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The March 2020 edition of the Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier Newsmagazine.

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The Courier Online - March 2020

The March 2020 edition of the Courier Online, a segment of Olentangy Orange High School's Courier Newsmagazine.

the courier online
volume 3
issue 6


olentangy orange high school 2840 east orange road lewis center, ohio 43035

march 2020| table of contents

table of contents

designer athena heckman

3 Staff Editorial
5 sex trafficking in ohio
8 Trending
10 simple guide to prom dresses

annual broadcast telethon

Cover Story

sex trafficking in central ohio


commemorating kobe


teens addicted to coffee


challenges gone wrong


true crime entertainment

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editorial | march 2020

sex trafficking in ohio

writer tatum bardash source of defense, but certainly doesn’t common places for girls to be trafficked
designer morgan kubetin alleviate the fear. is a scary feeling. Walking to and from
The sad reality is that girls of all ages my car at the Polaris Mall makes me
Heavy breathing, fast steps, scanning now have to grow up in a world where apprehensive if I will make it to work or
the area around, paranoid that they have to worry if others are truly home that day.
someone is going to come out of genuine or if they they have alternative
nowhere. These are everyday feelings for motivations. The most innocent looking There have been several recent
teenage girls across the country and the person could be using certain strategies situations where girls working at Polaris
issue needs to be taken seriously. into tricking their victim. have been targeted by males while leaving
Sex trafficking is at an all-time high, but Personally, the work after closing.
the efforts to fix the issue at hand seem fact that I work at
to be at an all-time low. There is little to one of the most One specific event that occurred
no awareness, brought to the issue by where two men were sitting at a bench
communities and the situation only seems in front of the employee doors. The
to be getting worse. girl walking to her car from work was
frightened as a yellow Hummer pulled
According to the National Human close to where she was standing and the
Trafficking Hotline, there have been 539 driver seemed to know the men sitting on
contacts just this year in Ohio. However, the bench. One of the men on the bench
only 229 of these 539 contacts have said, “Excuse me, excuse me. Do you
been reported to the Human Trafficking have the time.”
Knowing the signs of what a sex
More specifically, out of the 229 cases trafficker commonly does in an attempt
that were reported, about 85 percent of to kidnap someone is vital to prevent
those were done to a woman, according to
the National Human Trafficking Hotline. the issue from happening. According
These startling statistics display the true to to the FBI, “traffickers use force,
issue at hand and the precautions women drugs, emotional tactics and financial
should begin to take.
methods to control their victims.”
Individuals carrying around There are also several resources
mace is beginning to become
normalized because of the in Central Ohio for those that
constant fear of someone have dealt with, or are dealing
taking advantage of them with human trafficking. These
for the wrong reasons.
Having pepper spray resources include My Project
on me at all times USA, CleanTurn and Freedom
makes me feel A La Cart and their contact
reassured that I have a information can all be found of

editorial statement:
The Courier is an official student-produced medium of news and information published by the Advanced Newspaper Journalism
students of Olentangy Orange High School. The Courier has been established as a designated public forum for student journalists to
inform, educate and entertain readers as well as for the discussion of issues of concern to their audience. It will not be reviewed or
restrained by school officials, adults or sources prior to publication.

The content of The Courier is determined by and reflects only the views of the student staff and not school officials or the school
itself. The Publication will not publish any material, determined by the staff or adviser, that is libelous, obscene or disruptive to the
school day.

The adviser is Kari Phillips. Readers may respond to The Courier through Letters to the Editor. Letters may be mailed, e-mailed
to [email protected] or dropped off to room 2223. The staff asks that submissions be 300 words or less and contain the
author’s name and signature. Editors reserve the right to edit or withhold publication of letters.

The Courier strives to uphold the Canons of Professional Journalism, which includes accuracy, impartiality, etc. Therefore, major
errors will be corrected in the next issue. Distinction will be marked between news and opinion stories.

the courier online | 3

march 2020| trending

the perfect places to shop for prom

designer tyler reed
photos permission to print
mackenzie lehmann, maris
kaiser, raymie shields,
caroline sproule

Mackenzie Lehmann Maris Kaiser
Gowntastic Henry’s
$120 $550

Raymie Shields Caroline Sproule
Windsor Saks Fifth Avenue
$95 $200

4 | the courier online

news| march 2020


months of hard work finally pays off

writer olivia lehmann
designer olivia lehmann
photo olivia lehmann

Months and months of hard work than previous students. preparation product for the telethon.
and dedication go into the annual “One of the pros of the telethon is “It takes a lot of people to run the
telethon the broadcast program
hosts every year to raise money for the that it is a way for us to really show off our telethon. Before the telethon, we have
betterment of the program. Everything broadcast program to the community. We to sell ads then film and edit those
done in preparation for this event allows it produce commercials for local businesses, advertisements. We also have to plan
to run as smoothly as possible. interview people from the school such as interviews and other content we will show
teachers, coaches and students, and we during the telethon. Right before it starts,
“The 2020 telethon will be held will have lots of entertaining sections in the studio must be set up, but we also
Saturday, March 21. It’s going to be eight the telethon as well,” assistant executive have to have cameras all over the school
hours long, two hours longer than the producer and senior Ryan Welch said. ready for live cutaways to interviews or
2019 telethon,” executive producer and something happening live,” Welch said.
junior Ashley Feucht said. With the telethon being live it may
have some of the broadcast students When it comes to the certain jobs
A telethon is a very long broadcast on edge because that can be very nerve within the telethon, they tend to be very
with a purpose to raise money for an wracking and have a lot of pressure put similar to those the students have on an
organization or charity. In this case, raising onto them not messing up. everyday basis when running the daily
money for the school’s broadcast program. news. The only difference between the
“One of the things people in broadcast two is that not a certain person is assigned
If viewers want to donate money to the might not like about the telethon is that it’s to that one job the entire time span of the
broadcast program, there will be a graphic long. It’s also entirely live so it’s a lot of broadcast.
that shows how to donate money through pressure. However, that makes it a lot of
PowerSchool. There will be a password fun,” Welch said. “The jobs that are required for the
for those wanting to donate towards the telethon are similar to the daily news
program. Even though the planning begins show such as director, technical director,
months in advance, most of the important cameras and anchors. During the telethon,
“The telethon is essentially an eight factors are planned and developed the these jobs are broken down into hour long
hour long broadcast full of stories, news days leading up to the telethon. shifts so it’s not one person doing the same
packages and other entertaining content, shift for hours,” Welch said.
hosted by the broadcast students. This is “We start planning the telethon
how the program fundraises for the year months in advance because it requires a lot The telethon is a very action packed
and is a crucial component to the success of preparation with the layout, scheduling and fun event that the broadcast program
of our program,” Feucht said. and commercials. Ultimately it wouldn’t hosts annually. It is a vital part to the
be possible without the contributions program because it allows it to grow and
Without the telethon, the broadcast from everyone in the class doing their become better each year with the funding
program wouldn’t be able to expand and part to ensure everything runs smoothly. that they raise. People can access the
grow each year. It is essential because The majority of set up occurs in the days telethon on March 21 through the Juice
it allows the program to purchase new leading up to the telethon,” Feucht said. YouTube channel, Periscope, Twitter and
equipment, which in the future allows Facebook Live.
other students involved in the program to Every student within the broadcast
have the same, or even better opportunities program is assigned specific tasks to be
completed to help the overall finished

Cole Patterson ‘20 and Owen
McDermott ‘20 run through
the daily setup for the morn-
ing news. Giving a glimpse of
what is going to be going on the
day of the telethon, March 21.

the courier online | 5

march 2020 |cover story


what’s being done to prevent it and how you can help

writer raymie shields
designer athena heckman
photo athena heckman
source shared hope international

Enactment of the Trafficking Victims and boyfriends. identify gaps in Ohio’s human trafficking
Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) made “I was 15 at the time when I was fight. One of the main points talked
sex trafficking a serious violation of about was a new service that was recently
Federal law. The TVPA recognizes that trafficked. My family was desperately poor implemented in Franklin County called
traffickers use psychological and physical and the trafficker told me I could make CATCH court, which stands for Changing
coercion and bondage, and it defines thousands of dollars a week to give to my Actions to Change Habits. It was founded
coercion as “threats of serious harm or family, but he ended up taking it all from by Judge Paul M. Herbert in 2009. The
physical restraint against any person, me,” trafficking victim Tierra Marie said. success of the CATCH program indicates
scheme, plan or pattern intended to cause its use as a model for similar courts in Ohio
a person to believe that failure to perform Sex traffickers frequently subject and nationally.
an act would result in serious harm to or their victims to debt-bondage, an illegal
physical restraint against any person or practice in which the traffickers tell their Brian Johnson has been a volunteer
the abuse or threatened abuse of the legal victims that they owe money and that with CATCH since it was founded in 2009.
process. they must pledge their personal services “CATCH blends correctional sentences
to repay the debt. Sex traffickers use a with a two-year treatment-oriented
Victims of sex trafficking can be variety of methods to “condition” their non-adversarial program for rearrested
women or men, girls or boys, but the victims including starvation, confinement, prostitutes who suffer from post-
majority are women and girls. There are beatings, physical abuse, rape, threats of traumatic stress syndrome, depression
a number of common patterns for luring violence to the victims and the victims’ and drug addiction. Based on therapeutic
victims into situations of sex trafficking, families, forced drug use and the threat jurisprudence, in its 10 years of existence
including: a promise of a good job in of shaming their victims by revealing their CATCH has served 130 participants,”
another country, a false marriage proposal activities to their family and their families’ Johnson said.
turned into a bondage situation, being sold friends.
into the sex trade by parents, husbands According to The Columbus Dispatch,
Recently, Attorney General Dave Yost the women who want to be involved in
held a Human Trafficking Summit to

6 | the courier online

CATCH must plead guilty to prostitution that there’s not some white van coming cover story | march 2020
in some form in order to receive help. to a mall and kidnapping people to force
Of the 334 women who pleaded to them into trafficking in most cases, a lot time scoping out their victims. They tend
misdemeanors and were accepted into of traffickers come in as boyfriends or to walk around malls, airports, popular
CATCH, 73 percent of them have been girlfriends. Under that disguise, they build attractions in the area and even get their
significantly less involved in the system in trust and then manipulate you,” Johnson victims through the internet on sites like
the two-year period post-CATCH. Even said. Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. In some
most of those who didn’t successfully instances, a trafficker may see a girl
graduate, have gotten their driver’s In Columbus, Ohio, a program started walking to her car alone late at night and
licenses, furthered their education, found in 2010 called Freedom A La Cart. Freedom simply take her or they could, work online
steady and meaningful work and been has a restaurant downtown and multiple for weeks to gain a young girls trust.
reunited with their children. food trucks and carts, which they take to
events. Freedom employs specifically sex Traffickers tend to target girls with
The jail time that trafficking victims trafficked victims in order to provide them mental issues such as depression and
have spent with CATCH versus without is with a job and skills needed for life. anxiety. They target these vulnerable
drastically different. According to htcourts. girls on purpose because it is easier to
org, 95 percent of victims who participate “The training goes beyond food, gain their trust because they tend to be
in CATCH spend less time in jail over a 10- although that’s the main ingredient. It’s more sensitive and lonelier than others,
year period than victims who don’t. more about workforce training and getting according to the National Center on Safe
them useful skills,” executive director of Supportive Learning Environments.
“Before CATCH, I would sleep in Freedom A La Cart Paula Haines said.
cemeteries, park benches and on random “If you want to do nothing, you’re
peoples’ porches while my child had to They also work with CATCH to going to keep spending $5.4 million
be put into foster care because of my provide the victims there with lunches and a year in taxes to arrest and jail these
irresponsibility. Now being post-CATCH, I sometimes even send boxed lunches into women and have no improvement in the
am taking classes at Columbus State, I just women’s prison facilities. Their restaurant circumstance,” Johnson said.
got an apartment, and I became sober for is located at 5000 Arlington Centre Blvd,
a long enough period of time in order to Columbus, Ohio 43220, and they are If you believe you may have
get my kid back,” Marie said. open Mon. - Sat. from 9a.m. - 4p.m. These information about a potential trafficking
hours allow them to provide part and full- situation, call the National Human
It seems to be that the biggest danger time jobs to sex trafficking victims. Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline at
for children is not knowing the warning 1-888-373-7888: Anti-Trafficking Hotline
signs and dangers of being trafficked. “A Studies show that teenage girls, ages Advocates are available 24/7 to take
big myth that we should all recognize is 11-17, are the most at risk of falling to reports of potential human trafficking.
sex trafficking. Traffickers spend lots of However, if there is any sign of immediate
danger call 911.

Sex Trafficking Terms to Know

The ring: what traffickers use to call the buying Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: The trafficking

/ selling of humans of US citizens under the age of 18

Circuit: The routine series of cities or states Exit Fee: The price a victim must pay if they
victims are transported between; either to meet would like to leave ‘the life’. The trafficker/
a demand or avoid law enforcement pimp will set this price so high that it is nearly
impossible for the victim to leave
Client: The person purchasing the sex act
Date: When a commercial sex act takes place Finesse Pimp / Rodeo Pimp: A pimp/trafficker
or the act itself. (A victim is said to be “with a who uses psychological manipulation to control
date” or “dating”) a victim. The pimp/trafficker will use false
affection and gifts initially and then use threats
Escort Services: A business that arranges sexual to make sure their victims meet their demands
transactions for a buyer, often done via phone or
internet. The buyer may come to a pre-arranged Quota: The amount of money a victim is expected
location or the victim may be sent to the buyer. to earn for her trafficker/pimp each night before
Some escort services work together she can stop

the courier online | 7

march 2020 |sports

world mourns basketball legend
writer name jacob jarvis
designer morgan kubetin
photo usa today

On Sunday, Jan. 26, the world lost to play summer league ball. His family North Carolina and Villanova. Instead,
a basketball icon Kobe Bryant moved back to Philadelphia when he was he chose to declare for the 1996 NBA
at the age of 41 in a helicopter 13 years old. draft at seventeen-years-old, according to
crash. His life and his love for the game
transcended his success on the court. In 1992, Bryant attended Lower
Merion High School, where he made Bryant was traded to the team he
Both Bryant and his second oldest the varsity team as a freshman. During had dreamed of playing for his entire life,
daughter of four, Gianna Bryant, passed that season he averaged 30.8 points, 12 the LA Lakers. He debuted in the NBA
away in the crash. The helicopter was on rebounds, 6.5 assists and 4.0 steals per summer league in Long Beach, CA, scoring
its way to Gianna’s travel basketball game game. Bryant was one of the first freshmen 25 points a game.
at Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Sports Academy to make the varsity team at Lower Merion
when the unfortunate accident occurred, High School in decades. During his senior He was drafted in the first round as
according to the New York Times. year at Lower Merion, he led his team the 13th pick overall pick by the Charlotte
to their first state championship in 53 Hornets. He was traded for as the youngest
Kobe Bean Bryant was born Aug. 23, years with a record of 31-3, according to participant to win. In Bryant’s start of
1978 in Philadelphia, PA. His father, Joe 1999, he was sidelined due to a hand
Bryant, played for a short period of time in injury that he suffered during a preseason
the NBA and overseas. Growing up, Bryant While in high school, he got the game against the Washington Wizards,
wasn’t close to his mother, and when he opportunity to work out and scrimmage which left him out for six weeks.
was six, the family moved to Italy where with the Philadelphia 76ers. He was the
he learned to play the game of basketball. all-time leading scorer of Southeastern In the same year, the Lakers hired
Pennsylvania with 2,883 points, passing legendary Bulls head coach Phil Jackson
In 1986, Bryant and Tamika Catchings both Witt Chamberlain and Lionel who took Lakers to two straight consecutive
met in the coliseum in Rome. At that Simmons. In 1996, he was very fortunate NBA titles and doing it with premier
point, they started their friendship. The to take R&B singer Brandy Norwood to his shooters like Shaq and Bryant who would
two families would vacation together. By senior prom. lead them to one more championship title.
the age of 12, he was competing with Even with injury, he had increased in all
grown men in Italy. When he was a young There were four main colleges categories during the 1999-2000 season,
teen, he would come back to the U.S. interested in him such as Duke, Michigan, according to

8 | the courier online

feature| march 2020

the effects of caffeine on teenagers

writer carissa long process caffeine is different in a sense that plus more, according to, Inc.
designer carissa long they don’t have the same hormones or Other probiotic drinks: Researchers
illustration carissa long brain signals. To males, they experience
more of a heart-rate and blood-pressure say that some digestive orders happen
More than 70 percent of teenagers change. Whereas, females don’t. when the balance of bacteria in the
are addicted to caffeine, and 40 intestines becomes disrupted. This can
percent of them are addicted to “I started drinking coffee in sixth happen after taking antibiotics. Probiotics
coffee, according to Caffeine Informer. grade, which probably isn’t a good thing are said to help counteract this. They
Drinking coffee may be a go-to choice but there have been times where I’ve regulate digestive health, boost the
for most teenagers because it tastes good, had a lot in a day to the point where I’m immune system, help maintain gut health,
provides energy and offers something to bouncing off the walls and very on edge,” and more.
look forward to in the morning before Nespeca said.
school. Tea: There is a ton of different teas
Drinking coffee has side effects, but such as green, black, herbal and specialty
Coffee is something that teenagers they aren’t always bad. Drinking too much teas. Many of which are caffeine-free and
use to boost energy after staying up for causes nervousness, irritability, anxiety naturally sweet enough to pass on the
hours at night either doing homework or and tends to speed heart rate, according sugar. Many teas are a well-known source
just watching television. The longer the to source. Although, on the bright side, it of antioxidants, vitamin B and minerals,
student stays up, the more coffee they are does give students the energy they need to according to Inc.
likely to drink in the morning or if they survive the day.
drink too much before bed, it leaves them “I like tea better because tea doesn’t
lying awake all night long, just to drink Seven alternatives to coffee: make my stomach hurt as much. Tea also
more. Kombucha tea: Kombucha is a type of is healthier than coffee,” junior Ashley
yeast. When fermented with tea, sugar, and Graham said.
“I’d say I have one cup of coffee other flavors or ingredients, Kombucha tea
minimum each day but a max of three. is made. While the benefits of Kombucha Sparkling water: While it’s not the most
Coffee is my main priority each day are tossed around with opinions, it is exciting beverage in the world, sparkling
because I have to leave earlier than I a probiotic so many people might say water can be a refreshing alternative to
usually would for school because I stop at that it is good for treating memory loss, both coffee and water. Especially when
Starbucks every morning,” freshman Callie regulating bowel movements, preventing flavored with natural, sugar-free, fruit
Nespeca said. cancer, helping with high blood pressure extracts, sparkling water is delicious and
In 2014, HealthDay News wrote about
how kids process coffee after puberty. The “I would rather drink sparkling water
change in the ways females vs. males can than coffee, mainly because I feel like
coffee can be like a heavy drink and make
how much children drink (%) CHILDREN CAFFEINE CONSUMPTION you feel full but sparkling water still wakes
you up feels like just water,” sophomore
90% Eve Wicks said.

80% Hot apple cider: Hot apple cider’s
sweet tanginess offers its own unique pick-
70% Ages 2-5 me-up in lieu of caffeine, and its soothing
60% Ages 6-12 warmth is just as satisfying as that of
50% coffee on a cold fall or winter morning. In
40% Ages 13-17 addition to its natural sweetness, because
apples are the key ingredient, apple cider
30% offers health benefits not available in
“I like hot apple cider better than
10% coffee because I drink it for the taste or
when I’m cold it makes me think of the
0% Tea Soft Drinks Energy Drinks winter holidays,” sophomore Carson
Co ee Graham said

ca einated drinks

the courier online | 9

march 2020 |feature


the dangers of online challenges

writer molly shomock
designer molly shomock
illustration molly shomock

Online trends seem to be showing The blue whale challenge is by far the some kind of danger.
up every day. Most of them are most dangerous online challenge there Not only parents, but friends, should
harmless, and some, like the ALS is. Kids are given an ad for an app, and
ice bucket challenge that became popular when they open it they get messages be paying more attention to the things
in 2014, are even helping a good cause. from an adult telling them they have to their friends are doing. 15 year old
However, the trends that put people in complete certain tasks or something bad Isaiah Gonzalez texted pictures of him
danger are usually the ones that people will happen. For example, they are told completing the tasks of the ‘Blue Whale’
are curious about. that their family will be hurt or found. challenge to his friends, and they all
thought it was a joke and ignored it. Isaiah
Kids are seeing these dangerous The ‘tasks’ range anywhere from ended up hanging himself with the Blue
challenges online with adults doing them watching a scary movie, to jumping off a Whale messages on his phone next to him.
and thinking they are OK to do. Most of roof, to carving words into their arms and
the time they are doing it without their the challenge ends with the final ‘task’ of So, although the internet can be fun
parents knowing and could end up hurting committing suicide, according to Forbes. and interesting, adults and kids have to be
themselves. aware of the dangerous things. They must
The app not only tells them to do these also realize that just because someone else
Parents of kids with cell phones or dangerous things, it also says they need to did it, or it might sound fun at the time,
other devices should talk about these send pictures when they’ve completed they need to consider if it’s the best idea.
online challenges with their kids and make them. It also threatens them after they’ve
it a point that they might look fun, but they started the challenge that they can’t stop Do’s and Don’ts of Online
could end up hurting themselves. or the person sending them the messages Challenges
will hurt their friends and family. This is
The hot pepper challenge, the going to convince kids not to tell anyone Do Don’t
cinnamon challenge and the salt and ice about the challenge because they don’t
challenge are smaller examples of the realize that they aren’t actually going to Make sure they Participate if
high-risk challenges that kids are doing. hurt other people; they think they are are safe you know it
They try to see who can endure the pain protecting them by continuing. Tell someone could be
the longest, and usually take a video to you are dangerous
post on social media. More than 130 deaths have been participating in Hide it from
reported around the world from the ‘Blue any challenges people if
Another challenge that is going wrong Whale’ challenge and other ones just like even if they something
on people is the choking or passing it. The most recent was a 12 year old aren’t harmful goes wrong
out challenge. This one is pretty self from Oklahoma who, according to Heavy
explanatory and doesn’t really make sense News, came from a mostly happy home Know exactly Fall for peer
at all. When people participate in this they where his parents had no idea he was what you’re pressure telling
try to choke themselves and see how long even participating in the challenge. They doing before you to do it
it takes them to pass out. didn’t know dangerous challenges like this you start
existed, which is true for most parents.
Kids are trying to prove to each other
who will go the farthest, or who will do A lot of adults have the mindset that
the most dangerous thing to prove they their kids would never do anything like
are cool, completely disregarding the that, and they’re too smart to fall for what
consequences of things that common they are seeing on their social media,
sense tells people not to do. which in reality is not true.

Eating an extremely hot pepper Parents should bring this topic up to
doesn’t even compare to the larger scale their kids because they aren’t going to
challenges kids are starting to do now. tell them if an ad for something like this
Things like the Blue Whale comes up on their phone to either keep
challenge are leading to kids starting self- the form of social media they were on, or
harm and there have even been reported they really believe they are putting them in

10 | the courier online

opinion| march 2020


ethics of watching someone else’s pain

writer sam amonette
designer sam amonette
illustration sam amonette

True crime has been around as long of past violence. However, these stories The victims and their families have
as humans have. According to the could help cut down the amount of future no real way to opt out of their stories
Smithsonian Magazine, there are violence. being told. Public footage and any other
cave paintings that show people being surveillance can be used without their
pierced with arrows and the violence True crime is very subjective and its consent. Their stories can also be changed
dating back around 30,000 years ago. large influence can change the public ‘s by certain editing to portray the perfect
In the 1800s, crime sheets or the blotter conception of a killer without any actual tragedy story, but the story could be
section of a newspaper became popular evidence. Producers and directors can glorified. That glorification can sometimes
in which recently convicted criminals and under explain, manipulate or change make the consumer believe these stories
the crimes they committed were listed. certain pieces of evidence to spin the story are about real people who experienced
to get the audience to presume someone’s real suffering.
In the modern era, people consume evidence. An example of that is the Netflix
these violent stories in the form of podcasts documentary show “Conversations with When “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly
and documentaries. The category of true a Killer” about Ted Bundy. The public’s Evil And Vile‘’ was in production the
crime podcasts have been downloaded reaction to this documentary was unhappy movie secured rights and information on
more than 340 million times, according because it glamorized him and his crime Bundy’s cases. According to the BBC, one
to Business Insider. Zac Efron’s movie and sexualized him. of his victims, Kathy Kleiner, who survived
about Ted Bundy called “Extremely was not happy about the movie and said
Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile” made Consumers also get so engaged “I did not ask to be put on the journey
$10 million at the box office and was with what they are watching that they with him in his life - with his killing and
then picked up by Netflix in 2019, and sometimes are sympathetic to the killer his abuse.”
Ross Lynch’s movie about Jeffrey Dahmer and take subjective interpretations as fact.
called “My Friend Dahmer” made $1.4 The true crime industry has the
million at the box office. According to Janet Malcolm, an opportunity to educate viewers but instead
acclaimed author, “Producers often have glorifies real people’s suffering while
The true crime entertainment outlets their own theories prior to investigation, having a set agenda by giving of a certain
have a large influence due to their and thus consciously or unconsciously narrative about the killer or the victims and
large popularity, which can be a good shape their entire narrative around proving manipulating public opinion. Consuming
or bad thing. True crime podcasts and themselves right.” these real stories as entertainment without
documentaries go into the mental space their stories being told in the truest from is
of the killers and the characteristics of The producers of this true crime problematic and also disrespectful to the
serial killers, but true crime is more of a entertainment can also sideline ethics to victims and their families.
distraction from the real world with stories attract and engross viewers. They hold
back certain information to the end to add
dramatics and keep viewership up.

Critically Acclaimed True Crime Entertainment Outlets

Podcasts Documentries TV Shows

1. “Serial” 1. “Making A Murderer” 1. “Mindhunter”
2. “In The Dark” 2. “The Keepers” 2. “Unbelievable”
3. “The Jinx” 3. “Wormwood”
3. “Criminal”

the courier online | 11

Need help?
United States National Human Trafficking Hotline:

1 (888) 373-7888

Text “HELP” or “INFO” to 233733

Visit for more information

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