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2017 Culture Guide

2017 Culture Guide





Culture Guid1e


Photo courtesy of This culture guide tells our story, defines the cultural values we share,
solidifies the brand behaviors that we exemplify, and tells the story of
our people.
It’s a guide that reveals how we live our values day in and day out. It
celebrates the unique differences of our team, promotes collaborative
thinking, and fosters community.
Because of the values and behaviors we have set forth to guide our decision
making, we are able to develop deep, meaningful relationships with our
teammates and members through action and empathy. We are able to grow
by actively listening to one another. We are able to achieve by building teams
with diverse skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences. We are able to create
a purpose for our organization. We are able to practice patience and remind
ourselves that we are only human.
We are stronger together.


Our approach


Our story began in 1933 when ham operator Arthur banking so they established Collins Employees
Collins founded The Collins Radio Company. Credit Union. They believed in the “people helping
Collins was born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma in 1909 people” philosophy of the credit union movement,
and moved to Cedar Rapids as a child when so they took a risk. What started in 1940 as a
his father established Collins Farms Company. small employee credit union has ignited financial
When he was nine years old, Arthur became success for thousands of Collins Community Credit
fascinated with the new marvel of radio which Union members across the state of Iowa.
led him to establish Collins Radio Company in
1933 in Delaware. On May 13, 1937, the company Historically, banks focused on providing services to
reorganized as an Iowa corporation. Today, Collins commercial and business customers. Their goal was
Radio Company is known as Rockwell Collins. to make a profit, not to take care of the little guy.
Collins Radio Company not only was a leader in
innovation and technology but also in the credit However, credit unions were
union movement. In 1940, ten Collins Radio founded on the “people helping
Employees were looking for an alternative to people” philosophy. The credit
union movement began in the
mid-19th century when desperate

(Picture: Credit Union Little Guy)


Our approach

German farmers banded together to address their union that offers financial products and services to
financial needs. The idea was simple: farmers members throughout the state while staying true to
purchased a share in the cooperative and the the “people helping people” spirit of the movement.
cooperative used the money to make loans to the We work hard each and every day to help our
farmers at reasonable rates. members dream, imagine, innovate, and ignite their
financial future.
Traditionally, What 10 Collins Radio Employees started in 1940 has
the goal of a grown to become one of the largest credit unions in
credit union is the state with over $1 billion in assets and over 300
to help the little employees. At Collins Community Credit Union we
guy and protect are committed to igniting the financial futures of our
them from loan employees, our members, and the communities
sharks and we serve.
(Picture: Edward Filene)

predatory lenders. Boston department store owner,
and father of the U.S. credit union movement,
Edward Filene, took the position that credit unions
benefited employers as well as employees.

After more than 75 years of service, we have
expanded our affiliation from Rockwell Collins
and pride ourselves on being a community credit



Photo courtesy of


As an employee at Collins Community Credit Union, you, and your family have
the unique opportunity to become owners of our organization.
Like a bank, a credit union offers many of the same financial products and
services including checking and savings accounts, auto loans, mortgage
loans, and investment services. Additionally, the National Credit Union Share
Insurance Fund protects deposit accounts at federally insured credit unions
up to $250,000 per share-owner.
So, how is a credit union different than a bank? A credit union is a not-for-
profit financial cooperative, which means we’re owned by our members, not
shareholders. And, excess earnings are returned to members in the form
of more affordable products and services. Historically, credit unions were
founded by people who shared a workplace affiliation, neighborhood, or
house of worship, but today many are open to the community.
Another difference in the credit union industry is that we are led by a
volunteer board of directors who are elected by our members each year
at the annual membership meeting. Our members have the opportunity to

6 influence change.

Our Sacred Words

Igniting Financial Futures

Our mission is to ignite the financial futures of our employees, our
members, our organization, and the communities we serve through
empathy, education, products and services, and volunteering.
This simple phrase reflects our cultural values, provides our
organization with purpose, and influences every single decision
we make.
At Collins Community Credit Union, we value people, wellness,
growth, community, and fun.
We believe that purpose and value are more credible when
brought to life through behavior and action; so we practice specific
behaviors that tie directly to our cultural values to ignite the
financial futures of our employees, members, and the community.


• People – People are our priority. We value results, relationships,
communication, and leadership. We encourage our staff to build human
connections and practice empathy with one another.

• Wellness – At Collins Community Credit Union we value wellness because
we know your mental, physical, and emotional well-being is essential to
your success at work and at home.

• Growth – At Collins Community Credit Union we give our employees
opportunities to learn and grow because when we better ourselves, we
better our team, which allows us to be better for our members. Be brave,
take risks, and ignite change.

• Community – Our goal is to foster community within our workplace so it
transcends into the communities where we live, work, play, and serve.
At Collins Community Credit Union we believe that creating a sense of
belonging helps foster our community and the communities we serve.

• Fun – Let’s face it, we spend more time at the credit union than we do at

8 home, so why not have a little fun?

It's Your turn


Create your own Collins Culture Value!
Write down a word or phrase that best describes you.



One way we foster community within the credit union is by providing
opportunities for our team to actively participate in credit union initiatives.
We have three peer-led programs that facilitate programming and activities
that support our overall mission and values and demonstrate our brand
behaviors. These programs include the Community Action Committee, the
Wellness Committee, and the Brand Champions program. The credit union
also has an in-house mentoring program, and learning and
development opportunities.
Additional learning and development opportunities are provided through the
Iowa Credit Union League.
Visit the intranet for more information, or ask your manager how you can
get involved.

Talk the Talk


At Collins Community Credit Union effective Emails must include the standard corporate
communication is a key to our success. email signature, be clear of backgrounds, hard to
Our members and co-workers rely on us to read fonts and colors, and must be checked for
communicate effectively, efficiently, and in a grammar and spelling.
timely manner. We also expect all employees to use the credit
We have a variety of communication tools available union's standard voicemail greetings. These can be
including an internal chat system, email, phone, found on the Intranet.
and an intranet.
To ensure smooth sailing, it is expected that
all phone calls, voicemails, and emails are
acknowledged within 24 hours.



When selecting people to join our team, we want to make sure that they’re
the right fit for our organization.
We look beyond qualities that were traditionally sought after in applicants
such as G.P.A. or whether or not someone went to college, and look at
the applicant’s soft skills – things like leadership, humility, collaboration,
adaptability, and the desire for growth, because our goal is to select
candidates who share our organization’s vision and cultural values.
This process starts directly with interviewing. The Human Resources team has
developed a series of culture questions designed to facilitate conversation
with potential employees to ensure they’re a good fit for our organization.


Where to Find Us


Cedar Falls Dubuque

Des Moines Marion
Cedar Rapids

North Liberty
Iowa City

Throughout the years, we 13
have welcomed the chance
to grow in our communities,
and in doing so have been
able to grow throughout the
state of Iowa.

Our History

1932 1940 1954 1974 1982 1990

The Collins Radio June 21, 1940, Assets exceed August 29, 1974, August 15, 1982, The Credit Union
Company was Collins Employees $1 million. A groundbreaking Special Membership celebrated its 50th
founded by ham Credit Union was ceremony was held Meeting: Voted to
operator Arthur established by 10 of for a new building amend Certificate 50anniversary.
Collins in Cedar the 275 employees at 1150 42nd Street of Organization to
Rapids, Iowa. It of the Collins Radio NE, Cedar Rapids. change name from YEARS
is now known as Company. The Collins Employees
Rockwell Collins state-chartered Credit Union to
and produces credit union Collins Credit Union.
government/ was to serve With the addition
commercial the employees of several select
communications of Collins Radio employee groups
equipment with Company and over the years, it
an emphasis on members of their was necessary since
aviation. immediate family. the Credit Union no
longer served just
employees of Collins
Radio Company.


Our History

1998 2008 2014 2015 2016

To protect the Credit December 2008, July 2014, Collins Community Collins Community
Union’s current Collins Community Collins Community Credit Union Credit Union
and future field of Credit Union opens Credit Union expanded into the reached $1 billion
membership, an its first branch in expanded into the Dubuque community. in assets.
application for a Johnson County with Des Moines Collins Community
community charter the opening of its 2013 Metro area. Credit Union also
was submitted to the North Liberty branch. celebrated its 75th
state. On August 3, Grand opening March 2013, anniversary.
1998, Collins Credit week took place in The Credit Union
Union was renamed January 2009. expanded its field
Collins Community of membership, and
Credit Union serving opens a Home Loan
persons who live or Center in Cedar
work in any of eight Falls.
contiguous counties
in Eastern Iowa (Linn,
Benton, Buchanan,
Cedar, Delaware,
Iowa, Johnson,
and Jones).



At Collins Community Credit Union we offer a variety of benefits to help our
employees ignite their financial futures.
Our benefits include traditional benefits such as medical insurance, dental
insurance, vision insurance, long and short term disability, and life insurance.
As well as flexible spending accounts for both dependent care and
medical expenses, and a health savings account (HSA) that may be used in
conjunction with a high deductible health plan.
Additional wellness benefits include annual wellness hours to be used for
things like medical appointments, workout classes, and family time, along with
a formalized wellness program to provide our team with tools and resources
to help them live a healthy lifestyle.
We also invest in our employees by offering an enhanced 401(k) plan and
tuition reimbursement.
Our Human Resources team is continually evaluating our benefits and making
adjustments to ensure we’re meeting our employee’s needs and making our
organization the best place to work!

Days of Old and New

1969-1976 1982-1988 1998-2004

1962-1969 1976-1981 1988-1998 2004-Today



This book tells our story, and you are a main character in our next
chapter. These words define our purpose and inspire our success. They

are a testament to where we come from and where we want to go.

Use this guide as the framework to find ways to contribute your
unique talents and skills to enhance the Collins experience.

Be brave. Take risks. Ignite change.

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How to Get a Job at Google – Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times and Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations for Google



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