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The November 2017 edition of The Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier newsmagazine.

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The Courier Online - November 2017

The November 2017 edition of The Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier newsmagazine.

Volume 1

the courier online Issue1

shooting down stereotypes

Olentangy Orange High School 2840 East Orange Road Lewis Center, Ohio 43045

Editorial | november 2017

Student journalists shouldn’t be
discredited based on experience

THE EDITORIAL BOARD may not have city-wide importance, content, we also realize that there is no
but we are relevant in the community purpose to our work if it’s not being
In a political climate where tensions of our high school. heard.
are mounting by the minute, and
everything is called into question, the Though we don’t exist on the scale We, like all journalists, want our
world has a bigger need for journalism that professional newspapers do, work to be seen by as many people as
than ever before. Journalists are called we are representing and informing possible. In the new age of technology,
upon to investigate, to find the truth, a population, much like any other it has become essential to experiment
and to inform the public of what they would do. A city’s newspaper isn’t with new mediums and work to expand
need to know. As journalists, the staff important to anyone outside their area, our coverage. With our new online
of The Courier is called to be a part of but that doesn’t mean they should magazine, we strive to do just that. We
this movement. be discredited. Though quality and want to push ourselves to improve,
process may differ between journalists, and to provide our peers with more
Often, high school journalists receive we all share a common goal; we are opportunities to be informed, because
criticism. We aren’t seen as credible – intrinsically the same. journalism is never static. We must
we haven’t had enough experience. always be improving, or we will become
We’re only writing for a school, not a There should be no distinction irrelevant. That is why this publication
city – our reach supposedly doesn’t between journalists. A qualifier before is important: if we are to effectively
matter. Our stories are assumed to be the term only serves to discredit some; communicate information, we must
without substance; we don’t have the the connotation of “student journalist” is make it as accessible as possible.
impact professionals do. But skeptics much more negative than “professional
forget that all journalists started journalist”. The important part falls not We hope this new publication will
somewhere. in the level of experience, or the area inform you; we hope it will expand your
affected by a journalist’s work, but in knowledge in an accessible manner. A
We may not be tackling the nation’s the fact that they are a journalist. If all society only runs well when its citizens
biggest stories, our topics may seem journalists do the same job, and hold are educated, and we aspire to assist
trivial to most, but our audience also themselves to the same standards, then in that process as much as possible. So
isn’t worldwide. We focus on our there is no need to define differences, read, and learn.
school, because it is our area of impact. because we all influence our audience
We discuss relevant topics to students in a similar way.
– local suicide, underage drinking and
college acceptance may not be national As a result of this influence, we are
news, but they impact our peers. We tasked with following all the same
standards as professional journalists.
Our goals are the same: to disseminate
information to students, to give a voice
to all people, especially the voiceless,
and to remain objective. As we hold
ourselves to the same standard of

Editorial Statement: ONLINE Staff:
The Courier is an official student-produced medium of news and information published by the Advanced
Newspaper Journalism students of Olentangy Orange High School. The Courier has been established as a Web Editors: Writers:
designated public forum for student journalists to inform, educate and entertain readers as well as for the
discussion of issues of concern to their audience. It will not be reviewed or restrained by school officials, Writing Editor-in-Chief: Angelica Dzodzomenyo
adults or sources prior to publication. Easton Fendru
Lindsay Lenhart
The content of The Courier is determined by and reflects only the views of the student staff and not Jacob Fulton
school officials or the school itself. The Publication will not publish any material, determined by the staff or Design Editor-in-Chief: Bethany Jones
adviser, that is libelous, obscene or disruptive to the school day. Maeve O’Boyle Jessa Nelson
Design Editor: Brooke Katy Schroeder
The adviser is Kari Phillips. Readers may respond to The Courier through Letters to the Editor. Letters Little
may be mailed, e-mailed to [email protected] or dropped off to room 2223. The staff asks that Website Editors: Erin Designers:
submissions be 300 words or less and contain the author’s name and signature. Editors reserve the right to
edit or withhold publication of letters. Jerig, Hannah McDavid Walt Campbell
Web Copy Editor: Jacob Taylor Fenton
The Courier strives to uphold the Canons of Professional Journalism, which includes accuracy, impartiali- Fulton Jacob Fulton
ty, etc. Therefore, major errors will be corrected in the next issue. Distinction will be marked between news
and opinion stories.

Page 2 | Jacob Fulton ‘19

november 2017 | EDITORIAL


In push for equality, women should also join the draft

COPY EDITOR | HANNAH MCDAVID ‘19 Act has neither been changed since it aspects of life, but also to the negative
ONLINE EDITOR | ERIN JERIG ‘19 was first put into place in 1917, nor has an ones. We have fought endlessly for the
overruling law been established. many basic rights we take for granted
At the age of 18, anybody can buy a lottery The general argument against adding today, but the inequality isn’t just found
ticket, vote, buy cigarettes, skydive or get women to the draft is that they are not in voting, education or positions of power.
married. But this very important birthday mentally or physically prepared for open It’s found in the fact that men get 63
has a slightly different meaning for men. combat. However, this reasoning is a percent higher prison sentences and that
poorly disguised sexist remark. It assumes around 75 percent of the homeless are
It means signing up for the draft. that all women are weak and do not men, according to Huffington Post.
Nearly all men between the ages of 18 measure up to the same standards that
and 25 are required to register for the men are held to. It is hypocritical to choose what rights
draft, according to the Selective Service we do and do not want as women. Gender
System. However, this requirement does For women, the decision should be easy: equality is a term that means all people
not extend to women in the same age the draft should apply to all genders. have the same rights and no one is given
range. In fact, it doesn’t extend to women Women have fought for the same rights to an advantage no matter what they
at all. work, own property and have an education identify as.
It isn’t fair for women to be excluded from that all men were already guaranteed.
the draft. The only reason that women do However, becoming a part of the draft It is no longer 1973, the last year the draft
not currently have to register is because would also mean women risking their own was used, and women have much larger
the Selective Service Act specifically lives and the well-beings of their loved roles in society than they did back then.
refers to “male persons,” according to the ones. So, quite selfishly, the decision is We aren’t all staying at home, cooking and
Selective Service System. not as simple as one may think. Women cleaning anymore. We are bodybuilders,
This law, like many others,
is a lasting example of certainly don’t want to get drafted, CEOs, Olympic athletes and
gender inequality during but neither do men. neurosurgeons, which are
the time that it was Despite the hesitation, roles that women were
enacted. While new it is our firm belief either heavily criticized
legislation has been that the fight for for obtaining or unable
passed to give women equality shouldn’t to obtain at all 45 years
the same rights as just extend toward ago. If we can reap
men such as the beneficial the same benefits
right to vote, the as men, shouldn’t
Selective Service we also have to
endure the same

unhinged with hannah
and erin
Jacob fulton ‘19 | PAGE 3

November 2017 | news

Junior thespians take on “High School Musical”

WRITER | ANGELICA DZODZOMENYO ‘19 Meanwhile, many high schoolers were learned a dance and did a choreography

Every other winter, Orangelight disappointed they would not be able audition. Then, all auditionees
Productions hosts a winter musical with
thespians from both Olentangy Orange to perform the show themselves; picked a character and
and Olentangy Berkshire Middle
Schools. This year, drama teachers “High School Musical” has performed a pre-
Amy Reza and Jeffrey Whiteside, from
Orange and Berkshire respectively, been a dream show selected song
will direct a musical along with OOHS
theatre director Cathy Swain-Abrams for many students for that
and the help of high school mentors.
who felt the movies
However, there is a twist: the middle
school musical will be “High School were a bigger part
Musical. Jr.” Middle school thespians
will get the chance to perform the of their childhood
stage version of the well-loved 2006
TV movie musical about friendship and than younger
love at the intersection of high school
cliques. Classic songs such as “Getcha generations.
Head in the Game,” “Stick to the Status
Quo,” and “We’re All in This Together” However, Swain-
will be included in the stage version, as
well as one or two other songs that help Abrams never wanted
the musical flow better on the stage.
to do that show with
After the Oct. 13th announcement,
both high schoolers and middle older thespians.
schoolers were excited (and
disappointed) for different reasons. “I wanted different material,”

Naturally, middle schoolers were she said. “Hopefully they can
ecstatic about the opportunity to
perform this show. “With any age experience it themselves
group there is something mystical
about portraying characters that are because they get character
older than you,” Swain-Abrams said.
to help with the in front of a
Seventh grader at OBMS Jessica
Mallett, who hoped to snag the role choreography and panel of judges.
of Gabriella, was surprised that “High
School Musical” was picked. “I thought vocals.” After both
they would have done something not as
popular; I am very excited to hopefully Junior Sophia Reza audition dates,
get the experience and I love the “High
School Musical” movies,” Mallett said. will be a mentor for callbacks were

the show and helped held. Although

kids go through the auditionees pick

audition process. a character to

Auditions for Orange try out for, they

Middle School are considered for

took place Nov. 3 more characters than

and auditions for just that one. Many

Berkshire Middle times, someone

School took place will get cast as a

Nov. 6. character they

“The most popular roles didn’t audition

to audition for were Gabriella for.

and Sharpay. There were Rehearsals

plenty of girls who wanted the start Nov. 28

lead roles,” Reza said. and the cast

The audition process will perform

was simple, albeit stressful, Feb. 1, 2, and 3.

for the middle school Seventh grader Gisele Sigrist auditions for the musical.
students. First, they Photo by Angelica Dzodzomenyo.

Come see the show at Orange High School!

Thursday, Friday, saturday,

feb. 1 feb. 2 feb. 3

Page 4 | Jacob Fulton ‘19

november 2017 | Sports

Students at the helm
Photo by Jamie Jones
WRITER | KATY SCHROEDER ‘19 each other and are friends on and off
High School sailing is one of the the water. The comradery between more tactical, more skilled at their
fastest growing sports in the United sailors is something you wouldn’t see positions,” Jones said.
States. The high school currently has in any other sport.” full time coach,
a sailing club sport. It is held at Hoover Jamie Jones, said. Each boat is scored individually.
sailing club and has 13 schools in Both A and B fleet have first, second
Central Ohio that participate. Unlike most high school sports, and third place and there is also first,
“I would recommend high school there is not a minimum requirement second and third for overall when the
sailing to students because it is a very of knowledge needed to join a team. teams scores are put together. Each
distinct water sport that gives you Tryouts are non-existent in high school school has at least one A fleet and one
experiences and challenges that not all sailing. B fleet. This fall season, the final regatta
sports can give a player.” junior Abby was held at Hoover Sailing Club where
Headlee said. “High school sailing is all inclusive: the Buckeye Cup was awarded. The
At a typical high school regatta, there’s learning opportunities all year Buckeye Cup is where all the points
there is A fleet and B fleet. The two long. We open our boats up to first from the entire season are scored
fleets switch on and off the water time sailors and experienced seamen together to get an overall winner of the
throughout the day and each sail two alike! All of the boats are provided by season.
races each time they are on the water. Hoover Sailing Club, we have top notch
At the end of the day, the scores are support from our parent group, two “My skipper and I sailed in a fleet
calculated and awards are held where full time coaches and we have a ton of with my younger brother Clay Headlee
the top sailing teams win awards. fun!” Jones said. all season. The Orange varsity team
“We have everything from Olympic that we raced for got second in the
hopefuls to sailors just getting started, Just as unique it is to be open to Buckeye cup and we lost by one point.”
and every skill level in between. It’s anyone, it is a co-ed sport. Boys and Headlee said.
school vs. school much like most high girls race together, practice together
school sporting events, but at the end and all compete at one time. High school sailing is a great
of the day, most of the sailors know opportunity for students. It welcomes
“High school Sailing is a co-ed sport everyone with any background of
(one of a very few offered) where boys experience on the water. It can lead
and girls can compete on a level playing students to great challenges and
field, it’s not about who’s stronger or discoveries throughout the season.
bigger or faster, it’s a “who’s smarter,


Cover story | november 2017

shooting down stereotypes

Women in military overcome gender-based opposition

WEB COPY EDITOR | JACOB FULTON ‘19 interest in the programs,” Lugo said. “I

After graduation, senior Destiny started researching the branches, and “we all have
Lugo is trading in her cap and gown when I met with the Marines, I found
for camouflage and a gun.
that their beliefs and standards lined to be just as
Lugo is one of the thousands of
high school seniors across the country up with what I wanted best. College
who will be enlisting in the US military was never really a viable option in my
upon graduation. She is entering into
a male-dominated field; according to mind because it’s not an environment strong (as
the US Department of Defense, women that fits me, [so] the military just felt
make up only 14.6 percent of the
current active duty military. She will be like the most natural option to take.” their prestigious Ranger school. The
serving in the Marine Corps, which is As part of her research, Lugo met with Army saw its first infantrywoman in
the branch with the lowest percentage April 2016, and the Marines assigned
of women, at just 6.8 percent. men) so we canrecruiters from each branch, includinga woman to an infantry officer position
for the first time in September of this
THE PATH TO JOINING the one she would eventually join. year. Despite these recent expansions,
Staff Sergeant Michael Solomon was there is still a stigma placed upon
Though the traditional path for a women who want to get involved.
student after high school may be to do our bestLugo’s recruiter for the Marines. Last
continue to college, there are many Lugo said that there are many
who decide to follow a different route. year, he recruited in inner Columbus generalizations made about female
Whether they can’t afford tuition, involvement in the military, which is
their interests lie elsewhere or they work.”and worked with four girls. This year, why people are surprised to hear she
feel called to serve, many seniors will is enlisting.
commit to military service instead of, or he is working in the Olentangy area;
in tandem with, a university education. Lugo is the only female he’s recruited “There’s a stigma around being in the
military,” Lugo said. “But that stigma
Lugo said that the biggest factor in -destiny lugoso far. Solomon said that the Marines is different for females. It’s surprising
her decision to enlist was the service of
previous family members. are working to address the gender gap
through their recruitment process.
“I’ve had some family members in the
military, and that kind of peaked my “We are definitely more male-
dominated,” Solomon said. “When
Women make it comes to recruiting, women are a
priority for us because we want to be
up 6.8% of the more diverse. It’s hard because it’s a
volunteer force and there’s a stigma
marine corps, around female involvement, but we’re
making an effort to reach women.”
the smallest
To prepare her for military training,
percentage of Lugo is a part of the Delayed Entry
Program, a path intended to get high
any branch. school students who plan to go into
the military in peak physical condition.
U.S. Department of Defense After graduation, she will start basic

”training at Parris Island, South Carolina.
Once she finishes her training, she will to some people that I’m going into

go into military intelligence. the military, because sometimes I can

FACING OPPOSITION look really girly, so I don’t meet the
stereotype. In general, a lot of females

Though females have gradually don’t even consider the military. In my
become more accepted in the military training group, out of 60 people, only
over time, women often still receive 18 are female, and from people I know
pushback for deciding to serve. This in other branches, there aren’t many
expansion of women’s roles has only females there either.”
become significant recently, with
multiple women each year being the According to Lugo, many fears about
first to take on certain roles. In May of women joining the military are caused
2015, the Air Force saw its first female by a lack of knowledge on the subject.
F-35 fighter jet pilot, according to
the Huffington Post. That August, the “My grandma was completely against
Army saw two women graduate from me joining, but my grandpa supported
me completely,” Lugo said. “He’s been
a part of the military, so he understands

Page 6 | Jacob fulton ‘19

November 2017 | cover story

better, but she doesn’t have any interested in serving pursue other fields quick stats:
experience. When people don’t think within the military aside from combat,
that women should be involved in the such as careers in military medicine – Women in the Military
military, it’s just because they don’t where females hold 30.5 percent of the
know anything about the situation. Once positions, double the percentage of Approximately 14.6% of our
people understand it better, I don’t know women in the entire military. nation’s military is female.
anyone who’s still said women shouldn’t
be involved.” FEMALE SUPPORT Though they make up 14.5%
of the military, women hold
Lugo said that many people incorrectly During their time in the military, many 30.5% of medical positions.
assume that women receive easier men grow close to those they serve with.
treatment than their male counterparts. This relationship doesn’t come as easy One in three female veterans
to women, who have to overcome the began their service after 9/11.
“Often, I hear people say women in gender barrier. Their performance may
the military don’t have to work as hard, not be affected by this difference, but All statistics from CNN and the US Census Bureau
but I don’t feel like we’re treated any the social aspect of military life can be Infographic by Jacob Fulton
differently,” Lugo said. “Everybody is held difficult for women so they are glad to
to the same standard, which might come have female company.
as a surprise to some people because
they expect girls to get easier treatment, Staff Sergeant Kathleen Kissinger joined
but we all have to be just as strong so we the Marine Corps eight years ago, and is
can do our best work.” currently working as a communications
officer. Kissinger said her bonds with
Solomon said that the Marines females were stronger than those she
don’t make distinctions or change made with men.
requirements based on what groups a
person may fall in. “I’ve served with lots of women, and
our relationships were closer at times
“Women in the Marines are treated (than those I had with men),” Kissinger
exactly the same as anyone else,” said said. “There are so few of us in the grand
Solomon. “No matter who you are, you’re scheme of it all, so we were able to bond
a Marine and that’s all that matters. If over that. As a result, I’m definitely closer
you want to fight for your country, you to the females I work with than the males.
should always be welcomed, but to get Women in the military – no matter what
there, you’ll have to work just as hard as branch – are starting to empower each
the person next to you.” other a lot more since I first joined.”

According to Solomon, this issue of Lugo said having other women in her
equal treatment came up when a ban training groups has pushed her to do
was lifted on women in combat roles better and resulted in friendships.
in 2015, allowing them to serve in any
combat position. “The relationships I have with people
I’ve been training with have shown me
“When the discussion of allowing the importance of getting more women
women in combat came up a few years involved,” Lugo said. “I see these people
ago, there was a lot of controversy,” all the time, and we’re working to hold
Solomon said. “The Marines already had each other accountable and better
the Lioness program in place for women ourselves. We really work together to
in the Middle East, and we already saw make sure that we’re improving, and it’s
some women in combat, but we saw a lot better to have people like you to go
more when they got approval. There through it with you than to do it alone.
were some people who took issues with Having those girls there with me, it just
the standards for women, but we’re able creates an environment where we can
to push them just as hard as our men.” always push each other to do better.”

Though more women are starting to Though progress has been made
get involved, the standards for these towards equality in the military, there
programs remain unchanged. For the are still barriers to be broken. Women
women attempting to break barriers, will strive to reach higher and push
there are still significant obstacles in boundaries, and with that will come
their way. Combat training is physically acceptance of their service. Though they
and mentally draining, and not all aren’t allowed to be drafted and haven’t
women succeed. According to Fox News, broken into some elite sections of the
the first and only female to enter into military, the push towards acceptance
training to become a Navy Seal dropped will continue until women have as many
out this summer during the selection military opportunities as men.
process. As a result, many women

jacob fulton ‘19 | Page 7

Feature | november 2017

a note-worthy bond
Show choirs band together in show of support
of fellow student after tragic incident

WRITER | BETHANY JONES ‘19 “So far, we’ve raised $904 to go choir family closer. Even though we are
towards her and her family to help with all competitors, it affects us all, knowing
On Oct. 17, a 16-year-old boy was the medical expenses and everything that it could’ve been one of us. We’ve
arrested for the attempted murder that comes with such an act. Us in raised money to go towards all the
of his ex-girlfriend, a member of Revolution have sent get well cards and expenses and we’re definitely sending
Whitehall-Yearling High School’s show are planning to send a get well basket,” all of the prayers we can towards her
choir. According to NBC4i, he stabbed Loftis said. and her family,” Loftis said.
the girl 20 times, and also was carrying
lighter fluid and a lighter at the time of Even though Whitehall and Orange Johnson also commented on the
the attack. The victim was taken to the are opponents when it comes to show relationship between show choirs
hospital and was soon after listed as choir, they were able to look past that from different schools and the impact
being in stable condition. rivalry and come together in this time this relationship has had on the entire
of need to aid a fellow show choir situation.
An event like this obviously has member.
a very large impact on all involved, “The show choir community is
and many groups of people, including “When such a negative event beautiful and has reached out to
Whitehall-Yearling High School and happens, I feel like it brings the show Whitehall show choir as well as my
the local show choir community, have student, sending care packages to
come together in order to provide her, messages of strength to all and
support for the victim of the attack. support,” Johnson said.
Even for students who are not
“The choir program and school a part of the show choir or general
have provided her and her family choir community, there are ways to
with support and resources. The choir help out and assist in covering things
has bonded more than ever to want like the student’s medical expenses.
to do well for her and be there for Anyone who wants to donate has the
her especially when she returns. She ability to do so through a GoFundMe
has many good friends in show choir link, or simply show support by sending
that have been very traumatized,” get well-wishes or cards.
Whitehall-Yearling choir director Ann “So many schools have already
Johnson said. been so kind and sent her cards,
flowers, videos wishing her well and
The choirs at the school are also money to help with her medical care,
doing things to support the injured and there is a (donation page) set up
Whitehall student. Junior member of for her that another Director from a
Revolution show choir, Emma Loftis, school in the Cincinnati area started.
gave some insight regarding what She has a long road of recovery ahead
kinds of efforts are being made to of her,” Johnson said.
show support for the student.

interested in helping out?

Follow the link to the GoFundMe page below or scan the QR code to
the right to make a donation to alleviate medical costs for the family.

Page 8 | Jacob fulton ‘19

november 2017 | feature

Red cups? yeah, right.

With every new season, there are new
flavors to the cafe menu. Here are a few of
the new concoctions that are coming this

- White Chocolate Mocha
- Chestnut Praline Chai Tea Latte
- Toffee Almond Milk Hot Chocolate
- Chestnut Praline Latte
- Caramel Brulee Latte
- Eggnog Latte
-Peppermint Mocha
- Holiday Spice Latte

Photo by Jessa Nelson

WRITER | JESSA NELSON ‘19 of complaints about the red cups at the cups launched, it allowed for customers
Transitioning from the Pumpkin stores in which I worked. The few times to draw on the cups. It was magical,”
Spice Latte in the fall, Starbucks wastes a customer commented on it, the only Hlad said.
no time reeling their customers right thing they said was that they didn’t
into the warm, cozy holiday season. With understand why people were making During this uprise, only a few
new flavors, sweets and goodie treats, such a big fuss over it,” Starbucks customers truly questioned the cups,
Starbucks has always been known for Columbus Pike manager Jeffrey Hlad according to barista Maddy, at the
their holiday lattes, frappes and holiday said. Starbucks on the Lower Level of the
hot chocolate fusions. But one part of Polaris Fashion Place.
Starbucks’ festive celebrations is the The red cups were extremely
cups- oh yes, the RED cups.   exaggerated when being charged with “A few would come up once in
The Red Cup controversy started excluding religions and celebrations awhile and just be like, ‘Well why isn’t
back in 2013 when the Starbucks outside of Christianity. However, the there anything on the cup?’ and I’d say,
chain devoted their holiday cups to cups are meant to be seen as a symbol ‘It’s a make-your- own design,’” Maddy
Christmas trees and ornaments. Two of winter festivities, and all the fun that said, “but I’m not corporate so I would
years later, the company changed the the holidays bring, according to Hlad. just tell them sorry.”
look of the cup to a solid, plain red
to be more “do-it- yourself” of all the “The purpose of the cups is just to “I like the Holiday Spice Flat White,”
celebrations that take place in winter make people happy, and it’s something Maddy said, “It gets a holiday spice
months, according to Maddy, a barista customers and Starbucks employees powder and then it still gets the whole
at the Polaris Fashion Place Lower Level look forward to every year,” Hlad said. milk and the same amount of shots
Starbucks. that a normal flat white would.”
“You know, I didn’t really hear a lot For this upcoming holiday
season, the Starbucks cups are now The new holiday white cups for this
predominantly white, which inspires season are plain white, and they do
customers to draw whatever they wish circulate strictly around Christmas. The
on their cafe cup. cold festivities have started, so pair it
with a seasonal Starbucks drink!
“Two years ago, when the solid red

Walt Campbell ‘19 | Page 9

Opinion | november 2017 Standardized testing: a poor
representation of capability
quick stats:
WRITER | EASTON FENDRU ‘19 have “failed” suffer financial
Standardized Testing deprivations, reductions in staff
It’s 1:52 in the morning. Papers and school closures, according to
2,030,038 students in the class of are scattered all over your bed. the Education Leadership website.
2017 took the ACT at some point Binders and textbooks lay open This creates even worse conditions
during their high school career. and fourth cup of coffee sits on for students who were already at
your desk. A video on how to ace a disadvantage, dropping their
1,715,481 students in the class of standardized tests plays on loop scores even lower and moving
2017 took the SAT at some point as you alternate between working away from the original intent of
during their high school career. on a test prep book and trying to the tests. Moreover, this perpetual
comprehend months of material in cycle causes standardized tests to
2,741,426 students took an two days. You want the madness specifically hinder English learners,
AP test at the end of the to end, but your whole life you’ve special-education students and
2016-2017 school year. known that a bad test score means students with low test-taking skills
no college, which leads to no job, or testing anxiety.
8 2018 graduates which results in an unsuccessful
and beyond life. Consequently, educators are
in Ohio have teaching their students to do well
to take eight While this depiction isn’t 100 on standardized tests, instead of
End Of Course percent accurate, this is the learning and retaining the material.
Exams to anxiety and stress many American Rather than schools fulfilling their
graduate. students go through every year, societal duty of supplying the
Statistics from the College Board, ACT Inc. and the come standardized testing season. youth with the knowledge they
Ohio Department of Education. From congress to the state level need for life, they teach limited
Infographic by Jacob Fulton to the classroom, standardized curriculum and testing tricks that
testing and the validity of it has appeal to the test guidelines set
Page 10 | Jacob fulton ‘19 been heavily debated. When by the states. Teachers lack the
taking a look at the evidence, it freedom for imaginative lessons
is clear that standardized tests and students lack wiggle room
are an inefficient way to judge for different, creative learning
student growth, accompanied with methods.
a plethora of other disadvantages.
Standardized testing has
Standardized tests have been a also been shown to be a poor
part of the US education system representation of intelligence.
since the mid-1800s, according Human intelligence is a convoluted
to the National Education concept, much too complex for
Association. According to the book scantron sheets to determine. The
“Education and Youth Today”, straitjacket “one-fits-all” system
after the passing of the No Child of testing disenfranchises many
Left Behind Act (2002) and Race students whose scores tell them
to the Top (2009), standardized they aren’t intelligent, despite this
testing increased to its highest being inaccurate. With varying
rate. Schools that receive an F types of intelligence and creativity
score and don’t have a sufficient for every student, it’s misleading to
“Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP), believe that standardized testing
face sanctions, the possibility of are an appropriate measure of it.
being taken over by the state or
being closed. Overall, standardized testing
causes unneeded stress on
These provisions ignore the students to get that perfect score.
uneven distribution of resources to Its inability to accurately measure
schools and assumes that they have a person’s intelligence and its
complete control over the learning unessential weight on academic
process. As of result, disadvantaged success renders it unnecessary in
or inexperienced schools who the education system.

November 2017 | brushing up

Photography students take learning

outside the classroom on zoo trip

WEB COPY EDITOR | JACOB FULTON ‘19 a way to give students opportunities we wanted
to problem-solve and it gives them
Art teacher Kathleen Kikta’s advanced an interesting place to shoot. They to show
photography students are taking their faced problems like shooting through
learning outside the classroom and glass and shooting moving objects, people -
into the wild. problems they wouldn’t face in the
halls but would face in real life.” which was why we
On Oct. 4, Kikta took three levels of According to Kikta, the experience was
her photography classes on a trip to very rewarding for her students and created the big display
the Columbus Zoo, where they got pushed the boundaries of their work.
practice shooting photos of a variety of in the business wing.”
animals. Kikta said that the experience “The pictures turned out amazing,
gave the students an opportunity to and I think it’s because it was a fun Senior Sydney Heller was an
photograph subjects different from experience,” Kikta said. “If you love
what they usually would. what you’re doing and you have fun attendee of the zoo trip and said that
“Stroll took kids two years ago with AP when you’re doing it, it shows in your
Environmental Science and everybody work. We prepared with different the experience was an interesting
loved it,” Kikta said. “The pictures were techniques before we went, and that
awesome, so we want to start doing it made a difference too. In the end, we opportunity to further her learning
every year as a real-life experience. It’s were so proud of everybody’s work that
more than she would get in a classroom.

“As a budding photographer, the trip

taught me patience is key to getting

the perfect photo,” Heller said. “If

that means you wait 20 minutes then

you wait 20 minutes and in the end a

beautiful piece of art comes from it.”

“I love this picture because it has
such a nice depth of field and
catches a unique moment with
sharp detail.”

- Izzy Altier, senior

(This piece) was not easy to get - when
I was about to give up and move on
the bat moved into this position and I

was able to capture it. I love the colors,
structure and intricacy of the wings.

- Sydney Heller, senior

jacob fulton ‘19 | Page 11

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