or more down
NO Appraisal
Lower rate than a conventional loan
Primary residence or Investment
Freddie Mac Homestyle Renovation Loan
$35,000 Maximum for repairs and upgrades ($5,000 of that is a “cushion” or automatic budget
overage amount)
Will not allow for movement/removal of load bearing walls, or landscaping
Work must be completed by a licensed contractor NOT related to borrower
Minimum 60 days to close
50% of rehab money funded at closing the other half after work is complete
Must complete work within 6 months
VA loan
100% Financing
NO monthly PMI
2.15% upfront VA funding fee
100% Financing
1% Upfront USDA Guarantee fee
LOW Monthly MI about 1/5th of FHA or 1/3 of Conventional (.35%)
Comparable rates to FHA and VA so lower than Conventional
640 FICO (Credit Score) to qualify.
*Max Loan size on VA, FHA and Conventional is $421,000 for most counties in CT except Fairfield
County, after that it becomes a JUMBO loan and has different criteria...mostly pricing but some
other caveats as well
*CHFA and USDA have both income limits and loan limits that vary from county to county, but rule

of thumb for USDA loan if buyers make over $100K annually then they probably DO NOT qualify.

Highly likely to recommend

Bought a home in 2018 in North End, Bridgeport, CT 06606.

Local knowledge:
Process expertise:
Negotiation skills:
Mike Robinson also returned my phone calls and emails . When I
asked to see a property, I was able to see it the same day or the
next .was also able to view more than one property. Received new
listings the first day they came out .If your looking for any type of
home Mike will work hard to find what you need Thank you Mike For
being so informed about the area I was looking for and other
questions you answered for me. Best regards, Anibal & Carol

Highly likely to recommend

Bought a home in 2018 in Johnsons Corner, Stratford, CT 06614.

Local knowledge:
Process expertise:
Negotiation skills:
Let me first by saying that this man Mike was the Best realtor by far!!!!
He gave us all the knowledge we needed to buy our first home, from
the moment we met him he made us feel at ease and literally didn't
stop working until we had signed contracts. Our lives forever changed
the day we met Mike Robinson and his wife.

Without him we would've just given up. If you need a realtor
you must get Mike Robinson, you won't regret it!

Highly likely to recommend

Bought a Condo home in 2018 for approximately $175K in Milford, CT.

Local knowledge:
Process expertise:
Negotiation skills:
As a first-time homebuyer, I was very nervous about starting the
process of finding a home. Mike was patient, professional, and put me
at ease right away. His expertise and knowledge of the market is
impressive and I was fully confident he would guide me in making the
right decision. I would absolutely recommend him and plan on doing
business with Mike in the future.

Response from Mike Robinson :
Thank you for the kind words. The pleasure was mine in finding your
perfect home. You told me exactly what you were looking for, and we
took our time finding the right one instead of one right now. Congrats
on your new home.

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